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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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project. neighbors standing up against plans to build a mosque in san martine. neighbors insist it is not a fight about faith. >> if they're going to try to turn this into a religious war, we're not interested in being a part of that. >> reporter: the pastoral beauty of this patch of land has ironically been at the heart of a tense debate on whether or not to build a mosque on the site. >> if you want to turn this into a religious thing, we don't want you there. stay home. this is about our environment. this is about our community. it has nothing to do with religion whatsoever. >> reporter: donnie croft says his opposition of the project has nothing to do with the muslim faith. but a small vocal community don't want a mosque in their community, no matter what. but that's not what he says. he worries about the runoff in the cementtary that's part of
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the sprawling mosque and community center. >> the community, which is a small, rural community, this proposed mosque was way too big. >> reporter: the shelf valley islamic center has been trying several years to get the green light on the project. a spokesperson said, svic is committed to engaging in a dialogue with its neighbors and the county of santa clara to ensure that the project fits with its surrounding uses and makes a positive contribution to the community. but it faces stiff opposition in an area where faith and fear intersect. >> it's easy to call people names. and then, you know, you're not being hurt. and it was a huge frustration for everyone that, you know, has legitimate concerns. a similar battle is going on in san jose's evergreen neighborhood. a buddhist temple wants to be built there. but the proposal goes back
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before supervisors tomorrow. new at 6:00, we learned san jose police are looking into whether a school principal broke the law when he failed to report a sex allegation to police. instead, he allowed a teacher accused of having a relationship with a student to continue at work. kpix5's med med is live -- maria medina is live in san jose with how they're defending their actions. >> reporter: the principal said he didn't call them because the alleged victim denied it was going on. but police say it is their job to figure out the truth. and now they're investigating whether he broke any laws. >> and then i saw it on the news. i went, oh, my god. >> reporter: this is a man san jose police say carried on a sexual relationship with a student for months. zachery drew, an english teacher at summit charter school charged and put on leave last week. but many say it should have happened earlier. they say the principal, nick
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louse kim, knew but -- nicholas kim, but didn't report to law enforcement. it was a parent that finally called press. when they went to talk to the alleged victim at the school, they say kim interrupted telling them the interview had to be stopped because her parents had not been notified detectives then apologized to the girl and told the principal entering the room was not appropriate. the law says school staff must tell police within 36 hours within learning about an incident. but school leaders are defending the principal, saying the teen and teacher denied the allegation. so he didn't have enough reasonable suspicion required by law. however, the department of education website reads, it is not the job of the mandated reporter to determine whether allegations are valid. kim remains at the school as police now investigate his actions. >> it does concern me that nothing was said to anyone about the situation at all. >> reporter: and school leaders did release a statement saying
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the district attorney does not believe the principal broke any laws. but, again, police are still investigating. and they say if they find any evidence the principal did break any laws, they'll present that to the da's office for possible charges. live in san jose, marie medina, kpix 5. >> we tried to reach out to the suspect, zachery drew, but his phone number is now disconnected. a house on the peninsula seems to have a bullseye on it. take a look at it. a truck smashed into the home this afternoon. and it happened just after the family finished repairs from the last time a car flew through. betty yu is there. and, boy, talk about bad luck. huh, betty? >> reporter: that's right, allen. and the homeowners say they believe it has to do with where this house sits, at the very end of a steep road i'm standing on now. neighbors tell us they heard a very loud explosion at the time of this accident. we'll show you what's going on now. we have pg&e crews trying to
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safely remove a power pole. and just behind it, that semitruck on its side. it created a huge mess. we're talking about extensive damage when it hit this house this afternoon. now, the homeowner's daughter sent us this video of the inside of the home. it was shot from the kitchen. you can see part of this house almost just knocked off its foundation. the bedroom is completely wrecked. and the floors are unstable. so she wasn't able to go inside to get a closer look. now, from the outside, you can see how this truck just blew through a wooden fence and part of a metal guardrail. and it ended up in the bedroom of this house. the homeowners luckily are on their way back from vacation in hawaii. i spoke with their daughter a few moments ago. >> uh, they're in shock, you know. i think they're upset, obviously, since it's been the second time. obviously, much more extensive damage. but, yeah, my mom was in shock.
