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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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this is kpix 5 news at noon a disaster and dij@ vu in lake county. a raging wildfire burns homes and forces thousands to flee near clear lake. i am michelle griego.
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kenny has the day off. another round of devastation for folks in lake county. this one is dubbed the clayton fire. it began saturday evening south of lower lake. it has destroyed 175 homes and other buildings and thousands more are still threatened. the fire has scorched 3000 acres and is only 5% contained. kpix 5 's dan mackovic has been in lake county all morning. >> reporter: you can see what was part of downtown's lower lake behind me. just the shell of some buildings left right now. you mentioned the number 175 buildings have been destroyed in this fire. that is a be preliminary number at this point. firefighters say it will be in the hundreds. they are not able to get in and assess the actual count of the damage. that is going to take days.
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>> you could see the flames and the smoke as we were leaving. >> reporter: this couple is among the 4000 people worst to evacuate their homes cause of the clayton fire. >> you don't want to leave your house until you have two.>> reporter: the fire started on saturday and suddenly exploded yesterday afternoon. it jumped its containment line and burned hundreds of buildings. >> we're at the beginning phase of the beginning assessment. >> reporter: among the devastation, and office for habitat for humanity, dozens of homes, and a historic firehouse . the wind and dry heat yesterday created a firestorm which firefighters believe could happen again today. >> that is our greatest fear this afternoon as we try to build and reinforce our containment lines.>> reporter: over 1000 firefighters all over the state are here to help in the air and on the ground. they are trying to prevent the fire from moving toward clear lake truck that is where this couple lives but they and their pets are staying at an
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evacuation center in twin pines. >> you have your dog on your lap and you have to go. what do you grab? >> reporter: back out here, downtown lower lake, you can see the power lying on the ground. that has been one of the challenges for firefighters as they try to assess the damage. a lot of the neighborhoods have faced the possibility of gas leaks and live wires. pg&e is coming in to neutralize the neighborhoods before they can go in and figure out how bad the damages. live in lower lake, anne makovec, kpix 5 how is the smoke out there? >> reporter: it is bad. the air quality is bad all around lake county. i have a mask here in my other hand that i am using to breathe when i am not speaking. some of the smoke is still coming off of that pile right
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now and it is a thick haze in the air all around this area. it is very nasty. the winds just started to pick up and will clear up some of the smoke but as the firefighters mentioned, that makes it more hazardous for them to work.>> that doesn't help with their firefighting efforts. stay safe out there. anne makovec, live in lower lake. lake county had its share of wildfire devastation last year. many people who live in the clayton fire area say it posed a threat suddenly. >> we have nowhere to go. we did not have any time. we loaded up as much as we could.>> it looked like it was not even close to us. then all the sudden the wind changed. >> we are seeing everything burning out. -- burn right now. we are experiencing propane tank explosions. >> more than 1000 people are currently on the firefighting
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crew. as for the thousands of evacuees, three shelters are open right now. they are at twin pines casino in middleton, kelsey the high school and the seventh-day adventist church in lake fort. the fire is not their only concern for some. >> the first thing on my mind is how many looters will we get before the firefighters get here? we try to secure everything and hose everything down. >> the red cross says the evacuation centers will be up as long as they are needed. the first day of school has been canceled for some lake county students. all schools in the cannot tie unified school districts are closed today. pomona's east lake and clear lake creativity center are also close. no word on yet they will be open tomorrow. some people in lake county are no stranger to fire and the devastation. the area where the clayton fire is burning his the same region hit by the valley,
