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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  November 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning to you. >> good morning to you. i think we also have too much tryptophan in your system this morning. hopefully you do. waking up slowly heading out for those black friday sales. >> very busy on the roads with all the black friday sales. and people want to know, is it good shopping weather, now, i think it will be some good shopping weather. a little chilly to start out your day. the good news is we are holding the rain off for one more day. so dry but here's a look at hi- def doppler where the rain is now. still well to our north. we will see some showers make their way inland starting in the north bay overnight tonight and then heading south tomorrow. but for today, black friday, skies are clear. and temperatures are cool as you head out this morning. we are topping out in the mid- 30s for livermore right now. near 40 in santa rosa. 41 in san jose. 42 in concord at this hour. visibility-wise, not too bad. so that's good news on the roads. we are looking at plenty of visibility. in fact, more than 10 miles at all our reporting stations officially but take a look. you can see there is some dense
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fog in the sacramento valley so if you are heading through sacramento, be mindful of that this morning. high temperatures in the 50s and low 60s around the bay today. so certainly on the cool side. but near average for this time of the year. your weather headlines today mainly dry for your friday. steady rain though moves in by saturday morning. and we get a second round of rain late saturday. so really saturday going to be a mostly soggy day although drying out through sunday. how much rain? well, not a lot from that first shot very showery in nature. this is a colder system so not tapping into that moisture. less than a quarter inch for most spots for the first half of the day saturday. but as i advance look at the clock at the top of the screen, to early sunday morning, we do increase those puddles a bit up near three-quarters inch for santa rosa, maybe over three- tenths inch for hayward, san jose, redwood city. so we'll time out the rain coming up. but first we are timing out the black friday shopping commute. roqui, how are the roads? >> i have a feeling that more
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people are in line right now than actually on the roads. but let's take a look here at the bay bridge toll plaza. looking good if you are heading into downtown san francisco. carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze will take you 19 minutes. and then expect no delays into the city right now. moving over now to the city, now parking meters and seven- day street sweeping areas are in force so don't get a ticket on black friday. enjoy your day without a ticket there and pay attention to those parking instructions. now moving over to the san mateo bridge, from hayward to foster city that's 880 to 101, that will take you a quick 14 minutes. and, of course, in san jose here it's new york islanders versus san jose sharks puck drops at 1 p.m. so expect some delays maybe in that area this afternoon. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. a south san francisco police officer is in critical condition after getting attacked with a skateboard. it began with a disturbance on grand avenue around 2:20
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yesterday afternoon. kpix 5's maria medina is live in south san francisco with details of the investigation. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, the identity of the officer is unknown this morning but what we do know is that the officer underwent surgery for the attack that left him in critical condition. this all started yesterday afternoon as you said at 2:00 on grand avenue when someone waved down the officer to report some sort of disturbance. now, the officer found the suspect who we now know is luis ramos correa. he wasn't cooperating so the officer called for backup but ramos correa took off on a skateboard and at some point during the chase allegedly turned around and hit the officer with his skateboard and knocked him out. another officer was able to arrest ramos correa. now, the mayor released a statement that says, this is so disheartening to hear of the incident in a city such south san francisco. we are a tight-knit community with police force that is our family.
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our thoughts and prayers are with this officer and his family. as for the officer who was attacked with the skateboard he was knocked out, left in critical condition and had surgery in the last few hours. live in south san francisco, maria medina, kpix 5. developing overseas right now, paris officials say five men arrested there this past weekend were planning terror attacks in france. the attacks were reportedly planned for as early as next week. the men involved say they were getting orders from a member of isis. the search continues for two inmates who escaped from santa clara county's main jail. rojelio chavez and laron campbell were among four inmates who broke out of the san jose facility wednesday night. the other two were promptly captured and are back in custody. investigators say they somehow sawed through the steel bars of a second floor window and rappelled to the ground with a rope made of bedding and clothing. >> the fact that these bars were cut the way they were, it wasn't something that they just, you know, thought of in
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a minute. it's something that probably took them some previous planning. >> the sheriff's department says both inmates have long rap sheets and could pose a threat to public safety. well, the holiday shopping craze has already begun. from clothes to tech toys, thousands of shoppers are taking advantage of black friday deals all across the bay area. one of the busiest spots of course is always the outlets in livermore. and kpix 5's anne makovec is there live as the mad rush begins soon. anne, we're a little jealous of you this morning with your fun assignment. >> reporter: yeah. happy black friday, julie. around here, things are very busy this morning. in fact, the parking lot is already full here at the san francisco premium outlets, which happen to be of course in livermore. they opened yesterday at 3 p.m. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, whoo!
