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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  April 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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$250 million grant to fight cancer in a way that's never been done before. it has big names involved including "stanford medicine." this quarter billion-dollar donation from parker would go to create the parker institute for cancer immunotherapy in san francisco. it took parker three years to convince the major players to sign on but now the top 6 cancer research centers including stanford and ucsf are on board as well as pharmaceuticals like merck, bristol-myers squibb and genentech. currently cancer research is siloed with scientists and fiercely protective 6 their work. the institute would help academics negotiate with industry to bring the therapy to the patient and to the market faster. the institute's ceo jeff blue bluestone said: immunotherapy is one of the major advances of therapy's treatment to attack cancer cells. parker has asthma and allergies and has family members with auto-immune disorders.
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that's a preview of the big announcement. expect the official word to come today. kiet do, kpix 5. today the warriors will face off against the memphis grizzlies buy it's no ordinary game. >> if they win tonight they will beat the record for the most wins in the regular season a record set by the chicago bulls. jackie ward reports from oracle. everybody is going to be want to be where in just a few hours. >> reporter: i wish i could stay here all day to be here for the game tonight because everyone has a chance of seeing history if they are are lucky enough to get a ticket. so of course we were here for the nba season opener which is nearly 6 months ago. now people are still trying to pick up their championship gear from 2015, they are waiting for that banner to drop and now, number 73 is all that anyone is talking about.
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the season has been described as magical. it started with 24 straight wins, continued with a 54-game home winning streak. it's truly been a strength in numbers season. everyone wants/chance to be here tonight but ticket prices are preventing a lot of people from making that a reality. >> it would be good to have some kid from the inner city to be able to witness that historic moment but because of the prices it won't happen. >> reporter: standing-room-only tickets, no seat, $400 each. that sounds steep enough, right? but that's until you hear that some tickets are upwards of $16,000. steph curry is eight three- pointers away from hitting the number 400. he is very comfortable behind this one. now, if he hits 400 he will have smashed his previously set records which he broke about, oh, i don't know, 100 threes ago. game time at 7:30. we'll welcome the memphis
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grizzlies who in oakland. eye jackie ward, kpix 5. parking at state parks will be the focus of a conference which starts today in santa rosa. the california coastal commission will consider charging fees for parking at several parks along the sonoma county coast. opponents say the fees could discourage people from enjoying the county coastline. time now 6:03. let's get a check of traffic with gianna this morning. >> i actually have some good news to report on this trouble spot we have been monitoring since 4:30 this morning. it was an accident eastbound 580 noncommute direction at grant line all lanes clears things moving nicely. 680 to the altamont pass only 15 minutes. past there no delays. westbound sluggish out of tracy. westbound stays slow at least to greenville but no troubles connecting to 680 itself. bay bridge pretty much a parking lot right now. you're backed up into the maze with slow-and-go conditions
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working your way near the metering lights. just a bit across the upper deck into san francisco, easing up. no delays san francisco into oakland. south 101 off the golden gate bridge right now, heading into the doyle tunnel you will see some delays because of an accident blocking one lane. waiting on tow crews now but the golden gate bridge itself not affected yet. traffic light from marin to san francisco. we begin with the long neglected richmond/san rafael bridge opened in 1956 and before that was open you had to take a ferry from richmond to marin but today it's functioning proudly and boldly out there now for 60 years as we look at the approach to the toll plaza, rather underused this morning. the numbers now in the 50s with 47 degrees at santa rosa. san francisco 52. the oakland athletics taking on the angels this afternoon. 12:35 p.m. we'll find mostly sunny conditions for the fans and 65
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degrees later today. mid-60s under partly cloudy skies and not a bad day really. we have sunshine on the way for today. but rain moving into the bay area that's going to be happening early on thursday morning. 24 hours from now roads will be wet. the meantime today looks okay and then by the time we head to the weekend it will be sunny and it will be warmer. temperatures will approach 80 degrees by sunday in the bay area. so it's all looking good. today santa rosa hit 66. same for fairfield. san francisco today 60 degrees. and 67 in san jose. we'll have a look ahead at that warm weekend in a few minutes. first let's get the latest from kenny and michelle. the contra costa county sheriff's department is trying to track down a man accused of trying to run down some deputies. investigators say that brian hill is on probation and wanted on suspicion of attempted homicide. deputies were working on a stolen car case friday when they saw him in tara hills.
