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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now at noon: a deadly bus c in merced county kil leaves ove there were a total of five people who passed away as a result of the collision. >> a deadly bus crash in merced county kills five in lives over one dozen injured. we are getting a new look at
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the damage left remaining on highway 99. good afternoon jackie ward is tracking the investigation. >> reporter: we are learning that at least 16 people are recovering from serious injuries after a charter bus crashed around 3:30 this morning. five of the 25 people on board were killed. this happened in livingston off the hammatt avenue exit. the poll went through the center of the bus after impact and it blew out the windows and it tore off the bottom cargo area. six people had to be flown to area hospitals and one of those passengers has critical injuries. rescuers say they pulled out body parts from the survivors. >> the bus started in mexico and made several stops. it was stopped in los angeles last night it's next stop was in livingston on its way to
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washington. >> reporter: according to our sacramento station the driver also suffered major injuries. the bus was due in livingston at 1:30 this morning to change drivers. investigators believe that basque as may be the only one with the answers as to what happened because passengers were most likely asleep. motorists are still being asked to take highway 134 around the crash. chp hopes to open one lane of e highway soon. as cost-of-living continues to skyrocket in santa clara in santa clara court clerks are not making enough money to get by. they are staging a strike today. and mackovic is at the courthouse. >> reporter: the strike is planned for tomorrow and the court clerks are an essential part of the whole process and
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we will likely see if x in criminal, -- effect in criminal, civil, and juvenile court. personnel is planning to walk off the job. mediators. workers and janitors. some of them staged this protest last week. an experienced court clerk earns about $55,000 a year. many members are living paycheck to paycheck. >> where people who have to decide if they are going to buy food or pay bills. people who have had their lights turned off because they cannot afford to pay for their rent. the rent keeps going up to a $300 every six month and they are not seeing any increase in salary and that makes it really tough. >> reporter: the court has lost about one third of its staff since 2008. a lot of workers said that has left the rest of them simply overwhelmed. the union rejected an offer for a 5% raise and they will not
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say exactly what kind of a dollar figure they are asking for in order to not have the strike, but it looks like at this point is going to go on. and mackovic kpix 5. >> how will this affect the court system? >> reporter: the goal is going to be to make sure that essential services are still happening for things like bail hearings and arraignments and orders of protection. they will have to have mid- level manager stepping in and taking over the duties to get the basics done. informer san mateo police officer accused of assaulting five women while on duty makes a court appearance. officer know it faces 22 felony charges. they claimed that a worse than into having sex and if they refuse to wouldn't -- arrest them on made-up charges.
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inmates that experienced horrible conditions in jail and were arrested in oakland after a protest. the women were forced to strip down in front of male guards and their toilets were overflowing. the settlement includes an agreement on new policies to improve the jail. now to campaign 2016 and the race for the white house. donald trump continues to be dogged with criticism at about controversial remarks about the family of the us military captain killed in duty. the controversy is causing problems with his support within his own party. >> reporter: donald trump arrived in virginia, a key battlegrounds they -- battleground state. >> where thousands of people going crazy because they cannot get in. >> reporter: trump stepped up his criticism of hillary clinton calling her the devil.
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he is still being denounced for attacking the family of a us soldier killed in iraq. >> are there no limits to which the sky will descend and he wants to be commander in chief? >> horrible things were said about me. it was very tough. all i did was respond and i will always respond. >> reporter: trump supporters are still giving him enthusiastic support that we are seeing the first republicans saying he will not -- they will not vote for him because of his criticism of the huskins family. a congressman is the first to say he will vote for hillary clinton. he said he has unfit to serve the party and cannot leave the country. campaigning with hillary clinton in omaha billionaire warren buffett said trump should release his tax returns. >> only if you have something to be afraid about. >> reporter: clinton has an eight point lead in the
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national polls. craig boswell cbs news. >> donald trump says he is concerned that this year's election will be rigged. we are learning that the chief executive of the democratic national committee has resigned in the wake of an email hack. that's according to three strategist familiar with the decision to leave the job. the email hack exposed a lack of support in the primary race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. party chairman debbie wasserman schultz resigned from her position before the convention. bay area responders are preparing for the worst. they are participating in active shooter response training sessions at the east bay campus. they are running real-time response to a simulated mass casualty incident with chaos and all. with terror attacks on the rise these training sessions are becoming more common.
