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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 21, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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which was a metal and hazardous waste recycling facility. just about the worst type of building to burn. it was 62,000 square feet and check out the flames when firefighters first got here. they were shooting out of the roof. some of the materials in this building ewaste, lead batteries, used oil, and propane. so there were several small explosions. the roof collapsed so firefighters were only able to fight this fire from the outside. and now they have concerns going forward that the thing could collapse. >> there's going to be pockets of fire in here that we're not going to be able to get access to and you still have those exterior walls stuck up there that we are anticipating that are going to come down. one of them on the other side actually we're hoping it falls inward so it goes the other direction and it's in the direction of a 500, 600-gallon propane tank so we still have hazards involved and we are doing our best to mitigate
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them. >> reporter: they also had spot fires so not only were they dealing with this huge fire in the warehouse, but the wind was blowing embers and creating wildland fires nearby so they actually had to call in cal fire. those are all out right now. but a lot of different agencies helping in this situation. luckily no injuries to firefighters. they are not sure of the cause. it doesn't appear to be suspicious. the roadways around this area have been reopened. but they just closed this one one azure road on mare island because neighbors are coming to look and it's unsafe. live on mare island, anne makovec, kpix 5. over in washington state investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong for three firefighters killed bat thing the "twist fire." the blaze in the cascade mountains has destroyed 16,000 acres. those three firefighters died
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wednesday. they crashed their car then wind-driven flames rolled over them. four others were injured. >> the center of our lives. he's our only child. >> hard to go on without him. >> nearly 29,000 firefighters are on the front lines of some 100 fires burning across the west. 13 firefighters in all have now been killed since the beginning of the year battling wildfires. 5:02. today is the deadline for developer floyd kephart and oakland coliseum city stadium plan. last week carmen policy told the nfl owners and the raiders and chargers that they are committed to moving to l.a. and at that special meeting the raiders leaders made it very clear they are ready to move again so the pressure is on today for kephart to prove why they should stay in oakland. >> we were able to put a study up from the league that shows that amongst the fans in the southern california region, the two most popular teams amongst
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the fans were the raiders and the chargers. >> nfl officials have expressed frustration that up to now, there's been no viable proposal from oakland and time is running out. a vote on moving the team to l.a. could come before super bowl 50 in january. >> how much money did they spend to come to the conclusion that the chargers are a popular team in southern california? [ laughter ] >> hello? >> that will be $2 million. >> didn't the raiders used to play there? >> they did. >> although i have to say when the rams moved out of los angeles, i thought, if there's not going to be any teams in l.a., that's crazy not to say that anybody wants to see the raiders go to los angeles except los angeles. but still -- >> when there's all that money in los angeles. >> you go, brian! >> when there's all that money down there, you know they are going to end up with something. >> how's the weather? >> not me, probably. we have a nice weekend on tap. have you heard? we have the golden gate bridge not much happening on the bridge this morning. i'll leave the traffic to gianna.
