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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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from the campaign trail. >> we are standing against the possibility of returning and normalizing discrimination. >> reporter: hillary clinton courted voters in north carolina last night alongside former rival bernie sanders. >> we're voting for the most powerful leader in the world. >> reporter: a singer provided star power as the race between clinton and donald trump tight jones this election is just too important. i couldn't sit on the sidelines and just be quiet. >> reporter: democratic nominee used her most powerful surrogate to sway young voters in the key state of florida. >> all the progress we've made these last eight years goes out the window if we don't win this election. >> reporter: trump got a rare boost from wife melania in pennsylvania yesterday. she appealsto women. >> we must find better ways to
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honor and support the basic goodness of our children, especially in social media. >> reporter: trump's daughter ivanka hit the ground in new hampshire. republican nominee held several events in north carolina. once again, bashing his opponent's email scandal. >> hillary thought nothing of putting classified information on her illegal server, which our enemies now have hacked. >> reporter: despite the push by both candidates, a cbs news/new york times poll finds 92% of voters have already made up their minds. hena daniels, cbs news. >> trump and clinton both campaign in the battleground states of pennsylvania and ohio today where the races are tight. an anonymous source says that beyonce will join husband jay z at a get out the vote concert in cleveland tonight. also on the ballot a vote over legalizing recreational marijuana. new numbers show proposition 64 is expected to pass. kpix 5 reporter lisa chan is in the newsroom with the breakdown
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of the all new poll. lisa. >> reporter: if passed anyone over 21 will be allowed to grow six plants. it imposes 15% tax on retail sales of the drug. the latest field poll shows 57% of likely california voters are for prop 64. that is down from about 60%. if passed, anyone over 21 will be allowed to grow as many as six plants. the department of finance could bring in as much as $1 billion in tax revenues each year. the state's legal marijuana market is bringing in an estimated $2.7 billion. that could reach $6.5 billion by 2020. but despite the support, police chief and district attorneys are worried about people driving under the influence. >> if you look at colorado and you look at washington state, their traffic collisions and fatalities have increased significantly. >> the measure supports revenue so that law enforcement can
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administer the new law and develop working standards for duis in crafts. >> reporter: next week's decision is after previously being rejected. lisa chan, kpix 5. the battle is heating up over the ballot measure to provide billions for bart. steve glazer will hold a conference at the station in fremont. it's still under construction today, two years late. senator glazer says that's one example that bart can't be trusted with more money. meanwhile yesterday bart released this video of continues under downtown san francisco. they say the waterproofing is wearing out and water is seeping into the tunnels. bart is urging voters to pass the measure with $3.5 billion for upgrades and repairs.
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be sure to stay tuned to kpix 5 for election coverage tuesday and wednesday. it is 6:03. let's check the commute with roqui. >> that was a good picture of you both, very cute. [ laughter ] >> the bay bridge toll plaza is our hot spot this morning. we have light conditions around the bay area. the maze to downtown westbound will take you about 18 to 20 minutes out the door. and highway 4 antioch to pittsburg you have cars moving at about 30 miles per hour between hillcrest and highway 242. that will take you about 10 to 15 minutes. we do have a new crash to report actually if you can imagine this is the only crash we have had to report all morning so far. northbound 680 before concord avenue an injury crash. right lane is blocked. moving down now to the altamont pass, our other hot spot this morning out of tracy at just 20 miles per hour.