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>> reporter: people have been shopping ever since. black friday still one of the busiest shopping days of the year even as the start of the holiday season edges ever earlier. this weekend is crucial to set the shopping tone. around 137 million people plan to shop at some point over the thanksgiving holiday weekend. that is according to the national retail federation including online and in store shopping. but you know, a lot of people are out shopping this morning say there's nothing like shopping in stores for many it's really a tradition. and we're going to hear from some of those shoppers coming up in the next half-hour. these stores are open until 10:00 tonight. that's 31 straight hours of shopping available at the san francisco premium outlets. and if you do want to come here and park, if you are thinking about coming out this morning, the lot is full. they recommend parking in the parking lot of the las casitas college and they have a shuttle
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to the outlets. live in livermore, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> we have to know, anne, are you going to get in on the action? >> reporter: you know, good question. i wasn't really going to. i don't even have my list made yet for christmas but i was looking at my smartphone about some of the information about this place. and suddenly i'm signed up for, you know, one of these vip clubs and i'm getting coupons. so eh, it's probably going to go down. [ laughter ] >> hard to turn down the coupons, right, and the big discounts, thus the draw of black friday. thanks, anne. i have a list i can send her! president-elect donald trump celebrated thanksgiving with his family at his mar-a-largo home in palm beach, florida. trump tweeted that he was working hard even on thanksgiving. he is trying to persuade carrier and air-conditioning company to keep 1400 jobs in the u.s. instead of moving them to mexico. the company confirmed it is in discussions with the incoming
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administration. meanwhile, a recount effort is picking up steam. former green party candidate jill stein launched a bid to request a vote recount in the states of michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania. she raised more than $4 million for the recount cost. >> the fact that it has basically funded itself overnight reflects the incredible hunger out there among some people to start doing something positive and to start creating an election system that we can believe in. >> supporters of hillary clinton are also calling on her campaign to call for a recount in those three battleground states. so far, the clinton campaign has refused. new this morning, one of america's favorite tv moms has died. florence henderson, who played carol brady on the 1970s hit tv sitcom the brady bunch died at a hospital in los angeles yesterday. she was a broadway start in the '50s and later became a television icon in that sitcom
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about a blended family. henderson's family says she died of heart failure. she was 82. golden gate transit is rolling out a new holiday bus to help kids in need. the eye-catching blue and red bus will be in tonight's parade of lights in san rafael. tomorrow, it will be in downtown petaluma collecting toys for tots. it's part of the stuff the bus drive. you're encouraged to bring new unwrapped toys to help families in need. to know the bus' exact location, visit thanksgiving is now behind us and it's going to look a lot like christmas in san francisco's union square. the 83-foot tree with its 33,000 twinkling l.e.d. lights and 1,000 ornaments will be lit up tonight. the ceremony includes performances by various artists. it starts at 6:00. the bay area's biggest public christmas display kicks off this evening in downtown san jose. >> san jose's christmas in the
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park takes over the plaza de cesar chavez this time every year. the tradition began in the 1950s as a display outside a willow glen mortuary. it outgrew the location. it starts at 6 p.m. with the city tree lighting. ♪[ music ] time now 5:10. on black friday, it can be easy to forget about the necessities to shop for like food. the apps that help you save big on your next grocery bill, next. >> plus, berkeley astronomers are looking for answers about a strange star they say could help prove the existence of alien life! >> and we are off to a cool start this morning. dry today but rain is on the way. details coming up. >> coming up, we have your black friday morning commute and a lot of mass transit changes. we'll have an update. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,
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complete forecast in just a few minutes. a scare at a mall in tennessee left shoppers running for cover after shots welcome back. time now 5:13. it's cold out there. grab a coat! here's a live look at the city. we are starting off in the 30s
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and 40s. clear skies turning to cloudy skies today. we are going to see rain on the way. details coming up. a scare at a mall in tennessee left shoppers running for cover after shots were fired outside. it happened last night as shoppers were arriving for black friday deals. one person was hurt. witnesses say they heard gunfire in the parking lot. then they say they saw the gunman drive away. in reno, police are looking for a suspect after they say a fight over a parking space led to a deadly shooting. this happened at a walmart late last night. but police are not saying whether or not it was related to holiday shopping. the walmart stayed open for black friday shoppers following the shooting. and today many people are looking for holiday shopping deals but what about those everyday items? reporter kate merrill and how you can get cash back at the grocery store. >> what else do you need? >> reporter: finding good deals at the grocery store is a must for kate. >> i do everything to try to save money. >> reporter: that means putting in some work before heading to the store. >> i cut coupons. i print them out online.
