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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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in just a few ho good morning, everyone. it's thursday, november 3. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. in just a few hours, crews will start digging through a crime scene at sonoma state university. a body was discovered on the campus yesterday. kpix 5's anne makovec is live on the scene with details. anne reporter: a disturbing discovery and a real mystery at this point. this is a small quiet campus in rohnert park. they don't city a lot of activity like this. but officers have been on scene here all night. they have part of the parking lot behind me blocked off. they are making sure nobody can come in and disturb this scene before they have the chance to find more clues. investigators will be back out here at 8 a.m. a landscaper made this discovery yesterday afternoon of a partially buried body found in this wooded area. officers say that given the condition of that body, it seems like somebody who died recently. and today they hope to find out more. >> crime scene investigators will come out with our violent crimes detectives and they will start slow methodical
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unearthing and to make sure they don't disturb the crime scene, and collect enough evidence to try and solve what happened. >> reporter: as to who this might be, no clue at this point. no links to any missing persons in the area. so we don't know how long this area of the parking lot is going to be blocked off. but again, the search begins at 8 a.m. live in rohnert park, anne makovec, kpix 5. when traffic on bay area highways gets bad it's easy to think things must be worse in l.a. right? but a new study shows we're wrong about that.maria medina is live in sunnyvale with more >> reporter: good morning. reporter: kenny, traffic running smoothly now but in just a couple of hours, that story is going to completely change. this is one of the hot spots that made that study highway
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101 through sunnyvale and mountain view, also making the list is highway 237 in milpitas and 280 in downtown san jose. so what makes these so horrible? well, a new study says that there are mega-commuters in this hot spot. basically, drivers are spending more than 90 minutes in their car one way. even more surprising in the study is that it says there are more mega-commuters in silicon valley than in los angeles. >> i used to live down near the l.a. area and it's just about as bad here as it is down there. >> it's pretty bad. between 3:00 and, let's say, 8:00, you can't get anywhere. >> reporter: all right. according to the study, among the silicon valley drivers here, more than 5% are mega- commuters. and that's one whole percentage point more than los angeles. so what is the problem? according to the study, they say it's because of affordable housing. more people are living outside of silicon valley and commuting
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in so they can find affordable housing outside our region. live in sunnyvale, maria medina, kpix 5. that's an interesting study. roqui, you lived in both places. l.a. and the bay area. what do you think? >> i grew up in l.a. in traffic but when i moved here, i was saying it's worse! and no one believed me so all i have to say now is i told you so! okay. let's take a look now at the bay area traffic. it's bad this morning starting here in san rafael. southbound 101 at lincoln avenue. we do have an overturned truck and this is a chp-issued traffic alert because it will take a while to remove from the road. that will take 30 minutes or more. cars in the area driving at just 16 miles per hour. and if you are heading to the golden gate bridge, that looks okay from marin, san rafael area to the golden gate toll plaza. that will take you just about 15 minutes. moving over now to the san mateo bridge, westbound 92
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after the high-rise we have a two-vehicle crash blocking the right lane here causing some delays, as well. and a look at the slow traffic. it is creating. 880 to 101 will take you up to 30 minutes, too. let's move now to calgary flames versus the san jose sharks in the south bay face- off at 7:30. roberta, i know you're a sharks fan. >> huge sharks fan. yes, i am. thank you, roqui. good morning, everybody. live weather camera looking outdoors. we have clear skies. it's not as chilly this morning as it was 24 hours ago by a couple of degrees. looking east, we can see the bright lights of the estuary of oakland. we can see the port of oakland. and visibility is unlimited at this time. temperatures are into the 40s and 50s. it's now 52 in livermore where yesterday at this hour it was 44. we have a high surf advisory in effect for today through tomorrow morning for this huge highlighted area which encompasses all our local beaches. this is due to a storm off the
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coast that's generating high swells, so large, they are as high as mountains up to 27 feet. so obviously some sneaker waves and some dangerous rip currents onshore. temperatures warmer today than yesterday. 70 half moon bay. in fact, 70 all the way to rockaway beach. low 70s will be common around the peninsula today. redwood city, palo alto, san mateo, then we jump up into the mid-70s from los gatos to saratoga into morgan hill. 77 my outside number in gilroy. then we whip around to the eastern portion of our bay area and then we stop off at 72 in brentwood. but 74 anticipated around discovery bay and also back through byrum. low and mid-70s common throughout the tri-valley. these temperatures are averaging a couple of degrees above normal for this third day of the month of november. 67 degrees a good-looking day in stinson beach with a northwest breeze 5 to 10. low 70s in petaluma all the way into occidental, healdsburg, also right around the santa rosa area. 75 in cloverdale. tell you what we're going to do. we are going to go ahead and track a secondary system that interfere with your outdoor