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>> reporter: so last time this happened it was an suv. the suv did not get as far as the semitruck did this afternoon. they also just finished remodeling from the last accident. now, redwood city fire said that the driver was taken to sanford hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. pg&e, as you can see, is here on the scene. they tell us at least 100 homes have lost power and they hope to restore that power by tomorrow morning. and the homeowners are expected to be back in the bay area before 10:00 tonight. live in san carlos, betty yu, kpix 5. well, a car also slammed into a house in san jose and the driver still hasn't been found. the sheriff's deputy was following an suv on park avenue early this morning when the driver went on the wrong side of the road and then into that house. the deputy gave up chasing that driver when he smelled a gas leak and then evacuated the people in the home. the gas meter and pipe was damaged but nobody was hurt.
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new at 6:00, a motel manager and her son mowed down in the north bay. the two had gone to check on a car on the back side of the best western inn. the man inside this car said he had just gotten out of sanguineton and had no place -- san quinton and had no place to go. he drove right towards them. they're looking for the white toyota camry. the manager is still in the hospital. her son was treated and released. the body of a muscling ski -- missing ski instructor has been found in sugar bowl. a four-day search turned up no sign of him. well, today, a nordic search and rescue team returned to the spot where may's cellphone last pinged. they found his body under five feet of snow. a federal fine with how workers were treated. they say ridge vineyards just
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north of hillsburg has provided shabby housing conditions. kpix 5's joe vazquez has details on just how bad those conditions were. >> reporter: the landscape is luscious, but the department of labor says workers here at the ridge vineyard and hillsburg were living in, quote, deplorable housing conditions. they found ten farm workers lived on the property con tending with exposed electrical wiring in the living room. and insect infestation as well a floor that had a sharp, metal, knife-like object sticking out permanently. >> we found farm workers living in unsafe, unsanitary conditions. and we were able to rectify that and work with the employers. >> reporter: the labor department ordered ring, as well as contractor, four
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seasons vineyard management, to pay $42,300 in civil penalties. the government also recovered $1,750 in back wages the workers were due after the contractor illegally deducted money from their pay. >> completely unacceptable. >> reporter: jesus gusman says housing conditions are such a common complaint they become normalized. and he says the bay area's skyrocketing housing costs are contributing to the factor. >> farmers are making very low wages. it's a tough decision between the high rental cost where they may have to move into a room overcrowded or accepting these substandard housing conditions that some vineyards are offering. >> reporter: a spokesperson said today the company is taking full responsible for making immediate repairs and they're working with farm labor experts to make sure they're in compliance so something like this never happens again. in hillsburg, joe vazquez, kpix 5 at 5:00.
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>> they say migrant workers are often more vulnerable because they're not often aware of their rights. starting tomorrow, curry village and many others in the park will have new names. yosemite's former concessionary says they owned the rights to the names and wants more than $50 million to give them up. the park won't pay. and unless an 11th hour agreement is reached in court, new signs will go up immediately immediately. the omami lounge will be renamed renamed. a fire at a bay area gas station and how some quick- thinking workers prevented tragedy. >> and a high school left grasping for answers. the search for a suspect that gunned down a 14-year-old student. >> family soul food with a special purpose. the bay area cafe giving at risk kids the recipe for success. >> fantastic sunset alert. all throughout the bay area,
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just enough cloud cover to add character to the sky that leaves pictures like that. look at that. it's pink and orange and red. and look at that shot. i have to spend time talking about a big weather pattern change. you've been looking for the rain. it's coming back. find out when next. the rush to clean up a toxic ghost town in san francisco bay. >> there's arsenic. >> we explain how runoff from this abandoned mercury mine could trigger an environmental disaster. >> part of it will get to the bay. the question is, how much? >> reporter: after years of drought, the epa is now scrambling. >> not clean it up perfectly because we can't. >> reporter: expect original reporting on kpix 5 news. expect more. ,,,,