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you're moving slowly into livermore though. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass will take you up to 30 minutes. so that's probably our worst hot spot this morning. altamont pass to 680 along the dublin interchange will take you 15 minutes. here's a live look at that. a live look at the nimitz 238 in san leandro to the maze a quick 16 minutes. roberta, i have my black and silver ready. >> you're ready for the raiders game? >> yes! >> okay. i'm so excited, as well. and what a football game that's going to be. they are playing host the broncos. both teams 6-2. we have that forecast coming up. right now, let's head outside where we do have clear skies from our kpix 5 studios looking due east towards the port of oakland and the estuary of oakland. temperatures not as cold as just 24 hours ago but santa rosa still 44. upper 40s in livermore. high 50s in san francisco. it's currently 54 degrees in redwood city. high surf advisory has been extended now to 3 p.m. for this huge highlighted yellow area. and if you are going to see the
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pretty waves, it's a beautiful sight, please stay back from the angry ocean. we have been noticing some sneaker waves lapping onshore due to the fact that these swells are building, mountain sized up to 25 fed at mavericks. ocean beach 15 to 20 feet. onshore temperatures above average for this 4th day of the month of november. highs in the 70s at rockaway beach through moss and montara beaches. half moon bay in the 70s. you know it's a good-looking day when half moon bay is 72 degrees. san mateo same. peninsula all in the low to mid- 70s as we jump into atherton, woodside back through los altos. los gatos in the mid-70s. flirting with 80 in gilroy today. east bay numbers to nearly 80. rentwood, tracy, oakley, discovery bay and mountain house, as well. carquinez strait all in the low 70s. martinez, vallejo, benicia, all the way back into american canyon in the low 70s. stinson beach you're the high 60s but that's a really good- looking day with ample sunshine
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and gentle northwest breeze at 5. 70s common around petaluma into san rafael, terra linda, novato, as well. occidental healdsburg all at 74 degrees. 75 in windsor. we do have temperatures in the 70s today coming down slightly for your saturday with increwing cloud cover and by the way, saturday night when you go to bed or sunday morning at 2 a.m., it's time for you to set your clocks back one hour as we return to standard time. what are you going to do with that hour? >> sleep. >> i just want to sleep. the dungeness crab season is set to open locally tomorrow for recreational fishermen. there was a long delay last year because of the presence of domoic acid. the california department of public health says the crab san mateo currently safe to eat but people are warned not to eat the guts of any crab caught north of point reyes. the commercial crab season is scheduled to begin november 15. today a news conference
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will offer new developments on a police sex scandal that's affecting multiple bay area counties. the victim, jasmine abuslin, was a teen prostitute who went by the name celeste guap. she is suing the oakland police department for $66 million. just yesterday a fourth oakland cop was charged in the case. terryl smith is accused of using law enforcement databases to inform abuslin about her criminal record. a well-known bay area chef is facing dui and drug possession charges. the chp says michael chiarello was arrested early wednesday morning on silverado trail in napa county. it's not far from his restaurant in yountville. chiarello is on the food network. he settled a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by two former servers at his san francisco restaurant. southern california is known for its palm trees but they are threatened. the palm weevil is a little
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larger than a penny. it feeds on palm trees and can kill them. palm weevils have already caused a lot of damage in mexico and experts are concerned that they could soon invade los angeles and orange counties. >> when there's hundreds of them feeding in the top of the palm tree they turn the top of the palm tree into this mush. normally the palm fronds should look like this. but the weevil larvae have done an enormous amount of damage. >> scientists are trying to get an eradication strategy. time now 6:09. harvard has benched its entire men's soccer team for the rest of the season over behavior the university is calling disrespectful and degrading. >> and the city of lights goes completely dark as a blackout at the paris casino sends guests scrambling. >> good morning from our kpix 5 studios where today's going to pan out to be warmer than yesterday but not only are we changing our clocks back one hour over the weekend but
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there's a weather change this weekend. you need to know about it. >> and here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where those metering lights are on and backing traffic up to the maze. coming up we'll have a look at the south bay. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by "living spaces furniture" ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a huge fire is burning in san bernardino this morning. it good morning. time check 6:13. i know it's kind of hard to see but get a little bit closer to your tv screen. we are looking at sneaker waves all associated with swells that have been building to mountain size. 20 to 25 feet in the pacifica area through mavericks right around, oh, san francisco coastline. some of these waves up to 10 feet easily. high surf advisory is extended until 3 p.m. this afternoon. we are going to talk about a
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big change in your weekend forecast. roqui is going to help get you out the door with traffic. we have traffic and weather together in less than four minutes. a huge fire is burning in san bernardino this morning. it started around 4 a.m. at a pallet yard. the flames then spread to a nearby strip mall. about 80 firefighters are on the scene right now. no word yet on injuries or cause of the fire. happening today in oakland, a showdown over illegal dumping. the city is holding a town hall meeting on the issue today. people to live in parts of east and west oakland say the public works department is slow to clean up trash,er furniture and human waste on city streets. the problem, public works has a fleet of aging dump trucks that break down often. they are hoping to buy new ones but in the meantime, that public meeting will be held at 5:30 this afternoon at st. louis bertrand church. harvard university suspended its soccer team. some accused of disrespecting
