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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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(vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, terror on the screen. this guy was armed to the teeth when he started shooting. tonight, a couple of guys from northern california aring be called heros. they risked their lives to take the shooter down. the train was en route from amsterdam to paris when the shooter came out and opened fire. that is when they jumped into action. anthony saddler of sacramento shot this video. you can see the suspected gunman on the floor with his hands and feet tied. then, you see a backpack and
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next to it what appears to be a high-powered rifle. he was also armed with a blade or box cutter. spencer was slashed in the head but still rushed to help a fellow passenger. >> he wanted to go help the other man who was leading also. without his help, he would have died. that man was bleeding profusely from his neck and he saved his life. >> anthony's father tony spoke tonight in sacramento. >> my son call me this morning and he was still on site then. and let me know what had taken place. apparently, one of the passengers saw him coming out of the bathroom and was in the immediate vicinity and began to wrestle with him over the ak- 47. the gun discharged. >> the suspect, a 26-year-old
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moroccon man was later detained by french police. anthony is in the hospital, but in good spirits. well a thief is on the run armed with a cop gun and badge. both were stolen in richmond this morning. investigators are not saying which department the officer worked for. the last time something like this happened, an innocent woman died. kate steinle was killed last month with a gun stolen from a federal ranger's car. and with that, the melt down on wall street was put on ice for the weekend. the dow jones has dropped almost 900 points in the last 48 hours. 531 points today alone. its worst day in nearly four years. allen martin tonight on what is behind the midsummer nightmare on wall street. >> reporter: this was the worst week of the year. the dow jones lost more than a thousand points and is now off
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more than 7.5% for the year. >> we have had a market do incredibly well that probably ran too far too fast. >> reporter: the u.s. stock market had long been the best global performer atracking a lot of investment from underperforming countries but they were stylate passing the broader economy. >> they had become the cleanist dirty shirt in the hamper. everyone is wearing it because it is cleaner than the other dirty shirts but it is still a dirty shirt and we realized that this week. >> apple dropped 9% this week. wal-mart, 8%. and exxon is now nearly 27% offer its 52 week high. china's slow down is not helping. oil is slipping to a six year low. >> what we have seen here, we are overdue for a correction. but oh boy is it coming on hard
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and fast. that makes us a little more agitated and makes it feel worse than it is. so good news, definitely not, but cataclysmic? definitely not. >> one bright spot, home sales were up. and the concern the fed might raise a key interest rate next month. but if the markets keep trading like this, the fed will think twice about a rate hike. allen martin, kpix5. chinese money has been pouring into the bay area for years. only on five tonight, christian christian found the problems in china are starting to have an impact here. >> reporter: the bay area real estate gold rush is alive and real, but even realtors flinched amid the financial news. >> we are monitoring the stock market. >> reporter: for good reason. realtor ken deleon says the down payments come from tock
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options and the other thing is overseas in china. >> the most recent drops in the u.s. stock market and chinese stock market is cause for concern. >> reporter: 20% of the bay area buyers are chinese. but the economic slowdown in china are causing subtle but distinct changes. >> there is still a strong desire to buy in america, but they are not coming in with quite as strong offering. >> reporter: an extended global financial crisis could worsen the situation and lose international buyers could change the real estate landscape. >> if we see the loss of 15, 20% of international buyers, it will slow appreciation, but i don't see decline occurs but that will limit future upsides. >> reporter: while the absence of foreign buyers could stunt the growth of the real estate market, the big issue lies with
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the techies. they represent 80% of his buyers. so big hit to tech company stocks could have a much more dramatic effect. in menlo park, christian hartnett, kpix5. >> chinese buyers have spent $600 million on bay area real estate in the last two years. i am going to be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. i will tell you that. >> donald trump speaking to a crowd of 35,000 in mobile, alabama tonight. so many people wanted to go, it was moved twice to larger locations. trump reiterated his disapproval of illegal immigration and made another promise. >> you know, if it rains,ly take off my hat and i will prove ... i will prove once and for all that it is mine. >> and check this out. donald trump is leading the
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republican pack with 32%. up eight points from a week ago. while trump continues to gain momentum, he is at the center of another immigration fire storm t. one focusing onto words. >> i will use the word anchor baby. excuse me. i will use the word anchor baby. >> that single phrase from donald trump that many consider offensive is setting the agenda for the whole field. ted cruz who hopes to siphon some of his antiestablishment momentum said it was political correctness gone wild. >> the focus on language and bickering back and forth, most people i think don't give a flip. they are interested in solving real problems. >> for marco rubio who the gop hopes it can repair the image with latinos, it is a chance to take a stand. >> people are talking about anchor babies. >> those are 13 million human beings. ultimately, they are people. >> and for jeb bush, the term became a problem of its own making after he used the term
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in an interview. >> governor, do you regret using the term anchor babies? >> no i didn't. i don't regret it. >> the you have a better term? you give me a better term and i will use it. i'm serious. >> jeb bush has a history with this phrase. two years ago, he launched the hispanic leadership network instructing republicans to avoid language offensive to latino voters. it has been 24 hours since the fire started on mare island. hazardous west from tvs, old computers and tvs. people have tried to figure out how to handle short term rentals. sharon chin says one town is handling it by saying no. >> reporter: if you are planning to rent a place in tiburon, you will have fewer
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options this fall. they voted 3-24 to amend an ordnance banning people from renting out their property less than 31 days. that is good news for cliff and nancy who are unhappy with the vacation rentals. >> i just think this type of neighborhood, this community, that it is kind of private. >> reporter: in tiburon, five homeowners are registered to rent their property short term. three more homeowners applied with permits but neighbors complained. >> you have a lot of traffic in and out and it adds to the traffic problem we already have in tiburon. >> more bedrooms you have, the more couples come in. the more people come in. the individual parties come in. >> reporter: but matt shakes his head. >> i just think it is short- sighted from people that don't understand how the rental community works. >> reporter: matt rents his two bedroom houseboat in sausalito when he is out of town.
