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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it is tuesday, august 2nd. i am michelle griego. >> and i am kenny choi. we have anne makovec now beginning this half hour live in san jose with the next story. >> reporter: yes. the court is trying to come up with a contingency plan with a way to keep essential services here moving in the santa clara county justice system, things like bail hearings, arraignments and order of protection. the supreme court professional employee's association represents more than 300 court clerks and 50 researchers, mediators and janitorsers many of them staging a protest last week saying they have been living paycheck to paycheck. negotiations have been going on for more than a year. the union did turn down a 5% raise and no you they are turning up the heat. the possibility of canceled hearings and delayed trials. they say in a statement, we do not take this action lightly. we are sympathetic to the public we know will be
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inconvenienced. right now experienced clerks here in santa clara county make about $55,000. live in san jose, i am anne makovec, kpix 5 news. >> a in, in, e, did the courts have -- all right, anne. did the courts have much of a head's up about this? >> reporter: they did. this he thought a strike may be planned on august 15th, but then suddenly they got this letter warning them yesterday. thank you, the bi-partisan backlash continues to melt over donald trump's comments about the parents of a fallen muslim american soldier. a military mom confronted trump's running mate mike pence at a event in nevada. that question was met by so boos from the audience. >> reporter: will there ever be a time you will be able to look donald trump in the eye and say enough is enough. >> well, as i said, captain
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khan is an american hero. >> reporter: here is more. >> every response that comes from the campaign seems so disingenuous. governor pence could say one thing as the presidency for the stewardship of this country would say something else. i don't think they are on the same page. the leadership of the republican party is saying one thing, but their candidate is saying another thing. >> reporter: and a new poll shows hillary clinton pulling ahead of donald trump. this new cbs news poll taken after both conventions show the democratic nominee ahead of the republican rival by 7 points. the time is 6:02. let's get a check of traffic with rocky this morning. >> thank you, kenny. head out to san jose,
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northbound 101 at actually road, the right plane -- right lane is blocked. you can see the red and yellow there. northbound 88 at highway 237 there is a crash there, as well. and the bay bridge toll plaza is looking toll plaza'ish for this time in the morning. traffic is backed up to the maze right now. westbound it will take you 12 minutes. back to you, ro, for weather. >> thank you, rocky. good morning, everyone. our time check is 6:03. this is the live weather camera looking out toward the bay bridge to the city of san francisco. we are seeing a lot of haze out there due to the low clouds and the fog. a lowering ceiling. you cannot see the tip-top of the bay bridge towers which
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stan 2500 feet off the bay waters, you know the ceiling is prettily. generally when it is under 6 will unfeet we see the delays at the sfo. we will keep you posted on the arriving flights. temperatures are uniform from 57 to 61 degrees. it is 53 in santa rosa. to the south of us with the soberanes fire in monterey county, there is available wind in morning. more smoke in the morning hours lined up across the santa clara valley and the eastern portion of the bay area. this afternoon we have a wind shift. more of a west-northwest wind as you can see by the upper level wind particle man here. that will clear out the atmosphere a little bit better where you can see the line of the diablo mountain range. yesterday you could not see it in the early morning hours. don't bank on clearing in half moon bay duh late afternoon clearing in pacifica. mid and high 80s in morgan hill and gilroy. then we swing around the
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eastern portion of the bay area and we will see the hottest temperatures inland. still out of the triple digit temperatures. we will call it 94 to 95 for byron through mountain house to the discovery bay area. otherwise 60s and breezy side. 82 in san rafael. 70s in the valley, 3 in sonoma. you want hot weather? it is on in ukiah and 98. mid 90s in lakeport. the full forecast is still coming up at 18 after the hour. noah white is a former san mateyo police officer is heading to court facing 22 felony charges of sexual assault. officer noah white is accused of abusing power while on duty. five different women came forward with rape allegations saying that white pulled them over and coerced them into sex. he said if they denied them he would arrest his victims on a made-up charge. four women that say they experienced horrible conditions
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at jail will settle. they were arrested in 2014 during a protest in oakland. at the jail in dublin the women say they were forced to trip down in front of male guards and allegedly forced to use toilets that were overflowing. the $130 settlement includes an agreement on new policies at the jail. controversy continues for theranos, the highly scrutinized blood testing firm based in the bay area. kpix 5 news jackie ward, joins us with a rare inside look at the lab. >> reporter: yes. we are getting a look inside the labs of theranos for the very first time and seeing the new technology the ceo elizabeth holmes talked about at a recent scientific investigation. she focused on what is called a mini lab. she claims with the prick of a finger 40 tests can be run with that one small sample. accurate and precise results is the goal here.
