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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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us. it is friday! august 21. i'm maria medina. >> take a deep breath. we made it. the weekend is approaching. hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6 on the nose right now. we are going to take a live look at the golden gate bridge as folks are coming in to work. not too crowded. let's check in on the morning commute. >> sure. why not, right? let's get to you work this morning. if you are planning on taking anywhere near 580 the altamont pass, we can expect some brake lights busier than usual. a lot of those back roads are closed because of the "tesla fire." so expect some extra busy conditions on 580 itself. a lot of folks using that instead this morning. westbound seeing brake lights coming way from 205 right at the merge too. we are hearing of some debris. there is a ladder in the roadway slowing you down as you work your way westbound there through the altamont pass. tesla road and corral hollow road are closed because of the fire so do plan for that this morning. once you get past that mess towards the dublin interchange, a little bit better but still sluggish on the westbound side. eastbound not too bad. the antioch bridge some delays
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this morning. brian? >> all righty, we are starting out nicely in the weather department looking live toward sfo. the skies are somewhat clear out there but a lot of low cloudiness. at the shoreline drizzle, too. the numbers right now we are beginning the day with readings in the low 60s. we'll finish with numbers in the low 80s again inland today. livermore 83 degrees. 80 in santa rosa. san francisco 66. san jose 80 degrees today. and in oakland 72. complete forecast coming up in just a few minutes but first, let's get the latest. thank you, brian. developing this morning, a dangerous warehouse fire near vallejo has kept fire crews busy for hours. the fire broke out at the alco metal and iron company at azure drive on mare island. kpix 5's anne makovec is live keeping a safe distance from the smoldering warehouse where the air is not very healthy apparently. right, anne? >> reporter: there is smoke coming from the building. right now firefighters gave us these masks. i'm just taking mine off
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quickly so you can understand me for this report. you can see the building there the shell of a building. those walls still have the potential to collapse this morning. small fires still burning inside. and that debris is a pile of hazardous waste. check out the flames from overnight shooting from the building. this is the alco iron works building. it is a 62,000-square-foot metal recycling facility here on mare island. some of the toxic materials inside used oil lead batteries and ewaste things like old computers and tvs. as the roof collapsed overnight, sparks started several grassfires around the area. firefighters have new concerns this morning. >> there's going to be pockets of fires that we are not going to be able to get access to. you have exterior walls that we are anticipating that are going to come down one of them on the other side actually we're hoping that it falls inward so if it goes the other direction
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in the direction of a 500, 600- gallon propane tank so we still have hazards involved here. and we're doing our best to mitigate those hazards. >> reporter: now, for a few hours, the chp shut down highway 37 because of the smoke and the ash falling over it. and it has since reopened. no injuries to firefighters. the cause of the fire is under investigation. as for the smoke in the air, firefighters have not actually issued a "shelter in place" order for vallejo, which is the nearest community here. they say by the time it actually gets into those residential neighborhoods, it has been dissipating and luckily this happened overnight when most people have their homes closed. live on mare island, anne makevoc, kpix 5. meanwhile, fire crews getting a better handle on the "tesla fire" near livermore. now 45% contained. 2500 total acres have burned. no injuries have been reported. but cal fire officials say one structure has been destroyed so
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far. more than 250 firefighters remain on the front lines battling the flames. a tribute was held for three firefighters killed while battling a wildfire in the state of washington. yesterday, a long procession of fire trucks and other responders vehicles accompanied three ambulances. those ambulances carried the bodies of three fallen firefighters to a funeral home. investigators say the three men were involved in a vehicle accident near twist and were overtaken by the fire. as more and more drones take to the skies, the number of misbehaving drone users is also on the rise. kpix 5's kiet do joins us now with details of a state tip line for people to report dangerous drone use. he joins us in san jose. hey, kiet. >> reporter: hey there, good morning. you know, this new drone tip line is like a crime tip line where if you see a drone, acting erratically, operating unsafely inside a wildfire area, they want you to call it in. this new drone tip line is an unprecedented step to try and get ahead of a growing problem.
