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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  September 19, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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beginning the recovery process, people in fire ravaged middletown are allowed back in to see the devastation in their neighborhoods. and good evening to you, i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. exactly one week since the "valley fire" broke out here's where things stand now. the flames are nearly halfway contained 48% over 74,000 acres have burned across lake, napa and sonoma counties. lake county is hardest hit. as crews get deeper in the battlegrounds they are finding more destruction. a number of homes destroyed now nearly 600. 3 people have been killed in the fire. about 19,000 people evacuated. many of those evacuees came
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from middletown and got to see what was left. kpix 5's christin ayers was there this evening. christin. >> reporter: yeah. we have actually been here since this checkpoint to let people into middletown opened around noon today and you can see people have been lined up all day up and down this highway trying to get back into middletown. you can see there is a checkpoint set up here signs that say residents only. people are passing through for the first time as law enforcement officials give them the okay to finally go back home. these among the first cars to roll through the middletown checkpoint around noon today. >> this is going to allow you to drive in the community that's not closed so leave that sticker on there. >> reporter: a bumper-to-bumper backup of evacuees who have spent days waiting to find out what happened to their homes. >> a lot of loss, a lot of fire damage. devastating. >> reporter: now waiting just a
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little longer. >> been waiting all week. kind of a nice moment to get up there but on the other hand i'm not sure i'm ready to see it. >> reporter: this middletown rest denied said his home is safe -- resident said his home is safe. others not. >> i know several friends that have lost everything in a matter of minutes. it just went up. >> reporter: they are coming home to scenes like this one, everything they owned burned to the ground. their lives and livelihoods left in ruins. but the people of middletown say, this tight-knit town will survive together. >> it's a small community. we all know each other. we can always depend upon somebody to help you out. >> reporter: now, not everyone is going to be allowed back into middletown tonight. bus canyon road still closed. anyone living in that area still up in the air tonight. many people are still back at the evacuation camp at the moment. the sheriff has given no indication of when that evacuation order will be lifted. back to you. >> do we have no ideas as to when the next wave of
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evacuation orders will be lifted? >> reporter: you know, the sheriff did give some indication that there could be more evacuation orders lifted coming up. in fact, he said they may re- open cobb mountain which is another major area that was hit. he is saying there's a lot of infrastructure building going on now and that's what's keeping people out at the moment, brian. >> christin ayers in middletown, thanks. well, the lake county sheriff says it may take several more days before people get back to cobb. it's just a minute-by-minute process. crews are working on getting some of the infrastructure back up and running for people who lost everything. the twin pine casino just outside middletown will be the new temporary home. the hotel is making arrangements but it's not clear when evacuees can move in. another sign of progress, schools and roads in the fire zone are starting to re-open. road closures have been lifted at aetna springs and james canyon. that means all roads that were closed in napa county are now
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open. as for schools, on monday, all of them in the two districts will be back open. on students attending pope valley elementary school have returned to school. half of the schools showed up. the "butte fire" in the sierra foothills 250 more homes were destroyed in the fire than previously thought and that puts the county at 503 homes lost. the fire has been burning for more than a week in amador and calaveras counties. two people were killed. the fire has grown to more than 70,000 acres. tonight it is 65% contained. but 6400 buildings are still threatened. the cause is still under investigation. but it's believed it started when a tree came in contact with a power line. and the lightning sparked "rough fire" in fresno county is still burning tonight. it has scarred more than 140,000 acres and it's 68% contained.
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firefighters are concerned higher temperatures this weekend will cause the fire to become more active. no homes have been lost in this fire. a contractor working for caltrans was killed by a suspected drunk driver in oakland overnight. the chp says the car drove into a closed section of westbound 580 near lake merritt and spun into a work zone. the driver was arrested on dui and manslaughter charges. >> the worker was thrown 100 feed and landed on the ground and died. >> the crash happened in a coned off area where caltrans has been repairing and repaving a roadway but that work had to be stopped so the chp could investigate. pope francis touching down in cuba just 4 1/2 hours ago. it's an historic visit in which he called the renewed relations between the u.s. and the island nation a model of reconciliation for the world.
