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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 1, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PST

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go live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. breaking news, captured, both of these escaped bay area inmates are back in custody tonight. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. we have highlighted the suspect being led back to jail in handcuffs. his arrest comes less than 24 hours after sheriffs track down the other escapee. kpix5's betty yu is at the santa clara county jail tonight in san jose. betty? ed. was in posession >> reporter: ken, sheriff lori smith just spoke about the tremendous work it took to capture this final escapee and we have video of rogelio chavez's arrest that you're taking a look at now. it comes after heavily armed deputies tonight surrounded a south san jose home of a female
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associate of his. she was also arrested tonight. detectives were initially at that home to do a probation search. >> the investigation is ongoing and there may be additional arrests in the future of people who harbored chavez during the time that he had escaped. fugitive chavez was in possession of narcotics and we believe he's under the influence. he's been transported to a local hospital. >> reporter: it took nearly eight hours to nallfiarrest chavez. he was found with crack cocaine and marijuana on him and a law enforcement source says that it was hidden in his underwear and his pant leg. now all this drama began one week ago tonight. it started with a daring hollywood scew escape cutting through metal bars, tying -- style escape cutting through metal bars, tying bed sheets t gain their freedom and eluding
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authorities for weeks. laron campbell fell into the hands of u.s. marshals. a tip led them to this apartment where he was holed up. >> they determined campbell was hiding in the attic. campbell then crashed through the ceiling onto the floor where the marshal service and antioch police took him into custody without further incident. >> reporter: they also arrested campbell's sister and charged her with harboring a fugitive. another woman in the scheme faced @ca judge today. emily vaca was arraigned for being an accessory to a crime for helping the other escapee, rogelio chavez. she drove him at least once around town in gilroy. >> when you aid and abet somebody who is particularly a felon who actually broke out of a jail, that's a dangerous situation. >> reporter: that is a closer look right now at that second story window that the inmates busted out of last week. where i am standing right now is where sheriff lori smith just gave her press conference.
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now interestingly rogelio chavez tonight was also found to be in an attic at some point in that house, but when he was found, he was found in one of the rooms. now both inmates will be placed in a more maximum area of the main jail according to the jail. live in san jose betty yu, kpix5. a freeway shooter shut down interstate 580 tonight in oakland. the gunman is still on the loose. the eastbound lanes were closed more than two hours during rush hour after shots were fired near the fruitvale off ramp. take a look at all that traffic. a man and woman were shot. officers searched this white car at the bottom of the fruitvale off ramp, no word what they found. the victims are in the hospital in stable condition right now. at one point police had to force cars on the freeway to turn around. they were diverted off 580 and onto side streets. so far no arrests have been made. just a short time ago we heard from the teenage girl who
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claims that a high school football player sexually assaulted her on campus. that player has been arrested. tonight kpix5's andria borba spoke to the girl exclusively and they has a message for her allege -- and she has a message for her alleged attacker. we want you to know that we are shielding her identity. >> boys need to know that no means no period, point blank. >> reporter: the alleged sexual assault happened november 18th during a varsity football game at de la salle. the alleged perpetrator, 15 years old, a member of day had sal's freshman football -- de la salle's freshman football team and his victim, also 15, a student of caron delette. >> a student came to our principal to report the alleged assault. we immediately put her and her family in touch with our personal counselors to offer support.