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there have been about a dozen cases in this year alone where a drone has interfered with firefighting efforts and grounded or kept air tankers and helicopters out of the airspace. now, the fear that a drone will cause a midair collision. often times, finding the operators is like finding a needle in a haystack. >> we have had cases where there's drones spotted by pilots. but the problem is, it can be enforced in areas where it's hard to track who is flying the drones. >> drone operators are hopefully seeing this and going, okay, you know, if i fly this drone over the wildfire, there's going to be consequences. >> reporter: photographers like jeff hall support the idea saying he doesn't want a small group of irresponsible people ruining it for everybody else. so the tip line is 844-376- 6311. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. it is deadline day for oakland's coliseum city development plan. last week former 49ers
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executive carmen policy told nfl owners the raiders and san diego chargers are committed to moving to l.a. creating a megamarket for football in southern california. so the pressure is on today for coliseum city developer floyd kephart. the raiders and chargers are working together on building a joint stadium in the suburb of carson. the teams made a presentation to the rest of the nfl owners last week and made it clear, the raiders are ready to move again. >> the nfl will have continuous and steadfast infrastructure that they can rely on year after year after year. they actually will be able to enjoy carson as a super bowl nirvana. >> up until now the nfl has express frustration. there's been no viable proposal from oakland. a vote on moving a team to l.a. could come before super bowl 50 in january. allegations of animal abuse against a woman who runs a pet boarding business in burlingame. the probe began with this video
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which may be kind of tough to watch. take a peek. a neighbor shot the video last month turned it over to the peninsula humane society. it appears to show the woman jerking the dog by the neck slamming it to the ground and then slapping the pet. attorney for the woman said his client was training the dog. >> this lady loves these dogs and she takes the rescue dogs and she's also a dog trainer, but sometimes you have to use a different disciplinary approach. >> we have had complaints for the last 10 years of her inappropriate discipline. >> all dogs now have been taken out of the woman's care including three that are her pets. a debate about the confederate flag ends with punches between two teens. >> it is not okay. the confederate flag is a symbol of hatred, period. >> 14-year-old apple valley high school student christopher says he was repeatedly punched after confronting a classmate for wearing a belt with the confederate flag. the blows caught on grainy cell phone video as you can see.
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the superintendent says the student throwing the punches has been suspended but christopher and his mother want the school to ban confederate flag clothing. >> i can understand if i threatened him. i can understand if i threatened his family, shoved him, if i participated in a physical altercation. but i didn't. and he kept on, he just kept on hitting. >> the superintendent says confederate flag clothing is not banned. if they did, they would have to ban other clothes, too. instead, staff can request students remove clothes on a case-by-case basis. president carter began radiation therapy for melanoma yesterday. the cancer was discovered during recent surgery on the president's liver. yesterday the former president held a news conference in his native georgia announcing cancer spread to four spots in his brain. >> i have had an exciting and adventurous gratifying existence. so i was surprisingly at ease,
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much more so than my wife was. >> president carder is 90. he -- carter says he is 90 and feels only slight pain. a woman said she secretly recorded conversations for the fbi with jared fogle in he expressed having sex for minors. she believes that the number of his victims is greater than the 14 he is charged with exploiting. >> you think a monster is one sort of person. but this is somebody that was just presented to our children and we trusted him. >> authorities who handled the investigation would not confirm whether she was involved in their case. on wednesday fogle agreed to plead guilty to allegations he paid for sex with girls as young as 16 and received child pornography. head up for commuters who use the golden gate ferry
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service. they can expect some delays. they can last up to 15 minutes today and throughout the weekend. the reason, construction workers are doing some repairs at the san francisco ferry terminal. ♪[ music ] time now 6:10. a kayaker gets a break off the coast of santa barbara after coming face to face with a great white shark. his close encounter you won't want to miss. >> and you will want to stay tuned for the weekend forecast. looking good. then some changes a week and a half from now. wait until you hear what's happening. stay tuned. >> and most of our delays this morning are in the east bay especially at the ,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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find your walk near you at find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! the sun will come up in about 15 minutes. sunrise time 6:30. that's the view from high atop mount vaca this morning. looking toward the east,
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beautiful day on tap for the bay area. we'll have the forecast in a few minutes. first here's frank. calm day on the water off the coast of santa barbara turned into a scary situation when a kayaker came face to fake with a shark. >> a shark sunk its teeth into a man's kayak and nearly into him. >> it didn't just stop after that initial slam. the kayak moved back and forth, at which point i was seeing a lot of whitewater and splashing. >> his friends were stunned but able to paddle to him fast enough to help him and a squid boat pulled him to safety. >> this is the most legit experience of my life. it's so awesome. just like completely in vain. like i couldn't believe that i had just come face to face with the apex predator and now i'm sit on the ground and i boat 1
