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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 11, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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. ferguson on edge. more protests, but less violence a day after demonstrations on the anniversary of michael brown's death turned bloody. trump who is the front-runner will not apologize and i certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism. >> megyn kelly responds to donnell trump's criticism, but polls show trump's support isn't wavering, despite his latest controversial remarks. google executives fell on a major shake-up creating a new company to oversee the growing ventures. behind the scenes of one of the most memorial weddings. never before seen pictures of
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prince charles and lady diana's wedding go up for auction. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, august 11th, 2015. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm alison harmelin. i'm in for anne-marie green. it was another night of demonstrations and arrests in ferguson, missouri, and a state of emergency has been declared. for the fourth night in a row, protesters took to the streets, marking the anniversary of the michael brown shooting. meanwhile, charges have been filed against a man police say opened fire against them on sunday night. don champion is in ferguson. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that 18-year-old who was shot, tyrone harris, remains in critical condition at a local hospital this morning. his father told a local newspaper that his son is innocent. in the meantime, while there were arrests last night during protests here, the situation was far less violent than what we saw on sunday. police in riot gear moved in on
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protesters illegally assembled belong the street on sunday night where demonstrations were interrupted by gunfire on sunday. some officers were pelted by bottles as they made an arrest but contained the scene. >> we are trying to do everything that we can to protect life and property. >> reporter: hours earlier, dozens of protesters were arrested on what was billed as a national day of civil disobedience. taylor reed was among those taken into custody for blocking the entrance to a federal courthouse in st. louis. >> there's an arrest. we understand all of this is necessary toward the goal of creating accountable police department. >> reporter: a year after michael brown's death, many believed ferguson is far from healing. >> i still get angry even when i walk past or ride past where mike brown's body lay. i get angry every know to know the man who did it is still out here, is still living his everyday life. >> reporter: federal authorities are still working with officials in the city to change practices
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within its police force, practice excessive force against minorities. don champion, cbs news, ferguson, missouri. now there were some concerns overnight by the presence of a group called the oath keepers, the heavily armed men who are not members of any law enforcement agency, showed up to the protest. this morning, the st. louis county police chief called their presence unnecessary and inflammatory. >> don champion for us in ferguson, don, thank you. two former mississip north mississippi. the fbi hoped the suspects hoped fly out of a small newspaper.
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young was an honor roll in high school. a mass waste water from a mine a catastrophe. more than 3 million gallons of water containing high will damage our crops, it will destroy the soil. you know, we really need some numbers. >> the epa says the rivers may not be safe until august 17th. so far, a just released poll says trump is leading the lead
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against gop presidential hopefuls. yesterday, trump had the same 24% of the republican vote he had before thursday's debate. jeb bush came in second with 12%. meanwhile, a truce of sorts has been called between trump and fox news. trump and fox news president cleared the air last night and megyn kelly addressed the dustup for the first time. >> trump will not apologize and i certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism so i'll continue doing my job without fear or favor and, mr. trump, i expect, will continue with what has been a successful campaign thus far. >> reporter: trump maintains a series of tough questions during the debate was unfair, particularly one from kelly about his negative statements about women. >> your twitter account has several disparaging comments about women's looks. >> reporter: trump blasted kelly saying, quote, she had blood
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coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her whatever. trump maintains he never intended to say anything inappropriate. yesterday, fox president expressed his confidence in megyn kelly and assured trump that we will continue to cover his campaign with fairness and balance. trump tweeted ales is a great deal guy. his word is always good. speaking yesterday, hillary clinton called trump's comments about kelly outrageous and said what the rest of the presidential candidates is saying about women is just as troubling. >> and we don't hear any of them support raising the minimum wage, paid leave for new parents, access to quality child care, equal pay for women, or anything else that will help to, you know, give women a chance to get ahead. >> today, trump makes his first appearance on fox news since the debate and has a campaign stop in michigan. the nation's largest organization of nurses endorsed
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vermont bernie sanders. he got the endorsement in oakland yesterday. it's his first major union endorsement as he challenges hillary clinton for the democratic presidential nomination. the endorsement is noteworthy because about 90% of the national nurses united are women. a white house staffer is charged with shooting her boyfriend's gun. he is a capitol policeman. sing single terri is charged with arrest and endangerment. was zero containment and firefighters fear it could merge with a larger fire. a fire near the
