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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 10, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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law says it doesn't matter, both parties are obligated to file damage reports if someone is hurt or if the damage exceeds $750. the other driver filed an accident report. mirkarimi, however, did not, nor has he paid the $55. technically he was allowed to drive only to and from work. a half hour ago we got a statement from the sheriff's spokesperson. he said when the accident occurred he contacted his insurance company and was told everything was in order. he's looking in to the error in the paperwork that led to the mistake. the sheriff says the accident was simply a fender bender and that there was no damage to his car, but there was some to the other car. he also traded information with the other driver. democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders was in the bay area to pick up a very big endorsement. sanders has gone from a relative unknown to one of the hottest names on the
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campaign trail. kpix 5's phil matier is in oakland with why a big union says sanders is their choice for president. >> that's absolutely right. and this is sort of a stunner because just a couple months ago it was bernie who? and now it is bernie. hey, this might be something. >> reporter: as campaign boosts go, it was about as big a bumpup as bernie sanders could have hoped for. the 187,000-member national nurses united through its endorsement for the little known senator from vermont over the big name in the race, hillary clinton. >> that we endorse doctors, medicine, not in the profits of drug companies who make every public college and university in america tuition-free. telling wall street they are going to
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have to take their fair share of taxes. >> it's attracting thousands of supporters like this rally in portland, oregon yesterday. >> it shows he's got the unions with him and that's important in terms of overall strategy. it gives you a whole big base for moving forward. >> reporter: and hillary clinton? >> why bernie and not hillary? >> because bernie is not owned by the corporations. >> you bailed out wall street. ceos in the major financial institutions are doing better financially today than they've ever done. it makes no sense to me that a kid with marijuana can get a criminal record but people who destroyed the economy get away scot-free. >> the bernie sanders is a guy that touches a nerve just like donald trump does. a lot of people who are angry or fearful about the future. >> reporter: and what does sanders think about the comparison between himself and the trump? >> i'll let his mother explain donald trump. i can't.
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>> and while the senator may not like the comparison between himself and his republican counterpart, both have tapped in to a vein in the american political scene and that is the want for somebody to speak plainly, somebody to just go out there and tell it like they see it and not be incumbered worrying about how it might show up in the polls or with their fundraisers. that's what's making both of the democratic and republican races very interesting at this point. thanks to what happened here, it's going to get even more interesting. in oakland, phil matier, kpix 5. google doing a sweeping overhaul of its corporate structure right now. it has resulted in a brand new parent company called alphabet. new at 6:00, allen martin explains. >> google co-founder said the company may be doing well but this new setup will allow google to run cleaner and more accountable. this is what alphabet will look like. it includes google which will
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continue to oversee youtube, android, as well as the search maps and apps businesses, but separate is the research company calico along with fiber and google plus and nest. you'll still use the website as a search engine or for e-mail. >> what this is is building a separate company to allow the co-founders of google to start managing a broader set of companies underneath them. now they're able to have stuff like these whacky science things they're doing, not distract the people of google but instead be separate companies unto their own who can do the same thing. >> the same executives who run google will be in charge of alphabet. the company will begin reporting financial reports by segments giving a clearer picture of how google's
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core business is performer. those who have stock in google will receive one share of alphabet for every google share they own. google stock up more than 6% in afterhours trading. so it makes it more flexible. they can buy, sell. >> we treat them like separate companies and maybe down the line you can spin them off at some point. slowly taking over the world. if your commute involves the richmond san rafael bridge and you think traffic is worse than ever, you're not imagining things. juliette goodrich joins us with what's going on. >> in the morning it's bumper to bumper. in fact, last month 1.3 million drivers passed this toll plaza to head in to marin county. it's a five-year high. and even though traffic is pretty bad, it means the economy is pretty good. >> reporter: nathan su is a