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and degrading women players. the school says they continually took part in a sexually explicit scouting report in which they rated the incoming women freshmen players. the harvard men are top in the ivy league. they are out the rest of the season. thousands of guest and employees were evacuated from the paris hotel and casino in las vegas yesterday morning when a contractor working in the basement cut into the main power line. power is now back on after a full day of being off. it's costly for the hotel. >> paris size about $1.8 million a day in revenue more or less for that particular one but that's the average. >> power has been restored and guests have been allowed to return to their rooms. hm. a little bit of "oceans 11" action going on there? >> we thought the same thing but hopefully not. [ laughter ] in kansas a man breaks into an unlocked car and takes a cat
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bar and apologizes. the college student who lost the kit-kat snack is getting candy. hunter found the whole thing so funny he posted a picture of the napkin apology on twitter. soon, more than 500,000 people liked it. and the company that makes kit- kats decided it would only be right to send hunter a couple of bars. about 6500! can you imagine? now hunter and his peers are having a good time snacking on all those kit-kats. >> i'd like to give him a hug for doing all this for me because it turned out to be really cool. this is college. it's the crazy stuff that happens all the time. it's fun to just embrace it and go for the ride. >> my dream, a carful of kit- kats! [ laughter ] >> hunter says he is a little bit nervous about all the attention but does say he will focus more on school and less on candy. how can he focus less on candy now that he has so much? i don't know. >> this reminds me of our billy poon story. >> oh. >> we work with a guy here our weather producer billy greatest
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guy in the world but he has a whole drawer of candy that he lets michelle steal out of but somebody has been stealing his candy and i never eat his candy and got one the other day and i looked up and he had a camera there. i said michelle, you have to tell him i never stole candy just that one time only and he has a camera. >> then we started posing and stealing more. >> of course we did. >> camera! >> michelle is always walking around the newsroom looking for kit-kats. >> another one has reese's pieces. >> we need to move on. >> move on. >> we get so distracted. the altamont pass here, coming off 205 in tracy. you're at 12 miles an hour. this is getting worse. it gets better north flynn road at about 30 miles per hour. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass westbound will take about 32 minutes. highway 4, if you are driving between the antioch and pittsburg area looking good through antioch but in pittsburg you're moving at just
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about 25 miles per hour. hillcrest avenue to highway 242 will take you 12 to 15 minutes. and an accident this morning northbound 680 before concord avenue, it is an injury crash and we have crews blocking that right lane trying to clear out the situation. but it's also counter-commute so luckily not causing many delays in the area. but let's take a look at the nimitz freeway live looking good in both directions. 238 in san leandro to the made will take you about 16 minutes. and at the bay bridge toll plaza a different story the metering lights on, traffic starting to back up to the maze. the maze to downtown will just take you 15 minutes. so moderate. roberta, it's friday. what you doing tonight? >> tonight, thank you for asking! i'm emceeing the tri-valley conservancy charity gala. we are all about protecting open space, protecting you. wildlife and future generations. so thanks for asking about that. that's tonight in livermore tri- valley conservancy. good morning, everybody! currently in the tri-valley, in livermore, 49 degrees. it is 44 in santa rosa.
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san jose now in the 50s. high 50s san francisco. not as cold this morning as 24 hours ago but nonetheless, we still have a bite in the air. make sure the kids leave the house for school for that bus stop with the light jacket. it's going to pan out to be a fantastic friday. the warmest day of the workweek. we'll be noting increasing cloud cover on saturday and that will lead to the potential of a few raindrops overnight saturday night into sunday morning primarily the far north bay. and then, boy, do we have a weather pattern you need to know about. first off, see these -- last night's sunset is spectacular. all due to the filtered clouds, well, we'll see a few of those again today. then a clear slot. then this area of low pressure, it is powerful! it's generating some high swells also some big, big water as far as rain showers are concerned. dumping into the pacific northwest, also victoria british columbia. then we have the monsoonal moisture over arizona. smack in between, it's a quiet weather pattern for us. we are under that huge dome of high pressure. again that area of low pressure still about 1,000 miles off the
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coast generating so much power, we have that high surf advisory in effect until 3:00. it has been extended. please be very mindful of sneaker waves lapping onshore. play along at home. this is our futurecast. you can see the increasing cloud cover by our saturday. there's the leading edge of precipitation far reaches of the north bay, saturday night a few rain showers across santa rosa and it falls apart overnight. you see we stopped off at sunday evening. we have us some football! the raiders playing host to the broncos. derek carr, he is the man! 62 degrees and partly cloudy skies. travel weather for this getaway friday, 80s in throughout the central valley. currently 30 on the south shore going up to 68. but if you are heading to the mountains, stay on top of the weather forecast with this incoming system. we could see light snow early on sunday morning. 68, wow, pristine in monterey bay. sunrise at 7:39. by the time it sets, we'll have temperatures into the 70s from the beaches to our inland areas. my outside number easily 78
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degrees flirting with 80. cooler on saturday gently and then for your sunday, remember to turn your clocks back one full hour when you go to sleep saturday night on wake up sunday morning. have a great day. we have sports next. ,, ,, important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes -
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it is time for the pharmaceutical industry to stop ripping off the people of this country. the entire nation is looking at california. let's go forward together. thank you all very much. there's even more to worry about in hello, everybody, from oracle arena. the warriors and the thunder last night. during their eight seasons together in oklahoma city, kevin durant and russell west -- westbrook really formed one of the best one-two punches in the nba. but they have not spoken since kevin durant signed with the warriors in july. the silence between the two players continued last night. kd and westbrook no pregame handshake.
