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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  April 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area stooids -- studios this is "kpix 5 news". ." now at 12:00 p.m., a plan to promote tolerance drawing criticism from some parents. some parents are upset about a
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lesson plan about to be touting at a local middle school. it focuses accepting members of the lgbt community. parents are threatening to take the district to court. >> reporter: this is the video they're about to show their students. it's part of a week of curriculum focused on accepting people who are gave, bisexual or transferred gender. it came from a group of leadership students at the school. >> it's a strong message of acceptance and respect. >> reporter: the school sent the curriculum to parents in advance clauding links to the videos and many parents became concerned. >> ile with the amount of -- i struggle with the amount of time on each topic and the teaching tactics. specifically some videos being shone that have a different agenda than kids this age should be exposed to.
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>> reporter: she is one of the people who signed the petition saying it should be limited to one day. it calls far walk out of classes on april 11th if that demand is not met. even threatening federal litigation if those walk outs are computed absences. >> reporter: the school says they have the right to pull their students from these lessons and some have. >> it's a great opt out option but then kids get labeled if you opt out, why, do you not support this? >> reporter: they are meeting with participants for their concerns but the curriculum will be taught. >> it's important that our students feel safe on campus and know that they're accepted. students it at santa rosa are being warned to watch out for jonathan hoppner, a sex offender is being released today. he's been arrested for multiple counts of sexual battery.
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his victims range from 15 to 50. he's considered a high risk offender. police uncovered a pot plant operation in a pittsburg neighborhood. they got a warrant for a home on kruseview drive and discovered more than 300 pot plants inside. so far, no word on any arrests. laterest developments in a scandal involving racist and home phobic text messages could spark changes within the san francisco police department. a handful of offices exchanged derogatory texes last year. they were mocking an earlier text messaging scandal involving other officers. >> talking about african- american people and using the in the word, also talking about the members of the lgbt in a disapparentlying fashion --
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disparaging false. -- fashion. asking for help from the state after repairing a massive sink hole. the cost to fix the sink hole and repair the road way is far beyond what the antonio can afford. they sent -- what the town can afford. the sink hole opened last months during the storms. repairs on another sink hole in yawn city are set to with respect to -- union city are set to wrap up this month. it damage add manhole and sewer pipes below. both have since been repaired. officials don't foe what caused it, but a number of factors may have played a part. federal officials will lay out how much water california farmers can expect to get this area. the announcement will effect farmers in the san joaquin valley. there's a misconception among some people that the
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drought is over. but reporter jennifer mcgraw talked to an expert sha said think again. -- that say think again. >> i've heard we've had a bad drought. i know there's been water restrictions. >> i think it takes a few areas to get out of the krauting. i would consider us to still anybody a drought. >> reporter: in we in a drought or not? we asked the experts. >> in california, i think there's an argument to be made every is a drought. >> this year with the big el nino, it was supposed to be a wet area and it turned out to be average. >> reporter: with the rainy season coming to an end, here's where the levels stand. southern california had the lest amount of rain. central california they saw more rain, but two reservoirs there only had half the water they should. here in northern california,
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we're sitting just right with our reservoirs average. the state managers had to release quite a bit of the water. >> still maintain empty reservoir space in case a large flood comes along. >> reporter: the state won't likely lift the water restrictions completely but lunn believes it will get better. >> in it's dry, it will be a relatively happy interlude. >> that was jennifer reporting on the drought. meanwhile, yesterday, state lawmakers approved the plan that would raise the minimum wage to $15 over the next six years. the governor says the plan to sign the bill into law on monday making a california the first nation in the state to commit a large pay increase for low income workers. last night, new york passed its
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own $15 an hour bill. the golden gate bridge and other tourist hot spots helped set a record for tourism in the city by the bay. 24.6 million tourist visited the city last year breaking the record in 2014. tourists spent more than $9 $9 billion in san francisco last year. plans in the works to revamp a resort. the claire month hotel. developers and city of oak are in talks to build new condos in the claire mont hotel and spa. it would be marketed towards people who want to downsize now that their kids have grown up. we asked people who live next to the property what they think. >> i think it would would look better than a parking lot. >> i think it really destroys the heritage of this site. i really do.
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it's -- the clairemont is gorgeous. it's historic. i think putting condos in here is a mistake. >> maybes are concerned about the traffic. if the plan is approved, construction could start in two years. the republican party is trying to stay unified and hillary clinton deals with a confrontation. we have the latest from the white house. >> reporter: donald trump left rnc headquarters thursday with a wave and thumbs up. >> it was a good meeting. they wanted to discuss unity. i like discussing unity, too. >> reporter: trump announced he would no longer honor a pledge to support the republican presidential nominee. >> they won't get the data and run to be our nominee and tell me they're not going to support the party. >> reporter: trump's changes of getting delegates could be in
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jep diif he chooses -- jeopardy if he loses next week. tensions are growing in the democratic race too. >> i am so sick of the standard campaign lie being me. >> reporter: they accuse clinton of taking money from the fuel industry. she claims she has donor that is happen to work for those companies. >> if you take sums of money, millions of dollars from paid lobbiest of the industry, are you going to be inclined to be as aggressive as you should be? >> reporter: an estimated 15,000 people showed up thursday night to hear sanders speak. both candidates have strong roots in new york, where 247 dell combats are at stake. clinton has a 12 point lead doctor. >> meanwhile, doctor's is
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leading the poles in wisconsin which is the next site go. the cdc buzzing today with officials on hand to plan the next steps in tack ling the zika virus. during the one day summit, they'll discuss ramping up preventative measures and preparedness. this comes days after they posted the estimated range of mosquitos carrying that advisory. and -- that zika virus. the map created alarm in the bay area especially among pregnant women. it's linked to a birth defect which causes head and praen abnormality. the species and mosquito that carries that virus hasn't turned up in our area. women in california can soon get birth control like any other over-the-counter drug. women can kept the doctor and head to the pharmacist for contraption. pharmacies won't be required to
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offer the service and there's no minimum age to get birth control. an april fool's joke backfires among business users. >> one school in coming up with a novel approach to kind projects. that is to tell the kids to come up with an idea to save the world. >> gfrn from the weather center. we find -- good afternoon from the weather center. the sky is clearing after overcast conditions, setting the stage for a sunshiny and warm weekend. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the u-s economy added 215- thousand jobs in march. th's slightly more than what economists expected. but the unemployment rate ticked up slightly to 5- percent... f4 point 9 percent. that's in t because more the economy added 215,000 jobs in the month of march.