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i shop the sales. >> reporter: and she uses apps like checkout 51 and ibotta, both offer cash rewards on hundreds of popular products. >> it has everything from, you know, dairy, produce, even has alcohol on it. ha. >> reporter: discounts range from just 25 cents to a couple of dollars each. but the savings over a year can add up quickly. just ask kate. >> $200 is not something to sneeze at. >> reporter: with checkout 51, shoppers star items they plan to buy. after checkout, users claim the rewards and upload a photo of their receipt as proof. same idea with i boughta. first choppers choose a store and then unlock rewards. users may have to watch an ad or answer a one-question survey. >> come into our app and spend a little time learning about a product you might want to buy and then if you buy that product and try it out, we will actually share our advertising revenue back with you in the form of a cash reward.
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>> reporter: ibotta uses upload product bar codes and the receipt. the entire receipt will be viewed to tailor deals for you. >> we want to put the 10 or 15 best ones in front of each consumer based on what they like. >> reporter: she saved 50 cents by doubling up on two apps on these carrots. >> great deal. >> reporter: time well spent for this busy mom. >> all in all, it takes five minutes out of your day. everybody has five minutes. >> reporter: you need at least 20 bucks in your account to cash out. customers get an online payment, gift card or check in the mail. kate merrill for cbs news, boston. seems like a lot of work. anything to save money, right? >> you know, it's so easy to just download and app but be careful because you don't know what they're tracking or what information they have about you. >> that's the consumer reporter in you. [ laughter ] >> we need you. there's always a cost and a catch for everything. you want to read the fine
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print. >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> great minds think alike. let's check the roads with roqui. >> you guys are too cute. we need to just keep you in our pockets, julie, have you go everywhere with us. let's head out to a lot of mass transit updates for you throughout your morning. bart all trains no delay, ace all trains have no service. muni has no express buses. and caltrain is on a saturday schedule. let's move to another golden gate mass transit situation here. golden gate transit no commuter bus. you have golden gate ferries will be on a reduced schedule. the sf bay ferries no harbor bay and no south san francisco. the vallejo service is on a holiday schedule and alameda- oakland ferry will be on a regular weekday schedule. your ace transit bus no delay. so that's good news too. light rail no express service today. samtrans on a regular schedule. and capitol corridor is on a holiday schedule. that's your holiday mass transit. let's head to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic good into downtown san
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francisco, carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze about 19 minutes. in the city tonight critical mass bike ride at 6 p.m. will cause a lot of chaos on the roads and then union square tree lighting ceremony begins at 6 p.m. but those streets will close down at 3 p.m. a little early there. so imagine the traffic throughout the city tonight will be pretty bad. so pack your patience is a traffic cliche for this one. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. yeah. definitely going to be a bad one this weekend, too. add to that rain and i do think you are going to have some traffic problems, as well. here's a look at hi-def doppler this morning. you can see right now the rain is still well to our north. we are seeing a couple of scattered showers possible over the northern portion of the state. most at our viewing area though will stay dry today. it's not until tomorrow that we see the rain associated with this system really make its way through the bay area. and we will see a good amount of rain on saturday in terms of off-and-on showers kind of a
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very soggy day. rain totals not very impressive but consistently going to see the rain sticking around. so let's time it out. we are starting off friday 5 a.m., increasing clouds. so south bay still seeing clear skies. we will see those clouds increase throughout the day today. shower chances for the most part stay north of most of our viewing area. watch what happens overnight though. rain moves through overnight here we are at 8 a.m. saturday morning and we are looking at scattered showers. we are not talking widespread heavy rain but certainly scattered showers throughout the day. another round of rain moves through late in the day and then i'm pausing here sunday morning a couple of lingering showers possible on sunday but most of the rain will be done by early in the day on sunday. your headlines, mainly dry today black friday. steady rain for saturday. and then round 2 late saturday into early sunday before we dry out. sunrise today 7:01. sunset this evening 4:53. and we are starting off with some cool temperatures this morning especially in areas that are seeing clear skies. so 36 in livermore right now.