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the car was found abandoned later. a commission has come up with 120 ways to fix the jails. the blue rib been commission presented plans for greater accountability, transparency and civilian oversight. the main jail is where michael tyree a mentally ill inmate was murdered last august. the commission says the jails have been troubled for a long time in santa clara county. >> right now, the sheriff has been running the jails and we have found as a commission that there are problems festering in that jail for years and years an years. nothing was done until the death of michael tyree. >> but as an elected official, sheriff smith will likely stay in charge of the jails removing her requiring a county charter or a vote by residents which can't happen until 2018. in the south bay sunnyvale plans to raise its minimum wage to $15 even faster than the state can. the city council wants the
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change by 2018. by july of this year the wage goes to $11. six months later at the start of 2017 the numbers go to $13. and by january 1, 2018, low wage workers will make the promised $15 an hour if all goes as scheduled. a bill to add a 2-cent per ounce tax on sugary drinks was pulled ahead of a scheduled vote and is dead. the author determined they didn't have the votes to get it passed. the beverage industry has spent $400,000 lobby against it. the u.s. navy is going green. the navy secretary ray mabus was at a conference in sunnyvale on tech and climate change. the military is the world's largest user of fossil fuels but yesterday he announced they will now require all vendors to report their output of greenhouse gases and work to lower their overal output. a unique event for injured
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u.s. service members is under way again in the waters off santa cruz county. operation surf's sixth annual event runs three monday at cowles beach in santa cruz and several beaches in capitola. operation surf takes injured service members from iraq and afghanistan wars and uses surfing for therapeutic recovery. the possibility of a contested gop convention is growing more likely by the day! >> and some of the world's most notable thinkers are teaming up to search for alien life. details on the groundbreaking collaboration. >> back on earth we have a sunny day in the bay area after we dispense with the early- morning clouds but things are changing by this time tomorrow morning. we'll have details coming up. >> and it is a little windy out there. how that affects your drive, i'll explain coming right up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ welcome back. what a beautiful view of the bay as we start out wednesday morning. a birthday for leave it to beaver's brother wally, 71 today. that is the sound of massive hail and rain hitting people and cars at a home improvement store in san antonio. you can see some people tried to make it to their cars but ran into the store for cover. even that didn't last long because the hail broke holes in the roof bringing rain and water pouring inside. new details out about the shooting death of former new orleans saints football player will smith. there is new video showing that smith and his wife may have hit the suspect's car and tried to
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take off. police say they found a loaded gun in smith's car. legal experts say the possibility of a hit-and-run along with guns found in both cars could form a self-defense argument for the defense. >> in the event it could be established that will smith says he was advancing towards him he has no chance to reaserbs i believe i'm in danger, so i'll shoot, shoot, soot, that's going to be the argument. >> toxicology tests on smith won't be back for six weeks. hayes is being held on second- degree murder charges with bond set at $1 million. campaign 2016, donald trump heads to pennsylvania as his rivals amp up their rhetoric against him. reporter don champion on trump's push there and the democrats' efforts in new york. >> they disenfranchise the voters. >> reporter: he called the party's presidential nominating system crooked and fended off criticism about his campaign. >> you could have had a better organization on the ground. >> reporter: i don't know if it would have mattered because it was totally set in stone.
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that's the way it was. >> reporter: his top rival ted cruz is unleashing harder attacks calling trump's tactics like a mobster. >> but the presidency should not be la cosa nostra. donald keeps hiring people with records of dirty tricks, lies and threats of violence. >> as we have seen more and more of my message be able to be communicated, we are getting bigger crowd and that will translate into delegates and delegates will translate into momentum. >> reporter: on the democratic side, a new quinnipiac poll shows hillary clinton with a 13 point lead over bernie sanders in new york. still putting up a fight, sanders rallied to supporters last night in poughkeepsie. >> this campaign is not just about electing a new president, it's about transforming america. >> reporter: new york's primary is april 19. don champion, cbs news, new york.