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in the east bay. police say it happened this morning along a hiking and biking trail in richmond.... near ohio avenue. kpix 5's mike sugerman is live... in richmond tonight says the shooting is sending shockwaves... through the community. sot nat sound sot "it's disgusting. a life is over.t was not even lived." track happened in a hail of gunfi. sot "i heard the gunshots. t 5 or 6 gunshots. pop pop pop pop. quick pops." track 2 a this is the result. sot nat sound track 3 it was one of those horrible scenes that bay area neighborhood is im from, though some suffer mof it than others. cg: michael latour/richmond sot "i've ld here my whole life. i lo city but this and another family gathers to deal with what no family
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should ever have to. >> it's disgusting. life is gone! he hadn't even lived! >> reporter: it happened in a hail of gunfire. >> i heard the gunshots about five or six gunshots. pop, pop, pop. just quick pops. >> reporter: and this is the result. [ screaming ] >> reporter: it was one of those horrible scenes that no bay area neighborhood is immune from, though some suffer through more than others. >> i've been here my whole life. so -- i love my city but this killing is out of control. >> reporter: today it was a 14- year-old boy, xavier mcclannahan, a freshman at kennedy high school. >> just keep your kids close to you. know where they're at at all times. >> reporter: but this was a monday morning, a school morning, on a public walkway. >> hoping it's not him. i really am.
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>> reporter: but it was. [bleep] >> reporter: daniel malone came because he heard somebody was killed and had an awful feeling it may have been his xavier. now the community is reeling. >> identified who he is and what went down. but a lot of times what is said before shootings can give us an indication of what the motive is. so our investigators are working to get a witness statement. >> reporter: and a momentary bad decision results in a lifetime of sorrow for family, friends, and a community. >> it's crazy, man. it may not have been gang related. it may have just been some bull. some bull, you know. >> yeah. >> and seeing each other and one said to the other one. the other said another thing. and next thing you know, someone pulled out a gun. >> reporter: they're looking for the killer or killers. at the same time, going through the neighborhood, trying to keep emotions down or, if possible, retaliations. counselors will be on scene tomorrow at kennedy high school
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to help students and friends of xavier deal with the horror. in richmond, mike sugarman, kpix 5. the highway patrol is telling people it is still safe to drive on a stretch of freeway where there have been a rash of shootings. since november, gunfire has erupted seven times on interstate 80 between berkeley way and pinol. every time time time the vicks, they say, were specifically -- the victims, they say, were specifically targeted. the man dead is now identified as 39-year-old leslie graham, jr. quick action from gas station employees prevented disaster when a bus burst into flames next to the pumps! the driver of the empty medical transport bus pulled into this chevron station at 9th and howard in san francisco when the engine started to overheat. flames erupted within minutes. you see what happened. employees inside the chevron food mart did hit the emergency gas pump shutoff valve to prevent the underground tanks
6:17 pm
from exploding. >> we did it right away. like, when a car starts smoking, you do that right away. that's the first thing you have to do if there's a fire, emergency, you know. >> reporter: was that the first time you ever had to hit the emergency shutoff valve? >> yeah. >> reporter: this is what's left of the bus. witnesses say they heard two explosions during the fire. firefighters belief those were the tires exploding. >> reporter: an astronomer at uc berkeley searching for extra terrorist equals, helped campus -- terrestrials, helped campus police catch two burglaries, -- burglars, instead. they found items stolen from the campus in their car. black history month appreciation event is underway. the food caterred by the folks
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at the -- catered by the folks at the old school cafe. their food is great and so is their story. >> reporter: at a bus stop in san francisco's bayview, an area many consider a tough part of time, is a doorway with no sign. just an address. >> a full restaurant. you have you have to make a reservation. there's entertainment every night. >> reporter: old school cafe is patterned after the 1930s supper clubs in new york city. the elegance of the surrounding go back to a by gone area. but for some, it's so much more than just a place to eat. >> when i first started the program, i was going to quit. >> reporter: she was like most working here. a young juvenile terror with a feisty temper. they gave them a second chance by making them feel wanted. that's a specialty at the no nonsense kitchen manager, aisha
6:19 pm
smith. >> when they realize people care about them, that's when they start working and change their lives. >> reporter: is that what this program does? >> yes, definitely. >> reporter: for the first time in many of their lives, they're being challenged with high expectations. >> if you feel like you're doing a good job, then do a better job. [ laughter ] if you feel like, you know, the food tastes good, next time, make it taste great. >> reporter: the skills they are taught can empower them for a lifetime. >> i thought, okay, so the one thing is that we can train them in a lot of things, they should be able to say i have work experience. >> reporter: she is setting an example for both her daughter and her friends which makes her something she never thought she'd be. >> reporter: you're a role model, aren't you? [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> reporter: john ramos, in san francisco, kpix 5. >> is it working? well, 92% of the kids that have gone through the program have earned their high school