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california/arizona border in the mohave valley is burning out of control. ten square miles and 11 homes have been burned but evacuation orders from 900 homes has been lifted. the fire's cause is still under investigation. this morning, the flood threat continues for denver, colorado. severe storms drenched the area yesterday and causing flash flooding that overran roadways and 3.5 inches of rain fell in an hour and more rain is expected today. there was also flash flooding in central michigan. roads in lansing were covered with high water. cars were under water and trash containers floated away. but, today, it's expected to be mostly sunny. coming up on the morning news, overhauleding google. the tech giants create a new company to streamline its poor internet business. later, caffeine crash. a car slams into a starbucks striking a i don't know if you've ever taken the time to learn a little tiny bit
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starbucks store in new york city. the driver of the black toyota with florida license plates lost control and hit a pedestrian before smashing into the starbucks yesterday. both people were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. no charges have been filed against the driver. on the cbs "moneywatch," the new abcs of google. and college students are invited to the nfl's sunday ticket. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. >> reporter: google is creating alphabet. it will operate as a parents company, overseeing a number of small companies, including google. google says the new structure will provide more structure for its other businesses. there is also a new alphabet website, in the restructuring, taking over the ceo of google, pichal
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had been the senior vice president but he has been the most visible google executive lately and the successor to larry page. greece reached an agreement with a new bailout after marathon talks and international creditors and greek official created a new deal to keep the country in the euro zone and avoid bankruptcy. the bailout agreement is expected to be approved by greece's parliament on wednesday or thursday. china devalued its currency this morning, causing its biggest one-day loss in a decade. the move came amid the latest release of data which showed weakening trade in china. asian stocks finished mostly lower and tokyo's nikkei lost half a percent and the shanghai composite was unchanged. a surge and energy company led to gains here on wall street as the dow moved off its longest losing streak in four years. the dow gained 241 points. the s&p climbed 26.
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the nasdaq finished 58 points higher. warren buffett is taking a huge step into the industrial sector, agreeing to pay $32 billion for aviation parts provider precision cast parts. it is buffett's biggest takeover ever. berkshi berkshire hathaway will pay 235 dollars per share for the outstanding stock and the deal is expected to close next year. cocoa la is taking heat following reports it is funding scientists with a controversial message about weight loss. "the new york times" reports coke is providing millions of dollars in funding to a nonprofit group that argues weight conscious americans should pay more attention to exercise than their diet. some experts say the global energy balance network is nothing but a front for coke to deflect attention from the role diet plays in health, particularly in sugary drinks. directv is offering its sunday nfl ticket package to
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. a man in california on a motorized paraglider was chased after flying near a prison. a los angeles county sheriff's demt garmt helicopter pursued the man monday because they thought he dropped contraband over the prison. the man on the glider said he didn't realize he flew over the prison. he was later released and no charges were filed. a newly revealed report from
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nasa explains why air traffic controllers fall asleep on the job. controllers were tested for fatigue at work in the 2012 study. kris van cleave reports. >> reporter: the 2012 report kept secret until now, found 61% of air traffic controllers admitted to catching themselves about to doze off on the job. nearly 1 in 5 told nasa researchers they had experienced what amounts to a close call while directing air traffic within the previous 12 months. more than half felt their fatigue was a factor. the report followed a 2006 accident in lexington, kentucky, where 49 people died when a com air commuter plane crashed after taking off from the wrong runway. the national transportation safety board considered air traffic controller fatigue as a factor. then ntsb chair mark rosenker and nbc news af aviator sent a letter to the faa in 2007 asking them to look at the issue. >> i'm curious to know why the faa, after getting a good study by nasa, which offered 17 recommendations to help prevent the fatigue issues that they are being plagued with right now, why that hadn't been made public and why they have not told us how many of these 17 recommendations they implemented. >> reporter: this memo dated last year said the faa did not
4:18 am
accept the nasa report because the agency questioned the study's approach and findings, but the memo laid out several steps the faa has taken to minimize fatigue, especially for air traffic controllers working the overnight shift. >> these people have to be fit to do the job that, in fact, they are required to do to maintain the safety and integrity of our national air system in the united states. >> reporter: the union representing air traffic controllers says it believes real progress has been made on the fatigue issue since this report was completed. the faa says it had always planned to make this report public and it, too, believes progress has been made. be kris van cleave, richmond. when we return, behind the scenes photos of princess diana of her wedding more than three decades ago. of her we hdding more than thre decades ago.
