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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> someone is shooting at cars and drivers in san jose. and tonight, police are noticing a pattern. the gunfire has come close to seriously hurting someone. >> as kpix5's joe vasquez reports, police are on high alert looking for the mystery gunman. >> reporter: the shots have been coming out of nowhere. san jose police say for the last three months somebody has been shooting into occupied cars driving along blossom hill road. in each case, a single bullet was fired. in two of the cases, people were injured. one man was grazed by the bullet and a woman was hurt by either shrapnel or glass. the first bullets were fired may 4 and the most recent one was saturday. they all happened in the early morning hours. now police say they have beefed up patrols here in the area of
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blossom hill. they are still not sure who is firing the gun or which direction the bullets are coming from. >> my drivers side window was shot out. >> reporter: mark says his window was also shot out. he was not in the car at the time. two of his buddies had their cars shot out nearby. >> it is a form of terrorism. they are going around town and terrorizing people and people in the car now? i would say it is terorr: in sa vasquez, kpix5. >> also tonight, san jose's police chief says his officers showed good judgment in how they dealt with a disturbed teenager who ended up dead. the officers were called to a home in the east san jose foothills yesterday after reports of a suicidal man armed with a gun. they were not able to reach him for 15 minutes. during that time, cops say they learned he was inside with a self-inflicted bullet wound to
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the head. >> at one point, the subject finally emerged and pointed the weapon in a threatening manner. at one point, pointed the weapon toward the officers. at that point, two officers fired at least one round from rifles from across the street striking the subject. >> the officers are on routine administrative leave. they were not wearing body cameras. did you hear a lot of illegal fireworks in your neighborhood last night? you were not alone, especially if you live in oakland. the fireworks were not just loud, but dangerous. christin ayers talked to one woman who had a close call when her front yard went up in flames. >> reporter: police were supposed to crack down on the illegal fireworks but only made a couple dozen seizures. all across the east bay, the skies lit up with illegal
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fireworks. in a noisy fiery ritual that johnny has come to expect. >> you start hearing these loud booms. and sometimes, they are like these sounds. >> reporter: last night was no exception. >> it sounded like a war zone. >> reporter: this time, the fireworks show turned dangerous. dorothy oakley was inside her home with her daughter when a neighbor saw a man launch a fire cracker in her tree and left her windows crashed and blinds melted. as for the crackdown, she didn't see one. even as police surrounded her home, the illegal fire works shows continued. >> the cops say well there's just too many of them. we are overwhelmed. and we cannot do anything. >> reporter: oakland police did do something last night.
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they found a u-haul full of fireworks at this intersection in east oakland, but that was one of only 26 seizures last night. neighbors say they have lost hope. >> we just kind of live with it. you know. you just sort of look around, make sure it is not being launched your way. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. >> well, two people were hurt by fireworks in san jose last night. police received 29 calls for illegal displays. and gave out 12 citations. tonight, we learned of another self-driving crash involving a tesla. this time in pennsylvania. the model x smashed into a guardrail and rolled over. both men survived inside. just one day before the safety administration issued a report about a crash back in may involving a tesla on auto pilot in florida. that driver who posted videos of his tesla on youtube died.
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tesla stock was down almost 3% after the company announced it missed production forecast for the second quarter but they rebounded closing at $213. >> no charges are appropriate in this case. the fbi said today that hillary clinton was careless, but she did not commit a crime. after a yearlong investigation, clinton is cleared tonight of any wrong doing for her e-mail scandal. but, as veronica de la cruz shows us, she's still got a pretty good scolding from the director. >> reporter: that's absolutely right. the presumptive democratic presidential nominee did not handle classified information properly. hours later, president obama hit the campaign trail to sing her praises. >> our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> reporter: he called it extremely careless, but did
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said she was not motivated by disloyalty to the u.s. >> we can in the find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts. >> reporter: still, he gave a scathing assessment of her decision to use her private e- mail server as secretary of state. >> any reasonable person in secretary clinton's position or in the position of those with whom she was corresponding about those matters should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation. >> reporter: comey said it is also possible hackers gained access to the e-mails. still, it was a political victory for e-mail who stumped with president obama for the first time today. >> thank you so much! >> reporter: speaking in charlotte, north carolina, both avoided any mention of the fbi announcement. >> hillary doesn't get the credit she deserves.
