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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. rocked the oakland police new information from a woman at the center of a sex scandal that has rocked the oakland police department. the evidence indicating that officers tipped her off about undercover prostitution stings. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. reporter da lin broke this story last night and today has the shocking new allegations reporter: the accusation is now more than just sex and statutory rape involving police officers. now there's evidence pointing to officers giving a teenaged prostitute undercover operation intel. this 18-year-old teenager who goes by celeste guap admits she slept with two dozen officers
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from various police departments. she tells me she has had sex with 14 oakland police officers, five richmond cops, three from san francisco pd, one in stockton, one in livermore, four alameda county, and three contra costa county sheriff's deputies. she says in exchange, some officers gave her protection and tipped her off about undercover operations while she was working as a prostitute. she gave me this cell phone screen shot showing her text conversation with an oakland cop who goes by the nickname, superman. superman wrote, be safe today. want some advice? celeste replied, tell me, handsome. the cop says, stay off east 14 from fruitvale to 42nd tonight. there's a uc operation meaning undercover prostitution sting. celeste wrote back, damn, lol. >> the officer said no, you're not. just giving you a heads up. she flirted by saying, thank you, daddy. i appreciate it. i don't want to did to jail, lol. -- i don't want to go to jail,
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lol. in another text conversation with another oakland officer we're blurring out his name and picture since kpix 5 has not been able to confirm it came from his phone. she asked is it going to be hot in oakland tonight? will there be any other undercover operations targeting prosecutes? yup? who told you? >> nobody, that's why i'm mad. >> i told you last night or tried to but were you drunk. >> i was happy to, you know, wow, you know, these men in uniform, you know, giving me protection and, you know, yeah, like it was mutual. >> reporter: out of the two dozen officers she had sex with she said she had sex with three of them when she was a minor all three with the oakland police department. it started when she was 16. she says some of the officers would introduce her to other fellow officers basically passing her around. mostly by facebook and instagram. she gave me a text conversation with another oakland officer and we are blurring out the officer's name and picture
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celeste texted him. the picture shows her having sex with someone else. the officer asked, you enjoy that or was that an o-pic? she said lol. that was like a month ago. it was cool. i'm sure you could be better. >> reporter: she said it happened off duty in personal cars and sometimes in hotel rooms. some of the officers were married. she is now cooperating with investigators. so far, the oakland and richmond police departments have launched internal investigations. >> thinking back at it i thought oh, wow they care about me, they came back at it you know, i do see myself as being a victim because i do feel i was taken advantage of. >> reporter: i asked celeste if she plans to sue the oakland plymouth. she says she hasn't made up her mind. she says she doesn't want to because both her mother and her stepfather are opd dispatchers
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and work with these officers. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. new details tonight on a puppy stolen from a 14-year-old boy at gunpoint in san leandro. maya the german shepherd was reunited with her family last night. police think the dog was sold on the street. they say a friend of the person who bought maya turned her in to officers. maya's owner says he knew the suspects wanted to sell her and now doesn't plan to walk her anymore. >> i don't want to walk her anymore. i think now i'll just go out with my parents to parks or something. i won't walk her looneymore. >> they started looking for the two suspects. the men drove off in a newer model gray silver four-door mercedes-benz. in hopes of building a bridge between police and the public, the city held its first public safety fair today and mark kelly takes us to it. >> today was just a way to open our doors and showcase the
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department in a way that we haven't been able to do before. >> reporter: the woman with fremont pd says today's free public safety fair is all about make the public comfortable with their police. >> we are just humans like everybody else. and we don't want people to be, you know, intimidated or feel that there's a barrier. >> reporter: and officers say breaking down those barriers means starting young. at today's fair, kids could see firsthand what it's like to be a cop. everything from investigating crimes and holding a police shield to climbing inside a s.w.a.t. vehicle. you want to be a police officer or firefighter? >> firefighter. >> reporter: firefighter. >> these kids to grow up without having fear for police. >> reporter: but today's event also showcased the inherent danger in this line of work. on this wall, the public signed get well messages to the two
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fremont officers hospitalized after a gun battle last week with a suspect. >> thank you for your service. get well soon. >> reporter: this officer- involved shooting raised concerns fremont could be losing its small town charm for big city problems but the mayor says successful events like today's shows fremont is still a safe community. >> it's events like this that show that our police department is invested in the community and they know each other. >> reporter: in fremont, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> and police say this event took a couple of years to plan and it's only a coincidence that it happened shortly after of officers were shot. fremont police are warning people of a kidnapping scam. there have been at least two of them in the last month where the suspects claimed to have kidnapped a child and demanded ransom money. police say it's been hard to track down the suspects because the calls often come over the internet. >> the bottom line is, when you get no, sir calls, try to get the phone number, how they want
