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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> i'm michelle griego. >> we are talking politics now. donald trump trying to get his campaign back on track amid squabbles with republicans continues. yesterday a u.s. representative became the latest republican refusing to support trump in november angry over his feud with the family of a fallen soldier. campaigning in florida, trump shifted the focus to rival hillary clinton blaming her for the creation of isis. a new fox news poll out wednesday shows trump trailing clinton by 10% nationally. adding to all the twists and turns of this presidential race, film legend clint eastwood putting his two cents in. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in the newsroom with details of eastwood's comments. >> reporter: eastwood not known for being shy. he is supporting donald trump and defending his comments saying he was just saying what's on his mind. eastwood is 86 years old a life- long republican. he made political headlines back in 2012 when he had a conversation with a chair right there representing president obama. that was at the republican
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national convention. now, in the recent interview he addressed trump's comments about a federal judge whom trump said couldn't be fair because of his mexican heritage. eastwood said people are being too sensitive: but a lot of prominent republic been distancing themselves from trump. even his running mate mike pence doesn't rump >> a lot of republicans have been distancing themselves from trump even his running mate mike pence doesn't see eye to eye with him. trump refused to endorse house speaker paul ryan and ripped senator john mccain for failing veterans. among high-profile republicans, hewlett-packard leader meg whitman said she will vote for and donate to hillary clinton. >> somebody has to get through to him that if he continues to have 48 hours like the one he just had, then not just his presidency but other members of his party, the down ballot tickets, the senate, the house
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of representatives, are in real jeopardy. >> reporter: just heard another congressman parting with trump after that clash with the khan family suggesting trump also also suggesting the november election will be rigged. eastwood hasn't endorsed trump but says he will vote for him. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. in santa clara county, hundreds of court workers are showing up at the hall of justice but won't be stepping inside because it is day two of a union strike. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san jose on what workers want and how the court is coping in their absence. maria. >> reporter: kenny, you know, junction had to fill out their own paperwork, people with jury duty were told to check in. but then they were sent home. one lawyer described the scene of the courthouse behind me as chaotic. nearly 400 santa clara court workers plan to strike as you said for day 2. them more pay more than the two 5% increases
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that the court is offering them in a six-month period. yesterday they picketed and the court system really felt the impacts. one lawyer told me that his cases were in limbo that they were like will go going to be rescheduled for another -- that they were like will go going to be rescheduled -- they were likely going to be rescheduled. >> this morning it took every minute that we had. i don't know what's going to happen tomorrow if there's not somebody there to record the minutes. >> it's really an unprecedented situation where you have a criminal justice system really not able to move forward for a very, very large county and hundreds of cases. >> get this. one of the court cases delayed because of this strike is the high-profile case of the suspect in sierra lamar's disappearance and murder. now, many of the workers on strike, they helped the judge fill out the most important paperwork to get these cases pushed through the system. they helped process search warrants to be served so again this morning, santa clara court
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workers plan to strike for day 2. they plan to walk the picket line behind me at 7:30 this morning. and we're told many of the court cases will be postponed but the most important ones like the criminal arraignments will still happen. also want to note that there are nine courthouses countywide. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. it is 6:04. let's check the roads with roqui theus. >> good morning. not too much going on out there right now. but we have a bizarre situation on, um, on one of the freeways with some foxes. first let's head to the altamont pass westbound will take you 16 minutes of course coming in from tracy. a lot of red arrows there so keep that in mind. and then let's move over to westbound 80 at buchanan street. this accident is in the clearing stages. so not causing too much delays. and then to your bizarre situation, traffic boxes or excuse me, traffic hazard boxes in the roadblocking the number 3 and 4 lanes there on the 380 and then you have your bay
