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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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over. in about 35 minutes.. this is kpix 5 news. tonight the wait is almost over. stephen colbert will make his big late show debut right here on kpix 5. everyone has been wondering what the new show will look like and what it will be like. we are live in new york tonight. first, triple digits heat hits the bay area. it is so hot. some schools in sanz are san jose are letting kids leaving early. >> is it hotter tomorrow, paul? >> in san francisco today, a high of 75 degrees. the hottest day of the past
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five years. youhave to go back to august 2010, of the last time we were that hot in san francisco at 95. triple digits in the south bay. saratoga at 100. ocean beach at 84 degrees today. how does tomorrow compare? for some of you away from the bay, it will be hotter tomorrow. livermore up to 106 and nearly 100 in san jose. with this dome of high pressure sitting directly over the bay area, bad air quality will be worse tomorrow. the north bay will have worse air quality as well. we'll talk about it coming up. how hot is it? well, here is one, it is so hot in san jose that some schools are taking off early. the campbell school district will let kids take minimum day tomorrow because of the heat. kids can go home at noon.
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some classes don't have air- conditioning so they are doing this as a precautions. >> there are other classes that don't have air-conditioning. iam assuming it is hot enough. for me, i have air- conditioning. >> you are one of the lucky ones. >> yes, i am one of the lucky ones. >> adam high school, temperatures were in the upper 90s. cutting class short on friday, that's yet to be determined. cooler in the east bay. andrea is standing by mre pleasanton tonight. >> at this point, people have no escape from the heat, it was simply hot and everywhere you go, there is nowhere to run from >> these kitty cross-country runner making it at the top. >> it is so hot that the
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official recommendation for those without ac is to go to the bay fair mall. by we are walking on the lake and we brought her here so she can stay nice and cool. >> 3 k-4 training was on. the key is never to get thirsty. >> so kids here are never thirsty because they drink a lot of water throughout the day. >> downtown peralez pleasanton , ice cream was the only option. >> this is because we have to wear long sleeves at work and i just came from work.
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>> you didn't feel like ripping it off like video style. >> i wish we had. >> kpix 5. some breaking news in the east bay to tell you about part of a 12 station is shut down. witnesses say there is a body on the track. the person has died and this is affecting trains heading south to fremont. bart says trains are delayed for 20 minutes but the rest offensive the station is opened. the faa is trying to figure out what cause a jet liner full of people to burst in flames. passengers took out their phones and started recording. >> smoke bellowed that never got on the ground. passengers inside the terminal recorded videos on their phones. >> i felt it. the flight was head to london
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gatlinburg airport. the plane experiencing a left engine fire while preparing for take off. passengers deplained on the runway using emergency flight to get out. >> there were 159 passengers and 13 crew members on board. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> about 20 minutes, 14 people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. mostly from sliding down from the escape chute. new details o f the death of an inmate of santa clara jail. three jailed guards. kpix 5 learned another attack of the same night. >> one by one of the three jail guards wearing inmate uniforms. >> those were supposed to protect michael tie reez.
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tyreese, in stead, they killed him. mathew and rafael rodriguez are to blame. today, the santa clara sheriff'soffice put put out a detail report. i am sorry. i heard of what sounded like blows to a person's body. michael had injuries all over his body. investigators say he died from internal bleeding. he was left in his cell for more than an hour. >> we file felony and asalt charges against these three correctional officers for an assault on different inmates. today the da also revealed the same night, the three guards confronted a second inmate about an argument with another inmate.
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the officers hit the inmate in the head and twisted his arms leaving visible marks on them. all three correctional officers are facing life in prison. their next court hearing here is next week. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. shawn dolla broke his neck in four places and suffering a concussion. luckily, we was able to pull himself to safety. tonight, he's in stable condition. last year dolla submitted this industry. youcan see wow, he really did take his flights to the event in january. he did not win. chris has the story that
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you will only see on kpix5. >> a fractured knee and his face. bruce leon never expect the job he loves will give him hospitalized. >> curb's wife says it all happens here at a basketball tournament. there was an argument of some of the ages o f the kids in the sacramento team. the next day, they lost the game. a family friend stepped out to have a cigarette and the next thing he knew. >> it was five on one, they beat him. >> stephanie says her son, a player in the team found the coach bloody in the lot. thereare surveillance cameras here. coach bruce told his wife that the people assaulted him were coaches from the ground up team. >> i don't want nobody else to
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go through this. this violence has to stop. >> kpix 5. >> oakland police are investigating and they talked with him to the hospital today. race at the white house turning to e-mails and immigrations today. ben carson says he's all for securing the border and putting america first. >> have when you get on the airplane, have you noticed the announcement they make? it says in case of an emergency, wear your mask. put yours on first and help others. >> donald trump is running for his money especially in iowa. tonight, hillary clinton is offering her first apology about using private e-mail server while testifies secretary of state. she writes, yes, i should have used two e-mail addresses, one
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for personal matter and one for my work at the state department and not doing so was a mistake. i am sorry about it and i take full responsibility. before tonight, clinton says she did not need to apologize, her campaign has struggled in part because of how she handled the whole issue. >> heineken, some drinkers wondering will the bay area's favorite be the same. >> late show with stephen colbert debuts in just a few minutes. before i ,,,,,,
