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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and i'm kenny choi. a look at weather an good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, august 17th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. let's head outside check out some of the conditions in the beautiful city of san francisco. a live look at the bay bridge this morning. it is a little bit foggy to start. and roberta, here, roqui is here, to check our traffic and weather. >> i think we have been looking at bridges to see how low the ceiling is. that's our barometer. it's the same broken record with the low clouds, fog, pockets of drizzle. so this morning we're able to see more of the bay bridge than in recent mornings. but we cannot see the tip-top of the bay bridge that leads me to believe the ceiling is down to 500 feet. temperatures we are very mild into the 50s and in the low 60s. today's numbers may be a degree or two warmer than yesterday.
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it's getting toasty inland. 80s in the peninsula. 90 morgan hill. 85 san jose through the rose garden districts. east bay you're going to soar all the way up to 98 in brentwood. mid-90s common around the tri- valley. 80s around the carquinez straits. 84 in novato. triple digits in ukiah. we'll talk more about the "fire weather" plus the moderate air quality and when we should cool down. let's send it to rocky. >> good morning. time now 5:01. let's check the altamont pass. our usual trouble area coming out of tracy. cars are moving 34 miles per hour and the 205 to the altamont pass will take you 15 minutes. altamont pass to 680 another 15 minutes. nimitz freeway, 238 to 80 northbound, about 15 to 20.
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no delays on mass transit. crews are making progress battling that nasty clayton fire in lake county. it's 35% contained and cal fire hopes to have it fully contained by the weekend. the fire has remained about the same size over the past day roughly 4,000 acres. more than 175 homes and other buildings are destroyed in the lower lake area. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in the newsroom with more on the suspected arsonist who is due to be arraigned today reporter: he is charged with 17 counts of arson not just for the clayton fire but several other fires in recent months. damin pashilk is in jail this morning as we're learning more about him. he was once a firefighter himself when he was in prison. he served five years for drugs and firearms charges. during that time the state trained him as an inmate firefighter and at one point he was deployed to the fire lines in trinity county. since his release, records show he has had 6 parole violations. the charges he is facing today
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carry enhancements that could increase his punishment if he is convicted. that's because of the number of homes and businesses destroyed in the fires he is accused of setting. more than a dozen in and around the area where the clayton fire is burning today. >> i can't release details of whether or not there were multiple ignitions of a single fire but it's safe to say that he is responsible for starting numerous fires here in lake county over the last year or two. >> reporter: the people who live in the area are relieved a suspect is cause. they are trying to understand how one person could do so much damage to the community they love. we are going to hear from one of them in the next half-hour. meanwhile, pashilk's hearing is 1:15 this afternoon at the superior court house in lakeport. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> any word on when the evacuees might be able to return home? >> reporter: it's going to be a real process over the next several days. firefighters say they are going to start escorting some people back to their properties as soon as today. a lot of them have been
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concerned about looting. in fact, police arrested three looting suspects in the clearlake area yesterday. in southern california, evacuation orders are in effect for more than 82,000 people now because of a destructive wildfire in san bernardino county. the "bluecut fire" began yesterday and has already burned more than 18,000 acres in the cajon pass area. >> um, unfortunately, we have lost a number of structures and homes. we don't have a count on how many were damaged or destroyed at this point. >> a stretch of 15 in that area is closed. a truck hit a building late last night in san jose causing a two-alarm fire. crews say the driver lost control, causing a gas meter to rupture near the music studio on west san carlos street. the gas was turned off but the building went up in flames first. no one was hurt and the cause of the crash is still under
