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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 17, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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expressway. this includes the typical businesses that you see in this part of town. 7/11 a liquor store, gay and laundromat and massage parlor and dentist office et cetera. 10:00 last night when san jose police officers were conducting a follow-up investigation to a previous crime. the officers caught up with the male suspect. investigators say the man then suddenly reached for a handgun. the officers then drew their weapons and fired a couple of shots. the suspect was hit and then was pronounced dead at the scene. no officers were injured and sjpd cordoned off a very wide area while they cult their investigation. this is the second officer- involved shooting this month. where the suspect was shot dead. the previous one happened about one week ago. we are waiting for a spokesperson to come out to give us more information so keep it tuned right here throughout the broadcast, kiet do, kpix 5. more extreme heat and unhealthy air in the bay area
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today. temperatures yesterday reached triple digits inland and 90 degrees in san francisco. breaking a 65-year-old record. but the hot weather has definitely not been accompanied by crystal clear skies. that's because high pressure has been trapping pollution and driving smoke from wildfires into the bay area. >> i just know that the smell more than anything and i know it's particulate matter, so i'm -- aware cognizant that it's not good for your lungs. >> all right so the smoky skies prompted the bay area air quality management district yesterday to declare a spare the air day. yesterday's record temperatures includes 97 degrees in san jose and 92 oakland and similar conditions are in today's forecast. hot all over california and the hot weather is helping fuel wildfires in southern california as well. this fire in the angeles national forest has burned about 500 acres. six structures near koa stan stock. containment remains at 0%. the cause still under investigation there. there are two other significant
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wildfires burning in l. a. county. one near glendora, the other near montibello area. the sate of washington is -- state of washington is calling on the national guard for help with wildfires, central part of the state has been dealing with fires all summer including this one that's burned about 100 buildings near chelan. >> this whole ridge was on fire. this -- that whole hillside there. this whole hillside was on fire last night. it was nuts. >> and in oregon, crews are battling several out of control wildfires. one has burned more than 52,000 acres near the warm springs indian reservation and we have more coverage of the california wildfires check it out at the we believe site, cbs -- website. it's right below the bay area news section there. >> it's like fire after fire after fire. >> you can see all the smoke. i was up at tahoe driving down and past vacaville, just completely hazy. >> made for a good sunset but that's about it.
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everything else not so good. we are start out with weather yes? because i see her waiting patiently over there. >> i'm always waiting patiently. >> oakland 62 and livermore 67 right now. and in san jose, 67-degree as well. warm it's going to be -- look how warm it's going to be today. 93 in santa rosa the city falls all the bay down to 75. after its record-shattering high of 90 yesterday. 87 in redwood city and 87 at mountain view. it's a step in the right direction and it sets a phone for the week, cooling it down as we head into midweek but still plenty hot today. liza? we're going to start off with the morning's commute in san leandro. southbound 880 just before davis getting reports of a new accident blocking the right lane. also a big rig accident in the vallejo area, eastbound 37 near mare island. a couple of things already to watch out for. certainly if you are a san jose driver, just keep in mind we have that police action this morning. northbound center road shut
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down indefinitely between capital expressway and south side. kiet do is out there and hear from him in a few minutes. no delays at the toll plaza at the bay bridge. on aened mo. thanks. -- a monday. thanks. >> crash left three people dead in contra costa county. and kpix 5's cate cauguiran is at the scene in el sobrante to tell us what happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well we know that speed was a factor in one of these -- in this accident. but we don't know how fast that driver was going. but i can show you here that at one point roads were blocked. what you see now is just the aftermath. some road flares here, they are reopened now but let's go to viewer video that we have. you can take a look, just pretty dramatic from what we see right now. what you're looking at there is a car completely covered in flames. firefighters there on stands bi. what we do know about this accident it happened around 10:00 last night on san pablo dam road. the chp says a red camaro