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but, the fact is, hillary is steady and hillary is true. >> reporter: now tonight, donald trump came out swinging at the fbi. the presumptive gop nominee said we have a rigged system. >> our enemies may have a blackmail file on crooked hillary and this alone means that she should not be allowed to serve as president of the united states. >> the fbi's recommendation not to charge clinton could mean case closed. attorney general loretta lynch has said that she would accept these findings. >> all right, thanks veronica. we might see some changes the next time you drive across the golden gate bridge. they are tweaking the lane configurations agains. four northbound lanes will be open half an hour from 4:00 to 4:30 tuesday through friday. they used to be open until 5:00, but that caused major backups southbound when the lanes were squeezed down to
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two. beautiful bay area freeways being called a death trap for wildlife. kpix5's len ramirez shows us why interstate 280 is ranked worst in the state for road kill. >> reporter: highway 280 between san jose and san francisco has been called the world's most beautiful highway. but now, it is being called something else. a death trap for wildlife. >> smaller animals like raccoons, coyotes, deer. >> reporter: the sierra club's james egger is talking about road kill saying more animals are killed on this stretch of 280 than any other highway in california. the proximity to wildlife habitat. high speeds, and freeway construction techniques contribute. >> it was built when there wasn't as much consciousness of protecting wildlife and the legal structures for protection of wildlife. >> reporter: newer highways are built with wildlife migration patterns in mind, some includes fencing that funnels animals into specially built
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undercrossings. squirrels are known the use rope and baseball bridges to cross the busy roadways. kathy of sunnyvale says she is not surprised because highway 280 is always so busy. >> i think it happens mostly at night because it is so dark out here. the animals are trying to cross and all of a sudden there's a car there. >> reporter: northern california sals home to the other road kill hot spots and that is i-80 between davis and sacramento. in palo alto, len ramirez, kpix5. thieves have found a new way to steal cars. we will explain how crooks are using laptops to rip off your ride. >> and, this cracked bay area sidewalk is all patched up now. you would think that is a good thing. tonight, why the city admits it made a big mistake and it has to do with the hayward fault. >> plus, tonight, we will show you the bay area's newest hot spot for whale watching. (b
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using a laptop. reporter rachel kim explains how crooks are e >> tonight, looks like thieves have found a new way to steal new cars using a laptop. reporter rachel kim explains how crooks are exploiting a high-tech vulnerability to break in and drive away. >> reporter: this youtube video shows a man armed with a laptop getting into a jeep wrangler. police believe the thief was disables the alarmlights and enabling the ignition with his computer. soon, he starts the car and drives away. >> it is is a little concerning. >> it never crossed my find. >> reporter: in the wall street journal, they say thieves are using laptops to hack into late model cars to steal them. an auto theft officer believed a thief was tapping into the
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computer. >> it is surprising. very surprising. yes. >> reporter: the national insurance crime bureau says they are seeing more reports of this type of car theft and believe this is becoming the new way of stealing cars. security experts say hackers are connecting to a car's data port and are getting away with this because cars are beginning to build in 4g connections. a lot of them have their own operating systems. some of them get updated over the air. we got reaction from people who owned cars that would be vulnerable. >> i don't know what precautions i could take at this moment. >> i make sure there is nothing imperative and important in there for me. so if it gets stolen or if something isn't there, it is replaceable. >> i don't feel any more worried than if they had been able to break in old school with a key or however they did that. either way i lose my car. >> reporter: in studio city, rachel kim, kpix5. tonight, an emeryville driver is convicted of killing
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a u.s. marine in union city. his car smashed into andrew silva who had just returned to the bay area after a tour in afghanistan. police say the driver alexander yawn was driving under the influence. his sentencing is scheduled august. tonight, we are learning about a freak fourth of july accident involving a well known disability rights advocate. she drowned in the sacramento river in her wheelchair. jennifer mcgraw spoke to her husband tonight. >> so many people loved her. she was so special. >> reporter: jacob is having a tough time realizing his wife of 20 years is gone. she drowned in the miller park arena. she was trying to get off the boat onto the dock when her chair slipped into the water. >> it was too deep. i couldened find her in the