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chef at kamikaze restaurant in san rafael. product developer boykin. >> it's been very stressful. >> reporter: and retailer trish. >> it's congested. >> reporter: all share one thing in common. they share the richmond san rafael bridge and they share the frustration of an increasingly long commute in to marin county to get to work. >> you can gain road rage very easily. >> at this point i started riding my motorcycle so i can cut the traffic down. >> reporter: in 2011, 12.2 million vehicles crossed the bridge in to marin. in 2012, 12 .4 million. in 2013, 13.2 million vehicles. last year up to 13.8 million. so why do commuters put up with a congested and oftentimes aggravating commute? >> the jobs are better. you get more benefits here. a lot of people are commuting from east bay to marin and other
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counties. while many people like to work in marin county, they can't afford to live in it. >> over here is very expensive. >> reporter: trish says her commute from vallejo to san rafael is an hour and 3 minutes. >> i timed it because i'm so bored in the car. >> reporter: there's a plan to help traffic flow by opening a third eastbound lane on the lower deck but don't expect that till 2017. >> what's interesting is the bridge initially had three lanes when it was first built in 1956. they dropped it back down to two lanes because traffic was so light. things have certainly changed down the road. in richmond, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. want to get you to breaking news out of solano county. a fire burning on travis air force base property is now threatening homes. it started along creed road and highway 12 and jumped to solano county property. we're looking at live pictures right here. this fire is at four alarms. we're going to
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continue to monitor the situation and bring you more information as we get it in to the news room. another big wildfire, a look from above, the jerusalem fire burning in lake county. a huge plume of smoke can be seen for several miles. flames erupted yesterday afternoon northeast of the town of middletown. it's not far from the rocky fire that's still burning near clear lake. joe vazquez is near the fire line in lake county. >> as you can see behind me, the ridge just to the north of our location here burst in to flames just within the last hour. clearly this fire is spreading and it's spreading quickly to the north by northeast by our location. we're standing in knoxville state park, an area east of the fire. it's a state park. there are no structures in here. right now there are no homes being threatened in this area. still firefighters need to get
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in here, they need to be able to get a foot hold on the fire. because the flames are quickly approaching and the fact that firefighters need to use these roads to get in, we've been asked by one of the firefighters to go ahead and move out of the area for our safety and the safety of the firefighters. when we re-establish a connection, we'll bring you back another live shot. reporting from the jerusalem fire, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> winds are at their peak of the day right now. 20 to 25-mile-per-hour gusts. you saw those flames blowing left to right. that's a southwest to northeast flow. east of the fire is where that fire is heading right now. take a look at our graphic. temperatures not as much of a concern. the afternoon highs for the next couple days will only be in the 80s. it's the wind. morning wind gust s are 10 to 20 miles per hour. that's somewhat manageable. in the afternoon that's the problem. the next several afternoons we'll see peak wind gusts of 20 to 30 miles per hour and near the fire itself we'll likely have locally stronger gusts. so the wind will not help. now a new fire coming up in lake county with
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winds 20 to 30 miles per hour tomorrow and wednesday and thursday. we'll talk about our local weather and when we may hit 100 coming up in a few minutes. so much of the state is so dry right now. let's talk about that other fire, the rocky fire for a second. 85% contained tonight. that's very good news. more than 69 ,000 acres have burned. that is bad news. 43 homes destroyed and crews expect to have that fire fully surrounded a little later this week. two businesses are a total loss because of a fire early this morning. coming up, the scary moment for people living nearby and how it spread so quickly. >> and scrambling for teachers ahead of the new school year. the length that some districts are going to just to get the positions filled. positions filled. >> repairs now to avoid big,,,,,
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my name is mark amann. positions filled. >> repairs now to avoid big,,,,, i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job
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is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california.
