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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a live look at the bay bridge from the roof of the studios, it's going to be hot again. try to stay cool. it's wednesday, september 9. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> it was a hot night. it is 4:30 on your "hump day." and good morning, everybody. liza, roberta, how are we doing? >> we are doing good this morning. i didn't sleep well. >> i didn't either. >> it was so warm. and i have ac. i'm just frugal. all right. if you are heading out the door this morning, it is very mild after a record-breaking day yesterday at 70 degrees in oakland. it's in the mid-60s for the most part. upstream we go 57 in santa rosa 54 vallejo. it is yet another "spare the air" day, where we have pollution in the atmosphere. heat advisory today and tomorrow because we'll be soaring up to 106 degrees inland. 107 gilroy, 95 san francisco yesterday. 93 today. the full forecast straight
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ahead. >> it's going to be hot. this morning, on this "spare the air" day, our first bart trains have left the yard on time. there is roadwork on westbound 580 through pleasanton, causing some delays also 580 in oakland. i'll highlight some of the hot spots in traffic with "kcbs traffic." >> i think hot is the keyword. >> apple is just hours away from holding its latest product launch and there's a lot of speculation about what the tech giant will unveil. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco where this morning's event will take place. anne. >> reporter: good morning. they have been prepping the auditorium for weeks here normally apple holds its big events at the moscone center but today all eyes of the tech world will be here on the bill graham civic auditorium right by san francisco's city hall. apple's ceo tim cook is going to deliver the keynote address at 10 a.m. tech enthusiasts are expecting a lot of news out of this event
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for iphone, ipad and apple tv. last year it was the iphone 6. today may be an s which means just upgrades, no major changes. >> we are expecting a lot of news from apple. we'll probably hear about the iphone, ipad and apple tv. so these are all three very important products for apple. >> reporter: the event is by invitation-only. here is a look at that coveted invitation invoking siri the apple consistent. perhaps there will be a siri- controlled apple tv or software upgrade for the apple watch. we'll see. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. supporters of a state senate bill that aim to curb climbed change had a setback falling short of approval in the assembly with a number of
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democrats opposing or abstaining. the bill would set more ambitious emissions reduction goals over the next few decades. it's eligible to come up for another vote likely after some revisions. there's no other way to describe it. we have already chatted about it. but it's going to be another scorcher again today. people across the bay area will once again be trying to find ways to beat the heat. a few options, hitting the mall, ice cream and, of course, water which is especially important for people who are outdoors. >> the key is to never get thirsty. so become hydrated. the pros are never get thirsty. drink water throughout the day. >> there is a heat advisory in place throughout the day all cross the bay area. the heat wave is cutting the day short for hundreds of students. the campbell union high school district will let students take minimum days today and thursday. that means kids can go home at noon. many of the classrooms have no
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air-conditioning so they are doing as a precaution. >> i'm fortunate because i have air-conditioning. there are other classes that don't. but -- so i'm assuming it's hot in there but for me i have in this building air-conditioning. >> so you're one of the lucky ones. >> i am. >> the district hasn't decided to shorten the schoolday on friday. >> a lot of apartments in san francisco have no ac. you don't need it. but you need it today. it was 95 in san francisco yesterday. it was 104 in livermore. that's i huge difference -- that's a huge difference. but weave not experienced 95 in san francisco in the city of san francisco for years. it wasn't a record. we had a record in oakland at 97 degrees. the hot spot yesterday was livermore, 104. gilroy was 105. right now, slow to cool down. 70 degrees in oakland.