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weekend plans. we'll talk about that coming up. today donald trump and hillary clinton focus on the battleground states of florida and north carolina. and they are calling on their top surrogates to help them. hena daniels has more on the final push for votes and with only five days to go. >> reporter: it was one of her biggest crowds. hillary clinton was greeted by 15,000 supporters in arizona wednesday night pitching her vision to minorities. >> imagine having a president who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults latinos, blacks, muslims, pows -- >> reporter: president obama campaigned for clinton in north carolina where blacks are not voting. >> i hate to pressure you, but the fate of the republic rests on your shoulders! [ laughter ]
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>> reporter: in florida latino voting is up driven by trump's comments buy mexicans but polls show the race in florida is tied. >> in six days we are going to win the great state of florida. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: donald trump had his own warning for voters if hillary clinton wins. >> if hillary clinton were to be elected, it would create an unprecedented and protracted constitutional crisis. >> reporter: in an attempt to woo women, trump's wife will be back on the campaign trail today in the crucial state of pennsylvania. it will be her first speech since being accused of plagiarizing michelle obama at the republican national convention in july. hena daniels, cbs news. trump's campaign says they will win virginia. a new poll shows the recreational marijuana measure continues to have a solid lead
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in california in the runup to election day. the usc "los angeles times" poll shows 58% of likely voters planning to vote yes on proposition 64. it's opposed by 37% with the rest undecided. voters in california will not be allowed to take their photos of of their marked ballots for next week's election. yesterday a federal judge in san francisco declined to lift the state's ban on such photos. but a new state law will allow photos of ballots to be shared. and that won't take effect until january. and remember to tune into kpix 5 news on wednesday morning after the election. we'll have a complete breakdown of the results and the analysis of the big races. later today we expect to learn more about the sinking millennium tower. san francisco's city attorney is holding a news conference to announce a major legal development. last week, we found out the building's owners are facing violations for reportedly making unauthorized repairs. the city inspectors say the work happened without the necessary permits. the owners say they thought the
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developer got the permits. since the tower was built 7 years ago, it has sunk 16 inches. a bay area man could face 20 years in prison over bottles of wine. jeffrey hill has been charged with mail and wire fraud after allegedly labeling cheap wines as high-end cabernets. prosecutors also claim hill sold wine made from grapes that weren't grown in napa valley. it's unclear yet if hill has hired an attorney. things have finally settled down outside chicago's wrigley field where fans spent hours celebrating the cubs' first world series victory in more than a century. the cubs were greeted by excited fans early this morning when they returned to chicago. they won the 7th and deciding game last night against the cleveland, ohio. the game was 10 innings with many changes in momentum and even a rain delay. here's how fans at wrigleyville
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barre acted after the final out. [ applause and cheers ] >> the cubs first world series championship since 1908. game highlights in just a few minutes in your morning sports report. time now 6:10 a wild scene in louisiana as a group of protestors is pepper sprayed outside a u.s. senate debate. >> and the man accused of killing two police officers in iowa had a confrontation with law enforcement just weeks ago. >> from the kpix weather center good morning everybody we have a high surf advisory in effect for today and tomorrow. we'll talk about the storm that's generating that advisory. >> and we have a new crash in hayward on southbound 880 affecting your commute. where it is coming up. >> closed cap tioning for this newscast is sponsored by "living spaces furniture" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at least five people were arrested overnight.. when protests got heated outside a 6:14. we're trying to figure out which ferry boat this is. you think it's a commuter coming in from alameda? if so, it is on time! it's smooth sailing. we have clear skies and calm winds and we have your complete weather forecast coming up. at least five people were arrested with heated protests outside a u.s. senate debate. [ screaming ] >> this is what it looked like at a dillard university in new orleans. at one point, police started to pepper spray the protestors. they were demanding to get inside the auditorium to protest one of the debaters for his ties to the klan. david duke and other candidates are running for louisiana's u.s. senate seat. the man suspected of killing two iowa police
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officers was known in his community for racist incidents and confrontations with police. 46-year-old scott greene turned himself in yesterday after he allegedly shot the officers in two separate attacks. less than three weeks ago, scott green was kicked out of a high school football game after he waved a confederate flag. greene reported his interaction with police. >> have i committed a crime? >> you're on private property on school property. we're asking you to leave at this time. [ pause ] >> greene is now charged with killing officer justin martin, who had only been on the urbandale police force a year, and sergeant antioch beminio a father of three children. a four-year battle between pro wrestler hulk hogan and gawker is over. the founder of the company settled for $31 million. silicon valley billionaire peter thiel financed the lawsuit against the celebrity goss up publication.