6:15 am
-- on a boat 100% safe. >> despite the experience, he loves fishing too much not to get back in the water. >> is nut bag the word? [ laughter ] >> oh, my god, are you kidding me? >> the shark wouldn't stop. it kept going. >> hungry shark. glad he had his kayak in front of him. that's for sure. who's first traffic and weather? >> i think we are going to do traffic first. >> okay on a friday. "friday light" in some spots that's the good news. not th altamont pass busy this morning westbound actually for the last couple of days because of road closures. some of the back roads are closed because of the "tesla fire" so you will see more cars on the westbound side of 580 this morning. eastbound, as well. road closures including tesla and corral hollow so plan for that this morning. other than that, once you work your way westbound there you're going to see extra volume toward the dublin interchange typical for the morning commute. southbound a few brake lights, northbound not too bad. 21 minutes altamont pass to
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680. our other slow-and-go spot through antioch westbound 4 off the bridge slow through pittsburg, as well. if you are heading towards the bay bridge this morning, westbound carquinez bridge to the maze only a 20 minutes ride coming off the eastshore freeway, a 20-minute ride backed up. meet met are on almost to the maze. looks like five five slow-and- go but 101 along the peninsula, that's one of our bright spots. no delays to report there. that's a look at your morning drive. here brian. we are starting out with overcast skies near the shoreline. we look over san jose and the numbers right now friday begins with readings in the low 60s. san francisco at 60. concord 60 degrees. and santa rosa even chillier 56. there's some drizzle out there this morning. close to the shoreline. here's what's happening. the same pattern we have had the past three days sure beats the one we had last weekend with that 107-degree reading in livermore. so we are back to fog and low clouds along the shoreline. and sun inland by the afternoon. and now pretty much stay in place for a while but then the long range models are suggesting that low pressure dives out of the gulf of alaska
6:17 am
introducing at least a chance that things turn cool and wet. it's a week and a half out. it could change. but the suggestion of rain in september? yikes! clouds and drizzle early for us today just low 80s inland. and it will remain mild through the weekend. temperatures today a little cooler than we usually see this time of year. 66 in the city. 72 at oakland. 78 for redwood city. and 80 in san jose. today fairfield up to 84. santa rosa 80 degrees. how about that look ahead? into the weekend it's looking nice. low clouds in the morning and sun in the afternoon. mild inland at least relative to what we had lately. temperatures in the mid-80s. and around the bay we'll be in the low 70s. that's the weather. let's get the latest in the news. we see them in the movies all the time but when was the last time you ever rode a horse? >> i can't remember. you were, what, 12? >> yeah. >> been a long time. some kids in marin have been doing it all summer long. it's the miwok stables summer
6:18 am
day camp and it's a cool camp. it's a beautiful settle in the tennessee valley, marin, home to the miwok livery stages where kids 7 to early teens are saddling up and learning all things horses. >> this is my office. i mean, every day instead of -- i like to say instead of counting down the hours to end work, i count down the hours to get to work. >> reporter: 44 horses call miwok home where campers learn to pamper their new best buddies from cleaning their hooves to brushing their coats. these young ladies are learning how to care for an animal which gives them a sense of response an and believe me not all the jobs are fun. >> they're not that bad. it's all part of the whole package i guess. if you want to ride a horse you have to learn to take care of it and do the chores. >> you have not met a person until you met a horse person. they can one up everyone. >> reporter: they care for and prep the horses and ride
6:19 am
learning skills in the ring and some go to trail riding through the marin headlands. friendships are formed and none bigger than the camper and her horse. >> i take care of her and she takes care of me. so we both love each other. >> reporter: you really do get attached, don't you? >> yes. >> it's one thing to have a best friend. it's another thing to have a horse friend. >> reporter: do you get attached to the horses? >> yes, um, yeah. i get really attached. >> reporter: it's not just the campers. yes, even the instructors have a love affair for every horse. and what are their names again. sugar, our there are, toby, ben, jet, sugar, arthur, comet, bub about, toby, kelly, boris -- >> she is still going. [ laughter ] >> she knew all 44 by the way. the camp runs 10 weeks. last week though was the final week. a lot of fun. it's such a beautiful setting up in the marin headlands and if you go down the tennessee valley trail you end up at the
6:20 am
coast. >> i thought were you going to ride. >> she had a private lesson and this cowboy didn't get up there. but maybe next time. check it out by the way. they sold out completely last summer so if you like it, you need to jump on it quickly. >> and what is what's cool about your school or summer camp? email your nomination to we may come and feature your school on the show. my turn next week. who knows what i'll do. so email us. >> all right. coming up, uc-berkeley is beefing up security but not for students. the changes meant to protect the top man on campus. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, a former 49er says the nfl is too destructive and the giants make a trade to boost their offense. too bad he didn't join the team last night. we're coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, hey foster farms!
