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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  November 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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a look at weather good morning. thursday november 17, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's take a look outside. we are looking at the bay bridge. never gets old, right? every time i go over the bay bridge to come into the city for work, i love it. >> you appreciate it. >> i appreciate it, yeah. i do not take it for granted. >> absolutely is. so roqui you're wearing purple for a reason today? >> i am. it is world pancreatic cancer day and i emceed the 5k for pan-can bay area and now we are celebrating the day. it's world pancreatic cancer month, also. >> not too late to wear it to raise hope. all right. julie, how's it looking outside? it's a little chilly in here. >> yeah. it is always chilly in here. we fight with kenny over the thermostat. kenny is wearing a full suit so he is not cold. the rest of us dressed as we
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are are chilly. 36 in santa rosa. 49 oakland. 41 concord. 49 in san francisco. a frost advisory in effect for the north bay valleys. temperatures in the 30s and mid- 30s right now could dip down a little bit cooler before -- colder, frankly, before we start to warm up as we head into late morning, early afternoon. so a look at the headlines, yes, a chilly start number one, we could see a little valley frost this morning. sunshine mild today through friday in fact a little warmer on friday rain returns this weekend and it will be soggy. high temperatures today similar to yesterday. upper 50s at the coast. low 60s by the bay. low to mid-60s for the warmer spots. we'll slightly warm and stay sunny before rain on saturday. overnight 3 a.m. that's when the rain begins. i'll time out the rest coming up. first traffic with roqui. >> thank you, julyly. it is 5:01 now. let's take a look in san leandro where we have a crash
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to report southbound 880 after davis street a five-car crash blocking the three left lanes so we'll let you know as this gets cleared out the way. moving over now 880 to the san mateo bridge here's a live look interest hayward into foster city between 880 and 101 a quick 13 minutes commute and also here's a look at the altamont pass traffic coming off 205 at 26 miles per hour. speeds pick up but not by much to 33 miles per hour once you hit north flynn road. north tracy boulevard along 580 westbound to the altamont pass will take you up to 30 minutes if you are heading out the door. also keep in mine, there is a 10-minute bart delay out of the richmond line in the fremont millbrae direction due to equipment problems. the equipment problems are fixed but the day remains. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. in a few hours at san francisco's ocean beach crews will work on moving thousands of tons of sand. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san francisco on why the erosion work is such a pressing
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need around the bay area reporter: starting at 7:00 crews will be trucking sand from the north side of ocean beach all the way to the south side and they have been doing this for the last several years and we're talking tons and tons of sand. the reason is erosion. last month the coastal commission reported that the sea level along the california coast will rise as much as 66 inches by the year 2100. we have do something now before it's too late. meanwhile, over at fort funston, scientists over there are trying to measure how much erosion is going on over there. >> it's always been difficult to measure cliffs especially to think about trying to get out there with a, you know, a survey rod or something, of course we wouldn't do that. it's too dangerous. >> reporter: we have seen the erosion in pacifica, as well. they have gone as far as
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demolishing an apartment building before that goes over the cliff. in ocean beach they are trying to protect a plant and piping from erosion so expect delays through december as crews truck the sand from the north to the south side here and as the sun comes up we'll show you what we're seeing out here as far as erosion. live at ocean beach, maria medina, kpix 5. more walkouts are planned today to protest donald trump's plan to deport millions of criminal illegal immigrants and now some students are pushing to make local universities sanctuary campuses. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at ucsf to tell us what's happening today reporter: lieutenant governor gavin newsom is going to be here to reiterate what the chancellor of cal state just announced, that campuses here in california will not enforce federal immigration law unless they are forced to. basically, making them sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants. this week students across the