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sideswiped a honda civic. the driver of the civic managed to pull over safely. but the camaro continued down the road hit a tree and then caught fire. the camaro's driver was able to escape. >> the camaro at that point burst into flames. and three people inside the car perished. either the result of the collision or the post-collision fire. >> reporter: now, there's more of that viewer video. so far investigators say it appears that alcohol may have been a factor in addition to speed. at this point, we don't know the identities of those people killed in the accident but again like we said, those in the civic were able to get out okay. reporting live in el sobrante, cate cauguiran, kpix 5. thank you. searchers in indonesia have spotted the wreckage of a passenger plane. carrying 54 people. but it could take a while for crews to get to a very hard to reach location. residents of a nearby village told local police they saw the plane flying low before it
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crashed into amanitin yesterday. a mown -- a mountain yesterday. among those on board four postal workers carrying cash for poor families to help offset a spike in fuel prices. california's coming up short in voter approved efforts to create green energy jobs. voters passed prop 39 a few years ago to raise taxes on corporations and fund energy efficiency projects but now, the associated press found just a small fraction of the number of jobs envisioned actually exist. proponents promised to generate more than 11,000 a year but only 1700 have been created. some local school districts scrambling to hire teachers before the new school year begins. oakland unifying has a shortage of about 70 teachers. san francisco unified, they need to hire 465 teachers. at one point but managed to fill its final slot on friday. the biggest need is for teachers in science, math, special education, and bilingual education. presidential candidate donald trump may be leading
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republicans in the polls but that won't keep him from fulfilling his civic duty. trump is considerated to -- expected to report for jury duty today in new york. last week a trump spokesperson confirmed the real estate mogul will show up to a manhattan courtroom if he fails to appear, trump could face a $250 fine. 5 4:00 07 on a monday. cameraer -- 5:07 on a monday, cameras were rolling. watch as the robber gets more than he bargained for coming up. >> plus he survived a shark attack last month. why the surfer says he's ready to jump back into the water. >> all right going to be warm again today in the bay area. with numbers approaching 100 degrees inland. but there's better news for later in the week. we'll have it better news in traffic liza? >> not -- no not so much. we have brand new accidents now in the vallejo area and another one in san leandro. the vallejo accident is on highway 37 involving a big rig in the eastbound direction. we'll have details on this also information on street closures information on street closures in san jose with kcbs traffic. ,
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♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. well, hello hi and welcome back. we're starting out with mostly clear skies around the bay area. we'll slowly clear out that haze we had all day today and the numbers will recover to 100 degrees inland.
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we'll have the complete forecast coming up in what will seem like milliseconds but first, it's time to talk about southern california heat. yes indeed. we aren't the only ones dealing with the heat. southern california's manhattan beach was the place to be this weekend as hundreds tried to beat the 100-degree temperatures there as well not only was the beach packed, but the professional volleyball tournament nearby also drew a pretty big crowd too. >> hot, hot, hot. 105 degrees in the morning. >> you have the sun. you have the sand. >> and the fun. business owners near the beach also coming out on top this weekend as people packed their stores and restaurants all trying to stay cool and have a little fun. a sky diver is dead after colliding with another jumper at the chicago air and water show. video shows the parachutist clipping a building after saturday's midair collision. one of them landed on lake shore drive and was rushed to the hospital where he died yesterday. >> man was coming in really low. and feared to be almost
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motionless or lifeless. >> the victim is identified as 32-year-old sergeant first class corey hood a member of the army's golden knights' par suit team. the other parachutist landed on a beach and suffered a broken leg, he's been released from the hospital. the moment when explosions happened in china in a port city. the bright flash occurred at least part of it overlooking the blast site. so far 114 people are dead from last wednesday's explosions and 7 # still missing. -- 70 still missing. today about 100 people held a protest to demand compensation from the chinese government. a would-be robber got much more than he bargained for when he entered a pennsylvania convenience store. with a machete. surveillance video shows the bizarre twist. when the store clerk confronted the man with a massive sword of his own. the suspect realized his machete was no match so he turned around and he ran away. wow. the clerk also had a gun and
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says he would have used it but the market's owner doesn't want to promote violence. >> you don't need to do that. you are a young guy, well -- strong, healthy. go and find job. this is not the way. this is the way that you going to end up killed or in jail. >> wow. well, the owners of perry market are serious about security if you have not noticed with 16 cameras placed strategically in and around the building. >> samurai. wow. talk about a bad day. a big rig runs into a big problem. >> oh. >> yeah. well, there we go. you can hear the driver recording this trying to get the truck driver's attention. the driver apparently didn't realize his trailer was up taking out the signs and damaging his truck at the same time. not clear if anyone ended up injured in the accident. it is clear though they will need a new sign there though. >> apparently nothing like that happening out in the roads over here in the bay area right