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after the assessment for medicare and medicaid services, trust in feting those kinds of results is low but she insists the technology is reliable and, instead, blames operations and personnel for past mistakes. >> what i know is i put the best people in place to be able to investigate every aspect of this and insure that we meet the quality standards that we hold ourselves to. i know they are doing that. >> theranos threw out two years of blood test results from edison devices due to questionable accuracy. she has until december 5th to appeal. the mini lab is still not available and needs to be cleared by the food & drug administration. we are learning more about the checkered past of a man that piloted the doomed hot air balloon in texas over the weekend. pilot skip nichols was a recovering alcoholic that had been convicted of dwi four times. he was driving the basket when it hit power lines and burst into flames. all 16 people on board died.
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back in 2009 a couple says they took one of nichols rides near st. louis. 20 minutes in the balloon crashed into the mark twain national forest. no one was seriously hurt in that incident. the family is bereaving at this time. >> he should not have been flying. we wanted to make him accountable for it. >> the family sued and settled out of court. nichols former girlfriend says despite the dwis he had been sober for four years. it is unclear if alcohol was a factor in this crash. we are following breaking news out of merced. at least five people are dead after a bus crash on highway 99 in livingston. it happened near the hammet avenue exit a short time ago. we are told many passenger, about 30, were on the bus. many are injured, some criticalically injured. the bus was enroute from sacramento to southern california when it crashed. of course, as we get details we will let you know more about
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this deadly crash. well, it is 6:08 right now. comcast has been slapped with a huge lawsuit claiming the cable company is scamming its customers out of tens of millions of dollars. >> and an unprecedented alert issued over the concerns of the spread of a zika virus. >> good morning from the kpix weather center where we are monitoring the winds. sure, we have had smoke and haze. i will tell i about a change in the wind and what it means for your tuesday forecast.
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[ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] attorneys for a man accusedf killing nine parishioners aa historically black church..e would you just look at that. 12 minutes after the hour of 6:00. it is tuesday, august 2nd. yes, we do have our very familiar summertime weather pattern here in the bay area
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with the clouds sweeping in off the coast into the bay. the clouds and the affect it will have on your tuesday forecast, the details in less than four minutes. attorneys for a man accused of killing nine parishioners at a historically black church are pushing prosecutors to drop the department of health and human services penalty. in fact, dylann roof's legal team has filed a motion against the constitutionality of capital punishment with the high rates of conviction errors and great spans of time between sentencing and the death penalty. roof faces 33 charges in central court and 12 additional ones in state court. comcast is facing a massive lawsuit this morning. the state of washington filed the suit saying comcast had misleading service plans. the state's attorney general says the company deceived nearly half a million customers
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when they sold a service protection plan to cover technician service calls. >> 75% of the time customers were told the plan covered inside wiring. not true. more than 40% of the time customers were told the plan covered all customer equipment issues. also not true. >> a lawsuit is seeking nearly $100 million. comcast is defending the protection plan saying it is a great value for people who buy it. >> the centers for disease control and prevention is dispatching a emergency response team of experts in birth defects and mosquitoe control to at neighborhood where the zika virus outbreak has been reported. 14 cases of locally transmitted zika virus have been transmited in the state. >> reporter: the domestic travel warning in the miami winwood art's district is a first for the cdc. >> we are advising pregnant women not to travel to this one mile area north of downtown miami and for pregnant women
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that live and work in the area to do everything possible to prevent mosquitoe bites. >> reporter: this after ten new cases of the virus erupted in the same area over the weekend. florida resident carrie and her husband are expecting their second son in october. >> we are taking all the necessary precautions because as far as i understand he can get it and we would not even know. >> reporter: the national institute of health says all pregnant should be concerned. >> pregnant women, no matter where you are in the summer, right now, should be careful about making sure they protect themselves from mosquitoe bites, not only insect repellant and proper clothing, but staying indoors. >> reporter: officials in florida have been aggressively spraying in the outbreak area for several weeks, but it hasn't reduced the local population of mosquitoes capable of carrying the virus. state governor rick scott says congressional action on the zika funding bill is critical. >> at this point they went on
