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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 24, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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words, phil. >> reporter: that's right. no more, no more, no more sleeping, and no more sleeping on the streets here in san francisco. you got to move. >> you're going to have to leave. >> reporter: that was mayor ed lee summing up his plan for how to handle the homeless when the super bowl comes to town. >> we'll give you an alternativement we'll be supportive but -- alternative. we'll always be supportive but you're going to have to leave the streets. >> reporter: apartments that lee hopes to have built in time for the party. >> reporter: party -- some with mentally ill. they get cleaned up 24 hours, and back in the environment that caused them this in the first place. >> reporter: san francisco, however has been very tolerant with the homeless, and any move to target them has traditionally met with vocal opposition, and this is an election year. >> i have to have an at alternative alternative.
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>> reporter: moving them to another area may not work but the host committee tells us the basic plan to have so much going on, there won't be loom for the -- room for the homeless. >> we're going tornado entertainment, family activities, that will keep it vibrant, and 24/7 security. >> reporter: the mayor's comments come as the city continues to grow, especially complaints among tourist. >> it's getting worse and there are more things happening. >> they can't be on the streets not just because it's illegal. if they say no, you have to leave, and we'll give you an alternative, and you're going to have to leave the streets. >> reporter: wills police going to be involved? >> public works, police, social services. they will all be engaged. >> reporter: it's going to be aal order. if the mayor seems to be saying two things at once, he is. on one hand he wants to be
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compassionate, on the other hand, when the world drops in on the super bowl, they will be looking at san francisco, and him as well, and he wants it to look good. >> phil, thank you. it's a fight we have been seeing all over the bay area. long time tenants in danger of being kicked out to make room for big developments. what some are killing a win against the monster in the mission, mike? >> reporter: they call it the monster in the mission, veronica. it's supposed to be two ten- story buildings, one five-story buildings. hundreds of apartments right here at 16th and mission street where this walgreens is now, is located right now and activists have been fighting this like crazy for two years. today they say they have won. but developers say not so fast. >> we've got some encouraging news this week. >> reporter: the monster that kept these people await at night may have been slayed. >> let's hear it for everybody involved. thank you. >> reporter: the project, 340 i
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don'ts of primarily luxury housing -- units of primarily luxing housing and patrick manis was happy to hear the monster is in trouble. he lives next to where the project would be, in a ten by ten cramped hotel room that would go for a thousand a month if he left. right now he pays half of that. >> it's probably the lowest priced place in a mission like this, it's kept fairly clean. >> reporter: the project missioned a planning deadline and is now in litigation. some believe it's the death nail for what is noun as the monster in the mission. >> we have made this site completely toxic when it comes to building market rate and luxury condos here. >> no more monsters. >> reporter: activists are taking credit. they want a san francisco where all incomes, all classes of people can live, fighting those who believe the market should
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determine the landscape, the people have earned the right to do with their money what they can. >> we have enough luxury condoings. we have enough apartments going for 3 to $5000 in rent. what we don't have is dopily affordable and affordable housing. >> who is going to supply the services to the people coming in? it's not going to happen. people can't come from berkeley and oakland every day to work to provide these services. >> i love san francisco. do you love san francisco? >> reporter: but which san francisco? that's a question not going away away. so within the last 15 minutes, we got a response from the developer, actually from their attorney, and it says we remain fully committed to the development of 1979 mission, notwithstanding the dispute, we are moving forward with this project. so the story is far from over. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. developing news right now
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regarding the evening commute. within the past hour, the embarcadero b.a.r.t. station has reopened, this after a person jumped in front of a train and was killed earlier this afternoon. this video was from the inside the montgomery street station in san francisco. platforms were crowded as b.a.r.t. service across the bay was stopped for several hours. those who were on their way to b.a.r.t. in san francisco ran into this on the street outside the embarcadero station. these pictures from doppler 5 show the huge crowd weighting to get in, so they could catch a train. you can expect lingering delays through the rest of the commute while b.a.r.t. tries to get back on schedule. ken. the bay area marking a somber anniversary today one year ago. the magnitude 6.0 quake hitting nap pa at 3:20:00 a.m. it was the biggest earthquake to hit the bay area in over a quarter century. homes caught fire. hundreds of people were injured. one woman died. so a year later, napa and