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weather right now. 60 in san francisco. 57 santa rosa. forecast highs for the day we are looking at 66 in the city and 72 degrees at concord. so way back of where we were in the record highs of a week ago, 80 in santa rosa today. and not much change as we head into the weekend. good news there. how about traffic? >> i have good news as well, brian. not a lot going on just the typical slow-and-go conditions as you work your way westbound 580 this morning. most of those brake lights coming out of tracy, 205, easts up at the altamont pass, a few brake lights at the dublin interchange. 17 minutes from the altamont pass and 680. early-morning roadwork in the clearing stages. construction near vasco so look out for that. north 680 at sunol roadwork. 680 looking good both directions. san mateo bridge no delays one of the bright spots this morning. more coming up. commuters who use the golden gate ferry service can expect delays up to 15 minutes today and through the weekend. it's because of construction workers doing repairs at the
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san francisco ferry terminal. as drones become more common, the number of misbehaving drone users is also on the rise. kpix 5's kiet do joins us now with details of a state hotline for people to report dangerous drone use. good morning, kiet. >> reporter: good morning. this new drone tip line is a lot like a crime tip line where if you see an amateur operating a drone in a wildfire area, you want to call it in. now, this new drone tip line is an unprecedented step to a growing problem. there have been about a dozen cases this year alone where a drone has interfered with firefighting efforts and tule grounded or kept air tankers and helicopters out of the airspace. the fear is that a drone will cause a midair collision. often times finding the operators is like looking for a needle in a haystack. >> we have had cases where there's drones spotted by pilots. but the problem is they can be in forested areas or other areas where it's really hard to track who is flying the drone. >> drone operators are hopefully seeing this and going, okay, you know, if i fly
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this drone over the fire there's going to be consequences. >> reporter: photographers support the idea saying they don't want a small group of irresponsible people ruining it for everybody. the tip line is 844-376-6311. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. celebrity billionaire donald trump has a presidential campaign rally planned tonight at a stadium in alabama. 40,000 seat facility is in mobile, alabama, normally home to the university of south alabama football team. earlier this week, trump called for the deportation of illegal immigrants and questioned the birth right citizenship of their children. yesterday republican rival jeb bush criticized trump's plan. >> we are a diverse country. that's a virtue. that's a strength of our country. >> other republicans aim their
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criticism at democratic front- runner hillary clinton. bobby jindal said the former secretary of state would be guilty of perjury if she hasn't turned over all her emails. a revised anti-tobacco bill aims to regulate the growing ecigarette industry. currently "vaping" is treated as a safe alternative to smoking. sean holbrook and his friends say candy flavored nicotine devices helped them quit smoking. they smoke them anywhere they want but new legislation could classify them as tobacco products and snuff them out of public places. this new industry that's saving lives is being martyred to death by these legislators. >> state senator mark leno's proposed bill regulating ecigs and giving the state the power to tax them passed a senate committee. senator leno believes his bill will make it to the governor's desk in less than a month and there is a separate bill proposing increasing the smoking age to 21. if passed, that would also include ecigs. it is 5:07. a new way to protect young
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athletes, how one bay area high school is going high-tech to monitor head injuries. >> a close call for a kayaker when he comes face to face with a shark. details on how he was pulled to safety. >> got the all-important weekend weather forecast coming up and it's looking mighty mild. that's next. >> and despite a couple of trouble spots reported on highway 4, other than that, highway 4, other than that, traffic looks good for yo,,,,,,,
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nice friday morning under way. 60s at the coast. 80s inland. it will be the same through next week and then big changes. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. we see them in the movies all the time but when was the last time you ever rode a horse? >> i think i was 12. >> a few years ago. some kids in marin have been doing it all summer. it's the summer day camp one very cool camp. >> reporter: kids 7 to early teens are saddling up at miwok camp and learning all things horses. >> this is my office. every day instead of -- i like to say instead of counting down
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the hours to en work, i count down the hours to get to work. >> reporter: 44 horses call miwok home where campers learn to pamper their new best buddies from cleaning their hoofs to brushing their coats they are learning how to care for an animal which gives them a sense of responsibility and believe me not all the jobs are fun, either. >> they are not that bad. >> reporter: no? >> it's kind of just all part of the whole package, if you want to ride a horse you have to learn how to take care of the horse and do the colors. >> you have not met a person until you have met a horse person. these girls can one up anyone. >> reporter: they care for and prep their horses each day and, oh, yes, they ride, too, learning equestrian skills in a ring and eventually many graduate to trail riding through the marin headlands. friendships are formed and none bigger than the camper and her horse. >> i take care of her and she takes care of me. so we both love each other. >> reporter: yeah. you really do get attached, don't you? >> yes. >> i mean, it's one thing have
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a best friend. it's another thing to have a horse friend. >> reporter: do you get attached to the horses? >> yes. um, yeah. i get really attached. >> reporter: it's not just the campers, yes, even the instructors have a love affair for every horse. >> sugar, arthur, toby, ben, jet, comets, bub bub, toby, kelly, zara, boris. >> if i had another half-hour she would have gone through all 44. >> did you get on a horse? >> no. i should have but we had to sneak in and sneak out. but i will be back. the camp runs 10 weeks. last week was the last week but it was fun. >> sign up for next year. they are completely sold out this summer. >> they were sold out all year so sign up early to get your kids there. but one week of fun in the marin headlands and it's beautiful there. so check it out. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show.