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>> for the first time in years presidential candidates care about our votes here in california. >> being the last primary on the calendar usually is often a schmoozer but this time it's going to be the grand finale. >> we are seeing in district after district huge numbers of republicans planning to vote. >> candidates are hoping to woo unregistered voters. our primary is june 7. today the senate will take up a bill to ban tobacco use within 250 feet of a youth game or practice. that would include traditional cigarettes, ecigarettes and chewing tobacco. it is being called the most ambitious search for alien life in history. >> some of the world's brightest minds including facebook founder zuckerberg are joining the board of a $100 million project called breakthrough starshot. billionaire russian investor yuri milner and famed physicist stephen hawking announced their
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plans to send thousands of tiny space probes to our nearest star system. the spacecraft is about the size of a stamp, weighs less than an ounce and can carry cameras. it would be built to operate like a sail with the wind power coming from lasers on earth. >> i think it's not just for me, it's for every person i believe on the earth that, are we alone? that's the question. if we're not alone, where is other life in space and can we communicate with them? >> after the spacecraft are perfected and launched they should reach the star system within 20 years. >> pretty cool to see what they can find if anything. >> who knows. . how are the roads? >> a little better in some spots. live look at the san mateo bridge. not too many delays. 15 minutes between 880 and 101. here's a wisconsin in effect
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but it's gusty as you work your way across the span. drive times okay out of hayward into foster city. hayward southbound into fremont, slower speeds but moving along nothing major there. southbound 680 from the benicia bridge down to highway 24, 13 minutes. we have wind advisories for the benicia bridge and dumbarton bridge. south 680 loading up in walnut creek over to 24. we have reports of an accident westbound 80 at gilman. no word if any lanes are blocked but one vehicle may be facing sideways so it's causing a distraction as you work your way along the eastshore freeway this morning. and, of course, as you head towards the bridge you're seeing brake lights here. 24 minutes carquinez bridge to the maze. metering lights are on once you hit the bridge with the backup to 580 as well so slow-and-go out of the maze and through the metering lights. it is still slow off 580 westbound out of tracy. stays sluggish to greenville
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eastbound looking better. we have this earlier accident again that's cleared and once you get past that things look good making the connector to 680. brian over to you. >> we are going to start with a view from the vacaville cam. sunrise about a half-hour away. numbers cooler than yesterday at this time. santa rosa 47. and concord 53. here's how it looks this morning. low pressure is in the gulf of alaska. more traditional direction than that low that we had last week that gave us rain over the week. that was in southern california. a cold front at midnight so showers will spread south overnight but linger long enough to mess with the morning commute tomorrow. today on the futurecast you can see plenty of sunshine popping out. so we'll have brilliantly blue skies but look what approaches overnight. that cold front. it will spread a quarter inch of rain by this time tomorrow. so a sunny mild day today. rain early thursday and then sunnier and warmer starting on
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friday. a little cooler than average today with numbers back a few degrees. san francisco 60. oakland 64. south bay will get sunshine later mid-60s will do it. out in the east bay the numbers will be in the mid-60s, as well. 67 for walnut creek. pleasant hill 66 degrees. and for petaluma today 65. san rafael 65. ukiah sunshine and 66. extended forecast looking for showers tomorrow morning. 70s by sunday and monday. so have a good one. plans to build a new elementary school are on hold africans causing toxins are found in the soil. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, did you see the video of a goalie who wants to run away and hide? i have the video. and the hottest rookie in baseball took on the giants last night. the big story coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone. red cross rookie trevor story is the story of baseball. hit seven home runs in his first six games. but the real story last night was the trevor that plays for the giants. colorado rocky mountain high. i have seen it rain fire in the sky, hunter pence two-run shot gave the giants a 3-1 lead. but trevor brown subbing for buster posey, he hit two home runs last night. trevor brown has three hits this season. they are all home runs. the other trevor, he was 0 for 4 with three strikeouts, courtesy of jeff samardzija. giants 7-2 winners. mike trout and the angels spent yesterday afternoon with the wars before taking on the a's last night. bottom of the 7th. semien connects his second home run. nice catch by the fan.
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a's 4-1. top of the ninth, the lead is going, going, gone. angels come back to win 5-4. the as' third one run loss of the season. southwest is offering hot deals on flights and michael roach might want to get away. he kicked the ball into his own net! he is a goalie for a tahiti team trying to clear it and instead, kicked it off the side of his foot and in for a goooooooaaaaal! goooooooaaaaal goal, goal, goal, goal! okay. tonight is history night . at our 5:00, 6:00, 10:00, 11 lock 11:00, all our sports will come from the oracle arena. the warriors go for the record. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. kobe bryant will play one final time tonight in los angeles. the black mamba announced in november that this season woman his last. tonight's game will wrap up a
6:25 am
spectacular 20-year career for the 37-year-old. kobe won 5 championships for the lakers and became the nba's third all time scorer. play of the day from the nba, oklahoma city at san antonio. the thunder's dion waders would be impressive. two-handed jam. but the spurs went on to beat oklahoma city 102-98. it is 6:25 right now. the fbi was able to access the iphone of the san bernardino shooter without apple's help. now we might know how. >> reporter: and one of the most well known high-tech moguls in the bay area is doing something unheard of. donating a quarter billion dollars to create a cancer fighting dream team.
