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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 19, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the victim 38-year-old christopher wrenn runs into the gunmen. then puts his hands up. police said it was an ambush and described the actual killing as horrific. >> the suspects were running after and intimidating and terrorizing the victim. >> reporter: police identified two of the three men in the video as 29-year-old matthew castillo and 40-year-old richard jacquez. police shot and killed castillo sunday night. they had been trailing jacquez monday night when he realized he was being followed and led police on a chase. he crashed and tried to run. he reached for his waistband so they shot and killed him. his family had a member yell last night and we asked him about -- memorial last night and we asked them about the video. >> the man in the middle is that your uncle? >> it is. >> they released this image from the video where they say he is seen in the video killing somebody else. >> he didn't kill anybody. he didn't kill anybody. i know he didn't.
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it may have been the other person. he didn't kill anybody. >> reporter: police have been urging the third suspect to turn himself in. he was last seen wearing all black, 5'10 to 6', heavy build, armed and dangerous. live at police headquarters in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. right now crews are on the scene of a brush fire in san jose. four acres have burned on san felipe road about a mile south of heartland way. it started around 10:00. the fire is burning in heavy brush on a steep hill. no homes or businesses are in danger. california is doing well in terms of personnel and resources despite several fires burning in the state. san luis obispo county the cuesta fire has burned 2500 acres near santa marguerita since it began sunday. more than 300 buildings are threatened and 800 people have
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been evacuated. it's 10% contained. it's been hot. it feels like a monster cooldown now. >> it is. it's a step in the right direction. we'll keep it there for a while. there's no big huge temperature trends one way or another. liza, how are you? >> i'm doing fine. i'm doing wonderful. i had a great night's rest. so all is good with the world. >> that's bad. look ou! 62 degrees now. oakland 64. livermore 62. san francisco 61. san jose 63. here's how we look -- look at the air quality thing with the "spare the air" day on monday. air has improved so a fairly clear day in the bay area just fog and low clouds near the shoreline so that part of it not a big deal. all the low clouds will melt back to the shore later in the day and as a result, we are going to see numbers continue to come down inland. so the numbers today will be mostly in the mid- to upper 80s inland and only the mid-70s
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around the shoreline. that's weather. as for traffic, here's liza! >> mr. hackney, we're going to talk about highway 4 that westbound direction still rolling well leaving the antioch area. we are just getting first reported of an accident westbound 4 at balfour. chp is on the way and once we get confirmation we'll get you more details. 680 looking great southbound traffic moving well approaching the walnut creek interchange. if you plan to make the san mateo commute both directions of 92 at the speed limit. santa clara is the latest bay area city to increase its minimum wage. city last night voted to raise the minimum wage to $11 an hour and it all starts on january 1. it will then be adjusted every year based on california's consumer price index. contra costa county supervisors are moving to expand a jail in richmond but they may not have a way to pay
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for it. yesterday's vote allows the sheriff to apply for a state grant to enlarge the west county detention facility but services didn't approve funding which could hurt the chances of state money. a new effort is under way for the "right to die" movement. a bill similar to the one that failed earlier this year has been announced. among the speakers was a widower of brittany maynard who went to organize to kill herself. the bill would have to be approved by september 11. happening today, democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley is here in the bay area. the former governor of maryland hosting a pitch contest for startups in san francisco today. it's a fundraiser, too. today he is hosting a panel on how entrepreneurs can use technology to help the community. donald trump is maintaining his lead as a republican