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with sausalito and tiburon passing restrictions, the county is closing its doors on a great opportunity. >> i think people come here from all over the world to see marin county because it is beautiful. >> reporter: the amended ordnance banning short term rentals is expected to take effect in october. sharon chin, kpix5. planes versus drone. tonight, we learn how close it has come to disaster over bay area neighborhoods. >> the second season of levi stadium kicks off this sunday. the changes they are making with the beer. >> and a wild pool party. it is fun and ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> tonight we have a new faa report on how often drones cause problems for airplanes. da lin honed in on the close calls in the bay area. tonight he is in oakland. >> reporter: many pilots and passengers worry it is a midair collision waiting to happen. that is why the faa and lawmakers are trying to find way to prevent drones from flying into airplanes. in the bay area, we found at least 32 reports of close calls in the past nine months. most in the south bay, 15 in mineta san jose. but no part of the bay area is spared. four in sfo and one in oakland. chopper 5 is based at hayward airport where we spoke with the pilot tonight. >> definitely. it is just a meat of time before something happens. you will have devastation and
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mass casualties. >> reporter: in february, the pilot of a federal express boeing 767 flying 11,000 feet over san jose saw a drone 70 feet off his left side. in april, the pilot of a small plane says a drone flew within four feet of his left wing. in june, the pilot of a southwest 737 landing in oakland reported a large five foot drone came pretty close. and in july, a small plane with a student pilot had to take evasive action to avoid a drone over palo alto. >> you are putting your passengers in danger. >> reporter: were last year, close calls with drones were unheard of. but pilots say drones are becoming more popular because of the lower prices and ease of use. >> i'm extremely worried about it. >> reporter: 32 in the bay area, but close to 700 close calls in the u.s. this year.
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now, there are talks about installing some kind of technology on these drones which would limit how high they can fly and where they can fly. live at oakland international, i'm da lin, kpix5. >> drones have also interfered with at least a dozen fire fighting planes over california this season. just this week, the governor's office of emergency services activated a toll free tip line to report wreckless drone use. tonight, levis stadium has new turf because of this. last week's taylor swift concert did a number on the field. the cowboys were coming into town have heard about all the problems with the grass. the team intends to test it out then they get here. team owner jerry jones suggested star players could sit out if the cowboys don't think the field is safe. and that is not the only change at levi's tonight. len ramirez tells us what is different about food, parking, and the beer. >> go niners!
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>> reporter: the john bagley family of pacific grove came to levi stadium and found a lot to cheer about. but it was only for a tour. the game prices gave them sticker shock. >> for four of us, probably looking at $800 or something. >> everything seems very, very pricey. >> reporter: pricey yes, but the niners say they have cut beer and bottled water prices and added 100 new wi-fi hot spots. there is a $10 savings on parking prices and a $49 fixed price menu. >> i think the only thing they really need to improve on is when you exit the stadium. >> reporter: that was last year's big trouble spot. the number of exit lanes for major parking lots is being expanded and traffic may be diverted into opposite lanes to speed connections to the freeway. but it is not just the team making adjustments. >> we didn't know what to expect. and, a lot of riders didn't
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know what to expect. so it was a learning curve. >> reporter: the transportation authority says they are fine tuning bugs in light rail services. people are discouraged from crossing the lines on foot. and riders are urged to plan ahead to avoid congestion. >> buy round trip fares before going to the game because they will not be available at the stadium. and also, to plan the trip and leave early. >> reporter: the niners are trying to solve the problem of too many fans getting sun baked on the east side of the stadium. they are considering delaying start times hoping that the sun will be less intense. len ramirez, kpix5. kpix5 is the preseason home for the 49ers as well as the home of superbowl 50. sunday's coverage begins at 4:30 with the 49ers preview and kickoff is at 5:00.
