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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 18, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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this is a live look at sfo. a little bit of fog on the bay. hello, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. did you say it was friday? >> i said it was friday. >> no, you didn't, i did. congratulations. >> i did say it was friday. >> did you? [ laughter ] >> didn't hear it. all right. >> are you awake? >> we're all waking up with you. it's 4:30. >> it's a foggy friday. she nailed it. we have fog. if you look at our transamerica pyramid shot, you can see the ceiling is about 600 feet. when it's that low, we are guaranteed delays at sfo on arriving flights. good morning, boy, after highs all the way up into the low 80s yesterday, it will be cooler and partly sunny. yesterday it was 75 in san francisco. today 61 degrees.
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yesterday we saw delays early along 4 because a lot of folks were using that instead of bart. today we are still dealing with the closure between north concord and pittsburg-baypoint. bus bridges are in place. bay bridge quiet out of oakland into san francisco. just a few cars stuck in the cash lanes. a frustrating commute in store for bart riders again today. a rare piece of equipment keeps breaking down and putting trains out of commission. anne makovec is live at the north concord station where delays are significant and shuttle buses are the only ride around. what's the latest, anne, good morning? >> reporter: the bad news is bart still cannot figure this out. they are flying in experts today to try to help them find out the problem with this part of track. in the meantime, this bus bridge will be in place through the weekend. people will have to board buses
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like these to get between the north concord and pittsburg- baypoint stations in contra costa county. so bart's advice, add 30 minutes to your trip. bart shut down that section of track after power surges damaged 50 train cars on wednesday. bart's engineers still can't figure out why. >> you have test trains running to take measurements and if it looks like we can safely move train service between the area we'll do so but right now buses, allow extra time and the bigger impact systemwide is there are definitely less cars available. >> reporter: so 50 cars were knocked out of service this week, 80 cars were benched two weeks ago because of a similar mysterious surge problem in the transbay tube. so bart is running shorter trains so they are packed with people. that's affecting trains systemwide.
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we'll talk to them this morning coming up in the next half- hour. frank and michelle? >> what will it take to get the cars fixed? >> reporter: bart is ordering this specific part that they need for the cars. normally it takes about five months to get that part in. they are working with the manufacturer to try to make that a shorter time. it will cost about $100,000. live in concord, anne makevoc, kpix 5. we wanted to see firsthand what's getting fried when bart tracks face a power surge so we sent kpix 5's mike sugerman straight to the bart yard. >> so you can see that hockey puck kind of design in there. reporter: this little gizmo is causing huge headaches for bart and riders. every once in a while before they close this section of track, sometimes it blows out. that's weird. >> strange. >> reporter: bart mechanic timothy ryan has never seen
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anything like it before. few have. >> imagine plugging you 110- volt vacuum cleaner or hairdryer into a 220-volt outlet. that's what's happening. >> reporter: why? they don't know. but it's put 58 trains, 10% of bart's daily minimum, out of service. >> so we can't run trains through there or we'll lose more. >> reporter: it's unclear how long that section of track will be closed with buses in their place but replacing that little thigh wrister it costs $1,000 each. about 120 have blown out so far. it takes 22 weeks to get a new one. talking about months? >> months is a very realistic estimate. >> reporter: this is how bart explained things to its passengers on its twitter account. "bart was built to transport far fewer people and much of our system has reached the end of its useful life. this is our reality." the next few months it's going to be even worse. in concord, mike sugerman, kpix
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5. ever wonder what $9 million in el nino storm damage looks like? take a look at this. the santa cruz county board of supervisors says these washed out roads will require significant repairs. next week the board will consider whether to declare a local emergency there, which would allow it to seek funding relief from the state. we are getting a little relief from el nino for a while, right? >> we are except for the rain will be coming for sure on monday. now we are playing tag with the sunday forecast. i have it in the forecast last monday, tuesday and yanked it because it's delayed. now it's picking up speed and we don't want that because we have the palm sunday mass processions and the running festival. so we have a lot of outdoor activities and sunday could be impacted by the rain. sfo in a deck of low clouds that will certainly cause airport delays on some arriving flights this morning. we are in the 40s and 50s. it's currently 48 in livermore,
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light winds. forecast high today in san francisco 61. the average is 62. so i would say this is going to be rather a very typical winter day here in the bay area after realizing highs well above normal yesterday. 60s and 70s with partly cloudy skies around the peninsula, 73 morgan hill. east of the bay 60s and 70s out of the 80s experienced yesterday. balmy on thursday. 60s common north of the golden gate bridge. 70 in napa. we'll see clouds thicken up across the northern portion of the bay area. rain for the weekend. we're tracking that together coming up shortly but right now, let's send it over to "lady g." >> good morning. let's jump over to highway 4 get a look at our maps here and check conditions as you work your way out of antioch and pittsburg this morning. we saw delays yesterday as people are not using bart because of the troubles this morning and using the roads instead. right now it's early. the morning commute just getting started so things are good on the westbound side on speeds. drive times not too bad.