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liza? no. and let's hope it stays that way. that's kind of scary video there. we're going to talk about this morning's commute. your monday morning drive approaching the san leandro area is going to be a little slow. we have an accident nothing that dramatic show. southbound 880 before davis accident blocking the right hand lane. traffic throe for a -- slow for a quarter mile approaching the scene. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is early monday morning light and enjoy it while it lasts, westbound traffic still looking good bound for san francisco leaving oakland. no big delays there. the rest of the commute if you plan on making that 580 drive leaving the altamont pass, there are delays this morning from the 205 interchange approaching vasco. it does break loose once you pass that exit in the livermore area. mass transit wise in good shape of course it's a spare the air day today. it would be a good idea if you can to take mass transit. right now no delays for the b.a.r.t. system. ferries the commuter express or caltrain. the rest of drive, there's a
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closure now because of this morning's police action in silicon valley. northbound center street is shut down between capital expressway and south side drive. so expect a brief delay getting through there and south bay freeways still in good shape no accidents for 101, 280 or 680. and heading for the north bay eastbound 37 at mare island, there's a big rig accident in the clearing stages. first reports tell us that the big rig may have overturned at least one lane of traffic is shut down. this is in the countercommute direction eastbound 37 approaching mare island in vallejo. that's a look at your kcbs traffic. now to brian. all right, nicely done lee s as we're starting off with as she pointed out a spare the air day today with high pressure still kind of parked over the west coast that's cooking all the ozone that we generate in the afternoon. and as a result, unhealthful levels of pollutants in the north and east bay and also in santa clara county for today. as for the rest the numbers right now as we look at san francisco estorilest
5:16 am
skyscraper. which frank mallicoat will now tell us what that skyscraper is. >> would that be the pyramid? >> they would indeed. >> tank america. >> how tall is that? >> i don't know. you know the number that occurs to me is 722 feet. which is unreliable source. 67 -- look it up for me will you? 61 ray long the coast this morning and nice and mild. the bay will be in the low 60s and inland will be in the mid- to upper 60s to start the day with. high pressure and hot over the desert southwest. there's a fire burning in northern california. far northern california. by trinity county. that over the weekend led to this gentle transport of the smoke from northern california down the central valley and an offshore flow brought it right heavier to bay area. smoke and haze should abate somewhat today because we establish a little sea breeze. it will be nice and mild and warm temperatures continue inland however. we get the break along the shore because of this. the return of fog and low clouds to the shoreline. will freeze this at 7:00 tonight. so that you can see the low clouds have packed back in. that's relief for the shoreline.
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and a little bit of relief inland. but we'll still be near 100 degrees and 853 feet -- can i show frank? show them how you delivered this information to me. frank pops up off-camera and -- >> here we go. >> and says -- >> 853 there you go. >> nicely done. like getting a telegram. we're starting out with the fog and the clouds and then it will be smoky and hot inland again today. cooler by the coastline and then near normal midweek. boy look at 580 coming into the westbound direction. wow. today in san francisco 75. concord 98 and san jose 89. and in oakland, 83 degrees. it will be warm again in the south bay with numbers mostly in the mid 90s in some of the warmer spots and out inland oh my gosh. temperatures 105 another brentwood and 100 antioch and 100 degrees at fire field. that's -- fairfield. that's cooler than yesterday. finally really cool off by midweek. in the mid 80s by then can keep it in the mid 80s all the way to the weekend. so that's good news. thank you sir i needed that.
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>> your crack staff harded a work. >> absolutely. thank you. >> special delivery. okay. thanks so much. in europe some 15,000 people gathered in a bosnian city to watch some amazing dives from an old bridge. it was the sixth stop of the red bull cliff diving world series. more than a dozen divers took off from the white pablo bridge this on saturday. it was built centuries ago and a lot of people there yeah. generations are used that old bridge to practice diving. the pro surfer is competing once again. take a look, video of mick fanning's too close encounter with a shark off the coast of south africa in july. he competed over the weekend in tahiti back in the water for the first time since the incident. fanning is considered a contender for a world title. wow. never in a million years. strong opening weekend for straight out ta compton which went straight to the top at the box office.
