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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 24, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. good morning, everyone, i hope you had a good weekend. it is monday, august 24,. >> frank is off this morning. straight up 5:00, developing news. a man is dead following a shooting overnight in san jose. it happened add few minutes before midnight on the 2,000 block of levon avenue. police are on the scene and so is kit doe. he joins us live this morning. kit. >> reporter: hi there, good morning. the victim's body still here on the scene. a very active scene as you can see. they cleared the perimeter and believe the suspects have fled the area. it's safe for officers to go door to door. the call came in around midnight of a man on levon avenue. officers found the man laying next to his vehicle where he was declared dead. there was some type of party,
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but unconfirmed. the suspects fled toward a community center. there was an area under lockdown, but since been cleared. here's a lieutenant, chris monahan. >> we still have very active crime scene. we are searching the perimeter we have set up in this area in hopes of finding those two suspects. we're at the early stages of our investigation in terms of determining what happened. >> now the victim was in his 30s. investigators believe he lives in the neighborhood. we do now have homicide detectives on scene. they will be interviewing witnesses and trying to gather evidence and figure out what happened here in san jose. kpix5. >> thanks for that update. a fast moving wild fire is forcing hundreds of people to evacuate their homes. the summit fire broke out yesterday afternoon near snow summit ski resort. so far, 100 acres have burned and mandatory evacuations are in place. that fire is 30% contained. >> and firefighters are making progress in the battle against
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the peterson fire burning near kelseyville. those flames are 30% contained. the fire started on saturday night. 215-acres are burned. it is the latest of a series of wild fires to hit lake county. the city of napa is marking one year since a 6.0 earthquake that rattled, causing extensive damage. kate is in napa with a look at how the quake has affected people's lives. good morning, kate. >> reporter: morning, brian. you know, it's been one year later and the road to recovery in some places, as you can see, is still unpaved. these construction sites are a reminder of the damage done on that day. by this time last year, neighbors were only beginning to see the destruction of the 6.0 earthquake that shook napa to its core. the damage stretched all the way from santa rosa to vallejo. the roads were buckled and some of the most historic buildings
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crumbled to the ground. >> oh my god. it was like the exorcist. my dresser, flipped completely over. >> it went like this. boom. boom. boom. boom. boom. boom. >> just on and on. >> that was it. that was about the duration. you are screaming in bed, sitting up. both dogs parked underneath me. they just ran and hid and fell on the bed. it was awful. >> so far, the rebuild efforts have been slow and steady. the quake caused some $300 million in damage and hundreds of people were injured, including a teenage boy who was critically hurt after a fireplace fell on him. and one woman died after sustaining injuries from a tv falling on her. we know that later this afternoon, neighbors here in napa will be gathering in veteran's park to mark the
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anniversary and showcase the progress made. reporting live in napa. >> the anniversary event will start at 3:20 this afternoon. >> i can't believe it's been a full year since that happened. >> yeah, since i slept through it, it seems like it it was a year ago. i remember that distinctly, but boy it was the biggest one since 1989. we've got traffic, but we have weather. you know, you're warming it up midweek. >> i'm trying. i'm doing my best. we actually do have temperatures near or above seasonal norms and kind of increasing over the next couple of days. out to a mild start. from our live shot here and also because of warm sea surface temperatures. here's a look outside. 62 livermore. 63 oakland. 62 in san jose. here are your headlines, sunday
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sign more most today and i'll tell you who coming up independent a bit. >> we have brake lights westbound to 5. towards 580, westbound 580 starting to see some delays. right to the top of the pass, past there, traffic actually moves pretty nicely. so 16 minutes from the portion of the 580 from the pass to 680 right now. 680 itself looking good. no accidents or incidents through san jose. traffic looks good northbound, also 280 no problems. checking in problem-free. if you have an early flight, you're in luck. 101 both directions. you are up to see no delays as you come away from the clinton, northbound. highway 1, also off to a roadway, 30 on time trains. all on time, you name it. >> thanks, and bart completes a