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resuccess without acting. the federal government needs to be a partner on this. >> for now federal health officials are urging women that visited the zika-affected zone in florida to postpone getting pregnant for at least eight weeks. health health, cbs news. >> six of the ten new cases identified yesterday were people that showed no symptoms but were discovered through the department's door-to-door checks. a bill aimed at restoring trust in the california coastal commission has stalled in atestimonibly. the -- in the assembly. critiques say it was because the executive director wasn't friendly enough with developers. days before the olympics the san jose university is hoping for a rebirth in the track and field programs. john carlos and tommy smith, former medal winners, 1968, stunned the world. it is now immortalized in a pam
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pus statue. >> this statue on my right represents you all. john carlos and tommy smith might be the ones that put on those steps that are standing, but let me tell you, when he walked off we carried you with us. >> the program is expected to be completed by 2018. the 50th anniversary of the games so closely associated with sjsu track & field. ahead on friday's olympic game, athletes have been flooding over their sport, but a group of builders were looking all the way over legos and the time product, the colorful model of is a rio landmark made of 1 million lego bricks and it involved serious business. the builder spent 2,500 hours on the project. it is a gift from the danish government. it will be moved to a rio
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museum very, very carefully. >> i love it. beautiful. speaking of the olympics, there is a wonderful, enlightening article in the san francisco chronicle by ann kelly. she has been with them forever, a talented writer. she arrived at the olympic village. she had a furnished broom, clean sheets and towels, much better than the turin italy olympics in 2006. she found out the village. for the media is built on burial grounds of the slaves of the country. it is not politically collect. pollution is a big problem, as well, something we hope don't deter from the ambitions and goals of the young athletes and what they are there to accomplish. it is a really enlight upping article if you want to pick up the newspaper. >> that is true.
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zika -- all these concerns. >> and traffic! >> global issues! [ laughing ] well, not too bad. unioncy southbound 880 at wiffal road there is a crash there. cars moving 29 miles per hour. southbound 101 in san jose, the tulley road has a crash on the shoulder. about 25 miles per hour there. and the bay bridge, of course, the traffic is backed up to the maze. that will take you a little while to get into san francisco. and the san mateyo bridge, cars are slowing down westbound. it will take you 15 minutes to 101. then the golden gate looking clear, a little fog, but it should not affect you too much from san francisco to the golden gate bridge. back to you. good morning, everybody. our live weather camera, this time around we take you to sfo where we have a gray slate. now we have delays up to 57 minutes on some arriving flights. nonetheless, it is a lowering ceiling. the marine layer that is
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typical for this time of year. and in san francisco we are seeing 56 and overcast conditions in san jose and 59. oakland with a layer of clouds and 57 degrees and overcast in redwood city in the 60s. winds are under 10 miles per hour. they have been pretty calm for the most part. you can see the calm winds in san rafael, fremont under 5. this is allowing the smoke and haze to settle into the santa clara valley this morning as well as the east bay. later today see the wind out of southwest at 20 in fairfield? that is what is keeping the air quality on the good side there. when we have a wind shift later air will improve ever so slightly in the inland areas. overcast along the coast but pockets of drizzle being noted. a little on the hazy side bayside, otherwise dry and hayesy conditions inland. i wanted to call this up. our water vapor map. the reason is it is vacation time. people are heading to the hawaiian islands. that is the tropical storm. it? the development stage. it has a name. it is howard.
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but i do believe howard will begin to fall apart by the weekend if you are heading to hawaii. lucky you. all right, here is our satellite radar. we are socked in with areas of clouds along the coast. we should see afternoon clearing in the pacifica area. this is a low. as it is hanging tight in the pacific northwest it is enhancing our marine area. when that happens we see more of a westerly flow. that is good news because it keeps in the cooler air mass. it is monsoonal season. we have the showers and storms wrapping up. you can see the counterclockwise circulation around the low trying to lift into our desert southwest. we could have thunder by the end of the week in the high sierra. today 82 degrees. currently 50 on the south shore. 102 in fresno. smoke and haze in monterey bay. 100 degrees in redding. 90s in the owe chi ya area there. is the -- owe chi ya area. 67 degrees pacific. a 78 in vallejo. you want 80s?
