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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 13, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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blast with the force of an earthquake. dozens dead and hundreds are hurt when two explosions erupt in a chinese port city. jimmy carter tells the world he has cancer. well wishes pour in after the 90-year-old former president reveals his diagnosis. ♪ a collapse at a landmark music hall in minneapolis. several concert goers are hurt when the ceiling comes tumbling down. sketch any details. tom brady makes his case against the nfl in the deflategate scandal. new sketches become an internet
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sensation. this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, august 13th, 2015. good morning, good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. massive explosions in a chinese city killed at least 44 people and injured some 500. last night's explosion at an industrial area that housed toxic chemicals were so powerful, area residents thought they were hit by an earthquake. this morning, it's still not clear what caused the explosion in the northern port city. shock waves were felt miles away. seth doane has the report. >> reporter: as we were driving toward the site of the explosion, we could see the windows of an apartment building blown open because of the power of the blast. that explosion took place before midnight here local time,
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lighting up the night sky with orange. the first explosion had the power of three tons of tnt, followed by a second explosion with the power of 21 tons of tnt. amateur video shows people blown back because of the power of the blast. we have seen people on the streets here bloodied, looking for medical attention. some people wearing the clothes they ran out with. they have not been allowed back into their homes. for a while firefighters had to stop fighting the blaze because authorities were concerned they didn't know what hazardous materials they were battling. many people telling us, they are too scared, still to go inside. seth doane, china. jimmy carter will go through treatment for cancer that spread through his body. mr. carter, the 39th president
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of the united states is 90 years old. a statement from the carter center said the disease was found during recent surgery. originated. we have more. >> reporter: former president jimmy carter will begin treatment to tackle an undisclosed cancer that is now in other parts of his body. the diagnosis came after recent surgery to remove a mass in his liver. it did not say if it began in the liver or spread from another part of the body. the 90-year-old has a family his triof pancreatic cancer. his three siblings and father died of it. >> obviously, we are concerned about that family history. >> reporter: the news came as a shock to those who respect and admire president carter, including ambassador andrew young. >> i can't give him any advice. i don't know anybody that has
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mastered and disciplined his life better than james earl carter, our president. >> reporter: since leaving office, the 39th president has remained active and in the spotlight through his charitable work. >> the thing that is more gratifying to me than when i was president is i have a more intimate relationship with people. >> president obama spoke with president carter on the phone last night wishing him a full and speedy recovery. a statement could come as early as next week when more facts are own. >> thank you, hena. a ceiling collapsed at a minneapolis nightclub. ♪ >> witnesses at the show by the band theory of a dead man say water was streaming down as the ceiling suddenly fell. >> once the dust cleared, all these people rushing over there. somebody may have been under
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there, i'm not sure. they were just taking it off as fast as they could. we ran out. we got to get out of here. >> water was pouring out, all over people. they were pulling the ceiling off to see if anyone was underneath it. they wheeled someone out on a stretcher. >> the building was evacuated. an investigation is under way. isis is taking responsibility for a truck bomb in a baghdad food market this morning. at least 58 people were killed and at least 89 others were wounded in the shia dominated neighborhood. the u.s. launched the first air strikes against isis targets in syria from bases in turkey. two f-16s took off yesterday. the pentagon did not describe the type or number of targets. there are six u.s. fighter bombers stationed. a senior u.s. defense official says the jet may also be used on missions to iraq.
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>> for now, hillary clinton's presidential campaign is being overshadowed by an e-mail controversy. the campaign says it is nothing more than politics. the justice department is investigating and her political opponents are piling on. craig boswell reports from washington. >> reporter: the fbi will soon begin looking at hillary clinton's private e-mail server she used during her term as secretary of state. clinton had been resisting but changed course after revealing portions of at least two of her e-mails contained information that should be upgraded to top secret. >> these e-mails were not marked
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as classified at the time they were sent. both of which, they were received by secretary clinton. they were not sent by her. >> reporter: the e-mail controversy followed clinton on the campaign trail. monmouth university released a poll wednesday morning that shows 52% of participants believe hillary clinton's e-mails should be subject to a criminal investigation. >> obviously, this is a huge problem. >> reporter: republican presidential candidate carley fiorina is critical of clinton's decision to use her own server. >> we have the chinese hacking into the office of personnel management and stealing the records of over 20 million americans and yet she was so confident that none of her e-mails were being hacked. >> reporter: secretary clinton is not a target of the investigation. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. jeb bush campaign rally was interrupted by a black lives matter demonstrator.
