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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  November 15, 2016 3:12am-4:01am PST

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>> incredible. i think the ark is causing time to loop. >> you're talking crazy. >> no. no. i don't know. i remember. this guy, umm, he's good big scar across his face. he calls himself father. brown eyes, a little bit of stubble. that big guy, brother? dark hair, baby face. sonny, full beard, shaved. >> how did you know that? >> because it's happened before. twice. [applause]
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julie: that was a clip from the netflix sci-fi thriller "ark" and we are back with one of the movie stars, robbie amell. [applause] well, two adorable kid videos are going viral today. the first involves a preschool "mannequin challenge." the footage of the toddlers was posted to social media along with the caption "aww, they almost got it." [laughter] [applause] julie: i think they did it. they did it better than we did it. julie: well another video going viral shows one boy's struggle to get the trash can to the curb
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on a windy day. when he pushes the can forward they can lid flies back and hits him on the head, pushing him backwards. the can then topples over and he tries to drag it back up when a big gust of wind blows and takes him out altogether. [laughter] [applause] julie: so cute. good for him for doing chores. i said good for him for doing chores. right? [applause] julie: good for him. good parenting, teaching him to do chores. all right. what household chore do you dread doing? sara: well, i also like that kid's perseverance. he was like being thrown all around the driveway and he's like i'm going to get this can back where it's supposed to be. robbie: spoken like a bunch of mothers. i'm on the kid ice side. that's terrible parenting.
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he's getting blown across the street. julie: the kid's got to learn. physical you become a parent. robbie: the little guy feels me, for sure. sara: the chore that i hate to do, you know when you get to the sink and there's like a pan that's crusted with stuff and you're just -- it feels insurmountable. i'm never getting this off. that's how i feel when i look at it. julie: you've got to do the presoak. it's all about when it goes in the sink, it's got overflow with water. aisha: that's a very sexy conversation. it really is. julie: we'll be right back. [applause] eucerin has been solving
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[applause] julie: now is a great time to follow us on twitter and instagram to join our conversation. our "top talker" is co-host of "access hollywood live" kit hoover. [applause] kit: first of all, i want to start off by saying you four were so gracious to my mom who was visiting. they went out of their way to be so kind to my mom. you're now on her fridge in the refrigerator. he looks like tom cruise, right? we got to talk about something. what's my topic, pink? did you see her instagram if pink is having a baby. so darling. she posted this shot right there with her daughter, willow sage who is 5 and just said "surprise." first of all, is pink the cutest mom of all time?
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she said motherhood healed her. i pictured her in the room swinging on the ropes but she kept this a secret. so my question for y'all is are you good at keeping secrets? robbie: i'm actually the fourth in a long line jewelers. my dad was like you're not going to be a jeweler. one thing that comes with being a jeweler, was you have to be able to keep secrets because of engagement rings and marriages. i'm phenomenal at keeping secrets. i had to keep my wife's engagement ring a secret for a year. aisha: didn't someone in your family design it? robbie: my dad and i designed the ring together. he makes unbelievable work. [applause] kit: he hooks like tom cruise and he's sweet. sara: why did you hold it for a year? just making sure? [laughter] robbie: we've been together for
3:25 am
a long time but my sister and her boyfriend had been together longer and she's older than me. and i was giving her the opportunity or him the opportunity to propose first and it got a point where i was like i'm sorry, billy, i got to just do it. [laughter] robbie: it's burning a hole in my pocket. kit: i'm good. i put it in the vault but if i have a little chardonnay, sometimes the vault comes open. and i'm like here's what i know. [laughter] [applause] sara: i'm really good at no matter how much alcohol, i am a vault. the only time i blow it is if i forget that somebody told me it's a secret. you know somebody tells you something and a year passes and as it's coming out of your mouth, you're like wait a minute. [laughter] aisha: i'm pretty good at keeping a secret. i just don't -- just forget if it was a secret, i just forget what you told me. the other days, i told the story that my mom told me.