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bridge toll plaza metering lights came on around 5:34 definitely causing some traffic delays. the maze to downtown westbound will take you 11 minutes. i have to talk to you about outside lands. my friend wants to know how to dress for an outdoor festival. >> for an outdoor festival in the bay area this time of the area, roqui, good question. always dress in layers because it's going to be a cool weekend for outside lands in san francisco at golden gate park. in fact, kenny is trying to get tickets to that lionel ritchie show on sunday. ain't happening, sold out. 62 degrees for outside lands over the weekend. similar to the conditions at sfo. we have a deck of low clouds and fog and drizzle this morning from a very deep marine layer. san francisco sporting 55. it's 54 in santa rosa. notice the blanket of clouds inland 60 miles this morning affecting temperatures tailed. no sunshine at the beaches --
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today, no sunshine at the beaches, only 58 degrees in half moon bay and pacifica. 70s common with ample sunshine around the peninsula. 81 in morgan hill. 80s in gilroy. low 70s in fremont. cool there. temperature going up to 85 in brentwood down from 97 degrees yesterday, low 80s tri-valley down from 95. 60s and 70s north of the golden gate bridge. full weekend forecast featuring changes that's coming up at 48 after the hour. gang? >> all right, roberta. new developments on the victims involved in a deadly attack in london. police say an american woman who was in her 60s was stabbed to death. five others were hurt. two of them are still in the hospital. police say a 19-year-old man walked into russell square last night and started stabbing people randomly. they are not ruling out terrorism but say the investigation is leaning towards mental illness as a possible factor. one witness says he was walking home from the movies when he saw the chaos.
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>> there was a body lying covered with a blanket with blood. more police arrived. it was intense. really intense. >> police searched two homes earlier this morning but are not saying why. the suspect is in the hospital under police custody. a judge will sentence raymond "shrimp boy" chow to life in prison today. chow was convicted earlier this year in a murder and racketeering case. the murder charge carries a mandatory life sentence. a former southwest baggage handler busted by the feds in a drug ring at the oakland airport has entered a plea. he pleaded guilty to distributing marijuana and entering an airport in violation of security rules. he will be sentenced in november. he faces 15 years in prison. he and a dozen others were indicted by a federal grand jury last year on charges of
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conspiring to smuggle drugs through the oakland airport. the feds say they ran their operation for three years. marin county investigators are looking into the death of a person at mount tamalpais. a hiker spotted the victim yesterday afternoon in a ravine off hidden meadow trail. the sheriff's department says at this point there is no sign of foul play and the victim could be a hiker who fell. time check 6:08. giant piles of cash, secretly transported from the u.s. to iran. what's behind the money transfer that now has the white house under fire. >> a team of u.s. investigators joins the probe into a fiery crash-landing at dubai airport. >> 6:08. from the kpix weather center. good morning, everybody. you will feel the difference today. we have a cooler forecast slated, plus changes for the weekend. the full forecast is coming up but first, this free time-out.
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she slimed me. [ laughs ] the family of a young girl who was reportedly molested at a looking out stored sfo we knew it was going to happen and it has. we now have one hour 21-minute delays on some arriving flights all due to that right there. that's right. the low clouds and fog. a lawsuit is against oakland la clinica. saro wasn't adequately supervised. he is facing charges for sexually molesting and taking
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pictures and videos of several underaged patients. a crash-landing of an emirates flight, 300 people were evacuated, one firefighter died. hena daniels has the latest. >> reporter: a team of notice investigators will help officials what caused flights 521 to crash land on the runway and burst into flames. cell phone video shows organized chaos with seconds to spare some alarmed passengers trying to take down their suited cases before managing to escape. crew members shouted leave the luggage. jump. outside the boeing 777 boeing you can see the neighboring emergency inflatable slide did not deploy. this passenger says only one