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head to the south bay and north bay. you want 90s, you head to brentwood. cooler when the low swings through the bay area thursday all the way through monday. we don't have any baseball in town this week so let's send it to dennis with sports. coming up, this is not a rebuilding year according to one 49er. he will tell you why. and this football/baseball player just traded for san francisco? a giant day in baseball coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. yesterday was the major league baseball trade deadline. 27 years old there, a three
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year earned run average under 4. the giants gave up three player, one of them matt duffy and his big cat. duffy has been hurt but he will be in the tampa starting line- up. a big departure for duffy. matt is now a -- matt moore is now a giant. delta and the dodger, 9-3 his only year in oakland. reddick was in the outfield for what seemed like an eternity, five years. the fans of the 49ers can certainly commiserate with the 5s fans. joe staley doesn't want to hear anything about debuilding. >> i am never, ever looking for anything less than to hold
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the lombardi trophy at the end of the year. >> good for grow staley. because if you are looking at history a little bit, the indianapolis colts, 2 and 14 in 2011. they made the play-offs the following year. you never know. see you tonight. to it is 6:27. drinking water is at the center of a heated debate in one bay area town. the potential decision that critiques say could pose a health threat. >> and hundreds of court cases could be significantly slowed down by a strike that could happen as soon as tomorrow here in the south bay. the uni's beef and the affects, next. ,,,,,,,, p?p?o?gv
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and i'm michelle griego. tis 6-- across santa clara county... hundreds of court workers pn job tomorrow. good morning, it is tuesday august 2nd. i am kenny choi. >> and i am michelle grgo. across santa clara county hundreds of co-workerrers plan to walk off the job tomorrow and for hundreds that may need a restraining order, it could spell trouble. anne makovec is live there with what the workers want and how the county is bracing to prepare. >> reporter: yes. most of the clerks are essential, they do a lot of the paperwork behind the scene, things used in everything from high profile criminal trials to simple protection orders. yes, essential and the threat can happen as soon as tomorrow on almost 400 court personnel total that are threatening to walk off the job. not only the clerical worker, but the mediators and researchers and janitors that stapled the protest last week.
6:32 am
>> unfortunately -- staged the protest last week. >> unfortunately to live in the valley we need decent living wages. it has been eight years since our last raise. we feel at this time we cannot afford to live under these circumstances anymore and work in this area. >> reporter: well, the union did already turn down an offer of a 5% raise. this he won't say what what they are asking for now but the court lost a third of its staff since 2008. they say it left the rest of them severely overworked in a statement the union president said... an experienced clerk here in santa clara county makes about $5,000. anne makovec, kpix 5 news. >> what kind of affect would this have on the court system? >> reporter: well, they are still trying to figure out the contingency plans here. they will probably get mid level managers in the positions to at least get some of the
6:33 am
essentials done like the protection orders i mentioned, arraignments, bail hearings, things that need to get done. there will certainly be plenty of canceled hearings and affects on longer trials if this does go on. back to you. today pg&e crews in monterey county will begin the long process of restoring power in the areas affected by the soberanes fire. it is also threatening pg&e equipment and facilites in the area. and winds have pushed smoke from the soberanes fire in a northeast direction, modesto, stockton and the bay area area with thick valley smoke. and an air alert is issued over the soberanes and goose area in fresno. and residents are feeling the sting in their eyes and throats. >> yes. the smoke has been lingering around the area for a while no you. >> yes. every single day last week we
6:34 am
be a smoke advisory in affect, a bit of a rare thing in this bay area. today there is a shift in the winds insuring the smoke is still there. and if you have asthma, you will have a little difficulty with your breathing. but the wind will be rotating to the northwest and it will clear the atmosphere somewhat but this morning it is a little hazy. yesterday you could not seep see the diablo mountain range in the prayer area but it began to -- in the bay area but it began to clear by sunset. sfo has 57 minute delays on some arriving flights. but that not due to smoke but the summertime weather pattern with the return of the marine layer. it is overcast in san jose, a bit on the hazy side. 57 in livermore with haze. 60s around the peninsula. we have the soberanes fire in the hospital ray county area. the wind flow -- in the monterey county area. the wind flow has been clipping
6:35 am