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good morning. the pittsburgh pirates are 16-3 against the n.l. west there season that's not good news for the giants fighting for their play-off lives. and they have resorted to praying to score runs these days. but the real god last night, that man! charlie morton struck out 8 pitching 6 2/3 innings of shoutout baseball. bottom of the 6th, 2-0 pittsburgh, walker two-run shot. giants lose 4-0. and they fall 2.5 games behind the idle dodgers. former 49er linebacker chris bore land who retired in march after one season because of concussion fears was interviewed by espn and said five months after retirement,
6:25 am
he has no regrets. walking away from a game he calls too violent. >> it's destructive. you don't have to do it like i don't right now. um, it just strikes you as -- as too violent really. >> too violent for what? >> just in general. i think it's just to me it's like boxing or mma and it's just my opinion i just think it's too destructive. >> borland was potentially going to make millions after taking over for patrick willis at inside linebacker for san francisco. he walked away from that. sunday 49ers and cowboys at 5:00 will be the pre-game at 4:30 and game day on location all from levi's stadium. a great sunday of football. see you sunday. i'm dennis o'donnell. bring it on, dennis. play of the day, guess who is making noise out on the pga -- it's been a while but say hi to tiger woods. round one wyndham championship a flop shot going, going going [ sound effect ]
6:26 am
>> and it's in. he finished at minus 6. nice round carding 64. tom hogan and erik compton sharing the lead two up on tiger at 8-under. tiger just two back but he does get our friday play of the day. look out for tiger. look at this shell of a building here behind me on mare island. it is in danger of collapsing further. we'll tell you about the challenges firefighters are facing this morning as it continues to emit toxic smoke. >> reporter: and the state of california finally doing something about all these amateur drones causing problems at wildfires. ,,,,
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he was calling me every day, hotel always telling me not to worry things are fine. >> a mother's emotional story as her firefighter son fights for his life in a hospital bed. he was severely injured battling the washington wildfires. >> it's definitely awesome to be part of the history of a ranger school in general. >> plus, two women making history after completing weeks of grueling physical training. today they get their diplomas. >> and we have the all- important weekend weather forecast coming up and some ideas for things to do this weekend. just ahead. >> a busy ride through the altamont pass plus new delays to report along highway 37. details coming up. good morning, everyone. it's friday, it is finally arrived, august 21. i'm frank mallicoat. >> happy friday. i'm maria medina. time now is 6:30. let's check in with brian. >> all right. we are starting out with cloudy skies along the shoreline on this early friday morning. and a hint of sunrise coming out there by the view from
6:31 am
mount vaca looking to the east. gorgeous start to the day at least if you are looking at it from high atop the highest point in solano county. right now concord 60. san francisco at 60. san jose 61. so we started in the low 60s. low pressure assures we get low clouds along the shoreline to begin the day so we will be mild inland mostly low to mid- 80s and a cool shoreline in san francisco today. we hit not exactly a blister 66 but out at fairfield, livermore, looks like low 80s. complete forecast coming up in a minute. first how about traffic? >> one of our hot spots all morning is the altamont pass. delays continue westbound 580. it's going to take you about an hour to commute towards the bay bridge coming away from isabel westbound 580. also 680 that's a 20-minute ride. a lot of the brake lights out of tracy this morning on the westbound side. closures due to the fire at tesla road corral hollow is closed. once you get to the dublin interchange it gets better. brake lights continue westbound 4 through antioch. we are seeing some delays
6:32 am