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investigation. the wife of a chp officer turned him in to police after she says he secretly recorded her sister while she was in the shower. over the last month, police say that 30-year-old jose roid videotaped his 21-year-old sister-in-law in the shower five times. the placer county district attorney's office says the seven-year veteran installed a camera in the bathroom vent of a rental suite connected to his roseville home. his wife made the discovery after finding a p2p camera app on his phone. >> the fact that he is a police officer, i think, just kind of makes it worse. you should feel that you trust law enforcement. >> the sister-in-law told officers that he never asked for permission to go into her rented space. the highway patrol says he is now on administrative leave while it conducts an investigation. new details about the body found at san francisco's westfield mall. police say the death is now considered suspicious instead of a homicide. officers are not giving any
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more details but say it also does not appear to be a natural death. the body of 28-year-old frank galicia was discovered in the mall stairwell last week. employees say there is no public entrance to the stairwell and you have to have an id or keycard to get in. a lot of people are talking about this, this morning. a video from twitter is going viral that shows a police officer pinning a woman against her car. take a look. you can see in the video the woman's legs are dangling as the officer lifts her up and holds her against the car. this happened in washington, dc on monday. police say they thought the woman was a prostitute. they eventually let her go but she says they shouldn't have handled the situation like that in the first place. >> any way you look at this i'm a schoolteacher and i work out here and help these little girls. >> police overreacting being undertrained overly militarized and aggressive. >> the man who took the video
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filed a complaint with the police department. the department says they are aware of the situation and will contact the commanding officer. in just a few hours a transit expert tells bay area drivers how much money they are losing commuting on worn-out roads. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san jose with that study that may change voters' minds about a transportation tax on the ballot reporter: kenny, get this. according to a new report, because of california's bad roads, san jose drivers are paying nearly $2,500 every, single year for wasted time and gas and statewide that total is nearly $54 billion every, single year. so city and county leaders this morning will gather to hold a press conference to talk about that new report that says our road conditions are poor. they are seeing more congestion and that even a quarter of our bridges in california are falling apart and that something needs to be done or
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it will cost us even more. okay. so the solution, well, a vta spokesman says that the mtc chairman will push for voters to vote this november on a tax hike for road improvements. last year taxpayers we spoke to them and they were not thrilled. >> just paid enormous property taxes and i think i don't want any more right now. >> if they lower the rents i'll agree to pay a tax for roads. >> reporter: the proposal would be measure b on november ballot for santa clara voters. if passed it would pay to extend bart from san jose to santa clara among other improvements. this morning city and county leaders will gather here at 9 a.m. to talk about that new report and solutions. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. cisco will reveal its fourth quarter earnings at the close of trading today. that's after talk of massive
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layoffs were just announced at the company. the tech site crn reports the san jose-based tech company will lay off up to 14,000 employees worldwide. that would be 20% of its workforce. more details about the cuts are expected to be announced in the next few weeks. the city of san jose and some neighbors are at odds overdue wells plans to house the homeless -- over dueling plans to house the homeless. one would be trailers on a vacant lot near 87. the other a high-rise apartment with affordable housing that would take years to build. both have neighbors concerned about a spike in break-ins. advocates saying giving the homeless shelters and providing them with services is humane and will reduce crime. >> people are living outdoors as it is. so if you can build something quickly you can take people off the street, off the creeks, off the freeways and put them into housing. >> it's estimated that more than 4,000 men and women
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already live on the streets of san jose. a big victory for the medical marijuana industry. a federal appeals court in san francisco is giving growers and users new protections. the court has banned the justice department from prosecuting medical marijuana cases if no state laws were broken. that includes those who grow it, supply it or use it. marijuana is still illegal under federal law and federal prosecutors will still bring cases to federal court but they will now need to show what state laws were broken before those cases can proceed. time now 5:10. a man was unloading groceries when a storm hit. the man who survived being struck by lightning, coming up. >> plus a disabled dog's wheelchair is stolen. >> you're sneezing and wheezing, your eyes are itchy.