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right now pope is in the residence of the papal ambassador. he has been waving to cheering crowds outside. chris martinez is live in havana where huge crowds lined the streets to hear the pope's message. >> reporter: that's right, brian and juliette. quite the warm welcome for the pontiff today. at this hour pope francis getting some much-needed rest ahead of a very full schedule tomorrow. the pope upon his arrival calling on cuba to open itself to the world. pope francis arrived at havana's jose martin international airport to a cheering crowd greeted by cuba's president raoul castro and havana's archbishop. the pontiff's three-day trip marks his first-ever visit to the island nation as leader of the catholic church.
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[ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: cuba has been prepping for the pope's arrival for months. at revolution square, crews worked up to the last minute putting the final touches on the altar where francis will say mass sunday. jose is among the thousands expected to attend. >> i wanted to be there. i want to be the first to arrive. a recent poll found that less than 1/3rd of cubans identify as catholic but a person who coauthored a book on francis believes his visit will capture the attention of all cubans. >> i expect the crowds will be huge because apart from talking directly to people who are religious, he is very interested in being inclusive and really speaking to the whole world. >> reporter: tomorrow afternoon
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he will meet with cuban officials including a private meeting with president castro. live in havana, cuba i'm chris martinez, back to you. >> chris, what are the expectations for the mass tomorrow? >> the expectations for that mass tomorrow which is in revolution square are really huge. we were able to speak to some of the officials who have been planning the mass. they have been planning it for three months. they have built a large altar. they have space for about 500 dignitaries but they have space for thousands more behind them. and they are certainly expecting a lot of people not just catholics, cubans of all faiths to show up. >> chris martinez in havana, chris, thank you so much. and still to come, the man arrested for a series of freeway shootings tells a judge, you got the wrong guy. >> and after a day of silence, donald trump responds and how to the uproar over him not correcting a man who said that president obama is a muslim. that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we got him. that was the tweet from arizona's governor about the arrest of a man suspected in a
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series of freeway shootings. authorities are calling the crimes in phoenix acts of domestic terrorism. but as brian webb reports, the suspect says it wants him. >> give me your full name. >> leslie allen merritt, jr. >> reporter: he appeared before a judge saturday wearing a jumpsuit and handcuffs. he is accused of shooting at least four moving cars at random on phoenix area highways. merritt, a landscaper with a criminal history, told the judge, you got the wrong guy. >> i'm the wrong guy. i tried telling the detectives that. my gun has been in the pawn shop for the last two months. i haven't even had access to a weapon. >> reporter: authorities say merritt's car is forensically linked to the crimes. they tested it for fingerprints before towing it. he was nabbed at this phoenix area walmart friday night as shoppers looked on. >> it was about 10 officers around him at least. >> those guys in what looked like military gear. >> reporter: the string of shootings terrified drivers for three weeks.
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at least 11 vehicles were hit by bullets or other projectiles. he is held on a million-dollar bond. >> it's unclear if authorities believe merritt acted alone. brian webb for cbs news, new york. three other men have been arrested in recent days for copycat crimes where rocks were hurled from a slingshot at vehicles and pedestrians. now to campaign 2016. gop candidate donald trump has finally responded to a man's false claims about president obama during a town hall this week. trump was at a campaign rally in new hampshire on thursday night when a man asking a question said president barack obama is muslim. trump came under fire for not responding. today trump fired back at critics saying in a statement, am i morally obligated to defend the president every time somebody says something bad or controversial about him? i don't think so! trump also said, this is the first time in my life that i
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have caused controversy by not saying something. and finally, if someone made a nasty or controversial statement about me to the president, do you really think he would come to my rescue?! no chance! and still to come, we have a first look at what the new lucas museum will look like and what makes it the first of its kind. >> and temperatures rising in the bay area. we'll have the forecast as we look live over san jose and approach record highs. it's all coming up.