6:20 pm
diplomas. and since 2010, 13 have started attending college. i know you're busy at home. a lot of stuff going on and the kids are asking to do this and that. stop 10 seconds! that's all i want. i want you to take 10 seconds and look at your television and see an absolutely fantastic sunset! a traffic camera we're using. but simply too good not to use. look at the color of the sky right now! that is amazing! san francisco is -- 10 seconds is up. go back and cook dinner. but keep listening. san jose, 75. oakland is 74. and next to concord is a new record high. couple showers not reaching the ground in the north bay. maybe a sprinkle or two. lake county. but the big change is coming up as we approach this weekend. your weather headlines for the next couple days, partly cloudy overnight tonight. you'll likely notice the increase in cloud cover because it gave us that fantastic sunset. let's check out the overnight low temperatures. 49 in san jose. 45 for vallejo. san francisco, 51.
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and mountain view, 45. a couple sprinkles are possible in the north bay overnight and tomorrow. a little cloudier. more rain is returning late in the day on wednesday. this is the first of several hits. we have had many misses when it comes to storms recently. futurecast, 9:00 wednesday evening in the north bay, working its way south wednesday night and thursday morning. the first of many weather systems. i mention that because look at the 6 to 10-day outlook. the wettest place in the entire country relative to average, you live in it! or you do now at least. the bay area, northern california. western nevada. that's the wettest spot with much wetter than average conditions beginning this weekend. look at oakland tomorrow, though. we'll be on the warm side of this weather system. look at all the rain falling in the north bay. oakland, hitting 70. san jose, a little cloudier but still mild. 72. mountainview, 79 degrees. we're dry for a couple days. it's the weekend. outdoor plans, not so sure about it. wet and windy saturday and sunday. and that likely will be the first of several weather
6:22 pm
systems moving through. we may get a month's worth of march rainfall by the end of the first week of march. >> okay. >> this coming after the month of february where we barely got anything. >> really! may be a miracle. >> the march miracle. or, yeah, the monday march madness with weather. >> when it rains, the pours? >> it -- it pours? >> it will! >> thank you, paul. it made a comeback today, but our famous coastal fog has been disciplinishing for decades. the -- diminishing for decades. the cycle that could hurt the treasured redwood. >> we'll introduce you to the bay area litter that broke a world record. ,, (baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise.
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symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping.
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record litter there is a napa mom that has her paws full right now. >> that's because she's given birth to what could be a record number of sheepdogs! these cute little guys are bred
6:25 pm
specifically for farming. >> reporter: yeah, i mean, we were -- >> yeah, i mean, we were just really expecting ten tops at the most. but once the 17th, you know, finally was coming out, we realized this is going to take a lot of work. we were going to be feeding morning, noon, and night. >> it was just like, how many? no. wait. how many? [ laughter ] >> definitely the world record for most sheepdogs. and so a lot of our club members have been coming around and taking a lot of the shifts. >> i absolutely love these guys. i got to feed them right at the very beginning when it was realized there were so many of them mommy was going to have. so i got to bottlefeed these little guys. >> is this dad or mom? yeah, she had 17 puppies and already back in the field. and they're all for livestock protection. [ puppy wimp everything ] >> reporter: i've been -- [
6:26 pm
puppy wimperring ] >> reporter: i've been trying to get you together so i can take pictures of you. all of these dogs will be spoken for and all will be doing very specific farm work in the fields. >> some of these guys are already going to farms around california. and we're just waiting for, you know, to go through the rest of the interview process to put all 17 of them in different farms. >> reporter: and that's the beauty of it. 17 puppies of a highly specific farming breed all born on a california farm and all bound for a farm of their own. in fairfield, wes walker, kpix 5. >> they are just too cute. well, it may not only be a record for the breed. it may be a record for all breeds, at least in california. >> mom says she's done. [ laughter ] and coming up, muni's brand new buses have one big flaw. we ask the city, why spend a million dollars each on buses that can't handle hills? >> we're breaking down the must-
6:27 pm
win battles on super tuesday. ♪ [ music ] [singing] ♪ you don't know >> reporter: this powerful performance was a standout moment at the oscars. survivors of campus abuse reflect on sharing the stage with lady gaga.