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vallejo have fought hard to recover. each brick put back in place, a sign of its resilience. our coverage of the quake one year later begins with joe vazquez and a bit of a report card on the recovery. joe? >> reporter: ken, they're wrapping up a one year commemoration ceremony here. this city still working to recover. a year ago today, the napa valley mobile home park was an inferno, and to make matters worse, the 6.0 earthquake busted gas lines which fed the flames and cut water lines which made it difficult to fight the fire. >> everything in my house kept emptied first, and tipped over and broke. >> reporter: norma robinson said it was even worse for the four families whose homes burnt down. many others were locked out for days. >> traumatic. i have been lived here all my life and be in all kinds of earthquakes and nothing like the last one. >> reporter: a year later, the
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park looks back to normal, no sign of the earth earthquake or fire! napa has made great strides toward recovery. the city's privately owned buildings are moving faster. the post office is still in shambles, although a recent attempt to sell it off was thwarted. >> we're about 80, 85% back to normal, and there's some pieces of normal that won't come back. >> reporter: some pieces of normal are taking turnover -- forever. now there are neat stacks of bricks as they slowly revamp the building. >> my shop is blocked off, a small pathway to get through it. >> reporter: how would you describe yourself in this situation? >> really patient and frustrated all in one. >> reporter: the mayor tells me that virtually all the historic
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structures in the downtown area sustained some damage and there's actually an unintended positive consequence here, and that is that as they are rehabbing them, and they're making them, putting the seismic retro fit inside, they're making downtown napa safer than it was a year ago. report live, joe vazquez kpix 5. >> good to sina pa on the rebound. by the way, it wasn't the only city affected. vallejo hit hard. the first baptist church suffered major damage. one year later, kpix 5's john ramos has the road to recovery for one of the oldest institutions in vallejo. >> reporter: today the fallen chimneys have been replaced and things are pretty much back to normal, and while there are few reminders of what happened one year ago, it doesn't mean people have forgotten. >> when i saw them taking the bricks off this church, i'm
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like, no, not my church, because it was damaged. >> reporter: the old first baptist church near downtown was built way back in 1922. so pastor alex marks hurried immediately over to check for damage. he breathed a sigh of relief that everything seemed okay, which lasted only until the sun came up. >> and someone called over and said first baptist church looks like it's going to fall into sonoma boulevard. >> reporter: the top of the brick had pulled away from the building and city engineers slapped a red tag on it. the lord helps those who help themselves, the steel reinforcement installed after the 1989 low ma free that earth -- loma prieta earthquake worked. the church was again open for business. >> we didn't miss a single service. we missed one day of doing meals. >> reporter: the pastor says the disaster may have been a
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blessing in disguise as the community came together to help the church in its hour of need. >> on that particular day, we were all family. we were all trying to take care of each other. >> reporter: people came to make sure we could feed hungry people. there was a closeness that came with a lot of people because of the earthquake. >> reporter: it turns out a shaking from down below may have delivered a message from above. in vallejo, john ramos, kpix 5. >> pastor marks says once the story hit the internet he began getting donations from all over the country. he collected $23,000 in all, the exact amount needed to repair damage to the church. 6 men pleaded not guilty in the death of an oakland mother who was shielding her kids from gunfire. shah meal pierce was caught in the cross fire of a gun battle in chestnut street. shots rang out. pierce was hit in the back of the head while pushing her children to safety. of the 67 people charged,
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investigators have not said who fired the shot that killed pearce. the men are due back in court in october. mystery surrounds a kidnapping by three men who said they worked for a bail bonds agency. the bizarre incident happened thursday on bareka street in san francisco. police say when a homeowner answered a knock at the door, three men were there, one with a shiny badge and a piece of paper. they handle cuffed man, put him in a vehicle and drove off. after a few blocks, the bail bonds agency made a mistake, and police are investigating. firefighters making progress on the latest wildfire to hit lake county, the grade fire broke out earlier today, northeast of the town of middletown. cal fire says that at one point as many as 20 structures were threatened, one building was destroyed. firefighters have that fire about 50% contained tonight. it has burned about 25 acres. crews still working to contain the peterson fire burning in lake county, but it's been a tough battle.