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40 in santa rosa. 41 in san jose. it is going to be chilly so grab a jacket until you get into the malls and then peel off the layers. then 42 in concord, 47 in oakland. high temperatures later today still cool although right around average for this time of the year. low 60s for most folks upper 50s for santa rosa, napa, 64 san jose. 62 in fremont and livermore today. and a look ahead to this weekend, the raiders game, which is broadcast right here on kpix 5, 59 degrees a mixture of sun and clouds the game at 1:25. i do think we'll be dry for that game. and a look at the extended forecast shows again, increasing clouds today, rain off and on throughout the day saturday, sunday maybe a lingering shower but mostly dry. and then monday, tuesday, on through the extended forecast, topping out in the low 60s and we should stay dry. thank you. this is being called the most
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mysterious star ever detected. and now berkeley astronomers are trying to determine whether aliens call it home. it dims irregularly for days at a time. it's prompted speculation that some sort of structure possibly built by extraterrestrial life is orbiting the star. astronomers at uc-berkeley are using two of the world's biggest radio telescopes to get to the bottom of it. the $100 million project is called, breakthrough listen. the chief scientist on the project says there's about a one in a billion chance the structure was built by aliens. coming up in sports, we'll have some college hoops and it wouldn't have been thanksgiving without some football. we have you covered with all of the action. it's all coming up. - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health.
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we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care.
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it was thanksgiving but the 49ers and raiders didn't take the day off. they both practiced before enjoying that i day with their families. meanwhile, other teams took part of a football holiday tradition. andrew luck out with a concussion. indiana no match for the steelers. ben roethlisberger and brown connected three times including this 33-yard touchdown in the 2nd quarter. pittsburgh wins 28-7 to take first place in the afc north. the cowboys redskins rivalry never takes a break not
5:25 am
even on holidays. dallas leading by 7 in the first half. jack prescott finds williams who does a great job to keep both of those feet inbounds for the touchdown. the cowboys win 31-26 for their tenth straight win. and the lions also topped the vikings. in hoops the new santa clara taking on number8. a minute later arizona's parker johnson cartwright buries the dagger 3, lead to 6. arizona wins 69-61. on the calendar today, it's round 3 between the warriors and the lakers. have a great friday. ♪[ music ] it is black friday! if you are looking for action this morning, we'll tell you where to find it. >> reporter: a south san francisco police officer in
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critical condition after being attacked. the moments leading up to the assault. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bargains. and a missing california mom has been reunited with her family after three long weeks. for her ki it's the busiest shopping day of the year. how many people are shopping? a missing california mother is reunited with her family aafter tree long weeks. the search now for her kidnappers. >> plus, it is a chilly start this morning. rain on the way. >> and the morning commute coming up. good morning, it's friday, november 25. join us, roqui. that's all right. you can stick around. how are you? >> a lot of food. still digesting. >> i'm with you on that. [ laughter ] >> i feel like i'm still in the
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turkey coma. >> what? >> doesn't it feel that way? i'm sure folks at home are feeling that way, too. >> laying in bed watching right now. i understand. [ laughter ] >> well, of course, it is black friday. and among the busiest places today will be the outlet shops in livermore. kpix 5's anne makovec is there waiting for the rush of holiday shoppers. >> reporter: black friday one of these mornings i can count on having company during the reports on the morning show. there are a lot of people out here at this san francisco premium outlets which are in livermore. the outlets opened #3 p.m. yesterday. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! and the shopping has been going on ever since. the national retail federation expects holiday sales to rise
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3.6% for november and december which is up .6% from last year. black friday vies with the saturday before christmas as the busiest shopping day of the year. >> gets, you know, some good stuff, you know, they got good specials out here so i have to bring the whole family. >> reporter: and that's one of many shoppers out this morning. this place has been popping for about 14.5 hours. i talked with a clerk from one of the stores. she said they met sales goals within a few hours last night. and in the meantime, they have just been celebrating black friday. a lot of people think that, you know, that stores opening on thanksgiving takes away from black friday. but from what i'm seeing here, it is still a holiday tradition. outlets will be open until 10:00 tonight. live in livermore, anne makevoc, kpix 5. so you have the scoop. you're out there. any advice for people heading