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on the peninsula. a gravel truck lost control and slammed i our top stories now. the cleanup will last into the night at this home in the peninsula. a gravel truck lost control and slammed into the house this afternoon. the homeowner's daughter says this is the second time in two years the house has been hit by a vehicle. the family had just finished repairs from the first crash. >> a proposal to build a mosque in san martine and south santa clara county has erupted over the merit of the project. some neighbors are opposed because they fear the impacts to the environment and traffic while others say they simply don't want a mosque at all. an embarrassing purchase for san francisco's muni. millions of dollars have been spent on a new fleet of buses that can barely climb the city's very steep hills. phil matier asked muni, how
6:31 pm
could it happen. phil with the answer? >> reporter: that's why we wanted to find out. you would think at that price the bus could do just about anything. here's the story. for as long as there's been a san francisco, there's been the challenge of getting people up the hills. so it comes a bit of a surprise that muni is spending tens of millions of dollars on a new fleet of bus that is can't climb its legendary hills. why buy it? >> because it serves some of our heavier ridership routses. we want to make sure the buss are big enough to get as many on it as they can. >> reporter: carry more people. just don't carry them up all the hills. >> they recommend we do not climb hills above 10%. >> reporter: so how many of these buses did we buy? >> about 100. >> reporter: so we bought 100 buses that can't go up the hills of san francisco? >> the 60-foot buses are meant to go on grades below 10%. >> reporter: so your answer is, they can't go up the hills? >> they're doing exactly what they're supposed to do.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: what they're supposed to do is carry a lot of people. about 30 more riders than the smaller buses on the road. and -- >> they're more reliable. they provide a better service. and they're better buses than what we have in place right now. >> reporter: but even if the new muni buses could make it up the hill with the extra riders, muni still couldn't use them. why? >> a lot of the streets are much narrower. >> reporter: why didn't we guy buses that would go everywhere? >> it would cost more money. >> reporter: and the solution? well, to buy more buses. but these are going to be smaller bus that is can make it up the hills. and you wonder why muni costs? phil matier, kpix 5. raw emotion inside the santa clara county jail. hears got under underway for three jail guards. all charged with murder in the death of michael tyree last august. he suffered from mental illness
6:33 pm
and had just been arrested for petty theft. in court today, photos of tyree's badly beaten body caused relatives to cry out. an autopsy reports he died of internal injuries. >> his liver was lacerated. so all the blood that should be going to his liver just bled into the cavity of his body. those minutes, those last minutes of his life were absolutely horrible. >> reporter: it'll be up to the judge to decide if there is enough evidence to send this case to trial. campaign 2016. the presidential hopefuls gearing up for super tuesday tomorrow, the biggest day of the primary season. it is a coast to coast battle for delegates. a total of 13 states will be voting or caucusing. and while the candidates want as many wins as possible, there are a few standout states we need to watch. kpix5 political analyst is here.
