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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 10, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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bay going, hooray! [ applause ] >> we finally got to sleep a little bit. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, september 10. good to have you on board. i'm frank mallicoat. michelle is off today. she was driving over the bay bridge, she lost something. her voice. she is taking a break today. let's say hi to liza and roberta. welcome back to that marine layer! >> yeah. for some people. not everybody. san francisco. but the rest of the 6 million people that live in the bay area -- >> i apologize! >> -- not affected by it today. we'll have the cooler temperatures at the coast and the bay. is that refreshing. notice the difference. yesterday at this time, it was 66 in san francisco. right now it's 70 in livermore. we have another "spare the air" day in effect in addition to a heat advisory for the entire bay area except that immediate seashore. i'll pinpoint how hot it's going to get today, 108? we'll talk more about that coming up. >> wow. >> can you say ac for the ride
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into work? >> yeah. i had mine cranked up. southbound one at moffett in mountain view an accident in the clearing stages. at least one lane is shut down. this is in mountain view. but since it's so early our sensors are picking up light traffic approaching the scene so i'll have more on this including information on possible street closures in bay point because of an early- morning fire. >> liza, thank you. breaking news. six people are injured after an early-morning fire damaged four homes. this is in contra costa county. the fire began shortly after 1:00 this morning in bay point. investigators are looking into how that all got started but they say it appears the fire began actually with a burning car on anchor drive and that spread to the nearby homes. four of the injured brought to hospitals. the other two were treated at the scene. no firefighters were among the injured. we are going to have a live report coming up in just a bit. like a warehouse full of fireworks exploding, that's how neighbors described a brush fire that broke out on oakland road in north san jose last night. on one side of it, the
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riverbend mobile home park, on the other side san jose's municipal golf course. as firefighters work to put the fire out, all neighbors could do there was just wait and hope the flames didn't reach their homes. >> like a warehouse of them going off, really rapid fast and a lot at once like firecrackers. >> we saw the flames at least i don't know 100 feet in the air started to spread quick and we can feel the heat from where we were standing. >> in the end, firefighters were able to get it under control before it burned any homes. the captain believes the fire started at a nearby homeless camp. 17,000 people are without power this morning as the butte fire continues to burn. it blackened 1200 acres in amador and calaveras counties. no structures have burned so far, but some evacuations are in place. power is not expected to be restored until later tonight. that fire only 30% contained. this week's heat is prompting shorter school days on some campuses in the santa clara valley. school let out at lunchtime
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yesterday in the campbell union high school district. the plan is to do the same today with very high temperatures forecast once again. many classrooms in the district are not air-conditioned. >> it's hotter in the room than it is outside. it gets, like, a lot hotter, like, i don't think people understand how, like, how big of a difference it can be and you're sitting there and you're just sweating trying to, like, you get a fan out and you're, like, oh, my god i'm dying! >> the heat also affected the sports teams with practices canceled or moved indoors. the district has high schools in san jose, campbell and saratoga. and i got to tell ya, it's going to be another hot one today although we got a little bit of a marine layer. we do, along the coast and into the bay this morning. i was speaking to my cousin in long beach and it was 102 degrees there yesterday. but they started seeing the remnants and the blowoff of hurricane linda and so then they had a nice steady rain but they had a schoolday also
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because they didn't have air- conditioning in their classrooms -- they had a shortened schoolday. i went from pleasanton at 105 degrees and i headed to san jose where it was 95. >> oh, how nice. [ laughter ] >> it was lovely. heading on out the door this morning, hi, everybody! this is the scene. sure we have a little bit of stratus next to the immediate seashore but the bay is clear looking out towards the calm bay waters, as well. temperatures into the 50s and 60s. it is, however, 70 degrees in livermore after a high there yesterday of 106 degrees. we still have another "spare the air" day in effect for today the third one in a row and for the third consecutive day a heat advisory until 7:00 tonight. here's how the numbers stack up. still 85 degrees san francisco. that's above the average of 69. 90s to triple digits around the peninsula. upper 90s in san jose. up to 107 degrees in livermore so yes, hotter today. computer models are still suggesting we could hit 110 in gilroy. yeah. we'll talk more about that coming up. but first here's liza. good morning. we are going to talk about some
