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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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work-live space. her landlord emailed them giving them less than 30 days to get their stuff and get out. she said it nebulously cited safety concerns but was dated after the ghost ship fire. >> it's a knee-jerk reaction and no thought as to the fact that this is our home, this is our -- this is not just losing a space. it's losing a culture. >> reporter: she and numerous aerial acrobats live there but wouldn't say where it is for fear of blowback from the landlord and city. she is an architect and said it was close to code something she and her living mates are willing to strive for if they can keep their home. >> we want to work with landlord, city officials, fire department, we all just really want to work together to ensure that these spaces are safe. >> reporter: city council this afternoon also voted to enact a state of emergency here in oakland. >> thank you. emotional remembrance for
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fire victims on the uc-berkeley campus. kpix 5's kpix 5's veronica de la cruz has the story. >> reporter: ken, four current and former students died in the ghost ship blaze outside the auditorium posters with their pictures placed on tables where people could leave their thoughts and tributes. the students who died were all musicians, music lovers or involved in the arts community. one by one, family members took the stage to share their stories. jenny morris loved to sing and traveled with her church youth group. her father and brother spoke. we were so blessed to have jenny for 21 years. i thank you that she was able to join your community, too. she was so precious to us. >> there's a part of our hearts that is missing today. >> it still doesn't really seem real to me.
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just saw her last week at thanksgiving and -- [ sigh ] -- really grateful that we were able to spend that -- that time together. >> reporter: griffin madden's father told the crowd his family has no regrets because they regularly and routinely told each other how they loved one another. he also told the story of griffin's least favorite cliche. >> one that seemed to bother him the most was, yolo. you only live once. that just didn't sit straight with griffin. it troubled him. so he came up with his own acronym which is striking at this moment. and that was, you only live forever. >> reporter: vanessa plotkin's father remembered his 21-year- old daughter as someone who glowed. her mother said she was at home
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at uc-berkeley. >> my daughter vanessa radiated beauty and joy and love and kindness and that's the message that she would like us to impart from this tragedy. >> reporter: all the students lost were described as exceptional and bright lights. one speak said in the face of unspeakable loss, we have an obligation to honor their memories. ken? >> veronica, thank you for that. the lives lost also remembered today in washington, dc at the u.s. capitol. >> these were young men and women who had their whole futures ahead of them, their lives were tragically cut short. >> a moment of silence was held on the floor of the house of representatives to remember the 36 people who died. coming up at 6:00, we'll take a look at the expensive process of converting these warehouses to save living spaces. new at 5:00 new information on the stinky water that has
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been coming out of some bay area taps. since last week, people in san francisco and palo alto have been complaining their water smells and tastes bad. our julie watts is outside the san francisco public utilities commission with a new explanation. julie. >> reporter: that's right, liz. on monday the sfpuc said they recently started pulling water from the san antonio reservoirs. they blame naturally occurring sediment for the odor and taste. today they now say it's due to algae. it's clear something's different about the water in san francisco and parts of the peninsula. last week, people began complaining via social media that the water, quote, smells like a swamp and that it was creating a burning sensation on the sides of the tongue, even being blamed for diarrhea and stomach issues. >> if you like we have water to share here. i'm happy to have it myself. >> reporter: to demonstrate it's safe the sfpuc took a drink of what he said is san
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francisco water in front of a room full of reporters. he said they even noticed a change in the taste but says it is safe to drink. the agency says they manually test the water over 100 times each day at different locations for pathogens, bacteria and minerals. yesterday the tests revealed a by-product of algae at the sunol valley treatment plant that came from the algae at the san antonio reservoir although they haven't found any blooms. as for those reporting healthish? >> there is no clinical evidence of health effects. >> reporter: he says it's naturally occurring and commonly found in other water systems although it's not common in the hetch hetchy. they are not sure what caused it but they have stopped taking water from the san antonio reservoir today and ramping down the affected treatment plant. >> we say the taste and odor will begin to dissipate with these measures. >> reporter: how long it takes will depend how long the water takes to get through the system. they hope in about a week people will notice a difference. right now most of the
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complaints are coming in from the outer rim of san francisco, the lower elevations served by two primary reservoirs here in the city. a similar situation down on the peninsula. bottom line, these are the folks who get the water first before it's pumped up to the higher elevations. those folks may notice a change in their water before it gets better or they may not. >> if this is commonly found in other water sources countrywide why did it take so long to figure out this is due to algae? >> reporter: they say that this algae blooms are not common this time of year so it wasn't intuitive for them to assume that's what it would be. and it often does change the taste and the odor of the water when they start taking water from a reservoir they haven't used in a while so they assume initially that's what caused it. as complaints continued they started doing extra testing and they discovered the algae. >> all right. julie watts, thank you so much. on the storm watch it's been a pretty rough trip through sfo today all around the bay area really. at least 26 flights have been
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canceled at sfo due to the weather. there are also arrival delays up to 90 minutes as the airport meters inbound traffic. in oakland the steady showers filled up an intersection with water. pedestrian has to hurry across to try to avoid getting splashed. >> it's not getting much easier getting around in a car. it's been a slow soggy commuted all day along bay area roads and bridges. and there's more where that came from. >> let's get over to kpix 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno with the latest. paul? >> it's not very heavy but it's persistent and widespread through the evening commute. this is hi-def doppler radar lots of light green on your television screen your smartphone. that's the 680 corridor, highway 24 through la marinda through walnut creek including concord. we are seeing showers right now. going to zoom up to the north and take a look at the rainfall totals right now which have been very impressive. two inches of rain just over the past 24 hours in san mateo.