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presidential candidate. a new poll shows trump with 24% support. 11 points ahead of jeb bush. retired neurosurgeon ben carson in third with 9%. and 44% of republican voters see trump as the best candidate to handle immigration issues. jeb bush a distant second with 12%. a new study suggests u.s. teenagers who try electronic cigarettes are more than twice as likely to smoke regular cigarettes. when their brains are exposed to nicotine they are likely to become addicted. 2million and middle high school students tried them in 2014 triple the number from the previous year. after two rejections a female sex pill finally has approval from the federal government. anne makovec joins us now to let us know what the controversial decision means for consumers. >> reporter: it means options. some are calling the new drug
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female viagra but unlike viagra, this drug increases sexual desire rather than just treating a physical problem. it's now widely known as the little pink pill. it's the first pill the fda has approved to treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder. that's a lack of sexual fantasy or desire. the new drug targets the central nervous system. it works by stimulating and increasing hormones in the brain. it's actually in the same category as antidepressants. the fda rejected the drug in the past because of side effects including severely low bloop. >> this drug causes sudden unconsciousness, um, nausea and he sedation and excessive sleepiness. >> it comes with a warning saying that combining it with alcohol could be dangerous. according to a study, done in 2002, as many as one in every three women might experience this hypoactive sexual desire disorder. >> i guess it's about time because men have had aids to
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help them for years. >> true. consider this. viagra has been around for 18 years. there are also 25 other male sexual dysfunction medications. >> thank you, anne makovec. time now 5:07. new video captures officers taking down a man with a prosthetic leg. but did they go too far? what police say led to this tense confrontation. >> and artwork worth big bucks stolen years ago. what has federal investigators stepping up efforts to find it. >> well, the weather later today should be a fairly pretty picture with numbers approaching the mid-80s inland. we'll have the complete forecast coming up in a minute. >> and the bridge commute is holding steady with no delays for our local bridges including the san mateo bridge. i'll have a complete look at your ride into work including an update on bart with "kcbs,,,,
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good morning, fog, drizzle, sun later this afternoon. by the way, today 42 and 69. the 42nd president of the united states, bill clinton today, happy birthday. 69 years old. an emotional memorial in in southern california for two high schoolers killed by a fallen tree in yosemite. >> just devastating. [ crying ]
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>> painful , i mean, two guys as happy kids. just sad to realize they're gone. >> well, hundreds turned out to remember dragon kim and justin lee, both were just 14. they died early friday morning when a tree branch fell on their tent. >> so sad to see them go. they left such a positive impact on their lives and i'm blessed that i was able to know them and be their friends. >> they were on a water polo team and played wind instruments at the orange county school of the arts. some shocking video out of san francisco. a swarm of san francisco police officers shown subduing a man with a prosthetic leg. as kpix 5's mike sugerman tells us, the video has many wondering if officers went too far. reporter: the latest police video making the rounds on social media happened here right across the street from u.n. plaza on market street in san francisco.
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and it's being seen worldwide. >> you're on his prosthetic leg! >> reporter: the video is making the rounds. >> he is not going anywhere. he can't run. police retaliated to the fullest. >> reporter: that's one popular view. >> it's not enough information to come to a educated opinion. >> reporter: so's that. what happened before, some want to know. what police say and one eyewitness talked with confirms is that the man was waving around heavy sticks he used as crutches, mentally disturbed fighting back even after handcuffed. >> he fell to the ground and officers used their body weight to hold him down. as we're holding him down you can see in the video he does kick officers. >> reporter: the man was never arrested, rather taken to the hospital for mental observation later released. the incident is under investigation. but the woman who shot the video [ non-english language ] thinks this is part of a bigger problem. >> because this isn't just ferguson. this is not just new york.