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issues on bay area roads. the first one would be for highway 4 commuters. we do have reports of this fire we have been talking about. it may be visible from the freeway. this fire burning pacifica avenue, we have closures between anchor and port chicago highway. we'll let you know if we find out that other streets are shut down but in the meantime expect a possible visual hazard again because of this fire burning in bay point on pacifica avenue. we'll move on to the rest of the commute in mountain view. southbound 101 at moffett. an accident in the clearing stages. at one point we had a pair of lanes shut down. looks like those lanes have reopened and traffic is still looking okay. of course, it is another "spare the air" day. we are recommending local transit if it is an option for you. right now bart is on time. no delays reported for the "ace" train. and right here looks like we have a brief delay in a couple of the cash lanes at the bay bridge. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to frank. it is 4:35. the cost of transportation
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projects in san francisco is going almost a quarter billion dollars above initial estimates. the "chronicle" newspaper says the new estimate for the transbay transit center is $2.1 billion with another $244 million expected to be added to the project. it's not clear yet how that extra cost will be covered. some new documents show a richmond woman who allegedly escaped arrest by jumping off the bay bridge was drunk at the time. erlynn sanchez-edwards appeared in court yesterday. the chp says she was working as a prostitute august 12th before she drove two other prostitutes to oakland in a stolen car. the woman had allegedly been drinking and then crashed on the bridge. and that's when sanchez-edwards jumped 70 feet into the bay. she faces charges of hit-and- run and evading an officer. are you ready for a little football tonight? >> wahoo! >> i am. it's kickoff day for the nfl regular season and that means a special treat for bay area football fans. kpix 5's anne makovec live at
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justin herman plaza this morning with what's planned here in the bay. good morning, anne. reporter: good morning. yeah. the start of the football season. we're already looking forward to super bowl 50, of course, coming up in february. the excitement starts here in the bay area this week. there's going to be a concert here at justin herman plaza today featuring bay area native train and ellie goulding. anybody can come. it's open to the public. you have to line up. it's a first come, first served basis as far as the tickets. so i'd recommend coming early. the nfl has taken over pier 35 and justin herman plaza with a variety of football features. there's an exhibit displaying all eight super bowl trophies, the raiders and the 49ers. and there's an obstacle court where you can catch passes and an area where fans can put on the pads, jersey and helmet of the 49ers or the raiders. >> it's a great experience for players and coaches and people
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affiliated with their team. it defines and it has defined our experience of 49er fans here today, clearly we're interconnected of super bowls. that's the effect that it has. >> we do by the way, the bay area, have the most super bowl wins of any geographic region in the united states. of course, we have two teams but who's counting? we'll take the victory. the concert by the way, the free concert today starts at 2:30. live at justin herman plaza, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> i think train is playing tonight. okay, anne, thank you. 4:38 your time. pressure from oil companies has forced california democrats to scale back a bill aimed at curbing climate change. governor brown not very happy about it. >> climate change is not some little, you know, issue that a governor or anybody else here. this is an existential threat to your children! >> the bill had called for the state to cut its use of petroleum and gasoline in half
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by the year 2030. that mandate was dropped yesterday after it became clear the bill would fall short of the votes needed in the assembly. >> we are going forward. the only thing different is my zeal has been intensified to a maximum degree! and nothing, nothing! is going to stop this state from pushing forward on our low carbon fuel standards and our cap and trade and our electric vehicle mandate and all the rest. >> the governor is fired up there! also, yesterday negotiations over a proposed gasoline tax increase collapsed because of a lack of support from republicans. state assembly has passed a measure that would allow doctors to prescribe life- ending medication to terminally ill patients. the bill was approved yesterday on a 43-34 vote and could go to a vote in the state senate as soon as today. lawmakers testified for and against the bill. many spoke of their personal experiences with dying relatives and friends. >> somebody with a terminal
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illness less than 6 months to live and then they have to elect to meet with two separate physicians, independent physicians, who both agree on the diagnosis and the prognosis. >> governor brown has not indicated yet whether he will sign the bill into law. we are just getting started on a thursday. it's 4:40. the search is on for a race car stolen from a man's driveway. the key evidence police hope will lead them to a suspect. >> and as always, we want to know what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back.