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hogan was suing them for invasion of privacy after it leaked a sex tape. gawker went out of business in august after the company filed for bankruptcy. in san francisco, thousands of cartoons can settle down at last after months in limbo because the museum that they call home has finally signed a new lease. the cartoon art museum had to live soma after the rent was too high. but its new beech street location has plenty of space for 7,000 pieces in the museum's permanent collection plus a workshop, bookstore and classroom. you can see visit the museum starting in the spring. >> very school. >> favorite cartoon? >> oh, gosh. i don't know. charlie brown? >> oh. >> i don't know. bugs bunny. >> inspector gadget. >> okay. >> i could keep going. >> speedy gonzalez. [ laughter ] >> well, of course. >> you know, i used to like that pepe le pew. >> oh, yes! >> pretty good.
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>> flintstones, jetsons. >> yeah. >> cartoon network. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> you have a great cartoon voice, actually. >> don't put me on the spot. >> go ahead. >> do it. >> oh, no. >> come on. >> no! something like it's going to be a pretty day. >> okay, guys, let's take a look at traffic now. [ laughter ] >> oh, god. i'm never going to live that down! [ laughter ] >> oh, my gosh. southbound 101 at lincoln avenue. this is a chp-issued traffic alert so definitely causing a lot of delays in the area. it's an overturned truck and will take a while to clear out. 30 minutes or more. right now, you're driving at just 16 miles per hour so that backs up into novato. here's the golden gate bridge looking good in both directions. 580 to golden gate toll plaza will take you 15 minutes. now moving over to a situation here in hayward, southbound 880 before hesperian boulevard is a two-vehicle crash off to the shoulder. but still causing some delays. cars moving in the area at about 30 miles per hour. and then if you are taking that
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on to the san mateo bridge, think again! westbound 92 after the high- rise, this two vehicle crash is out there still blocking the right lane causing some major slowdowns. take a look at the traffic live here. 880 to 101 will take you a long 26 to 30 minutes. moving over now to the south bay, looking good all green which means traffic is moving smoothly throughout the area, 101 northbound between that 280/680 split to highway 237 will just take you 13 minutes. roberta, i'll send it to you! [ in cartoon voice ] >> i apologize for putting you on the spot but i have been telling roqui for months she has this great natural voice and she should be doing cartoons. [ laughter ] as we take a bird's-eye view out from our kpix 5 studios across the bay, looking east, san francisco 55. east the bay bridge in the mid- 50s in oakland. currently 47 in santa rosa. we are now at 50 in redwood city. we do have a high surf advisory in place for today for this
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yellow highlighted area. that's all our local beaches because we do have a storm out over the open waters that's churning up the surf. we'll see some of these swells up to 27 feet like mountains! all right. temperatures across the bay area today we are talking about warmer than yesterday. slightly above average. 67 degrees in pacifica. moss and montara beaches. up to 70 in half moon bay. abundance of sunshine around the peninsula today in the low to mid-70s in fact we'll top off at 75 degrees in los gatos, saratoga through willow glen into morgan hill. 77 degrees in the gilroy area. winds today northwest east of the bay temperatures topping off at 72 in brentwood to 74 in discovery bay. then once you get near vallejo, benicia, martinez, temperatures even out at 70 all the way through the carquinez strait. american canyon also at 70. 60s and 70s will be common north of the golden gate bridge far reaches of the north bay. we are talking about a high temperature of 75 degrees in cloverdale. now we do have today sunny
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skies. we will experience a dry weather pattern on friday. we begin to see increasing cloud cover on our saturday. that will lead to the potential of rain showers on early sunday morning leaving us with partly cloudy skies during the afternoon. don't forget to set your clocks back one full hour on sunday morning as daylight saving time comes to an end. and then once this system passes, well, we will have partly cloudy skies for the raider game. lots of dry weather and sunshine on monday through wednesday. that's a look at your local forecast. we'll be right back.