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you will be out next week. we'll feature your camp or school on the big show. >> stay tuned. mtv is recognizing two walnut creek teens for making a difference in their communities. katrina kirshbaum and karin hines were high school trailblazer award. they founded warm winters to collect lost and found clothing at ski resorts and distributed them to the homeless. they won the jefferson award from kpix back in 2013. warm winters has expanded to almost a dozen states. bart is making some changes, maria. >> yeah. bart is making some changes to hopefully keep riders from holding their noses. starting monday, bart's 127 elevators will get a thorough cleaning and then a makeover. new flooring will be installed because the current material on elevators absorbs odors and liquids and you can kind of imagine what it smells like in there. the work will be done in phasing over several months. bart is urging people who rely on elevators to check its
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website so they can adjust their transportation plans on the days when work is being done. okay. speaking of bart, how about traffic on a friday? i think all things are light so far. >> no delays on mass transit this morning. caltrain, ace, muni on time, as well. discovery bay westbound four at bixler a big rig blocking part of the freeway. the rest of highway 4 starting to see a few brake lights near the antioch bridge. slow off the bridge. speeds just under 45 miles per hour in some spots but it improves westbound. gets better into pittsburg and towards the eastshore freeway. altamont pass business as usual. brake lights coming out of tracy on that westbound side.
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typical slow-and-go conditions. 19 minutes altamont pass to 680. early-morning roadwork wrapping up on the eastbound side and a few brake lights towards the dublin interchange. eastbound though near 680 not seeing any trouble spots. san jose has been nice so far this morning all in the green along 280, 17, 101. northbound clear all the way as you work your way into the peninsula. no delays guadalupe parkway looking good. travel times northbound 87, 85 to 101 an e-z 8-minute ride. quiet into san francisco. a's playing the rays coliseum this evening at 7:05. a nice ride on the san mateo bridge. golden gate bridge looks good. no delays. here's brian with the forecast. >> in short, so far, so good and that kind of sums up the
5:17 am
weather as well as we have a little bit of drizzle out there to start the day with near the shoreline. and low overcast inland but aside from that it's fairly easy breezy friday to start out things with. numbers are in the low 60s with concord at 61. oakland 63 degrees. san francisco at 60. san jose 60 degrees. we are all waking up to overcast skies with the exception of san jose which at 5:00 reported clear skies. we have low pressure off the pacific northwest and high pressure over the desert southwest. this will not change. and neither will the forecast much. we have just the fog and low clouds. but then in the ten-day period the computer models go out this far, there's the suggestion that things will turn cooler and maybe wetter in the bay area. unusual, you know. september and october usually are warm and dry months and the idea that rain may be coming in that early is a little eyebrow raising. futurecast in the meantime next 24 hours we have low clouds offshore clear skies inland later in the day and then
5:18 am
tonight the low clouds come back into the bay area. so it's that old ebb and flow of low clouds nothing new there as we look over sfo clouds and drizzle early today just low 80s inland and then it remains mild right through the weekend. forecast highs are below average now. we are 6 degrees below average at concord. campbell 81. 77 at milpitas. over in the east bay it's going to be very nice. temperatures in the low 80s. up in the north bay, a little cooler than that. still plenty of sun later in the day. we'll start out overcast and in the extended forecast goal with "stratus quo," the usual low clouds in the morning and sun in the afternoon. we'll mix in a little bit of drizzle as well in the early going and dispense with it by 9:00 or 10:00 this morning. so typical friday and a pretty good weekend ahead. >> thank you. it started out as a calm day on the waters off the coast of santa barbara until a kayaker came face to face with "jaws." a shark sunk its teeth into a man's kayak and nearly into
5:19 am
him. >> it didn't just stop after that initial slam. the kayak started moving back and forth at which point i was seeing a lot of whitewater and splashing. >> i guess. connor lyon's friends nearby were stunned but able to paddle towards him to help him out. it was a crew of a nearby squid boat that pulled him to safety. connor says he wasn't scared, he was excited. >> how many of these shark attacks -- >> this is the most legit experience of my life. it's just so awesome, you know? just like completely -- i couldn't believe that i had just come face to face with the apex predator and now i'm sitting on a boat 100% safe. >> yeah. well, connor says despite the surprising experience he plans to get back into the water and go fishing with his friends, kind of like the surfer who went back out there. >> this guy seems jubilant, kind of stoked. >> i guess. >> you're a surfer. have you bumped into one of those? >> i have a plan. to punch them in the eyes.