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>> reporter: caron administrator then called concord pd who did not have much to say about the case in a news conference today. >> at this time to protect the victim we're only going to say sexual assault. >> reporter: the two schools separated by only a crosswalk, both reeling tonight from one alleged crime. andria borba, kpix5 news. tonight we know the cirque du soleil employee who died in an accident in san francisco last night is the son of the co- founder. olivier rochette was setting up last night for the luzia show when he was hit and killed by an aerial lift. the show ill will -- will not go on for now. the show is on hold while performers deal with the tragedy and investigators look into what went wrong. this statement was issued. "i am heart broken. olivier has always been a member of our tight family and a beloved colleague." tonight a drug deal gone wrong led to a deadly triple
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shooting in union city. the guys on the right are father and son. the gunman fired a high powered rifle into this black lexus outside this texas roadhouse restaurant two nights ago, killed the 21-year-old driver, shot his passenger and another victim parked nearby. they both survived. the suspects face numerous charges including murder. ther. there are stil tonight we have a better description of the suspects wanted for the kidnapping of a shasta county mother. there are still lots of questions surrounding her abduction. reporter adrian moore shows us sheriffs address a number of conspiracy theories. >> we do not know if she was a specific target or if this was a random abduction. >> reporter: investigators are analyzing the clothes sherri papini was wearing when she was found on this remote road in yolo county thanksgiving morning. she was in different clothing than she had been reported missing in and the evidence that was recovered may contain dna evidence. >> reporter: the shasta county
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sheriff's department revealed it's new reviewing private security cameras that may have caught papini's abduction. so far they've served more than 20 search warrants on cell phones, cell towers and computers. the suspects identified as two hispanic women primarily spoke spanish during the 34-year- old's captivity. old also talked about social media -- he also talked about social media comments about old block posts about panini with comments of hers made about the latino community. >> it was posted roughly 13 years ago. she would have been about age 20 or 21. we do not know if it has relevance to this case or not. >> reporter: investigators say sherri papini was able to get a partial look at her assailants. there was one old are and one young -- older and one younger
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woman. the one had long curly hair, a thick accent, pierced ears and thinner eyebrows than the other. it's not clear if that is enough information for investigators to create any kind of composite sketches. tonight california universities take a stand against president-elect donald trump. uc president janet napolitano is vowing not to cooperate with officials trying to deport undocumented students. she said in a statement today, "we felt it necessary to reaffirm that uc will act upon its deeply held conviction that all members of our community have the right to work, study and live safely and without fear at all uc locations." the schools in san francisco also showing opposition against trump's immigration policy. they left messages for more than 50,000 parents today saying they will continue to provide a safe space for undocumented students. representative nancy pelosi came out on top after one of the biggest career challenges,
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but tonight kpix5's al martin shows us it's a tough road ahead. >> i have a special spring in my step today because this opportunity is a special one. >> reporter: democrats voted 134-63 to keep pelosi as the democratic leader. tim ryan said he did advance his cause of trying to get democrats to focus on jobs and the economy. >> we've come out of this leadership election united as democrats to take on the challenges that we need moving forward. so i'm disappointed because i like to win, but i think it was a great discussion for us and i think honestly the party is better off. >> reporter: ryan supporters say pelosi now understands she has to listen to them. >> she understands change has to come. >> reporter: pelosi's message was simple. the democrats will need to put
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on a united front to take on president-elect donald trump and republicans who control congress. >> at a time when it's well beyond politics. it's aut the character of america. >> democrats say they expect a fight on many issues including obamacare which leader pelosi helped push through the house while she was speaker. democrats say despite the challenge to pelosi she left today's meeting energized and unified for the battles to come. allen martin, kpix5. this bay area father shot and killed, tonight police say he was murdered while cleaning up graffiti. >> some bay area elected officials got free seats to see the warriors and you paid for them. tonight our investigation put politicians in the hot seat. >> and this is at the very center of a bizarre bay area heist. tonight police want to know ,,,,
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area father who wa >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces furniture. tonight san francisco's mayor has ordered a special bay area tribute for a father who was gunned down while cleaning up the streets of potrero hill. joe vazquez tells us more about him. >> reporter: he was so enthusiastic about his job at the public works department
