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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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commuters are happening right now. that's okay. that's going to change. it is wednesday. files like a friday, though. >> look how tall you are and how short i am. i think i need a different chair. >> here we go. >> is that better? >> this is my 5'2" version. >> hi, michelle. >> today. >> today. i am. >> i'm frank mallicoat, by the way. >> hey, i'm michelle griego. [ laughter ] >> i can see the plume of dust in the makeup room right now? >> yes. >> it took frank a long time to get ready. >> oh, man. >> good morning. you're going to have to get ready for major rainfall right now. our live hi-def doppler radar in search of anything, not seeing anything yet. we have fog in the bay area. cannot see the tip-top of the transamerica building or the pyramid there which means we're probably going to see some airport delays at sfo on some arriving flights. we're in the 40s and 50s and later today temperatures are going to start to come down. 60s up to the low 70s. rain is coming. we'll track it together coming
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up. but right threats said good morning to gianna. >> we have -- but right now, let's say good morning to gianna. >> we have roadwork in and out of the maze, eastbound 580 between macarthur and broadway. that will be there until 5:00. might slow you down. at the bay bridge light across the span into san francisco. super tuesday has come and gone and now we are getting a sense of the contenders for president. reporter mark albert on who won big and who came up short reporter: after securing key victories in several delegate-rich states, donald trump is shifting his focus to the general election and his republican party. >> i'm going to get along great with congress, okay? i don't know paul ryan but i'm sure i'm going to get along well with him. if i don't, he is going to have to pay a big price, okay? >> reporter: ted cruz is touting big wins in oklahoma and texas. >> the strongest campaign to
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beat donald trump is our campaign. >> reporter: trump's win is making the republican establishment fearful who question whether he can beat hillary clinton. >> i think we're about to lose to the most dishonest politician in america, hillary clinton, and how can you nominate someone who is crazy? >> reporter: rubio got just one win yesterday, in minnesota. >> i'm the only candidate who can unite and grow the party. if donald trump wins the republican nomination it will split the republican party and split the conservative movement, i think. >> reporter: with wins in seven states, democrat hillary clinton widened her lead over bernie sanders. >> it's clear tonight that the stakes in this election have never been higher. >> reporter: sanders won in colorado, oklahoma, minnesota and his home state of vermont. >> the people when we stand together will victorious. >> reporter: the presidential candidates face their next major test march 15. mark albert, cbs news,
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washington. and here's the all- important delegate count. thanks to her sweep, hillary clinton holds a lead over bernie sanders. as for republicans, donald trump has well over 100 more delegates than ted cruz. marco rubio is third by a long shot. voters in ohio and florida head to the polls in two weeks. they are the home states of john kasich and marco rubio. the same day voters will vote in illinois, missouri and north carolina. but before voters can call the shots in these states, democrats face off for another debate in a week. and then, republicans take the mic for a showdown the next day. a mystery outbreak has been making uc students sick. mark kelly reports from the cal campus in berkeley. >> reporter: "bollywood" berkeley is an annual dance
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competition. in this year's performance, certainly it ended with a bang. >> i was shivering, i was feeling really chilly, i was sweating. and i just didn't feel well. i wasn't able to keep down water. >> reporter: the morning after this uc-davis student wasn't celebrating. he was throwing up. the likely culprit, norovirus a highly contagious infection that often comes from contaminations food. he wasn't the only dancer hit hard. performers from other uc campuses up and down the state also got very sick. >> very quickly caught on to the fact that at least half of almost every team was throwing up and, um, like multiple times. >> reporter: university health officials put out a statement that no one residential area eating establishment or event ties all these cases together. krishna says it could have been the pizza or sandwiches many of the performers ate but the
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exact cause is unknown. >> it's hard to find one common denominator between everyone. >> reporter: the most recent confirmed case was just last week. now, health officials say if you believe you have the norovirus, it's best to stay home not prepare your own food and remember to wash your hands. in berkeley, mark kelly, kpix 5. police say drugs and alcohol didn't play a part in a crash that brought a semi truck smashing into a san carlos home. the truck driver just lost control as i hit a curve on a winding road on monday and hit a pole, fence and half of that home. the owners were not home. they were vacationing in hawaii when the rig hit their home. the driver had just cuts in the crash. another person in the bay area has been swept out to sea. it's something that seems to be happening more frequently lately. mark sayre on the search for a missing man in half moon bay. reporter: san mateo county