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check out these flames. fast moving fire destroying two businesses in san leandro today. federal agents have been called in to investigate this one. lisa chan explains how that fire spread so quickly. >> german was sound asleep when she woke up startled around 2:30 this morning. >> i heard banging and i looked outside and the cops were just banging on people's doors and telling us to get out. >> reporter: german's apartment is recognize behind the marina market and thrifty medical supply company on the corner of doolittle and marina in san leandro. >> just nervous all my stuff is going to burn up. >> reporter: once firefighters got to the scene, there was an explosion and the fire quickly grew to four alarms. this is an older building with double roofs. so when the fire spread to the attic the fire chief said they had a challenging time getting the fire out. most of the damage is in the marina
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market which is where the police chief believes it started. the medical supply company right next to it is also heavily damaged. one of the owners of thrifty medical supply company says it's been around for 30 years and his family bought it in 2006. >> it's devastating. definitely is. we just hope -- we heard everyone is already so that's the most important thing. >> reporter: he jumped out of bed and drove here as soon as he heard about the fire. he had a hard time watching his family business get destroyed by fire. red tags are now outside the building and investigators are here trying to determine what started the fire. in san leandro, lisa chan, kpix 5. >> this is a fire that destroyed a home in oakland. this one started 4:30 this afternoon on 72nd avenue. investigators say the home was being renovated and they think a homeless person may have sparked this one. two ajacent homes were damaged when power lines came down. one of them has so
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much smoke damage that the homeowner has been temporarily smoked out. a dozen children are bloodied and bruised after a wreck in the east bay. this shows the multi-car pileup. the children were on their way to a field trip in oakland. four of them had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. two of the drivers involved in the crash went to the hospital as well. this car fire sparked a grass fire this afternoon in the south bay. it was alongside highway 101 near north mckey road. you can see how close those flames were coming toward the houses. they closed the southbound lanes for a short time. in the end the fire was contained. no homes were damaged. a los angeles man arrested here in san francisco after knocking a police officer unconscious at the outside lands music festival. police say zachary holland tried to rush past police to get in to the festival without a ticket and he knocked down an officer who fell
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and hit his head on a cement block. he was briefly knocked out. holland was eventually caught. the officer was treated and released at the hospital. in addition to holland, nearly 80 people were arrested for trespassing. three people were arrested for alcohol violations. there is no arguing, it is as dry as a bone right now in the bay area but the national weather service and our weather team right here at kpix both predicting that we're going in to an el nino winter. len ramirez with how that is creating a boom for one particular business. >> that's right. when home one-- homeowners hear the words el nino, they immediately think how's my roof? they'll pick up the phone to try to get a roofer, but the question this year is will they get a roofer before the rain? >> reporter: roofing crews are having their days in the sun. but they'll stay this busy right in to the rains of november which this year could go on and
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on because of el nino. >> we're at three times our typical capacity. >> reporter: yale proctor says it's been the busiest summer for roofing in 25 years. >> the light switch turned on in early july. so obviously with el nino being on the way, that's probably the biggest single push. >> reporter: the national weather service says there's now a 90% of an el nino this winter and an 80% chance it will last until spring. it's a warming of ocean temperatures that could bring heavier than normal rain. >> the threat of el nino i think is also scaring people to get that roof taken care of ahead of time. >> reporter: roofer dan roseta says people are now finally trying to get it done. homeowners who have not yet booked a job may be out of luck. >> the chances of us getting all is probably going to be slim. we are very, very busy. >> reporter: ro setta says there
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are other factors at hand too. the improving housing market and the el nino. it's shaping up to be the roofing industry's perfect storm. >> we're building enough roof but there's not enough workforce to get to all of them when the calls come in in such a large amount. >> len ramirez reporting from the south bay. open space near a marin county neighborhood will not be mowed despite the potential fire danger there. the pacheco valley open space used to be mowed regularly when it belonged to the gannett corporation. the district says it has no plans to cut down that tall grass despite concerns from neighbors. it said it made no promise to maintain the land because it played no part in the locally run campaign to acquire the property. it was once the pride of the south bay now the mighty guadalupe river is actually disappearing, drying right up. and with it the wildlife it supported. san jose
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preservation ists worked hard to revive the river but birds, fish, and beaver are now seldom seen in the area. conservationists say it's one of the casualties here in california. >> we need an el nino. >> i can't imagine a scenario without one, frankly. at least normal rainfall, normal snowfall this winter. keep your fingers crossed. though every sign is pointing toward a strong el nino, it's not a guarantee. nothing in weather is a guarantee. so keep your fingers crossed for a couple more months. it's august, the heart of our dry season. it was dry but also cooler today. you hit 88. danville, 84. fremont and richmond very comfortable. ocean beach only 64. let's talk about el nino. back in april it was barely crossing the threshold for a weak el nino. in june we made it to moderate. we get new information every monday and look at that, a