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the u.s. is the beacon of freedom around the world. those of us who served in the military are very proud of that. i believe very, very strongly in our country
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and what we stand for. i went to iraq in 2004 to fight for freedom. for generations, our troops have sacrificed for our freedoms. one of the most important things we do is vote - to protect that freedom. i'm tom steyer. let's make the people we're so proud of, proud of us. please. vote. vote. vote. vote. reporter: good morning, everyone. given the history, it is hard to imagine a more memorable world series. the magic of the game 7 captured all the drama, emotion and the 108 years of a drought
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unmatched in sports history. charlie sheen better known in cleveland as wild thing, check it out. game 7 top of the 6th, cubs leading 5-3 and there goes david ross a final game of his career. and it's 6-3. it's now 6-4, bottom of the 8th, rajai davis used to play for the a's and giants. just tied the game. lebron is jacked. a 17-minute rain delay and then in the 10th inning, ben zobrist doubles in the go-ahead run. indians 8-7, two out and here's how it ended. >> here's the 0-1. this is going to be a tough one. the cubs win the world series! >> chicago wins a game for the ages. 8-7 in ten innings. they come back from a 3-1 series deficit to win their first world series title since 1908. >> it's really great for our
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entire cub-dom to get beyond that moment and continue to move forward because now we have an opportunity to be good for a long time without any of the negative dialogue. the burden has been lifted. it should have never been there in the first place i don't think. but now we can move forward. >> the longest drought title now belongs to the cleveland indians. they have not won the world series since 1948. warriors and the thunder, remember kevin durant's old team? the thunder? they are in town tonight. and that is where our sportscast will emanate from. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great day. he john cusack, bonnie hunt and 7... including john cusack, bonnie hunt and eddie vedder. but perhaps the best known of all was the always zany bill murray... who spoke with after the game. a lots of celebrities were at the world series including john kuszak and others. perhaps the best known was the always enyaing bill murray who spoke with the reporters after the game. >> i think you should probably
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all just relax. there's champagne right here. oh, no. >> oh, no. [ laughter ] >> ouch! that must have hurt their eyes. murray is from chicago. >> he is still partying. >> trying to get them drunk. >> all right. [ laughter ] it's 6:26. election day, two bay area counties will test out a new strategy to hopefully speed up the vote counting process in a big way. >> silicon valley traffic worse than los angeles. the hot spots that made the list. ,,
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season will start this weekend
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-- but there is a warning from the a body found partially buried in a shallow grave. investigators will continue to search for clues today. >> and it looks like dungeness crab season will start this weekend but there is a warning from the department of health. >> we have a high surf advisory in place today. we are going to track an incoming system that will affect your weekend. >> and marin commuters listen to this. we have a traffic alert on southbound 101 headed into san francisco. we'll tell you about it coming up. good morning, it is thursday, november 3. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. once the sun comes up crews will start digging through a crime scene at sonoma state university. they are investigating after someone found a dead body. it was discovered near a parking lot. kpix 5's anne makovec is live there with details. anne. >> reporter: they have the back section of the parking lot here
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behind me closed off right now. officers are here to keep the scene secure overnight. they will be back out here this morning looking for clues at 8 a.m. a landscaper discovered it yesterday afternoon. a partially burled body found in a wooded area near parking lot m. officers say that given the condition of the body, it seems like somebody who died recently and today they hope to find out more as to who this person is. no idea. >> we have no suspicious missing persons that we are aware of. there's no links to anyone who has been reported missing. and so we have no idea who this may be. >> reporter: so this morning, crime scene investigators, violent crime detectives, will be combing the crime scene trying not to disturb it while they search for clues. obviously, a real mystery here in the north bay. live in rohnert park, anne makovec, kpix 5.