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out there this morning? >> reporter: well, you're going to have issues parking. that's for sure. parking lot is pretty much full here right now at the outlet so they are telling people to park at las casitas college and there's a shuttle to bring you to the outlets. as far as lines, there aren't any lines at most of the stores but some of these high-end retailers like tory birch around the corner, those are the people looking for those uber good deals on those expensive items. back to you. >> good advice, thanks, anne. and the outlets aren't the only place where shoppers have been scoring deals. in emeryville you can see the lines snaked around this best buy building. some people even spent the night on the sidewalk just to get first dibs on the big items like tvs and videogames consoles. >> is it worth it to sit out here for 28 hours? >> yes, to me it is. >> it is? >> yeah. >> why? >> because i really wanted this for a year. >> so you're big for yourself, not for anyone else? >> . h-uh, no, just me.
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>> reporter: hayward shoppers had no trouble getting into the toys 'r us when it opened up yesterday evening. they packed their carts with all kinds of things. they will have other deals today. for the best black friday deals, we posted a guide on our website just head to and the roads could be very busy today so let's check traffic with roqui. >> thank you, michelle. so far, so good. so we're on the right track. let's head to the golden gate bridge if you are heading from marin right now into san francisco. 580 to the golden gate toll plaza will take you a quick 14 minutes. we can count the cars we have just one headed into san francisco right now. [ laughter ] >> let's head to the bay bridge toll plaza. lots more cars heading into the city through this bridge here. carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze will take you 19 minutes and then expect no delays through the toll plaza. those metering lights however will turn on around 5 -- hey, it's 5:33 they're not on! so that's good. let's move over to the city.
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we have parking enforcement to let you know b parking meters and the seven-day street sweeping areas will be in force today. if you are a residential permit owner, you will -- those, um, those parking instructions will not be enforced today. let's move over to the nimitz freeway live 238 san leandro to the maze, 16 minutes. across the span from the san mateo bridge hayward to foster city to 101 will take you 13 minutes. that's your traffic. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. a south san francisco man is behind bars this morning. but before we get to that story we're going to take a look at the forecast! [ laughter ] >> good morning to you. >> goodness. >> yeah. >> we're going to talk about the weather. [ laughter ] >> it is one of those days. but we're having fun on the set. can you tell? we are still a little bit in our turkey coma. here's a look at hi-def doppler. and here's a look at where the rain is right now this morning. as you can see, still well to our north. some spots in northern portion of the state will see showers today. and the rain will move in this evening for the north bay
5:35 am
first. the rest of us will see it tomorrow. right now outside temperatures in the 30s and 40s as you head out the door. 36 in livermore. there's a lot of shopping going on there this morning. 42 in concord. 47 in oakland. and 41 in san jose right now. santa rosa at 40 degrees. so increasing cloud cover. the good news is visibility- wise, we are looking good not a whole lost in the way of fog. so not going to contend with this for black friday shopping. i do want to point out though we are seeing some valley fog this morning. so if you are driving through sac to the high sierra going to see relatives today in sacramento, you definitely want to be mindful of that. high temperatures today on the cool side. but right around average for this time of the year. topping out near 60 degrees. 60 pacifica. 61 in redwood city. 64 san jose. and 62 for fairfield. 62 in livermore this morning. your headlines mainly dry for this friday. steady rain, though for tomorrow. and another round of rain by late saturday so our first round will be overnight, early saturday. another round for the second
5:36 am
half of the day saturday. we'll talk more about that and time it out. we'll dry out on sunday. but when and where we'll see the rain is coming up in your full forecast. michelle, back to you. a south san francisco man is behind bars this morning after allegedly attacking a police officer. it happened on grand avenue yesterday afternoon. kpix 5's maria medina is live in south san francisco with the moment leading up to the assaul. >> reporter: yeah. that officer was hit with a skateboard. he underwent surgery after the attack that left him in critical condition. now, this all started yesterday afternoon at 2:00 on grand avenue. someone reported a disturbance. the suspect is luis ramos correa. he allegedly was not cooperating so the officer called for backup but the ramos correa took off on a skateboard and at some point during the chase turned around and hit the officer in the head with the skateboard and knocked him out.