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makeover of 127 elevators after years of complaints about break downs and foul smells. the old flooring tends to absorb liquids and odors. the new floors is made of alumbar aluminum that can be sealed. at the pleasant hill bart parking garage. >> today, china's main stock index is down 8.5%. today. this follows last week's big selloff. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with the latest. >> reporter: asian stocks continued to plunge this morning, signal global economic trouble. the selloff follows last week's tumble on wall street. >> these people would need positive news from china, some kind of policy response. >> allowing banks to invest in
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stocks have done little about the world's secondest biggest economy. apple and wal-mart who counted on chinese demand to grow. investor it is shouldn't be too concerned. >> they usually occur every year. we've been long overdue, more than four years since the last correction. one up side to the down market, analysts say now less likely the u.s. central bank will raise interest rates next month. jill wagner, cbs news, new york. today, two south bay officials will air their concerns about oil trains, supervisor are behind a resolution. the board will vote on today. chavez and yager are speaking today against a project that would allow up to five oil trains a week. the trains would travel san jose, and gilroy, on their way to a refinery. >> the san francisco archdiocese reached a deal on a
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new contract following morality clauses. ratified a three-year contract providing raises of 2% a year. the contract does not include any specific morality clauses. it contains assurances of job protection, even if teachers private lives do not line up with church teaching. thousands of students are getting ready for the first day of school. district workers are scrambling to hire the last of 15 teachers. we'll find out if those teacher vacancies were filled or if some classrooms will have to increase in size. >> police are investigating the death of a hand glider who flew into a cliff. it happened yesterday in san francisco. investigators aren't sure what caused the man to crash, but there may have been an incident on a hand glider.
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three american men receive france's highest honor. we hear from them after the break. >> and we're off to a mild start this morning with warmer temperatures on the way. you're back to school forecast is coming um. um-- up. >> and no delays to report. ♪
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welcome back. time now, 5:11. here's a live look at levi stadium. we're looking at overcast conditions right now. yes, that's where the niners played and won last night. you can watch it right here. coming up on kpix5, your full back to school forecast. >> we'll see you soon, thanks, julie. typhoon with powerful winds and big waves. winds up to 160 miles an hour, flipped over cars and toppled utility poles. some people reportedly were cut by broken windows. the impact more serious in the philippines were nearly two dozen people were killed and another 16 are missing. >> today, three americans and a british citizen received france's highest honor for this warting thwarting a gunman.
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>> french president welcomed the men to the french presidential palace to honor them and thank them for everything they have done. three american men along with two others helped stop a man on a train. first heard a gun shot and breaking glass. >> i turned around and looked to be an ak-47 and he looked like it was jammed or wasn't working and he was trying to charge the weapon and alek hit me on the shoulder and said let's go. >> he's on vacation having just returned from deployment in afghanistan. stone is a member of the u.s. air force. >> i feel our training mostly kicked in after the assailant was subdued, frankly. when it came to medical care, and things like that, and providing security making sure there wasn't another shooter. but in the beginning, it was mostly gut instinct. >> doctors released stone from the hospital over the weekend. the gunman flashed him several times with a box cutter.
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he says surgeons had to reattach his thumb. officials have identified the gunman as moroccan, a man officials say had links to islamic radical networks, perhaps to isis fighters in turkey. >> the guy had a lot of ammo. his intentions were clear. >> the suspect lawyer says the attack had nothing to do with terrorism. she claims he found the weapons in a public garden next to a train station and had only planned to rob passengers on the train. i'm andrew spencer reporting. glf and they are from sacramento, wow. in this early monday morning, the weather looks good, how about traffic? >> it's been an easy ride so far. if you're getting ready to head out the door, you're in luck. as you work your way westbound out of oakland into san francisco, an easy ride. the westbound side looking 18, 20 minutes. keep in mind, eastbound 580,