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the dugness crab season opens locally on saturday for recreation but with an asterisk. the california department of public health warns people not to eat the guts of crab caught north of point reyes because of domoic acid which makes people sick. but the meat is safe to eat. commercial crab season is set to open on november 15. and you are ready for that, right? >> yeah. i bought a crabbing net yesterday. >> i cannot believe it! >> i'm excited. >> where are you going to go? >> um, probably pacifica but i heard go very early because i'm sure the entire bay area will be there. >> when you catch the crab you're going to do what? >> steam it and eat it! >> you are, okay. >> i'll try to bring in some on monday if i catch any. >> i want pictures! >> good luck. >> i think i'll be making a trip to chinatown down to the pier, right? out the door, temperatures in the 40s and 50s.
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we do also have the clear skies looking up from our kpix 5 studios in an easily direction. we are looking towards the estuary and we can see it visibility is unlimited. and if you want to compare these temperatures to yesterday, we are a couple of degrees warmer at this hour than we were 24 hours ago. now, meanwhile, this is our futurecast. i want to look ahead because i know a lot of you make weekend plans. we have an area of low pressure and it will be providing some rain showers primarily to the north of the bay area but some of these showers will trail off into the santa rosa area by saturday night. a chance for early sunday morning. but it will not interfere with the raider game at 6 p.m. playing host to the broncos. okay, 49ers are playing, too. it will be partly to mostly cloudy. meanwhile this area of low pressure is producing a high surf advisory in places generating a lot of high swells and, in fact, some up to 20 and 27 feet. obviously there will be some sneaker waves and rip currents. so stay out of the water. onshore basking in sunshine, 70
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in half moon bay. low 70s around san mateo through woodside. mid-70s in morgan hill. 77 gilroy. east bay numbers stacking up from 71 degrees in walnut creek to the low 70s in concord, clayton and walnut creek. mid-70s in pleasanton. mid-70s in brentwood, tracy, oakley, discovery bay and mountain house. 60s and 70s will be common in the northern portion of our bay area with the northwest breeze to five pretty flat so good- looking day in stinson beach. far reaches the north bay with the sunshine 74 degrees in windsor. we'll go ahead and track that incoming system again at 48 after the hour. first, here's roqui. >> thank you, roberta. it is 6:34. let's talk about the traffic alert here on southbound 101 in san rafael. it is causing some major issues if you are heading down the area into san francisco. here's a look at lincoln avenue an overturned truck still blocking the two right lanes and it's causing traffic to back up all the way into novato at highway 37 just beyond
6:35 am
highway 37 actually. now let's also take a look at the golden gate bridge. looking good in both directions if you are heading from 580 to golden gate bridge. that will just take you 14 minutes. moving over now to hayward, southbound 880 before hesperian boulevard this two vehicle crash off to the shoulder. but still very slow in the area. cars moving at 20 miles per hour just to meet up with this crash on the high-rise of the san mateo bridge here causing big traffic 880 to 101, 56 minutes between 880 and 101. back to you guys. when track is awful along bay area highways it is easy to think los angeles has it much worse than we do. but a new study shows that's not true. maria medina reports from sunnyvale to break down the myth. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. yeah. this new study says the south bay has worse traffic than one major city. as somebody who lives in the south bay this study is no lie.
6:36 am
this is one of the hot spots that made that study highway 101 through sunnyvale and mountain view, also making the list is highway 237 in milpitas and 280 in downtown san jose. so what makes these so horrible? well, a new study says that there are mega-commuters in this hot spot. basically, drivers are spending more than 90 minutes in their car one way. even more surprising in the study is that it says there are more mega-commuters in silicon valley than in los angeles. >> it's very bad especially down the 101 corridor, 87, two two. -- 280. there's no respite. everywhere you go, there's traffic. >> reporter: all right. according to the study, among the silicon valley drivers here, more than 5% are mega- commuters. and that's one whole percentage point more than los angeles. so what is the problem? according to the study, they say it's because of affordable housing.