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this is not just dallas. this is across america wherever you have a police force encountering black people. >> reporter: when she shot the video, she was on her way to talk with an editor about her latest project. police brutality. and as we were reporting our story, where the first incident took place, police took down another suspect from a robbery with a heavy presence. want to see it unfold? check youtube. there were cameras all over. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> police are asking for the entire half-hour witness video. new this morning, the latest version from general motors -- vision or version. the suv is called the buick envision. they have been making the car in china but is about to make it available to americans. analysts believe gm is planning to start shipping it to the united states by next year. and if it's true gm would be the first u.s. automaker to
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build a car in china and then sell it here in the u.s. gm has not officially confirmed their plans just yet. and it's no millennium falcon but soon you'll be able to fly "star wars" style. check it out. this is a boeing 787 painted as a "star wars" character. r2d2, plane belongs to a japanese airline and other jets in the fleet will also feature "star wars" looks. the planes are set to soar in the skies this fall with flights scheduled to fly right into san jose. >> yeah. that's what i'm talking about. huge "star wars" fans in high house. so bring it on. i think it's time for traffic. how we doing? >> we are doing just fine. you know, that "star wars" plane looks great. my little boy would love that. we are going to talk about this wednesday commute where all we have to slow you down possibly would be this accident in the brentwood area. westbound 4 at balfour. two-car accident on the right- hand shoulder. if you plan to make the commute
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across the richmond/san rafael bridge, westbound traffic still wide open at the toll plaza. i mentioned earlier that all of the bridge commutes are okay. we didn't have any roadwork for the richmond/san rafael bridge span. that's looking good as with traffic approaching the golden gate bridge. no delays so far leaving southern marin bound for san francisco. meantime if you plan to make bay bridge drive westbound looking okay. drive time still holding steady at the usual 19 minutes between the between the carquinez bridge and the maze in oakland. is making bridge driving highway 92 rolling well in both directions no roadwork overnight for that eastbound drive so all lanes are open for you. westbound traffic looking good leaving hayward bound for foster city. and local transit in great shape. if you have to catch a bart train this morning, they are on schedule. no delays for the "ace" train or caltrain. we are starting out with a little earthquake shaking up central california. it happened at 4:39 this morning in soledad.
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and a little northeast of soledad a 3.1 that puts it right on the san andreas fault. the san andreas runs close to highway 25 from the pinnacles through hollister so a little shaking to remind us this is earthquake country. as we look at the transamerica pyramid right now concord has 62 degrees, san francisco 61. santa rosa 58 degrees. here's how it's looking for the forecast today. numbers tumble down to below average in some spots. concord will be 4 degrees off its average high of 87 for this time of the year. concord will hit 83 degrees. and then in san jose 80. in oakland 74 today. nice mild typical summer day for the first time in a while, just average. i think we'll make due with that. 80 at sunnyvale. 65 pacifica. 66 in half moon bay. and 87 degrees in morgan hill. over in the east bay it looks nice today. we'll have fog and low clouds starting out. that fog is coming all the way
5:17 am
through the carquinez strait into the central valley. 83 degrees in dublin. 84 pleasant hill. up in the north bay today, we have low overcast to begin the day but then, sunshine to finish. 81 for santa rosa. 80 petaluma. and 79 for san rafael. novato 79 today and in sonoma, 78 degrees. now for you can see it's still warm. 92 today. 94 at lakeport and 93 degrees at clearlake. cloverdale in the mid-80s today. extended forecast is calling for fog and low clouds in the morning and then sunshine by midday. temperatures will be in the mid- 80s this week which sounds a lot better than the 107 that livermore had on sunday. >> geez. >> the temperatures around the bay will be in the low 70s and at the beach in the mid-60s. so that's just a typical summertime spread and it will stay that way all the way into mallicoat's vacation. >> can you that? chamber of commerce clapping. >> about time. >> you bet. >> livermore where it's not 110 every day. >> nice. >> all right.
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thank you. a discovery at a beverly hills pawn shop looks like the key to solve a new england art heist. paintings worth millions were found at a pawn shop you might recognize from the reality show beverly hills pawn. in 2013 six paintings were stolen from a private art collector in maine. four of the works were recovered thanks to a detective specialist in the beverly hills police department. >> people will be not smart to sell at hot stops places like this because we report everything. we have to report this. >> three people are charged with crimes related to the theft. but so far, no one has been charged with actually stealing them. a $20,000 reregard is offered for help finding the two others. >> it's fascinating stuff because if you get one of those stolen paintings, what do you do with it? anyone who knows about that painting is going to know it was stolen so you can't sell it. it has to be pushed way for decades before it can surface. >> it's hot no matter what.
