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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 11, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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paramedics took two deputies to highland hospital with minor injuries. >> they had a concussion of the wall blew toward them. >> reporter: after firefighters put out the flames, they found a badly burned body in the unit being evicted. >> the real question, the person inside, was he deceased prior to the deputies getting here or did he somehow trying their explosion when the deputies got here? >> that's the hurtful part about it the intend to hurt others because maybe you're not exactly where you want to be in your life. >> reporter: this shows you how bad that explosion was. this is one of the doors taken out of the triplex and deputies haven't been able to identify the badly burned body. the only person that's unaccounted for right now according to deputies is the person -- the man who was being evicted and coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you what we know about him. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. new details on an attempted robbery at a concord pharmacy.
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the suspect left empty-handed after the pharmacist fights back. kpix 5's devin fehely has more on the fight that cost the suspect part of his finger. >> reporter: talk about taking a bite out of crime. now, a would-be robber in the east bay got morning he bargained for when he tried to rob a pharmacy in concord. police say that the pharmacist put up a fight. he actually bit the robber repeatedly so hard that he nearly took off the pointer finger. the suspect did manage to get away. but he paid a heavy price. >> a fight ensued inside the store between the suspect and the clerk. during the course of the tussle, the suspect was able to grab some of the medications from a shelf and was able to leave through the front entrance out towards the back. when they are inside the store fighting, the clerk was biting the suspect. but an actual finger being amputated, that's unknown at
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this time. >> reporter: now, according to police, the suspect didn't actually get away with anything. he dropped everything as he was running away from the scene. police are obviously looking for a suspect with a severely injured finger. now, coming up tonight at 6:00, we'll tell you what police say is a troubling trend which might just be the motive for this brazen robbery. in concord, devin fehely, kpix 5. we have new video of a man police identify as a prowler. the surveillance video shows the guy creeping around the roadway inn motel in alameda. he later broke into e room of the resident manager. an employee spotted him and then scared him off. police say he is the same man responsible for a half dozen burglaries in alameda since june. police say sunday he broke into a home and sexual assaulted a girl in her bedroom. police warn everyone to keep their doors and windows locked. two big fires burning in lake county have nearly merged. the newest, the "jerusalem fire" is more than doubled in
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size. take a look at the view from chopper 5. that is incredible! you can see just how big the "jerusalem fire" is getting now. 12,000 acres are scorched. so far no containment. cal fire says 50 structures are threatened and evacuations in place. the "jerusalem fire" and the "rocky fire" are burning dangerously close together. this map showing boundary lines between the two is just a matter of miles. kpix 5's joe vazquez live near the fire with some exhaustive efforts tonight by the firefighters and homeowners. joe. >> reporter: we're in the town of lower lake where folks are keeping an eye in the background there just off in the horizon as those fires appear to be converging. folks here, well, they are tense about it. >> it is getting closer. >> reporter: katherine miller already had to evacuate because of the "rocky fire." >> you know, just been frantic around here in the
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neighborhood. any she may have to go again. such as life in lake county the scene of two major wildfires. the "jerusalem fire" which started sunday afternoon doubled in size again overnight. why it's emotional and very -- >> it's emotional and very draining. i have boxes ready to go. >> reporter: this is the northeastern edge of the fire. as we drove morgan valley road this time yesterday we didn't see nearly the little of flames and smoke near the roadside. clearly this fire is still growing and spreading. the "rocky fire" is already nearly 90% contained. so firefighters are steering the new "jerusalem fire" towards the land that's already been burned up. the theory is that as the two fires begin to merge, the "jerusalem fire" will stop here and burn out because the scorched landscape will act as a fire break. that's very little fuel left on the ground to burn. as worried as people are, they are also grateful for the great
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effort being put forward not just by firefighters but volunteers, county employees are working overtime. it's costing this county a pretty penny. we are going to talk about that coming up at 6:00. reporting live, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> joe, i'm looking behind you there. that banner that's flying. i can see it's -- there's a breeze but it doesn't really look like a strong wind today. >> reporter: no, not as much wind, although i was up near the fireline and it was still going pretty well. they hope it will die down. it's been very difficult. wind a major factor and it's been erratic all over the place here very difficult to predict. >> that makes it tough. thank you, joe. pet owners in pacifica on alert after reports of an aggressive coyote. it's been spotted near the lands end apartments on esplanade avenue. one resident says a coyote charged at him and his dog this morning. another says the animal could