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nation staged walkouts at yale university, cal state los angeles, and stanford. many of them with their own personal stories of living in fear of deportation. >> i want future undocumented people to feel like this is their home that there's someone always there for them. this isn't necessarily for me. i'm not fighting for me because i only have one year left. this is for the freshman that's going to come in. >> reporter: she is an undocumented immigrant from el salvador one of thousands of students calling for all colleges to limit cooperation with federal law. the event at uc-mission bay is going to include students from the cal state and uc system. it is starting at 12:30 and more walkouts are planned at colleges across the nation today. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. hey hiker 40s what wearing a head scar -- who was wearing a head scarf claims to be a target of a hate crime. she says someone broke her windshield and left a note when she was hiking in fremont
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saying she was wear a hijab and she should get out of our country. she says she wears the scarf because she has lupus. she is sad. >> i believe they are controlled by fear. >> she is in the middle of a 65 day hike for peace because of election protests. the latest protest in downtown los angeles took the focus off president-elect donald trump and instead protestors last night shifted to steve bannon, trump's appointee as senior counselor and white house strategist. he was a major force to help the election victory. he is a former executive at breitbart news a website. critics say he is a white nationalist. >> he would like the president- elect to take a more qualified and less openly racist and
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hostile candidate. >> an estimated 500 people were there for the protest in los angeles. meanwhile, donald trump's camp is expected to unveil the first wave of his landing team. the crew will head to washington to start setting up staff in key agencies like the state and justice departments. yesterday, trump had several meetings with lawmakers who are reportedly favorites for some administrative spots. among them, alabama senator jeff sessions, supreme court nominee steve mnuchin, and rudy giuliani. current new york city mayor bill de blasio sat down with trump. >> i talked to him about the proposal for tax cuts for the wealthy and for corporations and also raised concerns about some of the messages and some of the rhetoric that for so many people have been hurtful. >> vice president-elect mike pence is in washington, dc leading the transition effort. hillary clinton is urging supporters not to give up in the face of the trump presidency.
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>> hillary, hillary! >> she walked out to a cheering crowd last night and spoke at an event held by the children's defense fund in washington. the appearance was scheduled before the election and she admitted it wasn't the easiest but she told americans to stay strong. >> i know that over the past week a lot of people have asked themselves whether america is the country we thought it was. the divisions run deep but police listen to me when i say this. america is worth it. our children are worth it. believe in our country. never give up. >> clinton started her career as an intern at the children's defense fund. one person confirmed dead and several others injured after natural gas explosion in central illinois. it happened yesterday evening near the downtown square.
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several buildings were damaged. there's no word yet on what may have caused the explosion. a two-block area around the explosion site remains closed off. today tesla shareholders place their votes on a multi- billion-dollar merger with solarcity bee teaming up with the san mateo-based company, tesla would frame its showrooms as the place for all your alternative energy needs. they would offer cars, [ indiscernible ] and solar panels in one space. still, solarcity does carry significant debt and some opponents fear the deal may stem from family ties it since tesla's elon musk is a relative of solarcity's ceo. time now 5:09. it's about positivity and smiles and just letting loose. the unique way these local students get ready to learn every morning. >> she's no stranger to tough battles. how she is overcoming the odds the double amputee and inspiring those around her. >> we are off to a chilly start
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and forecasting some rain on the weekend. details coming up. >> and here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. if you are taking southbound 880 to highway 92, we have a situation there causing some slowdowns. more coming up. ,, (upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center.
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incipal in san ramon i sometimes it's hard to get going in the morning especially if you are in middle school. >> yes, but aprons pal in san ramon is -- a principal in san ramon is making sure her students start off on the right foot. we have this week's "cool school" reporter: the sun is barely up and all is quiet at gale ranch middle school in san ramon. but it all changes as soon as prince pal sue goldman walks out on the -- as principal sue goldman walks out on the sidewalk and starts grooving. >> it was selfish. it was a great way for me to start the day. who doesn't like to dance, you know? >> reporter: she started it as a way to getter will students energized about going to class and it works. >> say for example you have a test during school.