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exit was working. >> everybody get out through one way. single door. that's it. >> reporter: amazingly all 300 passengers and crew on board survived. many grateful to walk away alive . >> reporter: the faa requires aircraft manufacturers to be able to evacuate a maximum number of passengers from their planes within 90 seconds. that rule is being credited with helping everyone escape from the wreckage in dubai. cbs has learned this boeing 777 boeing has been flying for 20 years. it had an excellent safety record. hena daniels kpix 5. >> ry. wasn't involved and heat and wind were factors. terrorism wasn't involved. a $400 million cash delivery is the center of a new battle on capitol hill. president obama announced the
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delivery to iran last january. it was given to them when four political prisoners were released. some accuse him of violating policy by paying ransom. the white house rejects the characterization. >> hillary clinton and barack obama essentially put a price tag on the head every every american traveling abroad. it was ransom. >> was this ransom for the folks released? >> no. it is against the policy of the united states to pay ransom for hostages. >> white house officials say that they had to ship a huge pile of cash overseas partially because iran can't access the global financial system. >> a company in silicon valley is making history. moon express will be the first private company to send a commercial mission to the moon. they are also approved to bring back whatever they find. the company's goal is to mine
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for resources like platinum, water and helium 3. helium 3 is a rare isotope that can ultimately be used to generate power on earth. moon express is in the testing phase and hopes to land on the moon by next year. >> cool. >> very cool. >> okay. >> i want to be on that. >> you would be the perfect candidate. >> one way ticket. >> more researching on the waxing and waning moon. >> to the moon, jackie gleason! [ laughter ] let's check the conditions on the roads. not too much going on. but in albany westbound 80 at buchanan street there was an accident earlier but the accident has been cleared now and traffic is moving 50 miles per hour. so if you see some delays, not too bad. the san mateo bridge look at the south bay 880 to 101, westbound 15 minutes. it will take you -- there are some cars there moving not too
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bad. and then look at your south bay drive times. 101, 680 -- 280/680 split to 237, will take about 13 minutes northbound. 280 about 11 minutes. 87 about 8. so pretty clear. and then mass transit no delays. >> fog sweeping inland a good 60 miles. i am able to share this particular view with you this morning from our kpix 5 studios in san francisco. we are looking out towards the port of oakland. under a mostly cloudy sky, drizzle and condensation at the coast this morning. uniform temperatures about 54 to 60 degrees. everybody is reporting some cloud cover at this hour.
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we are a socked in. notice the extension, the intrusion 60 miles inland this morning. i'm picking up green specks the drizzle associated with the deepening marine layer. so the bottom line is, tailed we have a robust sea breeze right now about 11 in san francisco, 13 sfo. by the way we have delays at sfo on some arriving flights one hour 21 minutes. calm winds around santa clara valley 11, concord, clayton, walnut creek, 36 in fairfield. 10 to 20-mile-per-hour westerlies today stronger gusts. with this wind flow we'll still be picking up some of the smoke and haze from the soberanes fire to the south. and also now the fire to the north. the "cold fire" just outside of lake berryessa. clouds clear today. bayside we'll feel the difference in the temperatures in our inland areas. notice our futurecast. your lunch hour around the sunset district and the san mateo coastside no clearing today. we are going to have the same situation gathering for us again for our friday as we are
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stuck in this weather pattern created by that. this is an area of low pressure. it's hanging off the coast. it is really just enhancing our marine layer. deepening marine layer through saturday. bringing down the temperature in sacramento from 99 yesterday to 90 today down from 108 in fresno to 100 degrees. so a little more tolerable. low 80s in the lake tahoe area down from 85 yesterday. 62 in monterey bay. sun-up at 6:16. by the time it sets tonight your daylight length and the days being shaved by a minute and 52 seconds. here we go with your temperatures. 60s beaches, 60s around the lip of the bay. then we start to experience 70s with ample sunshine around the peninsula. 80s morgan hill and gilroy east of the bay up to 87 degrees. that will be experienced in the brentwood tracy and discovery bay area down from 97 degrees yesterday. ditto for your friday. notice over the weekend we begin to bump the temperature up on sunday through wednesday.
