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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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pays about $700 a month for feminine products for about 40 years of life. that it up to about $3000 over woman's lifetime. >> i don't feel good about it. they owe me money. give me some money back. >> reporter: five states have already exempted the product from sales tax to maryland, massachusetts, manager -- minnesota, new jersey, and pennsylvania. >> palletizing condoms and whatever else a man uses? >> reporter: if the tax exemption bill is taxed it would save california women $20 million annually. julie -- juliet and rich kpix 5. today governor jerry brown signed a bill raising minimum wage to $15 an hour. california now has the highest state minimum wage in the nation. it will not happen all at once. businesses will gradually raise wages to $50 an hour by 2022. >> this is about economic
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justice. it's about people and creating a little tiny balance that every day becomes more unbalanced. >> reporter: low-wage workers are covered by the new law. businesses predict it will cost jobs and higher pay for state workers will cost taxpayers $3.6 billion a year. a major merger is happening in the air. alaska airlines is buying virgin american. the price tag is $2.6 billion. here we see what it means for employees at the burlingame headquarters and what it means for travel. >> reporter: this is a big deal both for employees and for travelers because a lot of people at least here at sfo see this as a loss of the hip hometown airline. [music]
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the hip music purple lighting and read the the lounge chairs -- and funky lounge chairs exuded cool airline avenue -- attitude. over at alaska it is not exactly exciting. somehow these two worlds are going to emerge as a new airline odd couple. >> in terms of personalities it will be an interesting mix. it is sort of like putting together ibm and apple. >> reporter: chris is the editor of travel but -- blog. >> apple kind of the young and hip and ibm being the more staid an older established player which is alaska airlines. >> reporter: the merger will create the fifth-largest airline in the united states and may take up to two years to complete. travelers hope the virgin america culture does not disappear. >> it seems less kind of hip. >> reporter: it's his first time on virgin america. she
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uses of a lot. >> it seems like they care and take into consideration's and they were one of the first airlines that i flew that had wi-fi on all the planes. >> reporter: besides style virgin america brought low fares to several routes including denver and hawaii. >> overall for bay area travelers we will see fares increase which is an unfortunate byproduct of the consolidation in the airline industry. >> reporter: as for jobs it's a little difficult at this point to predict how it will play out. generally in these types of mergers the flight attendants and mechanics have an easier time transferring over to the new company but the administrative people, the people who work in the offices in burlington might be asked to move to seattle or may lose their jobs. reporting live than bermudas kpix 5. >> virgin america employs 2000
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-- 2965 people nationwide. a grisly discovery in one of san francisco's trendy neighborhoods. skeletal remains were found under a dry-cleaning business on fillmore street. plumbers digging underneath the building made the discovery and contact the police. >> the medical examiner's office is working along with homicide investigators from the san francisco police department. we will be working closely with them as far as identifying who this person was. >> no word on how long the bones have been there. police are investigating as a suspicious death. a scary ride to school for a group of napa students. this photo shows the aftermath of a school bus fire. happened on lincoln avenue snarling traffic for about 40 minutes. all the children and the driver were able to get off safely. a feline caused a big portion on highway 37 this morning. the chp sent out this photo at
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about 10:00 this morning a sea lion wandered onto the road. a driver pulled over and try to chase them out of the way but it took a team of marine mammal center workers to finally coaxed him into the ditch. they will give him a medical exam to make sure everything is okay before releasing him away from the road. not a normal commute four- part raters due to ongoing testing there will be shuttle trains mixed with regular service between pittsburgh bay point and north concord station. they're still trying to determine what caused an electrical problem on that stretch of track. they're looking at what damaged train cars. it's been called the most deadly opioid of them all. the da -- das set up an anonymous tip line in regard to the deadly drug fentanyl. we are working on the story for
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two nights cbs evening news misfortune but the danger of this drug. >> it's a sophisticated and powerful drug 50 times more powerful than heroin. the pollutants produced in china ships to mexico and following drug routes appear. the problem is that it has been put into post -- pill form masquerading as a much less powerful painkiller if you don't have the dose just right it can kill. it has killed 10 people in the sacramento region already in the last couple weeks. much more on the fentanyl epidemic coming up on cbs evening news with scott pelley at 5:30. the search is on for two men following a theft from the make-a-wish foundation. the even stole it giants players well-known scooter. >> what kind of person does is. >> reporter: this is the fire exit with the crooks came in
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and it looks as though they jammed some kind of tool to pry open the latch. this cover was found along with several other tools that will be turned in as evidence. surveillance captured the two thieves coming up the stairs to the eighth floor wearing hoodies with their faces covered. one of the thieves looks like is having second thoughts with other conveyances and they go upstairs for an hour and rifle through drawers and carport boxes. among the stolen good ipads donated by the mayor's office and a scooter from hunter pence. they left behind a star wars poster signed by the cast and soccer balls and thousands of dollars worth of wine. >> they knew who they were robbing. there's no way they could have not known who we are and what we do. >> reporter: the crooks came back downstairs with the scooter and other items in hand. the foundation is hoping someone saw something suspicious.