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the last update, those flames remained at about 30% containment. the same as last night. this fire broke out saturday near kelseyville. 215 acres have gone up. well, they didn't hesitate to take down a gunman on a train. how their northern california community plans to honor these men for their bravery overseas. and it may have you changed up your breakfast menu, what is driving up the cost of eggs in california by 150%. it was cloudy at ocean beach this morning, but look at all the sunshine and blue sky that you have this afternoon. temperatures still chilly right along the water but we're getting warmer. we're getting warmer and warmer. then, we will get wetter. could there be rain in the forecast for san francisco. find ou,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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three northern california men could be in for recognition. they received france's highest honor for taking down a heavily armed gunman on a high speed train. the pentagon says it's considering honoring them to recognize their heroic actionings. two are in the service, and one is a student at sacramento state, and that has the campus buzzing. reporter derek shore says the school is anxious to welcome back a hometown hero. >> hiding or sitting back is not going to accomplish anything. >> reporter: sac state senior anthony saddler, and friends spencer stone and alek skarlatos from the sacramento area proved they would not sit back in the face of danger, taking down a suspected armed terrorist on a paris bound train as they traveled in europe. >> he is sac state, made at sac state. >> reporter: today sac state president robert nelson says the campus is overwhelmed learning saddler is set to return to class this year as a
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can i kneesology senior and -- can i kneesology senior, and hometown hero. >> he is everything we want our students to be and even more. he's courageous, he's smart. he cares about people. >> reporter: students today echoing the same sentiment. >> i don't know how i would handle it, but i think the guy who did it, i think he was braved for doing that. he saved a lot of lives. >> reporter: the praise and gratitude far reaching, the three friends who tackled the suspected gunman also saved the life of a wounded victim. they were awarded france's highest civilian award, the legion of honor, given to them by the president francois hollande. >> reporter: airman spencer stone was the most injured. his thumb had to be reattached. >> probably god had some sort of hand in this. >> reporter: stone's father says he could not be more proud of his son, but also incredibly
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grateful. >> for him to have ended up in this situation, prevailing and not dead, and none of his friends dead is just so wonderful. it's just unbelievable. >> reporter: and the university says that they do want to celebrate saddler in some way, but they want to talk to him first before they proceed. in sacramento, derek shore, kpix 5. >> sacramento mayor kevin johnson tweeted this today, big news, we are throwing a parade for our three hometown heroes. details and timing coming soon. hash tag, sacramento proud. we now know it was a bay area police chief who had her gun, her badge, and her laptop stolen in rich monday. uc berkeley chief margot bennett was the victim of a car break-in. the chief went for a morning run at point isabel regional shoreline last friday and that's when someone smashed in
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the window of her car in a parking lot. the crook also swiped a diamond ring and other valuables. park officials say they're seeing a lot of burglaries because of the location being so close to the freeway. a fire broke out today at the bethel family christian center in livermother. chop -- livermore. chopper 5 was ahead. part of the church on north p street was badly damaged. no word on a cause. california lawmakers are trying to get a jump on the potential legalization of marijuana. there are a couple of bills that would regulate pot. one would require the chp to determine whether a person is too high to drive. and require the health department to test pot products. another would create a state agency to license and create operating rules for medical marijuana businesses. an oakland based company just broke ground on a new battery recycling plant in nfl. federal officials say it's the first of its kind in the world.
