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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 30, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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for tuesday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us a little later for the morning ♪ it's tuesday, august 30th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." after a third sexting scanned top hillary clinton aide huma abedin announces she's leaving husband anthony weiner. donald trump praises her decision and slams clinton in the process. people in the southeast are keeping their eyes on the tropics with one storm set to slam the outer banks today and another taking aim at the gulf coast. a cross country flight is forced to land over an unruly passenger. how the pilot described the man's attempts to pry over a plane door midair.
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♪ and you'll be in a world of pure imagination ♪ and remembering gene wilder, the comedic icon who leaves behind a legacy of laughter. >> my name is pronounced >> my name is pronounced frankenstein. captioning funded by cbs good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs headquarters here in new york. good to be with you, i'm anne-marie green. we begin with politics. donald trump has plans now to deliver a major speech on immigration tomorrow. and today, a top california republican meg whitman who ran for governor will campaign for hillary clinton but this morning's headlines focus on one of clinton's top aides. huma abedin is separating from her husband former congressman anthony weiner following yet another sexting episode. hena daniels is here with details. good morning.
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>> good morning, anne-marie. yesterday, the republican nominee used the latest sexting scandal to attack the democratic nominee's judgment. hillary clinton pressed on with fund-raising in the hamptons monday. amid yet another zrakdz todistr it. announced her split from congressman anthony weiner hours after it was published a photo he allegedly sent to a woman as his toddler son lay next to him. weiner's sexting habit forced him to resign from the u.s. senate five years ago and jump out of the new york mayoral race. the latest scandal provided the latest fodder for donald trump. >> huma abedin has access to classified information, how hillary got away with that one, nobody will ever know. but to think that it's very likely that much of this information anthony weiner would
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know about. >> reporter: courting minority voters drew criticism after former ku klux klan member david duke gave a robocall asking voters to cast their vote for the senate bid and the republican nominee. the trump campaign immediately disavowed the move. trump is scheduled to address immigration tomorrow. and clinton will hold more fund-raisers on long island today. a new monmouth university poll out monday has her seven points ahead of trump among likely voters. anne-marie. >> hena daniels in new york, thank you, hena. there are two high profile races involving senators who have run-ins with donald trump. arizona senator john mccain is trying for his second term. mccain is expected to beat his tea party rival. and in florida, marco rubio
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entered the race after his failed white house run. they are trying to maintain control of the senate. coming up on "cbs this morning" we'll talk with cbs news political contributor mark leibovich who interviewed anthony weiner at the democratic national convention last month. a tropical storm warning is in effect this morning for a stretch of north carolina's outer banks. a tropical depression that's expected to become a tropical storm is forecast to leave the shore later today. coastal areas are expected to see wind gusts of up to 45 miles per hour and flood-producing rain. folks along florida's gulf coast are preparing for another tropical depression that could hit later this week. it has sustained winds of 35 miles per hour that's headed west. but expected to curve back towards the florida gulf coast. thursday night's preseason game between the tampa bay buccaneers and washington has been moved to wednesday. two hurricanes are turning through the pacific, one posing
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a new threat to hawaii. hurricane mat da lynn is a category 3 storm with winds of 123 miles per hour and could pass dangerously close to the big island of hawaii by tomorrow. hurricane lester is a powerful category 4 storm with winds of more than 140 miles per hour. lester may pass near hawaii around labor day weekend. there could be more wet weather in central colorado today. not good news where folks in colorado springs who got hit yesterday with dangerous flood producing rain. many drivers got caught in the high waters and had to be rescued. the u.n. health organization is planning an emergency meeting to tack the the zika crises. organization announced will huddle thursday to prevent new outbreaks. women are being warned about travel to singapore because the virus is spreading there. an alaska airlines jet headed from seattle to new york had to land in minneapolis after a passenger tried open a plane door.
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the flight crew calmly explained the situation to ground controllers. >> we're going to end up dropping off one of our passengers early. two four zero. yeah, we can work it out. >> yeah, we have station ops to have somebody come great this customer. having to play well with others. >> the passenger was taken off the aircraft, questioned by police, and then taken to a hospital for observation. the senate in brazil could decide as early as today whether to impeach dilma rousseff. protesters demonstrating in support of rousseff in sao paulo last night. she proclaimed her innocence yesterday during a 14-hour impeachment trial. thousands of migrants were rescued by the italian navy and other ships in the mediterranean sea. the rescue took place about 13 miles from the libyan coast. some 3,000 people were saved.