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be hunting as part of a pack. >> when you have one or more coyotes in the area, they will basically -- one will keep your attention and the other one will try to attack whatever it's trying to go. they are not -- they're not, um, nonaggressive. they are very -- they can be satisfy depressive. >> wildlife experts say -- they can be very aggressive. >> wildlife experts say keep your pets close by. stay away from coyotes. tonight we get the first look at the man shot and killed by san jose police. police say 22-year-old adrian rivera stabbed a man multiple times sunday evening. a short time later he was spotted by police carrying this foot long meat cleaver. police say rivera brandished the meat cleaver when they confronted him. that's when two officers both fired their weapons. rivera died at the scene. this is san jose's fifth officer-involved shooting this year. other headlines. an update in the strange case of a body found stuffed in a suitcase left in front of a san
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francisco goodwill store last january. an autopsy reveals the victim was murdered before dismemberment. the case may never be solved. there was no crime scene and the main suspect died from medical issues related to drug use. san jose police department could be a step closer to using its drone. tonight, the city council is expected to approve a one-year test program. the department says the drone would only be used in specific situations, such as a search for an active shooter or an explosive device. the plan would need final approval from the faa. this makes the 49ers trouble look tame. a quarterback punched in the face by his own teammate! tonight a rising star is sidelined and a player is facing criminal charges. >> i'm mike sugerman on market street where the world continues to turn but you can't. >> the weather is going to be making a turn.
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we are cool staying on the cool side of average despite the sunshine at ocean beach and beyond. find out when we're going to heat up and how hot we're going to get. that's next. >> plus, paying extra not knowing it. the silicon valley solution to keep you from getting overcharged at the store. ,,,,,,
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donald trump is promising to keep whining until he wins. he continued his media blitz today ear burying the hatches with fox news. >> glad you're back with us and glad we're friends again. >> we are friends, steve. we have always been friends. and it's great to be back with you. >> trump's debate clash what anchor megyn kelly doesn't appear to be hurting him. a new poll shows trump leading the pack in the key state of iowa with 16% of the vote. another rising star in that poll carly fiorina. the former hp ceo surged to sixth place boosted by her performance in the early gop debate. that is one spot ahead of former florida governor jeb
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bush. tonight bush plans to step up his criticism of hill in a foreign policy speech at the reagan library in southern california. he will argue the former secretary of state shares responsibility for the rise of isis under the obama administration. jeb bush will also be one of stephen colbert's first guests on september 8. the new late show host tweeted today, quote, my first gop candidate. luckily, i do 200 shows a year so i think i can fit them all. u.s. stocks tanked today after china devalued its currency by 2%. the largest one-day drop in a decade. the dow plunged 212 points. the nasdaq s&p also in the red. china surprised move will give its exporters a boost by making products cheaper overseas. but it's also feeding some pour ris in the united states about china's slowing economic growth. >> china has long been a question about where it should be valued its moy and is this
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enough and how bad is klein's economy? >> the news hit apple stock hard. apple sold huge numbers of iphones in china but those phones will now be more expensive for chinese customers. apple stocks slid 5%. secretary of state john kerry says it is very likely that china and russia are reading his emails. kerry made the comments in an interview with "cbs evening news" anchor scott pelley. >> it is not without -- outside the realm of possibility. and we know that they have attacked a number of american, um, interests over the course of the last days. >> it's very likely that your emails are being read? >> it's very possible. i -- there's no way for me and i certainly write things without awareness. >> kerry said the threat of digital espionage and hacking is enormous concern. he also defended the iran nuclear deal. you can see more of pelley's interview with secretary of state john kerry at 5:30 coming up on the "cbs evening news." the frustration and
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confusion for drivers trying to navigate a major traffic change, coming up. >> a locker room brawl leaves an nfl quarterback with a broken jaw. the childish fight that's put a season in jeopardy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is the first evening commute where san francisco drivers are dealing with a major traffic change.