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aqua metals ceo steve clark broke ground at the site on friday. the price tag for the new plant, $30 million. an aqua metal spokesperson says the facility will be more efficient than others like it. it should be up and running in 2016. legislatures are hosting a two-state summit on environmental issues at lake tahoe. governor jerry brown, and senator feinstein were among the leaders speaking today. the big item on the agenda was the lake tahoe restoration act. it will keep the federal government invested in restoration programs around the lake. the california and nevada officials also discussed ways to curb wildfires and keep out invasive species. they have managed to keep tahoe blue all these years. anything good up there is good for anybody. locals, you name it. >> gets used a lot and looks as beautiful as it ever it has. maybe a little taste of fall. a little nip in the air and maybe a little bit of rainfall.
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both in the 7-day forecast. today, pretty comfortable. what's your climate, you like the 80s, 70s, 60s, we got them for you. moss beach, san francisco, 60s. hay ward, san jose. 70s. you can pick your climate around here, and a major housing choice based on whether you like sunshine, the fog, 60s, 80s, we have it all around here. what we have are two competing but equally large weather elements. there's a ridge of high pressure over the four corners. that's to the south and east. to the north and west, we have a big strong area of low pressure. those two duke it over. beau get a chance to be victorious, just at different times. the next couple of day, it's about the ridge to the south and east. and a little bit of less of the ocean influence will bump up temperatures 3 to 5 degrees. you may notice it tomorrow. once we get warmer, we stay warmer through thursday. friday the ridge retreats and says it's your turn low pressure. this guy is going to dig down
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off the coastline, a weather pattern, i typical show you sometime maybe a week or two before halloween. instead it's coming in late august. kind of rare that we get a push of somewhat cooler air, may fire rain showers coming up on saturday. that would be great for the allergy sufferers. we have rain in the forecast for saturday. concord tomorrow, 87. san francisco comfortably in the upper 60s once again. we'll level things off in the upper 80s, low 90s inland. 70s near the bay through thursday. friday we go cloudy. yeah, a couple showers on saturday. and sunday, folk hits 8 -- known hits 80 degrees. it's not full force fall. may be a taste of what's to come later on this year. >> we're looking forward to it, i know that much! thanks paul. you're going to have to keep shelling out more for eggs in california according to the department of agriculture. a dozen eggs now costs about 3.50.
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a year ago, it was less than a buck 5 for the same carton. part of the same problem that we have been talking about, officials say an outbreak of the aviant flu led to the price spike. green grass in the middle of our drought. why one bay area campus ,,,,,,,,
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maybe the last thing you expect to see during a drought, somebody investing in new sod. >> what is going on at san jose state. >> kpix 5's devin fehely with how the school is defending its landscaping choice. >> with homeowners across california, letting their lawns turn brown or ripping them out all together. san jose state university is doing something you just don't see much anymore, at least not in the middle of a historic drought. it's planting a sea of brand new green grass across its
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campus. >> we're in a drought. when you put in artificial turf or, you know, people are putting putting in rock gardens or drought resistant plant. >> reporter: despite appearance, a university spokesperson says the new grass is not the water waisters student might image. >> all of the water is watered with recycled water. this is not the same as the water you get through your tap and drink every single day. this is water that has been recycled. >> reporter: in fact, the university says its use of recycled water, drought tolerant landscaping and conservation measures on campus helps it save 7 million gallons a year. it uses the lawns for student activities. many question if it sends the right message when so many others are going green by letting the landscaping go brown. >> they could have made more parking for people to park. they could have used it in other ways, rather than a grass
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area. like we don't need the grass i don't really think. >> reporter: in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> san jose state says they plan to use the newly sodded areas for student activities and concerted. coming up in our next half hour, wild swings on the stock market, a roller coaster day for wall street, but why they say investors should not panic. and at the san jose