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it's big, it's huge, it's annual! outside lands san francisco this weekend dress in layers. temperatures in the 60s. that's a look at your thursday weather report. we have sports coming up next. coming up in sports, a deal that could make navorro bowman a 49er for his entire career. the loss for the giants, this one may top them all of, it's all coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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since the all star break the giants have only one road win. johnny cueto having a hard time last night closing the deal. nothing to cheer about if you are a giants fan. a lot of screaming going on. jake peavy made his first appearance as a reliever and he deserved better. the tie game in the 12th, peavy induces what should have been an inning ending double play but eduardo nunez can't make the play. and then the very next batter
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franco roams one up the middle. josephs scores the winning run. the giants 4-13 since the all star break. the a's had more squattered chances in anaheim than this guy has moves and they paid for it. bottom of the 9th, albert pujols hits one hard. the a's lose 8-6, their fifth straight. navorro bowman had a knee injury a couple years ago. last night his work to get back paid off. he signed a 4 year contract extensions worth $20 million guaranteed. he is now signed through the 2022 season. have a great thursday. the olympic torch has sailed into rio ahead of tomorrow's opening ceremonies. the torch relay started all the way back in april in where else, olympia, greece, it's been taken since then through 300 brazilian cities including
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all 26 state capitals. and we'll see some new events when the summer games head to tokyo in 2020. the international olympic committee has decided to add baseball, soft ball, karate, skateboarding, sports climbing and surfing. the ioc says they hope to reach more young people by adding some new events that might appeal to them. the play of the day, women's soccer kicking off the opening day of competition in rio. here's team usa's carli lloyd. with the goal in the ninth minute. one more look at this. carlyamericans beat new zealand 2-0. 6:25. new rules at one bay area university has dog owners barking mad. the reason behind the change. >> and a hollywood legend comes out in support of donald trump. and has his own strong words about the campaign. we'll hear what clint eastwood has to say next. ,,,,,,,,
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the chaos in the courtroom at 400 workers walk often the job in santa clara county. >> and the investigation into a bus crash that killed 5 people in merced county is revealing troubling information. >> we'll feel the difference today. good morning, everyone. you're going to feel the difference as far as our temperatures are concerned. complete forecast just a couple of minutes away. >> it's thursday, august 4. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:29. in santa clara county, hundreds of court workers are showing up
6:30 am
at the hall of justice. and not a single one plans to clock in because it is day 2 of a union strike. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san jose on why workers are picketing and how courts are making due without them. maria. >> reporter: michelle, chaotic. that's how one lawyer described the scene in the courthouse yesterday. they want more than the two 5% increases the court offers in six months. now, yesterday, they picketed and the court system really felt the impact. one lawyer told us his cases were in limbo that they were likely going to be postponed more a later day and some of the workers told me they really want the court system to feel what it is like without them.
6:31 am
>> the judge was doing always paperwork but he can't do it with hundreds of people. >> reporter: one of the court cases delayed because of the strike is that high-profile case of the suspect in the sierra lamar murder case her disappearance and murder. many of the workers on strike, they help judges fill out the important paperwork to get those cases pushed through the system. they help process search warrants so that they can be served. so again, this morning at 7:30, those workers will plan to strike for day 2. they plan to walk the picket line behind me. now, i'm told most of the cases will be postponed but the most important ones, those criminal arraignments, will likely happen. many wondering how long this can continue before the system buckles. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. maria, if nearly 400 workers are on strike, is someone taking their place inside the courthouses? >> reporter: yeah. now, um, some of the lawyers said it was really quiet in some of those courtrooms but
6:32 am
we're told that managers are filling in those gaps and the court went to the union and asked for help. so the union gave them five workers. >> thank you. the soberanes fire isn't the only blaze keeping cal fire busy this week. these flames are from the "cold fire" in yolo county. and they are spreading fast. the wildfire broke out on tuesday near monticello dam. it's an area east side of lake berryessa. the blaze has already torched 4600 acres and right now, it's just 10% contained. helicopters are dropping water over hillsides to crush the flames. one local in yolo county says his family was given evacuation orders but while nick sent his wife and child to stay with relatives, he stayed. >> because i have a newborn. the smoke was pretty thick last night. it was causing some coughing. i have to protect my property. >> one of the biggest challenges with the "cold fire" is rocky terrain because crews
6:33 am
are having trouble actually getting to those flames. >> that makes it difficult. what about the weather? >> i was checking online with cal fire and they just now released information saying that the fire is now 15% contained. so that's up from 10% that we just noted, as well. the winds, these fires, they generate their own weather pattern because they just are so massive. the winds locally today will be out of the west 10 to 20 miles per hour. yesterday, we had more of a northerly flow. many of people around the novato area were reporting the smell of smoke. we will have a little bit of smoke and haze in the atmosphere today primarily from the soberanes fire to the south in monterey county. air quality on the moderate side a bit of haze. in addition to that, we are layered in low clouds and fog. this marine layer roughly about 1600 feet deep. it is producing some drizzle around the immediate seashore right now also around the bay. temperatures are in the 50s to about 60 degrees.