5:19 am
>> you are witnessing history i got to tell you. >> it took in $56 million in its first weekend. obliterating its competition. and a good film too. "mission: impossible - rogue nation" a distant second and rounding out the top three with $13 million over the weekend. the force is strong with "star wars" fans after this weekend. the first image of the cast of the film out in the public eye and the good news, didn't stop there. disney aflounced plans of course -- announced plans of course to add "star wars" themed attractions to walt disney land and disney world. no word on when but the movie that's slated for a december 2016 release. it is now 5:19. and the postseason awards continue to roll in for receive curry. what the warriors' star was honored for this time. >> good morning everybody. here's what i've got for you. he speaks softly and he carries a big stick. and i'm talking about the giants' pitcher madison
5:20 am
bumgarner. that and jason day. wait new mexico all see how he -- until you see how he had the emotions get the best of him for a good reason at the pga championship. >> thank you vern and what's cool about your school or your summer camp? e-mail away right here,, i know the kids are back in school. some this week. might come out and feature your kids at school or their summer camp on the big show. camp on the big show. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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good morning everybody. heads-up for the accident now delaying traffic in san leandro. southbound 88 # just before davis street. an overturn has shut down multiple lanes and we're hering just one lane is open and traffic is jammed up approaching the accident scene. continue to use san leandro street or even 580 as your alternate. i'll have more kcbs traffic for you still ahead. all right thanks. this weekend, teams decided the year's best in movies and music and tv sports and more. >> and the top pick for male athlete of the year? why not. steph curry. >> we had a great year this year. obviously won an mvp and then obviously winning the nba championship was an unbelievable year. i'm glad to have a surf board now to commemorate this year. >> all steph needs he's got everybody else. the female athlete of the year award actually went to a teen. the entire u.s. women's soccer
5:24 am
team. and good morning everybody. i'm going to hit you with the australian jason day. fella finished in the top ten of all four golf majors but yesterday, he was at the top of the leader board. day came into the final round of the pga championship with a two shot lead and his playing partner jordan spieth seeking his third major title of the year. would have to settle for second place and a 17 under total. but he is the number one ranked player in the world. par 3 123 s day oh like butter, out of the cat box. day finished with a major record 20 under par for his first major win. giants' fans a little heated yesterday. against the nationals. there's your pitcher. madison bumgarner. back away and gone his fourth long ball of the year. he also had 14 strikeouts in a complete game victory. 5-0 giants. and the a's suffered a
5:25 am
brutal afternoon in baltimore yesterday. in fact they're playing again today. bottom 5th, manny machado pop- up and crisp and similaron. they both got it. they were okay. but boy, the a's got roughed up and final of 18-2. that is sports at this hour. and if you love me now, this morning, you'll love me even better later on this afternoon. i'll see you around. we love you vern. thanks. play of the day, baseball we got atlanta at arizona and diamondbacks diving catch this might save the game too. he's going back and going back and a nice catch. but braves went on to beat arizona in the 10th. 2-1 but a nice catch in your play of the day. now 5:25. rescue teams are headed to the possible crash site of the indonesian airliner that van niched with more than -- vanished with more than 50 people on board.
5:26 am
whattens witnesses are telling -- witnesses are telling investigators. >> a driver escapes a fiery car crash killing all passengers inside. i'm cate cauguiran live in el i'm cate cauguiran live in el sobrante with the ,,,,,,,,
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at a car bursts into flames on a bay area road killing three people. what police believe may have caused that accident. plus, parts of the bay area preparing for another hot one today. more on when things are expected to cool down brian. with the one bit of good news, it won't be as hot as it was yesterday but it's in the going to cool down -- not going to cool down that much. lots of brake lights now on
5:30 am
the nimitz. south 880 in san leandro. thank you. good morning everyone. monday has arrived. august 17th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> happy monday morning, i'm maria medina. developing news now, for the third time in a week, police in san jose opened fire on someone and this time a suspect has died. it happened on center road just north of capitol expressway. kiet do is at the scene to tell us what we know so far. good morning kiet. >> reporter: good morning, san jose police now in the seventh hour of this investigation. the suspect's body remains here on the scene. this happened at a strip mall on center road a 3100 block. just north of capitol expressway. this include a typical businesses as you see in this part of town. 7/11 and store and dentist office. things like that. this all began around 10:00 last night. san jose police officers were conducting a physical lowup investigation -- follow-up investigation to a previous crime and we don't know exactly what this was about. the officers caught up with the male suspect and investigators say the man then suddenly reached for a handgun. officers drew their weapons and fired several shots.