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i have the pollen report straight ahead. >> your traffic is clear now on the bay bridge. but metering lights are coming on soon. how it will look coming up. i'll have your complete forecas, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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thousand people have now been told to evacuate... as this fire in san
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welcome to your august 17. this is our live weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge. basically the difference between today and yesterday is just how deep is that marine layer and how will those clouds affect your midweek forecast. the details in less than 4 minutes. all right, roberta. thank you. we have some breaking news. this is a live picture of the "bluecut fire" in san bernardino county. near the cajon past near the 15 freeway, 18,000 acres have burned. 82,000 people evacuated. it began just yesterday. it is spreading very quickly. and the hot temperatures and the wind are playing a part in that fire, as well. some flood-ravaged parts of louisiana are under curfews because of reports of looting. 40,000 homes are damaged and 11 people were killed in what's being called the worst flooding in state history. floodwaters have started to
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recede in some areas but are still rising downstream. >> very long road ahead. we try to do the best we can do. a lot of the local people, we band together. we try to help each other out. you know, we're all in the same boat. >> searches continue for people unaccounted for. but governor edwards says it's not clear how many people are missing. more than 30,000 people have been rescued since friday. it's rare enough to get struck by lightning but new video shows a lightning strike knocking over a husband and wife. they stepped away from their young children. the home surveillance video captured moment they say changed their outlook on life. they were unloading groceries when the flash knocked down tim powell. when tis wife rushed to his side he trand federer -- when his wife rushed to his side, he transferred an electrical jolt to her. >> my children and family are
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the main concern. seeing the video on how close and how much worse it could have been, you know, just a few seconds if the lightning would have hit a few seconds later, it would have got my younger son. >> although tim, his wife and children are okay, he says he hopes that the video will raise awareness of the dangers of lightning. we have seen proof of real really weird stuff at the ocean and now a find off southern california. a reese civilian find off the coast of southern california is cute according to some. this purple squid is related to the cuttlefish. people were live streaming an expedition off the ocean floor off the california coast. the scientists discovered a few
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other interesting specious but stubby the squid stole the show. >> i want to see it move because it looks like a toy plopped down in the ocean. >> looks like a little rubber thing you get in like -- one of those happy meals or something, right? >> it's freaky. >> it's staring at us. >> googly eyes. [ inaudible ] let's take a bridge check here in the bay area. first carquinez bridge to the maze, westbound about 20 minutes. the toll plaza looking good. metering lights come on the bay bridge at 5:30. hayward to the peninsula will take you 15. your golden gate looking clear, 580 to golden gate toll plaza southbound will take you about 15 minutes into the city. and then here's your altamont pass. coming out of tracy you see some red there. 30 miles per hour cars are driving, 205 to altamont pass will take but 15 to 20. and then giants, pirates again versus the giants, first pitch at 12:35 an afternoon game with traffic in the city.
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they are avoiding a sweep at this point. >> they are, roqui. yes, they are. so i learned a joke and i will have to credit our sports guy for this. for the pirates today on the mound, we have nova for the good guys we have matt cain. so we have novocain on the mound today. [ laughter ] >> okay, i'll stick to weather. this afternoon, afternoon baseball game in the sun and go giants. hey, roqui, you, me, game today, okay? it's a date. [ laughter ] >> currently we have overcast skies at the bay bridge a lowering ceiling down to 500 feet. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it is currently 61 in san jose with the winds under 5 miles per hour. winds are fluctuating all over the place in west in san francisco, south-southwest in half moon bay to the northwest
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in pleasanton, southwest at 12 in fairfield. winds will rotate today during the afternoon west-southwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. we are socked in again today from the coast through the bay all the way into our inland areas. we do have this right here. this huge dome of high pressure. notice the wind particle map with the winds rotating clockwise around the high. it's rotating with an onshore "pushhhh" along the coast extending that area of low pressure so we'll see a cooldown but not until the end of the workweek. meanwhile, for the clayton fire the wind conditions out of the southwest at 15 miles per hour. high 90s. humidity 15%. air quality will be moderate everywhere except immediate seashore where we are the recipient of that westerly flow 10 to 15 and even 20 miles per hour. hot in ukiah today at 103. hotter in redding at 107. what i'm concerned now about is the possibility of thunderstorm activity late day high sierra through yosemite better chances on thursday and if that does
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happen we have to keep a watchful eye open for the possibility of fire danger from the lightning strikes. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. take your pick today across the board. we have the pollen count on the low to medium side but i have to tell you i'm hearing from all of you. i hear you. it's the grasses, the jupiter and the [ indiscernible ] that's causing your eyes to itch out there. >> you say allergy and i just sneeze. >> i have been fine this whole time. >> you always are. >> wa, wa, wa. >> i'm just saying. [ laughter ] >> we love you, kenny. >> love you, too. love you, too. all right. in washington state a disabled dog named charlie could move around just like his friends with the help of a wheelchair. >> this is sad because one day that you will freedom was taken away. charlie was sleeping soundly
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and so was his owner rod when somebody approached their front porch and stole the wheelchair off the grass. rod says they even added insult to injury by stealing the ramp. now charlie has lost his independence and the people who care for him find it really hard to watch. >> he can't walk now. he can't run for his ball. he can't get up. he can't stand up now. and he is just sad about it. >> i don't know what's happening with the world. people just seem to be taking more and more from each other. >> it is sad. charlie's loved ones took action. a family friend created a "go fund me" account to replace it. $200 more than needed was raised in a couple of hours. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, i don't know if you have seen the pix olympics on our morning show but you're going to see it coming up and the giants, they stage another comeback. but! would they be able to hold on and stay in first place?
