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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 12, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. now, the latest bay area storm bringing heavy rain to parts of the bay area. another wet weekend and the wind combined with saturated soil is sending trees toppling over and threatening homes and
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power lines. and good evening, we have team coverage on this storm and first, we saw some of the heavy rain but the rain is now moving east and south as it does, tapering off a bit and not quite as strong as today, but we'll continue to see showers and some of the heaviest rain is falling in parts of the east bay. and that's heading towards concord and antioch and hercules and walnut creek and we look at the peninsula, heading over the mountains and notice this band of moderate showers, heading towards hayward and oakland and expect this, periods of heavy rain and pockets of it throughout the day and the north bay is getting a break, keeping a close eye on the north bay where a flash flood watch is in effect and i want to note, the
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russian river in guerneville is going to crest just below flood stage, and we'll keep a close eye on this, and more rain on the way coming up. and today's rain held off long enough for demolition to start on a building teetering on the edge of a cliff in pacifica. >> that's right, they cut off work at 5:00, because it was quitting time but if there are delays, it will be weather related and they don't want the debris to end up in the ocean. >> today's demolition is this apartment building couldn't come soon enough. >> we've been monitoring the cliff edge to see any changes of erosion and we have noticed that there's some additional
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erosion. >> the city said the owner has done nothing to shore up the cliffs so pacifica is stepping in before the building tumbles off the cliff. >> and it will be demolished later on this summer for the completion. >> it's become more and more unstable as the storms move through and pacifica has applied for 3 1/2 dollars to stabilize some of the buildings on the cliff and for this one, it's too late. it's pretty breezy here now, not that much before when they were working and at this point they're planning to come out and do more demo tomorrow, emily turner, kpix5. mudslides have closed the fairfax road and this slide is
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near lake alpine dam and told the land is unstable and trees are in danger of coming down. and this large tree came down on highway 1, that is just south of the point ray area in marin county and it took power lines with it forcing the c ph to close the highway at bear valley road. >> keeping a close eye on the russian river and it's not reached flood stage, kpix shows us how high the water is now. the water began receding here in guerneville around 2 in the morning and that is several feet short of flood stage. east, along river rd., a vineyard was swamped and at the end of church st., johnson
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beach was nowhere to be seen. many folks are thankful to get a break in the clouds and avoid flooding. >> hopefully it will back down and next week it will be dry and everything will be all right. >> several significant downpours here today but there were plenty of breaks too, the russian river is going to crest here once again on monday and once again, below flood stage. and last night's wind and rain proved to be too much in pacifica. mark kelly shows us the massive tree that wiped out a home. >> some of the neighbors saw it come down. >> he surveys the damage this century old tree did to the house he rents out. >> it's overwhelming, the entire house was covered in tree, you couldn't see it. >> today, the it tenants got their cats and tried to salvage what they had left, he was
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happy nobody was home when the cypress knocked into the home but the neighbor heard the crash. >> i thought it was an earthquake. >> she said the wind was whipping up stronger than usual yesterday. >> it was a perfect storm to up root a tree that in normal conditions would be hard to up root. >> he said it's a city owned tree and appeared healthy but this winter's wind and rain were just too powerful and even with the headache it caused, the neighborhood is sad to see the tree gone. >> it was one of the favorite trees in the valley. >> mark kelly, kpix5. >> we'll continue to track this storm and bring you updates as we get them. >> bullets flew this morning in san jose, a man firing a gun
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inside of a 7-11 on fruit daily dale avenue. >> they followed the vehicle and initiated a high risk felony car stop on that call on the subway located on meridian avenue. >> police say when the car stopped, the suspect started shooting and officers returned fire and wounded him and they arrested him and recovered a semi-automatic assault officer. >> victims are refusing to cooperate after a shooting at 2:30 a.m., a suspect car pulled up next to the bus and someone started firing, one passenger was critically injured and this is the latest incident in a string of freeway shootings. burglars struck twice on the peninsula, san carlos police are looking for these
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two men who broke into homes, they're described as latino and were wearing hoodies and gloves, the first break in was near elm street on howard avenue. both were between 5:00 and 7:30 p.m., both times the burglars entered through the back of the house. backlash against donald trump after protests turned violent, what his rivals are saying. we continue to watch the weather, our latest storm soaking parts of the bay area, we'll have your forecast coming up.