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nearly 2" of rain for pacifica, more than one in san rafael, one in napa, san ramon nearly one inch of rainfall. but look at the rain shadow in the santa clara valley, san jose .07" rainfall. scattered showers throughout the evening. raining at 8 p.m. rain throughout the night into tomorrow morning, at 4 a.m. showers continuing if you driving to work early tomorrow. there's one more day looking like a washout. we'll talk about that because it's going to impact the weekend coming up in a few minutes. thank you. slick roads set off a dramatic chain reaction crash on i-80 in vallejo. see that big group of firefighters? they are surrounding what's left of a zion. the driver was tracked inside the crushed sion when a big rig swerved to avoid a spun-out pickup truck and pinned it against the center divide. it took nearly 30 minutes to get the driver out. she is in the hospital tonight. the big rig driver had minor
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injuries. a friendly gesture turned into a tragedy in the south bay today. a teenager who saw a friend on a skateboard offered him a ride to school. the driver eventually lost control of the car, crashed it on the san tomas expressway in campbell. the car slammed into a guardrail, part of which went through the door and hit and killed the passenger. the driver has minor injuries tonight. a campus alert in the south bay students at san jose state on edge after a string of sexual assaults. kpix 5's maria medina on the three attacks in the last week alone. >> reporter: these type of cases already concerning for students here but what's even more disturbing to them is how often and what time of day they are happening. >> just like really scared, you know, for, like, all the girls. >> reporter: a suspect caught on camera. >> can't even, like, walk around here without, like, watching out for every, single step. >> reporter: but not yet caught by police. >> like, you don't know if
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you're going to be the next victim. >> reporter: another case with crime on campus leaving students on edge. >> during the nighttime i go with a friend. >> reporter: in one week police alerted the campus community about three sexual battery cases. the first on november 30 at sweeney hall when a female victim told investigators a man attacked her on the stairs. then on december 5, a female victim says a man followed her into the student union before assaulting her. that suspect captured on camera. the third incident happened just yesterday at duncan hall in a stairwell. all the suspects in their 20s, all the alleged attacks in the afternoon. >> what in the world is, like, happening on my campus? >> reporter: he takes classes in duncan hall and feels there are just too many cases of campus crime. >> at first it's, like, wow, here at san jose state? aren't these kids supposed to be, like, you know, like, the leaders of tomorrow? >> reporter: a sad reality for a college they both chose to attend. >> i love san jose and, like, i love this campus but i wish it
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were safer. >> reporter: at sjsu, maria medina, kpix 5. some people in humboldt county jolted out of bed this morning after a powerful earthquake struck off the coast. magnitude 6.5 quake hit just before 7:00 about 100 miles west of ferndale to 20 miles south of eureka. there were no reports of injuries or serious damage. but people definitely felt the shaking across northern california and were startled again by several aftershocks including one that measured 5.2. >> i think this is an excellent opportunity to, um, to learn a little bit more about this area and since it was a large earthquake and generated, um, it was well recorded, perhaps a good opportunity to study or to look again at how we respond to earthquakes. >> and pg&e confirms there were no outages due to the seismic activity. ♪[ music ] remembering the first american to orbit the earth. >> coming up we take a look back at the remarkable life of john glenn. >> plus, new rules for bay area
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dog walkers. the sections of a national park that are now off limits. >> and those formerly conjoined twins are now separated. we are going to check with how they are doing tonight. ,,,,
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has died -- at the age of 9 cbs reporter, danielle nottingham looks back on the legendary career.. of the lt of the american space pioneer john glenn has died at the age of 95. cbs reporter danielle nottingham takes a look back on the career of the last of the mercury 7 astronauts. >> godspeed, john glenn. >> reporter: john glenn traveled into space and returned an american hero. >> 3, 2, 1, 0! >> reporter: on february 20, 1962 -- >> liftoff.