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now there is roadwork. so head's up. a little bit of conditions because of that. westbound 92, 880 to 110. off to a good start. not seeing any delays this morning. at least through this portion of the roadway, traffic is clear. same goes for the golden gate bridge. checking 880 through oakland, both directions in the green are showing nice speeds. going 55 to 65 miles per hour. checking 880 looks good. a's are out of town. so you should have a quieter commute later. a nicer commute on 880 later on this evening as well. things are clear on the southbound side. earlier we are seeing delays westbound, but that's typical for a monday morning. here is julie. >> thank you, gianna. thanks in part to overcast skies and we are likely going to see some temperatures warming up later above what we saw yesterday. outside right now, your current condition in the upper 50s to
5:16 am
low 60s area wide. 60 pacifica. high pressure building in from the east. as it does, we'll start to see temperatures warm beginning today and increasing over the next 24 to 48 hours. also likely to see increasing clouds as we move throughout the week. as it pushes back our way. we are going to see temperatures warming. at or above average for this time of year. typical summer-time weather. what to expect for this first day of school, coastal clouds. sunshine away from the coast and warmer temperatures inland than what we saw yesterday. here is your back to school forecast for the western contra costa school district. morning bell, 63 degrees. 71 for recess. at lunchtime, 73 by the time you head home. yeah, i know, sorry. here's a look at those high temperatures; 88 in fairfield. 82 in santa rosa. 67 in pacifica and 82 your high
5:17 am
temperature today in redwood city. temperatures continue to increase over the next couple of days, tuesday into wednesday, in the low to mid 90s. then we start to cool. notice increasing clouds over the next couple of days. more so for the second half of the week. not significant cooling. we're not talking 60s and 70s for your highs inland, but temperatures back down into the mid to upper 80s for the warmest spots inland and likely going to see more cloud cover as well for the second half of the week. overall, mild, comfortable, nothing too spectacular. >> that sounds familiar. >> hopefully a little bit of a bump before fall comes. >> tomorrow should be warm. mid to tupper 90s for the warmer spots. if you're looking for another hot day, tomorrow might be it. >> heaviest, exactly. >> thanks, julie. >> the epa knew about the blowout risk at a colorado gold mine ahead of a toxic water spill two weeks ago. that's according to documents released by the agency.
5:18 am
3million-gallons of waste water turning it a mustard color. the epa says the contamination is back where it was before the incident, but toxics metals have only sunk to the river bed. donald trump will be on the cover of the rolling stone. should come out in early september. last week, he appeared on the magazine along with a bald eagle. he appeared on the hollywood reporter. and anybody dissatisfied with the major candidates, there are another 673 to choose from. they include buddy the elf of alaska. his majesty of the prince of darkness and deez nuts. >> new allegations against bill cosby bringing the total to 50 women. three women came forward last week. they recounted cosby giving them a drink and blacking out.
5:19 am
coughs by is expected to testify in court in october. are you taking blurry selfies. a batch of the iphone 6 plus' over a defective camera component. it can lead with the high resolution camera. most of the affected phones were sold between september and january. apple will replace those cameras for free. and let's continue free advertising for apple. some big bragging rights for students. the university has the most grads working just across the 280 at apple. it tops stanford, cal, and 19 other universities. neither harvard or yale made the top. and coming up, an
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impressive home debut for the san francisco 49ers in the australian rugby star does it again. what's cool about your school, you can e-mail your nomination to us, and maria may show up, and you don't ,,,,,,
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good morning, welcome back. north 101 getting reports of a new accident. two cars involved. one vehicle may have hit the right shoulder while there is debris reported in lanes. headed out to the scene, just head's up if you work your way through the peninsula. we'll take a look at the bay bridge coming up in a few minutes. good morning, everybody. from levi stadium, you know, last week in the 49ers preseason opener at houston, the big star was jared. the australian rugby player. he may have topped that debut last night. had a 53-yard run last week. and last night, a couple of punt returns across mid field. he had 84 yards on three returns last night. 6-0, throws into the line of
5:24 am
parcel. the 49ers beat dallas. bottom of the 6, andrew solo shot. pittsburgh beat the giants 5-2. san francisco state, a game and a half back of l.a. in the national league west. mark, deep center, that clears the bases. would end up on third with a triple. oakland scored 7 in in the inning and beat tampa 8-2. and golf, 51-year-old davis love, iii, shot a 6 under 64, won his first tournament, the third oldest winner in pga tour in history. until a triple bogey ended his chances at the championship. right now, they are covering up lee vie stadium for a luke bryan concert. the turf held up very well in the 49er preseason opener.