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>> eventually. a mystery. it's 5718. a new strain of head lice popping up around the country. yuck. a warning for parents using over-the-counter treatments. coming up. good morning, everybody. i'm not going to lie to you. i got some bona fide baseball thrillers. you won't believe it. >> and this morning, jill schlesinger looks at how higher education can pay off in the job hunt. reporter: more education typically leads to better job prospects and bigger paychecks. a georgetown university report found that a bachelor's degree holder can expect to earn 84% more over a lifetime than someone with a high school diploma. as the education level grows, so does the salary. a worker with a bachelor's degree will earn $2.3 million over a lifetime. a master's degree holder earns $2.7 million. a doctoral degree holder jumps to $3.3 million. but that higher income may not pay off if your extra money
5:20 am
goes into servicing student loans. kiplinger found economists with advanced degree pay the biggest dividends over time. in the bay area they earn $110,000. those with a master's degree earn an additional 9.5%. those with ph.d.s earn an additional 23%. most work in state and local government offices but there's a growing demand for economists in private companies. in private companies. i'm jill schlesi,,,,
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if you plan to drive the nimitz around lunch, be prepared for delays. the oakland a's take on the dodgers this afternoon. game time is at 12:35. this morning everything is as it should be for both directions of 880. i'll have a complete look at your wednesday drive into work still ahead. good morning, everybody. giants, a's, thrillers, oh, my! let's go to last night. giants in st. louis. this is where we start. they had the ceremonial first pitch. giants started the evening three games behind the dodgers in the west. but ryan vogelsong was just the man! six shutout innings, five strikeouts. 7th inning giants loaded them up. brandon belt got hit.
5:24 am
that's okay. because madison baumgarner crossed the plate. giants won 2-1. chance to gain a game on l.a., who happen to be in oakland on hitting coach and former a's slugger mark mcgwire night. they outlasted clayton kershaw. semien found a hole. billy butler in the 10th, ballgame. it was a thriller. a's 5, dodgers 4. and the giants how about that, they start off this morning down two games in the west. the a's have a matinee game against the dodgers today. the giants under the lights in st. louis tonight. that's sports at this hour. everybody, have a wonderful "hump day." i'll see you later. >> thank you, vern. play of the day, how about some international soccer?
5:25 am
club bruge and manchester united in the champions league. watch. >> one more look at the goal, "man-u" got a 3-1 victory and got the play of the day with that terrific goal right there. time now 5:25. firefighters battle flames at a seattle motel. one employee's quick thinking avoided tragedy. >> there is a new option market for women who aren't,,,,,,,,,,
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new video capturing the moments leading up to a deadly officer-involved shooting. what we're learning about the suspect. how much has the state cost us? a new measurement on money and the jobs lost. >> back to average in the bay area today. we are starting out with fog and low clouds and the forecast coming up in a minute. >> and it's the usual delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are off. i'm maria medina. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's wednesday, august 19. time now 5:30. moments released on video before a killing at an officer building with a suspect on the loose. kiet do reports from san jose. the surveillance video shows how dangerous these guys really are. >> reporter: san jose police say they released this footage because they want to defend their actions after shooting and killing two homicide suspects in the span of 24 hours. now, that footage is a glimpse
5:30 am
into the violence of that night on lundy avenue. reporter: the final moment of christopher wrenn's life ended in horror ambushed by three armed men in an office building on lundy avenue. even with his hands up the 38- year-old san jose man had no chance. police say seconds before the victim runs into his killers, video shows him creeping around the corner. >> the suspects were running after and intimidating and terrorizing the victim. >> reporter: two of the men in the video are dead. police shot and killed 29-year- old matthew castillo and 40- year-old richard jacquez in the last three days. police say jaquez was ready to kill someone else monday. they followed him in a car until he crashed it and started running toward a house. >> so the officer fired at the suspect once he did not comply with officers' commands. the suspect turned around and the officer fired again. [ crying ] >> reporter: last night, jaquez's family leaned on each
5:31 am
other for support at the memorial. >> he meant something to us. we think the way he died was brutal. it shouldn't have went down like that. he was unarmed. >> reporter: san jose police said they had reason to believe that jaquez was armed with the same tec-9 style gun that he allegedly used in the office killing. the man in the middle, is that your uncle? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: they released this image from the video where they say he is seen in the video killing somebody else. >> he didn't kill anybody. he didn't kill anybody. i know he didn't. it may have been the other person. he didn't kill anybody. >> reporter: you see in the photo he has a handgun. >> okay, yeah. but that doesn't mean he killed somebody. he has a gun, so what? it doesn't mean he killed anybody. it doesn't mean he deserved to die the way he did. he's not a freaking dog. >> reporter: police have been urging the third suspect to turn himself in. he was last seen wearing all black, 5'10 to 6' with a heavy build and like the other men is considered armed and dangerous.