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you're watching kpix 5 news. our top stories tonight, a major victory for opponents in san francisco's mission district. this 340 unit development missed a deadline and is in litigation. long time tenants say the project would have priced them out. a san francisco mayor has a message for the homeless when the super bowl city comes to town. you have to leave. mayor ed lee says while the city supports them, it is too dangerous for them to be in the streets. the host committee plans to have around the clock security for the super bowl city, which will be set up at the foot of market street. well, not the way anyone wants to start off the week, a
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sharp sell off on wall street today. >> cbs reporter, marlie hall shows us it started just minutes into the trading day and didn't get much better. >> reporter: trading on wall street monday was nothing less than a roller coaster and like most scary rides, the biggest drop was the first one. just 3 minutes after the opening bell, the dow jones industrial average lost more than 1000 points. a midday rally erased 90% of what was lost but it didn't last, and the dow ended the day down almost 600 points. trader peter tuckman tried to keep it in perspective. >> is this the end of the world, no, is it a crash, no, is it a sell off, is it correct territory? perhaps. >> reporter: the sell off started overseas as huge losses in china knocked more than 4% off of european markets. investors are concerned about china's crumbling economy but traders here at the new york
6:31 pm
stock exchange say today's losses can be a unique opportunity. >> from a trader, this is what we live for. >> reporter: around the globe reacted to the slow down of china's growth. >> it's the second largest economy in the world and from 2007 they were the life raft to the world economy. that trade is no longer there. >> reporter: august is typically a quiet time in equity markets but today's volatility suggests this ride might not be over. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. >> some of the bay area's tech companies are seeing a rebound in after hours trading but that's after they took a beating during a wild day on wall street. the kcbs radio financial reporter jason brooks says done panic. >> it's natural to look at your 401(k) account, and retirement portfolio and wonder what you can do to protect yourself. the key thing is to make sure
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you're investing in companies you feel good about in the long- term, where you might be willing to take a hit for a little while, and see them come back up. >> here's another look at how the market's finished. a lot of red today. the dow plummeted 588 points. the nasdaq dropped 179. the s&p 500 fell 77. >> after a series of embarrassing security breaches, changes are finally coming to the san jose airport. kpix 5 juliette goodrich tells us about the low tech solution on the way. five times in less than a year, a person was arrested after trespassing on airport property at san jose manetta airport. 15-year-old yaya made head leans when he stowed away in the wheel well of a hawaiian air leans jet after scaling the airport's perimeter fence. clearly the feds saw there was a need at this particular airport to get this done. >> certainly our airport saw the need based upon some
6:33 pm
incidents that happened here. >> reporter: rose mary barnes is a spokesperson for the airport and says the first priority is fencing. >> it entails a 3-foot concrete base, topped by 7 feet of perimeter fencing and topped by 1 foot of raiser wire, so there's -- razor wire. there's a lot of components, there's a lot of costs for various materials and the labor cost. >> reporter: east bay congressman who has sounded the airport security alarm for years told kpix 5 back in april, something has to be done. >> until we have a system where security officials are alerted at the moment of the breach, we're very vulnerable to people wandering around the airport grounds before they're confronted. >> swalwel along with other local leaders pushed for the federal grant, and while it all goes toward fences, the airport hopes the next phase will be perimeter technology. the latest security boost helps ease concerns for travelers, like jeff wise, flying from san
6:34 pm
jose to canada to watch the 49ers all season. >> i'm glad they're increasing security. it's good for the passengers. >> other travelers are still a little skeptical. >> i was wondering why a higher fence would actually help. it seems to me, the security inside is more effective. >> reporter: with this new federal funding, the airport is now looking to hire contractors and laborers to get this job done. they say let the bidding begin. in san jose, juliette goodrich, kpix 5 news. will he or won't he? political buzz tonight surrounding vice president joe bide and whether he plans to join the race for the white house. cbs reporter, craig boswell with a meeting that is sparking chatter. >> vice president joe biden is back at the white house amid increasing debate over whether he is considering a presidential run. biden sat down with president obama for their weekly lunch. >> those conversations tend to be wide ranging and cover everything from work to family. i'll love it to you to decide