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well, if you are planning on heading to the beach this weekend, watch out for toxic algae. tonight, warning signs are up at beaches along the russian river. small amounts of blue-green algae have been detected and they can make you sick t. drought and warm temperatures are causing rapid blooms. bears! >> aw. a little girl learns a hard lesson in sharing when some bears take over the kid pool. mama bear and her five cubs played with all of those toys. some ended up a little damaged. this was in new jersey earlier this week. the family who lives there says they thought the bears would just get some waterings cool off, and then leave. but apparently, the bears were having a little too much fun. they stayed for more than an hour, paul! >> that is awesome! >> but unbearably cute video. it was the video of the day. >> it was awesome. except for the little girl inside saying i don't want to
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share. when the bear does it, you have to. >> we will find out those were humans in bear suit and be really dispointed. >> the opposite of cool is fire. not only is northern california burning, numerous fires in washington state. this is a look at the air quality in and around spokane. they had the worst air quality on planet earth today. worse than anything in china and asia. they are telling people not to go outside in spokane because the air quality is that bad. beautiful picture here from treasure island looking toward san francisco. joseph cousins is out and about this evening shows you a gorgeous picture of the city. albeit cloudy. a little breezy. chilly. gorgeous on a friday night as we head toward the weekend. san francisco is dropping to 60 tonight. fremont, 59 a low. san jose, 60. fair field, 58.
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average temperatures tonight, sunrise top, 6:31. we have the same pattern. low pressure to the south and west. high pressure to the south and east. both of those aiding bringing in the on shore flow. that will continue through the weekend. if you thought it was comfortable outside today, you will love the weather through the weekend. a low pressure area to the north will not move, the ridge will not move and in between we get the cooling influence of the pacific ocean. it will be warm, but not hot. we are looking at the pattern change ten days from now as we turn to september 1. rainfall is still a question mark. but cooler air, perhaps a taste of fall with overnight lows in the 40s is possible. about 10 day ifs now. it is football season, should be getting cooler. mother nature may oblige a week- and-a-half from now. low cloud us, drizzle tonight. sunshine most spots away from the coast. temperatures very close to average. concord, 84 tomorrow. san jose, 81. you will be cloudy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon. mountain view 80.
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83 in walnut creek. dublin tomorrow, 81. saturday in san francisco, upper 60s . sonoma 80. cloverdale 91 degrees. extended forecast calling for temperatures climbing a little bit with 80s inland. 70s near the bay. 60s along the coastline. very comfortable weather for the next week. wouldn't it be nice to have just a little taste of fall in september? >> just a little. you know, those photos from spokane, i was in china not that long ago and it looked like that. the air quality index was 350 everyday and it looks like that. >> isn't it strange to have that in america? the air quality is bad because of all the fires. >> thanks paul. well, she is only in seventh grade, but this is the greatest sly caster of all time and you will meet her next. and coming up on the ,,,,,,,,
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>> one bay area girl has quite the fish story to tell. vern, she taught you a couple of things. >> boy, here is an 11-year-old
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kid at the beginning of her career and she starts on top and man, is she right on target. max seen mccormick. 11 years old. and at this recent ceremony in long beach, was named not just an all-american, you are looking at the greatest female fly caster of all time. >> i was really excited. and i never thought i could do it. >> no woman in the country is more accurate than this seventh grader. she did it in record-setting fashion at the u.s. nationals achieving the highest point ever for a female fly caster. not only was she the highest scoring woman, she was fourth overall. right behind her dad, glen. >> i certainly didn't want to fall behind my own daughter.
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>> as it stands the margin was what? >> one point. [ laughter ] >> it deny take long to respect what she does. >> stop high. right here. >> oh, look at that! look at that! [ laughter ] >> all right maxine. give me about five years. i'm coming after you. the national league west got a little tighter as this bird was soaring today at the ,, [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train.
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>> hey, baseball up top. what a night. at the end of the day. boy, friday, a very, very good one for the giants. they woke up this morning two- and-a-half behind the dodgers. pick it up for the pirates. a new debut for marlon byrd for the reds. here is his first at bat. 1st inning, boom. a two-run smash. marlon byrd, how are you doing fellow? finished a triple shy of the cycle. and madison bumgarner, he struck again. he's the starting pitcher! man, he is dangerous with a bat in his hand! his fifth home run for the season. he picked up his 15th win, giants won the game 6-4. could they gain a game on la? well, the cameras were out to
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see this one. dodgers being no-hit by the astros. mike fyres. last night out for him. he got justin turner swinging. fifth no hitter this year in the bigs. his first ever no hitter and the astros won it 3-0. dodgers lead over the giants just a game-and-a-half. again, what a night. meantime, the as manager bob melvin hoping his club's home win streak will reach six. nope, tampa bay took care of that one. desmond jennings scored both runs. 21671 saw the as lose by a run. a final of 2-1. greensboro, north carolina. is he back? tigerwoods at the pga wyndham, had it going on all cylinders. 11 under total. he is tied with a fellow named
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tom hogey. he is a rookie. this rookie has 789 career pga rounds. 79 career rounds. tiger woods? 79 career pga wins. let that marinade a little bit. we'll be back.
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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> well, csi cyber is next. my name is avery ryan. i was a victim of cyber crime. like you, i posted on social media, checked my bank account balance online, even kept the confidential files of my psychological practice on my computer. then i was hacked, and as a result, one of my patients was murdered. my investigation into her death led me to the fbi, where i joined a team of cyber experts to wage a war against a new breed of criminal hiding on the deep web... infiltrating our daily lives in ways we never imagined... ...faceless... nameless... lurking inside our devices, just a keystroke away.


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