5:32 am
we're live at san jose police head quarters in downtown and a, kiet do, kpix 5. right now a brush fire growing just outside san jose. 6 acres have not burned on -- have now burned, rather, on the san felipe road a mile south of heartland way. it started around 10 p.m. last night. the fire is burning in heavy brush on a steep hill. no homes or businesses are endangered. the fire is 70% contained. california is doing okay in terms of personnel and resources. this fire in fresno county forced 1,000 people to evacuate in the area. highway 180 is closed until it's safe to re-open. the fire burned 23,000 acres. no containment. it was caused by lightning. we are getting an idea of the economic impact of the drought. it's costing farmers and other companies $1.8 billion this year. it's caused the loss of more
5:33 am
than 10,000 jobs up 30% from last year. central valley is hit hardest. the economic costs will rise if the drought doesn't let up. >> can you help us out with a rain dance? >> i look like a helicopter trying to land in pudding when i dance. >> it might bring rain. >> i would do it if that would happen. i doubt that that will happen. we'll see in the winter months. right now a typical summertime pattern. i'm stealing thunder from liza in the traffic center. the numbers now, 62 concord. 62 livermore. starting out wednesday with 62 degrees in san francisco. 58 in santa rosa. going to be nice today. low pressure sinking off the pacific northwest will keep clouds along the shoreline. and cooler temperatures today. good news for the east bay as we see livermore coming in at 86 degrees. same for fairfield. 77 at vallejo. here in the city 68 and sunshine spreading back to the
5:34 am
shoreline later in the day. let's get a bent metal update with liza. good morning. we are going to start off once again with this accident in brentwood. k this chp working a two-car crash on the right-hand side westbound 4 approaching balfour in brentwood. not too far from there, highway 4 leaving the antioch area is beginning to slow down into pittsburg. it's also very slow for the altamont pass commute. you can see traffic down to 24 miles per hour in some stretches. westbound traffic slow from 205 approaching vasco and from that point it loosens up approaching the dublin interchange. there are no backups so far for west 580 heading down the dublin grade. san mateo bridge looking good. westbound moving well all the way across the bridge heading towards the peninsula. a 13-minute drive time between 880 and 101. the bay bridge drive metering lights will be switched on in just a few moments. right now traffic is backed up from the 880 overcrossing.
5:35 am
that's your traffic. 5:34. investigators are looking at what caused fire that damaged a bar and store in san francisco. the fire started about 10:00 yesterday morning at the riptide bar on the great highway at market and taraval streets. damage was more than a million dollars. nobody was injured. this morning firefighters are going through what's left of a motel in washington state. an explosion happened last night at the motel 6 in bremer ton destroying the building. 15 minutes earlier, police evacuated the building for some sort of gas leak. then the blast happened. firefighters who responded to the leak were blown back 20 feet. one couple visiting from australia just left the motel to grab a bite to eat. >> i was gone to dinner and saw the smoke and wonder what that is? we come back and looks like half the motel is blown up.