5:31 am
the suspect was hit and was pronounced dead at the scene. no officers were injured. sjpd has a very wide area cordoned off still while they finish up their investigation. center road now shut downgoing northbound from capitol expressway to south side drive. this is the second officer- involved shooting this month where the suspect was shot dead. the previous one happened one week ago. we're live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. thanks. today we can expect extreme heat and some unhealthy air to continue around the bay area temperatures yesterday reaching triple digits inland and 90 degrees in san francisco. that broke a 65-year-old record. but the hot weather has definitely not been accompanied by crystal clear skies. that's because of high pressure has been trapping pollution and driving smoke from some of the wildfires right into the bay area. >> i'm just noticing the smell more than anything. and i know it's particulate matter and i'm aware and cognizant it's not good for your lungs. >> far tick hat matter.
5:32 am
the skies prompted the bay area air quality management district yesterday to declare a spare the air day. yesterday's record temperatures included 97 degrees in san jose. oakland checked in at 92 and as i mentioned san francisco a record 90. similar conditions today in the bay area. but kind of a cooldown. particulate matter sounds so much better than -- you know the other stuff you could be calling it. >> that's true. [ laughter ] >> a little bit more of that today that's why we have a spare the air day posted for the second day in a row actually. that does it for the first time on sunday. today we start out with san francisco at 61 degrees. it's fairly balmy in the bay area. as we start out on your monday morning. won't be that way by the time we finish oh my gosh look at 580. we will have liza batallones presiding over the traffic in just a moment. smoky and hot inland today and cooler by the shoreline and then near normal by midweek. today though will be plenty hot at fairfield 100 degrees. 100 at livermore and 86 at vallejo. in san francisco, as you head
5:33 am
back to school, 75 degrees. pretty nice day for it. 93 degrees up in santa rosa and 87 at redwood city. relief is on the way. not only in the form of fog and low clouds, but also in the form of liza with a z.. liza with a z.. that's right you know and those who have asthma know all about the matter as asthma has been really acting up the last few days. 880 is going to be a slow one for you we've got that accident involving a couple of vehicles. one of them overturned with a multiple lanes shut down. southbound 880 just before davis. so traffic is slow for about a half mile approaching the accident scene. you can use san leandro street or 580 as your alternatives. we have better news though for valet he. eastbound 37 at mare island that big rig accident just being rushed off to the shoulder. all lanes are open and traffic is fine now in both directions of 37. but just keep in mind in san jose, we heard from kiet do who's there over at the police action which has shut down
5:34 am
northbound center street. it is closed now between capitol expressway and south side drive. that's a look at the kcbs traffic. guys. three people are dead after a fiery car accident in contra costa county. kpix 5's cate cauguiran is at the scene in elsa bonn toy that tell us -- el sobrante to tell us what happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, well it's the certainly a sad morning forthose who lost led ones in -- loved ones in this crash. we can take a look, this is all that's left. the crash shut down this road. it's san pablo dam road. but now all that -- you see the flares. we do have some video to show you. it may be graphic. inside this car, where four people and only one was able to make it out alive. now that car was a red camaro going the opposite direction of a honda civic. chp says the camaro crossed over the center line sideswiping the honda. the honda was able to pull over. but the camaro did not and he hit a tree before catching on fire.