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dark and the mud. by the time i did, it must have been at least five to seven minutes and it was just too long. they coulden bring her back. >> reporter: the couple had been out with friends and family watching the fourth of july fireworks earlier that evening. lorelle was a well known disability rights activist appointed by governor schwarzenegger to the council of disabilities. she wrote about the challenges she faced throughout her life and the changes that needed to be made. >> she wanted them to read her books and see it is okay to be different. >> reporter: she showed others they could live an active life in a wheelchair. >> she had been everywhere. we traveled this country. we saw so much. >> reporter: now her family hopes the lessons she taught live on. >> having a disability is just about being different. and, that is okay. >> reporter: she suffered from a genetic disease that put her in a wheelchair at a young age but her husband says that
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didn't stop her from living life and that is certainly what the couple did. jennifer mcgraw in sacramento for kpix5. police have arrested a man for attacking google headquarters. raul diaz shot out windows and threw malitov cocktails at the building in mountain view on thursday night. now, they are looking into whether the same guy was involved in two previous attacks including the torching of a self-driving car last month. diaz told police he was upset because he felt google was watching him. can you say oops? city workers accidentally fixed a curb that was crucial to studying the hayward fault. the repair work has a lot of scientists bummed. >> reporter: sometimes, filling cracks isn't all it is cracked up to be. >> there are tripping hazards where accessibility is important. we have a lot of pedestrian traffic. this intersection was identified as one for retro
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fit. >> reporter: but it was this crack that was the holy grail to geologists. in guide books and on maps. they have been measuring the crack for 40 years, a living breathing marker of the hayward fault. but to the city. it was just a crack. >> we make sure that our streets are upgraded. our sidewalks are accessible. and that we maintain pedestrian access throughout the community. >> reporter: so it fixed it and the geology world was shaken. bad news. no, said another. >> we were unaware of it at the time we were doing the work. >> reporter: what can be done to fix this? nothing. it is done. they paveed over it. and the city says geologists should get ahold of them to tell them if there are other important sites within the city. i'm mike sugerman, kpix5. well, the tsa has a new plan it hopes will speed up the long security lines at the airport. it involves automated scanning of carryons. that agents will not check the
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images of every carryon like they do now. instead, computers will analyze 3d images. workers will step in only if the system flags something that is suspicious. the initial rollout happens this fall at several big terminals. if you bought something from starbucks over the weekend, you may have overpaid. starbucks is going to raise its prices in a couple of weeks. but, a computer glitch caused the company to increase prices a little too early. on average, customers spent 30 cents more. if you overpaid, contact starbucks customer service. these days more bay area beach goers are catching an amazing glimpse of whales. we sent andria borba to the coast to check it out. >> reporter: there has been a feeding frenzy. one that put on a spectacular show from the shoreline. >> we saw the spray. and we saw some tails. >> reporter: in this video, humpback whales have been breaking the surface of the
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ocean and making their presence known. >> oh my gosh. whales. it is a pretty good experience because i have never seen a whale before up close. >> reporter: people here at the beach say the whales are getting brave too. they snuck up just behind that line of surfers. marine biologists believe their food source has moved closer to the shore making bellies full and eyes wide like aubriel brown. >> i thought it was crazy because they were so close. you never really see whales so close to shore. >> reporter: of course, spots a whale on camera is not as easy as it looks. >> out there, they were breaching. it was awesome. >> reporter: while our camera was on the ocean, the whale seemed a bit shy only offering up a passing tail flip. >> i want to see some more. because they are really cool. >> reporter: so do we. so do we. in pacifica, andria borba, kpix5. well, sorry to tell you,
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you did not win the megamillions jackpot tonight. nobody did. so, there you go. these were tonight's winning numbers. lottery officials say no winning ticket was sold. jackpot was set at $454 million. now, it is up to $508 million. next drawing will be on friday. so there you go. >> somebody has to win. no, they don't. it could go on forever. >> can't lose if you don't play. [ laughter ] >> very true. we have the cloudy skies near the shoreline tonight. clear inland. and that is going to set the tone right through the weekend as we look live toward coit tower. look at how opened up the view is compared to last night. this was totally shrouded in fog. just in time for the fireworks. tonight, we have at least better visibility. the highs today, livermore crept up to 81. san jose, 77. san rafael, 72 degrees. as we look at the golden gate bridge, not too much fog across the span. right now, concord has 58.