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rocky and jerusalem fires last year. more than 1000 acres -- 100,000 acres burned and hundreds of homes were destroyed. let's get the weather conditions on the fire zone from roberto gonzales.>> let's go straight to some video of the fire zone. when you look at the plumes of smoke and driving up into the atmosphere, you will notice it is not going anywhere. it is lifting up. there has not been much wind there. we are seeing the winds begin to increase. as they do, you will see the smoke scattered around the area. your wind profile is southeast at 10 miles per hour around the clear lake and the lower lake area. today's high temperature is just a degree off of yesterday's i-95. similar conditions in the forecast for tuesday and wednesday topping off at 100 degrees. it will be the hottest day of the week. firefighters will be working hard with temperatures in the 90s. moderate air quality in the north bay, east bay and santa clara valley. we will talk more about the
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heating trend in which day this week will be the hottest coming up. >> thank you. you can stay right here for continuing coverage of the clayton fire. we will be live tonight at 5 pm and 6 pm and always at we have an update on the sober on aspire. crews have opened up a stretch of highway 1. drivers can now get to coast ridge road. power has also been restored. the fire has burned more than 72,000 acres and is 60% contained. along the central coast, the chimney fire continues to burn north of san luis obispo. 20 buildings and 4500 acres have burned. 200 people have been evacuated. the fire began saturday afternoon and the cause is under investigation. the fire is 10% contained. the san francisco police commission meets later to talk about a future police chief. sf cd is asking the public for input about the qualities they
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want to see. community members and those in the department are taking online surveys the interim chief says they have been working on restructuring parts of the department for months. >> there are a lot of officers that are wanting to do good work. we are talking about the small minority out there. that is so we will isolate and identify. those are the ones who we want to send to commission and work with recommendations.>> several public meetings will be held, the first will be tonight at 6 pm. in milwaukee, a second night a violent protests are blamed on the deadly police shooting of a black man. demarco morgan on how the city is trying to restore calm. >> reporter: milwaukee police in riot gear faced protesters overnight. the department says an officer was hurt when rocks were thrown at this squad car.>> kimberly neil shed tears and pay tribute to her brother who was shot
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twice saturday afternoon by a black milwaukee police officer. smith was 23. the officer was 24. smith ran a few dozen feet after a traffic stop here, >> in this event, it took 25 seconds. it was very fast. the individual was armed. he had more bullets in his gun than the police officer had in his gun. >> reporter: two nights of protests and several fires. multiples is this is were damaged. volunteers worked to clean up the debris outside this auto parts store, pastor marilyn miller is working to heal old wounds. she said people have been reeling since the 2014 killing of an unarmed black man by milwaukee police. >> we have watched person after person gunned down. no indictment. no people sent to jail from the police force. at some point, the community
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wants to know why. >> reporter: city leaders have enough resources to handle the protests and the violence but the governor said 125 members of the wisconsin national guard are on standby. the governor would rather be over prepared than underprepared. demarco morgan, cbs news, milwaukee, wisconsin. in bay area headlines, santa clara county superior court employees are back at work here, a new contract is giving them gradual raises over the next two years that ended their four they walk out. operations came to a halt during the strike. it will take days to clear the backlog. temperatures are city crews will be inspecting trays at washington square park after a woman was injured by a falling branch. the 100 pound branch of 50 feet from a pine tree friday, critically injuring a mother as she watched her children play. the tree was last checked in 2010 before the drought. summer is over for thousands of bay area schoolkids. today, school started in the
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fremont union high school district, mountain view and los altos. it is a good reminder to watch out for students and to be extra careful on the road. terror in the terminals. travelers scramble at jfk airport after reports of shots fired. rescued from a submerged car. why this woman refused to leave her vehicle.
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new york's kennedy international airport. (nats) investigators are trying to figure out what caused shots to be fired at jfk airport. >> people are running out.