6:34 am
and that explains it all. the coast and bay are socked in 60 miles inland. no clearing at the beaches today. a cool raw day at 58 degrees with those westerlies onshore kicking up to 20 stronger gusts at times. 81 morgan hill. 85 gilroy. 85 brentwood. low 80s tri-valley down from 95 degrees. 60s and 70s will be noted across the northern portion of our bay area. weekend forecast. we have that featured at 48 after the hour. roqui? >> thank you. let's head to san francisco now. we have a crash right there along the coastline southbound on highway 35 also known as skyline boulevard. there was a two-car crash and it's off to the side so hopefully that's getting cleared and then of course your bay bridge, um, toll plaza started at meet -- meters came on at 5:34 this morning. the maze to downtown westbound will take 12 minutes. we are seeing reports that traffic is not backed up to the maze so it is actually light
6:35 am
day on the bridge. and then let's head to altamont pass which is the only area giving us real difficulties this morning. you see a lot of red arrows there. westbound altamont pass and 680 will take 15 minutes. so head out a little early. back to you guys. investigators looking into a deadly charter bus crash on highway 99 say it could take months to figure out what went wrong. four people were killed tuesday when it hit a pole in merced county. the driver had previous violations. he is among those injured. meanwhile, sources told kpix 5 most of the people on the bus were on the way to washington state to work seasonal apple picking jobs. as jury deliberations in the federal trial of pg&e stretch on people in san bruno are demanding to know why the maximum potential fine has been reduced to less than 2% of the original a the utility company is accused of cutting corners
6:36 am
on safety before the san bruno explosion in 2010. during deliberations the prosecutors asked for a $6 million in fines down from $562 million. experts say that prosecutors may have been worried that the jury wouldn't believe that pg&e deliberately put people in danger, which could have led to a not guilty verdict. people affected by the tragedy are left wondering. >> this is an absolutely tunneling development! >> right across the street there where -- that's where our neighbors died and why the prosecution would lower the fine makes absolutely no sense to me. >> pg&e isn't getting a free pass. the state has issued a $1.6 billion fine. the utility company also paid $50 million to san bruno to repair the neighborhood. a lot of dog owners are upset over a new rule at uc- berkeley. the school says that all dogs must now be on a leash when on campus. dogs had been allowed to rome free since the 1960s but made a
6:37 am
change after dog attacks. campus police are handing out citations to anyone who doesn't follow the rules. "parklets" are popular in the bay area as a way to revitalize the neighborhoods. not everyone is happy about new ones where parking is at a premium. lincoln avenue added two and may get more if the idea catches on. it's to get people on bikes and on foot. besides a loss of parking, residents are concerned about safety if a car or truck goes off course. but supporters of the park let say they reduced lanes and helped slow traffic. >> we do lose parking. but you only lose two spaces for every one of those that you do. so as long as it's limited, it's great. >> "parklets" are mainly built outside restaurants and businesses but they are open to everyone. there are an estimated 1500 parking spaces in the willow glen business district. actor-director clint eastwood is back in the
6:38 am
spotlight for remarks about the presidential race that he made recently. anne makovec joins us live from the newsroom with more. >> reporter: in an interview with "esquire" magazine, clint eastwood had a message to those people upset over donald trump's comments. get over it! hoodoo out of it. just get over it. it's a sad time in history." end quote. yesterday - illinois representative adam kinzinger became the latest republican refusing to support trump in november....angry over his feud with a gold star family. trump' >> reporter: yesterday an illinois representative became the latest republican refusing to support trump in november. angry over his feud with a veteran's family. trump's running make split with him and endorsed house speaker paul ryan. donald trump has been refocusing attention on hillary clinton blaming her for the crew's of isis. he tied her to accusations that the obama administration made a
6:39 am
ransom payments to iran in january around the same time four american hostages were released. >> $400 million in cash!! how does the president do that?! how do you do that?! this was something all started by "crooked hillary" clinton. >> speaking at a tie company based in denver yesterday, clinton attacked trump's business record saying he paid chinese workers to make trump ties. today clinton is going to speak at an event in las vegas. also a new fox news poll out yesterday shows trump trailing clint by 10%. >> clint eastwood had words for the currents generation. tell us about that. >> reporter: well [ chuckling ] most of the words i can't say on tv but eastwood basically said that people nowadays are walking on egg shells kissing up to each other instead of being tough and resilient. that's m best attempt to avoid a call from the fcc.