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as the director of the program explains they are more necessary. the difference in one minute of response time could mean life or death. >> in an active shooter incident a lot of people are injured and shot ended up leading out due to their injuries -- leading out due to their injuries. we need to get in the right-of- way to save the victims. >> the los angeles times reported that one of these active shooter situations took place in the same room as the san bernardino shooting a year before the attack happened. 60,000 communities across the country will be part of the national night out day today. this is a chance for people to hang out with their local police officers for a party. socials and ice cream parties will be happening in hundreds of communities around the area. the cdc issuing a warning for pregnant women in the country. the florida zika cases that are causing concern next.
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pg rates are spiking and how much more you can expect to pay. the coast is trying to clear out. we have a little haze as we are looking out toward the diablo area. the east bay has good skies. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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spawned more than a dozen c of zika. this is the *first time the e control has federal health officials are warning pregnant women to avoid a popular florida neighborhood that has spawned a dozen cases of zika. this is the first time the cdc has issued a travel advisory for this virus in the united states. we are in when one where health officials are struggling to
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contain the virus. >> reporter: with more than one dozen cases this small miami neighborhood of wynwood is on to the largest transmission in the us. health officials are struggling to contain the mosquito, the boat that transmits the virus. >> i've been trying to kill larvae mosquitoes and adult mosquitoes every day. it's not working as well as we can help. some of the mosquitoes may be resistant to the insecticide. >> reporter: the mosquito only travels about 164 yards in its lifetime. it -- but it moves quickly. >> he lives indoors and outdoors. they can breed or hatch in a few drops of water. the eggs can last for months and it can bite for a five people at once and spread the disease rapidly. >> reporter: in the last two weeks 14 cases have been identified as locally
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transmitted in two south florida counties. 12 of them are with men. the virus is most dangerous with pregnant women. according to the cdc women who have zika symptoms should wait at least two months before trying to get pregnant. infected men should wait at least six months. this doctor says he is ramping up testing for all pregnant women in his miami clinic. >> your clinic is right inside this he goes some -- the zika zone. >> we make sure all pregnant women get tested for the virus. >> reporter: about half of those affected in the wynwood area were asymptomatic. >> we did not have anything. >> reporter: rosemary says her father is one of them. >> he felt all right. he did not feel anything. >> there are more than 1600 travel related zika cases across the country. a massive wildfire is not
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showing any signs of slowing down. over 43,000 acres have burned and at least one person has died. 57 homes destroyed and 2000 more in the line of fire. 5400 firefighters of joins this fight. for areas of that have already been ravaged pgn the is working around the clock to restore power to go only 18% of the fire is contained. smoke from the fire is causing concern over air quality for the bay area. wind is pushing it northeast lowing it over stockton and modesto and the sacramento valley and the bay. people with asthma are most sensitive. children may also feel it. authorities are urging people to stay indoors. weather is playing a big factor. yesterday about 1:30 in the afternoon as i was heading into pleasanton i could not even see the diablo mountain range due
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to the smoke and wind flow. by sunset the wind shift and the air quality was much better. here is the weather camera looking toward east bay. typically we can see mount diablo but it is obscured. san francisco is still in the high 50s. it is 20 degrees warmer than that inland in livermore. charlie is our weather watcher in vallejo. he says it is a lazy hazy day. and hey word -- the winds are fluctuating and all over the place. they will be more consistent this afternoon. currently southwest at 14 in the fairfield area. that will certainly help our air quality. it has been overcast at the coast. we are shocked and at this hour
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but we are holding out for some sunshine in pacifica. this is hanging tight to the pacific northwest. it will enhance our marine layer. cooler days ahead. monsoon season is wrapping up -- ramping up in the arizona area. it is also hurricane season. this is is tropical storm howard trying to veer toward the hawaiian islands. my best bet is it will lose momentum and fall apart before it hits. today it is 67 in pacifica, 95 in brentwood, clearlake to the north also 90s, san jose is where it should be for this time of year at 82. he could not ask for a better day. by the time the sun goes down we will have air -- better air quality. the cooler air works with the enhanced marine layer on thursday all the way through the weekend.