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deviation from average of nearly 2 degrees celsius well in to the strong cat egory. if there's any leading indicator for rainfall in the winter it would be el nino. things are at least looking very, very favorable that perhaps around thanksgiving and there after we'll finally see a normal or wet winter. next couple days it's all about an onshore flow. a northwest flow, still an onshore flow but a little bit drier. we tap in to a southwest wind and yes, it does get much cooler and much cloudier. we felt that today. we dealt with that today. we'll have it tomorrow and wednesday and thursday. a big strong ridge of high pressure moves in. the heat will be on starting friday and over the weekend we may see inland highs approaching 100 degrees. if you like it cool, the next couple days are for you. we'll be cooler than average. san jose tomorrow, beautiful day. 79. concord, you hit 80. napa, 78. and san
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francisco, soggy start, sunny finish. we're cool through thursday. friday we turn in to a whole different climate for a couple days. three days of hot. 90s inland through the weekend. the kids are going back to school in a couple weeks. they might be saying mom, dad, take me to the beach this weekend? this weekend do it. why are you clapping, buddy? your kids are out of school. >> i'm just doing it for my neighbors. >> let the kids run around and enjoy time at the beach because we don't get many great beach weekends in august. >> do it now. still ahead, not enough teachers nationwide. why why districts are having such,,,,,,
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why districts are having such,,,,,, foand millions moremericans lwho feel its effects.s, let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at
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it is almost time for kids to head back to school and some districts are scrambling to find teachers. >> kpix 5's mike sugerman found out why there is such a crunch and the lengths that some
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schools are going to just to fill teaching positions. >> reporter: san francisco needs a lot more teachers as the school year approaches. >> there's no way any of us are going to be able to afford a home in this city. >> reporter: that's true of most professions. and it's not new. >> the reality is there's bip bip -- been a teacher shortage for years. >> now we're not alone. >> oklahoma public schools is in a serious pinch. >> reporter: it's so bad, some schools are hiring novice teachers until they can get veterans who are leaving in droves. >> in the past few years the job satisfaction rate has plummeted. >> reporter: lin dang is leaving san francisco schools just after two years. >> teaching is a very powerful job and we aren't appreciated the way that we should be. >> reporter: loves the kids,
6:25 pm
hates the pressure of standardized tests and the relatively low pay. you might hear this story and say to yourself, how can there be any out of work teachers these days? it depends on what they teach. english, history, social studies. they've got enough of those. special ed? >> with in about a month, although they're all brand new teachers, they found jobs. >> reporter: bolegds -- bolds worked in it. >> your options are to be a teacher or go work for a tech company making potentially significantly more money. >> reporter: would all this change if we appreciated teachers like we do athletes? the way comedians pictured it? >> $40 million incentive based on test scores. >> reporter: probably. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> and it's not likely to get better any time soon. the number entering teaching programs is actually down 30%
6:26 pm
over the past three years. coming up in our next half hour, a state of emergency after renewed violence in ferguson, missouri. the latest trouble coming one year after police shot an unarmed black teenager. >> using social media to catch criminals. how one department is looking past the selfies to find illegal activity. >> one look and you know this can't be good. a river running a river running yellow all because of,,,,,,,,,,,
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a new sea chance to tryew look. something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪
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the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. our top stories tonight, democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders has a big endorsement. during his visit today in oakland, the national nurses united threw its support by sanders. it's the first labor group to back the vermont senator. google is shaking up its corporate structure. it's creating a parent company called alphabet and splitting up its various businesses. users will not notice any difference going to the website or checking e-mail. it will give investors an idea how each segment is doing. zero containment tonight in the latest fire burning in lake
6:30 pm
county. the jerusalem fire has consumed 5,000 acres. >> joe vazquez has spent the last 30 minutes getting out of the way of the fast moving fire. what's going on right now? >> it's tough to get out of the way because ismoving so fast. you can see what an ugly scene this is. the fire has jumped the ridge. it exploded in to flames within the last hour. you can see it's actually in flames all along here along the south side of this ridge here. we're in knoxville state park and to the north where we have our camera trained, the other fire that's been burning for some time here ever since last week, the jerusalem fire joining forces with the other major fire in the area. this is something people have dealt with for more than 10 days. there were initially evacuations. then people came back to their homes and yet another evacuation and some of the people from this
6:31 pm
fire were evacuated in the former fire and people who live nearby are understandably concerned. >> frightening with it being so close and how fast it's spread, i think it went from like 2,000 to 5,000 overnight. >> it's pretty unnerving. it really is. but we're probably better off than some of those people up there. we've got to thank cal fire. they've got to be -- they probably just barely got a break before they had to turn around and come back. >> we're back live. you can see the eerie yellow gold light. that is the fire just on the other side of that ridge about to crest another part of the ridge. this fire headed eastward. we're on the east side of it. we've been told yet again by fire officials that maybe we're a little too close again so we're going to evacuate this particular area once again and back to you guys.