6:40 am
trump's campaign manager will be on cbs in 20 minutes talking about the rumors that trump is considering dropping out of the race. time now 6:40. you don't have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to become a jedi anymore. we'll take you to the "star wars" training ground that's right around the corner. ,,
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your time check 6:43. eastal at the coast. half moon bay in the mid-50s. 70s and ample sunshine around the peninsula jumple up to 81 in morgan hill. milpitas will be 75. you will feel the difference east of the bay, temperatures dropping 10 to 12 degrees.
6:44 am
brentwood down to 97 to 85. low 80s tri-valley. 70s around suisun bay. north bay numbers 60 in stinson beach to 75 degrees in napa. heat is on in the far reaches of the north bay. 92 degrees in clearlake. 95 in ukiah. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." charlie rose joins us now from new york. good morning, charlie. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. donald trump's campaign chairman paul manafort joins us rights here in studio 57. plus allegations of a sexual misconduct scandal at usa gymnastics. the indy star "usa today" network investigation into a policy that reportedly protected coaches inappropriate behavior. also this. how does an airline crew get everyone off a burning plane in less than two minutes? we'll take a look. and first on "cbs this morning" president obama's new declaration about feminism. that and more. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00.
6:45 am
>> it's also the president's 55th birthday today, charlie. >> you got it. absolutely. >> all right. >> a young man. >> very young man. all right. we'll see you. >> with his life ahead of him. >> thanks so much. turning to the local economy now, there's another recall involving hundreds of thousands of cars and this time it has nothing to do airbags. >> joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. we have had a lot of car recalls over the past few years. today it's coming from ford. the company recalling 830,000 vehicles including over 760,000 in the u.s. because of faulty side latches. in some cases the side latches will not latch when trying to close the doors and in other cases, even if the doors closed it can unlatch. that can be a problem. ford has reported one injury and also one accident due to the faulty latches. it covers a number of different models between the years 2012
6:46 am
and 2016. tech earnings continue to flow in. tesla missed expectations even though its revenue was up 30% from a year earlier. more importantly for investors the company is maintaining its delivery forecast for 2016 saying it would still hit 80,000 to 90,000 deliveries and needs a big ramp up in the second half to meet t square, based in san francisco, doing very well after topping earnings expectations. that's good news for the company after its stock took a dive earlier this year after a bad 1st quarter but its shares are up 15% after beating earnings in the 2nd quarter. jock market in focus. the labor department says first time unemployment claims were up this past week to 269,000. labor delivers the all- important july jobs report tomorrow. and stocks are fairly flat before that announcement comes down. let's go to the big board and see how we're doing so far this morning. after a positive day yesterday, building on that a little bit, the dow is up by 26 points after a negative start. the nasdaq now positive up by
6:47 am
8. and the s&p is gaining 2 points. back to you. >> thank you. all right, let's check in with roqui and see how the roads are doing this morning. >> good morning, guys. luckily, you guys are driving safe out there around the bay area. not much going on out there right now. let's look at the bridges. the maze to downtown westbound 13 minutes and, of course, toll plaza metering lights came on about 5:34 and traffic is not evening backed up all the way to the maze so light on the bridge. and moving on to the golden gate bridge, two lanes are open. and it is moving very smoothly. look how beautiful that is. and also, the san mateo bridge. cars are definitely starting to move a little slower there. 880 to 101, westbound will take you about 20 minutes so definitely moving slow. and then on to the east bay, the nimitz freeway looking good. not too bad at all. 238 to the 80 will take you northbound about 20 minutes, as well. ro, i'm thinking summery clothes with a -- some boots.