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and it's nice to just let loose and let go of your worries. >> it makes me happy to have a happy teacher every day. >> reporter: her playlist is diverse. a little earth wind and fire, some justin timberlake and the cupid shuffle. her dance moves get everyone going. ♪[ music ] >> so tell me the truth. is she a good dancer? >> yes, she is a very good dancer. >> reporter: so she has some moves? >> yes, she does. >> i'm not a great dancer. i am not. when they see me i don't care what it looks like. i don't care what i look like. i don't care how foolish it is. i'm going to do it because it makes me feel good and so i want them to feel good. >> reporter: as long as everyone is feeling good, she will continue the dance party. >> i just did not anticipate the amount of attention that it's gotten, the amount of positive emails, phone calls. it's -- people like to be
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positive and happy and i think our kids need it. it doesn't matter what race, what religion. we all have a connection. and it's a human connection. and the kids get it. ♪[ music ] ♪ got this feeling in my body ♪ >> good morning! [ laughter ] >> good morning! yeah. good way to start the day. >> i think we should start our day off like that every morning. >> absolutely. i'm looking forward to that day when you come in with the music blaring and dancing into the newsroom. i'll catch it on video. >> i'll be dancing into the newsroom. that's fine. no, but she is great and the kids love it and she says she is always surprised some of the shy, self-conscious kids get out there and dance with her. >> it's a way to unify. >> it's fun because she takes the party inside, too. she takes that disco box inside and the staff is never surprised. >> dance like nobody's watching. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and featu re your
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school on the show. >> think roqui was dancing over there just a little bit. did i see you? >> justin timberlake. >> you can't help it. that was awesome. thank you for that, michelle. you put us all in a great mood already. in san leandro we have a crash to tell you about here. 880 after davis street a crash blocking three left lanes but not causing much delay. as you head down 880 we have a car fire that southbound 880 again after highway 92 and that is causing some slowdowns as you approach the car fire. cars moving in the area at just 6 miles per hour so you're just inching your way to highway 92. let's take a live look at the nimitz freeway locking good in both directions on this end. 238 to san leandro northbound will take you 16 minutes and again remember, those slowdowns on southbound 880 right before you hit the san mateo bridge a live look here from hayward to foster city. that's 880 to 101, that will
5:17 am
take you 15 minutes. let's head over now to the altamont pass traffic coming off 205 you're moving at 23 miles per hour into north flynn road where speeds pick up to 33 miles per hour. north tracy boulevard along 580 westbound to the altamont pass up to 30 minutes on westbound 580. that's a look at your traffic. julie, i'll send it to you. >> thanks, roqui. we're off to a chilly start this morning temperatures in the 30s and 40s throughout the bay area. clear skies and really it's going to be a nice mild day today and tomorrow before we see a wet weekend. out the door grab the jacket especially for the kids this morning. temperatures in the 30s right now in santa rosa, 37 in livermore. 41 concord. 49 in oakland as well as in san francisco and 44 out the door this morning in san jose. our weekend storm will be sinking south tabbing into subtropical moisture and increasing rain chances for the weekend. the amount of rain we see will
5:18 am
be significantly higher than what we have seen lately. futurecast as we time it out we are starting off at 2 a.m. and that's when the rain begins in the north bay spreading south throughout the bay area and east throughout the day on saturday. heavy rain on saturday with totals. unsettled sunday into monday. typical rain for november is 3.5". we are looking at maybe half that in some spots. but certainly 1.5" possible up north. of course these are models predictions so this is not going to be specifically what you see in each of these locations, but just from a general perspective, you can see we're looking at over an inch from many locations possible, could be a good rain producer this weekend. we have a couple of days of dry weather with plenty of sunshine. low 60s around the bay, similar to yesterday we are going to have less wind than yesterday so it will feel a little warmer
5:19 am
for you today. look at some weekend events of course the holiday ice rink opened in san francisco. expect though rain this weekend 63 degrees. downtown ice rink in san jose slightly warmer cloudy with rain likely saturday. probably lingering into sunday, as well. it will be nice there in walnut creek. a nice little -- looks like they are partially covered. 65 degrees walnut creek marin on ice. 62 this weekend for folks there. and, of course, the holiday ice rink at union square. mid-60s this weekend. extended forecast shows a couple of days of dry weather so if you want to hit the ice rinks do it today or tomorrow and then this weekend will be a wet one both saturday, sunday, right now saturday looks to be the wetter day of the two. possibly lingering showers monday and then tuesday and
5:20 am
wednesday we dry out through midweek right now looking at another storm possible towards the end of next week. >> no need to close the skating rinks. >> one rink you should go to tomorrow, the embarcadero lighting. we'll be the host at 6:00. make it! in a small texas town one first grader is rocking a sport that takes balance and strength and drive. >> but autumn difference slightly from other gymnasts because the 7-year-old has no legs. and it doesn't faze her one bit when she nears the mat because autumn has been a fighter from birth. she had a natal stroke and spent 6 months in the nicu. when she was 3 her leg muscles died requiring an amputation but her parents thought she could be a star in gymnastics and the coach agrees she has the coverage. >> i call her diva. it so rings true.