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the most interaction the former teammates had was when they blocked each other's shots in the 2nd quarter. early 2nd quarter now, durant knocks down one of his career high tying 7 three-pointers. golden state up 38-32. westbrook remembered when did he that in okc. minutes to go in the half warriors up 20. kd buries another three. he had 29 in the first half. and the warriors led 68-43. final seconds now the 3rd quarter, durant throws down the huge dunk giving golden state a 28-point lead. he finishes the game with 39 points against his former thunder teammate. golden state wins 122-96 and for those keeping score, durant and westbrook did not acknowledge each other after the game. but durant did have words with other teammates. >> was it just normal trash talking? >> he was talking to me. how many minutes did he play? three minutes. kind of like --i'm trying to focus on whoever is on the court, you know? he is trying to talk to me from the sideline.
6:26 am
but, you know, i'm sure he going to put something on twitter tonight. >> i notice you were checking your phone. did kevin durant text you? >> i talked to my wife. >> do you expect a text from him? >> um, i expect to get on a plane and get ready go home, go lay in my bed and get ready for saturday. >> westbrook did add they will see the warriors again. the sharks losers to calgary last night 3-2. i'm dennis o'donnell, kpix 5. it is 6:26. a high surf advisory has been extended for the bay area. but there's even more to worry about in one coastal town. >> california voters are divided on the death penalty. competing ballot measures are both close to passing. coming up we'll explain proposition 62 and of 6. -- and 66.
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university. and why many bay area volunteers investigators have identified the man found dead in a shallow grave at a bay area university. >> and why many bay area volunteers are making a four- hour drive to support hillary clinton. >> good morning. it is friday, november 4. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. 6:30. here's a live look at the surf in pacifica. the national weather service warning people to be careful close to the water because some of the waves rolling in today could be as high as 20 feet. and they have issued a high surf advisory from point reyes to big sur. coast guard crews say it's best
6:31 am
to stay away from the jetties and rocky areas. sneaker waves also a concern. now pacifica residents who have seen damage from erosion say that even though the waves are impressive, they're being very careful. >> when you're driving down the street and look straight at the ocean, you can see the waves across the freeway so you know they are definitely piping up. >> honestly i'm just kind of battening down the hatches in my backyard. since february's storm, i have minimized what's in my backyard. >> the winter storms did so much damage to some pacifica cliffs that multiple homes were deemed unlivable. every time you see these swells people always go to the piers want to go check it out but it causes so much damage. >> and yesterday we saw some scenery where there were two men in lounge chairs just parked on the beach. that's a good idea because they were far enough off the seashore because the sneaker waves do lap onshore especially when you have have swells up to 20 to 25 feet. they have been reported around the mavericks area so the
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national weather service has issued a high surf advisory to remain in effect until 3:00 this afternoon. it's pretty sloppy out there, as well. cold waters between 54 and 58 degrees. sneaker waves and especially some very dangerous rip currents. please, be very mindful if you are heading out to the ocean and watch your dogs too as they run along the seashore. this is your live weather camera from the transamerica pyramid looking east to the bright lights of the estuary of oakland and the port of oakland. the air temperature is in the 50s. we have dipped into the 40s in the tri-valley and also inland in santa rosa at 44 degrees. 42 in napa. today's going to pan out to be the warmest day of this workweek. we're talking about temperatures above average. 70s across the board from rockaway beach through moss and montara beaches and half moon bay. that's a good-looking day in half moon bay even in capitola into the mid-70s today. 70s on the peninsula with the abundance of sunshine and high, thin cirrus clouds drifting
6:33 am