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as for the scooter the foundation signed an address to the auction winner and is very recognizable and you might as well return it. >> it would be really hard to pass off as something other than what it is. it's not something i will just go under the radar. >> reporter: a social media storm helped find the scooter the first time hunter is hoping he can fire up the bay area one more time tweeting i can't believe it is scooter gate all over again. ring and 17 baseball is back. the giants opened their season today in milwaukee against the brewers. the giants were on fire powering them to a 12 -- 12-3 victory. they got back to back-to-back home runs in the eighth inning. tonight it is the home opener for the oakland ace. they take on the chicago white sox at 705.
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-- 7:05. crews will put the final touches on the field before the game. and chief meteorologist joins us live with mobile weather. >> it's a perfect night for baseball. cleveland was snowed out earlier today. there's no such problem here. it's sunny with temperatures in the low 70s. you may have heard this in the conversations throughout the day. did you hear about wednesday where it will be 80 degrees? for some of the on wednesday it will be in the 90s for the first time since last october. let's look at the map and see how far we will stray from average. san francisco normal for this time of year is 63. have about 83 on wednesday. that will be 20 degrees above average. 94 concord 91 in san jose but the biggest aviation will be oakland where the third game of the series will feature an afternoon high of 89 degrees. for the a's tonight it will be clear and cool once the sun
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goes down and we will drop to the upper 50s and a little breezy. the first of four games hosting the chicago white sox. the a's are enjoying their batting practice right now. first pitch is less than two hours away and absolutely perfect night for baseball. it will get warmer we just establish that and it's also going to get wetter. we will talk about when rain returns in a few minutes. the giants in milwaukee would've been snowed out but they played under a dome. get ready to see a lot of rabbits and san francisco. >> what's behind his large two- story rabbit statures. a freak accident in southern california. what happened moments after a driver survived almost driving off a cliff. a california supreme court rules on your right to sit on the job. the bay area chihuahua making national news. how punches doing after leading police on a chase across the bay bridge. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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edge. take a look: the man crashed his suv which endedp dangling off a cliff near in southern california a driver finds itself teetering on the edge. take a look at this. the man crashed his suv which ended up dangling off the cliff near malibu. he made it out safely put them chp said he was hit by a bus. his injuries are not life- threatening and chp is still trying to figure out why he crashed. it's a boring issue on the peninsula and then there's a new team looking for aircraft noise remedies. the committee is made up of 12 locally elected leaders formed by us representatives and the group is been tasked with finding solutions relating to the noise of arriving planes as they approach san francisco international airport. noise complaints increased
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after traffic patterns were changed last year. more than 250 united airlines passengers are on the way from honolulu to sfo and they should have arrived last night. the pilot had to translate around yesterday two hours and because they did not have enough fuel. the officials blamed it on fuel overburden caused by flying into strong headwinds. you at 5:00 scientists at the usgs have a better idea where exactly the rogers creek fault is. for the first time the trace it through the central part of santa rosa east of downtown. -- >> we know that it is broader than we assumed in the past. that just tells us that there's a fault so the next time there's a large earthquake him as part of the fault -- on this part of the fault we know where it might move.
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>> geologists also discovered an area of high density rock on the ground service that means a large earthquake there has the potential to intensely shake the ground under santa rosa. the state is making it harder for companies to deny employees a seat while they work. the california supreme court said they should offer workers a chair. this comes in response to a class action lawsuit against retail stores and the bank that were filed by check out workers and dollars. now to campaign 2016 a new kpix 5 survey finds more than half of republican voters in california are not sold on donald trump. 40% of the polls say they would vote for the gop front-runner 32% are rooting for ted cruz 17% are for john kasich and the rest are undecided. it's shaping up to be a pivotal month in the race for the white house. craig boswell tells us the first context this month is in wisconsin. >> reporter: the battle for gop
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delegates in wisconsin remains personal. >> i don't think it it is a state secret that donald's personal life has not been immaculate. but i have no interest in going there. >> reporter: trumps mocked ted cruz and one of his three events on monday. >> i'm the only one that has proven that i can beat donald trump. >> reporter: crews -- donald -- ted cruz has a slight lead in wisconsin. the democrats are battling for 86 delegates. those are awarded proportionally meaning a close outcome in wisconsin has little impact on hillary clinton's delegate lead. craig boswell cbs news the white house. the owner of a runaway chihuahua chased down by the chp still has not bailed him out. the chihuahua will remain with the animal control unit until claimed. officials there have named the dog paunch temporarily. that is the character played by
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eric estrada on the tv show chips way back when. officers were in pursuit of him for nearly 5 minutes. some would say they chased him and others would say this was just a police escort. it brought traffic to a halt. new at 5:00 last week was easter so some people may be surprised to see giant illuminated rabbits popping up in the civic block. >> it's part of an art installation. here is a live look at the two bunnies. we are explaining what the animals will be used as a vehicle to talk about the environmental crisis. >> it looks like alice in wonderland at the moment. >> reporter: visitors to city hall often feel that way but today was for a different reason. the giant white rabbit being installed by a public art piece titled intrude by australian artist amanda appearer. the blowup bunnies have toured the world before arriving at the steps of city hall. >> this is perhaps the most seeing light piece in the
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entire world. this has been in many countries and over 20 cities it's just starting. >> reporter: while most to see them or who -- are charmed they do carry a serious message. >> they look good at nighttime but they don't belong here. >> reporter: that is actually the whole point of the piece. you see when humans introduced rabbits to australia they became an invasive species that has wreaked havoc on the environment. while some see the fescue bunnies others can view them as a warning. >> it works on many levels and the nice thing is does actually work on those levels. >> what is great about this is it's a space where everyone can come and enjoy it and just take what they want out of the piece. >> reporter: to prevent the vandalism that occurred to super bowl artwork the bunnies will get 24 hour security from now until the exhibit ends on april 25. in san francisco john ramis
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kpix 5. >> it kind of makes sense. san francisco white rabbit jefferson airplane. >> i think they're pretty cute. we are live at the coliseum for the a's home opener. how fun. >> reporter: it is beautiful out your temperatures in the upper 60s in oakland i just checked the weather for chicago it is currently 34 degrees in the windy city with a good likelihood of snow flurries tonight. it's a good thing we are playing the game in oakland in california as opposed to chicago illinois. i put the white sox are pretty thrilled as well. it is a gorgeous day throughout the bay area. some of you will hit 90 degrees for the first time in half a year. right now it is 60s and 70s. 71 for livermore and we have mid-70s for santa rosa and also conquered.