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effective today cars not allowed to turn on to market street between 3rd and 8th streets. kpix 5's mike sugerman along market. mike, is it like trying to herd cats down there tonight? >> reporter: no. actually it's working okay. now, the idea -- it's called "vision zero." the city is trying to trying to have zero pedestrians death by the year 2020. a lot of people are getting hit when people turn on and off of market and they are trying to stop that as you say. today, first day went okay. san francisco's most bewildering by way just got more baffling. what do you think about the new rules on markets street? >> what are the new rules? >> reporter: confusion in the air today. [ beeping ] >> reporter: along with frayed nerves. signs are up telling drivers they can't turn on to market and if they are on it in several places they must turn
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off. >> whenever there's intersections being blocked that's an accident waiting to happen. >> reporter: 162 injuries and collisions on a five-block stretch of market in just two years. the idea is to force most private cars off the street. >> you have to turn right. you have to go all the way -- i don't know. it's convoluted. >> reporter: no turns off streets on to market between third and 8th. you're forced off westbound at 10th and 6th. the police chief says no $200 tickets this week. >> there will be signage and officers everywhere. >> reporter: except here at 3rd street. where there's no sign. so this guy is turning right but you know what? it's legal! today because there's no sign. when the sign comes up, this guy could get a ticket. not today. coming up at 6:00 we'll have more information and i go one- on-one with chief surveillance trying to figure this thing out and it turns into an abbott and
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costello routine because it is very confusing. >> who's on first. >> stay out of the infield on market. >> it's painful. the bike and pedestrian path on the new bay bridge once again open for business. it had been closed since sunday because of construction at pier 23. that path reopened at 6 a.m. one year ago today the world said good-bye to robin williams. today dozens are leaving tributes to him at a house in san francisco. our cameras caught a few residents leaving items outside the classic victorian at steiner and broadway. williams was found dead in his tiburon home a year ago today from an apparent suicide. no alcohol or drugs were found in his system at the time of the death. an nfl quarterback is going to miss some serious playing time after his jaw was broken in a fight with a teammate. geno smith of the new york jets could miss up to 10 weeks of play. the jets coach says there was a
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fight in the locker room today after practice. smith was decked by linebacker ikemefuna enemkpali. he was released from the team on the spot. the coach added the fight was childish and had nothing to do with football. the epa is deeply sorry for the toxic waste spilled from an abandoned gold mine in colorado. the agency head says she takes responsibility for the disaster and will tour the area tomorrow. meanwhile, the governor of colorado visited the site today. three million gallons of toxic waste was accidentally released from the gold king mine into two rivers. people in the towns along the rivers have been told not to use the water. the toxic plume is now more than 100 miles downstream. it is flowing toward utah! >> earlier in this newscast, joe vazquez mentioned that it's tricky for firefighters up in lake county for the "jerusalem fire" because of the unpredictable wind. >> less wind today and decreasing more tomorrow. but so many valleys and mountains, so tricky around there, there is no one predominant wind direction.
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so one side of the fire the wind is coming out of the east. other side of the fire the winds coming out of the southwest. so it makes it tough because we would like to know where the fire is going and up in lake county in that terrain, that's simply not going to happen. that said, the overall theme is decreasing wind over the next 24 hours. take outside live and we have sunshine over the financial district and looking all the way south. it is a very, very pleasant day outside. warm but not hot. san jose 77. santa rosa 77. livermore you're one of the warmer spots at 81. a brisk 64 in san francisco. despite the temperature difference during the day, we all kind of level off at night and we will do that again tonight. san rafael 56 for you. fremont 59. >> reporter: 58. redwood city overnight tonight 58 degrees. want to give you an update. a lot of you have interests in hawaii maybe you're vacationing there over the next couple of days. there's a hurricane which will make a close pass to the big island. it's going to weaken from a category 1 to a tropical storm tonight. and make a path just to the south of the southern tip of the big island likely late
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thursday into friday. now, despite the fact that it won't be a hurricane passing by, a lot of moisture, a lot of rainfall, some areas of hawaii may receive up to 10 to 12 inches of rainfall over the next two or three days because of hurricane hilda. it will not have an impact here but this low pressure area will. you see that huge counter clockwise swirl. some rain offshore. it would be wonderful if that rain made it here. it won't. but we'll continue to get that southwest flow from the ocean. it will be with us for two more days so if you like the weather today, you should like it tomorrow and thursday because that low won't move much. our forecast won't change much. it will change a lot on friday. here comes the very large ridge of high pressure closing the door if you will on the onshore flow. the ocean is going nowhere. it's not going to get warmer. just the wind won't be coming from the ocean so to doesn't matter in our forecast. -- so it doesn't matter in our forecast. starting friday sunnier and hotter with some of you approaching 100 by the weekend. so not as much cloud cover tonight because the wind from the ocean is just beginning to decrease. that said we'll stay near or below average all the way
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through thursday. then we heat up. you will notice a big change on friday and hotter on the weekend. concord tomorrow 82 degrees. nice but still five degrees below average. san jose almost exactly average with a high of 81. sunnyvale 81 degrees. union city 76. walnut creek tomorrow 83. antioch 83. vallejo, martinez, in the upper 70s. berkeley 70 degrees for you. san rafael 79. windsor your high for your wednesday 80 degrees. extended forecast: >> friday 80s near the bay, 90s inland. hot over the weekend. cooling off a bit next week. so thankfully this heat wave that's coming, two or three days, it's not going to be too prolonged but you'll notice a significant change later in the week. >> okay. >> that's how most of them happen. they have been short. >> the good thing is this summer we had a lot of heat waves, three days and done. >> thank you. luck strikes again for one store in san jose. this winning scratcher ticket worth a whopping $1 million was sold at the j.t.