5:25 am
game three is saturday at denver. at levi stadium. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. >> ladies and gentlemen, now it's time for the play of the day. the final round of the championship. 162 yards away. and brown goes all 162 yards for the hole in one. the georgia native would finish tieing for third, thanks to the play of the day. >> all right, now 25 minutes after 5:00. apple says changes are on the way for his new i watch. the biggest problems the upgrade will fix. >> and homicide investigators are on the scene in east san jose as the police department is dealing with another is dealing with another overni,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. >> all eyes on wall street this morning after last week's market meltdown. the impact it's having on companies in the u.s. and today marks the one year anniversary. one of the biggest quakes to hit the area. i'm live in napa with a look at the recovery efforts and also a look back. >> and we're off to a mild start for this first day of school for many of you. what to expect later today. a hint, a warmup is on the way. >> and traffic starting to get busy at the bay bridge. plus a new accident along 101. i'll explain. >> good morning on monday, august 24, i'm brian. frank is off today. >> happy monday morning, developing news now, san jose police are on scene of a shooting that left one man dead overnight. kpix5's kit doe is live with
5:30 am
the very latest. good morning, kit. >> reporter: that man's remains are here on the scene in east san jose. a homicide investigators are trickling in within the last half hour. officers canvassing the neighborhood and going house to house. this call came in at midnight of a home that was down near story and king road. officers found the man laying next to his vehicle with a gun shot wound. he was declared dead at the scene. they believe there was some kind of party beforehand, but that is unconfirmed. the suspects fled toward a community center and also the middle school. both those areas have been cleared. k-9 units are working the scene along with the helicopter. >> we have the youth community center and the creek area. so we actually were able to get the helicopter back out at the end of their shift and they were able to use their device to search those areas from the sky. >> now the victim was in his 30s. they do believe he lives somewhere here in the neighborhood. this is the city's 20th
5:31 am
homicide of the year. we're live in east san jose, kpix5. >> a fast moving wild fire is forcing hundreds of people to evacwait their homes this morning. the summit fire broke out yesterday afternoon near snow summit ski resort. so far, 100 acres have burned and mandatory evacuations are in place and the fire is only 30% contained. firefighters making progress on a fire that if you didn't tune in this weekend, you wouldn't know about it. happened saturday night. peterson fire burning in lake county. flames are 30% contained. 215-acres have burned. it is the latest in a series of wild fires to hit lake county. >> are you insinuating we didn't watch you over the weekend? >> that's exactly what i'm saying. >> we were all tuned in. >> the last thing you want to do is remind yourself over the weekend, i completely understand if you didn't know about that fire. one after another. >> one after another everywhere it seems. across the state, it really is. when you say fire weather, fire
5:32 am
season, it does not go away. well, we are going to see warmer temperatures today and increasing temperatures again tomorrow. so, not getting some relief until later on this week. let's take a look outside. right now, plenty of cloud cover, helping to keep temperatures up to a mild start. 62 san jose. 61 in san francisco. hour by hour in san francisco, starting off with cloud cover, as you can see, it does burn off relatively early in the day. partly cloudy skies. sunshine around, too, topping out near 70 degrees in san francisco. staying sunny through the evening hours and increasing clouds overnight tonight. your full forecast coming up in a bit. >> no lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is starting to stack up. busy conditions now on the westbound side as you work the way out of oakland. no delays once you get past the delays of the toll plaza. chp on the scene of this accident between university.
5:33 am
it's over to the right shoulder. but there is debris, so if you see delays, it will be because of a traffic break. right now, traffic is moving okay on the northbound side and the pass, business as usual, slow and go westbound. maria. >> thanks so much. it was slow going for niner fans trying to get home after yesterday's preseason win at lee vie stadium. stadium workers say the number of exit lanes from parking lots is being expanded for fans leaving games this year, but any fans say they didn't notice any improvement over last season's traffic gridlock. >> stop signs don't seem to click and they have a lot of people stuck there. so it took us a long time to get through. >> traffic, 49er fans with plenty to cheer about. they stomped the cowboys 23-6. >> today marks one year since the 6.0 earthquake caused extensive damage. the rebuilding is still going on. >> brian, it was right around
5:34 am
this time last year that residents were able to see the damage or extensive damage from that quake. that really shook this city to its core. as you can see behind me, the rebuilding process here is still on going. the damage was visible from santa rosa all the way to vallejo. many of napa's buildings suffered the worst of it, including the courthouse and post office. several water mains ruptured and a fire damaged six mobile homes after a natural gas line broke. one person died, hundreds were injured. we asked neighbors here how life is changed for them since that day. >> a lot of my friends are afraid another one will come on the one year anniversary. >> you know, it's always in the back of your mind, especially with different movies coming out. we're right here on the fault, you know. you never know. >> quake started at 3:20 in the morning and it only took a matter of seconds to cause $300 million worth of damage. the rebuild process so far has been slow, and costly.