overhead. 73 in los altos. 78 in morgan hill. east bay numbers all the way up to 78 in brentwood, tracy and discovery bay. 60s stinson beach, not bad. 70s in sonoma and upstream we go as well. a big change for your weekend forecast. those details at 48 after the hour. right now, here's roqui. >> thank you, roberta. east bay has a new crash to report in oakland. let's take a look now at the map. eastbound 580 before 10 sixth avenue, it's a solo car crash but it is blocking the two right lanes. crews are clearing it out. on the right side not causing delays in either direction. moving over to the nimitz freeway a live look here 238 in san leandro to the maze, will just take you 17 minutes. and a different story here at the bay bridge toll plaza, those metering lights are on. and there's some delays heading into the city. the maze to downtown will take you a moderate 23, 25 minutes or so. now, moving over to highway 4 if you are traveling through antioch and pittsburg, you are moving at just about 20 miles per hour through pittsburg on
6:34 am
to 242 and 680 and then a look at the altamont pass here off 205 at just 25 miles per hour so pretty slow conditions that will be a 30-minute commute between north tracy and the altamont pass. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. today a news conference offers new developments on a police sex scandal that's affecting multiple bay area counties. kpix 5's maria medina is live in martinez with the latest on the case. >> reporter: good morning, kenny. yeah, the contra costa county district attorney is expected to hold a press conference later this morning. and he is expected to announce whether he is going to charge some bay area police officers already accused in a growing sex scandal. just yesterday, oakland police officer terryl smith was charged in the scandal. and at the center of all this, celeste guap, a former teen prostitute who told kpix 5 that she had had sex with more than 30 bay area police officers most of them current and former oakland police officers. about a half dozen have been charged so far.
6:35 am
in the latest case, officer smith is accused of not only having sex with guap but also accessing a law enforcement database to tell her about her criminal history. now, we asked our kpix 5 legal analyst what she thought about this case. >> even though officers are charged with crimes, most of the time they are acquitted or a hung jury because jurors just tend to believe officers over their accusers. >> reporter: now, guap is suing the city of oakland for millions of dollars. the press conference today comes after the district attorney learned that several richmond police officers have been fired for allegedly being involved in this sex scandal. that press conference is expected to start at 11 a.m. live in martinez, maria medina, kpix 5. with just four days until election day, the presidential contenders are now focused on their get out the vote effort. in a cbs news/new york times poll, released yesterday, 92% of likely voters say they have already decided who they are
6:36 am
voting for and won't change their minds. that number was 95% among supporters of both donald trump and hillary clinton. given those polls, many bay area clinton supporters are making the four-hour drive to nevada to get out the vote. one couple gave up a vacation to knock on doors instead in reno. they are hoping they can change voters' minds. recent polls in nevada show trump in the lead over clinton. back in the golden state also on the ballot, death penalty initiatives. as kpix 5's lisa chan shows us, voters are less agreeable on this issue. lisa. >> reporter: kenny, prop 62 would end the state's death penalty and replace it with life in prison. a field poll shows 51% of voters support the measure. that's compared to 45% who are opposed to it. as for prop 66 it is a much tighter race. a new field poll shows that 48% of voters are in support of the measure. that's compared to 42% who are opposed to it. 10% of voters are still
6:37 am
undecided on the issue. the measure would shorten the time of appeals that challenge death sentences to a maximum of five years by eliminating excessive reviews. >> the goal is to complete the state process within five years. is that a hard and fast rule? do we think it's going to happen right away? no. but we have to have some timelines to be able to start somewhere. >> the proposition would also allow condemned inmates to be housed at any state prison and not just in a maximum security san quentin facility. if both prop 62 and prop 66 win at the polls on tuesday, the one with more votes will become law. live in the newsroom, lisa chan, kpix 5. be sure to tune into kpix 5 on tuesday for complete election coverage. then on wednesday morning, we'll also be on air at 4:30 a.m. with the latest results and analysis. authorities in oakland are still trying to identify the woman found dead in a park yesterday. someone spotted the body just