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sheriff's deputies are still looking for this man, 25-year- old michael dwyer of brisbane. he was reported missing after failing to return from a trip to the beach. earlier in the day, witnesses reported seeing a man wearing board shorts swept out to sea at dunes beach and while authorities cannot be sure, they say it is possible that victim was in fact dwyer. his car was found in a parking lot along the shoreline just a half mile away. >> i just saw the ambulances out here and the sirens and the helicopters. >> reporter: this surfer says the currents are very strong right now. >> it's easy to get swept off the beach down there if you're not paying attention. it a lot of water moving especially high tide. >> reporter: the coast guard launched a search of the coastline. sheriff's deputies and state park rangers continued the search on land to no avail. >> pretty dangerous right now. the currents are really strong and the waves are pretty big. >> reporter: san mateo county sheriff's officials are asking anyone who may know anything about michael dwyer's disappearance to give them a
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call. reporting in half moon bay, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. all right. on to weather now at 4:37. we got buckets of rain come our way, don't we? >> i got to tell you, i'm starting to work on my sleep starting to work out and get strong and ready. fire up that live hi-def doppler radar and maneuver all the different radar sites. >> we may have to towel you off! [ laughter ] >> so we fired up the now stay tuned for the our live doppler live hi-def doppler radar. in all honesty, it won't be bringing us any rain until around 9:00 tonight. right now, what we're looking at is an enhanced marine layer. cannot see the tip-top of the transamerica pyramid. currently we have temperatures in the 40s and 50s. today our temperatures will be coming down in comparison to recent days and about five degrees still above average.
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60s beaches with the sun and the increasing cloud cover. once the fog lifts, we'll have 60s and 70s around the peninsula. 70 in milpitas to union city. 68 degrees today in walnut creek which is pretty spot on for this time of year. slightly above average in pleasanton at 70 degrees. we'll first off see the rain beginning in the north bay after realizing highs in the mid-60s. we'll start to see the rain by the early evening hours in cloverdale through lakeport. we'll track this system together. that's coming up a little later in this newscast. gianna. let's check the roads. we start with the bay bridge right now. we have some brief delays this morning in those cash lanes. those dissipated quickly. traffic is cruising along from oakland into san francisco. no metering lights yet. the only thing to look out for if you are heading towards the maze or in and out of oakland, we have some roadwork eastbound 580, that will be in effect between macarthur and broadway until 5:00 this morning. westbound 580 between 35th and 980/24 interchange you will
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find various lanes closed also expected to clear by 5 a.m. oakland both directions not a bad ride. traffic good on the northbound side. southbound no delays out of oakland into san lorenzo and hayward. san mateo bridge traffic is light between hayward and foster city. we'll check the golden gate coming up. an east bay gun club with a target on its back has been ordered to close. kpix 5's christin ayers says it's not just a backlash over bullets. it's also about the environment. >> this is going to be the most difficult vote i will make. >> reporter: the vote came after hours of public comment mostly from gun enthusiasts. they flooded a meeting urging the east bay regional park district board of supervisors to keep castro valley's chabot gun club open. >> closing chabot gun range down would only close the door to firearms safety education. let this gun range continue. >> reporter: there were dissenting voices, neighbors
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who say the club is too loud. >> environment is like you're in a war zone. >> i think it's time to shut it down. >> reporter: but in the end it was not noise that the board said swayed their vote. >> for me, the overwhelming issue is lead just like everyone else. it's an issue we can't get away from. i think it's a definite threat to our environment. >> reporter: the lead leeches from the fired bullet poisoning soil and water in chabot regional park. the club offered to clean up the pollution to stay open but the board argued that would be too costly. in the end -- >> the vote is. >> 7 in favor. >> unanimous. >> reporter: a unanimous vote to give the club one year to wind down operations before closing. >> of course i'm disappointed. >> it's a sad day for second amendment supporters and gun owners. >> reporter: environmentalists celebrated although some were dissatisfied at the amount of time the club was given to close. >> i'm a little disappointed because these people have to
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endure another year of noise. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> estimate to clean up the gun club site run between 6 and $20 million. happening today, tenants in pacifica are pushing to get their apartment building deemed safe again. el nino storms did serious damage to the city's coastline prompting officials to yellow tag buildings on the brink of collapse. the residents forced to vacate a building are appealing. an expert says their building is sound. at a public hearing today the arguments will be heard. an astronaut who spent 340 days in space is back on solid ground again. >> scott kelly. scott kelly back on mother earth! >> kelly gave a big thumbs up after landing in kazakhstan yesterday. he took off last march for the international space station. kelly made 5400 orbits around earth and saw 11,000 sunrises. but most of all, he was a human