5:20 am
that's what i hear. but i hope to never have to go through that. >> we do, too. [ laughter ] time for sports. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, a former 49er says the nfl is too destructive and the giants make a trade to boost their offense. too bad he didn't join the team last night. we're coming up. >> thank you, dennis. today jill schlesinger looks at college courses that will give you a leg up in the job hunt. reporter: students with degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics earn higher wages than those are liberal arts diplomas. that's why computer science classes are now seen almost as a prerequisite for most jobs. recruiters say employers also expect college graduates to have completed some courses in finance, accounting, economics and business management, as well as communications because of the practical skills these classes teach. other courses that can help students prepare for their careers include sociology,
5:21 am
history, art history, and religion, all of which can provide insight and understanding into behavior and cultures that are foreign to you. finally, whether you're going to school in the bay area or out of town, you will be happy that you took a writing composition class to help communicate your ideas clearly in any industry. in any industry. i'm jill schlesing,,,,,,,,
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san rafael high school is turning to high technology to determine if any of its football players have potential concussions. the information comes from headbands with sensors in them. they go under the helmet. it emits radiation but only about as much as a cell phone. the bulldogs are the first bay area team to use the tri-x impact tester good morning, the pittsburgh pirates are 16-3 against the national league west this season. that's not good news for the giants, fighting for their play- off spot. and they have resorted to praying to score runs these days. but the real god last night, that man, charlie morton struck out 8, pitching 6 2/3 innings of shutout baseball. bottom of the 6th 2-1, pittsburgh. two-run shot giants lose 4-0. and they fall 2 1/2 games behind the idle dodgers. former 49er linebacker chris borland who retired in march after one season because
5:25 am
of concussion fears was interviewed by espn and said five months after retirement he has no regrets walking away from a game he says is too violent. >> it's destructive. you don't have to do it, like i don't right now. um, it just strikes you as too violent, really. >> too violent for what? >> just in general. i think it's just to me it's like boxing or mma. it's just my opinion. i just think it's too destructive. >> borland was potentially going to make millions after taking over for patrick willis at inside linebacker for san francisco. he walked away from that. sunday 49ers and cowboys at 5:00. we be there pre-game at 4:30. and game day on location all from levi's stadium. a great sunday of football. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you sunday. we l thank you, dennis. play of the day, guess who is making some noise on the pga. at least in this round.