5:36 am
>> close call. police say a gas company employee had severe burns. hillary clinton is responding to persistent questions about her use of personal email server while she was the secretary of state. she was asked about it yesterday in las vegas. clinton said she hasn't broken the law but the democratic presidential candidate didn't directly answer questions about whether she order the server to be wiped clean. >> what, like with a cloth or something? no, well, no. [ laughter ] >> we turned over everything that was work-related. every, single thing. >> clinton says she only used the account for unclassified messages. but the state department now says more than 300 emails on clinton's private account have been flagged out of concern they may contain classified information. the server handed over to the fbi just last week. well, for the first time, the federal government has approved a drug intended to help women sex drives. anne makovec has more. it's a controversial decision. >> reporter: the new drug targets the central nervous
5:37 am
system and it works by stimulating and increasing hormones in the brain. reporter: say hello to the "little pink pill." the fda has approved for the first time a pill that targets the central nervous system. it's in the same category as antidepressants. according to a study done in 2002 as many as one in every three women has low sex drive. psychologists and sex therapists say it can be devastating. >> i have seen so many of these women over so many years and they are in such pain! pain emotionally that they can't get excited. >> i am pleading for help for an option. >> reporter: fda committee meetings have been confronted with the problem and after twice refusing to approve the drug since 2010 citing side effects, the fda has approved it. a box warning will point out
5:38 am
warnings like severely low blood pressure cautioning those already taking antidepressants. >> you could be taking so many pills. knew he had to look at what you are putting into your body, your diet, lifestyle, relationships. >> reporter: doctors say the pill is not a fix but for some it's an option. women who take the pill will be prescribed to do so every day and then it will take a couple of weeks to reach peak effect. >> so we have heard this referred to as the female viagra? >> reporter: experts say it's a misnomer because viagra does not induce sexual desire. it just treats a physical problem and this is a mental fix. >> it should be approved and it will be coming out soon? >> within a few months. >> thank you. an uptick in the housing market is proving to be a boon for retailers. let's chat about that with hannah daniels of on this "hump
5:39 am
day." good morning. >> reporter: lowe's beat expectations this month. on tuesday, here on wall street the dow was down 33 points. nasdaq down 32. target has reportedly agreed to pay up to $67 million to visa after a massive data breach two years ago. hackers stole credit card information from millions of customers and credit card issues were forced to replace those affected cashed. apple hasn't confirmed it but a chinese publication leaked what it says will be the new color iphone. pink is the new rumored new color of a yet to be released iphone 6x. if it's true, the pretty in pink shade would be added to the line of already existing gold gray and silver. we could find out as early as next month if a pink iphone is the real thing. >> and the beatles' first recording contract signed in germany is going up on the auction block. the 6-page contract estimated
5:40 am
to affect 150 -- to fetch $150,000 is the centerpiece of an auction in new york. it led to the band's discovery in the uk and their first hit single. >> they were pretty good. >> i was going to say, sign me up for that pink iphone. >> it's cool. >> but don't you put a cover on it? mine is gold. i didn't even know it until i pulled it out. >> show off the color. >> so smart. >> all right. hannah daniels live in new york, thank you. the federal government has reached a deal with the website yelp. the general services administration will officially recognize yelp users star ratings on federal agencies. among other things, people can rate restrooms at national parks, review their experiences with the irs, fun, or rate the efficiency of your local post office. this morning the new
5:41 am
warning for parents using over- the-counter lice treatments. >> and things are moving along on 880. liza has you covered there and brian is coming in with a fresh cup of coffee ready to tell you all about the cooling trend in all about the cooling trend in our weat,,,,,,,,,,
5:42 am
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we are looking at plenty of sunshine later in the day around the bay area today meaning that we have a very high uv index today. that means to use at least an spf of 30 plus if you roaming out under el sol. >> gratia. the navy is planing to allow women into the seals. if they can pass the training requirements they can compete
5:44 am
to try and join the seals. it's not clear when that will happen. meanwhile, two army soldiers are about to become the first women to graduate ranger school. a rescue is you understand way out in the pacific about 900 miles off the coast. and he release rescue team based out of moffett field is trying to save a man's life. the california national guard, a pararescue group, they jump out of planes and do what others can't. the current mission is to save an injured man on a vehicle carrier ship. the coast guard asked the pararescue group to step in. a growing health scare at yosemite. state health officials have confirmed a second person who visited the park got the plague. just before that, two plague infected squirrels were found near tuolumne meadows. the campground is now closed at least until friday as crews treat the area way flea killing insecticide. this month the child got the plague after going to yosemite. the child has recovered.