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guinea pig showing us the wear and tear of long duration trips in outer space. >> for instance, having no running water, you know, it's kind of like i have been in the woods camping for a year. i'm hopeful and i think we'll learn a lot about longer duration space flight and how that will take us to mars. >> kelly has now spent 125 more days in space than any other american but a russian doctor holds the world record. he spent 438 days up in space. time now is 4:42. an iconic california fast food chain is making a major change. why the in-n-out burger may never taste the same again. ,,
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chain's tasty beef patties d start attracting health nut kpix five's betty yu shows why. there are very few fast food chains that have a loyal following quite like in n o. sot: *too quick "it taste " (sf video) for many people, in in-n- out burger may start having a
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different following. >> reporter: it tastes good. steph curry and others treated themselves after a warriors game a few months ago. adele tweeted she would take comfort in a burger after a not so smooth grammys performance. they are giving fans a reason to indulge. in-n-out is switching to beef not treated with antibiotics. >> i was so happy to hear that as one of the major food chains, it is making this effort to improve the safety and quality of the foods that we eat. >> reporter: this dietician says the routine use of antibiotics is a growing concern. >> a lot of the farming practices use antibiotics not just to treat sick animals but they actually indiscriminately use antibiotics to help animals grow faster feeding them less
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food. >> reporter: the problem is that the same antibiotics used in animals are used in humans. overusing them in animals leads to more human infections from antibiotic-resistant bacteria or superbugs. >> i think that's fantastic. i think it's important to eat quality food and things that are grown sustainably and humanely. >> now that it's more healthier for the kid and for us, i think that is great. >> reporter: they are following in the steps of other restaurants that don't seven meat treated with antibiotics -- that don't serve meet treated with antibiotics. mcdonald's will be making the switch for chicken by 2017. in-n-out has not given a timeline for the change. the tunnel connecting the golden gate bridge to marin county has a brand-new name. as of monday night, it is now the robin williams tunnel. the name change was approved by
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the state senate. the tunnel known for its rainbow arches was originally called the waldo tunnel. robin williams grew up in the bay area. if you missed prince in the paramount theater in oakland last weekend he is coming back by popular demand. play oracle arena this friday. tickets went on sale tuesday afternoon and there are some seat available. we found some near the stage for $500 each. frank, mine were $275. >> i was just going to say, i thought you spent more than that. she will be front row one way or the other. let's head up to the sierra where a warm dry february ate away at what had been an above normal snowpack in the sierra. at echo summit still 105% of normal for this time of the year but that's down from 130% last month. it's been warm but it's about to change thanks to storms moving into the bay area. we have a foot of rain coming our way! roberta? >> it's true. you would not believe all the emails i have been
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receiving over the past couple of weeks say el nino never happened you failed where did you get your degree at the university of who cares?! we have gotten it all. we kept saying, everybody, breathe. [ indiscernible ] >> everybody breathe. be patient. in all honesty, these next couple of days including today is really a day to prepare and i have had somebody ask me how do you prepare for rain? if you are in one of those areas prone to flooding start loading up on sandbags. we'll have excess rain in the bay area. not so much today. in fact right now we are looking outdoors and what we see is that right there. the return of the fog and this is really the return of the onshore push. not that valley fog we experienced a couple of days ago. we are in the 40s and 50s. the winds are nonexistent. later today cloud will increase. it's going to be a dry day with the sunshine. and then we see the clouds push in with the heavier rain and the wind for this weekend. this is our satellite-radar. this is an approaching area of low pressure. i want to refer to it as a weak disturbance that will cloud us
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over today and bring us some rain by later tonight. but what it does is it opens up the storm door to a very active weather pattern and what's going to happen is our next couple systems are going to tap into that atmospheric river and we'll see subtropical weather here in the bay area with the heavy rainfall. this is the futurecast. there's the front from the weak disturbance. by 9:00 tonight, we are anticipating about a tenth inch of rain in the santa clara valley to a half inch of rain in the north bay. here's your thursday. hit-and-miss scattered showers with a peek of sunshine. saturday showers and a major system rolls in on saturday. we'll see over the next six to 10 days a foot of rain along the coastal ranges anywhere from about 4 to 8 inches of rain in the urban areas so not so much today. it will be a dry day with the rain arriving late tonight into the north bay.