westbound 37 lots of spectator slowing for the fire near vallejo. a massive fire destroys a warehouse on mare island and six hours later crews are still pouring water or the fire. kpix 5's anne makovec reports. >> reporter: yeah. the firefighters gave us this and i'm going to take it off briefly to give you this report. you can see the shell of the building here behind me. inside is a pile of smoldering hazardous waste. firefighters are now worried that the pieces of wall still standing could actually fall inon a 500-gallon propane tank. they are going to be out here for the rest of the day. the fire started at the alco iron works building at 11 p.m. it's a 62,000-square-foot metal recycling facility. some of the toxic materials inside that raging inferno oil, lead batteries, and ewaste things like old electronics and
6:33 am
computers and tvs. when firefighters got here flames were already shooting out of the roof. and the building was starting to collapse. >> it threw quite a few embers in the area starting 15 spot fires in the grass fields behind us here so not only was this a three-alarm structure fire, but we also had a wildlands response to come out and assist us with the multiple grassfires we had. >> reporter: the chp shut down 37 for a couple of hours overnight. it's reopened. no firefighters were injured. the cause is still under investigation. as for the smoke in the air, they actually have not issued a "shelter in place" order for the surrounding neighborhoods mainly vallejo. that's because they are far enough away, the smoke is dissipating by the time it gets into those residential neighborhoods. firefighters are going to be out here for most of the day at least. live on mare island, anne makevoc, kpix 5. the firefight near
6:34 am
livermore continues this morning as well as the "tesla fire." it burns on. firefighters have gained some ground. the fire 45% contained with 2500 acres burned no injuries have been reported but cal fire officials say one structure has been destroyed so far more than 250 firefighters remain on the front lines battling those flames. and four firefighters are being treated for critical injuries seriously burned while battling that massive wildfire near twist washington. among them is 25-year-old daniel lyon with third-degree burns over 75% of his body. his parents are expressing great pride while dealing with their son's pain. >> the kind of kid that his mother and i are -- and family are so proud of. he loves -- adores serving his community. >> daniel lyon is not only a rookie firefighter with u.s. forest service; he is also a rookie reserve police officer for the city of milton, washington. a final tribute for a contra costa county sheriff's
6:35 am
deputy who drowned while trying to save a friend. the funeral procession for deputy carlos francies began yesterday in sacramento where he lives. the 30-year-old was on lake tahoe and helped a friend struggling in the water. he drowned. >> carlos was an honorable man working in an honorable profession as a deputy sheriff and i died honorably doing what he swore an oath to do the care for the safety of others. >> francies worked for the sheriff's department for four years most recently at the martinez detention center. l.a. county d.a.'s office will consider whether to charge caitlyn jenner with manslaughter for her role in a fatal car crash back in february. dash camera captured the crash has his suv rear-ended two cars on the pacific coast highway pushing one into traffic and
6:36 am
killed the other driver when she was hit had head on. the crash happened before he became a woman. he could face a year in jail if the convicted. thousands of people asking san francisco police officers to wear body cameras after a video of a takedown went viral. 35,000 signatures have been collected so far for a petition in response to that video where you can see several officers on top of a man with a prosthetic leg. the sfpd's defending how they handled the disabled suspect saying the man posed a danger to himself and the public. the family of a man who died last month when he became caught between two buildings in oakland is demanding answers. officers have been chasing richard linyard when he was found wedged in a foot wide space. he was fleeing from a traffic stop. on wednesday police allowed reporters to see police body camera video of the incident. they made the same offer to family. >> i'm really scared to see it, you know, but i want to see it. i want to know what happened.
