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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> this is causing some huge headaches for part riders, and tonight, we learned the fix won't be quick. >> service is shut down for a second night? >> reporter: what you see behind me will be in service for another day, maybe for the weekend. the six miles between here and pittsburgh point won't be on the track. this action at the bart stays, just not on the tracks. for the second days in a row,
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the railway between this station and the pittsburgh point was -- end of one very long line. >> ridiculous and unorganized. >> but this may be the new normal for the time being. >> reporter: the searches -- called a fine server. >> reporter: 58 bart cars need to be fixed, the parts cost a thousand bucks, and takes 22 weeks, nearly half a year to make, bart had been swamping them out from other cars, but with so many damaged. pickings was slim. bart is trying to flying in an expert. >> this is very difficult for us to capture where it's happening. >> reporter: on top of that --
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there's an acting ledge california engineer in -- electrical engineer in their place. >> reporter: they want to see about replacing anything that had gone wrong, they burned through that stock in about two weeks, trying to fix the problem. live in concord, kpix5. >> people are complaining about the mess on twitter, bart is responding with tweets like these. it's extremely difficult to convey complex civic problems in 140 charactering, we have three hours to do the maintenance. #,thisisourreality. it's also worth noting bart is
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considering a bond to pay for upgrades. the search is on for a the woman suspected of murdering her mother the suspect might be hard to recognize. veronica? >> reporter: investigators think she may be hiding out in the l.a. area, possibly disguises as a man. this is what she looked like anyone saw her in the bay area. her mother's remains were found on january 2. it is unclear how long the body had been in the track barrel, but -- trash barrel, but e, ahbors say they hadn't seen mary or her mother since august. they are convinced they are after the right person. >> they lived together, and there's number of factors, mary was murdered, and the daughter has not been seen or heard from
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since. originally, we had her on the missing person log. ce aere is another look at alicia, she might be going by the name of alex calico and dressing in men's clothes. police are the investigating possible sightings in arizona. police just released video of a man wanted for attempted murder. police say in november, this guy in the white t-shirt confronted a man outside the willow den bar. the suspect is seen chasing the man, but stabbing occurs off camera. the victim has since recovered. police in san leandro looking for vandals who are using parked cars as target practice. almost 200 vehicles have been shot up. we have the surveillance video. >> reporter: police are hoping the public can id this car, and people inside. watch as a passenger runs on the
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driveway and shoots the windows of two cars. >> yes, it doesn't take away the vision that's in your head, of some guy on your driveway, shooting. it was surreal. >> reporter: this woman wants to conceal her identity. since january, vandals have blown out her car windows three separate times. the vandals drive a different car every time. in this case, the suv's slows down and someone shoots a bb gun from the driver's site. the most recent, yesterday. around 2:00 a.m., vandals shot out eight car windows on this block. >> it's like this can't be happening again! what is the problem? very stressful. >> reporter: the san leandro police don't think she is being targeted. since late december, vandals have shot out 180 car windows, in san leandro, and castro valley. >> these are not burglaries, people just committing abilities
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of vandalism. >> reporter: it could be the same group of young men. the question is why? >> people who are stupid, nothing else 20 do. >> reporter: investigators say replacing the windows have cost drivers about $60,000, and that's just in san leandro alone. not counting the other cities. y > dozens of santa fe state university students held a rally to end racism on campus. expressed frustration with the sentencing of threement men. they will not serve any jail time. >> it's a disappointment. we've been fighting this fight for a long time, and it's like salt in the wound. >> the school is finishing up the search for a chief diversity officer, an open forum begins tomorrow. troubling question in richmond. how do you stop so many young
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people from being killed? that's what kpix5 christin ayers had the interim police chief. >> reporter: officers told family members 14-year-old mick land was the victim in within two weeks, to more homicides. >> we try to get between law enforcement and these young men to try to deter them from the violence. >> reporter: but the reverend's work is harder, the city had 11 homicides in 2014, a 30 year low, but last year, the number nearly doubled to 21, and this year, there have already been six. >> that's a little ahead of where we were at this time last year. >> reporter: brown is richmond's interim police chief. he says the city is gripped in a cycle of refutal for shootings, his office have been trying to disrupt with, with more
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officers -- it, with more officers on the street. >> we've been reasonably, you know, successful in at least more slowing down, you know, escalations and then in terms of, focusing on the folks who think are involved. >> reporter: richmond police say they have leads, but so far, they've made no arrests in the six homicides. local leaders say police can't do it alone, they need the community's help. there's just one problem: money. >> we've been doing this without funding. >> reporter: the community outreach program has helped stem the violence, but relies heavily on volunteers. >> we have seeking funding that will give us a coordinator, possibly case managers, and then redesign the cease fire model, where there are more, you know, engaged in the community. >> reporter: chief brown says changes are 457ing in his --
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happening in his department, too. >> it's the same play book, but it's being adjusted and tweaked. guests had to clear out of the holiday inn after a contractor hit a gas line. two neighboring businesses were evacuated by pg&e capped the leak. no one was hurt. in los angeles, investigators say a construction worker are fell 53 stories to his death was not wearing a safety harness. the unidentified worker helping construction, what would become the tallest high rise in the west. police say he fell from the open scaffolding into a passing car. a group has zeroed in on a new target, donald trump. earlier, the online group published trump's personal information, including ten and alleged social security numbers. earlier this week, the group warned the frontrunner of an
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all-out war. the stop trump movement is picking up steam. alomar continue shows us even stormy enemy are -- even former enemies are joining forces against him. >> reporter: marco rubio told reporters that he's done with politics. >> i'm not running for reelection to the senate. i'm going to finish my term here, and then i'll be a private citizen. >> reporter: rubio dropped out tuesday evening after donald trump won the primary in florida, rubio's home state. trump has nearly half the 1237 delegates to clench. gop them nation. >> we have to bring our party together. >> reporter: he says any plans to derail his consistency to lead to vote -- candidacy could lead to riots. lindsay graham threw his support behind ted cruz.
