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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 14, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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she watched as deputy francies started to sink. finally, she was able to get to him. but it was too late. he had already gone unconscious. >> we know that he went into the water after him. and basically his body went to shock at that point. >> reporter: the former college football player and rrent coach for del campo high school in sacramento was in excellent shape but no match for the combination of high altitude, frigid water and wind. >> i think anything like this we're -- where somewhere in law enforcement or someone that's athletic or in the military goes out and does something to help another human being and tragedy strikes and they end up losing their life, um, it's always a shock. >> reporter: now, the contra costa county sheriff's department is actually sending a team up here to south lake tahoe to talk to their investigators and medics and see what went wrong and helped deputy francies' family in any way they can. light in south lake tahoe andria borba, kpix 5. tragedy in yosemite.
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two children were killed when a massive oak tree limb fell on their tent. it happened at the upper pines campground in the yosemite valley just west of curry village. the two children were asleep in their tent when at about 5 a.m., the limb came crashing down. video just in from the campsite shows how the limb sheared off. police tape surround the tent and the tree now. rangers say the campers never saw any danger. >> in this particular situation people were simply in a campsite here in upper pines. they were in a designated campsite. they were camping out just like, um, you know, people are doing right now. >> it makes me feel sad for the family and sad for the situation because it's out of their control. >> one of the victims was with his family. the other was a family friend. their identities have not been released yet. also in yosemite, park officials are closing campsites at tuolumne meadows after two
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squirrels died from plague! they will be treating the area with an insecticide. it will help kill fleas which is how that plague is transmitted. campsite will be closed for the week. the closure comes about a week after a child contracted the plague after visiting yosemite. the l.a. county child had camped at crane flat campground about 40 miles west of tuolumne meadows. that child is being treated at the hospital. a mystery at sea off the bay area coastline where the coast guard is searching for the pilot of a crashed experimental plane. it took off from palmdale last night bound for hesperia. instead, it veered northwest for hours before crashing 460 miles off point reyes. the faa says air traffic control lost communication with the pilot shortly after he took off and never heard from him again. air force and coast guard air crews began following the plane as it headed out over the pacific. they saw it crash into the ocean but right now, there is still no sign of the pilot and
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no word on what may have gone wrong. switch gears taking a live look in san jose we are definitely feeling the heat today. but paul tells us it's just a warmup for the weekend. paul. >> reporter: this was about 5 or 10 degrees warmer. we are going to add about 10 to 15 additional degrees beginning tomorrow. our live neighborhood network shows you temperatures outside right now which are in the mid- 80s. yes, warmer than the past couple of days but for the most part not out of our comfort zone yet. pleasant hill 84. antioch 85. burton valley elementary in lafayette 82 degrees currently. that low pressure area which kept us cool kept the onshore flow around all week long, that's causing thunderstorms now over the great northwest. it is moving out. high pressure is moving in which will block the onshore flow for two days. saturday and sunday. coming up we'll talk about how hot we get and what happens after that ridge moves out. coming up in 10 minutes. fire crews are worried about the weather as they battle the "jerusalem fire" in lake county. as paul mentioned hot temperatures and strong winds
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are expected this weekend. the fire grew overnight and is now over 24,000 acres and 52% contained. nfl football is back in the bay area. the raiders season begins with a lot of uncertainty. this is a look at the coliseum tonight as fans get ready for tonight's preseason game against the rams. they know this could be the last year the team plays in oakland. earlier this week the raiders briefed nfl owners on their proposal to move the team down to southern california. they are pitching a new joint stadium deal. they would share with the san diego chargers. there is still hope to keep the raiders in oakland. next week a developer is expected to reveal his proposal for the coliseum city plan. but nfl officials have expressed frustration that up to now, there's been no viable proposal coming from oakland. meanwhile, 49ers also gearing up for their first preseason game and kpix 5 is your 49ers preseason station. you can tune in tomorrow at