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it's in the upper 60s in san francisco. 50s around santa rosa. it is the second consecutive "spare the air" day of the week and it is the sixth one of the summer season. so a little brown tinge in the atmosphere because we're lacking a good wind. now, we do have a heat advisory in effect until 7:00 tonight and then a heat advisory certainly again for your thursday. here's how i'm playing out your temperatures today. we'll bring down the numbers slightly around the bay and coast that's about it down from 95 to 93 in san francisco, so you're barely going to feel the difference. still 99 in san jose what we had yesterday. hotter inland. 106 in livermore, pleasanton, danville, also in blackhawk. 101 in santa rosa. we'll talk about relief and when we all can expect it coming up. relief sounds good. good morning, everybody. we are going to talk about the 680 commute where there is an accident clearing in milpitas northbound approaching calaveras off to the right-hand
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shoulder. that's the only accident on the chp reports. there were more overheats and car fires yesterday because of the hot weather. so take time today to top off the fluids in your car. westbound at the bay bridge toll plaza is good no delays getting into san francisco. southbound 101 a breeze leaving southern marin. again, no accidents aside from the problems on 680 in milpitas. and on this "spare the air" day all mass transit is on schedule. that's your "kcbs traffic." now to frank. investigators are looking into the death of a man who was found underneath a bart train. it happened last night at the citycenter station in oakland. police say it doesn't appear foul play was involved. but it's unclear how the victim got under the train. the incident shut that station down for a while causing delays on the fremont-bound train. service should be back to normal this morning. a team from the ntsb will arrive at las vegas mccarren international airport today to investigate what caused a
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british airways jet to catch fire on the runway. >> may day, may day. request fire services. >> heavy fire services are on the way. >> passengers on other planes captured images of black smoke and flames pouring out of the plane. 157 passengers, 13 crew were evacuated on emergency slides. 14 people were treated for minor injuries. >> i was one of the first people off the plane, jumped on the slide and i looked up and i flames seemed to be about twice the height of the aircraft. >> it was shocking. >> mccarren is the ninth busiest airport in the u.s. it took hours for it to clear up. three santa clara county deputies are charged with murder in connection with an inmate's death. jereh lubin, rafael rodriguez and matthew farris were in court yesterday. they are accused of fatally
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beating a mentally ill inmate at the main jail last month. michael tyree was found naked and unconscious in his cell august 27. district attorney jeff rosen says the guards punched and kicked tyree repeatedly. >> whether that person lives on the street or is in that jail, that person deserves human dignity, is entitled to be treated like a human being. >> the deputies were also charged with assaulting a second inmate the night he died. if convicted they face life sentences. they will be back in court next week for a bail hearing. republican presidential candidate ben carson is giving donald trump a run for his money in san francisco. white house hopeful said he is all for securing or borders and putting america first. >> you know, when you get on an airplane, you ever notice the announcement that they make, they say in case of an emergency, oxygen mask will
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fall down. put yours on first. and then administer help to your neighbor. that's my policy. >> carson has emerged as a strong challenger to trump. polls show he is picking up ground in the key state of iowa. on to tv now. the stephen colbert era at "the late show" is under way. the first program included a tribute to his predecessor david letterman. cbs reporter don champion has more highlights from the ed sullivan theater. reporter: stephen colbert brought new energy to the stage at the ed sullivan theater last night. he kicked off the new late show and set the tone early with band leader jon batiste. he had some fun equating the media's loved for donald trump's sound bites with his own love for oreo cookies. >> mexico is taking our economy and they are ripping it in two! >> reporter: his first guest was actor george clooney who said he agreed to stop by for just one reason. >> i'm just here to see you.
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>> well, thank you very much. >> i think that's what everybody is here for. >> yeah! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: colbert then turned to politics welcoming republican presidential candidate jeb bush. >> i don't think barack obama has bad motives. i just think he's wrong on a lot of issues. i don't ascribe . >> you're so close to getting into class. [ laughter ] >> you are this close. >> reporter: the show ended with an all-star version of the song, everyday people featuring mavis staples setting the new stage for even more musical and comical performances to come. don champion, cbs news, new york. >> on tonight's program, colbert's guests include actress scarlet johansson and tesla and spacex ceo elon musk. that's at 11:35 right here on kpix 5. kpix 5's ken bastida had a chance to do some promotional interviews with colbert. the talk show host quickly turned the tables. >> why do you do what do you? come on, ken, at this point? >> now -- >> at this point can't people
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just, you know, look out the window to see what news is going on? >> that's pretty much the way it's getting, stephen, yeah. that's why we're depending on you to do really well. >> you're welcome. it's been a great conversation. thank you so much. >> the two later took a tour. newly remodeled ed sullivan theater. >> i did. vrs it. i watched a few -- i dvrs it. i watched a few clips. can't wait to watch it later. he is going to be great. time now 4:41. a big deal is brewing up in the beer world. heinekin is snapping up half of lagunitas. what local beer drinkers are saying. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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a basketball coach is hospitalized. he said other coaches beat him after a game in oakland. christin ayers has the story which you'll only see on kpix 5. reporter: a swollen eye, fractured bones in his face and a fractured knee grace the face of a volunteer basketball coach who never expected the job he loved would get him hospitalized. >> hard when somebody is trying to get the community. >> reporter: the coach's wife says it happened here at a basketball tournament at oakland's jam town in jack london square. there was an argument over the ages of some of the kids on a sacramento team called the west coast ground up. the next day, the ground up lost a game. the family friend says the coach stepped out for a cigarette and the next thing he knew -- >> they beat him ruthlessly five on one. >> reporter: tiffany's son found the coach in the parking lot. no one saw the assault happen although there are surveillance cameras here but employees plan
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to review them. the coach told his wife the people who assaulted him were coaches from the ground up team. >> hope they find them because i don't want nobody else to find this. this crime has to stop. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the coach's wife says oakland police investigators spoke with him at the hospital yesterday. it is 4:45 now. hillary clinton offering her first apology about using a private email server while she was the secretary of state. in a facebook post she writes, yes, i should have used two email addresses one for personal matters and one for my work at the state department. not doing so was a mistake. i'm sorry about it and i take full responsibility." previously, clinton said she didn't need to apologize. her campaign has been struggling in part because of how she handled that whole issue. one of the world's largest beer companies is buying a 50% stake in petaluma-based lagunitas brewing company. some lagunitas enthusiasts are expressing concern that the brewery is going corporate.
