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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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ion. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (children giggle) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. some niners fans are still outraged with colin kaepernick- live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at noon, some niners fans ours till outraged with colin kaepernick after he set out during the national anthem but now the star-spangled
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scandal isn't going away. it's monday, august 30. i am kenny choi. michelle is out on assignment. coach chip kelly was forced to face the issue again this morning after his quarterbacks after the national anthem. n a was at the headquarters -- and mackovic -- anne mackovic was at the field. >> reporter: colin kaepernick is expected to once again do this, said through the national anthem. he says he will continue to set out until he sees significant progress in america when it comes to race relations. >> i will continue to sit. i'm going to continue to stand with the people being oppressed. >> reporter: kappes out on the field running drills today but the criticism against his stance has been furious. some theorize it will lead the 49ers to ditch him as qb after swirling trade tax all off- season. he is in a sorter back -- sort
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of competition with blaine gabbert but coach chip kelly says the controversy won't change who he chooses to play. >> we recognize his right to express his feelings but that doesn't affect what we do when we get here at 8:15 am until we leave at 8 pm. we are all about preparing for the chargers game this thursday and more importantly for the rams, and the season opens up on monday night. >>reporter: coach kelly says he plans to have for the quarter -- for quarterbacks on the field for thursday's game. in santa clara, anne mackovic kpix 5. >> as for kaepernick's comments that officers get less turning then cosmetologists, spd has invited him to join your training sessions. no word yet on if he will attend. following breaking news, lapd is at chris brown's house according to tmz. police went to brown's house after a woman called 911 saying brown had threatened her with a
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gun. officers have surrounded brown's house and retrieved weapons and drugs. the standoff started earlier this morning. we will continue to follow breaking news and bring you developments as soon as they come into our newsroom. santa clara county leaders are meeting to consider a request for more cameras for the main jail at a milpitas satellite facility. hundreds of cameras were installed after several violent incidents including the beating death of an inmate allegedly by guards. cameras at the correctional facility helped thwart an escape attempt. in a little over an hour comedy state of emergency could be to colored -- could be declared at the san jose police department they are so overworked, they are sleeping in rvs outside the police department. mandatory overtime forces them to work up to 17 hour days and some say they don't have time to go home between shifts. today's vote could shift 47
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detectives back onto regular street patrol to help with the shortage. the mayor says the one-time solution is for voters to pass measure f. he says the proposal would boost officer pay to retain more police. buckley police offering a $13,000 reward for information leading into the arrest of the nation's first -- the university's first murder. the victim died on thursday night. police believe he was targeted. this marks the first homicide of the year. no arrests have been made but if you have information, you are asked to call police. police chief diane stuart is on police paid leave. this is chief stuart from earlier this year when she spoke at the funeral of scott longer. a statement from her department says she is on me because of an investigation into a controversial personnel issue. in the meantime, kelly maka do
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has appointed captain mark kohler as acting chief. this friday, the former stanford swimmer found guilty of sexually assaulting a woman outside a party will be released for jail. back in march, brought turner was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. prosecutors recommended six years in state prison but a judge gave turner a six-month jail sentence instead. the decision sparked a significant backlash across the u.s. once turner is released, he will have to register as a sex offender and complete a sex offender management program. now to campaign 2016, parts of hillary clinton's interview with the fbi over her use of a private email server well secretary of state could soon be made public. as craig boswell reports, it is something the clinton campaign says it has wanted all along. >>reporter: sources tell us the fbi will release notes from hillary clinton in the near future. donald trump has used her use
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of a private email server well secretary of state to hammer away at clinton's trustworthiness. >> the fbi found thousands of work-related emails she failed to turn over. it's watergate all over again. >> reporter: clinton maintains she has done nothing illegal and called on the fbi to make the notes public. donald trump's campaign is preparing for what it calls a major policy speech on immigration wednesday but they are also dealing with a new controversy, a tweet from a trump supported that may hurt his outreach to minority voters. >> it is not racist -- >> reporter: pastor mark burns sent a cartoon of hillary clinton in blackface accusing her of pandering to voters. >> i still stand by what the image represents but i think i should have used better judgment. >> reporter: this comes as trump tries to reach out to minority voters in an effort to be back hillary clinton's campaign that his campaign is appealing to extremist white nationalist groups. >> these are racist, race baiting ideas.