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4:30 for a preview of the first game. and then at 5:00, as the 49ers take on the texans. there won't be any football at levi's stadium this weekend but there will be a lot of fans. that's because pop star taylor swift is coming to santa clara. chopper 5 was over levi's stadium as it was getting transformed into her 1989 tour stage. shows for both tonight and tomorrow night no surprise sold out. well, that concert and the raiders game causing epic traffic delays around the bay area right now. here's a live look at traffic conditions on the eastshore and the bayshore freeways are bad and you can see red on highway 101 heading south on the peninsula. officials are investigating the cause of an oakland fire that displaced about 20 people this morning. heavy smoke filled the air at international and 8th avenue. that fire broke out in a commercial residential building and spread to a second building. firefighters wore were able to put the blaze out in about an
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hour. >> still a little shocked and shaking. when i was calling 911, i was so shaking. i couldn't even get my phone to work. >> while there was a lot of structural damage, luckily nobody was hurt. the red cross says it is having a hard time finding hotels in the east bay for those families displaced. if it can't, officials say the red cross will open a shelter. other bay area headlines tonight. employees at the tesla plant in fremont were forced out of their offices today after a crane accidentally crashed into a power line. that caused the evacuation alarm to sound. pg&e fixed the problem and no one was injured. and police made an arrest in a hit-and-run in santa clara where the car was also stolen. our cameras were there as one of the suspects was arrested. this in the rivermark area on the north side of the city. police say just before 8:00 this morning a car was stolen. the suspects tried to get away
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but crashed. santa clara county has a plan to put a lid on the homeless problem or rather a tent over it. kpix 5's devin fehely shows us the plan to convert public land into encampments. >> over 5,000 individuals are homeless on any given night on the streets of santa clara county. >> reporter: but the strategies the county is considering to battle the problem among them semi permanent tent cities as well as rapid emergency housing for the long-term homeless. it's a challenging issue. >> when you sweep people from place to place you're not doing anything other than displacing them. >> reporter: robert agurrie is a homeless advocate. he says the current approach an aggressive crackdown on encampments wherever they are is disruptive and traumatizing to the very people it's supposed to help. instead, he is urging the board of supervisors to adopt a
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policy allowing semi permanent home listen campments so-called tent cities sanctioned boot county. >> you take people that are used to living outdoors and with no sort of organization whatsoever and you bring them into a encampment where you have rules where you -- they have responsibilities. they have to clean up their own trash. >> reporter: so far the county signed on for a different plan. in which the county would foot the bill only if the nonprofit partner adobe services first demonstrates their ability to find homes for the chronically homeless. >> it's a great deal for taxpayers because it's all about delivering high impact on a big social problem. >> reporter: devin fehely, kpix 5. >> the county will host a community meeting on the proposal next week. it's set for 7:00 monday night at the brawley park community room in sunny have a. this is a story he will be telling for the rest of his life. >> you fight bears. [ laughter ]
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>> and win! >> a bear takes a bite out of this man's face and he barely skips a beat. how this northern california man got out alive. >> another story of survival. a young firefighter trapped in the wreckage of this massive fireball. the amazing rescue from the rubble. ♪[ music ] >> you know that familiar tune. but that's not the full house gang. so why are giants spoofing th,,,
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in san jose will be getting a pay boost. they have an 8% raise and 5% one-time bonus. and a return incentive for cops who left the departments for another job. the deal was announced after the latest class of the police academy graduated today and the city needs the help. san jose faces a shortage of
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officers about 13 officers a month leave the department. >> this is a moment to celebrate for the city. certainly we have the best and brightest coming to the city to serve as police officers. we are proud to have them and they are coming when we are rebuilding the force to become the finest police department in the country again. >> they endorsed the strategy to settle pension reform litigation with police officer and firefighter unions. tonight the flag is flying at the embassy in cuba for the first time in more than a half century. ♪[ music ] >> crowds cheering in havana as the same marines who took down the flag in 1961 helped raise it again. the opening of the u.s. embassy marks another step toward restoring ties between the former cold war enemies. secretary of state john kerry met with cuba's foreign minister today. he admitted relations have improves although there are still differences over democracy and human rights.