5:35 am
now, a live look out here, business owners, this is first street. they say they are having a hard time bouncing back because as you can see, hasn't really made it easy for them to attract customers. reporting live in napa, kpix5. >> thanks so much, kate. today, explosions and fire ripped through a u.s. army depo in japan. it happened before dawn outside of tokyo. the building blew up. half of the roof collapsed. there are no reports of injuries. hundreds of japanese and american troops and civilians work at that depo. thousands of students are getting ready for the first day of school in oakland. over the weekend, district workers scrambled to hire the last of 15 teachers to fill classrooms. we'll know later today if those teacher vacancies were filled. >> a slowdown are dragging down global stock markets. >> jill wagner joins us now. what's the carnage look like this morning? >> yeah, not good.
5:36 am
good morning, brian and maria. markets tumbled this morning. china's main index said its biggest dropped since 2007. the markets will open after their worse week since 2011. the dow plunged 530 points on friday alone. the nasdaq lost more than 171 points. and this all started with a slow down in the world's second largest economy, china. prices fell below $40 a barrel for the first time since 2009. the silver lining, cheaper gas prices. aaa says the natural average is $2.60 a gallon. it's a dollar less than last year at this time. and if oil prices remain low, aaa predicts prices could dip below $2 by the end of the year. so, it leaves a silver lining. >> i'll have to see it to believe it. so we all know people love taking pictures of their food, i'm guilty of it.
5:37 am
now those pictures could be part of google maps. >> yeah, the website android police said google is testing a new feature. attach them to the establishment's location. brian and maria. >> i like it, too. all right, sounds good. >> thanks. >> i know that, way you could see what the food really looks like instead of the professional photos. >> on top of yelp. it's a good resource. >> how did we ever do it before? thanks. an incident involving a group of african american women who were kicked off the napa wine train has sparked add social media fire storm. one of the women posted these pictures on facebook of the group waiting to be escorted off. the incident spawned the hashtag, laughing while black. police were called because the women were being too loud. the women say they were singled
5:38 am
out and they are wondering if race had anything to do with it. >> in essence, they have taken something froes that they can never give back. which is our dignity. there were so many passengers looking at us like we were in this fish bowl out the window imagining what it is that we could have done to be ejected or taken off the train. >> the whine train said our manager tried to address the issue, but those attempts were ignored. following verbal and physical abuse toward other guests and staff, it was necessary to get our police involved. the company did give the woman a full refund, but they want a public policy. >> a little girl allegedly killed by her neighbor. the family's 8-year-old called it a celebration of her life. hundreds filled an arena. mady's mother read from her diary. people came from all over to say good-bye and pay their
5:39 am
respects. >> breaks my heart we have to go these lengths and you have to go an extra mile to teach them to be safe. >> your favorite? >> rest in peace up there. >> 15-year-old, adrian gonzalez has been charged with mady's murder. prosecutors plan on trying him as an adult. he's back in court next month. >> now it's 21 minutes before 6:00 on your monday morning. three california men receive france's highest honor after thwarting an attack on a high speed train. what they are saying about the takedown. >> and if you're heading that way, that's what it's going to look like. gianna has more details on ,,,,,
5:40 am
5:41 am
good morning and welcome back. time now, 5:41. here's a look at your uv index
5:42 am