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>> coup clocks -- donald trump values and klu klux klan values. >> just 2% of african-americans have given donald trump approval ratings. the latest poll from nbc show -- nbc news shows clinton -- clinton's lead narrowing. the naked donald trump statue may be back. the chronicle is reporting that police turned it over to the city attorney. the city attorney says he is fine with police reducing it -- releasing it. a bar on union square hopes to put it on display before the artist shows up this week for an official unveiling. cupertino-based apple owes ireland billions of dollars. jackie ward explains why the silicon valley company is now being ordered to pay up. >> if the european union gets its way, international tech giant apple will get -- pay
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$14.6 billion in back taxes to the irish government. it is the biggest single bill for corporate tax avoidance in eu history. the eu alleges apple and other companies are making illegal deals with countries were basing their european operations there. >> i disagree with it. i think it is very tenuous grounds. the irish authorities at the time did nothing improper or illegal. >> reporter: michael noonan says the commission's ruling is a bizarre decision with no economic basis. the irish government is going to fight it in the european courts. >> they will inquire into all the details of the decision and to the background of what has happened. in my view, that is the best way forward. >> reporter: apple is also going to appeal. in an open letter on apple's website, tim cook writes "as our business
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has grown over the years, we have become the largest taxpayer in the world. at its roots, the commission case is not about how much apple pays in taxes. it is about which government collects the money. " the irish government insists it doesn't want this life- changing amount of money and the defense minister says ireland can't afford to be seen as a country that shafts its key investors back jackie ward, kpix 5. >> the irish times reports the money would be equivalent to 20 new hospitals or an end to property taxes for the next quarter century. right now, a campaign is launching to pass proposition 55. bay area teachers, parents and students are coming together to bring attention to the proposition. supporters say it would prevent a $4 billion cut to public schools. if it is passed in november, those in favor say it would extend personal tax increases for 12 years. to governor brown on whether to sign a bill that could provide affordable housing for teachers after the
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state legislature approved the bill, which was created by state senator mark leno of san francisco. it would allow cities to build teacher only affordable housing on school district properties. many districts in high-priced cities have been losing teachers who can't afford to live near their workplaces. d.a.r.t. -- bart riders are starting to earn reward points when they travel off-peak hours. the points can be redeemed for cash awards. the six-month program is reduced -- designed to reduce crowding. we have put a link where you can register on a zika drug breakthrough. the new treatment that could help put a stop to the spreading virus still ahead. plus, two hurricanes are churning toward hawaii. we are tracking the impact the storm is having this afternoon. isn't it amazing how we could have a hurricane affect our own local weather forecast?
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it is happening now. we will show you when there is the possibility of thunderstorms and exactly which areas will be affected. we will be right back.
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gathered closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces furniture. hundreds of mourners are gathered it now in italy to pay tribute to victims of last week's devastating earthquake. the earthquake killed 292 people including 231 in amateur j -- amatrice. many other victims are tourists. a beira rio restaurant is holding a fundraiser by selling 'stuff from that -- busta that originated in amatrice.