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the answer straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. the dodgers beat the phillies last night meaning the giants needed to win or they would be in second place in the west for the first time since may 10. the pirates trying to erase the giants from the top of the
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standing. tied at 3 top of the 8th. pirates 4-3. bottom of the 9th same scored denard span with runners at second and third. chance to be hero -- but he grounds out to end the game. pittsburgh wins 4-3. dodgers now in first place in the national league west. sky continues to fall for your oakland athletics. they led 4-2 going into the bottom of the 10th with texas. the rangers score three in the tenth with bases loaded and win 5-4. another day of the rio olympics is in the books. we can't show it to you but we are your exclusive home for the pix olympics. ♪[ music ] >> have a nice trip. see you next fall.
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i don't think we'll see him in the 2020 olympics. [ laughter ] >> those are the pix olympics. don't forget the 49ers and the broncos this saturday right on the big 5. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. bad roads costing drivers billions of dollars every, single year. how much you're paying in wasted time in gas may surprise you. >> as firefighters continue to battle that huge fire in lake county, the man accused of setting it is due in court. what we know about him this morning next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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into a meeting with the f-b-i. what's in store today.. as l wildfires rip a big shake-up in the donald trump campaign as he heads into a meeting with the
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fbi. >> what's in store today as several wildfires rip across the state. >> from the kpix weather center, good wednesday morning everyone. the difference between today and yesterday is just how deep is that marine layer? we have the details. >> and time now 5:30. metering lights are coming on. how is that traffic going to look through the maze this morning? we'll keep you updated. good morning, it's wednesday, august 17. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. cal fire says if all goes well that destructive wildfire at lake county could be fully contained by the weekend. the clayton fire is 35% contained now. it has remained about the same size over the past day or so around 4,000 acres. more than 175 homes and other buildings are destroyed in lower lake and surrounding areas. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: damin pashilk's hearing is 1:15 this afternoon
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at the superior court house in lakeport. he was a prison firefighter. he served five years for drugs and firms charges. during that time -- firearms charges. during that time the state trained him as a prisoner firefighter. he has had six parole violations. the charges he is facing today carry enhancements that could increase his punishment if he is indeed convicted. that's because of the homes and businesses destroyed in the fire he is accused of setting. people who live in the burn area are reeling. >> a lot of the people here that my kids grew up with all have children. they were all friends together and now they have nothing. it's all for one person's foolishness? >> reporter: those whose homes are still standing are worried about looting. police arrested three people yesterday accused of taking advantage of those homes temporarily evacuated in clearlake. police say they have checkpoints at every major entrance to the evacuated neighborhoods but obviously,
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people who live there are in a hurry to get back home. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. anne, we know you spoke with firefighters on the front lines in lake county. what kind of progress are they making? >> they do think that they are going to have this fire fully contained by sunday. but it's been unpredictable and after seeing that fire blow up last weekend, they are not taking anything for granted. michelle? >> all right, anne. thank you. nearly 700 homes and businesses are still without power in lake county. pg&e says it has to replace dozens of utility poles destroyed in the fire. the company hopes to fully restore power there by this weekend. firefighters in southern california are dealing with yet another major wildfire. the so-called "bluecut fire" has forced evacuation orders for more than 82,000 people in san bernardino county including the entire ski resort town of wrightwood. the fire has burned more than 18,000 acres since it began yesterday morning in the cajon pass area north of the city of san bernardino. a lot of homes and other
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buildings are damaged or destroyed but so far, it's uncertain how many. forecasters also predicting hot, dry windy conditions in the area through tomorrow evening. >> this fire is aggressive. we have seen some erratic fire behavior. get out so we can focus working on this fire versus rescuing citizens. >> road closures caused traffic backups yesterday. that's a major artery to las vegas. >> it is. you come out of the riverside area into san bernardino and begin the climb up the cajon pass and drop down into victorville apple valley barstow and make the trek into las vegas. if that's closed a lot of people are going to be wondering how they are getting to las vegas this weekend. that should be the least of concerns with that fire that continues to burn out of control. and that area in which they suffered major loss just two years ago, we have fires here locally, as well. our air quality would take a
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direct hit consult. except we're seeing an improvement along the coast and into the central bay due to being the recipient of a west wind today 10 to 20 miles per hour. otherwise, east bay, south bay, south-central bay, the recipient of a southwest breeze that ushers in the soberanes fire plume of smoke and haze into our area north bay you start to see some of the haze all associated with the clayton fire. we're currently in the 50s and 60s and later today we're talking about temperatures, well, 60s at the coast, 70s and 80s around the peninsula. up to 90 in los gatos and saratoga, morgan hill, 95. towards gilroy area. east of the bay, we are up to 98 degrees in the hottest spot into brentwood and discovery bay and mid-90s around the tri- valley that's about 7 degrees above average, 80s toward the carquinez bridge. north bay numbers 60s through the 70s to the 84-degree mark in napa. and 103 in ukiah. thunderstorms rumbling into near the bay area.