5:26 am
tiger woods, yeah. round one a high shot for a birdie for mr. woods. he finished at 6-under, 64. tiger is just two back. it's our friday play of the day a. it is 5:26. still to come, it's a tip line to report reckless drone use. how state leaders want to join the fight against illegal flights coming up. >> reporter: and a warehouse full of toxic chemicals continues to smolder here behind me and firefighters still worried about how this building co,,,,,,,,
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crews struggling to control wires from washington to southern california. -- wildfires from washington to southern california. we have details. >> california is taking steps to finally do something about all those drones flying over wildfires and causing problems. i'm kiet do with a live report straight ahead. and cool weather over the bay area to start out your friday morning. looks like a good weekend and then really looking ahead to some changes coming up. we'll talk about it coming up. >> a few brake lights at the bay bridge. your top traffic trouble spots coming right up. okay, gianna. thanks. good morning. happy friday everyone. it's august 21. >> i'm maria medina. residents told to stay inside with windows closed as a fire destroys a warehouse on mare island. kpix 5's anne makovec is at alco iron and metal with what
5:31 am
we know so far. >> reporter: you can see the shell of the building. the firefighters gave us these masks as we're standing out here. on the inside of that shell a pile of smoldering hazardous waste. firefighters are worried that pieces of wall still standing could actually fall in, into a 500-gallon propane tank. they are going to be out here for the rest of today. the fire started here at the alco iron works building at 11 p.m. last night. it is a 62,000-square-foot metal recycling facility. look at those flames. some of the toxic waste materials inside, oil, lead batteries and ewaste all the electronics like computers and tvs. when firefighters got here, flames were already shooting out of the roof. and the building was starting to collapse. >> it threw quite a few embers in the air which started about
5:32 am
15 different spot fires in the grass fields behind us here. so not only was this a three- alarm structure fire, but we also had to have a wildland response to come out and assist us with the multiple grassfires we had. >> reporter: now, they had to shut down highway 37 for a while. that's been since been reopened. no injuries to firefighters. the cause is under investigation. there is no official "shelter in place" order for the surrounding communities. that's mainly vallejo here off mare island. firefighters say the smoke is dissipating by the time it gets into those residential neighborhoods. anne makovec, kpix 5. firefighters meanwhile continue to battle the "tesla fire" near livermore. the good news this morning, firefighters have gained a little bit of ground. it's 45% contained with 2500 acres burned. chopper 5 got a much closer:
5:33 am
closer look. they are setting up fire lines. to give you an injured where it is, it's near tesla road in a rural area between tracy and livermore. the fire destroyed one structure so far. but with lower temperatures, cal fire says they are getting a handle on the flames. four firefighters are treated for critical injuries seriously burned while battling that massive wildfire near twist, washington. among them is 25-year-old daniel lyon who has third- degree burns to over 50 to 75% of his body. his parents are expressing pride while dealing with their son's pain. >> he's the kind of kid that his mother and i and family are so proud of. he loves -- adores serving his community. >> he is not only a rookie firefighter with the u.s. forest service; he is also a rookie police officer in the area. brian has the forecast.
5:34 am
>> looking good. we have some low clouds along the shoreline. the big change is there is mother drizzle so you might have to, oh!! work the windshield wipers but aside from that. it looks like it's pretty much the same as yesterday which is a lot of low clouds to start out at the shoreline. as we look toward sfo, 61 concord, oakland 63, livermore 64 and in san francisco 60 degrees. low pressure off the gulf of alaska is keeping things nice and moist along the shoreline. and high pressure nice and mild inland. so cool along the coast and inland temperatures in the low 80s. 84 fairfield. 75 fremont. here in san francisco, 66. and is oakland 72 degrees today. not bad at all. hope traffic is doing just as well, gianna. >> it's doing okay for the most part no accidents to report just slow conditions building at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are off. delays are starting to stack up there to beyond the east lot there to the overpass there but looks like traffic so far "friday light" coming off the
5:35 am
eastshore freeway. no delays on westbound 580 headed towards the bay bridge. oakland 880 northbound so far it's been a pretty easy ride southbound you're going to see a few brake lights in hayward but not too many problems later on. expect delays on 880 because of the a's game this evening. heads up on the golden gate ferry delays up to 15 minutes expected today and through the weekend. it's because of construction work at the san francisco ferry terminal. as drones become easier to purchase, there is a growing number of problems involving drones. kpix 5's kiet do joins us now with details of a state hotline for people to report potential dangers. >> reporter: good morning. the state says that amateur drone operators may not intend to cause all these problems but they are putting a lot of people at risk. so now the state is just trying to get ahead of the problem. reporter: the state of california has taken an
5:36 am
unprecedented step in cracking down on irresponsible drone users by providing a way for the public to help law enforcement. >> much like a crime tip line where if you know something about a crime that has occurred or have information that might help investigators, same thing except this applies to people who are irresponsibly operating drones. >> reporter: kelly huston deputy director of the california governor's office of emergency services says the statewide 800 number was activated this week. tipsters can leave valuable information for investigators about reckless drone use. >> this is an avenue to focus on that small section of hobby drone owners who are intentionally flying their drones in a wind advisory endangers emergency operations or puts first responders in harm's way. >> reporter: more than a dozen hobby drones have interfered with or grounded aircraft during this fire season and investigators need help to find a needle in a haystack.