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he was wrapping up in las vegas when the protesters clashed with bush supporters. bush supporters chanted all lives matter. bush met with black lives matter advocates. christian taylor, the unarmed black man killed by a police officer during a suspected burglary in arlington, texas will be buried saturday. a prayer meeting was held at a church near taylor's home. the police officer who shot taylor, brad miller, has been fired. arlington police chief spoke at last night's gathering. >> i can never promise you that we will not have a crisis in arlington but i can promise you, we will respond with compassion, we will respond with love and we will respond with accountability. >> miller's attorney says his client was trying to save his own life and those of other officers when he opened fire. authorities say toxic waste from a colorado mine threatens to pose long term health risks
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to water supplies in several states. the 3 million gallon spill accidentally unleashed by e.p.a. workers has dissipated as it made its way along the arizona/utah border. >> while it's no longer visible because it's being dispersed, we are taking the necessary tests, looking at the wildlife, fish all the kind of work we need to do and responding to folks, drinking water and cattle water and those kind of things. >> the e.p.a. stopped field work in all abandoned mines while the spill is being investigated. coming up on the morning news, a fiery accident caught on video. a collision results in a massive ball of flames in new jersey. in money watch, the breakfast cereal of champions crafts a new beer. this is the "cbs morning news." cereal of champions crafts a new beer. this is the "cbs morning news." restoring strength and flexibility
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the fire covered hundreds of feet on the road last night. both drivers escaped major injuries. most northbound lanes were closed after the crash. there was a deadly prison riot in california. it happened wednesday at the new maximum security folsom state prison in east sacramento. the riot involved about 70 inmates. 11 inmates were sent to hospitals for treatment. a 71-year-old was stabbed by another inmate. he died from the wounds. pinell is known for his involvement in a bloody 1991 san quentin prison escape that left six dead. three more women are accusing bill cosby of sexual assault. at a news conference yesterday, the women say that cosby victimized them in the 1970s and '80s. actress eden tril was summoned off the cosby show set to meet
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him in his dressing room. >> you are my childhood. he barked back instantly, don't say that. they all say that. >> in a statement, cosby's attorney, monique presley responding to a challenge in a debate from the women's lawyer, gloria allred. >> solitary confinement for alleged prison infraction. the transgender army private is serving a 35 year sentence for giving information to wikileaks. manning could face confinement for disorderly conduct. that involves "vanity fair" with caitlin jenner on the front. straight ahead, twitter lets you go long. users are no longer confined to character limits for direct
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some new york commuters are recovering from minor injuries after a ferry made a hard landing. the ferry hit the pier near wall street wednesday afternoon. ten passengers were hurt and treated at the scene. they were able to walk off the ferry after the accident. on the "cbs moneywatch," twitter dropped the character limit for direct messages and wheaties brews up something new. jill wagner has that and more. good morning, jill. >> the yuan lost 3% since it was devalued on tuesday. they say there's no basis for further depreciation. despite the uncertainty, asian markets finished higher. the nikkei gained 1%. stocks on wall street recovered from early losses as they kept close tabs on events in china. the dow lost less than a point,
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the s&p gained two points and the nasdaq finished seven points higher. citizens bank is returning $14 million to customers. the bank failed to credit individuals and business customers with the full amount of their deposits. citizens was fined $20.5 million. regulators said customers were short millions of dollars over a fixed year period starting in 2008. a change for twitter users. you will no longer be confined to 140 characters when sending a private message on the social network. the total character count is now 10,000. the 140 character limit on twitter's main service remains. analysts say twitter wanted to stay competitive with other messaging services. the breakfast of champions. wheaties is producing a wheat beer. it's in partnership with a minnesota brewery.