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secret service had to spring into action when a protester more trouble at one of donald trump's rallies today. the secret service had to spring into action. and trump is getting a lot of backlash. mark kelly said the criticism is coming from both sides. >> cheers from the crowd as donald trump steps off a plane in ohio. a very different scene less
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than 24 hours earlier. supporters and protesters clashing at the university of illinois friday night and his campaign cancelled the event 30 minutes before it started due to security concerns and protesters spilled out to the streets and 5 people arrested and two police officers hurt. >> the people invited there, they caused no problems, they were taunted and harassed. >> his republican counterparts spoke out. >> this is a man who told supporters to beat up the people in the crowd and he'll pay their legal fees. >> no place for a national leader to prey on the fears of people. >> the democratic candidates also weigh in. >> donald trump has got to be loud and clear and tell his supporters that violence at rallies is not what america is about. >> even though the rally wasn't
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free of incidents, one protesters was escorted out after he rushed the stage, mark kelly, kpix5. not your typical study group, how bay area schools got creative when they prepared for this year's spelling bee. and we continue to track rain and slick roadways, how much more will you see? details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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national spelling bee. next saturday, kpix 5 and kcbs r are sponsoring about 50 of the region's top spellers are getting ready for the scripps spelling bee, the bay area regional bee around how some schools found creative ways to get their students involved. >> thank you for being here. >> before advancing to the regional finals, spellers became school champions and then earned top scores on a written test. >> studying started months before and they found ways to make it fun. >> scrabble is the game of choice in san mateo. >> the fun of putting words together and watching them light up to see they've spelled something cool. >> preparation became an event in this school and they jumped
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and pretended they were letters, and competed in games. >> it's like a fun way to study spelling. >> you like that more? >> yes, i do. >> i thought i'd seen it all but these kids are learning how to spell using shaving cream. >> do you like that? >> b-e-e, nice job, is high- five. >> you have a week to practice the words. >> they rose before dawn to study in groups. >> what advice do you give them? >> they invited a veteran. >> and she competed twice in the regionals and her advice, learn the origins of words. >> be friends with the word, and don't hate it, use it everywhere you go. >> it may not be scrabble but
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it's a sound strategy that helps long after the bee is over. >> you can watch it next saturday, march 19th at noon, we'll carry it and stream it at >> if you were in downtown san francisco you saw green, the st. patrick's day parade ended at civic center and there was games and of course guinness. >> talking about the latest storm, drivers dealing with slick roads and there's a live look at the golden gate bridge and julie is here with our soggy saturday. >> the good news, the heaviest rain held off for the parade but a damp and dreary day, and doppler shows where the rain is, it's moved to the east bay and we're seeing showers in parts of the south bay and some
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of the downpours right now, you can see light to moderate rain in oakland and castro valley and danville, we head south, we've seen showers pass through the south bay through san jose and pass through that 688 corridor. if you're heading out, keep in mind, this is what you'll see, another look at the golden gate bridge, we have rain on the lens, and temperatures are mild in the 50s and 54 in santa rosa. take a look the at the jet stream, ushering that moisture our way and that has been suppressed but will return next week along with warmer temperatures and the sunshine. here is the rainfall now, that band of showers is stretching across the bay and scattered
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showers overnight and pause at 8:00 a.m. and widespread scattered light rain and especially over the higher elevations and in the north bay, notice at 2:00, still seeing light rain possible for most folks around the bay, scattered showers continue to taper off and then we see lingering showers into the first part of monday. something else, winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour over the next couple days as these bands of rain move through and wind gusts could still bring down trees and power lines. we could see 2-3 feet of new snow in tahoe. and the extended forecast shows the last real rain is monday and lingering showers tuesday and wednesday, thursday and friday, upper 70s and near 80
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by the end of the week. big changes on the horizon and turn your clocks back, i many spring forward. >> wishful thinking, i'm doing the morning show tomorrow. injuries in sports, the latest on matt king for his first start of the regular season and the warriors are back in action and a key player ruled out against the suns, more on andre's injury next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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will be out for tonight's game... and at least for the next 2 weeks with an ankle sprain. meanwhile... all is good wi terrible news, warriors, andre will be out for the next two weeks with an ankle sprain but all is good with curry and broke his own record and sets a new record two weeks ago, this past monday, he was the first player in nba history to surpass 300 threes in a season. he's at 311, 3-pointer and his fellow players hope to reach it one day. >> the fact he beat his own record, and we've got 20 games yet, he's got 300, that's insane, he is changing the game, the way we see it, it motivates me, one day i want to get to 300. it's remarkable. >> on thursday night, the
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lakers kobe bryant faced off with lebron james before he retires. kobe gave james advice on what his focus should be. >> if i was him, i'd obsess over dealing with those boys up in golden state, right, so, leadership perspective and how construct the team, you have to make sure you're ready to do battle for it, if you're fortunate to get there, that's the problem. from that standpoint you have to figure that out. you can't leave it to chance, you have to study it. >> well tomorrow is the selection sunday and the pac-12 will send them dancing. but the bay area will be under represented and wcc regular
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season champs hoping they get in, and this was so physical the coaches got involved accidentally. wildcats, steps back and buries a 3-pointer giving villanova a 3-point lead and he gets the friendly roll, the coach can't believe it and seton hall has the win and the pirates first big tournament title since 1993 and a cal matchup, fresno takes on san diego state and the aztecs are down one and shepard gets the lead for san diego state and lewis pulls up for the go ahead 3 and the bulldogs win and go to the tournament for the first time since 2001. >> in baseball, matt king through a bullpen session and still no guarantee on when
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he'll make his regular season start and jake gave up runs and lost to the angels. the other half of the giants were in scottsdale taking on the d-backs, and arizona leads by 4 and he rips into left center and that's going enough to score. and another guy fights to get in, parker, he's got power and his second home run that goes all of the way off the roof but the giants lose. >> this guy looks like he needs sunscreen, top of the first inning and it's a third of this spring and they go up 2-0 but rangers singles a run and kendall, he gives up 3 in the
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third and the rangers beat them. >> baseball is just around the corner. >> here we go, can't wait and getting into spring, and spring forward tomorrow and julie is on the morning shift tomorrow. >> i would love that extra hour. >> thanks for watching and back here at 11:00 and your latest news and weather. see you soon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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