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>> he's the best alternative. i'm going to help ted in everywhere i can. >> reporter: bernie sanders conceded the missouri primary. hillary clinton took the day off the campaign trail to attend two closed door fund raising efence as she looks toward the general election. al -- alan martin. >> the gop would have its first contested convention since 1977 if trump doesn't clench the delegates. the new atmosphere that staffers are using inside san francisco city hall. >> a sea change at sea world. the theme park is saying good-bye to shamu. >> he looks like a mini stone hedge. ,,,,,,
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these are the hands that sew the seeds of business growth, that weave the data, and find the perfect spot to thrive. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. with isis. it can send encrypted messages that self-destruct. kpix 5's joe vazquez on why that same ap raising some red flags with san francisco city hall ton. an app that is popular with isis. >> reporter: fine up for the messaging atmosphere calmed telegram, and you will -- app called telegram. it is a secret chat feature that allows messages self destruct. some supervisors and staffers are using telegram to conduct city busy business. it named an unnamed city
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employee who says staffers are being encouraged to use telegram, because at a way around the city's public records laws. >> they have a robert to make sure that's -- responsibility to make sure that's open to the public. >> reporter: the app maker told 60 minutes this sunday he developed telegram to him disdents avoid criminal prosecution in russia, but the terrorists terrorists terrorists in paris were able to secretly coordinate their attacks n san francisco, the supervisor said he used telegram, but not the self destruct function. >> this application, i've just used for a few weeks, interesting questions have been raised and we are consulting with the city attorney about that. and until those questions are answers i won't use this for any public business. the fbi sells the bay area freshman who went on a stabbing
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rampage at uc murder said was inspired by isis, they say faisal mohammad acted alend, they found isis propaganda on his laptop. he wounded four students before campus police officer shot and killed him. tonight, sea world is saying so long to its controversial killer whale, breeder program. ben tracy reports from san diego, where the orca shows will be phased out, starting next year. >> reporter: sea world is ending the shows that made shamu a household name. the company will also no longer breed the and tiff or cass. the ceo -- captive orcas. >> this will be the last generation of orcas. that's a difficult digs for us, but we -- digs for us --
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decision for us but it's the right one. the critical 2013 documentary black fish was the beginning of the end for the killer whale shoes. it chronicled attacks on trainers like dawn, who was killed by a massive orca in 2010. attendance has been falling with stock price. the company is now entering into a $50 million partnership with the humane society. it's one-time adversary. >> we're hoping to partner with them to help with animals in distress, stranded whales, stranded dolphins, sea turtles. >> reporter: they will still be on display at the parks like this one here in san diego. sea world used to breed orcas and sell those to theme parks around the world. something they say they won't do
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anymore. remember that google barge that sat off treasure island? tonight, it is on the move again! it's being relocated from stockton, to seattle, for a retrofit, then put to use off the coast of alaska. not clear for what, exactly. they were supposed to be a floating showroom for new google products, but lack of permits killed that projects, we're looking at what $9 million in el nino storm damage looks like. the washed out roads will require significant repairs. next week, the board will consider whether to declare a local emergency, which will allow it to seek funding relief from the state. el nino storms are uncovering some interesting ruins, in pacifica. why some pipes are getting double takes. >> reporter: beach goers say the sand almost came to the top.