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it's a limited edition of beer. it doesn't actually contain wheaties and is available next month only in minnesota. that could change, if it is a big hit. >> that is not an excuse to crack open a cold one for breakfast. that's for the end of the day. the real wheaties at the beginning of the day. jill wagner, thanks a lot, jill. when we return, a bad sketch goes viral. parodies of a bizarre courtroom sketch of tom brady breaks the internet. we'll hear from the artist. breaks the internet. we'll hear from the artist. guapo doesn't know he's eating natural food made with real quality ingredients, no soy, wheat or corn. all he knows is, there will be no crumb left! petsmart has a wide selection of natural foods. save up to $5 on select blue life protection®
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here is a look at today's forecast in cities around the country. 2-2 pitch. take a look. might have room.
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>> oh! >> a tough catch by seattle's kyle seager in the ninth inning of wednesday's game against baltimore. it put the mariners pitcher two outs away from a no-hitter. the right hander finished the job by getting a fly out to center field. it's the fifth no-hitter in mariners history and the first thrown by an american league pitcher in nearly three years. meanwhile, the new york mets good luck charm is bright yellow. it somehow flew to citi-field. they picked up a parakeet hanging around. after it was spotted, the mets broke open a scoreless game. ses pedestrian -- new york wins, 3-0. a federal judge wants the nfl to show evidence directly linking tom brady to the deflategate scandal.
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the new england patriots quarterback and league commissioner, roger goodell, were in court on wednesday. an nfl lawyer admitted there was no smoking gun showing brady new the ball used in the afc championship game were illegally underinflated. brady is suing to overturn a four-game suspension. meanwhile, those courtroom sketches of brady became an internet laughing stalk. many thought the depictions looked nothing like him. others turned the drawings in a joke, superimposing it on the face of e.t.,ment rushmore. the artist apologized for the drawing. >> i tried to capture it quickly. it's not going to be perfect. >> rosenberg says it's hard to capture someone who is famous and good looking and brady is both. coming up on your local news, the effect of phone and computer screen time on your
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♪ he was the little dog that stole the show in the oscar winning movie, "the artist." uggie the jack russell terrier died. the 13-year-old dog was put down friday after battling prostate cancer. uggie walked the red carpet and joined the cast on stage for the oscars when the movie won best picture in 2011.
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an 11-year-old boy is in trouble with the law and his mother as well this morning. police near seattle say the boy stole a car and went on a joyride wednesday afternoon. he led police on a chase and was cornered by a police car. he was arrested, the car returned to the owner and the boy returned to his mother. a 19-year-old new jersey man survived a night on the open water after holding on to a buoy for 12 hours. his personal water craft broke as he was traveling from brookland to the highlands. dylan did not have his cell phone on him as he headed toward sandy hook but he hit some rocks and his jet ski sank. >> i just jumped in the water. i had sweat pants on, i knew i couldn't swim in them. i had to take off the sweat pants. i took off my life jacket. >> while the coast guard search went on his parents were praying. >> i had faith. i never gave up.
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>> oh. oh. >> i'm happy he's home and safe. >> he wants to join the fire department and become one of the water rescuers. there's quite a show in the sky this week. the annual meteor shower lit up the heavens overnight. 100 meteors an hour were expected to be seen with the peak at 3:00 a.m. local time. a new moon with little light in the sky helped the view. the meteor shower will continue until august 24th. you still have time. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more on former president jimmy carter's cancer fight. we'll speak to a doctor. plus, we'll go to china for the latest on the huge explosion that killed dozens of people and all that screen time on phones and computers is doing to our eyes. we will talk to an opthamologist. finally, a pyrotechnique
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site. he used a large balloon with fireworks and gun powder. impressive, right? that is the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching, i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. for this thursday. thanks for watching, i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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there. >> yeah. >> wow. >> it's thursday, august 13. thursday! i'm maria medina. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. mini friday! >> bravo! [ applause ] >> let's get you out the door at 4:30 with traffic and weather. we have something very special coming up in our 5:00 and our 6:00 hours. it's a little bit of a tease. we'll leave it at that. >> good morning, everybody. many people out in their lawn chairs this morning in the la honda area not so much at the coast or the bay because of that right there. we are saturated in the fog and the reason 'cwhy they are sitti outside, perched precariously and looking up at the sky, the perseid meteor showers are happening right now. inland it's clear, 70s, 80s approaching 90. your full forecast is straight ahead. but first, here's liza battalones. >> good morning. caltrans is busy in oakland. they have shut down the east 580 connector ramp to 980 for roadwork. it will be closed for 30 minutes with detour signs


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