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they had been traveling a small crowded wooden boat. some jumped into the water swimming for the rescue ship. men, women and children were trying to make it to europe hoping for a better life. the death of comic gene wilder saddened movie fans. longtime collaborator mel brooks called him one of the truly great talents of our time. he blessed every film we did with his magic and he blessed me with his friendship. as john blackstone reports, wilder left a legacy of laughter. >> he's my creation! >> reporter: with his wild hair and often manic persona gene wilder gave life to a long list of hilarious and hysterical characters from the mad scientist in "young frankenstein." >> my name is pronounced frankenstein. >> reporter: to the neurotic
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would-be con man in "the producer." >> my blanket! >> reporter: that earned him an oscar nomination for best supporting actor. >> you must be igor. >> it's pronounced igor. >> reporter: he was also nominated for writing the screen play for "young frannenstein." along with mel brooks together they took "blazing saddles" where no western had gone before. he could be depended on to deliver the unexpected. wilder was not the first actor considered for the starring role in "willy wonka and the chocolate factory" in 1971. ♪ if you want to view paradise ♪ >> reporter: fred astaire was reportedly in the running, but today, it is hard to imagine anyone else in what has become a children's classic. >> i didn't want to do him. i wanted to do comedy but i wanted it to be real. it could be real and huge at the same time. >> reporter: he had huge success
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in a series of collaborations with richard pryor. >> that's right, that's right, we bad. >> reporter: the on-screen chemistry with comedian gilda radner continued off screen. they were married until her death five years later. he became actively involved in raising cancer awareness. helping found gilda radner ovarian cancer detection center as well as gilda's club. as he told cbs in 1975, gene wilder would delight with no regrets. >> i wouldn't change anything. >> reporter: john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. >> quite a legacy. well, coming up on the "morning news," election breach. state voters registration systems are targeted by hackers. and talk about a close call. a transit worker risks his life to save a person on the tracks ahead of an oncoming train. this is the "cbs morning news."
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♪ an emotionally disturbed man who threw himself onto railroad tracks was jelling he just wanted to die. but new york transit officer victor ortiz was having none of it. surveillance shows ortiz pulling the man to safety just seconds, seconds before the train passed. they're praising ortiz for his compassion. singer taylor twist reported for jury duty and hackers targeted online voting systems. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the wall street journal" reports a nationwide warning to voting officials about cyber attacks. the fbi is investigating attempts to breach election board data in arizona and illinois. investigators believe russian hackers may be responsible. officials say systems were not compromised.
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"the washington post" reports that the supreme court is being asked to rule in a transgender bathroom case. a virginia school board wants the court to strike down a federal rule that lets students use bathrooms according to their gender identity. an appeals court backed a transgender teen who sued the board. "the new york times" says the burkini bans in france are bringing new attention to so-called facekinis. beach going women in asia can be seen wearing the colorful face masks to shield themselves from the sun. china's official communist newspaper criticized france for sending police after muslim women after wearing the full-body swimsuits. and britain's "guardian" reports taylor swift was excused from jury duty in nashville. the district attorney's office said swift felt she could not be impartial because of her own
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underway here in new york city last night with the debut of a new roof over the arthur ashe stadium. tennis players and fans will no longer have to sit through rain delays during the final grand slam of the season. the $150 million roof took three years to build. on the "cbs moneywatch" chipotle faces a class action lawsuit. and a new ad celebrates the world's greatest flyers. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, anne-marie. banks rebound after a fed with a possible interest rate hike. the dow went up 107 points. the s&p rose 11, the nasdaq rose 13 points higher. nearly 10,000 former and current workers are suing chipotle for unpaid wages. they claim the chain made them work extra off-the-clock hours for pay. that practice is known as wage theft. chipotle says the case has no merit.
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nordstrom signs a deal to sell j. crew apparel. an edited collection of j.c. will be available in 16 nordstrom stores. the nordstrom house differentiates itself from other rivals. apple with the newest iphone. the newest update apple watch at its next event september 7th. the new generation iphone is expected to be pretty similar to last year's model except for the removal of the headphone jacks. and american airlines talks about what it means to be a great flier. the campaign has a series of video and print ads. great flyers who of course, fly american, those who care about their fellow passengers. they ask permission before raising and lowering their seats. and they don't have the arm rests. anne-marie. >> i feel like american airlines is basically listened to a bunch of mothers who are traveling with their kids.
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don't put the seat back. stop kicking the front guy -- the guy in front of you. >> in fairness, i never ask if i can lower my feet. i've never asked the person behind me. >> no, i've never asked either but one time, a guy got really mad at me. we'll talk about that later. >> i need details. >> jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. still ahead, social networking at the vatican. facebook's mark zuckerberg meets with the pope for some tech talk. we will tell you what they discussed. with the pope for face talk. we'll tell you what they discussed.