5:37 am
>> drones spotted by pilots, but it's hard to track who is flying the drones. >> drone operators are hopefully seeing this and going, okay, you know, if i fly this drone over the wildfire there will be photographers. >> reporter: jeff hall likes the idea of more eyes in the sky to stop those putting others in harm's way. >> it's a no-brainer and i don't want people like that giving people like us a bad name in having use for what it shouldn't be. when there's so many great purposes for it. >> reporter: the new drone tip line is 844-376-6311. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. thousands of people want san francisco police officers to wear body cameras. 35,000 signatures are collected for a petition in response to this video that went viral this week. you can see several officers on top of the man that has a
5:38 am
prosthetic leg. sfpd is defending how they handled the suspect saying the man posed a danger to himself and the public. allegations of animal abuse against a woman in burlingame. the probe began with this video which may be difficult to watch. a neighbor shot the video last month and turned it over to the peninsula humane society. it appears to show the woman jerking the dog by the neck, slamming it to the ground and then slapping it. an attorney for the woman says his client was training the dog. >> this lady loves these dogs and she takes the rescue dogs and she's also a dog trainer. but sometimes, you have it use a different disciplinary approach. >> we have had complaints for the last 10 years of her inappropriate discipline. >> all dogs have been taken out of the woman's care including her three pets. punches were thrown following a debate about the confederate flag. >> it is not okay. the confederate flag is a symbol of hatred, period. >> 14-year-old apple valley
5:39 am
high school student says he was repeatedly punched after confronting a classmate for wearing a belt that had a confederate flag on it. the blows caught on this grainy cell phone video here. the superintendent says the student throwing the punches has been suspended. but christopher and his mother want the school now to ban confederate flag clothing completely. >> i can understand if i threatened him or if i threatened him family. i can understand if i shoved him. i can understand if i participated in a physical altercation. but i didn't. and he kept on. he just kept on hitting. >> the superintendent said confederate flag clothing is not banned because they would have to ban a long list of other clothes, as well. instead, staff can request students to remove clothing on a case-by-case basis. more than 200 families over taxed for years now santa clara county will have to repay a total of $2 million. for 13 years families in a los arroyos community never paid the correct amount in property
5:40 am
taxes. the santa clara county tax assessors office discovered the mistake after repeated calls from a neighbor who felt she was overpaying. >> that can't be possible because i mean it couldn't be something i like to. >> we were, like, wow this is incredible 13 years and we have been paying taxes higher and higher. so it was a shock. >> wow. well, the 2 million to pay back the families will probably come from the county's general fund. for investors, it's been a rough week for stocks. >> i guess so. yesterday was ugly! jill wagner of with a look at the mood on wall street on this final day of trading. it's friday! hope that's good news, jill. >> reporter: yeah, you know, i'm just looking at the big board, frank and maria, and unfortunately, right now, it's looking like it's going to be a lower open. and that's not what people want to see because the markets really got hit yesterday. it had its worst day in 18 months. the dow fell 358 points. that means today it opens below
5:41 am
17,000. that hasn't happened since last october. the nasdaq fell about 141 points. what's behind the sell-off? there's a lot of worry about china's economy. also falling oil prices and what that could mean for big energy companies. and then uncertainty about when the fed is going to raise rates. the japanese fashion brand uniglow is giving some of its employees the option of working four days a week for ten hours a day. there's a catch. they are going to have to workweek ends and public holidays to keep the store staffed. but they want to make it easier for employees to have a balance between work and personal lives. >> you know what i think that's a good idea. >> yeah. >> i do a 10-hour day and i have maybe wednesday off. hey, we hear soon there will be able to have those food courts favorites without leaving their home. tell us about that. >> reporter: the company that owns cinnabon and pretzels and carvel ice cream are launching a delivery app partnering with the delivery service post mates. there will be no minimum
5:42 am
purchase. it's about a $5 delivery charge. but what this means you could order a cinnamon bundy to the house, the station, the possibilities are endless. >> i love cinnabon. >> reminds me of the airport every time i see the airport you can smell it. >> makes it a happy friday for me. >> thanks for making us hungry, jill. have a good weekend. take care. 5:42. still to come, a chance to dance with the champs. coming up, some rather stiff competition at this year's tryouts for the warriors dance team. a hamelted cheddarger, with crispy hash browns and an egg your way. now that's a burg... (explosion)
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uv index time. in places where the sun is beating down the index today is high. federal researchers say last month was earth's warmest month on record. july's average temperature was 61.86 degrees. and that beat the previous global mark set back in 1998. modern recordkeeping began in the year 1880. we are warming up. meanwhile, the drought could be doing serious damage to california's oldest and toughest trees. last summer researchers noticed signs of stress on several trees in sequoia national park and now a study is under way in that area. scientists will climb trees study sprigs of foliage and get an overall sense of the sequoia's water status. some giant sequoias by the way are more than 3,000 years old.