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warriors try to hit 73 regular season wins. we're live from oracle arena. >> and the federal government is ramping up efforts to prevent a widespread outbreak of the zika virus. >> a little sting in the air this morning temperatures cooler but you want warmth? wait until this weekend! details coming up. >> and 880 near the coliseum looks good now but that will change later on. i'll explain. good morning, it is wednesday, april 13, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:29. we are counting down the hours until the warriors take the court with history on the line. >> kpix 5 reporter joins us live inside oracle arena. >> reporter: i think it's going
6:30 am
to be louder in here in about 13 hours. even 12 hours from now. steph will be on the court warming up. this is a shirt that's -- explains tonight's motto not on our ground. so a fan designed this t-shirt and won a contest. it's on every seat. all fans will get one. this will be the consecutive sellout streak. let's start with the big numbers. right now it's at 174 consecutive games and they are expecting another sellout tonight so this will mark the third consecutive regular season with 41 sellouts. even the players are taking note of how much the tickets are going for. a lot of people are talking about the prices there. draymond green wants to buy some tickets and give them to underprivileged kids in oakland. >> what i said i meant. give these kids a chance to witness history. >> reporter: coach kerr says this is the time and place to make history.
6:31 am
it's the last game of the season, 19,596 loud and passionate fans will be here to cap off the season with 73 regular season wins. game time at 7:30. they will welcome the memphis grizzlies. we'll see what happens and see if they win. from oracle arena, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> i know i'm "new in town" so i haven't been to a warriors game yet so is that seat available for tonight? how much will it cost? >> reporter: well, kenny, this is as close as i have ever gotten to a game myself. this seat is actually still available. we're only one row behind the grizzlies bench right now. it costs almost $5,000. some seats are over $16,000. hard to wrap your head around. >> yes, it is.
6:32 am
all right, jackie ward in oakland, thank you. morgan hill school officials are trying to figure out what to do with dangerous soil at a new elementary school. a spokesman found a number of toxins in the school including a pesticide linked to cancer that's banned almost worldwide. now the district is working with the state to clean the contaminated soil on the ten acre plot off reed near anderson lake. >> this is very, very toxic and used many years ago when it was a cherry orchard. we are trying to figure out how to get rid of it if it's even possible. >> the school is expected to serve up to 600 students. the district is still in the process of buying the land before they can even design the school. a new crackdown on illegal fireworks in san jose has been a problem for decades despite a 30-year ban so now city employees beyond police and firefighters will be allowed to issue citations. the first offense, $500 and possible jail time. violators would then face a
6:33 am
$1,000 fine and more jail time for future offenses. 6:32 right now. let's check our weather. >> looks like a warm temperatures ahead of us. >> a great weekend. last weekend, washout. this weekend totally the opposite. we have a little rain between now and then but as we start out on wednesday morning, o what a beautiful morning as we look from mount vaca to the west and sunrise in about 10 minutes. numbers right now in the 50s couple of degrees cooler than yesterday dry today. cloud start things out with finish with a lot of sun. the numbers today will mostly be in the mid-60s. to sum it up, today is nice. mild today. rain will arrive early tomorrow morning by 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the north bay and spread south in time for the morning commute. give gianna something to do tomorrow. sunnier and warmer starting on friday though and the weekend ahead looks warm, too.