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liquor road on "senter road." california lottery says this store has sold only winning tickets it's designated a lucky retailer. the store will receive a $5,000 bonus. >> somebody is going to buy the store they are so lucky. absolutely. paying more than advertised. a silicon valley company's solution to store overcharges. how a new price tag could also work against you. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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from time to time, we tell you about stores that get fined for charging customers more than the prices that are posted on the store shelves. as consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, the bay area company now says it's got a solution to that problem. >> reporter: from incorrect price tags to out of date sales stickers, customers are often charged more at the register than the price tag advertises on the shelf. in fact, in the past two years, safeway, whole foods, walgreens, target and cvs have all paid steep fines for overcharging customers. in one case we found
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supermarket customers were overcharged for about one out of every 50 items they bought. >> i think it happens in almost all the stores. it's just a matter of is it getting noticed or not. >> reporter: the department of weights and measures says it's usually human error. store workers can't keep up with the blizzard of sales and price changes that happen every week. >> prices go up and down all the time. >> reporter: now a silicon valley company says it's come up with a solution. [ non-english language ] is the founder of a company that makes electronic price tags. he says they guarantee the shelf tag and the cash register are always in sync. >> it's completely electronic no manual intervention required. they can instantly updates the signs. >> reporter: they enable retailers to change prices more often to remain competitive with online retailers that adjust prices all day long. >> these are like little web pages sitting on the shelve. >> reporter: kohl's began rolling them out in 2010 but declined to comment on how they have impacted business.
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while the tags could make it easier for some stores to raise prices on a whim, ultimately consumers will end up paying less if they can trust the price on the shelf is actually the price they will be charged at the register. julie watts, kpix 5. how's this for a catch of the day? this video appearing to show a fisherman reeling in a drone has gone viral. the drone caught the entire thing on video. it was buzzing by a solved pier when the fisherman cast his line toward the device. it's tough to tell you about it appears the fisherman may have hooked his line on the drone before it then flew away. it's a well paying job in hot demand. jill schlesinger on why you may want to consider a career in nursing. reporter: if you're considering a career change, start by identifying an industry that pays well and is in need of more workers. nursing tops the list. there are a variety of educational options if you want to pursue a nursing career. if you have a bachelor's degree
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in a nonscience-related field, you can apply to more than 200 accelerated programs to earn a bachelor's degree in nursing in two to 2 1/2 years. if your bachelor's is in a science field, you may be able to complete the degree in 12 to 18 months. nurses here in the bay area earn an average of over $125,000 a year. and job openings are likely to rise as employers replace thousands of workers leaving the field by 2018. many employers are seeking to beef up the number of male nurses. nationally, male nurses make up under 200,000 of the total 2.6 million rns. men entering nursing at mid career come from a variety of fields including social work, emergency medicine, public safety and the military. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. ,,,,,,
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jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. coming up at 6:00, are the raiders on the verge of leaving oakland? the strongest signs yet that they have one foot out the door. >> plus the bay area real estate market so hot right now, even mobile homes are in danger. one plan to try to keep them available and affordable. >> and join us for that and more at 6:00. >> thank you. we'll see you then. until then, we are looking for a little warmup by the weekend. >> later on this week. two more days, so comfortable outside today. just warm enough without it being too hot. maybe a little too hot as we head toward the weekend. close to 100 away from the
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water. >> "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up next. have a great night. captions by: caption colorado comments@captioncolora >> pelley: the secretary of state on threats to america. nuclear and cyber. do you think the chinese and/or the russians are reading your e- mails? also tonight, jeb bush blames hillary clinton for the rise of isis, and trump declares himself not just a winner but a whiner. >> i keep whining and whining until i win. >> pelley: severe weather from floods to dust storms. and firefighters battling wildfires face a new threat-- drones. >> it could have catastrophic consequences. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. secretary of state john kerry said today it is, "very likely"


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