5:35 am
>> the camaro at that point burst into flames. and three people inside the car perished is either the result of the collision or the post- collision fire. >> reporter: this happened just before 10:00 last night near the intersection of san pablo dam road and canyon oak. chp says in addition to speed, alcohol was also a factor. we do want to make note that the road that you're looking at is a heavily traveled commute between richmond and o reason da. certain -- orinda. certainly it will be good for the morning commute. we know that the driver is recovering this morning at a nearby hospital. chp has not yes leased the name -- yet released the names of the other three victims. reporting live, cate cauguiran, kpix 5. thank you. and we expect to learn more today about a fatal police involved shooting in sunnyvale on saturday police responded to report of suspicious activity at a motel six and when they approached, two men started running and at some point there
5:36 am
was a confrontation. officers shot and killed one of the men. the other man escaped. police say they found a gun near the dad man and another gun -- dead man and another gun in his backpack. news conference set for later today. federal investigators are now looking into the cause of a midair collision that killed five people in san diego. a jet and a cessna crashed into each other as they approached the municipal airport on sunday morning. witnesses say they caught fire as they fell and broke apart as they hit the ground. the larger plane was leased by military contractor and had had four of its employees on board. and searchers in indonesia have spotted a wreckage of a passenger plane that was carrying 54 people but it could be a while for crews to get to this rather hard to reach location. residents of a nearby village told local police they saw it crash into the mountains yesterday. several indonesian based airlines barred from flying to the united states and europe because of safety records. >> air operations there, their
5:37 am
safety oversight, their maintenance, their training, their entire infrastructure is clearly less than adequate. >> among those on board were four postal workers carrying nearly a half million dollars in government cash for poor families help to offset a spike in fuel prices. fresh water is flowing once again in vallejo. a broken pipe left some homes with little or no water pressure and about 20 square blocks friday night. crews had the problem patched by yesterday morning. the city says water may be discolored for a while but it is safe to drink. running the tap for a new minutes should clear it up. well, volkswagen is recalling nearly a half a million cars because of air bags that don't deploy when they should. >> let's find out more. jill wagner on a monday, joins us live in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning frank and maria. happy monday. investors will be watching this week as companies like wal-mart and home depot report recent
5:38 am
earnings. the nasdaq finished 14 points higher on friday. faulty air bags are linked to another massive recall. this time volkswagen is recalling 420,000 vehicles because of an issue with air bags that may not cause them to deploy in a crash. the recall includes jet that models from 2010 to 2013 and golf models from 2011 to 2014. the problem is not linked to takata's massive air bag recall. and americans are waiting longer than previous generations to buy their first home. data from real estate firm zillow finds the median first time buyer is now 33 years old. and generation ago the age was 30. the typical first timer now rents for six years before buying a home compared to three and a half years back in 1970. frank and maria? >> there's a new pair of jeans that is creating a lot of buzz literally. >> reporter: that's right. joe's jeans new hello line comes with a hidden side pocket
5:39 am
so you can charge your phone while you are wearing the jeans. there's another pocket that holds a slim battery charger that connects to your phone with a hidden usb cord. the jeans cost about $189. i know. >> are we that connected to technology that -- >> that's a little much. >> jeans that twigger. >> charge your phone. i can see the pocket for your phone. but the charger? oh maybe not. anyway. >> what happens when it rains right? >> good question. [ laughter ] >> exactly. jill wagner on a monday, thank you jill. it is now 5:39. california roads need major repairs, who a state senator repairs, who a state senator wants to tax to help pay,,,,,,,,
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old el paso says... start somewhere fresh welt, it's plenty of sunshine around the bay area today. that means the uv index is way
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up there. very high. come on. somebody kick that arrow. no? little bit more. very high thank you. 9.0 protection against sun damage use the spf of 30 plus, we'll have the weather forecast coming up and we're going to hit that with little bit of oil ourselves in a minute. call an engineer. live look at heather farms park in walnut creek. where the pool is open and look at those motivated people already splashing in. getting a bit of a workout. trying to cool off because as brian said it's going to be a hot one today. vice president joe biden is still mulling over whether to make a new run for president. his advisers reportedly are urging him to make up his mind soon he's said to be weighing all factors including the toll a campaign would take on his family. there's a push for bidessen to decide by october 1st considered to be the latest he could join the race for the democratic nomination realistically. at the same time a new poll shows a shake-up in the race in both major parties. a national fox news poll still
5:43 am
has donald trump in the front of republican field. but ben carson is now in second and senator ted cruz in third and jeb bush is in fourth. trump says he would build a wall on the mexican border and he also says he would be okay with sending grounds troops to eight fie sis and would not -- fight isis and not scrap the iran nuclear deal. >> i would police that contract so tough that they don't have a chance. >> the same fox poll shows hillary clinton falling below 50% support nationally with senator bernie sanders up to 30%. vice president joe biden who is not in the race so far is at 10%. time now is 5:43. this week fixing crumbling roads will be on the agenda with the legislature. several proposals are designed to make everything a little smoother for your car. kpix 5's anne makovec toles us -- tells us what's on the table. >> reporter: california's highways and bridges need work and the state's current fuel tax is not doing the job. it's leaving $5.7 billion in
5:44 am
unfunded repairs each year. state senator mark leno spoke on kpix 5 sunday morning about the many options on the table. raising the gas tax, higher vehicle registration fees, even taxing electric cars. >> they're using the roads. they should be paying just like those of us that aren't using electric cars. >> reporter: it won't happen without a fight inside the capitol and out. the california's driver alliance is bankrolling ads about the impact of some of the proposals. >> limiting how far we can drive by rationing gas and increasing costs, penalizing drivers for using too much gas. >> reporter: or a special tax on registration fees for family vans and suvs. any plan will likely need a two- thirds majority vote from the legislature. >> it's a high bar. it's going to be challenging. but we've got to do something, otherwise we're going to be just as guilty as congress and locked and can't do anything with the transportation needs. >> reporter: congress is still debating a long-term transportation funding bill that could mean billions of dollars for california.