into the eastern portion of the bay area. but the wind profile map suggest as westerly, west flow later this afternoon with less smoke. numbers, you could not ask for better temperatures. this time of year pretty spot on. 60s coast side, 70s and 0s around the peninsula. 82 in allen rock. around willow glen into the mid 80s. 89 in san ramon and 90s throughout the valley, slightly coveragement of course, warmer the further inland you drift toward brentwood, tracy, discovery bay and mountainhouse. 62 degrees in bodega bay, through the 70s in mayo valley. if you want the heat it is on, ukiah with 98 degrees. the fuel forecast coming up 48 after the hour. >> thank you, ro. the time now is 6:35. a little trouble in the san ozone area. northbound 101 at tulley road
6:36 am
backups there and the crash is on the shoulder. but we have people looking and other things looking around and causing delays in the area. a lot of red. keep that in mind. and on the san mateyo bridge there is a crash currently westbound. that is why cars are starting to back up now. i-880 to 101 will take you westbound about 19 minutes. keep that in mind. and the bay bridge, oh, my god, the typical tuesday morning. the maze to downtown about 20 minutes. the toll plaza is backed up. the altamonte pass to 680 westbound will take you 15 minutes. of course that, will dentally cause delay this is morning. -- definitely cause you delays this morning. police are investigating another shooting along i-80, the most recent attack left a man in critical condition at the powell street off ramp at emoryville early yesterday morning. police say someone shot into the man's car several times and drove off. when officers arrived they
6:37 am
found the victim inside the car. this is the 36th shooting on a east bay highway since november. investigators believe most of these are gang related. a search will resume in oregon for a missing backpacker. 21-year-old riley zickel from sebastopol went backpacking six days ago and did not return. the father of zickel said he is encouraged after hearing from hikers that believe they saw his son over the weekend. voters in hillsburg will have to decide if they want to keep fluoride in their water. the measure was overridingly supported but now there is research as to whether or not it is safe. follower raid can help with tooth decay and oral health. a bay area company is the source of controversy, now the
6:38 am
public is getting a rare look at the lab. we have jackie ward live in the newsroom with reaction from the woman in charge of theranos. >> reporter: it was the first time cameras were allowed inside the bay area lab and the tour was ditch by none other than ceo elizabeth holmes. she also gave us a look at a new device called a mini lab that can do up to 40 tests on a small amount of blood taken from the prick of a finger. there are still federal and civil investigations against her company. holmes says behind the editing technology, she blames personnel. >> at the highest level we did not have the right leadership in the laboratory or the implementation of the quality system in terms of procedures and the associated documentation to insure that we were realizing the quality standards that we hold ourselves to. >> reporter: theranos threw out
6:39 am
two years of blood test results from its edison devices due to questionable accuracy. they have until september 5th to appeal. the newest technology, the mini lab, is not available yet and needs to be cleared by the food & drug administration. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5 news. officers want you to get outside today and join them for block parties, part of the annual natural night out. hundreds of communitys in the bay area are -- national night out. hundreds of communities in the bay area are raising awareness about crime and gives neighbors and officers a chance to meet. the man accused of ambushing a an oakland police sergeant in her cruiser after a crash has been formally charged and here is a close look at the charging documents that reveals how lock she may have been. marcus moss shouted antipolice statements and fired. but his gun jammed twice when he pulled the trigger. he is charged with attempted murder. his attorney says people still
6:40 am
should not rush to judgment in the case. >> it is very important he is not tried and convicted in the court of public opinion. >> moss was captured after an hour-long stanoff with stockton police at his mother's home on july 28th. a 9-millimeter pistol was recovered in the home. moss is ban from the owning a gun thanks to prior felony convictions if are robbery and burglary. >> supers will not get to vote -- supervisors will not get to vote on a proposal. the board budget and finance committee voted 2-1 yesterday to put the money to rest. the money would have gone to affordable housing and homeless services. san francisco people spend millions for an apartment in a luxury hawaii rise, then learn their -- high-rise, and then learn their ship is sinking. >> an engineering report suggests the millennium towers complex has sunk some 16
6:41 am
inches. it is 6:40 right now. vets in the bay area are spreading the word about a potentially deadly virus infecting a number of cats. >> and the next phase of the i- 80 smart corridor problem rolls out today. we will tell you what to expect. ,,
6:42 am
i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good.