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you to transmit the money if it's a person-to-person or wire transfer, what type of wire transfer it is, what internet site, things like that are important. >> reporter: officials encourage anybody who thinks that they are being scammed to report it to the police. san jose police make another arrest in connection with the violence at a recent donald trump rally. these were some of the confrontations during the june 2 event at the convention center. officers arrested 24-year-old anthony yee on suspicion of robbery, assault and battery. police say he robbed one victim then assaulted two people. eight other people have also been arrested for the attacks. donald trump campaigned in florida and pennsylvania today criticizing democrats and republicans alike. from hillary clinton to mitt romney. brian webb has the story reporter: off teleprompter and back to his old self in tampa donald trump attacks democrats and republicans including mitt romney the former presidential nominee. >> the guy he's a stone cold loser. he choked and when you're a
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choker you can never give a choker a second chance. >> reporter: at a private summit on saturday in utah, romney accused trump of promoting trickle down racism. but it's the same event chairman of the republican national committee reince priebus says trump will win the white house with or without gop leaders. trump agrees. >> the republicans have to stick together. they have to be smart. and they have to be tough. because you know? one thing i'll say about the democrats to a much greater degree, they stick together. >> reporter: hillary clinton took saturday off after wrapping up the nomination this week and picking up an endorsement from president obama. on friday, she blasted trump on women's rights and a planned parenthood function. >> when donald trump says, let's make america great again, that is code for let's take america backwards. >> reporter: clinton met with massachusetts senator and trump
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attack dog elizabeth warren this week adding to speculation she is being considered as a possible running mate. brian webb for cbs news, new york. hillary clinton will return to the campaign trail on monday in cleveland. on tuesday donald trump will campaign in north carolina when he celebrates his 70th birthday. well, a singer who rose to fame on a reality tv competition shot and killed in front of her fans. what we're learning about christina grimmie's murder. >> violent clashes between soccer fans in europe. what police were forced to do to control the crowd. ,,,,,,
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crash in south san francisc an 18-year woman and 21-year two young people are dead after a suspected drunk driving crash in south san francisco. an 18-year-old san francisco
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woman and 21-year-old brisbane man were in this green honda civic. it collided with another vehicle on pine avenue and airport boulevard late last night. the civic hit a tree, rolled over and hit another tree. the driver of the civic 19-year- old josh maldonado was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. he has been charged with second- degree murder an dui. 22-year-old christina grimmie was killed after her concert last night in orlando. police say it appears to be a targeted attack. hena daniels on what the shooter was carrying reporter: fans of singer 22- year-old christina grimmie were in disbelief outside of the plaza live saturday. police say the suspect posed as a fan and walked up to grimmie after she is performedded there last night and shot her -- performed there last night and shot her. >> she was doing a meet and greet, signing autographs and selling mountains. >> reporter: witnesses say her brother tackled the gunmen preventing him from hurting the
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handful of fans waiting on line. that's when the 27-year-old turned the gun on himself. >> we don't know if they were friends. we don't know if he was justifies a crazy fan in a followed her on twitter, on social media. >> reporter: she rows to fame after appearing on the voice where she rose to fame after winning season 6. >> i want to get something out to my fans. >> reporter: her voice coach adam levine posted this photo on instagram with the caption, i'm sad, shocked and confused. this just isn't fair. cristina aguilera tweeted, so sad, passing of grimmie beautiful member of the voice family and true fighter. police recovered two guns, two magazines and hunting knife. investigators are now going through his electronic devices and social media accounts looking for a motive. hena daniels cbs news, new york. >> grimmie grew up in new jersey but moved to los angeles in 2012 to focus on her music
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career. two england soccer fans were injured in violent clashes during a soccer tournament in france. [ yelling ] >> fights erupted after the match between england and russia for the euro. riot control officers were called in using tear gas. now french police are beefing up security. this is the first week of the month long tournament. and the largest solar- powered aircraft in the world wraps up its stop across the u.s. where solar impulse 2 landed early this morning. >> we have plenty of solar power this weekend. things are going to be changing by monday, though. the forecast as we look live out toward the bay coming up next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the valley health center downtown will provide urgent care services that were lost san jose is opening the new health center. the valley health center downtown will provide urgent care services that were lost after the closure of the san jose medical center in 2004.