today. your uv index is 9. that means sunscreen is a must. use spf30 plus. south beach is closed because of oil. strong petroleum odor persists and tar balls keep washing ashore. the area has a history of natural seepage from the ocean floor and today public health workers plan to reevaluate. how they took down a heavily armed man on a train in france. today, he and his buddies receive second-degree the legion of honor. the highest award in france. he talked yesterday about he, anthony sadler and alek stopped add massacre before it began. >> alek came up and grabbed the gun out of his hand while i put him in a choke hold. seemed like he kept pulling more with his left and right. all three of us started punching him while he was in
5:43 am
the middle of us. >> i feel our training kicked in after the assailant was subdued. in the beginning, it was gut instinct. >> the suspect is a 26-year- old. through a lawyer, he wanted to rob passengers, not commit an act of terror. police caught him with an ak-47 and a pistol, plus several rounds of ammunition. after suffering a severe head injury during a race in pennsylvania yesterday. video shows wilson as he was hit by debris from another car that crashed in front of him. accident is a grim reminder of the dangers of open cockpit racing cars. prices at the pump are lowering. san francisco drivers are paying $3.44 for a gallon of regular. in oakland, it's about $3.31 a
5:44 am
gallon. it's about $3.27 in sacramento. >> time for a look at weather and traffic, but first the road ahead. >> it's getting busy out there, so welcome to monday. we have a couple accidents out there. northbound 101 at university. two separate incidents. one blocking the slow lane. debris in lanes as well. 31 miles per hour on the northbound side, right around university and along the peninsula. use 280 as an alternate. once you get past the mess, traffic looks good. that gets a little bit better. no delays on that southbound side of 101 this morning. and again, cut across 380 to 280 if you want to have free flowing conditions on that southbound side. now checking your drive at the bay bridge. meter lights have been turned on. we have seen delays. the bridge, to berkeley, to the may 24 minutes. not quite to the foot, but slow
5:45 am
and go conditions. no accidents, but it's busy as you work your way up the incline. not bad on the san mateo bridge. that's looking good so far. 880 between 101. still only 13 minutes. eastbound not seeing any delays. golden gate bridge looking good as well. southbound 101 from 580 to the golden gate bridge. checking our drive times, 24 to 580, that will take you 20 minutes. 680, we are seeing a few brake lights. westbound 580, to the maze is 7 minute ride and westbound 24, 680 to 580. 14 minutes, that's moving decently this monday morning. westbound side, 680, still very busy. slow and go out of tracy. sluggish, to north livermore. then some brake lights pass toward the dublin interchange. and taking a look at conditions, westbound highway
5:46 am
4, gets better into pittsburgh. you're going to see delays again towards the bay bridge. >> thanks, gianna. off to a mild start with gray skies area wide. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. 62 in mountain view. 60 in santa rosa. 58 in fairfield. high pressure building in from the east. temperatures continue to warm beginning today peeking tuesday and staying warm on wednesday. like lay throw in extra clouds as we see some high clouds rotate and actually around this as well. temperatures warming, typical summer-time weather at or above seasonal norms. what to expect? the first day of school for many of you, morning clouds with patchy fog, but the cloud should burn off relatively quickly and warmer today for folks inland. warmer than what we saw yesterday. sunrise 6:33.
5:47 am
sunset tonight at 7:51. a look at the highs around the bay area, 67 pacifica, 79 mountain view. 88 today your high temperature in fairfield. 85 concord. 83 in napa. kids heading back to school, oakland unified today, 73 your high temperature there. a look at the extended forecast shows temperatures continuing to climb, peeking tuesday into wednesday with highs in the 90s for the warmest spots inland. then we start to cool things down just a tad bit. not even really fall weather. but we are seeing temperatures in the 80s with increasing clouds for the second half of the week. >> nicely done. >> some upgrades, apps will be run through your phone. wifi connections you connected with your iphone. a software update launches next month. the movie straight out of compton was strong at the box office for a second week.