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bus bridges are in place. give yourself 30 extra minutes with bus bridges in place. there is a 10-minute delay on trains from pittsburg-baypoint into san francisco. now, the rest of mass transit is on time and the rest of our freeways are looking pretty good this morning including the bay bridge. new details this morning on the search for a bay area woman suspected of murdering her 90- year-old mother and stuffing her body in a trash can. investigators think that alicia osivin changed her appearance hiding as a man in los angeles. here's what she looked like the last time anyone in the bay area saw her. police found her mother mary's remains shot to death. it's unclear how long the body was in the trash can but neighbors said they hadn't seen
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mary or her daughter since august. police still don't know the possible motive but they are convinced they are after the right person. >> they live together, daughter is gone and a number of factors that show that mother was murdered and the daughter hasn't been seen or heard from since. originally we did enter her as a missing person, as well. maybe something happened to her too. >> here's another look at alicia osibin. she may be going by the name alex calico and dressing in men's clothes. she is considered to be armed and dangerous. how do you stop so many people young people from being killed in richmond? that's what christin ayers asked the interim police chief. reporter: february 29 a burst of gunfire on a trail outside jfk high school. officers told family members 14- year-old xavier mcclanahan was
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the victim. within two weeks, two more homicides. >> we try to get between law enforcement and these young men to try to deter these men from -- violent young men. >> reporter: his work is more difficult in richmond. the city had 11 homicides in 2014, a 30-year low. but last year, the number of murders nearly doubled to 21 and this year, there have already been six. >> that's a little bit ahead of where we were at this time last year. >> reporter: richmond's interim police chief says the city is gripped in a cycle of retaliation. his officers have been trying to disrupt it with more officers on the street focusing on known criminals. >> we have been, you know, reasonably successful in at least, you know, slowing down, you know, escalations and then in terms of, you know, focusing on the folks we think are involved. >> reporter: richmond police
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have leads but no arrests in those six homicides. local leaders say police can't do it alone. they need the community's help. there's just one problem. money. >> we have been doing this without funding. you know? you just got people who love their community doing this work. >> reporter: bernstein says the community outreach program known as cease-fire has helped stem the violence but relies too heavily on volunteers. >> we are seeking funding, which will give us a cease-fire coordinator, possibly some case managers and then we gonna redesign the cease-fire model where we become more, um, you know, engaged in the community. >> reporter: chief brown says changes are happening in his department too to keep up with the spike in homicide. >> it's the same playbook but it's constantly being tweaked and adjusted for what's happening now. >> reporter: in richmond, christin ayers, kpix 5. the fbi is now saying the bay area college freshman who
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went on a stabbing rampage at uc-merced was self-radicalized and acted alone. they found isis propaganda on his laptop and evidence he had been to their website. mohammad was from santa clara. he wounded four students before campus police officers killed him. tensions are building between north and south korea. south korea claims north korea fired two ballistic missiles one of which flew about 500 miles before crashing off the country's east coast. on the campaign trail now, the stop trump movement is picking up steam. marco rubio says he is ready to get out of the public spotlight. mark albert has the very latest out of washington reporter: former presidential candidate marco rubio told reporters thursday, he is done with politics. >> i'm not running for re- election to the senate. as i said, i'm going to finish my term here and then i'll be a private citizen. >> reporter: rubio dropped out of the presidential race tuesday evening after donald
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trump won the primary in florida. rubio's home state. trump now has nearly half the 1237 delegates needs to clinch the gop nomination. >> we have to bring our party together. >> reporter: trump warns any plans to derail his candidacy could lead to riots. but on thursday, a group of conservative activists and lawmakers met behind closed doors to discuss alternatives to the gop front-runner. senator lindsey graham threw his support behind his adversary ted cruz. >> i think the best alternative to donald trump to stop him from getting 1237 is ted cruz and i'm going to help ted in every way i can. >> donald trump has -- >> reporter: the activist group anonymous has trump in its crosshairs saying it posted the businessman's personal information online. on the democratic side senator bernie sanders conceded the missouri primary and campaigned in arizona thursday night. >> with your help on tuesday, we're going to win here in arizona. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: hillary clinton