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alzheimer's disease the fi is out there.survive and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen by funding scientific breakthroughs, advancing public policy, and providing local support to those living with the disease and their caregivers. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. enough officers on the stre and hayward's police chief.n administrative leave this morning. what the departmen saying she did wrong. and the fbi is urged to investigate campaign tampering... after reports election databases in two ss were breached. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 good morning.
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it's tuesday, august 30th. 8drw here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. what would the spiritual leader of 1.2 billion people
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discuss with the head of a system with 1.7 billion users? that was the question yesterday when pope francis met facebook founder mark zuckerberg. the vatican says they talked about how communication technology might help to ease poverty. well, drones offer a new path into the sky but the government says there must still be ground rules. craig boswell reports on new federal laws for pilotless commercial aircraft. >> i can actually make 100% living just with this guy here. >> reporter: victor lopez is a filmmaker that already uses drones for energy. >> this will help a lot of people in business. >> reporter: the new commercial rules are similar to the faa's regulations for hobbyists to pilot drones. the aircraft is less than 55 pounds, it must be registered may not fly higher than 400 feet, and the pilot must always be able to see it. they're also prohibited from flying at night or faster than 100 miles per hour. drone operators no longer need to graduate flight school and get a pilot license.
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now they pass a written test to earn a two-year drone pilot certification. >> over the next two years commercial unmanned aircraft systems could generate more than $82 billion for the u.s. economy and by 2025 could be supporting as many as 100,000 new jobs. >> reporter: drones are already being used from everything from inspects farmland to surveying damage to last week's earthquake in italy. >> aircraft truly have the potential to transform the way they fly. >> reporter: many businesses often ignored the faa's previous rules particularly with the requirement of a pilot's license. >> this is the first pilot license that the wright brothers got. where we're going to go is to the moon, who knows. >> reporter: meaning amazon won't be delivering packages to your door step anytime soon. kras boswell, cbs news, washington. coming up after your local
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well, as kids head back to school, parents should think about the kind of backpack they use. kenneth craig has recommendations from doctors. >> reporter: 9-year-old jackson montgomery is getting ready to start fifth grade with a new backpack. his father was concerned about picking the right one. >> there's no doubt, once you put in even the lunch things or other things not even heavy books they're carrying a decent amount of weight. >> reporter: this one is designed to carry more weight and evenly distributed. the bag has more straps and compartments. about 5,400 kids are treated each year for backpack injuries. many of them sprains and strains to the shoulder or low back. this pediatrician recommends
4:26 am
kids avoid messenger bags, use a bag with two-wide straps to distribute the load and make sure the bag is not too heavy. >> take the top weight with 10% or even less, but it's usually hard, as a good approximation. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics also suggests adjusting the backpack so the bottom has the weight and packing it properly. >> if you have heavy items try to center in the of the backpack, pack it in the lower part of the backpack because it distributes the weight. >> reporter: jackson says he loves his new backpack. >> to carry books back and forth. >> reporter: and he's using one that he and his dad feel good about. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. here's another look at this morning's top stories. one of hillary clinton's top aides huma abedin says she is leaving her husband, former congressman anthony weiner after another sexting episode. and republican donor and fund-raiser meg whitman hits the
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campaign trail today for hillary clinton. whitman meets with business leaders in denver. and tropical storm warnings are posted pour most of north carolina's outer banks. a tropical depression that is expected to gain strength is likely to make landfall later today. heavy rain and flooding is predicted. another storm for florida's gulf coast. in the pacific, two hurricanes are headed for hawaii and may also pose a threat later this week. coming up on "cbs this morning," crowd control. questions about how to keep the public safe amit panic during a security crisis. plus, we'll meet a judge who received a life-saving kidney donation from another judge. and we talk to legend area author tom wolfe about his new book "the kingdom of speech." that is the "cbs morning news" for this morning. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. enjoy your day. ♪ and you'll be in a world of
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i'm kenny choi. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> good morning everyone it is tuesday, it is august 30, thanks for joining us, a lovely day looking at the bay bridge already 4:30.>> wake-up.
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i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. let's welcome in the holding. did you see the sunset last night? beautiful. >> i was at berkeley at this restaurant and it was incredible. >> it was remarkable because of the different layers of crap -- clouds moving into the area we will have another scene like that at sunrise this morning and sundown today. right now several layers of clouds including the clouds on the coast we have the high mid- level clouds, 50s and 60s that is where the clouds are coming from, the blowoff from the hurricane barreling toward hawaii tropical moisture producing a chance of dry lightning north of the golden gate bridge today. partly sunny the skies may feel muggy out the door. full forecast coming up but right now let's say good


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