5:45 am
big announcement for royal watchers. prince harry will be stateside in a couple of months. kensington palace says the prince of wales will stop in washington, dc in october as part of the preparations for the 2016 games in orlando. it's for wounded service members held last year in london. the american airlines is going to offer flights to cuba. it will begin flights between l.a. and havana this coming december. the only nonstop flight from the west coast. technically, these will be charter flights. the u.s. does not allow commercial flights to and from cuba but that could be a matter of time. gold star to liza for coffee this morning. >> my pleasure. >> i raise my cup in your honor. >> thank you very much. >> any caffeine we can squeeze in at any time before we're on the air, bring it on. we are going to talk about this
5:46 am
morning's commute where westbound traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza is going to be slow. the usual stuff for 5:46 in the morning. no big delays across the bridge into san francisco. chp still clearing up this accident that happened in the brentwood area. westbound highway 4 approaching balfour. so it is off to the right-hand side. it's not causing a backup and not too far from there our sensors along highway 4 are picking up slow traffic now leaving antioch bound for pittsburg. expect those delays. westbound 4 still doing okay through the concord area. and if you plan on making the drive anywhere around marin county, the chp has tweeted out that today's the first day of school for many schools in marin county. and they will have extra units in place around those school zones in the redwood city school district that starts next week so take care heading out. 101 good in marin county.
5:47 am
no delays westbound 580 approaching the richmond/san rafael bridge. quiet leaving southern marin bound for san francisco. san mateo bridge looking good. westbound traffic fine. we haven't had any delays so far. so this bridge and the dumbarton bridge are both great options for the drive out of the east bay bound for the peninsula. no delays on mass transit. here's brian. good news in the weather department today. things are going to be cooling down and that includes out the door. cloudy skies near the shoreline. in fact, inland, as well. we have some clouds hanging around the bay area this morning with partly cloudy skies reported at livermore and hayward with overcast skies. as we begin wednesday morning, that will change later in the day. it has been a warm august. temperatures have been from three to five degrees above average in parts of the bay area. we'll lower those over the next few days because of fog and low clouds near the shoreline. low pressure to the north and high pressure over the desert
5:48 am
southwest combined to provide this corridor that just ushers in sea breezes over the west coast and that will keep us mild. we'll just go with the onshore flow. all the way into the weekend pretty good sea breeze to keep us mild. san francisco today hit 68 in concord just 83. nice. 80 in san jose. and 74 degrees in oakland. down in the south bay today, sunshine a little later and 79 for santa clara. we could hardly have it now. 87 at morgan hill. 82 at los gatos. out in the east bay today we have plenty of sun and readings in the mid-80s. 85 walnut creek. 84 san ramon. 80s pittsburg, antioch and brentwood. 80 petaluma. novato 79. 78 sonoma. 81 santa rosa. if you head to the beach, it will be kind of bundle up day at the beach with temperatures in the mid-60s and low overcast.92 ukiah.