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jermaine jackson, jr. would often post videos on facebook live painting over graffiti, what he did for a living. this is also how he died. police say jermaine and two other employees were painting over a mailbox at 25th and vermont when someone drove by opening fire. jermaine, the 27-year-old father of two was killed. a street memorial now covers the paint that replaced the graffiti. here you see candles and flowers and right here above them a crucifix and behind the crucifix a bullet hole. >> he was a really great employee. he was very well liked. he was always happy. >> reporter: mohammad nuru, director of public works, said jermaine was an apprentice in a program that helped young people set their life straight and put them on a path long term toward a career. >> i've been crying all day. i'm like wow, this is like my nephew. i've watched him grow up from a baby. >> reporter: kevin said engineer a plan -- jermaine had
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some brushes with law enforcement, but lately had been getting his life in order and being a good father. >> i said you are a good example to show you can make a difference. >> reporter: the mayor ordered flags in the city flown at half staff in memory of jermaine jackson, jr. >> had an infectious smile always teasing, a good spirited young brother. this is one that's going to hurt, hurt, hurt forever. tonight a bay area high school says it busted the students responsible for some racist and homophobic graffiti on a school bus. danville's monta vista high school identified the student just days after that racist graffiti popped up in a boys bathroom. it's not clear if the student is also behind this incident, but the school district says the student will be disciplined. since mid-october there have been at least six instances of
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racist graffiti at schools in the district. some of the luckiest warrior fans in the bay area are east bay politicians it turns out. a kpix5 investigation exposed that they get to go to games, even playoff games, absolutely free courtesy of you, the taxpayer. tonight christin ayers was there when oakland residents gave the ethics commission an earful. hen blic ethics commiss >> reporter: tonight oakland public ethics commission blasted the city's elected officials over a pricey perk that we told you about last summer. >> city council members and the mayor of the city of oakland again and again and again and again have put on forms that they are going to see games to oversee the facility when the only reason i think, in fact, they're going to see game after game after game several times a week is to enjoy the game. >> reporter: they're getting free passes to events at the coliseum complex including the
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hottest tickets in town to see the warriors. all we do is take those down to the county office and we take them down to the city offi e been dropped the kpix5 investigation found council member abdel gian and council president yvette elhaney have gone to more games for free than any other politician. gian received $176,000 of free ticket. mc elhaney got $170,000 worth and the third enjoyed over $100,000 worth of warriors tickets. it's part of an agreement signed over a decade ago. the members overseeing the coliseum complex each get a luxury suite. the tickets are supposed to be used for a public purpose, but we found elected officials routinely claim they are going to investigate efficiencies or for oversight of facilities. when you go, are you looking at the facility? >> no. come on. i'm not going to go there.
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i'm going to go there to see the game or the event. >> reporter: mc elhaney would not comment on the record when we reached her by phone. we did reach gian. >> i would refer you to the jpa who set up the agreement. >> reporter: he told us he's just the delivery man. >> the tickets are sent to us by the teams. once those tickets are dropped off at the county administration building and city council chamber offices, at that point in time we're no longer involved with those tickets in any way, shape or form. >> reporter: when we brought the issue to the attention of oakland's ethics commission, they launched an investigation and took a closer look at the city's ticket policies. >> millions of dollars of tickets pass through the city council's hands. there needs to be strict guidance and accountability as to how they are shared with the public. >> reporter: tonight's hearing
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was designed to get feedback from the public, invited but noticeably absent? all but one member of the oakland city council. noel gyo hopes this process brings clarity to the city's ticket policy. >> we do have to change how we receive them, how we use them and at the end of the day it is a privilege that we have that other cities do not. >> reporter: in oakland christin ayers, kpix5. two more people have fallen ill from eating a thanksgiving meal in antioch. that brings the total to 19. they all ate at the american legion all holiday dinner. everyone who got sick developed symptoms in 24 hours. so far three people have died. they all lived at assisted living facilities. tonight petaluma police want to know why would anyone steal a totem pole? it was taken from a woman's front yard on edith street
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sometime between september 30th and october 1st. at 6 feet tall it's not exactly easy to hide. police are hoping someone might have a clue on the pole's whereabouts. it's worth about $2,000, but to the victim it's worth much more because it was once used to mark her father's grave. in san francisco animal advocates are warning people don't field the coyote that's lived on vernal hill the past several months, but a lot of people have been seen feeding it. human food can cause health problems for wild animals. some people have been spotted feeding the coyote from their cars. >> don't feed the coyote. did the coyote get wet today, paul? >> the coyote got a little bit of rainfall. so did you, didn't you? got a couple showers moving through the bay area that are gone. kpix5 hi-def doppler is showing dry conditions tonight. livermore, you have not hit 60 for the past several days.