6:35 pm
whether or not you think this decision facing the vice president adds to those categories. >> reporter: a conversation with elizabeth warren, believed to be a discussion about a possible candidacy. >> i think it's clear that all the democrats running want to strengthen the middle class and that's their vision. no matter who the democratic nominee, that's the policy they'll carry forth into the general election. >> reporter: hillary clinton is the front runner but continues to be dogged by controversy over her personal e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. bernie sanders, the leading challenger says boyden's entry into the race won't change his campaign. >> i will as i have done up until now run an issue oriented campaign. a number of issues. >> reporter: biden has said he will announce his decision by the end of the summer. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. actors, tech leaders and
6:36 pm
politicians will be among the guests for steven colbert's first week hosting the late show. released today, actor george clooney, and republican presidential candidate jeb bush will be on the show's premier tuesday. that's september 8th. other highlights for the week includes tesla ceo, elon musk and author steven king. sounds good. he is one of the most memorable survivors of the napa quake, coming up, the remarkable progress this teenager has made one year since a fireplace came crashing down on top of him. plus, much more than your typical job fair, why chipotle,,
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the restaurant chain chipotle is looking to hire 4000 new employees, and it plans to do it in three hours or less. each location will interview up to 60 applicants on september 9 september 9th between 8 and 11:00 a.m.
6:39 pm
the chain is enticing new recruits saying 10,000 of its hourly employees have been promoted to management over the last year, and the top managers can earn a 6 figure salary along with a company car. a bay area restaurant run by robots, well, tonight we're going to show you the latest health food spot doing away with human servers. i'll have that story plus a whole lot more on bay area night beat. come join me at 10:00 over on our sister station, 44 cable 12. still ahead at 6. maybe not what you would expect to find inside a prison. cute puppies, the program giving inmates the jon of training them. something to look forward to, sunny the next couple of days. watch what happens as we look at future cast. that green, that blue, that's rain crossing the border into california, encroaching on the bay area. find out which day has a chance of rain right here. that's coming up. and coming up, the 49ers
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plain and taking the nfl by storm, but he can't do it all. >> what is the biggest concern for an aging golfer. >> because i'm 61. it's time to go to the obama. it's time to go to the obama. >> substitute down your ,, aa chance to try somethinglook. different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. take advantage of our summer offers. get this low mileage lease on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month.
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a milestone on the road to recovery in napa. it was one year ago today the ground shook and rumbled. the 6.0 quake was felt around the bay area. the vineyards, one of napa's oldest wineries was severely damaged during last year's quake, and take a look at these images, then and now. after the quake, the building was leaning severely, and since then, the winely has worked hard to recover. the building is undergoing the final round of repairs. the quake cost the city of napa more than $200 million in damage. one person lost their life. 200 people were injured. among those hurt, nick dillon who is now 14 years old. a year ago, a brick fireplace crashed down on top of him.
6:44 pm
critically injuring the teen. three pelvic surgeries later, nick is running, playing sports, even dancing and expressing gratitude to his community. >> when the pain i was experiencing was unbearable and when it felt like the sun wasn't going to rise again, you the community helped me in ways you'll never know. >> at precisely 3:20 this morning, a high school percussion band drum rolled for nearly half amen, the length of the earth -- half a minute, the length of the earthquake a year ago. inmates have a new jon behind bars -- job behind bars, training puppies. >> this is part of a program that gives service dogs to people with disabilities. reporter tony tantillo -- tony lopez shows how shows dogs can change the dynamic of a hardened prison population. >> these two puppies, cody and simon will be doing a stretch of 16 to 18 months in prison.