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the unemployment rate ticked up slightly from four .9% because more people are now looking for jobs. what's happening on wall street. so far as we close out the week, it's a good day. nearly 100 points at this hour. google is apologize physician for an april fool's prank. it had a special sin button with a minion dropping a microphone, but some users didn't share google's sense of humor. after receiving backlash, google turned that feature off. new reservation from tesla's meddle 3 are pouring in. they got 150,000 the first day. this may prove to be the most serious test yet for that palo alto company. >> reporter: the wait is over for the car that could make electric automobiles go mainstream.
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>> this is really important for the future of the world >> reporter: the cro said the model three >> can go 0 to 60 in six seconds. praised at $35,000, the vehicle is the company's first dive in the high volume affordable car market. >> you won't be able to buy a better car for $35,000 or close. >> reporter: earlier, they suffered design problems and production relays, that has -- has to change this time around. >> i talk to an executive that said we expect tesla to innovate. the question s can they execute, that's the question e. >> reporter: tesla built its own battery factory. the model 3 will ship at the end of 2017. experts from companies like tesla and most of the were -- microsoft were putting kids to
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the test. how tech and science are going hand in hand. >> reporter: put away that paper ma shay volcano, this is not your grandpa's science fair. this year's theme is save the plant. the goal, find an idea to protect the environment. like, what's the best way to clean oil off a bird's feather? this group of second graders discovered plants in water grow faster with fresh in it. >> cause the fish poo acted as fertilizer and that was a regular supply -- there was a regular supply of water. >> reporter: did you say fish poo? >> yeah. >> reporter: experts were on hand to inspire the students. >> knowing -- showing them there's a career in stawnability and working to make the world is a better place is aligned in the
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medication of tesla. this weekend. the national weather service says there'n increased risk for rip curr a warning in you're headed to some bay area beaches over the weekend. the weather service says there's an arrested risk for riptides. we have more on that in our full forecast on friday. roberta. good afternoon, everybody. it's april the first no. joke here. for the month of april, we should see an inch and a half of rain for the bucket. i do not see any rain in the horizon. right now, we have a shield of fog stacked up next to the coast. it penetrated the inland this morning. now, we will enjoy partly
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cloudies for our afternoon hours -- partly cloudy skies for the afternoon hours. temperatures above average. just a minimal chance of rain next week. slight and radar, we have an -- satellite and radar, we have a high pressure swatted over the area. they cause add pressure gradient -- caused a pressure gradient. this is our wind particle map. whenever you see the lines close together, that's with we pick up the winds. blustery late day today. 73 degrees for the state capital for this -- state capitol. nearly 60 degrees with squa valley. along our immediate sea shore in the san francisco area, be mindful of sneaker waves and rip currents. never turn your back to an
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angry ocean. palm report suggests another uncomfortable day as far as agents are concerned -- allergies are concerned. mid-70s away from the bay through the week. a slight chance of rain drop or two. make it a great weekend. southern california where a gray whale put on quite the show over the weekend. it was popping its head out of the waves and rolling around the surf. it drew a crowd as you can see. the whale was making its first migration to baja without its mother. they're sweet, healthy and only around for a while longer. tony don't takes a look at endy tony take as look at envy apples. >> i did a tip on envy apples a couple of months ago.
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it's one of my favorite appointments. i love all antidepressants -- i love all apples. i love them, they'll be gone a few weeks until next year so enjoy them. storage is important. when you buy them, make sure to get the beautiful colors all the way around, the road, the yellows, nice skin, nice and shiny, that means it it's fresh and firm not touch. when you bring them home, store them in the african- americaning. they look beautiful on -- store them in the fridge. the envy apples in the market, they're addicting. dietary fiber and nutritional value, you can't beat it. enjoy the envies. always remember to eat fresh and stay he will they're. i'm going to buy five-pound now and take them home. bye, everybody. still ahead, going country,
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hear from the most amc awards about the big acts to expect this weekend. ♪ [ music ] ♪ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for the a-c-m awards. dierks bentley and luke bry wi the biggest names in country music will be together for the amc awards. berks be bentley and luke decline -- d bentley and luke bryan will be hosting the awards.
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>> do you kind of stake take a step back and -- take a step back and go, this is pretty cool cool? >> when we step back and see garth brooks, george straight. >> any time you're around such huge figures in entertain meant, it's fun being in the room with them. you always leave those experiences like feeling like you may have learned something. >> and you can watch the academy of country music awards here on sunday night at 8:00 on channel 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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have a great afternoon. ============b r e a k ============== that will do it, we're out of time, have a great weekend and see you nice and early on monday, enjoy your friday, everybody. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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