6:34 pm
>> thank you. >> hillary clinton is popular with african american voters. bernie sanders needs to do well elsewhere, starting with vermont. he before do well in vermont! >> he is projected to win vermont by a dramatic margin. >> where else? >> he's dedicated a lot of resources to colorado and also to massachusetts. and those are two states that, for example, if he didn't do well in, it would be a bit of an embarrassment of the campaign in light of the resources he's dedicated there. we don't know what is going to happen in minnesota. it's sort of a wildcard right now. but he could win there. it's within a very, very difficult place to poll. so in a number of these places, we're really not sure what's going to happen because in these primaries, especially in a place like minnesota where there's a caucus, hard to pull. anybody could win. and bernie sanders has dedicated resource there is as well. >> and it all comes down to delegates. and clinton is so far ahead right now when you include the super delegates, is there anything bernie sanders could do to catch up? >> there's two things.
6:35 pm
no. 1. try to go to the delegates unpledged. there's about 150 unpledged super delegates. and and one thing he's been doing is trying to get pledged candidates, those saying they'll vote hillary clinton, to change their minds. there was an article an how bernie sanders supporters have been trying to change other delegates to change their mind and freaking them out with aggressive voicemails, e-mails. so there's a couple of ways he could try to get back some of the super delegates. >> republicans. is this a make or break day for everybody other than donald trump since he's so far ahead in the polls? and especially i'm thinking about texas because does anyone -- does trump even have enough support to get all those delegates? or will they divide up texas? >> that's certainly a possibility. texas, the way they award delegates is by congressional district. so it's not the case you'll just win one bucket of delegates in texas.
6:36 pm
we could see a split there. but if ted cruz doesn't do extremely well there, doesn't have a big showing, it's going to be a huge humiliation for him. he's dedicated so many sources there. that's his home state and the one he represents in the senate. and polls show trump with a surge in that state. that would be a huge cue for donald trump to win that away from ted cruz. if ted cruz lost, it would be a huge blow to his campaign. we'll be watching that very closely. hard to imagine cruz staying on any kind of project ride everywhere if he loses texas. >> yeah. >> we were just looking at the map there. they're tallying up the number of delegates there. 600 for republicans. so really a critical day tomorrow. how is everything going to shake out right now? >> reporter: right now, basically trump that'll do well in the southern states. then you have other candidates that are basically trying to take some of these northern states. again, so if you think of marco rubio and ted cruz as the
6:37 pm
bernie sanders of super tuesday. they're going to be shooting for colorado. they'll be looking at vermont, minnesota as well. massachusetts. so they'll be looking at those nonsouthern states. now, in six states tomorrow, if a candidate gets 50% or more, they get the whole she job bang. they'll try to -- shebang. they'll try to pull some delegates for themselves. if it's not 50%, it's proportional, and they want to keep it proportional. depress that for trump and come away with delegates, too, if even if they lose. >> can't wait! >> we'll be right back here! >> thank you. [singing] ♪ you won't know how i feel >> on a night of powerful messages, one moment brought hollywood to tears. real life survivors of abuse speak out over they're emotional collaboration with lady gaga. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
pack well, lady gaga delivered a powerful and moving performance at the oscars that packed a message. >> as she performed a song from the documentary "the hunting ground," she was joined on stage by sexual assault survivors. ♪ [ music ] [ dramatic music ] ♪ you won't know how i feel ♪ >> reporter: the performance clearly moved the audience. some of them were moved to tears. some on stage say this left them feeling empowered. >> these adults and administrators tell us that we need to move forward and it's not a big deal. and for those who don't know anything about us, for them to immediately recognize who we are is so powerful. >> reporter: they look at the epidemic of abuse on college campuses. it's estimated one in five college women will be sexual assaulted. lady gaga says she was abused while she was a teenager. a new bill in california
6:41 pm
proposed says that students will be sent home for sexting. weigh with your thoughts by going to my twitter page, @veronicadlcruz. and join us tonight at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw, 34 cable 12. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, did green threaten to sit out the second half/a warriors game? >> i'll never quit on this organization. >> and why stephen curry may not play tomorrow night. >> you'll probably get amid draft on him. >> reporter: what's next for colin kaepernick? hold on. we'll crash the show.