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yuba city. 55. overnight, we will get down to mid 50s for much of the bay area with sun up at six minutes before 5:00 a.m. this means rain for seattle. by thursday. and for us, it means we get a fairly enhanced sea breeze. if you get a good sea breeze, all of these low clouds moving into the peninsula tonight and filling in the baby tomorrow morning. sea breeze, low clouds, cool temperatures. unusually cool. came down about five degrees from the highs on the fourth of july. and they will come down a little bit just a notch or two tomorrow to five to ten degrees below average. low clouds. coastal drizzle. inland clearing. par for the course. it is summertime in the bay area. the forecast highs for tomorrow, we are looking at 78 in santa rosa. 73 mountain view. along the shoreline, san francisco, 60 degrees. in the extended forecast, we will go with stratus quo.
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the usual low clouds in the morning, sun in the afternoon. there is however a silver lining behind all of these clouds. you know what it is? >> what? >> paul will be back tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> we will welcome him back. >> we loved having you. >> thank you very much. see you at christmas. [ laughter ] >> oh, we'll have you before then. >> see you on the weekend. >> that's true. pbs aired this on the fourth of july. why this fireworks display is at the center of a scandal. >> and here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. they didn't win the lottery either. ,,,,
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the annual july fourth show looked great if you watched it on t-v. >> biggest fireworks show of the year fizzled for pbs. the annual july 4 fireworks show looked great if you watched it on tv. only, this wasn't what was going on at the national mall in dc. this was cloudy, foggy, barely visible fireworks. pbs as mitts it used old videos of dress up the coverage. the network says it seemed like the patriotic thing to do. viewers of social media are calling it fraudulent fourth.
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>> levi stadium is putting on quite the show, but there is no event. the jumbotron lights are flashing different colors. we put in calls but haven't heard anything back yet on what is going on. we have the giants and as all-star list. for now. and boy, the giants, maybe they wish they had this weather. a little doover would have been nice. in san francisco. ,,,, ♪ what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints
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giants catcher buster posey was selected >> baseball up top. let's give you the good news. giants catcher buster posey was named the catcher for the all- star game in san diego. third time he has been elected a starter. fourth appearance overall. now, posey will be joined by pitchers madison bumgarner and johnny cueto. the as will have stephen vogt. >> it is so important for these
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guys to play. as a kid, you want to see the best. it is why they are going. >> kenny, the bad news. this ruined madison bumgarner's night. giants against colorado looked good here. a run scoring off of brandon belt singled. it was 1-0. then 2-0. that 7th inning. he gave up a two out two strike three run crush for the dangerous nolan arenado. colorado came from behind to win it 7-3. and look at the elements. in minneapolis. three hour delay. as at the twins. twins left 5-1 in the fifth. and max kepler. twins routed this one. 11-4. the as have lost five of six. nba note. warriors getting some bench play reportedly adding veteran power forward david west to a
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one year deal. two time all-star west last played for the san antonio spurs just the last couple of seasons. >> awesome. >> but still. only the texas rangers have as many wins in the big leagues as the giants. 53. >> yeah. >> i'm a glass half full guy. >> i like that. >> bum would have liked that one tonight. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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(upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning.
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we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. >> the late show is next. >> next newscast is at 4:30.
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i expect you there bright and early. captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hi! before we start the show, i just want to say happy birthday to my close personal friend, donald trump. donald is turning 70 today, although he doesn't look a day over... 70's about right. i wanted to give donald something very special. after all, as a late night host, he's given me so much. donald, first, i'm giving you an itunes gift card. it's the exact same thing you give anyone you don't really know. then, it's going to get chilly in the winter in washington, so i got you a pair of gloves. these might be a little big. you can have them taken in. ( cheers and applause ) oh, and i also got you this scented candle. i even put it in the bag for you. i don't want to tell you what the scent is. let's just say, it's punge


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