5:49 am
inland 80s, into early next week. around the bay nice low 70s but at the coast, the air will have a little bit of a bite in it. speaking of having a little bit of a bite into it. >> the next story. quite a catch for a stockton woman who is fishing in the delta. a pair of pakus were caught. a paku is similar to a piranha. they are native to south america and illegal to own without a special permit. the fish may look intimidating but not considered dangerous. here is an unusual sight. take a look at that. a great white shark jumping out of the water to catch a seal cape cod massachusetts, it got away. a new study says much of the lice in america is resistant to treatment and
5:50 am
sadly including right here in california. over use may have led the bug to actually evolve and develop mutation resistance to insecticides in shampoos. researchers took more than 100 samples from 30 states and found most mutated. but pediatricians call it a nuisance rather than a true health hazard. it is now 5:50. the old bay bridge may go out with a bang. caltrans wants to blow,,,, now that there's foster farms simply raised, it's tougher than ever to be a foster farms chicken. but foster farms simply raised chicken is 100 percent natural with no antibiotics.
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] nice day to start out your wednesday morning, midweek finds fog and low clouds around the bay area but increasing sunshine later. and decreasing temperatures. we'll have the forecast coming up. >> the bay bridge metering lights are on and it's looking like rush hour now at the bay bridge toll plaza. there's a line extending to the 880 overcrossing. i'll have more "kcbs traffic" for you still ahead. part of the old bay bridge span may disappear in spectacular fashion. caltrans is asking for permits to implode one of the old span's piers. federal officials are holding hearings on the plan. environmentalists are expected to argue this could harm
5:54 am
wildlife. caltrans says a controlled implosion could minimize the impact. if approved it could happen in november. bart wants to make it more convenient for cyclists to bike and ride. the transit agency opened a bike parking station yesterday at san francisco's civic center. there are more than 200 spots both covered and open. for the secured spots cyclists are charged 3 cents an hour to keep the bikes in a storage room. open spaces are free. civic center is the sixth bart station to have a bike station. family of a hostage killed in a shootout is suing the stockton police department. 600 shots were fired and the hostage misty holt singh was dead. they say it was excessive saying negligence, battery and violations of civil rights. the city has no comment. but the police chief has said the robbers posed a risk to the community and they had to be stopped. happening today, the latest
5:55 am
chapter in the "deflate-gate" saga. lawyers for the players union and the nfl are heading back to federal court. tom brady is appealing a four- game suspension for his role in the team's use of under inflated footballs during the afc championship game. tom brady and nfl commissioner roger goodell haven't reached a settlement. another big name is headed to court in indiana today. former long-time subway restaurant pitchman jared fogle is expected to plead guilty to child pornography charges. under a plea deal, he could spend 8 years behind bars. no public response from him. hackers released email addresses who police who used a cheating website ashley madyson. they promised to release information if the site was not shut down and yesterday they revealed customer names and credit card numbers. reports show as many as 15,000 customers were registered to
5:56 am
dot-mil and dot-gov addresses. no verification of that yet. say hello to the "little pink pill." the risks and benefits of female viagra to many. why doctors don't want us to call it that. >> reporter: san jose police refootage from a homicide a few weeks ago and the suspect is on the loose. the loose. we have a live,,,,,,
5:57 am
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(vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. good morning, happy "hump day." it is wednesday, august 19. i'm maria medina. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 6:00. we begin in the south bay. san jose police are still looking for the third suspect in a homicide at a san jose office building. police have released surveillance video showing the moments before it happened. kiet do is in san jose with more from investigators and the family of a suspect that was
6:00 am
killed by the police. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. that surveillance video shows those chilling moments just before the homicide on lundy avenue from exactly one week ago. now, in that footage you can see the accused killers arming themselves with tec-9 style weapons creeping around the corner. the victim 38-year-old christopher wrenn runs into the gunmen and then puts his hands up. police said it was an ambush and described the killing as horrific. >> the suspects were running after and intimidating and terrorizing the victim. >> reporter: police identify two of the three men in the video as 29-year-old matthew castillo and 40-year-old jacquez jacquez. police shot and killed it's city i don't sunday night and they had been trying jacquez month night when he realized he was being followed and led police on a chase. police say he reached for's waistband and they shot and


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