6:34 am
temperatures today in the mid- 60s looking like absolutely sailing. >> it's busy out there. i want to show you conditions if you are traveling along south get the idea towards 92. westbound 92 a clawiter an accident injuries reported. no lanes are blocked but chp and emergency crews are headed out to the scene which means you will see a busy drive on the san mateo bridge this morning. now, we are already starting to see extra volume on that westbound side with our drive times increasing now to 19 minutes as you head from 880 to 101. there's a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge so you might see some slower speeds than normal anyway. northbound 880 not too bad. traffic looking good as you head into downtown oakland. southbound everything is clear near the coliseum but just south of there is where you will see brake lights as you head into hayward. arizona at the coliseum, busy conditions with the a's. a lot of folks heading to the
6:35 am
warriors and grizzlies at oracle at 7:30. it will be busy there, as well. use bart a great way to get to the game. westbound 80, stop-and-go there. back to you. san francisco mayor ed lee is putting his foot down saying that all tents in the city have to go. one reason, homeless advocates are raising money on to buy and distribute tents for those on the streets. the mayor's office says that there's still room in city shelters and that more space is coming in the next few months. the killer of an oakland data scientist is still on the run. brian bowles had been living in oakland for about a year. he was walking home early sunday morning when he was shot in the head near the corner of richmond boulevard and frisbee in the oakland park neighborhood. police aren't sure about a motive. the fact that he still had his wallet may indicate it was not a robbery. this uber customer is
6:36 am
speaking out about a very unnerving ride. jason west told the "chronicle" that his driver was tailing a van after a fender-bender. he said the road rage grew stronger as he chased the man through hilly wet streets and then the van driver hit a homeless man and drove off. no arrests in the hit-and-run. the uber driver has a different account of that night. new this morning, one of the bay area's best known techies has high hopes that scientists will get into space. kiet do reports. reporter: good morning, you could say this is a classic sillicon valley approach to fighting cancer bring together the best and brightest minds and then fund it with a ton of cash. tech mogul sean parker putting in $250 million of his own fortune and now some of the top cancer researchers in the country are involved including stanford medicine. le this $250 million grant from parker would go to create the
6:37 am
parker institute for cancer immunotherapy based in san francisco. it's relatively new and immunotherapy attacks your immune system to attack cancer cells. packs every parker has asthma and allergies and his family has other diseases. parker says current treatments may extend a patient's life by a couple of months but is looking to cure cancer. he said, this is very early days for cancer immunotherapy and that most of the breakthroughs are still to come. currently scientists and companies don't share work. it would help the academic world negotiate with industry to bring the therapy to the patient and to market faster. it took him three years to convince players to sign on but now top six cancer research centers are on as well as pharmaceuticals. that includes stanford, ucsf, merck, bristol-myers squibb and genentech. so this is a lofty goal getting all the top minds of immunotherapy on the same page. we are talking about 40 different labs and 300 researchers trying to work together.
6:38 am
kiet do, kpix 5. the fbi was reportedly approached by professional hackers who helped the agency break into an apple iphone used by the san bernardino gunman. according to the "washington post," the hackers showed the fbi a software flaw in the phone that was previously unknown. they were reportedly able to crack a personal id number without setting off a security feature that would have erased everything. the post says the fbi paid the hackers a one-time fee. government health officials are saying that the zika virus could be much more serious in the u.s. than they thought previously. the obama administration says it wants nearly $2 billion for research and prevention. they proved additional funding on tuesday but not that much. one man who got the virus in
6:39 am
brazil described it. >> rash, redness, itching, 110- degree fever. >> the mosquito that spreads the virus is currently present in about 30 states. health experts say that they don't expect widespread outbreaks in the continental united states. they warn that we need to be ready. time now is 6:39. a south bay teen is heading to the white house today for a very special honor. how he scored an invitation from the president. >> and a delicate operation to move a 70-ton passenger jet doesn't quite go as planned. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a check on the big board and you can see the dow is up about 134 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
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we mentioned rogers and hammerstein and now michelle is going to sing, o what a beautiful morning. >> why don't you, brian! [ laughter ] >> you had your chance. 53 at concord. san francisco 52. san jose 50. sun-up now. and temperatures today a little cooler than average with san francisco at 60. oakland 64. sun this afternoon after morning clouds. mid- to upper 60s and bright golder haze on the meadow in marin county and then numbers will be in the mid-60s. have a good one. >> all right, brian thank you. >> you don't want to hear my singing voice. >> maybe off camera. >> maybe. time for a look at what's coming up on "cbs this morning." >> gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning, gayle. >> reporter: hey, michelle. i recognize you. but kenny, is that you? >> i'm new here, so take it easy on me. >> reporter: welcome. i heard great things about you. >> good to be here.