5:37 am
another officer was able to arrest ramos correa. the mayor said, this is so disheartening to hear of this incident in a city such as south san francisco. we are a tight-knit community with a police force that's our family. our thoughts and prayers are with the officer and his family. the officer hit with the skateboard is in critical condition. he had surgery for major head trauma. maria medina, kpix 5. a shasta county mother whose disappearance made national headlines has been found alive. sherri papini was found yesterday afternoon after being reported missing three weeks ago. police say she had been released by her captors and left bound on the side of the road in yolo county. that's about 140 miles from where she was last seen. the 34-year-old was able to free herself from those restraints and flag down a passing driver. the alleged kidnappers are still at large. investigators are looking for two latina women who are driving a dark colored suv.
5:38 am
police say they are armed. the motive is unclear. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a modesto home explosion that killed a family of four. this was the scene tuesday night. neighbors captured this video after an explosion woke up the neighborhood. firefighters were eventually able to extinguish the blaze. but as they were sifting through the rubble, they found the bodies of two children and their grandparents. neighbors say the grandparents raising the children. >> they were good kids and they seemed really good family i mean he walk the kids to the gate to the bus in the morning and wait for them outside to pick 'em up. >> autopsies will be performed monday. the cause is under investigation. a tragic ending to a youth holiday football tournament in kentucky yesterday of a hail of bullets left two people dead and six others injured as the crowd took cover. it happened yesterday afternoon at the juice bowl in louisville. an annual football tournament.
5:39 am
kids, parents an neighbors gathered for the annual event. the violence interrupted the festivities. >> most people were here having a good time as they do most of the time but unfortunately this tragic situation happened. >> police have not released the ages of the victims. police say the gunman got away and the motive for the shootings is unknown. the feds want to get more involved in making sure drivers aren't distracted by their smartphones. ill wagner of has that and much more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. [ indiscernible ] decision. >> reporter: 250 pilots went on strike tuesday as part of a dispute over working conditions. the judge ordered them to end the strike. cereal prices are going up. bloomberg reports canada rain and snow delayed harvests.
5:40 am
companies like general mills and quaker mills use oats from canada. a voluntary guideline is meant to prevent distractions behind the wheel from the federal government. >> we know black friday we hear that people aren't just shopping for friends and family. >> reporter: that's right. black friday could be going to the dogs. numbers from nielsen found that 30% of black friday shoppers are planning to buy something for their pets this year. that's up from 17% last year. >> they need cute outfits. great. jill wagner. >> you know, they're like members of the family. >> right. of course. all right. you have a great day. thanks so much. [ music ] well, time now 5:40. some people are looking beyond the deals at the mall this black friday to something more extravagant. we'll take you to the san francisco auto show next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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car enthusiasts in san francisco have something to do this weekend... as the annual auto der way. good morning. welcome back. time now 5:43 we are off to a chilly start today. we have some rain on the way. details on when and where, coming up. car enthusiasts in san francisco have something to do this weekend as the annual auto show is under way. vehicles from hundreds of dealers, clubs and collectors are on display at the moscone convention center. some are even available for test drive. >> you can compare all the models in one place. >> the original james bond car is there but not available for test drive. the show runs through the weekend. if you are a fan of christmas, before it was cool, we have a display for you. it's always been cool.