6:38 am
before noon at arroyo viejo park on krauss avenue. police dug for evidence. right now it's unclear how the woman was killed. but police say they are treating as suspicious. sonoma county sheriff's investigators have identified the human remains found in a shallow grave on the outskirts of sonoma state university. a landscaper discovered the remains on wednesday while clearing brush on the campus in rohnert park. investigators confirmed through fingerprints that the remains are those of 18-year-old kirk kimberly, a cotati resident who had been missing. kpix 5 spoke with a family friend who went to the scene before investigators officially identified him. >> he left home and did not come back. he left on a bicycle. and they have not seen him since. >> sheriff's investigators say that this is now a homicide investigation. they urge anyone with information to contact them. time now6:38. police are pursuing new leads in a murder mystery in the oakland hills from more than a
6:39 am
decade ago. >> a wayward bearded dragon is causing a commotion in one bay area neighborhood. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the big board right now. you can see the dow is up about 3 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
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good morning. it's friday but i know you're looking ahead to the weekend. how about heading out to discovery day? that's tomorrow at at&t park. sun and clouds, 63 degrees. great day for kids. also, for the kids and for you, too, holiday ice rink in san francisco, yes! at the embarcadero center, it's opened up this weekend. in the low 60s. how about holiday ice rink at
6:43 am
union square? also opening up. partly cloudy skies, can we say holiday season? if you are ready for football the san francisco 49ers hosting the new orleans saints sunday at 1:05, partly cloudy, 67 degrees. but if you wanted some real football? we're talking about the oakland raiders. [ laughter ] >> playing host to the super bowl champions the denver broncos. we are going to have some sun and clouds, we are going to have 62 degrees and we are going to guarantee a big raider victory!! thank you. the final jobs report before tuesday's election. >> joining us now kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning, michelle and kenny. some smooth skating for the economy in october as employers were hiring at a decent clip. the labor department reporting a gain of 161,000 jobs. there were decent upwards revisions to the prior two months with gains we have seen. the unemployment rate is down to 4.9%. probably the biggest takeaway from this report is that wage growth was up 2.8% compared to
6:44 am
a year earlier. that was the strongest gain in 7 years. the federal reserve will take note of that as wages are a big inflationary factor and low inflation has been a key reason why the fed hasn't raised rates this year. the fed stayed pat on rates this week before the election. but this report ups the odds on a potential rate hike in december. lots of earnings continue to flow in and san mateo based gopro not doing very well. the action camera maker reported a 40% plunge in revenue in the recent quarter. and its holiday forecast isn't all that great despite the recent release of its much- anticipated karma drone. as a result, shares in gopro are diving by 16% this morning. other bay area firms like blue mobile and symantec pulling back their respective earnings results. fireeye is a big winner. its shares are surging higher on strong numbers. overall the market fairly flat. it's been a tough week for wall
6:45 am
street. let's go back to the big board and see how we're doing so far. the dow now turning negative this morning. it's down by about 20 points. nasdaq off by 3. the s&p is down by 1 points. kenny and michelle, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michelle. ahead cbs news has learned that husband intelligence is warning -- has learned that u.s. intelligence is warning three states about a new possible terror threat before election day plus we'll look at the currents ways to win for each presidential candidate. we'll talk to two men. also instagram's cofounder is here with how the social network is expanding to let users buy what they see. stephen colbert is here in studio 57 with big plans for election news. the night is we'll be right back. >> thank you. see you at 7:00. >> the news is back in the morning.