5:21 am
>> autumn is very, very strong minded and loves to prove people wrong. >> autumn's coach says above all the little girl has taught her to be brave. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, with what happens when a pack of deer runs right through a cross-country team? we are going to show you. and why one warriors won't be inviting the singer drake over for dinner anytime soon. those stories coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. you know, when the warriors go on the road it's like the circus coming to town, right? last night in toronto singer drake had his own special night to fire up raptor fans. drake wearing a shirt with espn front and center. trying to race out to a lead in the first the warriors never out of it. curry hangs in the air gets the foul. part of a 23-6 run and they have the halftime lead. 3rd quarter more defense off the steal. curry to kevin durant for a dunk. they combined for a win 127- 121. some of the warriors apparently are friends with drake but kevin durant is not one of them. >> this was drake's night here and he is the one -- give me a taste of what the trash talk was like, what the interaction is like with your buddy there.
5:25 am
>> it's drake's night. >> great stuff. cal's star ivan rabb watching from the bench as the bears hosted ucer vinyl. cal trailed most of the game. but charlie moore out of chicago scored 38 points the most ever by a bear freshman. cal forced over time to beat the anteaters 75-64. a college cross-country race in pennsylvania heard a deer nailed a runner. we'll show you again the kid got back up and apparently finished his race. i'm not sure about the deer. even though he got hit by bambi on steroids. >> i always thought about taking cross-country but i was worried about the deer. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day, from the nba, detroit at new york. it starts off with the knicks stealing the ball in the 2nd quarter.
5:26 am
>> johnson, throws it -- oh, what a finish! >> oh, what an alley-oop! jennings to kristaps porzingis the future of the new york knicker 'bockers new york knickerbockers. new york wins. us against mother nature. how much the sea level is expected to rise in california and what we're doing to fight it. >> and the election of donald trump has california college students looking for sanctuary. we'll tell you what's planned for today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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universities and colleges can protect undocumented students. plus, the rush about to get underway at local airports ahead of the busy holiday travel season. weather a discussion about how universities and colleges can protected illegal immigrant
5:30 am
students. >> a rush to get out early ahead of the busy holiday travel season. >> we're off to a chilly start this morning. but we have plenty of sun and warmer temperatures on the way. rain on the way, as well. details on that coming up. northbound 880 the nimitz freeway we have problems on the southbound side. we'll tell you where. >> good morning, it's thursday, november 17. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. later today, lieutenant governor gavin newsom is meeting with local college students. he is going to talk about donald trump's threat to deport millions of criminal illegal immigrants. kpix 5's anne makovec reports reporter: newsom will be here to reiterate what we just heard last night from the chancellor of cal state. that california college campuses will not enforce federal immigration policy unless forced to by law. basically, making them sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants and protecting students.