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60s and low 70s. numbers are coming down. this is the last full day of sunshine. thursday and friday spotty showers. heavy rain and gusty wind on saturday. we'll probably need some hydro report on saturday night in the form of urban and small stream flood advisory and then more rain sunday and monday. on the road, take a look at your drive through the altamont pass. westbound 580 as you work your way towards the dublin interchange, so far traffic moving along okay at least from the top of the pass towards 680. your drive times right around 14 minutes no delays there. east of there we are starting to see traffic slow down just a bit. yesterday we had some serious delays from a broken-down vehicle. right now nothing on the roadway but again sluggish conditions westbound 580 making that connector from 205 out of tracy near 11th street, as well. you will see some brake light. so a few minutes there. over to the golden gate bridge, the zipper truck making the lane changes.
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580 to the golden gate bridge a 1-minute drive. looking good at the bay bridge. metering lights are off. you're clear all the way across the upper deck into san francisco. roadwork westbound 580 between 35th avenue and the 980-24 interchange. so a heads up there. oakland looks good both directions no delays northbound 101 near the coliseum. it's clear. southbound you have a nice ride out of oakland into hayward. in fact you're clear into fremont. back to you guys. >> thank you. twin boys just delivered in berkeley won't be fighting for attention when they turn one. >> no. it's because their birthdays are years apart. two boys were born 11 minutes apart at alta bates. while miles was born just
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before midnight on sunday, little walter came out on february 29th a few minutes on leap day. >> we talked about celebrating the birthday on the 28th on nonleap year years. and when it is a leap year and a 29th a two-day weekend blowout. >> the boys will be in the hospital a little longer since they were premature. 4:52 on this wednesday. apple versus the feds in a face- off before congress. the fbi admits what could happen if it wins its case. what's at risk, when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. time check 4:54 on this tuesday. so far our water year we're averaging 85% of where we
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should be for this time of the year. after a dried up february, we're going to have a miracle march. our potential of rainfall by march 10 up to 8 inches of rain. checking the roads, nice ride along the peninsula if you have an early flight at sfo. it's only 19 minutes north 101 from 92 to the 80 split. we'll check the san mateo bridge coming up. three sheriff's deputies accused of running a fight club in a san francisco jail have been released on bail. >> it's not just morally but subjecting inmates to this treatment makes a mockery of the justice system. >> the district attorney says the deputies forced inmates to take part in physical fights with each other. scott neu and eugene jones face felony. they failed to report the crime. an attorney for the defendants read while the street of san
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francisco grow more dangerous an chaotic under his watch, george gascon seeks to distract the citizenry with a constant diet of press conferences aimed at satisfying his unquenchable thirst for self promotion. an airport baggage handler is sentenced to nine years in prison prison. he worked at oakland international airport. he pleaded guilty in december. he sneaked a duffel bag with nine pounds of methamphetamine through a secure door at the air. the drugs were put on a plane to hawaii where agents seized them. time now 4:56. an attorney for cupertino-based apple told congress that thieves could steal more information from an iphone than from breaking into a house. >> it would hurt consumers and well meaning users who rely on companies like apple to protect their personal information. >> essentially we are asking apple to take the vicious guard dog away. let us try and pick the. >> apple is fighting the -- the
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lock. >> apple is fighting the fbi. the fbi director admits forcing apple to unlock the phone would set a precedent. starting june 1 smokers will have to be at least 21 to buy cigarettes in san francisco. the board of supervisors voted yesterday to raise that age from 18. it also applies to other tobacco products stores 4:57. it's been a problem plaguing california for a while. sea lions stranded on the beaches. a new push at the state capital to do something about it. >> reporter: and i'm kiet do live at the hall of fame in downtown san jose where the jail guards accused of murderrering an inmate are back at court today. we have the gritty details. ,,,,
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i'm michelle griego. and i'm frank mallicoat
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good morning. it is wednesday, march 2. a live look at the bay bridge right now. >> all is dark. >> yeah. can you see this? >> i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00. super tuesday has come and gone and donald trump and hillary clinton have reason to smile this morning. trump scored wins in delegate- heavy states widening his lead over cruz and rubio but some republicans say a trump nomination could mean a split within the gop. clinton won in 7 states causing a lot of concern for the sanders campaign. trump and clinton were making some rather bold remarks following their impressive sweeps. >> it's clear tonight that the stakes in this election have never been higher. >> i'm going to get along great with congress, okay? paul ryan, i don't know him well but i'm sure i'm going to get along great with him. and if i don't, he's going to have to pay a big price,income. >> apparently, they have moved on as big name politicians ponder last night's results, candidates are getting ready for primary election star


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