6:37 am
i want to see the whole video. i don't want to see parts of the video. >> i believe he was murdered. >> linyard's brother claims he went to the scene and took this picture to show why he doesn't believe his brother could have gotten stuck in that space. it is 6:37. drones are becoming inexpensive easier to buy. so it's no surprise there's a growing numbering of problems involving drones operators. kpix 5's kiet do joins us now with details of a state hotline for people to report potential dangerous drones. >> reporter: good morning. the state says that these amateur drone operators may not intend to cause all these problems but they are putting a lot of people at risk and so now the state has just tried to get ahead of the problem. reporter: >> date and time you observed the drone being flown and the best known location. your information could lead to an arrest and potentially save lives. >> reporter: the state of california has taken an unprecedented step in cracking down on irresponsible drone users by providing a way for the public to help law
6:38 am
enforcement. >> much like a crime tip line where if you know something about a crime that occurred or information that helps investigators same thing except this applies to people who are irresponsibly operating drones. >> reporter: the deputy director of the california governor's office of emergency services says a statewide 800 number was activated this week. tipsters can leave valuable information for investigators about reckless drone use. >> this is an avenue to focus on that small section of hobby drone owners that are intentionally flying their drones in a way in which it either endangers an emergency operation or it puts these first responders in harm's way. >> reporter: more than a dozen hobby drones have interfered or even grounded aircraft dur this year's fire season alone. and investigators say they need the public's help to find a needle in a haystack. >> we have had cases where there's drones spotted by pilots. but the problem is, they can be in forest areas or areas where it's hard to track the drone operator. >> drone operators are hopefully seeing this and
6:39 am
going, okay, if i fly this drone over the wildfire, there's going to be consequences. >> reporter: photographer jeff hall likes the idea of more eyes in the sky to put a stop to drones putting others in harm's way. >> it's a no-brainer. you know, and i don't want people like that giving people like us a bad name in having use for what it shouldn't be when there's so many great purposes for it. >> reporter: and that drone tip line is 844-376-6311. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. uc-berkeley's increasing security with a new fence around the chancellor's home. several uc chancellors have been targets of protests at the home in the past. in 2009 a protest turned especially violent when flower pots and other items were thrown at the home. since then police have been guarding the chancellor's home around the clock. that may not be necessary once the fence is done. >> 10, 11, 12:00 at night people have gone to the
6:40 am
residence pounded on the door. >> critics say the fence blocks a well traveled pathway and say it is a symbolic separation between the chancellor and the students. time now 6:40 on the dot. a wild encounter caught on camera. why this pack of gray wolves is creating such excitement among wildfire officials. >> and they busted all the right moves, now they have to wait to see if their name will be called. we'll take you inside the warriors dance team competition. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. as you can see, it's already down by ,,
6:41 am
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numbers, ladies and gentlemen, today the bay area should look fairly seasonal. a little bit off average highs. 66 in the city. 80 in san jose.
6:44 am
72 in oakland as we swoop down to the south bay. 81 for campbell. in cupertino, 78 degrees. 79 for palo alto. and over in the east bay low 80s will do it today for the most part. 83 for walnut creek. danville 83. livermore 83. pleasanton 82. north bay low overcast to start the day with and then 79 in petaluma, 80 for santa rosa, 78 for napa. same for napa itself. and up in ukiah, 90 degrees, a nice weekend, too. we'll have a complete forecast in just a few minutes. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." let's find out. charlie rose joins us live in new york with' preview. -- with a preview of the big show. >> reporter: good morning. ahead, a fifth town is evacuated as the deadly wildfires spread in washington state. and we'll hear from the parents of the youngest fallen firefighter. plus, legal analyst rikki klieman is with us and we'll look at what's next after that
6:45 am
cross-examination of the alleged sexual assault victim at a prep school. and new ways to track you. inside a secret cinema where the audience is brought into a "star wars" movie. all that and more, the news is back in the morning. and we'll see you at 7:00. >> you you have a busy little friday there, charlie. >> yes, we do. [ laughter ] >> okay. have a good show. it all starts at 7:00. donald trump plans to fill a football stadium in alabama tonight. the celebrity billionaire's presidential campaign will hold a pep rally and town hall meeting tonight. brook silva-braga with the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: the stadium in mobile, alabama usually hosts college football. but the friday night lights this week will shine on donald trump. >> end up being 30 to 40,000 people in alabama. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: earlier this week, the gop front-runner offered up his plan for immigration calling for the deportation of
6:46 am
illegal immigrants and questioning the birth right citizenship of their children, calling them anchor babies. other republicans aimed their criticism at hillary clinton, when florida senator marco rubio had a brief power outage during a campaign in michigan he blamed clinton. >> that was the democrats. that's hillary's server. >> reporter: the clinton campaign has insisted she did not send or receive any emails marked classified on her private server. brook silva-braga for cbs news. the opening bell rang just a couple of minutes ago. and it looks like the market is continuing its little slide after a mighty tough day yesterday. >> a couple of silicon valley titans were among the companies that took a big hit. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks reports.