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>> reporter: it caused commotion at the airport last night. two terminals were shut down flights were canceled and passengers had to be evacuated from their planes. police went floor to floor looking for evidence and found nothing.>> we heard the shots and everyone just pushed their way in. >> you heard shots? >> we heard the shots. that is one port authority came in. it was very scary. >> it took several hours for things up airport get back to normal. the port authority says the evacuations were out of abundance of caution. donald trump plans to make a major speech today in ohio on national security. boswell -- craig boswell is in washington. >> reporter: palmetto board is denying he received any secret money from the ukrainian political party. the new york times reports the pro-russian party and former ukrainian president viktor yama college designated $12.7
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million for mena fort. a so-called black ledger documents a system of illegal, off the books payments. mena fort released a statement saying the suggestion that i accept cash payments is unbounded, silly and nonsensical. >> the newspaper is going to hell. >> reporter: trump unleashed a wave of criticism against the new york times and the media this weekend. he says he would be defeating clinton if he received their coverage. trump will focus on foreign- policy with a counterterrorism speech in ohio today. linton is talking about the economy in pennsylvania with an old friend. joe biden is campaigning with clinton in the scranton, pennsylvania. clinton is claiming that trump's tax policies will hurt working-class voters while benefiting the very wealthy. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> we have learned that the fbi plans to hand over to congress notes investigators took their
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interview with hillary clinton about the private email server she used as secretary of state. that will happen in the next few days. a dramatic rescue in louisiana caught on camera two men in a boat came upon a submerged car. they heard a woman calling for help. they had no luck breaking the windows so they cut through the convertible roof. she was pulled to safety but she refuses to leave until they rescue her dog. for a few seconds, the rescuer can't reach the pup but then he snagged him and pulled him out. this is one of thousands of rescues brought on by two beat of rain. -- feet of rain. what a lucky woman. >> and a lucky done. that looks like my dog. this paints a picture for your afternoon. this is our live weather camera atop our transamerica pyramid. it is looking around the east bay. we have crowds lining the rim of the bay. our temperatures are cool in san francisco at 59.
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oakland on the 57 degrees. where the sun is shining we are up to 73 in san jose. 74 in livermore and 70s in the redwood city area. and upper level trop through the bay area. -- and upper-level trough through the bay area. clouds are continuing to surge into the bay. our weather watcher in nevada says it is a good-looking day in nevada at 79 degrees. thanks for checking in with us, dana. the air quality today is taking a hit. the smoke from the fire is impacting the east bay. we have an on sure push for good air quality. high pressure is building in. the nice temperatures in our
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inland areas, but coming down from yesterday as a direct result of that marine layer and cooler air mass associated with it making a push into the inland area in the overnight areas. it will be the same case tonight. 62 degrees in the reading area. it is in the 70s in sacramento. we are in the low 90s with a forecast high of 105 and fresno. our temperatures are panning out like this today. 63 in pacifica. 70s around the peninsula and the bay. 90s in the inland areas. the sun goes down at 8:02 pm. i then, these are the numbers we will reap port -- record in our weather books. 94 in inland areas. the giants host the pirates tonight. it will be cool, dress in layers. that should be interesting.
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>> i will be rooting for the giants. the dunkin' donuts bay ar expansion continues. a new store opened today in half moon bay. this is on san mateo road near cabrillo highway. lines formed early this morning and the lucky first guest got a $100 gift card. let's check wall street. you can see the dow is up 68 points. a dog credited with saving a toddler. how he jumped into action when the little boy was threatened. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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can jose... chopper five is over a small brush fire. the fire is burning in south san jose near snow drive. we are following breaking news in san jose. chopper 5 is over a small brush fire. the fire is burning in south san jose near snow drive. so far, 2 acres have burned. no structures are involved but crews are working on some hotspots. we will continue to monitor the situation and bring you the latest. a dog is being credited for saving a tennessee toddler permit poisonous snake. the australian shepherd was sitting on the porch and then bolted at his 18-month-old son. he thought he was going to attack the boy but he quickly realized it was the opposite.>> he grabbed something, jumped back and jumped straight up in the air and yelp. then it dawned on me that he grabbed that snake near the
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baby's foot.>> while shiloh had been bitten by the copperhead, his jaw swelled up and the family is thankful the baby was not bitten. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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across the u-s. find out where customers' credit a data breach at a string of hotels across the us. find out where customers credit card information could have
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been leaked. that will do it for kpix 5 news at noon. >> i heard all this noise. there was a school. it was the kids. school is back in. >> my daughter started her junior year. she is getting older. >> have a great afternoon everyone. ,, ♪
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