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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 24, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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alek just hit me on the shoulder and said let's go. >> the three americans who helped on a train were celebrated as heroes. the men are awarded france's highest honor but say they acted out of instinct. >> the gunman would have been successful if my friend spencer had not gotten up in times of terror like that and said, please, do something, don't just stand by and watch. wall street opens on edge this morning. investors brace for another down day after another big selloff overseas in friday's historic losses. >> oh, come on. what the hell did he do that for
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for? summer slam becomes stewart slam. former daily host jon stewart hosts and gets in on the action at a wwe event. and double delivery. washington, d.c.'s giant panda gives birth to not one but two cubs. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, august 24th, 2015. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. get ready for another bumpy ride on wall street. this morning stock futures are down again following last week's massive selloff. china's devaluation of its currency two weeks ago triggered a global selloff that's wiped out more than $5 trillion of stock value worldwide. in asia this morning it's being called black monday. the shaping high index dropped 8.5% today, the largest percentage drop since 2007. tokyo's nikkei fell 4.6%. in the words of one analyst,
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there's no good news. jill wagner's at the new york stock exchange where investors are on edge this morning as they wait for the opening bell. jill, good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. last week wall street suffered its steepest drop in four years. for the week the dow lost 1,012 points. the s&p lost nearly 120 points for the week. that's nearly 6% of its value. and the nasdaq finished the week 338 points lower. stocks were in a tailspin. the price of oil has dropped dramatically. this all started with the second largest world market, china. a just released survey by the national association of business economics believe that the interest rates will be higher by the end of the year. it could slow down the economy
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and lower the price. this morning three americans were awarded france's highest honor for disarming a heavily armed man on a passenger train last week. president francois hollande awarded the legion of honors. brian webb reports. >> reporter: three americans who tackled an armed gunman on a high-speed train in belgium last week were reunited last week. u.s. airman spencer stone, national guardsman alec skarlatos, and his friend anthony sadler were hailed during the conference. they along with two passengers risked their lives to disarm a french gunman who they report as being ayoub el khazzani. >> it looked like it was jammed or weren't working and he was
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trying to charge the weapon and alek hit me on the shoulder and said let's go. >> reporter: skarlatos said they his initial reaction was out of gut instinct. >> i feel our mostly training kicking in after the assail land was already subdued. >> reporter: cell phone video shows the 26-year-old man hog tied on the ground. sadler believes there's a lesson to be learned from the ordeal. >> the gunman would have been successful if my friend spencer had not gotten up in times of like terror like that to please do something, don't just stand by and watch. >> reporter: brian webb for cbs news, new york. >> by tomorrow french authorities must either charge or free the train attack suspect. ayoub el khazzani is being questioned outside paris. paris and french authorities say he may be an extremist who spent time in syria.
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they say he was homeless and was trying to rob passengers on a train to feed himself. and now to politics. there are increasing signs that vice president joe biden is seriously considering a run for the white house. on saturday biden met with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, a favorite among liberal activists. she has not thrown her support to any candidate. >> i don't think anybody's been anointed. i think that what's going on right now is that presidential candidates on both sides, republicans and democrats, are laying out their agendas and this is going to give voters a chance to look at them and decide. >> biden's reaching out to donors. he's expected to reach a decision by late september. and it's back to work for president obama. the president returned to the white house yesterday following a two-week vacation on martha's vineyard. topping his fall agenda, preventing congress from
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blocking the deal to curb iran's nuclear program. to that end senate democratic leader harry reid is throwing his support behind the nuclear deal with iran. officials in eastern washington state are keeping a close tab on wildfires moving in the direction of a defunct uranium mine. residents are being warned to avoid breathing smoky air. in north central washington officials say they are making progress against the massive string of fires in okanogan county. now, the fires have burned at least 370 square miles and caused extensive damage. >> it's just a home. we've got everything important. it's just a home. >> we got everybody out important to us and we just start and rebuild. >> there are so many fires occupying so many firefighters
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that volunteers are being trained for fire duty. in california firefighters are battling a wildfire that broke out near the big bear ski resort. it's grown to at least 100 acres but is 20% contained. water cannons from the resort used to make snow are being used to fight the fire. schools in the area will be closed today. and tropical storm danny is losing steam as it heads west. now with maximum sustained winds of 40 miles per hour, the tropical storm watch for puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands has been lifted. meteorologist eric fisher of our boston station wbz is tracking the storm and a cooldown for millions of americans. >> we've been keeping a close eye on danny for several days now. at one point a strong major hurricane, category 3, but a wind shear has been tearing danny apart, which is great news for anyone near the virgin islands, the leeward islands south of puerto rico.