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6:44 pm
comes in the summer... summ time... blanketed the bay aa this morning. and it had an thick fog, the kind that usually comes in the summertime blanketed the bay area this morning. had an impact on airing air travel, too, at sfo. some arrivals delayed about 45 minutes. while the fog made an appearance this morning, there's actually less and less of it these days. >> kpix 5's jeff ride everywhere found out it's threatening another natural icon. [ fog horns ] >> reporter: it's a common
6:45 pm
sight in san francisco, fog envelopes the golden gate bridge. [ fog horns ] >> reporter: thick blankets of marine layer cover the pacific. only most days, these days this is what our coastline looks like, clear skies. >> there's much less fog along the coast than there has been. >> reporter: meteorologist mike pech next, r has been tsunami -- pechner has been studying coastal meteorology apology for years. >> we're seeing climate change, something evolving maybe the last quarter century or more. >> reporter: at mirror woods in marin county, people come from all over the country to see the giant redwoods. but many are suffering as many more in years to come. >> part of the reason the trees thrive here is they're very dependent on the fog that comes in. >> reporter: but on a day like this, visitors would more often than not have to wear rain
6:46 pm
jackets to stay dry. that is if there was fog. here's how it works. when the fog comes in off the coast, it literally saturates the canopy of these trees. then that moisture comes down like rainfall. and it literally soaks up the ground around the trees. and if that rainfall doesn't hit the ground, well, it could really stress out those trees and possibly over time even kill them. each redwood tree requires 500 gallons of water a day. all along the north coast to south to monteray, entire stands of redwoods are in danger. and many different species of trees around them are dying. researchers at uc berkeley have determined that coastal fog has steadily diminished for decades. >> they grow slowly and live on a different time scale for humans. but what we do know, again, is they're adapted to live in a very specific environment that gives them a lot of moisture. and so inevitably, if the client continues to be drier,
6:47 pm
there will be pretty significant consequences for the redwoods. >> reporter: do you have any reason to believe this may continue, mike? >> certainly! i i have no reason to think it doesn't, that it won't continue. may not seem like much, but some parts of the bay area get 40% of their annual precipitation from going, from due, from the stuff in the air in the morning. doesn't seem like rainfall. it's very critical to our area around here. what's critical, too, a little rainfall. we could use that. hang on. we'll be talking about that in a second. one more really warm day. antioch, 79 degrees. alameda, 72. 77 in brentwood. and 77 in san jose. wave goodbye to that. cooler tomorrow. by this weekend, highs in the 50s and 60s with rain and wind. it is still 70 right now in oakland with cloud cover moving in. san jose, 70. santa rosa, 66 degrees. tonight, 40s and 50s. vallejo, 45. san jose, upper 40s. water here, not that great.
6:48 pm
especially in an el nino winter where we expected more. san francisco, 82% of average. livermore, 86% of average. those numbers will surely climb over the next couple weeks because we have a major pattern change. the pattern that we have been in is the one i'm showing you now which is currently there. we have another storm. there have been plenty of storms over the past five weeks. but not here locked by this ridge of high pressure. oregon, yes. washington, yes. british columbia, yes. the bay area, huh-huh. not even close. as soon as that ridge moves, provided the storms keep coming, it'll be our turn. guess what happens this weekend? the ridge moves. it'll be over southern arizona allowing the storms to most of in. the latest indication is we could be as wet as we were in december. as wet as we were the majority of january. perhaps even wetter as storm after storm after storm will not hit areas to the north but will be coming right here. so how much rainfall? well, futurecast will paint a picture that shows everywhere north of the bay area in the
6:49 pm
red or yellow which would be 5 or more inches of rain over a 7- day period. but more importantly, for us here, at least 2 or 3 inches of rain for the entire bay area by this time next week. an entire month's amount of rainfall for march with more storms coming in after that. so we'll certainly get wetter. san jose tomorrow, not wetter. you'll avoid the rain. 72 for you. redwood city, 71. walnut creek, 69 for you. a little cloudier. 70 for nevada. extended forecast, rain moves in starting wednesday night. we get a break on thursday. we get a break on friday. the weekend is looking soggy. but it's great. rain and wind heavy at times both saturday and sunday. and that may be the start of a rather wet month. dennis, sports, 2 minutes away. a sonoma resort town struggling with a homeless crisis. we learned trash from these camps could quickly pollute the
6:50 pm
press teen russia river. >> we found hundreds of -- prestine russia river. >> we found these trees chopped down. >> plus a genetic mutation is why short sleepers can thrive on four hours a night. expect original report from kpix 5 news. expect more. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at
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6:52 pm
forward draymond g for his action well, there might be a little trouble in paradise. despite having lost only 5 games all season, warriors forward dremond green is apologizing.