5:31 am
this week students across the nation staged walkouts at yale university, cal state los angeles, and stanford. many of them with their own personal stories of living in fear. >> i'm terrified every day. what's going to happen now that he is open and isn't shy about saying that he will deport us. >> reporter: she is an undocumented immigrant from el salvador one of thousands of students calling for all colleges to limit cooperation with federal law. of course, fears of deportation certainly ramped up after the election of donald trump. the events here today gets kicked off at 12:30 with lieutenant governor gavin newsom. he is going to be joined by students from both the uc and cal state system. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. president-elect donald trump may be looking at south carolina governor nikki haley to be his secretary of state despite their rocky past. haley and trump are set to meet today along with former secretary of state henry kissinger and florida governor
5:32 am
rick scott. before the election, governor haley says she was not a fan of trump. trump meanwhile has called the republican governor's stance on illegal immigration weak. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani has also expressed interest in being secretary of state. on monday he laid out his foreign policy vision at the "wall street journal" ceo council prioritizing the fight against terrorism. trump also meets with japan's prime minister today. his first meeting with the world leader since the election last week. a lot of people in the latino community say that they are afraid of what's going to happen with donald trump's deportation plan. nearly 100 people showed up for a meeting in vallejo last night. organizers say that they wanted to come together after they heard about a racist comment at a local high school. the point of last night's meeting whats to try to calm any fears about deportation. >> we haven't been giving any kind of directives that we're going to take enforcement actions against any immigrant communities. >> i want people to see that they are not alone. you know, for the latinos that
5:33 am
come here to see that the community in general in vallejo is there for them. >> the organizers say that this is just the first of a series of meetings that they hope to hold. in just a few hours in san francisco's ocean beach, crews will start moving thousands of tons of sand. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san francisco on why officials are pushing for erosion work like this around the bay area. maria. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. yeah, a little while ago i told you we would show you the erosion going on here at ocean beach. this is what they are dealing with here and we know eventually mother nature will always win. crews will start trucking at 7 a.m. loads, tons and tons of sand from the north side of the beach to the south side of the beach and it was just last month that the coastal commission reported that the sea level along our coast here and our state will rise as much as 66 inches by the year 2100 and they say if we don't do
5:34 am
something now, it will be too late. meanwhile, over at fort funston, scientists over there are busy measuring how much erosion is going on over there. >> you can see how soft the cliff is. that material is just falling apart in my hands. >> reporter: all right. we have also seen erosion over in pacifica. just how bad it's gotten over there, they have demolished and apartment building before it went over the cliff. back out here at ocean beach, they are trying to protect a treatment plant and piping from erosion. the work will continue through december so expect delays. maria medina, kpix 5. we are off to a chilly start both in studio and outside. >> i wear this wool suit every morning so it gets hot in here. >> this is what day 4 for me
5:35 am
this week. i finally wore a jacket. enough. i'm wearing a jacket. it's equally as chilly outside right now where you are, temperatures in the 30s and 40s. pretty much throughout the bay area. in fact, here's a look at those temperatures right now in napa not on this list, 34 degrees clear and calm. that's where you see some of those frost issues developing in some of the wind sheltered areas. out the door everyone in the 30s and 40s this morning. 44 san jose, 41 in concord. we have a frost advisory in effect for the north bay valleys again napa right now at 34 degrees. it is definitely cold up there and you could see some frost. so bring pets inside. this is the morning you want to bring plants inside. chilly start the first headline. sunshine later today mild similar temperatures to yesterday. might even feel warmer because we won't see as much wind
5:36 am
warmer still for friday. rain returns this weekend. it will be soggy for this weekend. in the meantime temperatures today similar to yesterday 58 in pacifica, 62 san francisco. low 60s around the bay. low to mid-60s for the warmer spots inland. 62 livermore. 63 in san jose. futurecast showing you when that rain arrives. we are dry thursday and friday. overnight saturday though friday night into saturday we start to see the rain in the north bay. it will spread south and east throughout the day on saturday. and i'll time all that out coming up. but first, a look at the big game this saturday. the temperatures will be mild in the mid-60s for the big game. 67 sunday showers for the 9ers game, as well. now over to roqui with the roadways. nimitz freeway