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it gets cooler next week. san jose straddling the 60- degree mark, but that's exactly normal for this time of year. we've been spoiled recently. beautiful sunset shot from chopper 5 earlier. we're clear in concord now, 45 degrees, livermore the airport reporting 42, santa rosa sonoma county airport 42 degrees and 50 in san jose, oakland and san jose, tonight 40s, san jose 42, oakland 45, redwood city 40, mountain view 43 degrees. a very weak storm system passed by to our north. san francisco was one of the wettest spots up to1. up with inch of rain. -- up to 1.1 inches of rainfall. it will be somewhat windy outside friday and saturday, but since the wind is not coming from the ocean, it will get us a bit milder, mid-60s
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friday and saturday. tomorrow lots of 50s, fremont 58, livermore 59, concord, oakland and san francisco 60, santa rosa 63 and napa 60 degrees tomorrow. your extended forecast calling for milder and breezy weather friday and saturday. cloudier on sunday. next week it's all about the chill. if you thought it was cool this week, you'll be frigid with those 50s. people in minneapolis if you're visiting are saying what? that's cold? we call that may. around here that's chilly, highs in the 40s and 50s next week and lows below freezing. for us wimpy weather people in the bay area, that is cold. >> yes. >> it will be. >> we need to get our little scarves and mittens and pants out. >> even big ones, too, depending on the sides size of the -- size of the person. tonight we'll show you who just got inducted into california's hall of fame. >> here are the ,,,,
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they include
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harrison ford.. pretty impressive list of people just inning didded into the california -- inducted into the california hall of fame. >> harrison ford, george takei and maria shriver. the ceremony was held at the california museum in sacramento to honor those who embody california's innovative spirit and have made a mark on history. >> the most talked about in sports is the least talked about by the courts. >> and can stanford take the ,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> stanford hosted the no. 12 team in the country tonight, but it wasn't a college
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basketball blueblood visiting naples. it was the st. mary's gaels. st. mary's trailed by 4 at the half but started the 2nd half on a 12-0 run. gaels have an eight point lead. st. mary's had an 11 point lead. gaels pull away 6-0. cals free season all american scored a career high 25 tonight versus louisiana tech. bears were pushed to the limit in overtime trailing the bulldogs of grant mullen gave cal a two-point lead. bears hang on 68-59 for their 24th straight twin at home. the sharks in l.a. taking on the kings, 1st period san jose leading 2-0 already. ryan carpenter scores his first career nhl goal.
2:06 am
stick that in your trophy case. sharks win 4-1. they have won five of six. raiders quarterback derek carr usually very expansive when talking to the media, not today when asked about that injured finger. he was asked >> reporter: how does the finger feel? >> it's great. thank you for asking. >> reporter: does it alter the grip or throwing motion. >> it's great. now's yours? >> in 49er practice chip kelley had the same enthusiasm when asked about the head coaching vacancy at oregon. >> yup. so we're done with that i hope. >> reporter: you aren't going to reach out? >> no, no, no. no. >> okay. so even if kelley was thinking about oregon, he's never going to tell the media and even if
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carr's finger was hurt, he's never going to tell the media. i call these sergeant schultz sportscasts. i know nothing. i see nothing, but we report it anyway. we dig down deep. >> we're always talking about ,,
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. morning at 4:30. >> i'll ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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