5:48 am
♪ [ music ] >> that movie brought in nearly $30 million in ticket sales this past weekend. mission impossible rogue nation held on to second place with nearly $12 million in sales. sinister 2, hit man agent 47 and man from uncle round out the top five. >> washington, d.c.'s newest giant panda cubs appear to be healthy this morning. officials at the national zoo say it's likely the pair will survive and that didn't always used to be the case. panda mom gave birth to the cubs yesterday. they are their third and fourth offspring. previously she had two cubs that died after birth. zoo officials say the survival rate for panda cubs is now
5:49 am
greater than 80%. 20 years ago, it was less than 20%. >> time now is almost 5:49. might just be the most depressing place on earth. why people are clambering by why people are clambering by the millions just ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. time 5:52 on the dot. here's a look at your back to school forecast for kids at oakland unified. morning bell off to a cloudy start. 62 degrees. as you roll into recess, sunny and 70. final bell, 73 degrees. plenty of sunshine for you as well. now a check of your first day of school commute. and it's a busy one. the delays are just beyond. seeing delays pretty early this morning. 30 minutes. we'll look into that, also get you an update coming up in just a minute. >> louisiana trooper shot in the head is in critical condition. trooper steven vincent was investigating a pickup truck in a ditch yesterday. when the driver allegedly pulled out a shotgun and shot
5:53 am
him. 54-year-old, kevin is now being charged with attempted first- degree murder of a police officer. >> delays, confusion, and frustrated passengers after a suspicious bag forced the closure of a terminal at sfo. the bomb squad was called to terminal 2 yesterday afternoon when security found what looked like hand grenades in somebody's bag. passengers were evacwaited and sent to other terminals. the grenades turned out to be toys. delays lasted about two hours. and scary moments for bart passengers over the weekend. they had to evacuate yesterday morning. when smoke filled the bore at the glenn park station heading toward downtown. firefighters think it was trash burning on the track. service was back up and running after a little bit of a delay. >> new developments in a case of a parent dog abuse. the spanl mix got checked out. vets say he has no major injuries or anything that will have a long-term effect. while the dog looks fine, the trainer and alleged abuser could face animal cruelty
5:54 am
charges this week. we first showed you the video on thursday. a woman appearing to throw the dog down on to the ground. a different dog trainer questions that approach. a lawyer for the woman in the video says the whole thing is a misunderstanding and a different way of training a dog. >> this lady loves these dogs. she is also a dog trainer. and so she tries. when she starts training the dogs, to do it with treats and benefits and things like that. but sometimes, you have to use a different disciplinary approach. >> it is absolutely no behavioral training technique that is a scientific technique or anything that would help a dog. >> while at least three other dogs were taken from that woman, she is expected to face misdemeanor animal cruelty charges. >> looks like a monster that won't go away. that's what governor jerry brown had to say about hillary clinton's on going e-mail scandal. >> i don't know. this e-mail thing has a
5:55 am
mystique to it. you know, an e-mail is an utterance in e-mail form. it has some type of dark energy that gets everybody excited. so, i don't know, it's almost like a vampire. she'll have to find a stake and put it through the heart of these e-mails. >> as finish whether he thinks joe biden should get in the race for the white house -- >> if i were hilary, i would say don't jump in. if i were joe biden, i would give it serious consideration. >> governor brown has run for the presidency more than once, but he said no way. he said he already has plenty to do right here in california. >> well, it is called dismal land and it is the talk of the town in great britain. people lined up for hours just to get into the amazement park. it's a work of the disney land. take a look. there's a dead princess, rides that don't work. and a the staff is supposed to
5:56 am
be rude. the crowd seemed to be amused by the satire. >> you have to think about things and put the clues together. and obviously taken a huge amount of work. some of the detail is incredible. having to do it all under the cover was amazing. >> so the interactive exhibit will only be open for five weeks. good luck getting in. a website offering tickets on friday, receiving 6 million hits. >> let's continue this dismal theme. worry on wall street. the terrible finish to last week and markets not open yet. what are the experts saying could happen leading to that opening bell? >> and homicide investigate torse arrived in east san jose. police dealing with another overni,,,,,,
5:57 am
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studios, this is kpix5 news. >> good morning, hope you all had a good weekend. it is monday august 24th. >> i'm brian hackney frank is off this morning. >> san jose police are looking for two suspects after a minnesota afters found shot to death overnight. we're at the scene with the very latest. >> reporter: san jose police have start today collapse the crime scene now. however, the body is still here on the scene. they have cleared the perimeter. they believe the suspects have fled the area. this sort of clears away for officers to go door to door now. this call came in around midnight of a man who was down on lavon avenue near story and king roads in east san jose. officers found the man next to his vehicle where he was declared dead. they believe there was a party beforehand but that is unconfirmed. the suspects fled toward a community center. that area has


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