5:37 am
northbound from san leandro into the maze 238 to the maze will take 16 minutes. but the problem southbound 880 at the nimitz freeway after highway 92 there's a car that's stalled. slow into marina boulevard. if you are headed to the san mateo bridge here there's a live look now from hayward to foster city. things are starting to slow down that commute will take about 15 minutes between 880 and 101. let's move over now to the bay bridge toll plaza where those metering lights are on. traffic is starting to back up towards the maze. carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze will just take you 25 minutes. and then expect a 15-minute drive through the toll plaza into downtown san francisco. now, we were dealing with an earlier bart delay but now that is recovered all trains on bart are on time. ace trains one and three are on time, muni, caltrain on time, as well. kenny, i'll send it to you. with holiday travel season kicking off tomorrow, officials at the san francisco airport are expecting much bigger
5:38 am
crowds than in the past. they believe that 6.5 million people will be passing through sfo between tomorrow and january 2. that's nearly a 6% jump from last year. 160,000 people are expected to fly from sfo on november 7 the sunday after thanksgiving. officials are urging domestic travelers to arrive at least 2 hours ahead of their departure time on november 27. at least one million people have selected obamacare plans for 2017 despite president obama's vow to repeal the affordable care act. -- despite president-elect trump's vow to repeal the affordable care act. 11million people are expected to enroll. open enrollments is through january 31. we should learn more about the state's healthcare today. the board of "covered california" will release its early enrollment and consumer interest data. they will also hold a panel discussion about future issues and how to improve health insurance coverage. it starts at 10:00 this morning
5:39 am
at the "covered california" tahoe auditorium. and bay area women are lining up at doctor's office to get birth control before president-elect trump's administration takes over because donald trump has said his first priority is to repeal and replace obamacare which guarantees that birth control is considered preventative care and that makes it free. >> the affordable care act includes as one of its provisions that preventative healthcare be made available without a copay through all the insurance plans the affordable care act funds. >> the doctor is concerned that research for new forms of birth control will be slashed from the budget of the national institutes of health. the number of americans burdened by student loan debts has nearly doubled in the last decade. an outstanding balance have topped $1.3 trillion.
5:40 am
cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here to explain and tell us why refinancing could affect borrowers. >> reporter: if you are a borrower with a graduate or parent plus loan you might save more by refinancing because interest on those loans have been close to 7% or higher in the past decade. now, listen, parents, you may have an even better chance because your credit history is established and probably a little better than you kids. so you could be quite appealing to lenders. undergraduate loans have interest rates around 5% in recent years making them hard to beat. don't be lured by a low variable rate. it looks good today but your payments could increase dramatically in the coming years. just pay attention to how much the lower rate will save you over the life of the loan. of course, if you can pay it off quickly maybe in a period of a few years, that variable rate might work for you. >> jill, what about the number
5:41 am
of private lenders has surged recently. so which ones are the most beneficial? >> reporter: well, if you are a prime borrower meaning you graduated from a name brand school you earn a 6 figure salary and you're carrying a large debt load, check out sofi and common bond. they favor safe borrowers but these startups and more traditional lenders like citizens bank or some state authorities have certainly grown more comfortable with the level of risk that they are assuming. that's because the economy gets better more people have jobs. that allows a wider population of borrowers to consider refinancing. you cannot refinance your federal student loans within the federal system. but that may make you think, oh, i should just get out and go to the private market. but you could be giving up some very important options. loan forgiveness for public service jobs and the ability to enroll in an income-based repayment plan. to help you shop around and
5:42 am
compare your offers you may want to check out credible and overture marketplace, both providing borrowers with a cool platform that helps you look at very different individualized offers all in the same place. so check that out. look, interest rates are on the move now could be a very good time to refinance. >> something to consider this morning. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger, thank you. ♪[ music ] it is 5:42. you might be a fan of wine but would you bathe in it? we'll show you where it's become a tradition. >> and parents you want to hear this. some good news about kids' booster seats and their safety. we'll have the story just ahead. ,,,,,,