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supporters have been fighting to medical services back. they will be open for urgent and primary care services monday. if you are using bart plan for extra time. one of the tracks between the south hayward an fremont stations will be closed this weekend. it will allow bart crews to perform electrical work meaning trains will single track through the area. righters can expect delays up to 40 -- riders can expect delays up to 40 minutes. wildfires in monterey county have prompted a ban on burning home yard debris. it goes into effect on monday. now, burn permits will be required for all open burning except for campfires. two wildfires have burned thousands of acres in monterey county this year. another historic leg of the solar impulse's maiden journey comes to an end. of the sunpowered aircraft landed in new york city early this morning. it's the final stop in the u.s. the pilots plan to take it around the world without a drop of fuel. next stop, depending on the
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weather, it could be ireland, france portugal, spain or morocco. queen elizabeth is celebrating her 90th birthday. ♪[ music ] >> she wore a lime green coat and matching hat as she took part in the tripping of the color parade in london. the queen and other members of the royal family later greeted crowds on the balcony at buckingham palace. princess charlotte daughter of prince william and kate made her first public appearance. >> they know how to throw a party. >> beautiful. >> quite a collection of people out there for that. back in the bay area today, we have at least to the east of the bay area the central valley red flag warnings posted because of high winds and high temperatures, as well. they had been posted for the north bay mountains as well but that was lifted a few hours ago. still, headed east into the valley winds gusting to 35 miles an hour and temperatures in the 90s.
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high fire danger tonight through 5:00 tomorrow night. weird though because at the same time it there are winter weather advisories posted in the mountains. you can see the central valley from the mountains but way up top they are going to be getting up to 4" of snow. heads up hikers. changeable mountain weather always foremost of anybody walking in the mountains. temperatures 688 degrees in concord. oakland 77. 88 degrees in concord. san francisco 69. san jose 85. santa rosa 86 degrees. under mostly clear -- well, we have a few high clouds on top of low pressure that's spinning offshore from southern california. warming tomorrow but not as warm as today. numbers will come down a bit as low clouds come up. you can see on the futurecast stratus forming on peninsula sneaking into the golden gate through midday tomorrow. cooling at the shore. numbers coming down for
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everybody tomorrow and cooler into the workweek. here's what we expect. mild and breezy tonight. low clouds tomorrow and cooling. higher fire danger this weekend in the great valley. still, back in the bay area, it's going to be a nice weekend for the north beach festival which looks like fun. at least it did while i was sitting in traffic for about three days trying to get to work tonight. 66 degrees for the festival tomorrow. haight-ashbury street fair sunday for san francisco partly cloudy and mild temperature about 67 degrees. and the livermore rodeo or if you prefer as juliette likes to pronounce it, row-day-yoe. temperatures in the mid-60s. redding 98 degrees in sacramento tomorrow. same for fresno. numbers mostly in the mid-50s. sun-up tomorrow 13 minutes before 6 a.m. forecast highs for tomorrow
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will be cooler than today just mid-80s inland. around the bay mid-70s and about 80 degrees in santa rosa. the extended forecast calls for further cooling on monday and tuesday. wednesday we bottom out with temperatures below seasonal averages midweek then toward the weekend, things warm up. so there's something for everybody this weekend. i see a familiar face on the sports desk. hey, how are you? >> good. >> post-season mania as we get ready for the sharks game 6 plus the warriors looking for their 89th win of the year. could be a big celebration at oracle arena on monday maybe? we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to their second straight n-a title... as we finally saw e dubs back court look like old self. all right. just one more win needed the warriors inch that much closer to their second straight nba title as we finally saw the "dubs" backcourt look like its old self. last night's 108-97 win in game 4, the "splash brothers" of steph curry and klay thompson finally woke up. in the first three games they combined for 63 points. last night, the warriors are one win away from their second straight championship and they can win it at home in game 5 on monday. >> i have already told our guys game 5 will be the hardest game of the series. every closeout game is difficult. when you're at home, it's for a strange reason it's even more difficult. >> if you don't get up for that, there's something wrong with you. you know, we can't wait for monday. we have the best fans in the