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investigatedders are looking into a rash of freeway shootings in arizona the latest in phoenix where a truck's window is shattered. it's the tenth shooting over the past couple weekend. no one has been seriously injured. >> it is just a matter of time
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if this behavior continues that we have tragedy on our roads. >> at this point investigators are not sure if all the shootings are connected. police are asking for the public's help in identifying a suspect with a reward now up to $20,000. well, it's any classic car owner's worst nightmare. you park your car in the driveway, wake up the next morning and it's gone. christin ayers spoke to one bay area race car driver who is missing his $100,000 mustang. >> it kills you. it's like having your child kidnapped. you know? you just, um, you don't know where to look. reporter: this is the race car that mike chadwick calls red. he spent 12 years lovingly restoring it. >> one of a kind. it's a one-of-a-kind mustang, '6. >> reporter: a 1967 mustang,
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sleek, fast and pricy worth over $110,000. mike says he took red for a spin at the sonoma raceway monday. but the place where he stores the mustang was closed. so he parked red in the trailer attached to his pickup truck and left it in front of his san ramon home. the next day -- >> quarter past 2 in the afternoon they stopped and broke into it and drove off. >> reporter: a neighbor snapped this picture of someone driving mike's pickup off with the trailer attached and his beloved mustang inside. that neighbor thinks there were three thieves driving this sedan. mike believes the thieves targeted him. >> they had to have gone to the race, saw my car perform, and it was a fast car. and they probably followed me home and then came back the next day and stole it. >> reporter: a day and a half later, and he says he is losing hope he will ever see his mustang again. >> as far as i'm concerned, the car is gone. >> reporter: san ramon police are investigating. mike's truck is a tan ford
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pickup towing a 24-foot-long trailer that says stroke of luck racing on its side. in san ramon, christin ayers, kpix 5. mike isn't offering a reward for the mustang. he just wants the car back. good luck. police say they have a suspect in a case of racist graffiti in san francisco. they arrested 62-year-old man tuesday after getting several tips. antichinese messages appeared in at least six different locations monday morning in san francisco's bayview and portola neighborhoods. he could face felony hate crime and vandalism charges. well, if you feel like you're paying more for your apartment, guess what, you're right. a new report shows the average price of a one bedroom in san francisco is now $3,530 a month. that's nearly 13% increase in the last year. it's also more expensive than anywhere else in the country. all this heat prompting a
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late summer run on fans at many bay area stores. i tried. i failed yesterday. [ laughter ] >> this hard war store in san francisco is among -- hardware store in san francisco is among many local retailers with bare shelves in the fan department. i don't thing we leaf is coming any -- i don't think relief is coming anytime soon. did you say 108 today? >> i can lend you a couple. we were working together last night packing food for [ indiscernible ] just a joke, frank. just a joke. >> i'm there. it's very early. true value main street pleasanton has fans. it's going to be hot up to 107 degrees in livermore. and that will match 107 experienced yesterday in throughout the tri-valley. good morning, everyone. heading on out the door we have clear skies right there. in fact, you can see the morning star. can you see it, frank? >> there it is. >> so that's a good indication that the fog has not moved into the bay. in fact, we have some stratus hanging very tight to the coast right now and that's allowed san francisco to cool to 58.
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just 24 hours ago we were at 66 at this very early hour. it is now 70 degrees in livermore. again after that high of 107 degrees which was not a record. the record was 110 degrees. unhappy levels of smoke at the surface today so it's the third straight "spare the air" day. we have just about for the entire bay area a heat advisory in effect where it doesn't encompass the immediate seashore where we have visibility down to a quarter mile in the half moon bay area due to the return of the marine layer. so we have a light coastal seabreeze today. it will be hot again away from the beaches. but we do have relief in sight by the weekend. again, this is that most welcoming sight. i saw that starting to move into the bay area about 11 a.m. the national weather service said no, it won't affect us. how things change. we are still under the influence of this huge dome of high pressure. we also have the blowoff from hurricane linda that brought much-needed rain to southern
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california. we could see some higher humidity by the tail end of the weekend due to the remnants of that system but until then, we'll continue to see the temperatures well above average inland. 101 in santa rosa, another hot day inland. bayside into the low 90s. and then we see that relief by sunday. that's a look at your thursday forecast. here's liza. we do still have closure now. this is just north of highway 4 this street closure because of an overnight fire. now, do keep in mind that if you plan to head for the pittsburg-bay point area, pacifica avenue is shut down between anchor and port chicago highway because of this four- alarm fire that happened, that started around 1:00 in the morning. now, we'll have more information on this later and we'll be sure to pass it on to you if we find out that more sheets are shut down. in the meantime this is roadwork not too far from there. all eastbound lanes of highway 4 as you roll through the
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antioch area approaching hillcrest, all traffic has been detoured off the road because of this construction. and that roadwork will be in place for about the next 10 minutes or so. you can see from the sensors no traffic delays for either direction of highway 4 heading through there. and the earlier accident we had which tied up a couple of lanes of traffic in mountain view that's been cleared out so now all lanes are open for you for that southbound drive along 101. no delays for the bayshore between san francisco and the silicon valley. now, the bay bridge commute is looking good. westbound traffic is moving well leaving oakland heading into san francisco. we didn't have any major roadwork for this area. so all lanes are open for you between oakland and the city. and it's a 19-minute drive time between the carquinez bridge and the maze in oakland. and look at this. it's a nice foggy cool ride for southbound 101 getting into san francisco. no delays leaving southern marin and on this "spare the air" day, we are keeping a very close eye on local transit. bart is on time. no delays for the "ace" train. and no problems here either for the san mateo bridge. that's a look at "kcbs