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>> having normal relations makes it easier for us to talk. and talk can deepen understanding even when we know we won't see eye to eye on everything. >> kerry says the talk to fully normalize the ties between countries will start next month. cuba still wants the u.s. to lift the trade embargo which restricts tourism and business but only congress can lift that. >> a firefighter is pulled from the rubble 32 hours after devastating explosions ripped apart a chinese town. video shows rescuers pulling the 19-year-old from the smoking rubble two days after the blasts. at least 17 of his colleagues died responding to a series of explosions at a war house storing hazardous chemicals, at a warehouse. 50 died, more than 700 injured. dozens more are still missing. panic over a paper shortage. it's not something you expect to hear. how it's causing a hassing for
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people in the bay area. >> there he was, he was right on top of me, his face was right there. >> this guy comes face to face with a black bear and lives to tell the tale. how he survived when the bear just didn't back down. ,,,,,,,,,
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a 66-year-old man has a
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story to tell after surviving a bear attack. >> he who fights bears! [ laughter ] >> and wins! and wins. and i won that won. >> yeah, larry walked out of his fresno home in the early- morning hours yesterday and within seconds, a 200-pound bear was coming right at him! >> i mean there he was. right on top of me. his face was right there. you know, that's when he went down and grabbed me here by the side of the face. you know, and i mean, i was fighting. i was doing everything i could to try to get him off of me. >> yepez's tiny yorkshire terrier was nipping at the bear and distracted him long enough to get away. covered with blood he drove himself to the hospital, he had a few scratches and bruises and deep cuts on his face and one amazing story to tell. the country's most notorious dentist is at the center of controversy again. this time, for a newly released photo of a black bear he
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killed. walter palmer is seen smiling over the dead animal. it was taken nine years ago in wisconsin. according to court documents, palmer killed the bear in an area he didn't have a permit. he came under fire last month for killing a protected lion named cecil in zimbabwe. he blames his local guides for not ensuring a legal hunt. well, a pair of michigan lawmakers is accused of manufacturing a sex scandal on taxpayer time to cover up their own affair. republican state representatives are both married with children. back in may an explicit email went out to republicans across the state claiming courser was caught with a male prostitute. ccurser admitted he wrote it to deflect attention from the affair. investigators are looking into whether any public resources were misused in the cover-up by curesser. in the meantime the other one is refusing to resign.
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>> although i am not proud of my personal conduct, in regards to my position as state representative of the 80th district, i believe that an open and honest investigation will vindicate me. >> courser is also refusing to resign claiming he acted under pressure from a blackmailer. it sounds strange but a paper shortage is causing headaches for people all across the bay area right now. consumerwatch reporter julie watts on the shortage that's affecting crucial state documents. >> reporter: counties across california limiting the number of birth, death or marriage certificates they will issue to one where to per customer. >> typically, people will request quite a few copies. >> reporter: anna san francisco's finance department says those limits can pose a problem when it comes to death certificates. >> it's because they need original copies to submit to their insurance and any sort of assets, banks, things like that. >> reporter: the issue?
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>> specks embedded fibers inside. >> reporter: a shortage of certificate paper. san francisco's assessor recorder said the state's sole supplier suddenly went out of business without notice a problem since state law mandates counties use this special paper. and you can't get it locally. >> there are embedded features in the papers. >> reporter: six counties have limited supply and three others have already begun limit credit -- we gun limiting the number they will get. one person marriage santa clara limiting all vital records to two per request. and solano county has a strict restrict one certificate per person per life event. but the paper chase may be about to end. some counties say a new supplier has been located in canada. but for now at 20 cents apiece you can't put a price on this paper. >> we certainly value that paper very much. >> now, you you can get
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additional certificates by mail through california's department of public health. process something five business days for most documents though in some cases it could take more than a month. >> so strange. in this day and age of computers and digital everything. >> it's the last physical document you really need. >> how weird. >> when you need it you really need it and you need that original. >> you need the original. gently birth and death certificates you want multiples off. marriage certificates you can just get one. the lifelong urgent care center in san pablo is expanding weekday hours. that clinic started taking on more patients when the doctors medical center across the street closed. the new hours are monday to friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on saturdays and sundays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. a colorado river contaminated with mustard yellow muck is now safe for boaters. officials reopened the animas river today. it was declared unsafe last week after the e pa released