5:45 am
they'll take it up again after the august recess. in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. state legislature kicks off a special session today in sacramento. beginning next month the city of san jose will allow ride booking companies like lyft and uber to up passengers at -- pick up passengers at mineta international ate. but so far -- airport. but so far none of the companies are registered. among those rules drivers have to register with the city agree to be fingerprinted and obtain business licenses. and a round of applause for a lady that brought in starbucks for the whole crew this morning. [ applause ] how nice was that? >> it's monday. >> it is a monday. you know? a little caffeine boost. >> 32-ounce latte was delicious. >> we'll crash from the caffeine buzz. >> what about mine? >> oh sorry. >> maria is going to make a second trip out i think. we're going to talk about this morning's commute. san leandro, we still have this accident out this. it's been -- there. it's been blocking lanes for
5:46 am
over 30 minutes now. this is south 880 just before davis street. the chp tells us no sig alert and they hope to have this clearedden momentarily. in the meantime, expect delays for southbound 880 just before davis. traffic is slow for about a half mile approaching the scene. continue to use the alternates and san leandro street or 580 would be good alternates to sitting in some of the backups. meantime, the rest of the commute looked like this. if you plan on heading for the silicon valley, south bay freeways are doing okay. we do still have that police action which is shut down in the center road. it is closed between capitol expressway and south side. expect some delays getting through there though but silicon valley freeways are still in good shape with no big delays heading to and through downtown san jose. just a brief delay for north 101 approaching and passing the 280 and 680 interchange. now the rest of the drive has been holding steady still no major problems for the east shore freeway. but over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are
5:47 am
on now and traffic is backed up from about the 880 overcrossing. your drive time leaving the carquinez bridge to the maze now 20 minutes. golden gate bridge commuting has been fine, still no big delays getting into san francisco. not too far from there, over at the richmond-san rafael bridge. looks like we have a backup now in one of those toll lanes for westbound 58 #. approaching the pay gates. that's a look at your kcbs traffic. oh very quickly here's 58 # very slow -- 580 very slow. there you go brian. fairly balmy readings in the bay area this morning. as we look to the transamerica pyramid in concord right now 66- degrees and livermore 67. in the city, after yesterday's record high of 90 degrees, we're at 61. should hit a high of about 75 as we head back to school in san francisco. high pressure over the desert southwest. high pressure in the eastern pacific means another sunny day in the bay area except right at the shoreline. where some low clouds but in the meantime high pressure is on. so hot temperatures inland and those fires up in northern california will continue to
5:48 am
provide the material for a little bit of haze around the bay area today. but shouldn't be as bad as it was over the weekend. then as low clouds return en masse to the shoreline, we'll see things cooling into the mid 80s by midweek inland and at the beach we'll be back in the 60s. futurecast bears out the fact we've got quite a bit in the way of a men layer -- marine layer offshore this morning and clear skies inland for the rest of the day. 7:00 tonight you can see low clouds from north of point reyes all the way down to carmel. and as the night wears on, low clouds still pack in along the shore and that means the sea breeze reestablishes itself. so we'll have a smoky and hot inland day today. but cooler bay the shorelinement -- by the shoreline. then by med week back the what passed for normal those days in the bay area. forecast high 75 in the city today. concord 98 in san jose 89. and oakland 83 degrees. in the south bay 96 degrees at los altos and 89 for san jose. and out in the east bay the
5:49 am
numbers will be still plenty warm. just not as warm as it was yesterday. travis air force base 100 degrees for fairfield. 100 at antioch. pittsburg 98 and 98 at concord and shun degrees in both -- 100- degrees in both walnut creek and livermore. santa rosa today, 93 degrees today. 88 for petaluma and in san rafael 87 degrees. extended forecast we're going to be looking for things to cool down big time by midweek. but we're going to have to wait. a couple of days for that to really kick in. have a warm day today. then by the weekend, mid 80s will pretty much do it. that's weather now. ladies and gentlemen, your all important taylor swift update. it's an update. she had a big weekend. right here in the bay. taylor swift gave fans a sweet surprise during the concert. levi's stadium on saturday. julia roberts and joan baez joined tailor on stage. they wore a 199 t-shirt and tack -- 1989 t-shirt and danced. during the tour taylor invited