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oakland mayor libby schaaf says the city is no longer taking applications from police chief sea breeeze we're often to a chilly start. we're off to a chilly start
5:45 am
with clear skies in the wind. we have rain coming up. that and more coming up. oakland mayor libby schaaf says they are not taking applications for the police chief position. sean whent resigned in june. the city will conduct interviews next months. if everything is on schedule the city should have a new police chief by january. here's an image from space showing wildfires in the carolinas, georgia and tennessee. the fires range in size but are combining to create a lot of smoke. more than 30 large fires remain uncontained and overall 128,000 acres have burned. fire crews say that dry conditions and unusually warm temperatures are major factors. one of the wildfires has grown to nearly 5,000 acres in burke county, north carolina. locals say that real fall weather cannot arrive soon enough. >> rain will come when it comes. >> the real rain. >> the real rain. >> so far, no homes have been
5:46 am
destroyed in the fire. tomorrow is the day ski fans have been waiting for. many sierra resorts open ahead of schedule this weekend. and that means businesses near lake tahoe are prepared for the influx of people. for instance, tahoe sports hub is now open earlier are longer hours and all of the staff members have been going through training on the new equipment that is out this year. >> locals are really excited and throughout the weekend everyone from the bay, sacramento, reno, what not, they are all really excited, too. and it's coming close to the time that all the resorts will open and fully get going. >> boreal mountain resorts, mount rose and sugar bowl all open tomorrow. in japan dozens of people decided that sipping new wine from a glass lacks something. so they go to a resort south of tokyo where as you taste the wine you take a bath in it,
5:47 am
too. >> all right. >> maybe shocked to hear this. [ indiscernible ] it cost people $26 at the annual event. it's the 11th year in a row when 30 bottles of wine were poured into a hot tub and the resort even hired someone each year to douse people with wine if they ask. children can also attend the party. a little strange. but their hot tubs are filled with grape juice. that makes sense, okay. >> wow. >> i was concerned until you said that. >> is this sanitary? >> i was concerned with the kids and the wine. >> it's alcohol so kids and drinking -- >> we need to get to the bottom of this. >> i guess you can -- wine gets better with age so if all that wine has been in the pool for a long time, it will get better? [ pause ] >> let's move to weather and traffic. something that is a bit -- [ overlapping speakers ] no wine while you're driving that's for sure. okay. let's head now to hayward here.
5:48 am
actually let's take a live look at the nimitz freeway 238 in san leandro to the maze northbound will take you 16 minutes. but the real problem is the south carolina. in hayward a new chp traffic alert that has been issued because of this five-car crash southbound 880 before "a" street causing major delays cars at 13 miles per hour in the area. that traffic is backed up to marina boulevard past 238. now, if you are taking that route there to the san mateo bridge, here's a live look 880 to 101 westbound will just take you 13 minutes. and then let's move over to the altamont pass traffic coming off 205 you're moving at 13 miles per hour. speeds get better though once you hit north flynn road. those speeds pick up to 30 miles per hour. north tracy boulevard along 580 westbound to the altamont pass will take you up to 40 minutes right now. clears up through livermore into the dublin interchange. a live look here altamont pass to 680 will take you up to 16 minutes. that's your traffic. julie, to you. >> thank you, miss roqui. and we are starting off very
5:49 am
chilly this morning. here's a look at the beautiful bay bridge temperatures in the 30s and 40s we are at 34 in napa. 36 santa rosa. 49 oakland. 44 san jose. 49 san francisco. definitely you want a jacket, let the car warm up this morning. we do have some big changes in store for this weekend so this is really aside from the chilly start our big weather story. the weekend storm going to be thinking a little farther south than the systems we normally see moving in from the north and because of that it will have more moisture and that means more rainfall for pretty much everyone this weekend. so futurecast pausing it here at 2 a.m. saturday when the rain starts up north. and then it spreads south throughout the bay area and east throughout the day on saturday. lingering showers into sunday. possibly even into monday. so definitely a wet weekend and to put this in perspective for the entire month we generally see 3.5" of rain. we could see half of that in
5:50 am