5:46 am
final audition for warriors dancers last night streamed online. 40 participants came to try out. judges weren't just looking for good dancers. >> we are looking for the full package not just an amazing dancer and performer. but we are looking for an ambassador for our organization. >> tryouts started last week for hopefuls. 20 women will find out if they made the cut today. could steph curry have a future in the music industry? >> he does it all. he posted a video overnight showing off his vocal pipes with his wife. and by the way, he is good. check it out. ♪[ music ] >> midway through the video the
5:47 am
folk duo surprises the curries and joins in on the harmony. you know what? that guy does everything. >> harmonizing, too. >> sounds good. >> late night at the curries singing away. >> i know, right? >> adorable. >> can i come over for dinner? >> they live in the east bay. >> i have to make that trip. >> how are we doing? >> speaking of east bay let's start out at the bay bridge. out of oakland into san francisco brake lights are on. we have the metering lights on so slow-and-go conditions coming out of the maze but it is "friday light" off the eastshore freeway. the busiest spot this morning everything else is business as usual. if you want to skip the roads and take bart, everything is on time. caltrain, ace, no delays muni looking good, as well. she off the antioch bridge but clearing -- slow off the antioch bridge but clearing westbound then free-flowing towards the eastshore freeway. altamont pass you have brake lights but again nothing out of the ordinary. westbound 580 out of tracy you're going to see some slow- and-go conditions once you get to the top of the altamont pass
5:48 am
it improves just a little bit through the livermore valley and again you see some extra volume as you work your way towards the -- dub. 21 minutes for the drive time if you plan to go from the altamont pass to 680. eastbound no delays in san jose looking good so far brian? >> all right, gianna. as we start out today looking at the 7th busiest airport in the united states, sfo there in the background. the numbers in the foreground: high pressure has subsided to the southwest. low pressure digging in a bit. as a result, the low clouds thickening along the shoreline so big changes in store perhaps 10 days from now about a week and a half the potential for maybe some rain moving into the bay area with kind of a winter like storm out of the gulf air bahrain. that's a week and a half from now. but the suggestion in september of getting some rain in san francisco very interesting.
5:49 am
big turnaround from the record highs from last weekend. >> down in the south bay we start overcast and finish sunny: >> in the east bay by the calaveras fault all in the low 80s today. 79 for vallejo. usual low clouds and fog through the weekend in the early-morning hours. afternoon we get sunshine. and it's all looking good all the way through almost next weekend. frank, maria. >> thank you.