6:45 pm
they're getting obedience training from 7 inmates selected for good behavior. >> i'm so happy. i can't believe i got this opportunity. >> reporter: the california community is teaming up with k- 9 for independence, a nonprofit that gives service dogs to people with disabilities, free of charge. after their time with the inmates, the pups will go back to professional trainers to learn specialized skills. then they'll be paired with the people that need them. >> being able to have a dog pick up a cell phone or a pencil that a person might drop in their college class can make a huge difference in that they don't have to ask a person for help. >> reporter: trainers for k-9s for independence come once a week. sometimes they bring an older dog like carol. the inmates live with the dogs, training them every day. >> instead of doing my daily routine, i have something a little fussy happy guy to wake up to and take care of.
6:46 pm
>> it's been about two weeks but the warden knows he's going to expand the program. >> i interviewed the inmates before they started in the program, and what a change as far as their personalities, they have kind of blossomed. >> the dogs light up faces across the prison yard. the inmates tell us they never thought they would be able to help other people from behind prison bar. >> to contribute something back, you know, when you've taken, taken, taken, your whole life, and you can finally give something back, and help somebody else out, it really feels, i can't even describe it. >> that was tony lopez report. this program is the 13th of its kind for k-9 companions for independence. it's the first at a men's prison facility. kpix 5 weather time. sunshine, milder weather. that trend continues for the next couple of days. we'll check with our weather watchers and what's going on in the backyards. we'll head to marin county, and
6:47 pm
san rafael. mainly sunny skies, despite the fact we have a west wind at 16 miles per hour. the on shore is still there. the ocean temperatures in the mid-60s. upper 60s in pacifica, lindsay patton report in sunshine, close to the beach, and farther down the peninsula, robert sullivan, sunshine at redwood city, 81 degrees, the current temperature there. what are the airport temperatures outside, we'll take a live look toward our rooftop at the bay, livermore 85 degrees. 75 with sunshine in san jose, and oakland checking in at 70 degrees. showing the radar, not because there's rain on the radar, there's not, won't be tomorrow, the day after, the day after. saturday, we will likely see showers at a minimum in the north bay but perhaps spreading over the entire bay area. the lows, oakland 60. mountain view 58. concord, livermore and san rafael in the mid-and upper 50s. two weather elements, big ridge to the south, the battle of the giants, only two weather
6:48 pm
factors. the ridge wins first, the next several days, less of the on shore flow as this guy exerts a stronger influence. the sunshine like today, 2 or 3 degrees warmer tomorrow. a few degrees warmer on wednesday and thursday. the big story is this trough of low pressure which will win on friday. really ton saturday and sunday. cool air, at a minimum, yes. some showers, i showed you future cast before. they are heading into california. numerous fires in northern california. this is wonderful news. tons of fires in the pacific northwest. this is wonderful news. the jury is out as to how far south the rain gets. right now, looks like the north bay will get perhaps a tenth of an inch of rainfall. it would be wonderful for allergies and also to cut into the fire danger to see a little bit of that rainfall around here. if it happens, it would be saturday. just some showers. will not be a wash out. it will help out the fire situation a little bit. it will help out your allergy situation a ton. so fingers crossed for some rain saturday. tomorrow, tuesday, san jose and concord exactly average which is the 80s. santa clara, 81, and a pair of
6:49 pm
6's in pacifica, half-moon bay. # 8 in danville. that's your high tomorrow. hasn't i don't care, 89. and -- antioch, 89. oakland 79. sausalito, 71. and st. helena, 88 tuesday. shower chance on saturday. three warm days between now and then. friday we cloud up. saturday, there are your showers, and look at sunday, even without rainfall, highs will not hit 80 degrees. will not hit 80 degrees. that is your forecast. ,,
6:50 pm
i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose.. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me.
6:51 pm
one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california. because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity.