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we'll show exactly where next time around. roqui, what's up? >> i'm trying to stay away from those thunderstorms! i know. there are no accidents outside which is great. but let's take a look at your altamont pass giving you the usual morning commute. 19 miles per hour cars driving out of tracy through the red arrows there. 205 into the amount at westbound takes about 15 to 20 minutes. and then if you are taking the altamont pass to the dublin interchange westbound will take but 20 and let's head to your mass transit. there are no delays. nimitz looking good in both directions. 238 to 80 northbound will take you 16 to 20. metering lights are on the, on the bay bridge so the traffic is stacking up to the maze. back to you. in a few hours a transit expert revealing the price tag of driving wornout roads in the bay area. kpix 5's maria medina live in san jose on the study that may sway some voters still mulling over a proposed transportation tax. >> reporter: according to a new
5:36 am
report because of california's bad roads, san jose drivers are paying nearly $2,500 every, single year in wasted time and gas and statewide that total is nearly $54 billion every, single year. so this morning, city and county leaders plan to hold a press conference to talk about that new report that says our roads are seeing more congestion. they are in poor condition and that even nearly a quarter of california's bridges are falling apart and that we need to do something or it will cost us even more. so the solution, well, they are going to push for taxpayers to pay for that solution. the mtc chairman will push for voters to vote this november on a tax hike to pay for road improvements. meanwhile, the ceo of silicon valley leadership group pulled several hundred -- polled several hundred voters last year and they say more than half are willing to pay. >> yes, we are frustrated by
5:37 am
traffic. but yes, we're willing to put our wallets up to do something about it. we are looking for the right time to move forward on the ballot. the grassroots support we need, we need to build some new transportation improvements. >> reporter: so the proposal would be measure b on the november ballot for santa clara voters. it would help to extend bart from san jose to santa clara among several other road improvements. so again, this morning, city and county leaders plan to meet at 9 a.m. to talk about the new report and push for solutions. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. >> how much are the bad roads costing drivers in san francisco and oakland? >> reporter: so again, in san jose, it's costing drivers here $2,500 in wasted time and wasted gas in san francisco and oakland, it's costing drivers there more than $2,800 every,
5:38 am
single year. >> thank you. developing news now in oakland where police are trying to find out why a man turned this liquor store into a fire zone. officers say the suspect entered the shop around 9 p.m. and started tossing things off the shelves. then police say he set the store on fire. the blaze went to two alarms and forced cops to block off the nearby area. berkeley is looking for a new chancellor this morning. nicholas dirk turned in his resignation letter. he has faced criticism for why he is -- and how he handled recent sexual harassment cases. he is also accused of paying for his wife's trip to india on the campus dime. he wrote, i have come to the personal decision that the time is right for me to step aside and allow someone else to take up the financial and institutional challenges ahead of us." he says that he will stay until a successor is in place. republican presidential nominee donald trump is making
5:39 am
more changes to his campaign staff. he is adding breitbart news' steven banon and other changes. paul manafort will still be campaign chair. he goes to the fbi for a security briefing. these briefings reportedly don't include sensitive information like undercover spy operations or the identities of intelligence sources. in wisconsin, yesterday, trump talked about this week's violence in milwaukee prompted by the police shooting of an armed black male suspect. >> those peddling the narration of cops as a racist group in our society supported by hillary clinton, share directly for the unrest in milwaukee and many other places within our country. that prompted a statement
5:40 am
from hillary clinton, stating the american people know it's trump who is guilty of bigoted remarks. ford is entering the race to get self-driving cars on the road in big numbers. and it just set a pretty ambitious timeline. jill wagner of has that story and more trending topics this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. stocks are pulling back a bit after reaching new record highs this week. the dow fell 84 points yesterday. the nasdaq fell 34. >> univision is reportedly buying gawker media for $135 million. gawker went up for auction after bankrupting itself paying legal fees to fight hulk hogan's sex tape lawsuit. they are trying to appeal to millennials. ford will have self-driving cars in the next five years. the cars won't have steering wheels or gas or brake pedals. the fully vehicle is for
5:41 am