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winds decreasing, so wind not a big story. it could brick beneficial rain. drought rain would be a very good thick without damage from the wind. story in the west, we've got high pressure in control. the winds dying down in the northwest. but without the wind, a lot of smoke hanging in the air. it's going to be a dry week. we're not expecting much rain in helping the efforts. meanwhile in the east there's a dip in the temperatures. 60s and 70s around the great lakes. the u.p. of michigan staying in the 50s. all the way down from st. louis to kentucky and even tennessee. very comfortable to kick off the week. i'm meteorologist eric fisher for cbs news. this morning with there was a string of explosions and a large fire at a u.s. army depot in japan. no injuries were reported. the building that exploded was used to store nitrogen, oxygen, and freon. the base is 25 miles west of south tokyo. this morning marathon negotiations between north and south korea dragged into the third day.
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these are the highest level talks between the two countries in a year. south korea's president said anti-propaganda broadcasts would continue until the north apologizes. the north said it had nothing do with the land mines. now, there's word that isis militants destroyed a temple at syria's ancient ruins of palmyra. the ruins date back to the roman era and are considered among the most important archaeological sites in the world. last week the extremists beheaded a famed palmyra scholar. coming up on the "morning news" a daring accident in england as a jet smashes into cars on a nearby road. and pokemon plot. two men are arrested on gun charges after police say they made threats to players at a popular card game tournament. threats to players at a popular card game tournament. about a biologic, this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage.
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after a crash yesterday at pocono raceway. wilson's car slammed into an interior wall. he was unconscious when he was airlifted to the hospital. and the death toll from a crash in england is expected to rise. police say at least 11 people were killed. video captured a fighter jet slammed into a road saturday afternoon. it happened after a failed loop maneuver. most of the victims were sitting in their cars. the pilot survived but is in critical condition. a pilot in switzerland was killed yesterday in an air show crash. two small planes in a german flying group collided. one of the pilots was killed. the other escaped by parachute. debris scattered around barns and homes below. the crash is under investigation. and police in denver are trying to find, of all things, a missing corpse. they say the body of 25-year-old
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julie mott was stollen from a casket after a funeral in san antonio last week. the family had planned to have her body cremated. the mortuary is offering a $25,000 reward for information. two climbers died on a mountain in the grand tetons. it happened on saturday morning in wyoming. it's the sixth tallest peek in the teton mountain. tyler strandberg and catherine knicks were climbing without using ropes. a third climber was rescued from a ledge. police in boston have foiled a potential mass shooting at a pokemon world championship. 18-year-old kevin norton and 27-year-old james stuck lence on social media toward people attending the stunbo were arrested near boston. police say the pair made threats of violence on social media toward people attending the conference. they were stopped thursday as
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they tried to enter the event. police searched their car on friday and found a shotgun, an ar-15 rifle, and several rounds of ammunition. >> i was shocked. this is a crowd of very, very friendly people, so i don't understand why anybody would come here to want to, you know, do any type of damage. >> the suspects will appear in court today to face firearms charges. and apple is offering a free fix to i phone users with faulty camera. the company says some iphone 6 plus smartphones take blurry photos. the phones may have a defective component in the rear-facing camera. affected customers can get it fixed for free at authorized service providers or any apple store. straight ahead, a major injury in the nfl that could affect your fantasy football team. and from "the daily show" to the wrestling ring, jon stewart gets in on the action with the stars
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>> jon stewart trading in "the "daily show"" desk for the square circle of hosting. heed with at the barclays center in brooklyn. he showed he can transition from the political arena to the wrestling ring quite easily. at one point during the show he smacks wrestling pro john cena with a chair. and it's a blow to green bay packer fans and fantasy football players alike. wide receiver jordy nelson's season is in jeopardy after he goes down with a knee injury in green bay's preseason game against pittsburgh. nelson is one of the most prolific receivers in the nfl, reporting career highs in catches and yards last year. pro football player chris carter is apologizing for comments he made during a symposium for rookie players in the nfl. >> you're all not going to do the right stuff. i've got to teach you to get around this stuff too.
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if you have a crew, one of those fools has got to know he's going to jail. we'll get him out. >> carter advised players to have a fall guy in the crew to take the blame should they get into trouble. the comments were made during last year's symposium. the conference is meant to help players adjust to their new found fame and fortune. the nfl and carter's current employer espn admonished carter. looking back he realized he gave very bad advice. and twin pandas are born at the zoo in washington. why they're making an impassioned plea to save the endangered species.