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five dollars per plate will be donated to the italian red cross. and at lake chalet in oakland and beach chalet in san francisco, they are tuning -- donating post -- donating part of their revenues to relief extract the fight against the car, scientists found three existing drugs that may be able to prevent the virus from copying itself. the research is still in early phases but the results were dramatic and in some cases damage was even reversed. the drugs being studied are used to treat cancer, hepatitis c and parasitic infections like tapeworms. researchers say the drug is approved by the drug and food administration. it is still too early to say the total impact of the medication but it is an important first step. >> what we're hoping is eventually this study even directly or through additional research will lead to some sort of affordable treatment for a zika virus infection. >> still, it remains unclear if the drug pennant -- the drug
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can penetrate a woman's body to treat the brain of her unborn baby affected by zika. researchers will have to test for drugs in animal models first. two hurricanes are bearing down on hawaii. hurricane madeleine on the left currently a category 4 is expected to pass dangerously close to the big island on wednesday. right behind it is hurricane lester, a category 3. meanwhile, a tropical depression is kicking up high surf along the mid-atlantic states. it is expected to strengthen into a tropical depression when it hits north carolina tomorrow. the silver lining is that those storms are making for spectacular photos in the bay. >> you can always keep those videos coming into kpix 5 at facebook. i have already posted a few this morning but right now, i want to give you the proximity of these two hurricanes. they are beautifully defined in the western pacific. what i want to do is put a
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circle around hurricane madeleine. to put all of this into motion, madeleine is moving closer and closer to the hawaiian islands. as it does so, it is going to start shearing off before it grazes the big island and reverse the effect on the area with about five to 15 inches of rain. i'm thinking more towards 5 to 8 as it sheers off but that means watched. this is our satellite radar. i love this particular view because you have madeleine here and lester. right here is where you start to see the clouds roll into the bay area. that is why that is tropical moisture as it ends up north of the golden gate bridge. we have to put a 15% chance of dry lightning or thunder storms in the forecast. the you have the clouds on the satellite imagery. this particular picture was sent from kurt as he was bike riding this morning. that is just a glorious picture taken at sunrise. the coast is clear.
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we haven't had a view like this at lunchtime in weeks but we will have windswept blue skies across the beach today as winds increase out of the west at 10 to 20 miles per hour and some best left to the dirty miles per hour. some ocean sand could end up on the great highway. 60s and 70s at this lunch hour. 79 degrees livermore, warmer today than 24 hours ago headwinds are increasing. san francisco is at 17 miles per hour and about eight headwinds are increasing. san francisco is at 17 miles per hour and about 8 miles per hour in the antioch area. it is calm in santa rosa. it is very active here in the western pacific. the atlantic has some storming is just off the cape affecting the outer banks and then we have more activity brewing around the gulf coast that could adversely affect louisiana with more possible flooding. bottom line, we have that break in the coast of clouds today. sunny conditions on the bay and we do have that chance of a thunderstorm or dry lightning around the northbay today and into the evening hours. state capital, 64 degrees, monterey bay, roger says our
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numbers are spot on. 60 degrees san francisco, 89 degrees in concorde. low 80s in san jose. typically, 83 degrees. sun goes down at 7:41 pm and by then, get your cameras ready for a fantastic sunset. it is going to be glorious. your not going to feel much of a change all the way to the holiday. very comfortable, not too hot inland. just perfect. >> perfect but weather. >> it is. >> thank you. the monterey fire is forcing new evacuations. the order was issued for salinas. firefighters feared winds would push the flames toward homes. the fire has burned more than 93,000 acres and is still just 65% contained. colorado water districts have to come up with a plan to crack down on waste because
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governor jerry brown signed a law this week that would require each district to create a plan to identify and punish excessive water use during droughts. at the peak of drought last summer, many districts imposed fines or created a tiered payment system to make it mandatory. olympic swimmer ryan lochte looking to redeem himself. the show he is expected to be on and why he says the world needs to "move on." ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's like a cantaloupe but a little more sugar. that's why they call it sugar kissed. it tastes good. loaded with nutritional value. i am your fresh grocery. remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> they do look good. we now know who will partner with olympic swimmer ryan lochte on dancing with the stars. cheryl burke will return to pair up with lochte. critics say it his attempt -- it's his attempt to regain public popularity. former texas governor -- we have the former texas governor also participating in that show. uber is partnering with lisa for a program called uber local officers. all local users with a visa credit card can earn points at hundreds of participating businesses for every dollar spent. uber riders earn one point per dollar translating to $10 off
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per ride at 100 points. tesla is expected to address safety kerns -- safety concerns when it updates its self driving software. functions may be limited for drivers who disrespect they should disregard safety proms according to the website. the software would disable the auto steer for tesla drivers who ignore the car's commands to retake the steering wheel. if you have a consumer problem more questions, email our hotline www. consumer or call the hotline at 888-5-helps you. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you said the coast is clear? should be pretty nice? >> gorgeous. the sunset will be spectacular. >> enjoy it everyone. that is it for kpix 5 at noon. we will see you right here tomorrow. >> it looks like the oakland estuary right here. comfort food...
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