5:50 am
a number of celebrities to join her on stage to the whole u.s. women's national soccer team. if i said i went to joan baez first concert ever does that mean i'm old? >> not at all. >> i did there you go. sit now 5:50. one last ride a sentiment so long to a bay area landmark and what itramins to one bay area what itramins to one bay area ,, fantastic four-cheese omelette is packed with crispy bacon and fresh veggies. (explosion) check please! introducing the fantastic four-cheese omelette. denny's. welcome to amercia's diner. fantastic 4, only in theaters.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ well, the good news it is won't be as hot as yesterday. the bad news is it will be hot. 100 at livermore and fairfield. 98 in concord. still in the city very pleasant 75 today. santa rosa 93 the complete forecast coming up. as for traffic, hey liza. hey there and good evening everybody. -- good morning everiable. san leandro problem, it is causing over 30 minutes delays on the nimitz southbound 880 just before davis. a couple of leans are shut down and continue to use san leandro street or 580 as your alternatives. very heavy traffic approaching the scene. a surfer in oregon was in bad shape when a coast guard air crew spotted him stranded on a rock formation near
5:54 am
astoria yesterday. the crew strapped him in a gurney and hosted him up up to safety and later transported the man to a hospital for treatment. there is one less wooden roller coaster in the bay. >> oh my gosh. >> oh my god is right. taking one for the team. that's rachel mosley from kpix 5 photojournalist, taking the final ride on the roar at six flags discover kingdom in vallejo. it's now closed after attracting one woman we found -- couple we found saying their good-byes. >> we got married on this roller coaster. and it's like knocking down my church. [ laughter ] they pronounced us man and wife at the top of the first hill as we went down. and -- it's been like that ever since. life has been a roller coaster. >> roller coaster didn't make it but we did. >> there's still going but that one is shutting down. only 150 wooden coasters left
5:55 am
around the world compared to 2,000 a century ago. the roar by the way is the third wooden coaster to rose down this -- close down this year in north america. behind bars after ramming a chp cruiser and trying to run. officers are trying to pull him over because a passenger was hanging out of the window. they say he'd been at a side show in oakland saturday night. this is slid owe posted on -- video posed on youtube. the driver tried to escape on 880 then got off the freeway and spun out. the chp says that is when the driver decided to ram his cruiser. he was caught a few blocks away. massive manhunt for a kidnapping and murder suspect officially ended in the high desert east of bakersfield. benjamin ashley died in a confrontation on saturday. he had been on the run for almost three weeks. a convenience store owner helped provide the big break. ashley came in and spent $100 on water and junk food. >> dirty looked like he'd been hiking for days. just came in and got some food
5:56 am
and whatnot. and seemed like the guy that was on the newspaper. >> and it was. ashley is suspected of killing dentist and getting into a shootout with a s.w.a.t. team that left two officers wounded. deputies found four guns on ash low after they shot him -- ashley after they shot him. they are worried about more victims. all right, it's now 5:56. in the next half hour wildfire burning in southern california has scorched 500 acres. how the weather is working against firefighters trying to battle those flames. >> reporter: and i'm kiet do, we are live in east san jose where police are investigating their third officer-involved shooting this month. we've got a live report we've got a live report straight ahead. and then, he made the shot. and when jaws dropped ... he had something for that, too.
5:57 am
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i'm maria medina? where did the weekend go? >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it is a monday. nearly 6:00. and you know what? there's already people working out. people expecting those hot temperatures taking a dip. this is heather farms over in walnut creek. people getting a big workout before they go into work. and trying the stay cool -- to stay cool because we're going to tip the 100 mark today. let's check in with liza batallones on the morning commute. >> things are already heating up on bay area roadways we've had this accident blocking lanes for over an hour now. this is southbound 880 before davis street. it's an overturned accident blocking multiple lanes. 30 minute delays are being reported now approaching the accident scene. it's backed up from beyond 66th avenue and you can see all those red brake lights traffic virtual hi stopped on the nimitz again. the accident southbound 880 at davis street in oakland. it is in san leandro. it is causing a backup into oakland now from 66 so take 580 as the alternate. meantime in san jose we've been


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