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took the day off the trail to attend two closed door fundraising events as she looks towards the general election. mark albert for cbs news, washington. so if trump doesn't reach the 1237 delegates needed, republicans would have a contested convention in cleveland. the gop chairman says that if that happens, it's, quote, really important for the party to play it straight not to play games and to be transparent. time now 4:43. this winter storm has unveiled something intriguing along the bay area coast. coming up, how erosion has turned up something not seen in decades. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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match-ups on tap later this morning. at 9am, syracuse takes on dayton. kpix 5 is your home for march madness. yale with a good upset. two good ones this morning at 9 a.m. and 11:30. san jose state university, growing unrest over the outcome
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of a case of racial bullying. dozens of students held a rally yesterday afternoon to protest a recent sentencing decision. two of the three students found guilty of the bullying were sentenced to 30 days in jail or weekend work. the third student was sentenced to one day in jail but will get credit for time served. all three must take "sensitivity classes." >> it's a disappointment. we have been fighting this fight for a long time now and, you know, it's kind of salt in the wounds for sure. >> but sjsu's interim president says the university is nearly done searching for a chief diversity officer. today it holds an open forum with four finalists. the el nino storms revealed a structure under the sand in pacifica. betty yu shows us why locals and tourists are looking twice at some old pipes reporter: as recently as december, beach-goers say that the sand came up almost to the top of those structures you see behind me. you could basically sit on top
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of those concrete slabs. check out how much this beach has eroded because of el nino storms. >> from a distance i thought it was a big work of art. >> it looks like a jungle gym. >> it's the treatment center release. >> reporter: this month's el nino storms revealed what's been buried here for a long time. an old drainage system that less than two weeks ago looked like this captured in the background of a tourist's photo. one of the four structures hadn't yet toppled over. >> i'm worried about the corrosion of the earth. >> aside from that it's beautiful. you get to see the differences of what's laying underneath but then you also see history by the pipes that were laid there. >> reporter: earlier this month, less than 10 miles away at ocean beach in san francisco, we came across could believe step to steps ruins from 80 years ago similarly
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exposed by mother nature. back in pacifica this structure is making long-time bay area residence stop on their evening walk. >> it's mind-boggling. i haven't seen it before and i have walked here hundreds of times over the years. >> it's something that scientists will have to work on how to maintain our civilization and still have all the stuff continue to ebb and flow. >> reporter: in pacifica, betty yu, kpix 5. all right. 4:48. let's check weather. are we showing a cooldown? >> a little bit. we had highs yesterday a good 15 degrees above normal. so today, we start to see a little bit of a cooldown and right now we're looking at fog which we didn't have for quite some time. this is looking towards the transamerica pyramid. you can't see the top of it. we are in a deck of clouds down to 600 feet. temperatures in the 40s inland in livermore to the east and
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santa rosa to the north. an area of low pressure is strong with great dynamics with it. this is the core of the center of the area of low pressure that contains the most instability. then this is the frontal boundary that's going to be producing some clouds in our area. that's been bouncing off the huge dome of high pressure and high pressure has been winning out. but now the low is going to see some movement. the storm track will be returning to the bay area on friday according to our wind particle map. here you see by sunday 8 a.m., some light rain in the north bay. so if you have palm sunday processions outside in the far north bay, you will need your umbrella. otherwise partly to mostly cloudy skies around the bay area. rain sunday night into monday. today 75 at sacramento. it's springtime skiing in the greater lake tahoe area with
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more snow by sunday. yay! upper 60s in monterey bay. here's your sunrise and sunset. smack in between, temperatures average. 50s and 60s in the beaches, low 70s in the bay into the inland areas. winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. spring arrives saturday night and the first full day of spring rain showers through monday and drying out thursday. here's gianna. our biggest problem this morning so far for commuters will be bart. bart still dealing with more troubles equipment problems this morning so you have delays and closures. no train service running between north concord and pittsburg-baypoint. 10-minute delays on the pittsburg-baypoint line. long lines expected for folks using bus bridges. an extra 30 minutes for your commute, expect lines. highway 4 will be busy again. folks will use the road
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instead. westbound 4 so far, so good. hopefully it stays "friday light." 7 minutes between hillcrest to highway 242. so we'll keep our eye on that. no delays northbound 101 at the peninsula. south 101 at oyster point two right lanes closed for pothole repair until at least 5:30 a.m. elsewhere across the san mateo bridge, "friday light" no delays. it's an easy ride westbound 92 between 880 and 101. 880 itself north- and southbound near the coliseum so far traffic is very light in oakland. no delays out of marin towards the golden gate bridge. foggy there but overall easy ride down into san francisco on the southbound side of 101. looks like the bay bridge no troubles. san jose, you are off to a good start on the northbound side of 101 out of san jose all the way to the peninsula. time now 4:51. defying the stereotype that most girls are not interested in science.