6:53 pm
>> green says, mfer, come and make me. he actually said, the hell with it. i'm not coming out for the 2nd half. took off his shoes and said, i'm not playing. >> steven a. smith says that draymond green wouldn't come back in the 2nd half. >> my mistake. i didn't come to the locker room. >> i apologize to my teammates, my coaching staff, this organization. i let my emotions get the best of me. i will never quit on my teammates as some have reported. i will not quit on my coaching staff. i will never quit on this organization. >> it's blowing up nationally. maybe there's something wrong internally with the warriors. >> i was looking at that story. sure, fine, believe that. we're in shambles right now. [ laughter ] >> reporter: western conference player of the week. that's steph curry, once again. may have trouble defending his crown this week, though. missed practice today with a sprained ankle.
6:54 pm
he's questionable for tomorrow night's game with the hawks. he played through the injury saturday night after getting the ankle retaped. steph curry spent the day in berkeley with cal senior day. his son, nick, in the final minutes walked on for the bears, who rarely plays hit a 3. nobody was happier than dad who saw the 3-pointers from the recent road trip. >> really proud of my son. great teammate. he loves the game. and for him to get in was phenomenal. and for him to hit a 3, that probably meant more to me than steph's did the other night. don't tell him a said said that. -- said that. [ laughter ] last night on "game day," i asked the bay area news group for his prediction what the end game is for kaepernick and the 49ers. >> reporter: what is going to happen? and if they do trade him, what is his value? >> well, his value's not going to be high very much.
6:55 pm
i mean, you're probably going to get amid to low end draft pick for him. probably not the second round pick that smith could get. just because colin is coming down on this year, somehow, i think, he'll get traded for a lower value pick or get released. >> reporter: if you were stuck in traffic trying to visit near woods over the weekend, here's what you missed. [bleep] >> idiots. [bleep] >> wow [ chuckle ] >> pretty much summed up the week for shane lowry. cal has won 7 straight and one game out of 1st place in the pac12. how about that? and may have won the race but found out the hard way it's a little harder to stop on the dirt track than it is on the oval. >> old dominion's brandon steep grabs the rebound.
6:56 pm
passes it out to the open man. one problem, his teammate's not in the game! that's a getaway moment. >> plus, steph's shot heard around the world. >> they have a timeout. decided not to use it. curry! bang, bang! oh, what a shot from curry! >> 38-footer for the game- winner in overtime. you know, the draymond green issue is interesting because steven a. smith's report would seem to suggest, if it's accurate, that he got his information from somebody inside the locker room. >> uh-huh. >> and i've always seen the 49ers -- excuse me, the warriors as a tight group -- >> nobody talks. >> so that's a little disconcerning if, in fact, the report is true. >> that's right, if it's true. the news is always on at >> and join us tonight at 10:00 for kbcw. we'll see you then! i mean, whoo.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how y'all doing? [chuckles] welcome-- thank you, everybody. >> boom. whoa! steve: yeah. welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today, folks. from new york, new york, it's the bassi family. and from alexander city, alabama, it's the foshee family. >> all right! yeah! yeah! whoo! steve: everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash
7:00 pm
and a possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge, everybody. all right, let's go. give me khooshbu and shana. ladies, here we go. top 7 answers on the board. name something you might get hit by if a fight broke out at the old folks' bingo parlor. khooshbu: a cane. steve: thank you. a cane. pass or play? >> we're gonna play... khooshbu: we're gonna play. steve: khooshba. that's very pretty. what do you do for a living? khooshbu: i am financial analyst in new york, new york. i have recently just got married. my one-year anniversary's coming up with this stud muffin


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