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the company is promising customers its line of beers will still taste the same. netherlands-based heinekin will open the brand to new markets around the world. >> they are brewing so much over the past decade, in california and the united states. imagine what they can do on the other continents in other countries. >> lagunitas the sixth largest craft brewer in the u.s. -- it's delicious. a surf star from cruz is doing better this morning after an accident off the central california coast. sean dollar broke his neck in four places and had a concussion surfing on monday. he was able to pull himself to safety with all of that. he is in the hospital and says he expects to make a full recovery. now, last year dollar submitted this entry for wipeout of the year at the xxl big wave contest. there he goes. took a tumble during mavericks
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invitational last january, too. by the way, he didn't win. that looks like it hurt. >> it does. would you ever try that? >> you know, that wave -- if it's taller than me, forget about it. >> that looks like me with a sneaker wave in hawaii last summer. it's not good. i came one no bathing suit on. >> oh, no. >> that's how rough it was. yeah. if you are heading to the beaches today we have a beach statement in effect because we do again have a long southerly swell causing sneaker waves and also some very dangerous rip currents. a lot of people are heading to the seashore because it's going to be another hot one. out the door right now, we currently have the clear skies. you can see the morning star out there, as well. see it? can you see it? >> yeah. beautiful. >> something is beautiful out there. the air mass isn't. it's in the 60s and 70s at this very early hour. we are going to have another day of "spare the air" with pollution being trapped close to the surface. otherwise, it's the second day of a heat advisory in effect and tomorrow will be the third day. this is what an offshore flow
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looks like. the coast is clear. sure, we have some subtropical moisture way over southern california. we'll feel mugginess due that by sunday. until then, that right there is going to continue to encompass the entire state of california. if anything it's going to be hotter inland, maybe just a couple of degrees cooler at the coast and the bay. but that's about it. then we begin to welcome the refreshing seabreeze by late saturday into sunday around the coast. meanwhile, 106 in fresno today but that's okay. we are going to have that easily today in throughout the tri-valley. 80s in the high sierra, 80s also monterey bay. this is how i'm playing out our temperatures today. 90 degrees in pacifica. 90s in san francisco and in oakland. 102 in mountain view. shy of triple digits in san jose, santa clara easily at 100 degrees though. 101 in santa rosa. basically, triple digits away from the bay. 106 in livermore. that will be hotter today than yesterday. again your numbers around the peninsula today 90s and 100s. 100 degrees in milpitas. triple digits easily out
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towards brentwood. north bay numbers stacking up to 99 in novato but 100 degrees in sonoma. and upstream up to 102 degrees in cloverdale. here's your extended forecast. you know, i got to tell you something. i was looking at the computer models this morning. i'm going with 108 in gilroy tomorrow. computer models say 110. >> oh!! >> so i'll keep you posted on that. i know. liza just -- oh!! that hurt. all right. 90s by sunday. liza? that's just brutal. okay. and you know it's hot out there when you wake up parched already, right? good morning, everybody. we are going to talk about this morning's commute where if you plan on making the 580 drive, there's debris scattered across lanes causing some delays now along 580 but first let's show you some live pictures of 101 if you plan to catch a flight at sfo. just outside of the airport, no big delays here through san bruno. north 101 looking good approaching san bruno avenue. in fact, our sensors along the bayshore are picking up very light traffic in both directions of 101 between san
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francisco and the peninsula. moving to the debris i was telling you about, this is 580 westbound approaching grant line. it's scattered across lanes contributing to even longer delays for this commute. so westbound 580 five is heavy to livermore where all overnight roadwork is picked up from lanes. so a tough start for that commute. there's also this accident in the clearing stages northbound 680 approaching calaveras and sunol. an overturn accident off to the right-hand shoulder. you can see our sensors are picking up some delays now down to 51 miles per hour for some spots along northbound 680. so those are the hot spots traffic-wise. westbound at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's early yet. so traffic is very light leaving oakland heading into san francisco. that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." more details are emerging about an ambitious plan to extent san francisco's central subway system. this is a look at the central subway and some of the stations. the construction project ends in the chinatown area. a proposal by supervisor scott
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weiner would take it to north beach and beyond. >> we have a lot of congestion, we need to move transit more quickly and increase its capacity. and the way to do that is to have a more extensive below ground subway system. we need to move more of our transit off of the streets of low grounds. >> weiner didn't put a dollar figure on the proposal. it is 4:51 on this wednesday morning. disturbing video capturing a cheap shot on a referee during a high school football game in te,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. 4:53 on this wednesday warmup day again. take a look at the average high in san francisco.