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coming up, a sillicon valley student who is going against the grain and getting top honors in the field. >> and we want to know what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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more than getting good grad. ix 5's john ram as if the pressures of high school aren't stressful enough one cupertino senior is doing more than getting just good grades. john ramos shows us the life- saving invention that earned her top recognition. reporter: presentation high in san jose is an all-girls school that defies the stereo time that girls aren't interested in science and engineering. when their star pupil missed school most of this week, they
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knew she had a pretty good reason. >> this is, like, the biggest award in science fairs that you can receive and she just won it and she is a woman to boot which we love. >> reporter: maya just won the intel science talent search often referred to as the junior nobel prize by inventing the something she invented. with parts costing about $35, the high school senior developed a lung analyzer for sick people in third world countries. her classmates say they are not surprised she is helping others. they say the only thing as big as her heart is her amazing intellect. >> we all know she is one of the smartest people like ever. >> reporter: do you ever see her get anything wrong? does she ever make a mistake? >> obviously not. it's maya. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the teachers in her advanced science classes say it can get intimidating
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when maya raises her hand. >> like, am i going to be able to answer this? >> reporter: they say her true genius lies in her humanity. >> i don't know that any student i would consider a genius? i really do think it comes from a place of passion, not just great intelligence. >> reporter: so now the school is bursting with pride over its new celebrity classmate. >> the kids were teasing me in class because they said, have you ever taught somebody famous? i said not yet but maya is going to win that award and she did. >> reporter: and the world wins, as well. in san jose, john ramos, kpix 5. >> that's a great story. the first place award comes with a $150,000 college scholarship which will come in handy since maya wants to go to harvard or stanford in the fall. today the biggest names in tech and pop culture come together for the first-ever sillicon valley comic-con. it runs through sunday at the mcenery convention center in downtown san jose.
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apple cofounder steve wozniak is hosting the inaugural event which features a "back to the future" cast reunion, virtual reality zone and more. comic-con is expected to draw 30,000 people each day. 4:57. rough times for commuters who rely on bart in the east bay. coming up a live report on some big problems that could plague the transit system for quite a while. ,,,,
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i'm michelle griego. i'm frank mallicoat good morning, it's friday, our favorite day of the week. it's march 18. you can't see the top of the bay bridge. >> i see the fog moved in. >> yeah. >> you could see it a half-hour ago. >> good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> happy friday. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00. another draining commute
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this morning for bart riders. dozens of trains are out of commission because a rare piece of equipment can't cope with recent power surges. kpix 5's anne makovec is in concord where commuters face shorter trains and longer delays. what's the latest. >> reporter: bart is flying in a transit expert to help them figure out the problem because it's a mystery. in the meantime, this bus bridge will be in place through the weekend. bart travelers between pittsburg-baypoint and north concord will have to board buses like these. bart says add a half-hour to your trip. bart shut down a track after power surges damaged 50 train cars on wednesday. bart engineers still don't know why. passengers are at their mercy, in the meantime. >> sometimes incidents like this, i'm not aware of the situation, i'll be late to work and, you know, my


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