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that story and more... from k-c-b-s radio financial repr good morning, the time check is 6:44. it is tuesday, august 2nd. no sunshine, 62, but we will hold out for some sunshine during the afternoon in pack can a. good morning, sunnyvale at 81 degrees. eastern portions of the bay area has 80s and 90s. 94 in brentwood.
6:45 am
62 at the beaches today, through the 70s in hill valley. hello lakeport at 95 degrees. >> thank you, roberta. one country is banning the sales of volkswagon. >> that story and more from our financial reporter jason brooks. >> good morning. that news coming out of south korea. regulators banning most sales of volkswagon and other brands owned by vw in the country because of the diesel emissions scandal that erupted last fall, covering 80 different models including the vw audi and bentley brand. there are five models that will continue to be sold in the country. last week a federal judge in san francisco signed off on a preliminary $14.5 billion settlement with volkswagon which it will use the money to buy back and repair affected
6:46 am
cars here in the united states. spending was up in june by .40%. spending was up in most areas except on automobiles. we are seeing that this morning as ford reported that its sales in the u.s. were down by almost 3% last month. despite weak growth in the economy in the 2nd quarter, consumer spending was a bright spot and continues to go that way and will be key in the second half of this year. wall street is opening up a little lower this morning. let's go to big board and see how we are doing so far, the dow dropping 26 points. the nasdaq down by 17 and the s&p 500 is lower by 4 points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> thank you, jason. tomorrow council members review the results offense a pilot program meant to rush -- results of a pilot program
6:47 am
meant to crush traffic problems, to stop drivers from santa cruz from the drops off. locals living near downtown say seems the commute can take three times as long as normal. beginning today metering lights are activated on all on ramps on i-80 smart car dorr. caltrans says the meters will remain in operation until 8:00 p.m. they are intended to improve safety and relieve traffic congestion between the carquinez and bay bridges. how is it looking out there, rocky? it is looking good. there is slight congestion in the fremont area, southbound 880 at stevenson boulevard there is a crash on the shoulder causing delays. cars moving at 45 miles per hour. not too bad. and southbound on tulley road, a crash on the shoulder causing mainly delays. you can see the red there. cars moving at 32 miles per hour and traffic is backed up to blossom hill road.
6:48 am
and moving onto the san mateyo bridge, there is a crash in the middle of the bridge causing very slow traffic movement. 880 to 101. it will take you about 25 minutes headingbound. that is heavy. and of course, adele fans, she is in concert at oracle arena tonight at 7:30 p.m. expect heavy, heavy traffic on the nimitz freeway headed into oracle arena. back to you. >> i think that is a good assessment there, rocky. good morning, everyone. 6:48 on your tuesday, august 2nd. it is our live weather camera looking out in from the san francisco studio due east to the bay bridge. now we the see the tip-top of the tower. we could not see it 15 minutes ago. we have the sky. the ceiling is beginning to lift. the port of oakland is in the distance there under an overcast sky. temperatures have tummalled into the 50s -- tumbled in the 50s in most locations. napa, good morning to you and your little pal riding shotgun.
6:49 am
reporting 50s this morning in napa with a thin, overcast sky, as well. thanks for checking in, day. winds west 7. on shore flow of san francisco rotating to the southeast. light in san jose southwest. in san ramon you can tell there are available winds up to 20 in the fairfield area. and the winds are under 10 miles per hour except for fairfield where rio vista and fairfield have some smoke settling in the bay area. later today with haze around the bay, rind winds will rotate to the west and northwest, allowing for clearing in the pollutants in the atmosphere. well, right now we have a tropical storm right here. a lot of peek vacations toward hawaii, making your plans, that is howard. i do believe howard will begin to fall apart by the end of this workweek.