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traffic." now to frank. we have now seen apple's new lineup . the products they hope that you will save up to get the newest gadgets. one product in particular though was something steve jobs would have hated. here's cate caugiran to tell us all about it. reporter: apple's ceo tim cook wasted no time highlighting the latest fall line-up. but to other folks it's deja vu. >> you could do this with other devices already. >> reporter: the new apple tv will get upgrades including access to apps and a siri remote to guide you. >> show me something new. >> reporter: but google's "chromecast" and amazon fire stick already have similar features. this event for apple is a lot of catch-up. but there were a few standout products. >> this is the mosted advanced ipad we have made. >> reporter: the new pro boasts a bigger faster tablet with 3d touch so you can access different content based on the amount of pressure you add to
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the screen. >> i think this is apple's way to try to attract new users for the ipad. it's declined in sales for six quarters in a row. >> reporter: the secret new weapon to the ipad pro could be the new apple pencil. and at $99, it's probably one of the more expensive pencils you'll buy. late former ceo steve jobs claims no one would want a stylus. but this is cook's apple now. the pencil detects position, force and tilt. it has a lightning connector so you can charge it directly to your ipad. >> if you are willing to spend $1,000 on the ipad pro, $99 for the pencil may not be a huge stretch. >> reporter: our updates including the announcement of the iphone 6s and new bands for the watch. >> it's a lot of new features but nothing earth-shattering. >> reporter: in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> all that new stuff, but apple's stocks started out strong yesterday out of the gate but as you can see fell hard by the end of the day.
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it was down 2%. time now 4:51. still to come, both sides from the freddie gray case are due back in court. the big decision the judge is,,,
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high temperatures across the bay area coming down along the coast into the bay today. 85 pacifica and in san francisco. but still triple-digit temperatures inland. our outside number 107 in livermore. a tad cooler friday. you will notice that the temperatures begin to go down inland by saturday. seasonal highs are returning to the bay area inland by the beginning of next week. stay cool. and if you plan on making
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the commute across the san mateo bridge, everything is as it should be. wide open with no delays for west 92. in fact, if you want to take the dumbarton bridge as well, that's moving very well at this hour between the east bay and the peninsula. no major accidents on the big board. i'll give you another look at "kcbs traffic" coming up. take a look at this. a school bus carrying three dozen high school students burst into flames on interstate 5 in irvine, california. luckily, the students were evacuated in time. nobody was injured. but scary. this cell phone video was taken by a passerby. the bus was on the way back from a water polo match. we have new photos of that boeing 777 that caught fire during take-off out of las vegas. the wing of the british airways plane is completely charred with parts of the wreckage hanging off the side. the fire burned a big hole through the bottom of the plane, as well. investigators are still working to determine the cause of that
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fire at mccarran airport. the pilot made the frantic call that the left engine was on fire and within minutes, 170 people evacuated using the plane's inflatable emergency chutes. 14 passengers were injured during the evacuation. a new visitor center honoring the victims of united airlines flight 93 will open today. the $26 million facility in shanksville, pennsylvania, will show artifacts and photos that tell the story of the people on board that flight. passengers stopped four hijacks aboard the plane on 9/11. 44 people died when that plane went down. all eyes will be on baltimore this morning. the judge will decide whether to try the six officers involved in the death of freddie gray in baltimore or have the case moved. freddie gray's death sparked protests throughout baltimore this past summer. defense attorneys for the officers say the backlash will prevent a fair trial in maryland. i'm kiet do live in bay
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point where a car fire jumps to home fours and sends 6 people to the hospital. we have a live report straight ahead. >> reporter: and we just made it inside the concert venue where you can see a couple of rock superstars for free ,,,,,,,
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good morning. it's thursday, september 10. i'm frank mallicoat. michelle griego is off this morning. and we begin with some breaking news. several people are injured after fire heavily damaged homes this morning in contra costa county. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live from bay point with the very latest developments on this early-morning fire. good morning, kiet. reporter: good morning. still a very active scene out here in bay point, where people are evacuated now. some of them allowed back into their homes, though, a lot of
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homes damaged, a lot of people crying. this all began about 1:00 this morning when a car caught fire in a driveway off anchor drive. the fire then jumped to a house and then heavily damaged it. it then spread to three more houses. people were in bed at the time. by the time they tried to escape, there was a lot of smoke. people suffered smoke inhalation. several people were injured, four taken to the hospital with relatively serious injuries. here's contra costa county fire marshal robert marshall. >> we're still assessing to see if there are other patients. the houses were all occupied at the time of the fire. but we still don't know for sure if everybody was out of the home. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the flames are very intense. they burned a lot of power lines so power is out to the neighborhood. we are


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