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and i'm like that didn't even happen to me. it happened to my mom. i'm the worst. julie: i'm good on the vault. they say married couples share everything. if you tell me don't tell anyone, that includes my husband and i do not tell. if they don't want to tell anyone and it's not something that affects them anyway. so no. sheryl? sheryl: i couldn't hold water if i was a bucket. no. [laughter] [applause] julie: kit hoover, everybody. thank you, kit. we'll be right back. [applause] julie: up next, a legend of daytime television, regis philbin. it's a love thing.our hair with preference, superior preference by l'oréal. with up to 12 tones in each luminous shade. preference is uniquely blended to be dimensional and fade defying up to 8 weeks. superior preference from l'oréal hair colorist/paris youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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healththe better.lieves the simpler the ingredients, which is why healthy choice simply café steamers uses 100% natural chicken and absolutely nothing artificial... [applause] aisha: our first guest holds the guinness world record for spending more time on camera than any other human being in the history of television. in that time, he's won seven emmy awards and has become a genuine show business legend. right now, he's teaming up on stage with comedy icon don rickles in "rickles & regis: mr. warmth's 90th birthday laughfest". [laughter] [applause] aisha: please welcome the great regis philbin! [cheers and applause]
3:31 am
[laughter] [cheers and applause] audience: regis! regis! regis! regis: how are you? oh, boy. [cheers and applause] sheryl: all i have to say to you, regis, we did "man crush monday" just for you! [applause] regis: what are you talking about? it's regis and robbie. you can't beat that. [laughter] [applause] julie: sounds like a new show. regis: nice to see you, everybody. sara: a couple of weeks ago, kathie lee gifford made headlines when she dressed as
3:32 am
you for halloween. regis: i couldn't believe that. [laughter] regis: you know, i got so confused when i had to go out there that day but when she called me up, she said here's what i'm going to do. i'm going to may you on halloween. and i said that's nice, that's cute. and hoda is going to play -- julie: her. regis: yeah, kathie lee. and she said what do you got left? and she said you're going to play gelman. [laughter] [applause] regis: gelman! [laughter] [applause] they took that little hat on me. over here. i looks like a moron, you know. i couldn't believe it. that was something. robbie: when kathie lee was unable to host live, one of your favorite guest host was your wife, joy. and there was one time where you
3:33 am
had a fight and you had to co-host together. regis: how do you know all this? robbie: i did my research. regis: she was involved in quite a number of times but on this one particular time, we went out to see one of steven spielberg's movies, i forget which one, but it was snowing briefly and we went to the wrong theater. and, you know, when you go to the wrong theater with the wife, all of a sudden, you're the dope! sheryl: right. [laughter] regis: so we had a little bit of a tiff. you know what i mean? finally, we just gave up. we went to the restaurant and we got home and the snow was still pouring down but we weren't talking. no talking. aisha: ooh! oh, no. [applause] regis: robbie, remember that. just to give them nothing back, you know? sara: julie, you do that. regis: the phone rings at 6:30 in the morning. it's kathie lee.
3:34 am
she's out o'out in green visit. she couldn't get in. can joy do it? and i thought oh, my god. [laughter] we're not talking. [laughter] regis: but we did it. we got there and i didn't say a word to her on the way in because i couldn't help it. you understand, don't you? [applause] regis: so we go there and he goes -- her dressing room and i get ready. and we go out together. look at each other. [laughter] regis: and then we had to break down and talk, you know. [laughter] regis: i was right. no, you were right. julie: what a great show opening. you had a great topic to discuss. regis: and why did you remember that? robbie: i got married a month ago tomorrow. regis: oh, is that right? [applause] robbie: i figured i would get
3:35 am
the advice. who is right? regis: you're always going to be right. remember that. [laughter] aisha: opposite. julie: joking. regis: it's tough. you'll get through it. aisha: you'll live through it. let's talk about these live shows with your great old friend the incredible don rickles. [applause] aisha: you guys are doing these shows in honor of his 90th birthday tournament. has don meloed in any way? what -- mellowed in any way? regis: no, he didn't mellow at all. i met him -- i was working in san diego and he came down with -- to do a talk to a group of guys who were running stations or rather, businesses in san diego and they had a long table like this. five guys on that side, five other here. and rickles was there at the end of it. and there was one chair that was vacant. and so i got in the chair and i
3:36 am
brought my camera crew and i said wait till it's over and then i'll do an interview with him. and so he took them on one at a time and just -- it was hysterical. it was screaming with laughter. the other guys were laughing because he was talking to this guy. well what's your -- well, i run a big store. at whatever it was and rickles would just bang it down. julie: eviscerate to the people. regis: yeah, assist eviscerate. write that down for me. [laughter] [applause] regs: it was hysterical. you had to love it. when it was all over, i went to him and i said, you know d [laughter] aisha: she's writing down eviscerate. aisha: write one for me too. and after it's all done, i get together with him and i said we got to do an interview with you. ok, fine. set the camera up. we're there. we're going into it. and he says to me what's your
3:37 am
name? [laughter] regis: regis. regis? that's all he had to hear. and he took it right to hell. [laughter] aisha: and you've been friends ever since. julie: regis philbin, ladies and gentlemen. hold on. listen to this. because it's very important. if you're in the l.a. area, you can see "rickles & regis: mr. warmth's 90th birthday laughfest" this friday november 18 at the canyon in agoura hills and this sunday november 20 at the rose in pasadena. we'll be right back. [applause] they've waited all year to share the turkey, the potatoes, and the stories. so make sure the waiting is worth it. only mccormick has all the pure flavors you trust to bring your family together for the pumpkin pie and the memories. mccormick. pure tastes better.