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three million gallons of contaminated waste water from a mine. this is what it looked like. the yellow muck was caused by iron. officials say the sediment will be diluted as it is carried further downstream. it's friday and all week we have been talking about how things are going to heat up. is it still going along that track? >> we are heading toward it full steam. we are going to be hot starting the weekend and we are going to go from the mid-80s to about the low 100s tomorrow. we jumped a little build today. i wouldn't call it hot. it's warmer than the past several days. tomorrow's the day we are going to walk outside hang out about 20 minutes in the yard and say, yes, this is hotter. livermore right now 85. tomorrow oh, about 10 2. santa rosa 86. san francisco 67. we have sunshine. we are warmer but the significant step forward with temperatures is tomorrow. no fog tonight. san francisco dropping to 60. fremont 59. concord 60. and vallejo 58 degrees. talked a lot yesterday about el nino how strong it's going to be, will it be the strongest
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ever? you know what? el nino doesn't water your lawn. rain will water your lawn. we have a sample size. only two more times we had very strong el nino. in both those instances the rain started in november. we have to get through august and september and october get past halloween once the costumes are put away. historically speaking, that's when we begin to see the increase in rainfall. fingers crossed couple of months away. we have no rainfall in california now but we do to the north. that low pressure system that kept the onshore flow going all week is moving out, for us moving into the northwest. we are losing the ocean influence. we are going to lose it tomorrow. eliminated. big strong ridge of high pressure to our south and east. then one sitting offshore. kind of a one-two punch to block the onshore flow, block mother nature's air- conditioning. it's going to last two days. monday we begin to cool down. by the middle of next week we are below average. so get through the weekend. and we will see cooler temperatures. but it is going to be a hot
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weekend. sunny from start to finish everywhere. 8 to 16 degrees warmer than average and slight cooling begins early next week. concord, hello 100 tomorrow. 13 degrees above average. san jose in the 90s. san francisco 80 degrees tomorrow. fremont 90. los altos 92. redwood city 92. 100 for pleasanton and pittsburg and antioch. pleasant hill 101. vallejo 94. berkeley 85 degrees. sonoma 95. santa rosa 96. cloverdale 101. so certainly much warmer or hotter tomorrow. equally as hot on sunday. minimal cooling along the coast where the onshore flow begins. we'll all feel a little cooler on monday and by the middle of next week near or below average. anywhere near the bay but a hot weekend maybe acquire a friend or stop by a neighbor's house with a pool. >> ken, you have a pool. >> guess where everybody is going. >> and i heard you just cleaned it. perfect. [ laughter ] >> party at ken's house. >> i won't be home this weekend. >> even better. >> going away. >> we'll be there on saturday. >> but we will.
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>> all right. [ laughter ] >> paul has the key to get in the back. no milk men, paperboys or evening tv here. we are going to take you to the set of the giants' full clubhouse and explain what this is all about. ,,,, ♪ ♪
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it's your last chance to ride one of the last wooden roller coasters in the bay area. after 16 years and millions of rides, the roar roller coaster at six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo is shutting down on sunday. as wooden coasters go, most are on the decline now. steel ones are on the rise with the rattling roar closing down. that leaves only three wooden coasters left in northern california. meanwhile, the san francisco giants hit a home run with their new promo. >> team created a spoof of an iconic san francisco tv show opening. take a look at this. ♪[ music ]
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♪ everywhere you look >> i like the sunglasses. >> jeremy affeldt gets into it. full clubhouse was released on twitter today. players and even manager bruce bochy played along to recreate the opening to the '80s hit tv show, full house. the show was set in san francisco. full clubhouse even had a special guest at the end. [ laughter ] >> oh, cut it out! [ laughter ] >> that's dave who played uncle joey on the show. the giants really hit it out of the park with this one. take a look at the real full house opening next to full clubhouse. the defending world series champs can add some acting experience to their resumes now. the promo is for the giants tribute to full house on september 30. and we'll be right back. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face.
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then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. coming up new at 6:00 tonight a bay area school district ready to defy the state. why it wants to give diplomas to kids who haven't completed the exit exam. >> plus, we'll check back in with fans the raiders preseason kickoff game. what they are saying about the team's uncertain future in oakland. thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: disturbing new revelations today about how u.s. intelligence believes an ererican woman was abused by her isis captors. also tonight, a new era begins in relations with cuba, but old tensions linger. a white police officer testifies he feared for his life when he fatally shot an unarmed black man. ( gunshots ) and what steve hartman does when he's off the road. >> i mean, sometimes he's out there past dark. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. today, on what would have been kayla mueller's 27th birthday, we learn that u.s. watelligence has been told she


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