5:44 am
there are wise men on segues. bearing gifts from amazon prime. [ laughter ] >> a latte drinking mary and a man bun sporting joseph. taking a selfie with baby jesus. and the cow is 100 organic eating gluten-free seed. the company who makes it says orders are through the roof selling at least 500 sets a day at $130. >> i don't know how i feel about that i'm going to move on. >> a lot of people don't like it. >> you know, last week, you told me about a grandmother who accidentally invited a stranger to thanksgiving by texting the wrong number. >> despite the mix-up, grandma wanted to say she feeds everybody and she kept her promise to host him. wanda dench and jamal hinton met yesterday. they were strangers a week ago and then they texted on twitter and people couldn't get enough. so the two agreed to make this
5:45 am
thanksgiving dinner happen. >> really touched my heart from all the people out there. the kind of things to me i never expected this in a million years to happen to me. >> feel like we can connect more and bond. >> both say they have a lot to be grateful more year including each other. i love this story. >> he wasn't sure if he was going to go. i'm glad did he. >> his family hosted thanksgiving dinner at the same time but he said two dinners was better than none. >> so you didn't have to anchor a show next morning. >> what are you going to do? >> i love that story. >> i know. >> fantastic. >> a lot of people are heading out to the malls. >> if they didn't spend the night -- >> i don't see how people can do that. but hey, to each his own, right? let's talk about the roads. they are looking good.
5:46 am
let's talk about mass transit. we have updates four. bart on time. no delays. ace train there are no trains running today no service for the holiday. no express buses caltrains is on a saturday schedule. moving over to golden gate transit here no commuter bus for golden gate transat this time and do expect the local service on a sunday schedule. no harbor bay or south san francisco service will be running. vallejo service on a holiday service alameda-oakland service on regular weekday service. holiday schedule and alameda- oakland ferry will be on a regular weekday schedule. your ace transit bus no delay. so that's good news too. light rail no express service today. samtrans on a regular schedule. and capitol corridor is on a holiday schedule. altamont pass 65 miles per hour on the altamont pass. north tracy boulevard to the pass looking good. bay bridge toll plaza looking good into downtown san
5:47 am
francisco along the eastshore freeway, carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze 19 minutes. heading into the city this evening, keep this in mind. critical mass bike ride starts at 6 p.m. and also the union square tree lighting ceremony begins at 6 p.m. but street closures for that begin at 3 p.m. and then also in san jose, there's that tree lighting starts at 6 p.m., as well. i'll send it to you, julie. thank you, roqui. taking a look at your forecast today starting off with hi-def doppler, it is active just not over the top of us this morning. plenty of rain over the northern portion of the state. pacific northwest getting hammered from this system. so well to our north. we are going to see a couple of showers over the northern portion of the state but mainly north of the bay area today. north bay folks could see a little bit of rain as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. most us though going to stay dry until tomorrow when the rest of us get a round of rain from this. this area of low pressure really bringing heavy rain high winds to the pacific northwest. rain will head our way on saturday and we can time it out for you starting off with
5:48 am
futurecast this morning, still seeing clear skies for the southern portion of the viewing area most folks though already seeing increasing cloud cover this morning. and we will see gray skies throughout the day today. feeling a little damp out there but not going to see the actual rain that's going to stay north of most of us today. it's overnight tonight that the front and the heavy rain comes through. and then by the time you wake up tomorrow morning and start heading out here we are at 9:00 scattered showers and keep in mind this is a colder system. not tapping into that subtropical moisture. so not going to see the impressive rainfall totals that we did out of the last system. but still going to see kind of scattered showers and a wet day for most of the day on saturday so here we are in the morning as i advance on throughout the day notice we continue to see scattered showers. another round of rain kind of a second wave moves through towards the end of the day saturday into early sunday. but i pause it here by sunday morning. might see a couple of lingering showers sunday morning but drying out by late morning and we will see increasing sunshine for the second half of the day on sunday.