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[applause] julie: a big, big thank you to regis philbin for coming on the show today. [applause] julie: to robbie amell for co-hosting with us. thank you for joining us. and remember -- it's always the right time to have "the talk"! [cheers and applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is r,,,,,,,,,, about --
3:42 am
obamacare. which you say you are going to repeal and replace. when you replace it, are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes, because it happens to be
3:43 am
one of the strongest assets. >> going to keep that? >> also children living with their parents for extended period. >> keep that. >> very much try to keep that in. adds cost, but very much something we are going to try to keep. >> there is going to be a period, if you repeal it, and before you replace it, when millions of people could lose -- >> simultaneously. it will be just fine. we are not going to have a two-day period. not a two year period where there is nothing. it will be repealed and replaced. we will know. it will be great health care for much less money. so, it will be better health care. much better. for less money. not a bad combination. >> you can see the full interview with president-elect trump on our hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really... ...need a sick day. dads don't take sick days. dads take dayquil severe: the... ...non-drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat, stuffy... ...head, no sick days medicine.
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the democratic party is still reeling from its election day losses. not only the presidency but seats in the house, the senate, and several state houses and governorships. the electoral map was a sea of red. including a lot of places that have been blue for generations. senior correspondent ted cop el reports from one such place. >> reporter: mcdowell county, west virginia, echos to the sound of used to bes.
3:47 am
used to be 100,000 people in the county. used to be. back when the coal mines ran three shifts a day. that's another used to be. automation cutback the work force, machines replaced men, that was already anner to back in 1960 when john f. kennedy was campaigning here. >> what are your plans for the situation existing in the coal mines in west virginia? >> i think there are four or five things the government can do. first, the area redevelopment bill. >> reporter: jfk carried the county. carried the state. folks here used to be staunch democrats. used to be. >> i graduated from high school in 1973, and it was bustling then. the streets were full. the businesses were here. and -- then, i got laid off in '82. when the bottom went out. >> reporter: mcdowd county says sheriff martin west is in disparate straits.
3:48 am
>> this county was one of the most prosperous in the state at one time. these were the billion dollar coal fields. they were just, enjoying the richness of it. and now we are on the bottom. we are being totally neglected. >> reporter: most of the mines are closed now. and the county is down to fewer than 19,000 residents. too many of those on welfare and food stamps. unemployment is more than double the national rate. this used to be a wal-mart. used to be. so, when the voters went to the polls last tuesday. >> you look at our miners. hillary clinton wants to put all the miners out of business. >> actually, i would say, 90% of west virginia will vote for donald trump. ain't going to say if he is a savior if we have a chance. he could possibly help us out. >> mcdowell county was unambiguously, trump country.
3:49 am
>> voted for trump. >> trump. >> trump. >> look to see trump win. >> president donald j. trump. 4614. hillary clinton. 1429. >> donald trump swept west virginia. trounced hillary clinton. and mcdowell county by almost 4:1. you really think things are going to change? >> i think he can help us, yeah. >> reporter: sheriff west used to work in the mines. then he spent seven years at this processing plant, where they cleaned and sorted the coal that fired the furnaces at u.s. steel. it shut down now. >> they, put all of these regulations on us from washington. and mines were trying to operate. the people is counting on that in order to feed their family to pay their bills. and, and, obey the regulation that we have. but they keep putting more regulations upon us.