5:50 am
state wildlife experts are crying wolf. they now have photographic evidence of five gray wolf pups and two adults in northern california. now, before these wolves and a lone wolf entered california back in 2011, the previous confirmed wolf in the state was back in 1924. sneaker heads looking to expand their collection are doing everything they can to nab a pair of kanye west's latest fashion shoes. the "yeezy boost" 350s go on sale tomorrow but that didn't stop dozens of fans from lining up already last night. we found them camping out at our market street store. >> he is bringing a new style to everything, you know, to pop culture and like even to like african-american pop culture he is making a huge influence, you know. >> there you go. the shoes are limited edition. they look like these only they come in black. you're going to have to pay $200. i don't think they look that hot. >> sneaker heads are serious about their sneakers. um, but i got to say those are
5:51 am
um, but i got to say those are ugly for ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
um, but i got to say those are ugly for ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the buttery jack was a huge success. people went crazy for a burger with melted garlic herb butter. now, here's the sequel... ...with portobello mushrooms. boom. hang on, i don't want anyone to trip... ok. oh yeah. that's jack's new portobello mushroom buttery jack, the sequel to the classic and bacon & swiss, topped with the same melted garlic herb butter, plus portobello mushrooms and grilled onions. spoiler alert: it's awesome. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
5:54 am
nice day on tap tort bay area today. temperatures range from the low 80s inland all the way up to the low 60s along the shoreline. 78 in mountain view. 80 san jose. and 80 in santa rosa. the complete forecast in a few minutes. traffic is okay for the most part. we have delays at the bay bridge. metering lights have been turned on but your approaches to the maze are actually looking pretty good this morning. no delays as you work your way on westbound 580 or on eastbound -- westbound 80 headed towards the bay bridge. look at the golden gate coming up in just a few minutes. a generator blew up on the ground floor of a building in los angeles. five people were hurt no life- threatening injuries. firefighters say there is significant damage to the 19- story building. that explosion also damaged water pipes and created a significant water problem underground. family of a man to died last month when he was caught between two buildings in oakland is demanding answers.
5:55 am
officers had been chasing richard linyard when they found him wedged in a foot wide space. he was trying to run from a traffic stop. on wednesday, authorities allowed reporters to see police body camera video of the incident. they made the same offer to the family. >> i'm really scared to see it. you know? but i want to see it. i want to know what happened. i want the whole video. i don't want to see parts of the video. >> i think he was murdered. >> he took think picture and said he doesn't believe his brother could have been stuck in the space. the l.a. county district attorney will determine whether to charge caitlyn jenner for killing a man last february. a dash camera captured the crash as jenner's suv rear- ended two cars on the pacific coast highway pushing one into oncoming traffic. the 62-year-old driver was killed when she was hit head or not. the crash happened before jenner's transition to a woman. she could face a year in prison
5:56 am
if convicted. lapd searched the home of gene simmons. the crimes against children division served a warrant yesterday investigating a crime that may have occurred on the property last year while simmons was away with abandon tour. police confirm none of the members of his family are suspects in the case. and the family is cooperating with the authorities. this warehouse full of hazardous materials continues to smolder here behind me on mare island. coming up we'll tell you what's still worrying firefighters this morning. >> and the state of california finally doing something about all those drones flying over wildfires and causing problems. i'm kiet do with a live report i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. you're a parent. we're both busy people. eight pieces of original recipe chicken, two large mashed potatoes and gravy, a large coleslaw, and 4 biscuits. i'll get back to ya. (door squeaking)
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5:59 am
good morning, everyone. thank you so much for joining
6:00 am
us. it is friday! august 21. i'm maria medina. >> take a deep breath. we made it. the weekend is approaching. hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6 on the nose right now. we are going to take a live look at the golden gate bridge as folks are coming in to work. not too crowded. let's check in on the morning commute. >> sure. why not, right? let's get to you work this morning. if you are planning on taking anywhere near 580 the altamont pass, we can expect some brake lights busier than usual. a lot of those back roads are closed because of the "tesla fire." so expect some extra busy conditions on 580 itself. a lot of folks using that instead this morning. westbound seeing brake lights coming way from 205 right at the merge too. we are hearing of some debris. there is a ladder in the roadway slowing you down as you work your way westbound there through the altamont pass. tesla road and corral hollow road are closed because of the fire so do plan for that this morning. once you get past that mess towards the dublin interchange, a little bit better but still sluggish on the westbound side. eastbound not too bad. the antioch


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