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sad news tonight, indy car driver jusin wilson has died one day after suffering a severe head injury during a race at poke nose raise way. 21 laps to go, when race leader spun into turn one. debris flew from the car and struck wilson in his head. his car veered to the inside wall. the driver was air lifted to the hospital, and passed away today. justin wilson was 37 years old. the 49ers defeated the dallas cowboys at levi stadium, and the hero is the rookie from the land down under, australian rug by star jared hayne was able to top his debut against houston last week, and leading
6:53 pm
san francisco with 54 yards against dallas, and averaged 28 yards on 37 punt returns in his second football game. hayne came into the game, ended the season, really, as a long shot. his dream of making the nfl right now looking much more realistic. >> jared, you were on punt return coverage when you made a fantastic play. you were on kick off coverage, you ran the football, you caught the football, what don't you do? >> i don't play quarterback. >> not yet. a few more games. >> what has been the most difficult transition from rug by to the nfl? >> i think the whole game in general. i'm still getting used to lower my pads, and running the right blocks. i run plays and whatnot, so a bunch of things. probably not just one single area. the whole game in general. i'm just trying my best. >> you know andrew bogut by chance? >> that's my boy. >> he was sending you love on
6:54 pm
twitter, go aussie. >> great guy. >> hey, you know what, when all else fails, blame the coach, right, the a's have fired 3 3rd base coach mike. 19 runners thrown out at home plate, range of motioning galligo, ron washington, before becoming the rangers manager in 2006, washington returned as a fielding instructor. 51-year-old davis love iii shot a 6 under 64 to win the wyndham championship for his first win since george w bush was president. 51 and four months, love became the third oldest winner in pga history. his age did catch up to him in one area. >> you got five, and because i'm 51, it's time to go to the bathroom, that's five holes in.
6:55 pm
so i went over to the bathroom while ryan was hit on 6 tee, and i said to myself, you cannot look at the leader board the rest of the way. you have to just play your game. you can smell the blood in the water, you know what's going on, and i didn't know the scores, and i think that really helped me. >> incredible win for a 51-year- old golfer on the pga tour: while the 49ers were playing preseason football, another bay area team was headed to the championship game. what was that ben, ken? >> the national conference championship game. there's the touchdown. saber cats won the game, 70-67, advance to next weekend's arena bowl. reds and d'backs, cincinnati's brian pena coming home. veronica, you make the call, safe or out. >> safe! safe? are you sure? take one more look. he's safe. good call. you're one for one this season.
6:56 pm
very impressive. the little league world series, cole wagner grand slams, look at this, 18-0; over missouri. impressive. look at the pitcher, ma chi gerrard admiring it as it goes deep. billy burns, doing superman. rob logan of to have scythe with a -- forscythe, with a base hit. what if i told you someone was better than burns in the same game. scott massler to save the relievers. bull pen, high five, and watch reddick. getting a little bit of love; too. as a matter of fact, i have just been told that burns has been traded. massler is the new a's center fielder. breaking news. >> ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: good. good. thank you very much, everybody. appreciate it, now. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and boy, we got a good one for you today, because we got a family here returning for the third day. with a total of 20,835 bucks, straight out of chicago, illinois, it's the moffett family. >> [cheering] steve: and from fresno, california, it's the setrakian family. >> [cheering] steve: everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving away in a brand-new, stylish ford fusion hybrid. let's play the "feud," everybody. give me dj. give me megan. let's go.
7:00 pm
["family feud" theme playing] all right, guys, here we go. top 6 answers on the board. name something a man discovers about his fiancee that would make him call off the wedding. megan. >> talking to an ex-boyfriend. steve: talking to an ex. audience: aww. >> he discovers she cheated. steve: he discovers she cheated. >> whoo-hoo! number one? yes! yes! ha ha ha! >> dj, we're gonna play. steve: i'm more stunned than you. >> [laughter] steve: i been playing with him for 3 days, and he ain't-- he ain't got a answer yet. he couldn't believe it. it turn up, "number one?" i-i can't believe it either, dj. pass or play, dj? >> we want to play!


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