6:50 am
let guess get down to business here. here is the satellite and -- let's get down to business here. here is our satellite and radar. a hint of clearing pacifica. this flow has enhanced our marine layer. as it swings through on thursday we will have additional cooling taking place. we have precipitation lifting out of arizona, trying to clip our desert areas. looking at the highs in the sierra by friday. 82 in the mountain affordable housing areas. 65 in san francisco today which is spot-on through the 70s and 80s. outside number today 95. a carbon copy wednesday. cooler conditions with the front passing through on thursday through the weekend. enjoy your day. bay area cat owner, be aware, a potentially deadly virus is infecting felines in hayward. last week a seemingly healthy kitten with was brought to the ahard juan malshelter and a --
6:51 am
the hayward animal shelter but a few days later she saw symptoms of vomiting andletgy. it is called pam pam. the good news is if the cat is up-to-date on vaccinations, there is a low risk of infection. we are learning more about the criminal history of the hot hair balloon pilot that crash this had texas killing 16 people. >> reporter: and a planned strike can throw a real wrench into a role justice. how the union demands and how it could affect hundreds of court cases. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a surge in cancellations of foreign orders. more than 240 people were killed last month, when the military trd to overthrow the government. five things to know at the - today, the c-d-c is sendingn emergency response team to e south florida community at e center of a zika outbreak. a travel advisory was also is for pregnant women to stay from the area. florida's governor says there are now4 cases of locally- transmitt zika in the state. we're learning more about t pilot of the hot air balloon that crashed in texas, killg all 16 p we are learning more about the pilot of the hot hair balloon that crashed in texas killing all 16 people on board. alfred skip nichols had at least four prior drunk driving convictions and numerous consumer complaints against him. the cause of the crash is yet to be determined. the donald trump's back
6:56 am
lash over comments he made against a -- 5500 firefighters have been battling the blaze since it started a week ago. the fire is 18% contained. a former san mateyo police officer headed to -- heads to court today to face 22 charges of assault. officer noah white abused his power on duty. >> reporter: and i am anne makovec live in san jose. the santa clara court system could see a strike coming tomorrow affecting hundreds of court cases. the union involved is called the supreme court professional employee's association representing more than 300 court clerks and 50 researchers, mediators and john or thes. many of them -- mediators and janitors. many of them saying they are
6:57 am
living paycheck to paycheck. experienced clerks make $55,000. if they walk off the job there is the possibility of canceled court hearings and delayed trial. the union september out this statement. -- union sent out this statement... the court is looking into getting middle managers to work through the strike to keep essential services flowing. we are continuing to follow breaking news out of merced county. five people are dead and dozens injured after a charters bus crash on highway 99 a short time ago. the bus was on route from sacramento to california. 30 passengers were on board and at least four of them are still trapped inside the bus collided a pole which sliced down the center, blowing out the windows and tearing off the bottom cargo area.
6:58 am
let's take a look at the morning commute. southbound 101 at tulley road, there is a crash on the shoulder that is still causing mainly delays. cars are moving about 27 miles per hour and it is backed up to blossom hill road. now 880 to 101 westbound, there is a traffic in the middle of the san mateyo bridge if you are head from hayward to san mateyo. keep that in mind. traffic is backing up now and is heavy. and the bay bridge toll plaza, your normal traffic on the bridge. the mesa downtown about 50 minutes. all trains are clear. no delays. good morning, everybody. take a look at this. it is traffic and weather together. it is rock and ro! rocky's traffic shot here! this is the golden gate bridge. the clouds have lowered all the way to the span 220 feet off the bay waters there. because of that lowering ceiling, we have delays at sfo and some arriving flights at 57
6:59 am
minutes. redwood city is 61 degrees. the winds are under 10 miles per hour. the numbers today stacking up in the 60s at the seashore and the rim of the bay in the 70s. the peninsula 80s and 90s in the inland areas. winds variable. then becoming northwest and westerly 10 to 20 miles per hour. for peak performance for your wednesday, close to thursday for the weekend, lowering our temperatures to down right refreshing and better air quality. adele takes the stage tonight at oracle arena and we are pretty confident her breath-taking ballads will make some people cry. she sold 50 million albums in the last three years. the 28-year-old says stage fright doesn't rattle her anymorement of she hasn't canceled a single show on this tour. she boasted to a san jose crowd i am officially a professional. look out for adele. she tweeted out a photo yesterday of a picture she took in golden gate park. she is somewhere in the city.
7:00 am
>> somewhere. we can follow her like pokimon go. >> i love that! [ laughing ] >> have a good day. ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, august 2nd, 2016. the zika crisis prompts an unprecedented travel warning in the united states. florida is struggling to stop local mosquitos that are spreading the virus. top republicans blast donald trump's fiery criticism of a fallen soldier's family. eric trump joins us in studio 57. and only on cbs this morning, oprah delivers a special announcement. we will reveal her next book club selection and interview the author. we begin this morning with a look at today's iopeye opener, r world in


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