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,,,, forecast in some cities around
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the country. there were new eruptions at the colima volcano in mexico. ash and smoke exploded on monday more than a mile into the sky. the volcano erupted several times but no evacuations were ordered, however, residents were warned of falling ash and told to stay away from the crater. a michigan state lawmaker says he will not resign after a sex scandal. state representative todd corser said he had somebody send an e-mail fabricating a sexual affair to distract attention from his sexual affair with a staffer, cindy gamrat. he blamed former staffers for conspiring with others to bring him down. a black lowe's delivery
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rider was replaced with a white driver. he got a call from his boss after a customer requested a white driver. he was offended that the company agreed to the request. >> i got a phone call on the phone telling me to bring the delivery back, saying that i couldn't do the delivery. ed because you are black and they don't want you at the house. >> the lowe's manager has reportedly been replaced and the company says the customer's request should not have been honored. some lettuce is making history in space. aboard the international space station, lettuce was grown. the whole bid is the astronauts will be able to grow and eat their own food on future deep space missions, including a potential trip to mars. a rare group of photographers of the late princess diana will be auctioned off next month. the unpublished photos show diana and prince charles and other members of the royal family when they returned to buckingham palace after the royal wedding in 1981. the pictures were left out of charles and diana's wedding album. the auction is scheduled for
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the 600-foot span caught fire on monday afternoon and quickly spread to three acres fueled by dead grass. they say the trussle could smolder for days. here is another look at this morning's top stories. a state of emergency was declared in ferguson, missouri. police made more a dozen arrests last night. it was the fourth consecutive night of demonstrations marking the fatal shooting of teenager michael brown. charges have been filed against the man police said opened fire against them on sunday night. google is restructuring, creating a new company called alphabet. the company will use the google name for its core internet business.
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alphabet will operate as a parent company overseeing a number of smaller companies, including google. there is also a new alphabet website, the u.s. coast guard is seeing big success in drug interdiction. it is seizing cocaine off the coast of latin america in record amounts. danielle nottingham hat latest. >> reporter: more than 66,000 cocaine sits on this cargo ship in california. >> the wholesale value alone exceeds $1 billion. >> reporter: the load was a result of 23 separate busts. during one, crews boarded this make-shift submarine and found four suspected smugglers with 16,000 pounds of cocaine. >> every one of these bricks of cocaine is destined for the united states. >> reporter: this is just a glimpse into what the coast guard says has been one of its most successful years in its war on drugs. >> many of the cartels are taking advantage of the maritime route. >> reporter: over the last ten months, the coast guard has seized 119,000 pounds of cocaine
4:27 am
worth nearly $2 billion in the eastern pacific ocean. that is more cocaine than coast guard crews have confiscated in the last three years combined. they have also arrested 215 suspected smugglers. >> where they are most vulnerable is when they are on coast guard home turf, on the sea. that's where we got them. >> reporter: the coast guard confiscates more than half of all the cocaine the government seizes each year. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," an update on the latest unrest in ferguson, missouri. we will be live from the scene. plus, mellody hobson has more on the sweeping reorganization at google. and the latest on the fallout on the presidential campaign trail. we will speak with republican candidate dr. ben carson. fans of the san diego padres haven't had a lot to cheer about this season but sunday, they got a highlight catch from an unlikely member of the team. >> 2-2 to kemp. he reaches up and lines that to left.
4:28 am
what a tag by the ball girl! >> the ball girl in left field makes a leaping catch of a matt kemp line drive before it goes into the stands and in one motion, she dishes the ball off to a boy in the crowd. as some fans might say, "sign her up!" >> that is the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watch. i'm alison harmelin. i'm alison harmelin. have a great day. captioning funded by cbs
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,, your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, we begin with a live look at market street, where a rule kicks in today to limit vehicle access. good morning, it is tuesday, august 11. i'm maria medina.
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>> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 4:30 on your tuesday. we have traffic and weather. >> i believe it was 580 west as soon as you start to pass the oakland zoo you hit drizzle out the door is out the door this morning associated with a marine layer. temperatures are cooler than 24 hours ago. 50 to mid-60s. later today unseason bly mild. we'll have your full forecast coming up. let's say good morning to gianna. >> good morning. bay bridge off to a good start. we had a couple of accidents to start off the morning at the toll plaza but it's cleared out. traffic is light into san francisco. today new restrictions go into effect on a busy stretch of market street in san francisco. drivers of private cars can no longer turn on to market between third and 8th streets. the new changes are intended to improve pedestrian safety


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