6:47 am
tough day yesterday on the stock market. concerns other china's economy and tumbling stock market. oil prices down to $40 a barrel which hammered the energy sector the prime job growth engine over the past few years for thest economy. also just uncertainty over the fed's next move. will it or not raise interest rates in september? the market also viewed by many as very expensive after a 6.5- year bull run. so we had the sell-off which hit the tech sector hard. apple fell 2% down to its lowest since january steepest correction about 15% in over two years. also netflix getting absolutely hammered along with other media stocks yesterday and it's down another 5% this morning. netflix of course has been on one big run for some time. investors a little wary out there a lot of concern and
6:48 am
volatility. here's the big board. dow down 170. nasdaq 56 down. s&p down 20. no winners now. >> is this the big correction? >> that's how the stock market works up and down. we have a ways to go. you need a 10% move down not quite there. but a lot of people expect that could happen. >> our 401(k)s are going ugh! >> very painful. >> it is. jason brooks from kcbs news, thank you. 6:48. gianna? >> checking the roads right now, it's starting to get busier as your morning commute heats up just a bit. bay bridge metering lights remain on backed up into the maze at this point. still doing okay though off the eastshore freeway commute. getting reports of a car fire southbound 680 south main street. it's off to the right shoulder. but starting to see some delays on that southbound ride as you work your way through walnut
6:49 am
creek. 24, a little sluggish westbound near caldecott tunnel. checking westbound 580, looking a bit better at the 680 merge. but road closures in effect in and around livermore for the "tesla fire." tesla road is closed corral hollow, as well. so a lot of folks not able to use those back roads making it extra busy through 580 westbound out of the altamont pass as well as coming out of tracy on that westbound side so give yourself some extra time. there's a fire at mare island that we have been reporting on so it's causing spectator slowing on that westbound side of 37. mobile 2 just cruised through there. expect slight delays westbound 37 through there. brian? >> we are starting out with sunshine inland. and we have live proof going to where our hi-def diopside is atop mount vaca looking east and that's what the view looks like sun coming up looks beautiful. right now in concord, oakland 63, livermore 64 and in the city 60 degrees. santa rosa at 56. and low pressure deepens a little bit offshore. that increases the sea breeze
6:50 am
and thickens the marine layer and so we start out with low clouds along the shoreline. later in the day we'll hit low 80s inland. the a's are playing the rays game time temperature tonight 7:05 p.m. 67 degrees. and other things happening. chinatown street fest in oakland this weekend sunny mild and 72. and the festival of the arts in palo alto, 80 degrees downtown. and that's always a lot of fun. a little crowded. high temperature forecast for the bay area today, looking at san francisco at 66. 72 for concord. 84 at fairfield. and 83 degrees in livermore. and as we have a look ahead, things don't change much in the next seven days but there is a hint that things may turn rainy and cool in a week and a half. well, it's a possibility. and it's something to talk about. in the meantime, the usual fog and low clouds and a great weekend. >> spark up the doppler. okay, thank you, brian. state wildlife experts are crying wolf and that's a good thing. they now have photographic
6:51 am
evidence of five gray wolf pups and two adults in northern california. before these wolves and a lone wolf entered california in 2011, the previous confirmed wolf sighting in the state was back in 1924. the competition was fierce at this year's warriors dance team auditions. the final auditions were held last night in livermore. they were streamed online, as well. 40 participants came from as far as japan to dance and try to make the cut. they busted the moves from jazz to help you hop. that's not judges were looking for. >> we are looking for the full package. it's not just an amazing dancer and performer but an ambassador for the organization. >> and tryouts started last week with more than 200 hopefuls. about 20 women will find out later today if they made the team. time now 6:51 on this friday. they have broken one of the touchest gender barriers -- toughest gender barriers in the military. today first lieutenants shaye
6:52 am
haver and captain kristen griest get their diplomas from the army's ranger school. >> spot fires from the warehouse behind me at mare island after a spectacular fire overnight. we'll tell you what firefighters are worried about this morning next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
hey there fellow californians i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use... which means managing water too, sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money at