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you could sit on the slabs and look at the ocean. now, check out how much this beach has eroded because of el nino storms. >> big work of art kind of. >> it looks like a jungle gym. >> reporter: when you look closely, it's the actual treatment center release. the storms revealed what is -- old drainage system that less than two weeks ago looked like this. captured in the background of a tourist's photo. one of the structures: >> i'm worried about the corrosion of the earth. aside from that, it's beautiful to see the differences of what's laying underneath. then you see history by the pipes that were there earlier this month, less than 10 miles away at ocean beach, we came across the cobblestone steps, ruins from 80 years ago, similarly exposed by mother
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nature. back in pacifica, the structure is making lon time bay area -- long time bay area residents stop on their evening walk. >> i don't remember seeing this before. and i've taken this walk hundreds of times on the floor the years. >> i think it's -- over the years. >> i think it's something they'll have to work on, maintaining it, and still have all the surf to ebb and flow. who would that the that el nino would boggle the mind? >> it has, and throwing a lot of water in lake shasta, the percentage of capacity has gone from 70%, i'll show you the graphic, 79%, up to 85%, one week it has gone up 15% of capacity, that's an insane rise, and wonderful news in far northern california where they got two feet of rain in ten days.
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a little fog rolling in the financial district. video from pacifica earlier, somewhat rough surf, birds liked t we are still in the 60s. we'll stay in the 40s and 50s tonight. sunrise 7:15, where you will start your day at 52. but we have changes tomorrow, we will not see the 80s again in the santa clara valley in the oakland hills. the on shore flow is back, you can see the winds moving from west to east, grabbing the cooling influence of the ocean, we can do it in march. north bay, marin, salon know county, 10-15 degrees cooler as winds have changed. it will be a northwest wind coming up tomorrow. that's the local weather, big picture, high pressure ridge kicked out by this guy, a big stopping area of low pressure that will give us cloud cover on saturday, by saturday evening, futurecast says an increase in clouds, sunday morning, couple showers for the north bay.
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a this might impact the barbecue plans for sunday evening. some widely scattered showers, out throughout the day area sunday afternoon, so rain returns before the weekend is finished. clear tonight, patchy fog along the coast. sunshine tomorrow it, will not be as warm, because of the on shore flow. showers returning on sunday. 60s and 70s tomorrow, not the 70s and 60s. oakland 76, san rafael, 78 down to 68. extended forecast call for rain rain showers sunday evening, scattered showers monday and tuesday, looks omanis on the 7-day, it is -- ominous on the 7-day, but it's not. >> we got a little break. >> and more rain coming next week. this california woman left home to pick up her son at the airport, but she was the one who ended up needing a passport. the wrong turn that took her to tijuana. >> coming up on the late show
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with stephen
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pretty wild ride, 92-year-old woman in southern california. >> she was headed to long beach airport to pick up her son, but ended up south of the bore kerr, when she didn't show up at the airport, her son september out a silver alert. she got stranded after crashing her car in tijuana. thankfully, a young mother stopped to help. >> she said, now you can't stay here. she said you're coming with me. >> i knew that she -- >> mom took her home, and called police. the woman made it back safely. tonight, her son is calling it a miracle. >> wow. big night tonight in basketball. college basketball got underway. the big dance is gone, and there were a few upsets. >> i hate to bring it up, but usc -- >> i know.
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i'm so happy they got there. >> at least they were in it. san jose state, san francisco state. >> syracuse, they weren't in it. >> two great finishes today. we have them both. ,,,,,,,,,,
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casino in nevada bet 15-gran the two 12 seeds that played today the two 12 seeds that played a gambler in nevada bet 15,000 on the two 12 seeds that played in the ncaa tournament. how did they do? the mason, career high 31 spread over baylor. the first tournament win every, little rock and 5 seed purdue, josh tied it and forced over time, and a double over time. little rock wins 85-83. that gambler won 78 grand. >> hail mary, no good, and they beat the trojans, 70-69.
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for seed cal will play tomorrow, against hawaii, without one of the players. ty broke his hand for the second time this season, he will likely miss the entire tournament, an unfortunate end for players that return for senior year just to play in the tournament. >> decided to come back to school, one, to get his degree, and to play in the state tournament. it's just unfortunate. >> i think we're a deep teen, experienced with the juniors we have, i think we'll be able to pick up what tyrone left. we will miss him a lot, but we have to win this ball game. >> rough night for the sharks in arizona. especially joe who took a stick to the face. 90 seconds left, tied at one. don e, one behind jones for the game-winning goal. arizona beats the san jose
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sharks 3-1. >> so they got their work cut out for them. >> sam singer will take over for ty. i see them moving on past hawaii. >> really? >> that's official prediction. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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