5:49 am
so your weather headlines, mainly dry on this black friday with the exception of the folks in the north bay could see some showers later today. steady rain beginning saturday morning for most of us and a second round late saturday mostly overnight into early sunday morning. we should be drying out by sunday so friday or sunday those are the days you want to think about hanging those lights and putting out decorations. saturday a shopping day or day to stay in and spend time with family. sunrise today 7:01. sunset this evening 4:53. out the door this morning, temperatures outside are chilly. 36 in livermore right now. grab a jacket going to the mall. maybe leave it in the car because i'm sure it will be warm inside. 42 at concord. 47 in oakland. 49 in san francisco. 40 this morning in santa rosa. 41 your current temperature in
5:50 am
san jose. [extremely scratchy voice] a look at the high temperatures around the bay today. >> excuse me. >> topping out in the upper 50s to low 60s. 62 livermore today as well as in oakland and in fremont. 53 mountain view. 64 san jose. 59 today in napa. a look ahead to the weekend. the raiders game you can stay inside and watch it here or if you are heading to the game expect mixture of sun and clouds, cool temperatures topping out near 59 degrees at game time on sunday. keep in mind saturday will be the wet day of the two so embarcadero ice rink, rain saturday, dry sunday. same at downtown ice this weekend in san jose. rain saturday, temperatures in the low 60s there. a look at the extended forecast, as we make our way throughout the weekend and into your next workweek, we are starting out today on the cool side and certainly cloudy especially by the second half of the day. rain off and on for your saturday. certainly gray skies.
5:51 am
and then sunday we start to dry out although we could see some showers for the morning hours monday, tuesday drying out and staying that way on through the extended forecast. julie, thank you. disney's newest flick broke a record in its first day in theaters. moana -- ♪[ music ] >> did not see that coming. >> industry analysts did see it happening though. disney's moana was already projected to top the thanksgiving weekend box office but predictions have been updated. it was originally pegged to open in the range of $75 million. but the rap report that could now sail away with 80 million while deadline's revised estimate puts it up to $90 million. the nation's capital is filled with fossils up to half a billion years old. now one man is on a mission to make it easier for visitors to find them. christopher barr first noticed them in 2002 in a retaining wall inside a park where he and
5:52 am
his children used to play. since then, he found dozens more from tiny shells embedded in the capital reflecting pool to a warm burrow at the department of labor. he set up a website to keep track of them. how do you find fossils in the city? >> keep your eyes open. if you know what you're looking for, you can find them. the national park service once published a guide called, describing general areas to look for fossils on the national mall. but for a detailed map, many people rely on barr's website, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:53 am
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president-elect donald trump has got you covered. this ornament on sale at donald- j-trump-dot-com is making quite a splash. e little red cap president-elect donald trump has an ornament on sale at is making a splash! the little red cap has the trump election phrase make america great again with 14- karat gold and sells for $149. most of the amazon views are fake. >> they are going to be a good seller! before you gobble up the thanksgiving leftovers we have some safety tips on food that's
5:56 am
not safe to reheat. clinical dieticians warn you don't want to save rice. apparently when it cools, at room temperature, bacteria can grow rapidly. heating in the microwave may not killed kill the germs. >> also, potatoes cooked in aluminum fool. >> letting it cool into the temperature danger zone! and keeping the foil on it, you create a bacteria breeding ground! >> she says pass on stuffing. she advises getting rid of leftovers with high moisture content. as for the main course, it's okay to store the turkey in parts, not the whole bird. >> i'm sorry, i'm heating my stuffing up in about an hour. 5:56. in the next half-hour, ruling on overtime. the law that could affect how much you're paid for overtime. >> and it is black friday. the holiday shopping season
5:57 am
officially under way. we talked to one sales associate who has been working all night. you will hear from her next. ,,,, (upbeat music) - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care.
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and i'm julie watts. kenny choi is off thi good morning, everyone. it is friday, november 25. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm julie watts. kenny choi is off today. we're on storm watch. a calm start this morning but hi-def doppler radar is tracking rain heading into the bay area this weekend. i'll be timing out the rain for you coming up here in just a bit. but we'll be starting off with roqui this morning and a check of our traffic. roqui, how are the roads? >> thank you, julie. like i said earlier in the show, i think there's more people in line trying to shop than on the roads. from marin to san francisco on the golden gate bridge, 580 to golden gate toll plaza will


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