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69. but instead today 93 degrees down from 95 degrees experienced yesterday. along the coast today that's where you will buy some relief. 76 degrees in half moon bay through the 80s in moss and montera beaches. 90 pacifica. triple digits peninsula. 104 portions. 106 in livermore. bested by brentwood at 107 degrees. otherwise, in the north bay, from the 80s through the 90s to 100 degrees in santa rosa and in petaluma. triple digits in cloverdale. traffic so far is wide open at the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound traffic looking good all the way across the bridge. it is a "spare the air" day. think about taking local transit to get into work or school. right now, everybody is on time. no delays for bart, the ferries or the "ace" train. guys? the white house says it has the support it needs for the iran nuclear deal. it was up in the air until yesterday. but then four previously undecided senators said they would back it. they will also take steps to keep congress from undermining
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the agreement. a majority in congress opposes the pac it. but not enough to override a veto. emilio nevarez was loading his equipment into a van when gunfire erupted during a fight nearby and he was hit by a stray bullet. this is one of the three people of interest in the shooting. they need your help in trying to identify him. police are also looking for two other people they say are linked to the shooting. they were seen leaving the area in a four-door silver mercedes- benz s series sedan. you see it here. anyone who might have information is urged to give the oakland police a call. new details on that blind side hit on a high school football referee in texas. a coach has now been placed on leave. assistant coach mac breed is accused of telling two players, quote, this guy needs to pay for cheating us.
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video shows two of the players barreling into the ref. an investigation is looking into whether the coach's comments provoked the players. the kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples is out of jail now. dozens of supporters rallied at kim davis' release yesterday including governor mike huckabee. davis was held in contempt of court since thursday citing religious belief for not issuing same-sex marriage licenses. her lawyer spoke at the rally saying she plans on returning to work. >> plans to be back at work this week. but i can guarantee you knowing kim, she lost god, she loves people, she loves her -- she loves gosse, she loves people, she loves her work and -- she loves god, she loves people, she loves her work and won't betray any of those. >> her deputy clerks are complying with the law. 4:56. a new day for the late show. this morninger we taking a look
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back at stephen colbert -- this morning, we're taking a look back at stephen colbert's big night. >> the wait is almost over in five hours a big ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's wednesday, seemed 9. i'm michelle griego. >> approximately approximately. nearly 5:00. yeah, get ready for another one. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's going to be ar scorcher today. people across the bay area will once again be trying to find ways to beat the heat out there. a few options, hitting the mall. grab some ice cream and water. >> the heat wave is cutting the day short for hundreds of students in the south bay.
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>> some classes don't have air- conditioning. i'm assuming it's hot in there but for me, i have in this building right here we have air- conditioning. >> you're one of the lucky ones. >> i am. >> the district hasn't decided yet whether they will shorten the schoolday on friday. >> raise you hand if you got a good night's sleep because it was cool in your house. >> i had the ac going. >> cranking it. >> my ac has been cranked up since sunday and i still didn't sleep well. we had one record in oakland 97, because records are impressive for this time of the year. but nevertheless temperatures will be hot and above average by 26 degrees. that's the scene outside now. we are at


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