6:46 am
we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you. we'll see you at 7:00. [ no microphone ] >> a missing safe pet is the talk of the town. >> here's why. a family is looking for the bearded dragon. take a close look at this. his name is sticky. he has been gone for about 11 days. the lizard is about 15 inches long. he is gray cream and sometimes orange. >> he was last seen in the backyard of his owner's home on 20th street. the community is keeping an eye out for sticky but the lizard expert at the san francisco zoo tells us if you see him, approach him slowly so you don't spook him. his owners hope someone will return him. >> trying to get my lizard back. this is his pictures. -- this is what he looks like. this is his picture. >> it is legal to keep bearded dragons as pets. time now 6:46. let's get another check of traffic. here's roqui. >> all right. let's take a look here at this traffic throughout the bay area. starting with the san mateo bridge, it is going to come up
6:47 am
-- are we -- hey. i'm going to send it to you, roberta. we're having some technical difficulties over here. >> okay. we'll see if we can send it on back over to you after this fine weather report comes up here. good morning, can we do that here? 6:47 in the morning. taking a look at our live weather camera. these things happen. yeah. no heavy lifting at this moment for you, roqui there. good morning, everybody. our live weather camera looking out from our live kpix studios looking east towards the port of oakland and the estuary of oakland. we're starting to see the makings of a sunrise. we have a few high, thin clouds drifting across there. 44 in santa rosa. upper 40s in livermore. currently 52 degrees in san jose. weather watchers in the area checking in. inland areas that's where it's the coldest in fairfield, brentwood and concord. all according to linda, paul and ron. all in the 40s. meanwhile, the closer you get to the body of water, the bayside, alameda, darryl yee is reporting 53 degrees. here's what you need to know on
6:48 am
this friday. it's going to be the warmest day of the workweek. we'll be noting some increasing clouds on your saturday but still really a pretty day and then a chance of rain showers very early sunday morning primarily while you sleep. okay, last night's sunset was beautiful because of high clouds overhead. it will be the same again today. rain is associated with an area of low pressure. it's vigorous and strong. but it's going to take the energy to the pacific northwest and victoria british columbia. monsoonal moisture produced an awesome haboob, dust storms yesterday in phoenix. we are smack in between two weather systems so we're quiet under the influence of high pressure but it begins to break down with the approaching system. that's why we are putting the sprinkles in the forecast saturday night. but this system albeit 1,000 miles off the coast, it's got so much power, it's generating some high surf that we have
6:49 am
extended that surf advisory until the midafternoon hours. we are still seeing some swells out there towards mavericks. up to 25 feet. 20 off the seashore of pacifica. futurecast you can see the clouds associated with that system well offshore. but here they come! increasing on saturday, there's the leading edge of the precipitation making it into the santa rosa area by about 9:00 in the evening hours. and then it breaks apart as it digs to the south. it just falls apart at the seams. so your sunday is not a game changer at all. you can head on outdoors and enjoy your sunday. 6 p.m. partly cloudy 62 degrees for our raiders. statewide getaway friday 80s throughout the central valley, 68 today? >> 30 on the south shore. be very mindsful. changing conditions in the mountains this weekend. we -- be very mindful of the changing conditions in the mountains this weekend. we could have snow on sunday morning. san jose futurecast illustrates today by lunchtime easily in the low 70s. going up to a high temperature there today of 76 degrees at mineta international airport international airport, but i'm giving the rose garden district
6:50 am
today 77 degrees. nearly 80 in gilroy. 70s around the bay. here's your extended forecast. again, increasing cloud cover on saturday. we do have your sunday being a decent day after a couple of raindrops and then dry weather monday through thursday. roqui, don't forget to change your clocks! >> you are right. i will not. let's talk about traffic now. starting in oakland, eastbound 580 before 10 sixth avenue a solo car crash blocking the two right lanes. it's cleared and there are no delays but we see delays on 880 northbound into downtown oakland. to mass transit throughout the area, currently no delays to report. bart, ace, muni and caltrain all on time. but we do have some delays here between the antioch/pittsburg area on highway 4. in pittsburg you're driving at just 13 miles per hour if you are headed towards 242 and 680. hillcrest avenue to 242 will take 30 minutes. the altamont pass traffic off 205 in tracy you're moving at just 18 miles per hour. so you're inching your way
6:51 am
through north flynn road where speeds pick up to about 30 miles per hour. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass will take you 28 minutes. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. investigators say they have new leads in a 12-year-old cold case. crews were digging yesterday in west oakland at 7th and maritime streets. more than a dozen police officers and fbi agents were on scene. according to the alameda county district attorney's office, it involves a homicide that happened in the oakland hills in 2004. the investigators aren't saying what led them to this location. they just hope it finally leads to some answers. >> time now 6:51. a manhunt in south carolina this morning after a woman is found chained up inside a storage container. >> reporter: they are already in hot water for an alleged sex scandal. why some bay area officers could find themselves in even more trouble. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 am