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] five things to know at the :55. fire crews are gaining ground on the "tesla fire" burning near livermore. the flames now 45% contained. 2500 acres have burned. no injuries so far. one structure has been burned. today's the deadline for a developer to submit plans for coliseum city. the goal is to keep the raiders in oakland. on monday, the nfl heard details on a plan to build $1.8 billion stadium near l.a. it would house both the raiders
6:56 am
and the chargers. up until now the nfl expressed frustration there's been no viable proposal from oakland. former president jimmy carter has begun radiation treatments for cancer. speaking in atlanta at the carter center yesterday, the 90- year-old former president said doctors removed melanoma from his liver and four small tumors are on his brain. the state of california is taking a big step in cracking down on private drone use. the statewide hotline was activated this week. people can call in and leave information for investigators on reckless drone use. more than a dozen hobby drones interfered with aircraft during this year's fire season. and attention, commuters who use the golden gate ferry service. you can expect delays up to 15 minutes today and throughout the weekend. it's all because of construction workers doing repairs at the san francisco fer very terminal. -- ferry terminal. i'm anne makovec on mare island where there is smoke coming from the warehouse here behind me. you can see the shell of a building. small fires are still burning
6:57 am
inside. the debris a peel of hazardous waste -- -- a pool of hazardous waste. this is the alco iron works building. a 62,000-square-foot metal recycling facility. some of the toxic materials inside ewaste, computers, tvs, oil, lead batteries. sparks started grassfires around mare island. firefighters have new concerns this morning. >> there's going to be pockets of fire here in the area that we won't get access to and you have exterior walls that we think will come down. one of them on the other side actually we are hoping that it falls inward. if it goes the other direction it's in the direction of a 500- gallon propane tank so we have hazards still involved here. we are doing our best to mitigate those hazards. >> reporter: no injuries to firefighters and the cause is under investigation. as for danger to the surrounding areas, the residential neighborhoods are far enough away that the smoke
6:58 am
is dissipating before it gets there so no "shelter in place" right now. anne makovec, kpix 5. they completed weeks of grueling physical training. now the first two women to pass the army's rigorous ranger school are set to graduate today. president obama plans to attend the graduation ceremony for first lieutenant shaye haver and captain kristen griest part of a pilot program to see if woman could endure the mental and physical demands of the ranger school. they hope to the doors to other women. >> it's definitely awesome to be part of the history of a ranger school in general and graduating with these guys next to me. >> i hope with our performance in ranger school we have been inform that decision as to what they can expect from women in the military that we can handle things physically and mentally like men. >> and even with hard won ranger tabs, women can't serve in a regiments but the military
6:59 am
has until october to review and may change the role of women in combat. westbound 37 brake lights near mare island where there is spectator slowing. smoke across the freeway. working your way towards 101 you will see some brake lights as well south 101 petaluma is slow conditions and again through novato you will see brake lights near san rafael. better at the golden gate bridge. in the weather department, we are starting out with a beautiful sunrise out there in the east bay. 61 degrees at concord. we are beginning with 60 in san francisco. and 61 degrees in san jose. with low pressure offshore, that means low clouds along the shoreline and high pressure inland. and that's just a little drizzle and mild temperatures inland. specifically, though, we are going to be looking for cloud and drizzle early, just low 80s inland and it will remain mild through the weekend and next week. so have a great weekend. >> bring it on. >> friday! >> yay! >> olivia our crack p.a. is her last day good luck in
7:00 am
the real world. company captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, august 21st, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning. devastating wildfires in the west force a fifth town to evacuate. crews paused to remember the firefighters killed in the battle. hackers expose the private lives of ashley madison users. now they threaten to release more than just data. should your boss watch your every move at work? new technology is helping companies track everything employees do. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in noont seconds. >>


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