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the designs are in and we are getting a first glimpse of what the new lucas museum will
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look like. the lucas museum of narrative art in chicago is surrounded by acres of park-like landscape. it's a first-of-its-kind museum showcasing a unique collection of narrative art from illustration to comics to give visitors an insider perspective on the creative process of digital art. and you will need plenty of time to experience it because it's going to be 300,000 square feet. it is privately financed and is expected to open in 2019. sea lions cared for after being sickened by a summer oil spill are now back in the wild. seaworld san diego released 7 of them yesterday. four months ago, a spill near santa barbara killed more than 100 sea lions but the rescue team found 69 alive. one female has a tracking device to provide information on why hundreds of sea lions seem to be starving. >> the attitude of a survivor and to see her get through this and be back out there now and be a scientist at sea for us this is what we have been
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working towards. >> in a normal year rescue crews save about 200 sea lions but so far this year, they have helped about 800 and not just due to the oil spill. there's apparently been a disruption in their food supply possibly due to changes in water temperature. they had a lot of dead birds washing up on stinson beach because the water is very warm offshore. their source of food is moved farther offshore. there were dozens of birds dead off stinson so things are happening out there. right now at the golden gate bridge, clear skies, and the numbers are warm. it's about 11 degrees warmer today than it was yesterday. so the heat is on in the bay area. 94 concord right now. san francisco 79. san jose 86. and in santa rosa 94 degrees. and here's what's happening. high pressure is building in from the eastern pacific. that means near record highs in the bay area this weekend warm temperatures continue to tomorrow. when do we get cooling? monday we'll cool down a little bit so not as warm next week and that rain that we are
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showing is the remnants of another hurricane and tropical storm that will bring employs to the southland probably not us later in the week. futurecast shows that by tomorrow midday, there's a few patches of stratus and low clouds off the shoreline but that's about it. much of tomorrow is just perfectly sunny and very warm again. numbers tomorrow will be about where they were today. so to sum it up even warmer tomorrow. slight cooling on monday. and then cooling off by tuesday. tuesday will hit a distinct cooling trend and finally edge away from these record highs. a lot happening this weekend. the harvest festival this weekend in pleasanton 102 degrees there. autumn moon festival in chinatown sunny and warm tomorrow 86 degrees. the dragon boat festival at treasure island 82 degrees. plenty of sunshine. and if you are heading out of the bay area, it will be warm in the central valley, 100 degrees at fresno. sacramento 99. and yosemite very pleasant at
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79 degrees. overnight lows tonight it will be a warm night in the bay area. numbers in the low 60s. and then tomorrow, boy it will be smoking. 86 in san francisco. concord 100 degrees. san jose up to 95. oakland 93 degrees. in the south bay tomorrow, 100 degrees in morgan hill. 95 in san jose. 93 for santa clara. mostly in the mid-90s down there in the south bay. and near 100 degrees in the warmest spots inland. fairfield, concord, walnut creek, dublin, pleasanton, livermore, all over 100 degrees tomorrow. north bay will be mostly in the mid-90s unless you get toward the shoreline and then we'll be near 80 degrees. and up by all those fires up around clearlake not going to help much in the weather department with mid-90s in the forecast. extended forecast, calls for a little bit of cooling on monday before we bring the numbers down to the mid-80s by tuesday. keep them there much of the week and right into the weekend no rain in sight but at least there is a cooling trend on the
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horizon. mr. glenn is here. >> indeed. indeed. we have a 49ers coach who has gone home. what does that mean? >> and how to look like a heisman candidate. got to show us. we got some game. we got some game. stick arou,,,,,,,,,,
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♪peaches, pumpkin seeds, and cherries ♪ ♪i say to the bowl ♪are you trying to temp me?