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league and they probably won't have ever seemed excited before. >> before he had seven three- pointers and 38 points, the new shoe didn't go over too well. with social media saying the shoes were better suited for dads or retirees than kids who play basketball. >> if i had them i definitely would have one show them how fire they are. [ laughter ] >> i love the nicknames though that they came up with. but, um, i like 'em. >> all right. last night's game, draymond green and lebron james exchanged words after the two got tangled up. that play is under review by the nba because it appears green made contact with james's private area. green aexploded suspension in the western conference finals for kick the thunder's steven adams in the same vicinity. if the league decides to give green a flagrant foul he would be suspended for monday's game 5. to the ice the sharks
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looking to become only the second team in nhl history to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the stanley cup finals. team teal will try to prevent the penguins from winning the cup for the second time tomorrow night in game 6 at the tank. a win tomorrow forces a game 7 in pittsburgh which means another cross-country flight for san jose but i'm sure the coach doesn't mind even though he runs out of stuff to do on those flights. >> i found myself the other day watching my wife's downton abbey if you can believe that. i had to -- i watched every movie humanly made. i was so embarrassed i was watching in i was curled up in the corner to make sure nobody could see me watching it. [ laughter ] >> a movie on, um, -- i know some of you watch it too so don't laugh too hard. [ laughter ] >> keeping starting pitchers healthy has been a big challenge for the a's this season. today a rookie making his major league debut had big shoes to
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fill, filling in for rich hill the al pitcher for may. he sported the moustache in this debut top of the 1st valencia singfuls home coco crisp off former dan straily giving oakland an early lead. 3rd inning makes his only mistake of the day. ruth blasts one to the top of the right field bleachers. a two-run shot gives cincinnati a 2-1 lead. same score going into the 9th inning. billy butler two out, ross makes him strike out. the reds win 2-1. it's the a's 7th straight loss. there may be no triple crown chance at this year's belmont stakes but the race did give us a photofinish. >> destin and creator too close to call! >> upon review creator
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winchester by a nose over dis destin. three different winners for the 7th time in the last 11 years for the triple crown. third round of the lpga championship. lydia ko tied for the lead until she sinks this long putt for a birdie to lead. 1-under 70 today. one shot lead over two places. she is seeking her third major win of her career. how excited are we about the "dubs"? >> oh. >> monday. clinch at home. >> we could have a lot of parades next week. wouldn't that be nice? >> the sharks if they can force that game 7 that would be great. >> there was one horse that i was rooting for. i look tow look at the names. that was one called "suddenbreakingnews." it came in last. then exaggerator. >> came in last? >> second-to-last. >> oh, okay. >> something like that. it didn't come in. i think this other one that won was a long shot, too. you never know. >> they come up with some good names. >> thank you. that's it for us at 5:00.
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see you at 6:00. the "cbs evening news" is next. captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ >> ninan: a popular young singer murdered. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> ninan: christina grimmie, a former finalist on "the voice," gunned down while signing autographs. also tonight, more violence outside a trump rally. plus, the mexican billionaire who trumped trump at golf. long live the queen. we're at the epic birthday bash where a little princess stole the show. >> many of them arrive here like a zombie. >> ninan: and meet thailand's elephant whisperer, saving endangered and abused animals. >> this is the cbs weekend news. >> ninan: good evening. i'm reena ninan. this is a western edition of the broadcast.


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