6:48 am
how about that? >> you're talking about outside lands the concert this weekend. i'm sorry, i was thinking about my cameo appearance i made during your traffic report. [ laughter ] >> sorry to steal a little of your thunder there. good morning, everybody! [ laughter ] >> we have mostly cloudy skies and pretty much what you are looking at right now is what you're going to see all weekend for the big concert at golden gate park. so dress in layers and temperatures topping off in the low 60s. meanwhile, we're talking about right now numbers in the 50s to 60 degrees in san jose. we do have pockets of drizzle being noted around the coast and into the bay but this marine layer is more extensive and more expansive. it's a deeper deck, as well. and look how far inland it extends all the way into the central valley. our weather watcher this morning each and every one of them reporting some overcast skies from orinda to napa, san carlos and alameda. thanks for checking in. even becky in san carlos. our winds are more of an onshore push this morning breezy start of the day
6:49 am
westerly at 11 at san francisco. right now sfo west-southwest 13. delays one hour and 13 minutes now on some arriving flights due to the blanketed of clouds. we have west winds right now in the pleasanton area. san ramon at 13. check out fairfield. the southwest breeze at 36 miles an hour. winds pretty consistent today. west 10 to 20 miles per hour. clouds slow to clear bayside. we'll have ample sunshine inland. but the coast remains totally socked in from the deepening marine layer. this marine layer is going to affect our temperatures each day all the way through saturday. then a slight bump in the temperatures by sunday. low pressure off the coast is going to enhance our marine layer. temperatures even coming down in the central valley by 9 degrees in sacramento. there's your sunrise and sunset. smack in between, today we are talking about temperatures 60s beaches, through the 70s to the 80s, pretty much out of the 90s now outside number 87 degrees. same on your friday. make it a great thursday.
6:50 am
we are talking "star wars" this morning. i'm going to try one more time. you do not no there is no try. >> better. >> better than the 5:00 hour, right? [ imitating yosemite da ] michelle might try -- imitating yoda. ] >> these catchers are swapping their sword for light sabres and that's why the golden gate fencing center is this week's "cool camp" is next. >> go, next one, right away. in a galaxy far, far away, okay, it's only san francisco. but still the force is strong at this summer camp. they are learning the footwork. >> slow and then speed up! >> once that's down they are super cool because they are not fencing swords. but they are not fencing swords but you can still use kind of the same moves and i like how
6:51 am
you can do all the spins on it and it's really fun. >> reporter: battles are similar to fencing duels. >> putting the two together into a single camp is actually a nice synergy. >> reporter: these young children learn moves worthy of luke skywalker. >> it feels so cool. yeah. i kind of feel like a jedi master or something. >> reporter: with the "star wars" theme, and local fencers heading to the rio olympics, it's no surprise this camp is popular. >> there's not any boy or girl toe honest who hasn't picked up a stick, challenged the friends to a duel, you know, and then clubbed them on top of the head. >> reporter: peter is a master in his own right. he coached the usa women's foil team in the 2008 olympics which won the silver medal. >> a lot of the basic footwork movements and the basic cuts are very similar to what we do in, um, actual the olympic sport of fencing. >> reporter: which are good skills for these future jedis and siths in training. >> i feel like i was meant to
6:52 am
do this because i'm a big "star wars" nerd and fan. and it brings the nerd out in me. >> you love i love her. she feels like a jedi master. you went from a jedi in training to a master already. >> that's what it does for you. gives you confident. >> it's awesome. they only had three red light sabres which represents the dark side and they all wanted that. >> i have to redeem myself. >> they want to be on the dark side. >> i am your father. >> luke. >> that's a good one. >> yeah. >> that's good. [ laughter ] [ simultaneous speakers i know you searched high and low because you wanted something that tied in with the olympics and the fencing story and i just really hats off for you for finding that story. >> nicely done. and please, yoda master. impress me. >> better than me. >> michelle griego! >> i messed it up the last time. >> we have to do it.