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you've got two fires here, the jerusalem fire and rocky fire, they might be converging as we speak. we expect another update at 7:00 and we can expect numbers to grow. developing news now in missouri, this is near ferguson. dozens of protesters took over a freeway during rush hour, shutting it down for 15 minutes. several of them were arrested and the roadway has reopened to traffic. this comes as prosecutors have charged a teen they say got in to a gun battle with ferguson police. >> the suspect was shot and state of emergency has since been declared. cbs reporter weijia jiang is live in ferguson tonight with the latest. >> the crowd here is getting bigger in the heart of the city. you can see behind me dozens of people are holding up signs and chanting as drivers come by and honk at them. the county executive says there's potential for people to get hurt and property to be damaged and
6:33 pm
that's why he had to take action. >> reporter: the city of ferguson is now under a state of emergency as tension remains high. several demonstrators including princeton professor cornell west were taken in to police custody while staging a sit-in outside the st. louis county courthouse. it comes after a night of violence and destruction. for the second time in a year, jones is struggling to clean up her hair salon after looters stormed in overnight. >> i'm really tired and frustrated. >> reporter: a weekend of peaceful protest was interrupted when a gun fight broke out between two groups sunday night. hours earlier more than a thousand people marched from the spot where unarmed michael brown, jr. was fatally shot by a white police officer. plain clothes police caught up with one of the alleged gunmen and shots were exchanged.
6:34 pm
18-year-old tyrone harris was struck multiple times and faces charges including assault. some community leaders are criticizing the st. louis county police department for deploying plain clothes officers during the protest. >> why you got on plain clothes? how will i know if you with us or you with them? >> reporter: the police chief has not responded to the concerns but insists the problem is not police or even protesters but a small group of criminals determined to cause chaos. >> none of the police officer involved were injured. the man who was shot, tyrone harris, is still in the hospital tonight in critical condition. his father tells us his son was innocent and unarmed but police maintained he was firing with a stolen gun. live in ferguson, missouri. >> weijia jiang in ferguson, missouri. the nation's air traffic
6:35 pm
controllers need more sleep the result of a study kept under wraps for four years. among the alarming findings, they admit serious errors. 60% say they have zoned out on an overnight shift. three out of four say they suffer from chronic fatigue and sleep fewer than six hours a night. the report was written in 2011 but the government refused to res it until associated press obtained an early draft of it. this next video is enough to make your heart stop. a young girl in sydney, australia comes within inches of death. the two girls you see in the surveillance video were playing with the hula hoop on the train platform. one of the girls goes to grab it but as she tries to climb back up, a train approaches. thanks to help from a stranger, the girl is saved just in the nick of time. luckily she was not hurt. and a river in colorado
6:36 pm
looks more like mustard than water. the river was discolored after the epa accidentally dumped more than 3 million gallons of pollutants in to it. the team was trying to pump out the contaminated waterane mine but instead pumped it in to the river. the river contains iron, zinc, and copper. researchers are currently testing samples to make sure it's safe. a new trend in policing has some officers working the computer all day. cate cauguiran on the dragnet targeting crooks who do the crimes then boast about it. >> reporter: san francisco police are catching more bad guys with the click of a button. >> criminals are involving more high tech. >> reporter: units are gaining ground against illegal activity by making use of online activity through social media. >> it's not uncommon for officers in law enforcement to turn to social media in the course of their investigation. >> reporter: more officers are being asked to learn the ins and
6:37 pm
outs of networking sites. the idea is if you know the trending topics or hashtags, it can be applied to all sites. facebook, twitter, or vine. >> criminals are now posting a lot of their guns, their narcotics, cash. they kind of glorify on their social media. >> reporter: just recently an an -- a suspect was nabbed. thisson -- this isn't the first time police have turned to social media. they were able to return a stolen cello to a young girl after blasting video of the suspects on youtube. in 2012 after police posted this picture of a man throwing a police barricade in to a muni bus during the world series celebration, he was caught and arrested. cate cauguiran, kpix 5. still ahead, a big change