ridesharing services. money goes to copayments and other out of pocket medical costs. it's up 6% from last year. the mall at the world trade center now back open. what's the latest there? >> reporter: so the hope is really that this will start revitalizing shopping here in downtown manhattan. the four-block underground mall will have 100 stores, 60 of which are open ranging from apple to forever21. three times as many people live in this area since 9/11/2001. and it's visited by millions of tourists each year. that's just a few blocks from where we are here at wall street. >> the tourist attraction may be more crowded going to the subway. >> it's an incredible -- for a mall, it's spectacular. >> it does look stunning. all right. jill wagner of
5:42 am, thank you. time now, 5:41. we all know san franciscan it's chilly in san francisco. but the future summer olympics may look for colder temperatures. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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neighborhood has some neighbors on good morning. welcome to "hump day." time check is 5:44. this is the view looking out from the city by the bay, the city of san francisco. from the embarcadero looking out towards the bay bridge, cannot see the tip-top of it due to low clouds and fog and even some pockets of drizzle this morning. the effects that will have on your temperatures for today, the details in under 4 minutes. a video of a mountain lion on the prowl in a santa cruz neighborhood has some neighbors
5:45 am
worried. a trail camera on private property captured the mountain lion. it peers at the top of a wire fence and leaps to the other side. john pierce set up the camera earlier this year after one of his animals cast killed. turns out the jumping cougar is a year and a half old 93-pound male. the uc-santa cruz puma project just fitted the mountain lion with a tracking collar a few weeks ago. new information about the alligator we first told but monday night spotted in a creek in fremont's niles canyon. the department of fish & game killed the giant reptile yesterday after determining that they could not safely recover the reptile from a pond along alameda creek trail. people who live by the creek where the gator was hanging out say it's a popular swimming hole. >> some alligators back in florida have never caused a problem and some do.
5:46 am
it's just that chance we can't take. >> fish & game says it was a young alligator and likely someone's illegal pet that became too much to maintain in a home. they are still trying to figure out how it got there and how long it had been in that area. when it's summer in san francisco only tourists have the courage to wear summer clothes. but olympic organizers may crave our cold weather as global warming gets worse. according to the new study by 2085 the world's best athletes will find it too hot to play their sports anywhere in latin america or africa. so the cal scientists point to san francisco as the only city cold enough to sponsor the summer games and by framing global warming through thrilling sporting events they hope people start thinking hard about the subject. >> the results weren't surprising but when put in the context of something that people are as -- that's on people's minds right now like the olympics, it's sort of, um,
5:47 am
it brings it to people's attention. >> still the researchers concede the study is based on "aggressive" climate change models. >> the keyword, how to define aggressive. >> i find it very difficult to think that they are spending all this money and thought and time on 2085 olympics when it hasn't even been prosperous in any city. they have been losing money and so just have it in one city only that's my feeling and go ahead with traffic. >> thank you, "ro." [ laughter ] >> give me the super bowl here any day! >> that was fun. let's take a look at mass transit. minor delays between south hayward and fremont. 10 to 15 minutes so keep that in mind heading out now and then let's head to your bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on carquinez bridge to the maze westbound 20 minutes. cars backing up in the toll plaza. here's a look at your altamont pass out of tracy. cars are moving at 13 miles per
5:48 am
hour. so very slow there. 205 to altamont pass will take but 20 minutes and then the altamont pass to the dublin interchange, westbound, will take you about 15. good morning, everybody. let's go ahead and call up or live weather camera this time around at 5:48. taking a look at the bay bridge. usually when you cannot see the top which stands at 525 feet, then now that the ceiling has lowered and at sfo. temperatures 50s and 60s. boy, really uncomfortable sleeping weather. very slow to cool overnight. winds have been flat under 10 miles per hour and fluctuating from the west to the north and northeast and southwest in the fairfield area at 12. later today westerly winds along the coast but away from the beaches. west and southwest breeze 10 to 20 miles per hour. a gray slate along the coast into the bay. we'll see earlier burnoff today
5:49 am