6:44 am
>> reporter: we're very nice people and michelle is a doll. i'm sure you've already known that. >> yes. she has been so sweet. >> thank you. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i'm nuts about her. good to see you both. and welcome to you, kenny. here's what we're working on. that's what you probably really want to know. napster founder and former facebook president sean parker donates $250 million to fight cancer. a closer look at the largest donation ever for immuno-- immuno-- how do you say it? immunotherapy? say it for me, please, people. >> immunotherapy. >> thank you so much. >> we know what you're talking about, gayle. >> reporter: i know, funding. plus only on "cbs this morning," forbes reveals its first annual list of global game changers. also from making mines safer to other veterans information, we take you to the science fair. >> she is blonde and an oscar
6:45 am
winning actress, a chef with a new cookbook. who is it, kenny? >> um, i don't know. >> i'll give yo a hint. >> i told you to take it easy. >> gwyneth paltrow. >> nice. >> it's gwyneth paltrow! exactly. >> nice. >> gwyneth paltrow is joining us at the table today. she has a new cookbook out. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 on the dot. so kenny, gwyneth paltrow right here at the table. that's something to look forward to. >> looking forward to that. gayle, i spent the last six years getting a tan in hawaii so anytime you want to go back there, invite me to your friends's house. she lives on maui. >> she does. if i told you, though, i would have to shoot you but yes she does. [ laughter ] >> we like hawaii very, very much. >> yes. >> we do, too. >> thanks, gayle. have a great day. >> cbs news this morning starts at 7:00. discouraging news for the retail industry with an exception for one bay area-
6:46 am
based company. >> joining us know you is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> retail sales slumped in march after sales were flat in february. falling car and truck sales a big reason for that after autos did well in february but we saw weakness across a number of areas including clothing chains as witnessed by gap sales falling. it also for online merchants, restaurants and department store chains. americans continue to remain cautious with their spending despite the recent increases we have seen in the job market. also starting to see wages increase a bit. the producer price index of the labor department fell in march federal government first time in eight months and overall down a 1/10th of a percent. energy prices are coming back in march. they are the reason for the
6:47 am
decline was food costs down by 1%. levi strauss continues to do well but san francisco-based jean maker saying in the 1st quarter its profit was up 70% to $66 billion. but it cautions the year ahead will be tough due to the stronger dollar weighing on overseas demands. fairly weak traffic for u.s. retailers. the stock market off a solid tuesday and we are getting off to a good start thanks to global markets on the rise. the dow is up by more than 130. nasdaq up 48. s&p up by 14. kenny and michelle, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. california is one step closer to eliminating the statute of limitations in rape cases. a senate public safety committee gave initial approval to the legislation yesterday. the committee heard accounts from victims in sacramento before the vote. among them, 3 alleged victims
6:48 am
of comedian bill cosby. >> the assault occurred less than eight months i think it was outside of this statute of limitations. i had no recourse to present this strong evidence in court. >> the legislation wouldn't take effect until 2017. it would come too late for more than a dozen women who say cosby assaulted them. authorities in india have released video of a bizarre accident at an airport. a 200-ton crane carrying an [ indiscernible ] plane collapsed sunday. the out of service plane was being moved for training purposes. no one was injured. 6:48 right now. let's check the roads with gianna. >> it's still busy. in fact, your morning drive is in full swing as you work your wa westbound 92 at clawiter so slow there. brake lights south 880 from 238 to hayward and union city.
6:49 am
19 minutes 880 to 101 across the span. northbound nimitz freeway looking okay, delays to the maze. southbound this portion still okay. conditions westbound 80 at gilman over to the right side of the road. sluggish on the east bay freeway. carquinez bridge to the maze with the metering lights on. you're backed up all the way into the maze with all approaches seeing some sort of delays. busy as well along highway 4. look at this. we have red on your sensors there. southbound into walnut creek. good morning, san jose, let's take a look at track out of san jose this morning and morgan hill. morgan hill brake lights on the northbound side of 101 also along 101 at least from capitol expressway northbound just past 880. 17 minutes is what you will need if you go north 101/280 to 237. you might need an umbrella
6:50 am
tomorrow. as we look live out towards coit tower and that little former prison floating out in the middle of the bay which you will see shortly a reminder to all of us to be on our best behavior on this wednesday. numbers in the loy 40s, there's alcatraz, concord 53. santa rosa 47 degrees. angels playing the a's at 12:35 at 65 degrees under mostly sunny skies. sunshine later today. overnight, weak little cold front brushes through first in the north bay around 2, 3 a.m. then through the central bay just in time for the morning drive. that will clear it off tomorrow afternoon. rain thursday. sunny and warm on friday. numbers this weekend will
6:51 am
skyrocket into the mid-70s even near 80 by sunday. redding 65. tahoe 43. fresno 70 today. partly cloudy does it pretty well from much of northern california. high temperatures in the bay area mid-60s today and sunshine. gets wet early tomorrow morning and about this time during the morning show tomorrow it will be tapering off then friday, saturday, sunday, sunshine, yay, a nice sunny dry weekend temperatures near 80 by the time we get to sunday. looks like a good wednesday and a great weekend. so have a good one, gang. >> thank you. a san jose high school student has a personal invitation to the white house today all because he earned a perfect score on the calculus test. he will take part in the white house science fair one of 12 students in the world with a perfect score on the test. other students will show off their projects at the science fair.