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♪the bowl says ♪"come on down to the land of plenti." ♪ yoplait plenti, with oats, flax, and pumpkin seeds. greek yogurt, packed full of goodness. baseball up top. giants another one in the loss column. diamondbacks, they are just the giants kryptonite. can't beat them!
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in front of willie mccovey, too. top 2,2-0 snakes. runner going, clean base hit. and that makes it 3-0. mike lee chased after three innings. 5th inning d-backs pitcher singled to right. that got a run home to make it 4-0 arizona. next inning, reliever matt cain in the game. he got through on him. scored aj pollack. as for corbin on the mound, had his stuff. went 7 shutout innings, five strikeouts. arizona 8-1 at at&t park. they won 6-0. and the dodgers magic number to clinch the division is down to 7. all right. a's and astros in progress right now. college football. let's go. cal, texas, stanford, sixth ranked usc in progress moving pictures on the late show.
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let's take you to notre dame. number 8 fighting irish taking on georgia tech. 1st quarter 3rd and 20. kaiser up top. will fuller 46-yard play, that's how they got it done. 6 catches, 131 yards. 4th quarter, cj putting the defenders in. he gone! 91 yards, jule! notre dame 30-22. these were the auburn fans before the game at number 13lsu. probably weren't feeling great after this. that's leonard cornet. 40 yards through defenders upped the tigers lead to 24-0. cornet a legitimate heisman trophy candidate. full of moves, evaded tacklers, ran for 238 yards and three
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touchdowns. lsu45-21. >> urban meyer number one ohio state and a dogfight with illinois. 2nd quarter, yt barrett, michael thomas, pass and catch 23 yards. game tied at 7. 4th quarter now 20-13. fourth and 10. drew harris his pass is knocked away and that is how ohio state hangs on to win. final of 20-13. now, no need for jim harbaugh to be animated today. hosting unlv michigan handled his business. jake ruddic and runningback, near side down the seam. >> he gone! >> that's right. longest scoring play from scrimmage. look at jules! [ laughter ] >> igniting a little soul into it. 76-yard play. it's amazing blue in the big house. 28-7 the final. harbaugh 2-1 at his alma mater.
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raiders a near touchdown underdog when they host the ravens tomorrow on kpix 5. "5th quarter" post-game show follows. 49er head coach jim tomsula is backed in hits native pittsburgh, pennsylvania roots and his 9ers are a touchdown underdog at the steelers tomorrow when his team shows up at heinz field. tomsula grew up about 15 minutes from the stadium. actually he used to sneak in games at old three rivers stadium. the coach should have plenty of friends and family support. as for tickets to the game? >> i don't, um, i have never done tickets. man, i don't -- i don't know how you can do that. i don't know how guys do that. they get people calling and tickets and this and that and we'll call -- two hours before a game and you're worried about where you're going to put tickets? i don't go. i'm -- i got nothing good with it. any home games my wife handles everything.
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i'm not paying much attention to it. >> we're laughing with you, coach. a crowd filing into the pga bmw championship play-offs outside chicago. jordan spieth body language, didn't like it. and we saw why at the second hole. found the cat box. tied for 11th after a one-over 72. jason day continues to storm through with 269, birdied the 18th to go into sunday's final round with a 6-shot lead 20- under par. he is looking for his fourth win in his last six tournaments. he is en fuego! >> tomsula can't be passing out tickets. he has to focus. >> let's make sure his head is in the game between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. that's what he needs. >> in the meantime that's it for us at 5:30. we'll be back here in 30 minutes. "cbs evening news" is next. and news updates are always on so brian hackne
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>> axelrod: the man arrested for the phoenix freeway shooting says he didn't do it. >> all i have to say is i'm the wrong guy. >> axelrod: the accused gunman in court hours after he was captured at a walmart. thousands give pope francis a warm welcome in cuba. we're on the ground in havana. boston's baby doe tragedy. we now know the murdered child's mother was well known to child protective services long before her arrest. the the new kennebunkport documents that take us into the oval office during some of the 1960's darkest hours. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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