compared to 24 hours ago. this is a ridge of high pressure out west. it's beginning to nudge in and you can see by the wind particle map it's happening here. it's causing an offshore flow in our inland areas and more of a westerly push along the coast. low pressure there is going to exit and the end result is we'll start to see some warmer temperatures today followed by some cooler temperatures by the weekend. as far as the clayton fire is concerned, southwest winds today to 15, humidity down to 15% and air temperature between 97 and 99 degrees. air quality today north of the golden gate bridge because of the clayton fire, some haze and smoke. otherwise, to the south and to the east, due to the soberanes fire, across monterey county, you saw it yesterday. meanwhile across the peninsula, also some hazy conditions. traveling weather today for this "hump day," 96 state capital, redding 107. 103 ukiah. thunderstorms today and thursday in the high sierra
5:50 am
back through yosemite. we'll have to keep an eye on that for the potential of fire danger from lightning strikes. your sun-up at 6:27. and by the time it sets tonight at 8:00, smack in between, a couple of degrees warmer today than yesterday going with mid- 90s in throughout the tri- valley, mid-80s san jose, mid- 80s also in the santa rosa area, 65 in pacifica. sneezing wheezing and itchy eyes. you can blame it on the tenepods and grass count. today's temperature 98 dropping slightly as a new upper level trough enhances our marine layer deeper by friday, seasonal temperatures over the weekend. and that's your "hump day" forecast. time now 5:50. a new apple store getting a lot of attention this morning. coming up what's behind its unique shape. r help as soon as i saw her. i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i kneas about mom.
5:51 am
i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good.
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can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] good morning, welcome back to "kpix 5 morning news." time check is 5:53. we have a live camera over southern california where 82,000 residents of the san bernardino county area have been evacuated. it's a state of emergency as an 18,000-acre wildfire called the "bluecut fire" closes down interstate 15 in between the san bernardino area and the
5:54 am
cajon pass. we have the complete details on this growing fire and our local fires as the news continues. san francisco's mta is spreading the message that it's never all right to take your anger out on a munich driver. this operator says that she was punched repeatedly and even forced to the ground on sunday, but violence like that may be history because the sfmta has just launched and ad campaign to keep the drivers safe. the signs include quotes from muni employees and their families. they want drivers to think twice about victimizing the person who gets them home safely. the signs will show up on trains and buses starting next month. aetna is calling off its planned health exchange expansion with the affordable care act. they will lose $300 million on the plans this year. the company cites higher than expected costs especially from expensive specialty drugs. humana and united health group already announced plans to scale back their exchange
5:55 am
participation next year. doctors are testing out a new technology called smart pills that will hopefully help them understand their patients better. children's health in dallas is the first hospital in the country to use the technology on kids. the pills look normal but they actually have a tiny sensor in them. the sensor activates inside the stomach signalling the patch that the child wears. the technology then sends the data to the doctors and parents through a tablet alerting them she took her meds. the children's health plans to use it on 75 children before taking the idea to other hospitals around the country. the app you go to for filters wants to connect you to a host. other services. snapchat is acquiring mobile search app verb for $110 million. that's according to a tech website. no word yet if snapchat will keep the verb apt separate or integrate its search tools directly into the popular messaging applications.
5:56 am
a lot of people are talking about the new apple store in new york city. the store opened yesterday at the world trade center transportation hub. it's the company's most modern and abstract design yet. a spanish architect designed it to look like a flying dove. and the store features a sitting area called the forum where people can sit and play with the new apple products. it is 5:56. a huge wildfire continues to burn in lake county. the man accused of setting that fire prepares to face a judge. and evacuees wait for word on when they can return. the clayton fire next. california's bad roads putting a dent in our pockets. why we have to pay to get anything done. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
and i'm kenny choi.
6:00 am
right now in southern california -- firefighters are trying to slow the spread of a devastating wildfire that's forced about 82- t good morning. right now in southern california, firefighters are trying too slow the spread of a devastating wildfire . the "bluecut fire" in san bernardino counties is burning about 80 miles east of los angeles. we have the latest from the cajon pass area. >> reporter: the raging flames tore through parts of san bernardino county overnight scorching acres of land and reducing structures to rubble. fire crews worked into the night to keep the blaze from reaching more homes ordering residents in the area to evacuate immediately. the so- called "bluecut fire" ignited tuesday morning near interstate 15 in the cajon pass. despite efforts to contain the blaze from the air and


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