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big rebound on the stock marth today thanks to positive news in the energy sector. big rebound and that's all because of the dow which ended its seven-day losing streak up 241 points. the nasdaq was up 58. s&p gained 26 . close your windows, lock your doors. tonight a bay area police department says take extra caution to keep yourself safe. why the warning? i'll tell you tonight on bay area night beat 10:00 on our sister station. join me on kbcw 44 cable 12. i do not know if mother nature has an on-off switch for the offshore flow. if she does, she turned it on today. a lot of cloud cover over the city. we'll have cooler temperatures for a while. find out when the
6:41 pm
switch gets turned to off and temperatures climb to near 100. that's coming up. >> straight ahead, he's back. rory time. which raider can or can't sing? >> he didn't even sing the song. he just read it. >> a champion of choppy waters. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ we invented low fares. then everyone else pretty much tried to follow. we call it the southwest effect, but other airlines probably use more colorful language. low fares. we don't just have them. we invented them. and here we go again! book for as low as 73 dollars one-way now at ♪
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when it comes to toys, it's traditionally been pink for girls, blue for boys. >> but target is saying enough with those labels. >> jennifer coolman is raising a 2-year-old boy in a home with pichck and -- pink and blue. >> my husband and i have been trying to raise him with no gender distinctions so i love the idea of taking him through the aisles and him being exposed to whatever he sees. >> reporter: citing customer
6:45 pm
complaints, target announced its removing gender based labels in several departments, namely toys and bedding. clothing will remain separated by gender. this mom worries the change will lead to a more confusing shopping experience. >> i think it's kind of odd that they would even go that way. ever since i've grown up i've known barbie to have its own aisle and it's easy to shop when it's separated. >> reporter: the pink and blue back drops have already been removed in the toy aisle but it's still separated under boys room and girls room. target's facebook page has been flood would messages of support like this one that reads thank you, target, toys are for all kids. but there are just as many comments expressing outrage like this one: unliking your page and i will never shop at your store again. and the woman who asked, are you out of your minds? >> i hate the idea. >> reporter: this mom of two boys found the move to be silly. while this mom, who now has grown children, calls it a step in the right direction. >> do you think having things
6:46 pm
labeled as girls or boys is detrimental to young people? >> i don't think it's detrimental but i think it does set a tone to put a decision in their mind as to what's appropriate for them to play with or not. >> reporter: while target says they hope the move strikes a better balance, the psycho --psychotherapist thinks -- >> it's not about blue and pink. and the environment around the child. it's more about the actual responses the child gets from its parents. let's talk about the weather here. the kpix 5 weather watchers. the map is blue. we're not going there at all. we're just going to tell you the numbers. numbers are numbers. 76 degrees says mark dixon. mostly cloudy skies. breeze down to 8 miles per hour.
6:47 pm
it's not warm today in hayward. it's not warm today in san francisco. george hughes, cloudy skies in the city. 63 degrees. going to show you one cool picture here. we got many in. this one right here from peggy in petaluma. see that cloud right there? that's a pyro cumulus cloud. a cumulus cloud will build on top of the smoke and sometimes create showers or thunderstorms. in this case we will not. but a pyrocumulus cloud over the fire burning in lake county. 70s in livermore and san jose. san francisco, 64. beautiful shot from san jose looking to the north. you see the low cloud cover and also some high cloud cover out there. with the clouds filling in the bay, oakland, 61. redwood city, 59. losing about 2 minutes of daylight per day now. sunrise all the way forward if you will to 6:22 a.m. why the change? markedly cooler and cloudier today. all because of that. you can see
6:48 pm
the counterclockwise swirl. that's a low pressure area sitting off the oregon coastline. that's cranking up the onshore flow. that low will actually migrate closer to us, enhancing the onshore flow for the next three days. temperatures running below average. morning cloud cover. that's through thursday . on friday there is no transition day. we go right from the cool stuff to the hot stuff as the low high tails it out of here. here comes the big ridge of high pressure. sun angles still very high this time of year. heat will be on beginning friday. that will last three days. through the weekend where some inland highs will approach 100 degrees saturday and sunday. a foggy night anywhere near the water. we're on the cool side through thursday but friday, it's going to get hot. san jose, 79 tomorrow. very comfortable for you. morning cloud cover, afternoon sunshine, upper 70s for sunnyvale, palo alto, santa clara.