6:37 am
more people are living outside of silicon valley and commuting in so they can find affordable housing outside our region. live in sunnyvale, maria medina, kpix 5. >> where are these people driving from? did the study say? >> reporter: yeah. the study said san francisco obviously and alameda county and san joaquin county. >> thank you. campaign 2016. volunteers from the bay area are trying to get support for their candidates in the all important battleground states. phone banks are buzzing with activity at the bay area headquarters for donald trump and hillary clinton yesterday. they are reaching out to voters in other states. clinton leads in california. two bay area counties are making changes to speed up the vote count. in sonoma and santa clara counties, ballots will be picked up on election at midday on tuesday. in santa clara county courier
6:38 am
teams of two will pick up ballots from 210 precincts. the county is also adding four more high speed ballot counting machines bringing the total to 18. >> all our machinery here will be working 24 hours a day with staff flattening ballots and counting ballots until we can go final. >> santa clara county has a record 875,000 registered voters. so election officials are recommending you vote early this weekend if possible. and remember to tune into the kpix 5 morning show on wednesday after the election. we'll have a complete breakdown of the results and analysis of the big races. california bail bond agents want to step in to defend the state's cash bail system on tuesday san francisco city attorney dennis herrera refusing to defend a lawsuit filed against the city last year. the suit claims that it violates the constitution to keep people locked up awaiting trial because they can't make bail. the california bail agents association wants the judge to allow the group to step in and
6:39 am
fight the lawsuit. today in berkeley, attorneys and city leaders will discuss why a medical marijuana dispensaries is no longer at risk of shutting its doors. a lawsuit filed by the federal government was seeking to shut down the berkeley patients group over a zoning issue. the lawsuit has now been dismissed. the dispen isry claims it was an -- dispensary says it was political. two u.s. service members were killed in afghanistan as they fought with troops against taliban insurgents. two other americans were wounded. nato says the americans were part of the train, advise and assist mission in afghanistan's kunduz province. time now 6:39. a snapchat video could be the key to catching the vandals who tried to ruin a theater production at a bay area high school. >> and an abandoned fishing boat has been parked off the coast for weeks. why no one is coming to remove the vessel. >> and the market just opened
6:40 am
up about 10 minutes ago. into dow is up. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
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good morning. welcome back to "kpix 5 morning news." let's take a free ride around the bay area. it's going to be gorgeous at the beaches today. but we have a high surf advisory in place. low 70s around the peninsula. topping off at 73 degrees in palo alto. good morning mountain view in the low 70s. san jose at 73 degrees. east bay numbers also 73 in danville, dublin and livermore. hello to you in the north bay, numbers stacking up in the 60s to the low to mid-70s. full sunshine northwest breeze
6:44 am
to 5 and 71 degrees in lakeport. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins us now from new york. gayle, good to see you. >> reporter: hey, michelle. did you hear who won the world series last night? [ laughter ] >> i think i did. yeah. >> did you? >> she watched the end. >> right here on the paper. if i look tired tonight it's because i stayed up late to watch. it was a thrilling end to the longest sports drought in history. we're going to take you to progressive field and then chicago where the cubs fans have been celebrating like that lionel ritchie song, all night long. oh, yeah. we'll also talk with the cubs owner and we'll take you inside a lab where researchers are working on a better smartphone battery that won't catch fire. we like the idea of that. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 on the dot. about 15 minutes from now. >> all right. we'll see you. looking good, too, even with no sleep, gayle. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> well, i don't feel so good. but it was worth staying up late on a school night.
6:45 am
>> i know. >> see you, michelle. good to see you. >> it was a great game. >> you look pretty good too considering you stayed up for most of the game. >> most of the game, yeah, thank you. >> it was awesome. >> thanks. [ laughter ] investors in menlo park -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> facebook may have a reason for concern. >> all right. let's get serious now. please. help us out. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks! >> everyone is glowing after that game. come on, it was one of the best sporting events ever. it was fantastic. and, of course, the cubs game is trending all over facebook right now. facebook really was trending high in the recent quarter. its profit tripled. its revenue was up over 50% just blockbuster numbers as facebook crushed expectations. however! the company is warning that its advertising revenue both is slowing down. and on top of that, it still plans to spends a lot of money on opening new data centers adding new engineers, as it looks to build out the business. investors are worried about
6:46 am
facebook's growth and as a result, shares in the company are down by 5% in the early going today. san francisco activity band maker fitbit is getting hammered after a weak 3rd quarter. it saw a big drop in sales and fitbit is also warning that its holiday season growth won't be as strong as in past years. as a result, fitbit shares are down by 30%. unemployment up 7,000 this week to 265,000. i think that's still decent job growth. labor delivers its october jobs report tomorrow. economists expect a gain of 170,000 jobs. wall street looking to rebound today after the dow dropped under 18,000 for the first time since july. and so far we are doing okay. let's take a look at the big board. dow up by 25. pressure on the nasdaq from facebook, it's pretty flat right now and the s&p is higher by 2 points. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio.