some spots near ukiah over 1.5" of rainfall for the northern portions of the state. not quite as much for the rest of us but we could be flirting with an inch in many locations maybe even more than that for some spots. so certainly a much soggier system if you will than what we have seen over the last, um, few. look at the high temperatures today though in the meantime we'll be dry and remain sunny today and tomorrow. temperatures today similar to yesterday but less wind could feel warmer in the 50s at the coast 60s at the bay and low to mid-60s form warmer spots inland. sunrise today, 6:53. sunset at 4:57 this evening. a look at your weekend forecast, heading to the embarcadero for the holiday ice rink expect rain this weekend. temperatures warmer not rink in san jose but cloudy with rain. right now saturday looks to be the wert day of the two. this weekend in walnut creek -- the wetter day of the two. this weekend in walnut creek
5:51 am
rain, breaks on sunday. same story marin on ice in the low 60s with clouds and rain. then the holiday ice rink in union square, rain likely throughout the weekend. 64 degrees there. the extended forecast shows again dry for the next couple days. so any outdoor activity you have planned you want to clean out the gutters, do it now. warmer on friday and then rain begins saturday for most of the day saturday, lingering into sunday possibly into monday. then we dry through midweek. back to you guys. time now 5:51. good news for parents this morning as new stats show booster seats are getting safer for your kids. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
a new report says.. more car booster seats.. are safer than ever. the "insurance institute for ed 53-seats. a new report says more car booster seats are safer than ever. the insurance institute for highway safety tested 53 seats. 48 of those got the highest rating. researchers say the top rating means the seats are likely to have safety belts for kids between 4 and 8 years old. >> things have changed a lot since our first booster ratings in 2008. back then only a quarter of the seats we evaluated got the top rating of best bet. >> despite the progress, experts say some seats are not
5:55 am
doing their jobs and were given a not recommended rating. san mateo county has declared today a transgender day of remembrance. it's intended to raise awareness of prejudice and violence faced by them. an event is planned today at 4 p.m. at the congregational church of san mateo. a california restaurant owner is trying to level the playing field for transgender workers as well finding that many are discriminated against during in person interviews. transgender businesswoman has started a program that gives employers incentives to hire transgender people. the initiative helps them find work in food service roles. successful participants say it gives them a sense of belonging. >> once they meet and understand and face to face and and listen to them, it's just another person. >> i feel human. i mean, i feel that i can be free. >> through the program, the first 60 hours of an employee's
5:56 am
wages are paid for by a state grant. finding sanctuary on california college campuses. there is a renewed push. we'll tell you what we're going to hear from the lieutenant governor today. >> erosion along the california coast. why we're being warned to do something now before it's too late. ,, - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare] lois prices from grocery outlet. - hi, it's... the rest of us! - hey there. - hi! - hey. loifor over 60 years now, grocery outlet has been selling the brands you know and love, for up to 60% less than what you'd pay at traditional grocery stores. - and check this out. lois: we've got meats and produce, naturals and organics, at prices that'll make you wanna sing. - good thing we've got a really catchy theme song. hit it! - ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪
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- ♪ bargain market ... now it's stuck in my head.
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your real time captioner is linda macdonald. it's thursday, november 17. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. a major accident causing headaches on the east bay commute right now. chopper 5 live over the scene on 880 in hayward. traffic is heavy. let's go to roqui in the traffic center with more. >> let's head to hayward now. we have a map to show you
6:00 am
southbound 880 before "a" street. it's a four to five-car pile-up right now and that traffic is backed up all the way beyond marina boulevard in san leandro. and as you can see, in the area, traffic moving at just 12 miles per hour. as you saw in the live feed there, traffic was very stop and go, slow on 238 coming on to 880, as well. crews are on scene and traffic is moving pretty well on the side of the accident there. but otherwise, traffic is again backed up into san leandro past marina boulevard. we'll keep you posted on how this accident is clearing out of the roadways here. we don't have reports yet of tow trucks obscene. but we will let you know when this is fully cleared and how your east bay commute is looking on southbound 880. kenny, i'll send it back to you. all over the country college students are taking a stand against donald trump's promise to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. from stanford to cal state los angeles, to yale university, young people are making their


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