6:49 pm
pittsburg, 82. that's cooler than average for you. richmond, you hit 71. a comfortable 77 in petaluma. bullpen by the fire, the jerusalem fire, clear lake, 83. we're on the cool side through thursday. friday, hello 90s. close to 1 00 over the weekend but a great time to go to the beach at the coast. we'll be in the low 70s. that's your forecast. spor,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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veronica, look who we're talk about first. rory mcilroy. back to defend his pga championship on kpix 5. this week in wisconsin. mcilroy has been out of action since the fourth of july when he suffered ligament damage in his left ankle playing soccer with his friends. he played a practice round today on the whistling strait course and proclaimed his ankle as 100%. round 3 and 4 can be seen here on cbs kpix 5. vegas, like veronica, has immediately tapped mcilroy as a favorite to win the championship. only jordan spieth has better odds. oh, by the way, tiger woods, long shot
6:53 pm
at 40:1. nfl 49er anthony davis was taking sabbatical from the league. says he plans to return to the team next season. he'll be under contract five more years. 49ers first preseason comes your way saturday at 5 p.m. against the texans. we'll have wall to wall coverage from houston. meanwhile everybody is anticipating the debut of rookie wide receiver amari cooper and his skills. raiders host the rams this friday but teammate latavius murray told me you're going to enjoy a performance on the field not the stage. the rookies, they get up there and they have to sing their college fight song, right? >> that's what amari did. he's trying to do something that's a little better than that. >> share with us, if you can,
6:54 pm
amari cooper's singing voice. does he have one? >> not at all. [ laughter ] >> and he actually didn't even sing the song. he just read it. >> to a chorus i guess of boos from the crowd that he was trying to entertain. >> without a doubt, yep. >> couldn't sing the alabama fight song. history was made on the pacific ocean over the weekend. so big, kimberley chambers was at a loss for words. >> i'm completely overwhelmed. this is something i've wanted for so long. i can't believe i did it. >> chambers said she barely remembers speaking to reporters saturday after she became the first woman to swim from the farallon islands to the golden gate bridge. for three months she took cold showers to prepare her for the icy water. she joined me last night on game day. >> you were in cold showers. i must and
6:55 pm
-- ask what was the first hot shower like last night? >> i barely remember it. [ laughter ] so many thoughts go through your head on these swims. it was amazing to take a really hot shower or a bath. you fantasize about these things during these swims. that's the end of the cold showers for me. >> more than a few laughs. it was almost 30 miles. here's the plays of the weekend because you've waited long enough. hold me back, hold me back. that's nascar regan smith and the red against ty dylan long enough for the cameras to catch him. lucky shot. shane lowry over a 50-foot tree, a stroke saver nailed the putt and won the pga bridgestone by two. say what you want about yasiel puig but don't run on him. don't do it.
6:56 pm
threw out a runner with his bare hands. at yankee stadium watch gardner get hit in the back of the neck with a ball. ouch. same game. mark teixeira got in to it with another fan going after the ball. i guess he really wanted that foul ball. look at that. mixing it up there. but i love this. great grab here by the padres ball girl. oh, an outstanding play on the liner. how about this bald dude? cleanly picked. look at that . our own paul deanno and a high five for the little kid. got to love that. that's the plays of the weekend. >> i'll give props to the girl though. that was a line drive. see you at see you at by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [theme music playing] steve: how y'all? i appreciate y'all now. thank y'all. i appreciate you. thank you very much. all right. well, let's go. welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and i got to tell you, we got a good one for you today. returning for their fifth and final day, with a total of 22,180 bucks. from tampa, florida, it's the champs. it's the kral family! [cheering and applause] and from colorado springs, colorado, it's the gant family! [cheering and applause]
7:00 pm
everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash, and remember, if the kral family wins today's game, they're driving out of here in a brand-new, stylish ford fusion hybrid. [cheering and applause] give me zanetta. give me rob. [theme music playing] all right, guys. top 7 answers are on the board. name something you can pass. zanetta. zanetta: class. steve: class. [buzzer] rob. rob: a note. steve: a note. [buzzer] benaiah: football. football. steve: football. catherine. catherine: basketball. basketball. [buzzer]


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