6:47 am
santa rosa police hope a video helps them find who trashed a theater. students at santa rosa high found their set and props were trashed. it's four days before the show. >> this video could be the key to tracking down the vandals responsible. a woman forwarded it to police and said she knows the two people who were involved. the theater students aren't going to let this setback ruin their production. the first performance is scheduled for tomorrow night. it is 6:47 right now. let's get a check on traffic with roqui. >> thank you. good morning, everyone. let's take a look at mass transit first before we talk about traffic. we have a ten-minute delay out of the daly city station into the east bay so we'll keep you posted as to when that's back on time. ace train 3, muni and caltrain are on time. let's move to the chp issued traffic alert now in san rafael. southbound 101 at lincoln
6:48 am
avenue this overturned truck is still blocking the two right lanes and backing traffic up into novato past highway 37 so definitely keep that in mind if you are headed out right now but as you are headed to the golden gate bridge you're all good going into the city. 580 to golden gate toll plaza will take 15 minutes. moving over to a different story here on the san mateo bridge very slow conditions due to a crash after the high-rise. that crash is off to the shoulder. but still residual backups. 880 to 101 will take you a long 66 minutes. wow! that's a terrible commute. let's head over now to southbound 880 in fremont. after stevenson boulevard this two vehicle crash off to the shoulder. but still some delays in the area. cars moving at just about 40 miles per hour. and also the bay bridge toll plaza the maze to downtown, this will take you about 20 minutes. this is nothing compared to the san mateo bridge. 66 minutes into the peninsula, roberta. >> wow. you can't blame that on the weather. we have clear skies from the coast through the bay through the peninsula into our inland areas. this is our live weather camera
6:49 am
featuring the sun beginning to make an appearance in the mount vaca area. a few clouds line the sky but otherwise, visibility is unlimited. the temperatures are slightly more mild or warmer than 24 hours ago. 47 degrees in santa rosa. it is 52 degrees into the tri- valley. good morning to our weather watcher peggi rodgers in petaluma sporting 45 degrees. thank you for waking up early, peggi, and checking in with us here at kpix 5. it's going to be to pan out to be a really good-looking day today. seasonal temperatures all the way through saturday and then a chance of rain saturday night through your sunday morning. this is why. it's our satellite and radar and we see these clouds shearing off producing some light rain showers around the northwester quadrant of the state of california. here's our other image. this one is from goes west 10. we have high pressure here and it's blocking this area of low pressure to the north of us. but this is such a potent system. it's going to churn up our surf and we do have a high surf advisory in place for this huge
6:50 am
highlighted area here. that's all of our beaches. we expect some of the swells so large, they are going to look like mountains! 20 to 27 feet swells. futurecast clearly illustrates today lots of sunshine. not a cloud in the sky. during your friday we see a few of these clouds begin to drift into the area. then as we approach your saturday, the return of the marine layer along the seashore increasing cloud cover you can see some bands of rain showers to the far north of the bay area. saturday night santa rosa gets weather. overnight the system falls apart and then it leaves us with a chance of rain very early on sunday morning. today's forecast high temperatures 60s and 70s. 75 degrees in san jose. our extended forecast calls for a slightly warmer day on friday. increasing cloud cover on saturday with that potential of showers overnight through our sunday morning. and then there you have the dry weather pattern monday through wednesday. be sure you turn your clocks backs one full hour saturday night. daylight saving time ends.