6:53 am
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are focused on getting their supporters to the polls with just 4 days until the election. hillary clinton and donald trump are focusing in getting their supporters to the polls with just four days until the election. a cbs news/new york times poll finds 92% of voters have decided. both trump and clinton campaign in pennsylvania and ohio today. iraqi troops continue to make progress in the effort to drive isis out of mosul. this morning, iraqi special forces recaptured six districts in the eastern part of iraq's second biggest city. today is the most intense violence since the operation began two weeks ago. authorities are still searching for the boyfriend of a south carolina woman who went missing back in august. police found kala brown alive chained by the neck inside a container. todd kohlhepp a registered sex offender faces kidnapping charges. police identified a man
6:56 am
found dead in a shallow grave on sonoma university. the body was discovered wednesdays. kirk kimberly's death is being treated as homicide. a high surf advisory is extended through this afternoon for the bay area coastline. we could see waves up to 20 feet. the coast guard is urging boaters and surfers to be extra careful out there. i'm maria medina live in martinez where the contra costa county district attorney plans to hold a press conference later this morning. he is expected to announce whether he is going to charge some bay area police officers already accused in a growing sex scandal. just yesterday, oakland police officer terryl smith was the latest to be charged in the case. at the center of all of this, celeste guap, a former teen prostitute who told kpix 5 she had had sex with more than 30 bay area police officers, most of them current and former oakland police officers. about a half dozen have been charged so far. in the latest case, officer
6:57 am
smith is accused of not only having sex with guap but also accessing a law enforcement database to tell her about her criminal history. guap is now suing the city of oakland for millions of dollars. as for the press conference, it comes after the district attorney learned that several richmond police officers had been fired for allegedly being involved in the scandal. that press conference is expected to start at 11 a.m. live in martinez, maria medina, kpix 5. good morning. it's 6:57. let's check the crash northbound 880 in san leandro. sorry our graphics are not working. this is before marina boulevard. a motorcycle crash and crews are blocking three left lanes. roberta, if you are ready i'll send it to you. [ simultaneous speakers we want to remind everybody at home we have a high surf advisory in effect until 3:00 today because of the swells. still building up to 20 and even 25 off mavericks. sneaker waves certainly possible, as well. live weather camera looking
6:58 am
out. wow! skies are beginning to brighten up. you can see the high, thin cirrus clouds that will be part of your day today. overall, sunshine, temperatures into the 40s and 50s. it is now 59 degrees in san francisco. and later today, numbers 70s from the beaches through the bay into the peninsula and our inland areas. 76, 77 around san jose. low 70s walnut creek, concord, clayton, but then we jump into the mid-70s around the tri- valley. nearly 80 in discovery bay. yeah, you can still take the boat out on the water. how about that! 60s and 70s common across the north bay today. 72 degrees in petaluma. and mid-70s common in the far reaches of the north bay. the winds will be gentle. don't forget to set your clocks back one full hour. that will occur on saturday night as you go to bed or 2:00 in the morning on sunday. we do have a dry weather pattern with just a few sprinkles saturday night into sunday morning. two belgian runners are taking a jog down the golden gate bridge today but athletes like these will hardly break a
6:59 am
sweat. >> this duo is running a marathon every day for 590 days. every day! we caught them mid workout in point reyes yesterday. the athletes actually quit their day jobs to run from alaska to argentina. and while they jog 26 miles a day, their wives follow behind them with u-hauls passed into apartments. they are raising money for an organization supporting disabled athletes. they have a family member and close friend who became paralyzed because of spinal cord injuries. >> he never can run again because he has the spinal cord injury so that's why we are running now for those who can't anymore. >> so cool. they plan to reach argentina by april 2018. so good luck. >> what's remarkable is they stay healthy. i have been 31 marathons in 10 years and they are doing this every day! i mean, no knee injuries and all for a great cause. >> yeah. >> how many shoes do they go through? >> a lot! 31 marathons, 0, 0, 0 marathons for us. >> right. captions by: caption colorado
7:00 am good morning to our viewers in the west, it is friday, november 4th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." four days to go. hillary clinton makes a big city push for votes while donald trump rallies small town supporters. we'll show you each candidate's path to victory. sources tell cbs news police in three states are being warned about a potential terror threat. they're concerned about attacks before election day. >> only on "cbs this morning," the former wife of subway pitchman jared foghle tells us why she's suing the sandwich chain. she claims subway knew about potential problems with her husband, years before she did. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye


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