6:52 am
the sonoma-marin area rail transit hopes to expand service. they announced $40 million from the state to expand passenger service from airport boulevard to the windsor station. they hope to have it completed by 2020. time now 6:52. a visitor to the scenic north bay coast could soon cost you. the plan up for debate today. >> reporter: 73. that's the magic number on every warriors fan as the warriors hope to close out their regular season making history. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. presidential frontrunner do trump makes his first schede five things to know at the :55. today republican presidential front-runner donald trump makes his first scheduled campaign stop in pennsylvania. it comes as his top rival ted cruz has started comparing the trump campaign's tactics to
6:56 am
organized crime. trump and democrat hillary clinton hold big leads in new york with a primary next tuesday. president obama is set to sign a bill giving financial incentives to companies that develop treatments for zika virus. earlier this week, top health officials warn that the virus is scarier than first thought. president obama originally wanted $1.9 billion to fight zika but says this measure is a small step forward. tens of thousands of east coast verizon workers went on strike this morning over a contract dispute. union leaders say the company wants to freeze pensions, ship jobs overseas and make layoffs easier. verizon says it planned for this and customers won't be affected. thursday near shotwell and 19th street there was a shooting. witnesses questioned whether the officers needed to shoot. today a three-day meeting begins to determine whether to allow parking fees at parks la long the sonoma county coast.
6:57 am
the proposal which would allow a daily rate of up to 8 locations at [ indiscernible ] the coastal commission will consider a request to transfer park management responsibilities from the state to the county. i'm jackie ward at the oracle arena in oakland where more than 19,000 people will pile in and cheer as loud as they can number 73. that's the win that everyone is looking for tonight. of course, this season is magical with big numbers. 24 straight win streak to start continued with a 54 game home game winning streak. it's strength in anybody. ticket prices event a lot of people from coming. >> it would be good to witness that moment but because of the prices it won't happen. >> ticket prices for standing
6:58 am
room only will be about $400 without a seat attached to them. but we are also seeing ticket prices up to $16,000 or more. one more number to throw at you this morning. so we are inside the 3-point line here. steph curry is pretty good at making those long outside shots. he is eight away from hitting his 400th three-pointer during the regular season smashing his old report about 100 three- pointers ago. game time at 7:30 at oracle arena. jackie ward, kpix 5. a lot of red westbound 92. slow-and-go conditions speeds dipping under 25 miles per hour. then that accident at clawiter blocking a lane. making it quite difficult to get to the san mateo bridge. busy across the span. 22 minutes between 880 and 101. high wind advisory in effect as you work your way across the span. south 101, chp reporting an accident here blocking one
6:59 am
lane, busy out of novato into san rafael. eases up once you get towards the richmond/san rafael bridge down into san francisco. you only have 14 minutes near the toll plaza. commuting to the peninsula not bad clearing 101, 280 and 92. we can do the weather fairly easily today. the numbers starting in the 50s will finish in the mid-60s. plenty of sunshine around the bay area today but showers move south after midnight tonight. so tomorrow a little wet, today looks nice. temperatures in the mid-60s for the bay area and this weekend looks downright warm. temperatures will be in the mid- 60s by the weekend. have a good one. we're not going to the game tonight but we'll be watching with our towels, right? >> that's right. >> like this? [ laughter ] there you go. >> go, warriors. >> and a's later today, too. >> that's right. >> thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. your next local update is at 7:26. captions by: caption colorado
7:00 am good morning. it's wednesday april 13, 2016. donald trump says that it's rigged and corrupt and saying to give us a break. donating a quarter of a million dollars for cancer. a grandmother stranded shares the remarkable story. we begin had this morning for the look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. the the republican national committee should be ashamed of themselves for


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