6:51 am
have a great day. residents in bodega bay are fed up with an abandoned fishing boat. officials say it's too expensive to move. neighbors say it reeks of fuel. the vessel washed ashore back in september. officials say its owner was running from the law and abandoned it. it's been on the beach ever since. it will stay there until someone pays to remove it. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:54 am
yesterday, crews began more parts of the old eastern span of the bay bridge are starting to disappear. yesterday crews began removing the first of 14 smaller trusses. each weighs about 1.7 million pounds. crews cut the piece away from the bridge and then lowered it down to a barge. they will dismantle it at the port of oakland and send the materials to recyclers. if all goes well, the dismantling of the old bridge
6:55 am
should be finished by the end of 2018. ive things to know at the :55. the cubs arrived back in chicago this morning as world series champions. the cubs defeated the cleveland indians 8-7 in the nail biting game 7 last night in 10 innings. this is the team's first world series title in 108 years. with election day just five days away, hillary clinton and donald trump hold dueling rallies in north carolina. in arizona yesterday, clinton painted a picture of trump as president. the republican nominee spent the day in florida hammering clinton over the fbi's inquire into her email scandal. and authorities in iowa are trying to figure out what motivated the ambush style killings of two police officers. police believe that 46-year-old scott greene used a rifle to execute the officers as they sat in their squad cars. san francisco's city attorney will announce a major legal development in the millennium tower controversy today.
6:56 am
the tower has sunk 16 inches and began leaning in the 7 years since it was built. investigators from the a tf in oakland are looking into the huge fire near lake merritt this week. the fire gutted an apartment building under renovation on lester avenue on monday morning. atf agents will comb through the scene and collect evidence to try to determine the cause. i'm maria medina live in sunnyvale where a new study says south bay drivers spend more time in cars than in los angeles. this is one of the hot spots here. traffic definitely starting to slow down. it is 101 through mountain view, another hot spot 237 in milpitas, and 280 in downtown san jose. so what makes these spots so horrible? according to the study, those drivers are mega-commuters according to the study. basically they spend more than 90 minutes in their cars each way. and there are more mega-
6:57 am
commuters here in silicon valley than in los angeles. >> i used to live down near the l.a. area and it's just about as bad here as it is there. >> it's pretty bad. between 3:00 and, let's say, 8:00, you can't get anywhere. >> reporter: and that is the truth having lived here in the south bay for more than a year [chuckling] now. now, according to this study, among those silicon valley drivers, more than 5% are mega- commuters. and that's one whole percentage point more than in los angeles. so exactly what is the problem? according to the study, they say it's affordable housing. more people are leaving silicon valley looking for cheaper housing. then they commute here to work. live in sunnyvale, maria medina kpix 5. as a l.a. native i can confirm that story is definitely true! the bay area traffic is awful! let's look at san rafael southbound 101 at lincoln avenue. this was a chp-issued traffic alert. that's canceled. they removed the truck from
6:58 am
lanes but as you can see it's blocking traffic -- excuse me, backing traffic into novato past 37. at the golden gate bridge smooth sailing into san francisco. 580 to the golden gate toll plaza will take you 15 minutes. moving to the san mateo bridge, very, very slow conditions from hayward into the peninsula. 880 to 101 now will take you 45 minutes. and this is due to an earlier crash after the high-rise of the bridge. and a look at the bay bridge toll plaza the maze to downtown right now will take you 22 minutes. roberta, i'll send it to you. the traffic may be horrible, but the sun rises are just gorgeous! look at that. oh, my goodness. boy. clear skies, visibilities unlimited. it's going to be a perfect day here in the bay area as far as our stats are concerned. 40s and 50s out the door. high surf advisory in place.
6:59 am
swells up to 27 feet with sneaker waves so please be careful at the ocean. later today onshore temperatures topping off in the 60s and the low and mid-70s warmer today than yesterday. and we do have again temperatures along the coast and half moon bay up to 70. 70s peninsula. 70s to the east and to the south. we're also talking about stinson beach with a good- looking day a slight breeze out of the northwest at 5 miles per hour. equally as warm tomorrow. richmond main street is celebrating 15 years of service today. a big anniversary party is planned tonight during the event. there will be a special salute to the 95-year-old park ranger with the national park service in richmond. she is the oldest park ranger in the country. the party starts at 6:00. >> i'm going to meet her soon. >> you are? >> yeah. >> i'm emceeing an event coming up and she is going to be the main speaker. >> she is a wonderful lady. captions by: caption colorado
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west it is thursday, november 3rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the cubs win their first championship in more than a century. the team known for losing completes a historic world series comeback in extraordinary game seven. we'll talk with the team's owner about how the cubs ended the curse. hillary clinton's lead over donald trump sh ripgs dramatically in the latest cbs news/"new york times" poll. melania trump jumps back on the trail to campaign for her husband today. >> samsung faces new legal action in the controversy over smartphones. catching on fire. we'll take you to a lab where


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