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i'm going to turn off my air conditioner and open my windows and rejoice. >> enjoy the weather. thank you. pg and the customers are about to feel the sting of a serious rate hike. the august bill will be 8.7% higher than the july though. that means the average bill will go from $145 to 158. pg&e claims that customer still pay below the national average. there will not be a proposed tech tax on the ballot. that's after the finance committee voted to-one to put it to rest. they would've taxed companies with a payroll of more than $1 million. the money generated would have gone toward affordable housing and homeless services. the los gatos town council will be reviewing traffic data from a pilot program that prevented drivers from taking a shortcut in town. the traffic has been blamed on a shortcut app called ways that
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gives drivers shortcuts. they shut down the ramp to prevent drivers heading to santa cruz from clogging streets downtown. >> it is sad because i used to love walking around downtown on the weekends. it was never that crowded. >> residents who live 10 minutes from downtown said on some days the traffic would triple their commute times. apple buys into uber. how much they own and what led to the deal? we want to invite pet owners to ask their questions about their pets. we will answer them friday at noon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today's tip of the day is celery. have you ever grilled celery? it is great on the grill. everything is great on the grill with olive oil, salt, and pepper. let's talk about celery this time of year. do not compromise because it is grown in very hot areas this time of year. you want it to be green all the way through. stay away from any yellow. you want to squeeze it. it needs to feel crispy and
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make that squeaking noise. that means it's fresh. put them in the refrigerator right away. only store them for about three or four days at the most. celery in the market and summertime is refreshing, cooling, and the best part about it is it's fresh. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. it's also great with peanut butter. cupertino-based apple owns a small piece of the right hailing based -- service uber. it is a result of the deal with the company in china. apple invested $1 billion in the chinese right service in may so they now warn -- on a small portion of what -- uber. a twitter executive has left less than six months after she took the job. last week stock plummeted 11%
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following earnings reports. it's unclear whether she was forced out or left on her own. taking a look at the dow it is down with about 40 minutes to go before the closing bell. researchers are developing a new test for autism related genes. they say they can identify 25 different genes with possible links to autism. they believe that could pave the way for pastor and last -- less expensive autism research. if you have a consumer problem or question you can email hour hotline or you can call the hotline. the numbers 888 five helps you. ,,,,,,,,
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you're making this up! no, no, no she came on to you? i was walking down the street and from the other side, "hey! hey! who is that? she just...she cat called you?
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no. he was just friends... he was friends with my pavlik. and that's a different story. oh, you stole her from her boyfriend? and since then i'm suffering. they lived happily ever after for how many years? 15? 130. no, contenders.
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singer has sold over fifty million albums... in the la eight years. happened in's night adele takes the stage at oracle. her first three bay area dates sold out completely. she says that stage fright does not rattle her anymore. she has not canceled a single to her -- show on her tour. she said i am officially a professional. she has been spending time throughout the bay. we do not know all the spots she has been visiting but we know on monday she stopped in golden gate park. she tweeted this photo saying
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saw this in golden gate park. flossing is essential to prevent gum disease but now a new report questions whether flossing really does anything. the health alert will come up later today on kpix 5 news at 5:00. >> adele says that san francisco is her favorite us city. >> we are tracking her wherever she goes like a pokimon go have a great day everyone.
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♪ >> steffy: you are sick! >> quinn: wait. just give me a chance to explain! >> steffy: i told you to stay away from me and my family, so you go after my grandfather?! >> quinn: no! of course not! >> steffy: i saw you, quinn! i saw you kissing him! >> quinn: please. [ crying ] >> wyatt: you don't want steffy to get hurt? well, i don't, either, liam. she's safe here at the s that's the good thing. she's probably out on the beach, having a cocktail right now. >> liam: well, obviously, you don't believe me. >> wyatt: she's not in danger, liam, unless she forget her sunscreen. >> liam: wyatt, i am telling you, something is wrong. >> wyatt: ohh. is your -- is your hero complex appearing again, like you just -- you feel the need to save some damsel in distress? is that it? >> liam: oh, fine. you're right. why would i expect you to understand? >> wyatt: or it's because you th


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