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doppler radar shows dry conditions now but after these warm-up it is going to rain this week before the week is over and we will get perhaps a decent amount of rainfall for the bay area before the weekend begins. high pressure is building and it is still way off to our south and west we are beginning to feel its impacts today. the heat will really get going on wednesday because the winds change direction. around here that means everything offshore or not she's -- northeastward will take over on wednesday and record highs are likely and we will see widespread temperatures in the 80s with some low 90s. for tonight there's an evening breeze with an onshore flow near the water including oakland. sonny and warmer coming up tomorrow we will see some 80s but the hottest day will be wednesday. if you want to kill off you get 70s at the beach but 80s and 90s elsewhere. the warming gets going tomorrow for oakland game two of the series will feature a high of
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82 degrees. livermore 80, 82 in san jose, 85 for napa, 69 year high at the beach in pacifica. look at the heat on wednesday. low 90s inland mid-sixties along the coast but as soon as it arrived it is gone. we are 10 degrees cooler on thursday and 20 degrees cooler near the bay and the coast is down to the mid-60s. rain arrives late friday scattered showers and study with paul -- rainfall is likely. a big change and we will see monday conditions in the mid- 60s as well. the flags are flying a little bit and the breezes an onshore flow as well. as we come out here life we will see two significant changes over the next two days. the first change will be the hotter and the next change will be the weather. this is the kind of forecast where we can make everybody happy at least for a few days. if you like the rain we have that and if you like hot we have that and if you like
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baseball there it is. opening day for the a's start that 7:00 and the weather is perfect. >> it is gorgeous. >> a win by the a's and a win by the giants and everybody's happy. it is now easier for police to break locked iphones. >> how the fbi is helping without asking apple for permission. the markets were in the red today as oil split to go here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street. ,,
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are opening for police departments across the nati. this after the f-b-i cracked it's way into the san bernao shooters i-phone. now the agency is agreeing to help unlock an i-phone and i-pod connected to an arkansas mu case. and in an advisory se new at 5:00 in the encryption battle the floodgates opening for police departments across the nation after the fbi got into the san bernardino shooter's iphone. the fbi is agreeing to help unlocking iphone and ipod connected to in arkansas murder case. and advisory sent out police department asked about the
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techniques used the fbi is pledging to consider a new tool that might be helpful for investigation. google says it has taken down the taliban and spotted in the google place storm. it gave people the ability to keep up with the latest caliban news. a spokesperson says that the company does not discuss specific apps. the "-- question was removed when it violated the anti- terrorism policy. it will become a lot more convenient for kofi -- dona and coffee lovers to get their fix. dunkin' donuts is opening 12 new locations in san francisco. it's part of a major franchise expansion throughout california. this of the stores will be open by next year. we will be back after a quick break. >> stay with us. ,,,,,,
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advice you'll want to hear before you t veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 with gnu c want to hear up before buying or selling a home. voices you have heard for years sign off for the last time. the major shakeup changing the bay area radio landscape as we know it. we will see you in 30 minutes. >> dataset for kpix 5 news at 5:00 .
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>> removed the latest news and weather is always on >> pelley: on the eve of wisconsin, trump and kasich go at it like all get-out. >> he ought to get out. >> i've got news for him, i'm going to get a heck of a lot of his voters, okay? >> pelley: also tonight, breaking news: a sightseeing helicopter has crashed in tennessee. there are many fatalities. the growing toll from a drug far more powerful than morphine. and a family rivalry in houston. tonight meet the brothers' mothers. >> if villanova wins, we win. u.n.c. wins, we win. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. on the eve of a possible game- changer primary in wisconsin, our cbs news battleground


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