3:50 am
>> the sterling drive-in established 1945 is one of the only places left that hasn't it is a good place to talk. this is dolores johnson. >> i'm the president of the mcdowell county chamber of commerce. >> reporter: dloers andly roy johnston have been married almost four decade. he is a retired coal miner. among other jobs. >> my name is brandon burkes, correctional officer at the correctional center. >> this is christen mitchum, unemployed mother of three children. when mitchum was in ninth grade. ed, evans was his science teacher now in state politics. >> the west virginia house of delegates. >> eddie asbury. president of the coal company. seven coal mines. four of them running. three are down. >> i want you folks to tell me why it is that people down here
3:51 am
in mcdowd county, are so much smarter than everybody in new york and washington and los angeles, and chicago. what did you know, that we didn't know? >> really do me, donald trump is, probably the only way this county and little old state is going to survive. >> is donald trump going to be able to make a difference? is the coal industry ever going to come back in west virginia. >> not going to come back to where it was. i don't think we will see the level, but i think we will see some return of coal. it's not a united states market or state market or county market. it is a world market. we got to compete in the world. in the world. >> you think donald trump is going to be able to do that? >> i believe he will. i do believe he will. and, i will be honest with you. i have been a democrat haul my life. all my life. >> reporter:ly roy johnson used to work in one of eddie asburr'
3:52 am
mines. when they come to politics they part ways. >> i voted for hillary because she was more experienced and she was talking about more of the policies thatty need. and the, the things that we need how to work on. donald wasn't talking that. he was just throwing words out there. giving people what they wanted to hear. and, i didn't think that was right. >> you didn't vote did you? >> i did not vote. >> why the hell not? >> i felt that -- this, this was the most ridiculous election i have ever witnessed in my life. i know i am young, but, they went about it the most childish way, some one ever could. through the whole election i never heard either party talk about the lower class. i'm lower class. they're worried about middle-class and higher class. >> you are from here? born here? >> born and raised here. >> you know a lot of people your own age? >> i do. >> is there a lot of desperation. >> there truly is.
3:53 am
i would never imagine in my life i would be in this kind of position. i don't want to leave my home. but i feel as if i'm being forced out of my home because there is nothing here anymore. >> dolores, you are nodding your head. you see a lot of this? >> yes, i agree with what she is saying. it's sad. uh-huh. >> the nuclear family in mcdowell county is really broken down. we have -- some where in the high 40% of kids that do not live waite their, their natural mothers and fathers. >> because? >> because most of them will go off to find jobs in other places. they will mail money become to grandma who takes care, uncle bill who takes care of the kids. >> what's coming out of this community to me is that a lot of people voted for donald trump because they felt what the hell. what have we got to lose? >> uh-huh. >> you buy that? i do. >> we have nowhere to go but up. [ applause ]
3:54 am
>> there is a little disagreement about when mcdowd county held its first veterans day parade. 1919? >> it's one of the oldest in the country. >> hey! >> this last veterans day, friday was picture perfect. the parade came down mcdowd street you could barely notice all the shut down stores. there was a flavor of what it must have been like. not everyone, but most people seemed ready to give their president elect a real chance. >> the voters of mcdowd county gave donald trump a 4:1 margin of victory. he said he is going to bring the coalen dus tree back. you think he can do it? >> i think he could do anything he said he can do. he's that good. >> with the kids, chanting their thanks to the veterans, and the high school bands, and the
3:55 am
crowds, lining either side of ,,
3:56 am
3:57 am
president elect donald trump's campaign pledge to build a wall with mexico is already facing opposition in congress. house majority leader kevin mccarthy says he may not be able to muscle such a proposal through the house. and he says there may be better ways to secure the border such as using drones. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has already refused to endorse a border wall. as for mr. trump's vow to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, it's been done before. carter evans reports. >> immigrants are joining the anti-trump protest worried that the president elect will soon follow through on his promise to deport millions who came here illegally. sisters were brought here
3:58 am
illegally when they were 1 and 3 years old. they're allowed to attend school and work, protected under president obama's dream act. if they're deported their family will be ripped apart. because their two younger brothers are u.s. citizens by birth. >> if we have to go back, we wouldn't want them to go back with us. because they made it here. former u.s. copping rngressman the pain of being sepp rayed from feeling. >> a tough feeling not to know the person that was your father. >> reporter: his father was one of an estimated 2 million immigrants who were part of a government campaign called mexican repatriation. during the great depression, they were herred on to trains and kicked out of the country. >> rounded them all up. shipped them back to their home country. >> just 3 years old, torres was allowed to remain with his mother and brother because they were born here. >> i remember living in -- shacks, you know?
3:59 am
my mother couldn't afford anything better. you know all the days, standing in lane for relief. getting, getting, government issued tennis shoes. >> torres never saw his father again. >> a really dark part of u.s. history. >> raul says it happened again in 1950s when a quarter million more immigrants were sent back across the border during operation wet back. >> these roundups did break up families that have consequence tuesday. >> torres lost a father. his brother had to be raised by family friend. >> my mother had to make a choice. the economy was so bad she couldn't sus taen us both. it scares me because it could happen again. >> but he its hoping that dark chapter of american history will remain in the past. carter evans, los angeles. that's the "overnight news" for this tuesday. for some of you, the news continues. for others, check back with us a
4:00 am
little later for the morning news. and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in n r ♪ it's tuesday, november 15th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." the anti-establishment movement will become the new establishment in washington, when donald trump takes over. but will the president-elect administration bring the nation closer together or pull it farther apart? compromise. >> blind sided from behind. a college student gets kicked off campus after pummeling an anti-trump protester.


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