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morning... beginning at 4:3 ,,,, here's look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. at the national zoo in
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washington, the giant panda cub bao bao munched on a big birthday cake. she turned 2 years old sunday and it was quite a weekend for bao bao. she became a big sister two times over, her mother delivering a set of twins on saturday in washington, d.c. they're just the third set ever born in the united states, and their births give new hope to those working to save the preserve the endangered panda population. jericka duncan has the story. >> reporter: 17-year-old mei xiang gave birth at 5:35 saturday night. five hours later a second. that's about the same size as a pack of star bursts. zoo director dennis kelly. >> this is very executing news and was a bit of a surprise for us, although we were prepared. >> reporter: for the next several weeks they will
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alternate every three hours between the incubator and their mother. chief veterinarian don neifer. >> honestly until the cubs are both out walking around, acting normal, being a panda, that's probably when we'll exhale. >> the sex won't be known until dna tests have been completed. names for the cuddly cubs have yet to be determined. these recent births give home to the people working to preserve the endangered species. according to the national zoo, there are fewer than 2,000 total pandas captive and wild left in the world. when the pandas at the zoo reach age 4, they will be taken to china. jericka duncan, cbs news, nor. a surprise wedding for tracy morgan. the "saturday night live" alum married his fiancee last night. he was critically injured last
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more than a hundred topless women and men marched in new york city. the marchers were calling for equality sunday. their protest comes as city officials debate the legality of topless women in times square who solicit payment for photos with tourists. current law allows both men and women to go topless. there were other topless protests across the country including one in minnesota. and scary moments for a pilot of a hydroplane boat in michigan. it went airborne yesterday during a race on the detroit river. the pilot said the wind and rough river conditions caused his boat to soar through the air. it landed right side up with heavy damage. the pilot said he injured his hand. and former president jimmy carter is back to teaching bible class.
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sunday's talk was his first appearance at his hometown church in georgia since the announcement of his cancer diagnosis. he says he plans to keep working as much as he can. carter hopes to travel to nepal for service work in november if doctors allow him. video games are big business, but it's not just playing games that fans are interested in. video gaming has now become a spectator sport and it's becoming one of the biggest in the world. brian webb reports. >> reporter: madison square garden is home to the new york knicks, but at this championship there's no ball and no basket. instead the sold out crowd is cheering for ten guys sitting in front of computers. this is a league of legends video game north american championship with team solo mid taking on counterlogic gaming for the suminer cup. the fans are passionate and even dress up as game characters. >> there's no better way to appreciate a character you play
4:27 am
all the time than to be the character for the day. >> reporter: millions more watched the broadcast at home with announcers and highlights. there are major sponsors like coke, and the players are celebrities. gill gillion pang is better known. is how much practice do you put in? >> 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day. >> reporter: there are more than a dozen other video games that are played on the professional level. >> the top pro earns are playing close to a million dollars. >> reporter: dustin beck makes it. his company said 27 million people watched the 2014 u.s. championship match. almost double the world series. after almost three hours, counterlogic came out on top. they now head to the world championship. brian webb for cbs news, new york. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a closer look at those
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three americans honored today for foiling an attack on a passenger train in paris -- or to paris rather. plus, we'll meet an extreme adventurer who goes down into active volcanos. and we'll talk with one of the earliest hillary clinton supporters, senator amy klobuchar of minnesota. that's the "cbs morning news" for this monday. i'm anne-marie green. thanks for watching. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. good morning. the weekend is over. it is a monday. we start off with a live look at the golden gate bridge. foggy start to our monday morning. it is august 24.
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i'm marie medina. >> and frank is off all week this week. good for you, frank. it's just about 4:30 and it is time at this early hour to have a look at the weather. >> you depressed me with the weekend is over. what a way to start a morning newscast. >> reality check, right? >> the good news is, as you head out the door, you won't have to bundle up. mild start for the first day of school for many kids. oakland unified, contra costa school district. temperatures in the low 60s with some cloud cover out there. i have your full forecast coming up in a little bit. first, a check of the roadways. >> checking in westbound 80, it's off to the right shoulder. it's in the clearing stages. once you get past that and over to the bay bridge, so far, so good. we'll have a look at the bridge coming up. >> thank you so much. developing news now, san jose police are investigating a fatal shooting that left one man dead. it happened a few minutes before midnight on the 2,000 block of


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