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we are less than twelve hours away now from learning what apple has ip up up its sleeves. hey, siri, gi us a hint. the special event is tomorrow morning in san francisco. thereare apple logos everywhere. streets are blocked off and security is tight. >> expect to see the next generation iphone six and possible leanne ipad pro and maybe an siri enable apple tv if she does say anything about all. the big reveal starts tomorrow at 10 a.m.. one of the biggest beer maker in the planet is buying a beau minnick stake. heineken is getting in the
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craft brewing business. >> we head into polamalu ma to find out what it all means. >> tonight, a lot of fun. >> hopefully, it will stay the same >> in a blog posted about the deal, the ceo promised its customers its line of craft beers will keep the same taste they had since in early 1990s when the recipe was born. >> it has grown so much in the past. the ceo says it was as trip to ireland that he realized that his little brewery could have worldwide appeal. not everyone is toasting his partnership. >> it seems like a strange marriage. unfortunate that every small company sells out. >> the heineken deal is far
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from a sell out. it is opened all around world and practically over night. >> overall it is going to double their business. >> kpix 5. so far, they're keeping it quiet how much this deal will be worth. it is one of the biggest in history. tonight, stephen colbert taken over the late show. people have been tweeting that they loved it. we get to see it here immediately following after our forecast. >> suzanne, quite an even, huh? >> reporter: ken and veronica, we have been waiting for thr night for months now and for 22 years, we had david letterman but i have to tell you after talking to the audience members, they were absolutely elated and a lot of them want to come back tomorrow and and trying to score tickets. that's a sign of tonight being
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a success. >> stephen colbert debut of the new host of a talk show. >> very authentic and real. >> it was amazing and singing and dancing and cotton candy. >> politics. >> audience members waited for hours in 90 plus temperature for a chance to see the show inside the newly renovated. brian brighton us a true letterman fan. colbert arrived, jeb bush and as well as george clooney. >> many in the crowd says they are long time fans. >> it is amazing to see how smart and funny he is. >> it is still goofy but i
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really like him. >> the fans we spoke with of any indication that the late show of stephen colbert is already ahead. >> ken and veronica there were a few between letterman and leno just give you a little taste tonight, he addressed that with one of his intensive rival. we'll send it back to you guys. >> we'll have to stay tuned for that. thank you. suzanne. >> here is a look at the guess tonight up this week, george clooney and justin bieber tomorrow and stephen king. i had a chance to sit down with stephen colbert and what he's been all summer being off.
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>> in the past few weeks, we have seen the shaving o f the cold beer. i am sorry i am yelling but you are the one who put an ex mla mitigation parks at the end of your name. >> jeb bush or is it crunk? you be the judge. >> hey bay area, the late show with me, now, i think you are breaking up. >> now, stephen colbert is ready to rumble on network tv. >> before the big premier he agrees to rumble with me. steven and ken. before i new it, steven turn the tables. why did you do what you do at this point. >> can people just, you no e, look out the window to see what news is going on. >> that's pretty much of the way. >> that's why we are depending on you to do very well. you are welcome. >> it is good to see you again.
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[ laughter ] >> receive fen's talent is shaped by the second city. now, chicago comedy theater. >> he was terrific to work with and everybody loved him. he broukt brought his intelligence and corkyness. >> his father and two brothers were kill inside the plane crash when steven is just 10 years old. >> it is a shock to the system to lose your father or brother at that age and school and friends and homework and that values of system does not use it suddenly and none of that makes sense anymore. what seems normal no longer has- -um, data. >> the brand new tenant to the
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newly renovated ed sullivan theater promises to bring fresh air to late night tv. >> commercials, that's theft. ru watching tv without watching commercials. you are criminal. are we going to the beach right now. do not press forward, you are on your honor. he's very creative and super quick. >> and raising a mother that had nine kids. today's premier runs about an extra 10 minutes. kick back and enjoy, it is a lot of fun. 15 minutes away, chances are, you may have to turn down the fans in your house. it is warm with zero wind outside. check out these temperatures, we are still 79 degrees in
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oakland, 76 in livermore. 77 degrees in san jose and we'll cool off. >> these are the temperatures at 6:00 or 7:00 this morning. >> san jose at 64 and napa at 60. we'll do the heat advice ri tomorrow. heat advisory in effect from 11:00. we don't do this often for five straight days. that's where we were going. today is day two. this ridge has dropped the anchor in a perfect spot and giving us northeast winds. that's eliminating any influence from the ocean. the ocean is still there and it does not matter right now. that ridge will be stuck giving us the wind coming from the other direction. we'll cool off when the winds move bag. it will not happen until saturday. tomorrow is another hot day p one and the hottest day of the week. >> we'll be hot throughout the afternoon. warm if you do not haves air-
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condition sdg and many of us don't. san jose is close to 100 together. >> danville is at 104 and livermore asset 106. 94 in san francisco tomorrow. >> the extend dz forecast, hot on friday, a little bit of relief over the weekend and cloudy duiier or two back to morm mall. normal, we are half way down. >> the jiens are heating up. [laughter ] >> oh, a little logo. that's why we sent you to the colbert's show because you are so good in transitions. retiring giant pitchers was the oldest to hit a home run since 1966.
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the debut of stephen bright stars. ♪ through the perilous fight oer the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming. ♪ >> i'll get it. i'll get it. >> and the rockets' red glare. ♪ the bombs bursting in air. ♪ gave proof through


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