6:53 am
>> do or do not, there is no time. >> sounds good. >> work on that. [ laughter ] >> i'm not going to the dark side. [ laughter ] >> i get suspended every time i do. trust me. >> we want to know more about your "cool camp." email your nominations to us at cool camps at we may come and feature your camp on the broadcast. ,, ,,,,,,
6:54 am
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[ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can save you money by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. i'm maria medina live in san jose, where nearly 400 santa clara court workers plan to strike for day 2. they say they deserve more pay, more than the two 5% increases the court is offering them in six months. yesterday, they picketed and the court system felt the impact. one lawyer says it was chaotic
6:57 am
in the courtroom. he said his cases were in limbo, likely going to be postpone for another day. and some of the court workers told me they really want the court system to feel what it's like without them. >> i subleased my home and i live in my garage. >> we are struggling pay check to paycheck. i have two children. we need the raise. >> reporter: one of the court cases delayed because of the strike is the high-profile case of the suspect in sierra lamar's disappearance and murder. yesterday a lot of junction were filling out their own paperwork. some of the people who were here for jury duty were told to check in but never told to go back home. so again, those workers plan to strike nearly 400 of them. they plan to walk the picket line behind me at 7:30. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. good morning. roqui theus in the traffic center. we have an accident in the south bay sunnyvale area northbound 101 at mathilda avenue. an accident blocking one lane right there.
6:58 am
cars are moving about 24 miles per hour. so definitely some delays to think about. ro? >> good morning, everybody. our live weather camera looking out at sfo, it's a gray slate and the damage is done due to the deck of low clouds and fog. we have delays one hour 21 minutes on some arriving flights. we are in the 50s to 60 degrees in san jose. boy, going to feel the difference today. 65 in pacifica. 83 in livermore. 78 degrees at south in san jose. 78 degrees to the north in santa rosa. winds out of the west 10 to 20 miles per hour stronger gusts at times. ♪[ music ] sounds good. you heard that, right. it's a swing set that makes music and today it's yours to try in san jose. every swing sparks a different musical note with a whole set composing an entire piece right on the spot. and the fun is not just for
6:59 am
grownups. they are part of an art project in plaza de cesar chavez. the montreal company behind them says the message is very simple. that we can achieve more together than separately. the swings are free and open for two months. how fun is that! >> yeah. it's the high-tech swing. right? >> i love that these guys, all the guys are on the swing. >> i love that. >> after installing that thing. >> we have a big swing in our weather pattern. >> oh, yeah? >> this is really actually some good news for the firefighting efforts especially for the "cold fire" that's out to the north every us right now because with this area of low pressure that's building, it's going to bring in a little late night, early-morning drizzle to the area. and so you have better recovery for the humidity. still picking up some gusty winds and that fire that is 15% contained. >> what's that going to do for outside lands as well? >> low 60s, dress in layers. >> jump up and down! captions by: caption colorado have a great day.
7:00 am
in the west. it is thursday, august 4, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump says his campaign is running smoothly, despite his riff with top republicans and shrinking poll numbers. an american woman is killed and several wounded in a knife attack in central london. we're on the scene in a popular tourist area. alleged sexual abuse scandal rocks u.s. gymnastics days before the game. the usa star network accused coaches of inappropriate behavior. we begin with a look at today's eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds.


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