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>> reporter: -- glenn became the first american to orbit the earth. >> we're under way. >> reporter: the historic trip came in the middle of the cold war. the soviet union had already sent two cosmonauts into orbit. glenn's mission helped the united states catch up in the space race. >> oh, that view is tremendous. >> reporter: john glenn was born in 1921 in ohio and became a marine pilot after pearl harbor was attacked. glenn would fly nearly 150 missions during world war ii and the korean war. his experience and skill caught nasa's attention. the fledgling agency picked him as one of the first 7 astronauts in the u.s. space program the mercury 7. the world watched as glenn circled the globe three times in the friendship 7 capsule. >> roger, we are programming to roll. >> reporter: the flight transformed him into a national hero complete with a ticker- tape parade. he then ran for senate from his home state of ohio winning on
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his third try. during his four terms in the senate, glenn, a democrat, chaired the powerful governmental affairs committee. after retiring from capitol hill, glenn made history again become the oldest person ever in space. at the age of 77, glenn joined the crew of the space shuttle discovery to research the aging process. >> you have older people here on earth with some of the frailties of old age. that's the purpose of why i'm here. >> reporter: glenn's other great love besides space was his wife annie. the childhood sweethearts were married for more than 60 years and had two children. danielle nottingham, cbs news. >> john glenn's cause of death hasn't been released but he had been in an ohio cancer hospital. the two-year-old twins are getting used to not being by each other's side. this is how they spent every second of their young lives until surgeons in palo alto performed a risky procedure to
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separate them. kpix 5's devin fehely caught one their grateful mother who described the emotions and details of the day. >> the first time i saw the girls, um, it was very surreal. it still seems very surreal when i see one-on-one side and the other one on the other side. >> reporter: mrs. sandoval cried tears of joy as she described seeing her daughters erika and ava in separate hospital beds for the first time in their young lives after tuesday's marathon surgery. >> it's been a long journey to get here. really been a dream come true.crying >> reporter: conjoined twins erika and ava made that emotional journey linked together two girls sharing one body joint from the chest down. >> we knew that it was going to be a difficult, um, separation. >> reporter: but a necessary one because doctors feared the girls' unique anatomy may have eventually threatened both their lives. >> we know if one twin gets critically ill or dies, the
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other will die within a few hours. >> reporter: but this 17-hour surgery posed its own risks, as well. doctors gave the girls a 70% chance of surviving. the girls have separate hearts, lungs and stomach. but they shared a liver, bladder two kidneys and three legs. and a team of surgeons were painstakingly hour after hour working to separate them. more than nine hours after they began doctors made the final cut severing the last remaining physical connection between the two girls. several more hours of reconstructive surgery would follow before the girls sedated now separate but still side by side would be met in the icu by their mom. >> it brings us all joy. >> reporter: evin fehely, kpix 5. a major disappointment for pet owners around the bay area who have staged a long battle with the national park service. off leash walking will soon be limited to just six areas from marin clear down to san mateo. that's part of the golden gate
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national recreation area. the new restrictions were announced today. the biggest cut back, the beaches, down from nearly 9 miles of open beach to now fewer than 3. conservationists and wildlife advocates had been pushing those changes for a long, long time and dog owners have been pushing back. after a lengthy public comment period the final decision came down today and takes effect in january. other bay area headlines all lanes open after a big rig spilled chicken parts all over the roadway on 101 in san mateo. responders say the truck suddenly stopped and the load shifted forward spilling over the front. bart plans to change its morning start time because of a retrofit on the transbay tube. beginning in july of 2018, bart will open at 5 a.m. instead of 4 a.m. on weekdays. and that will stay in effect for up to 2 1/2 years. last week, the bart board approved funding to install a
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new lining on the inside of the tube to guard against a major earthquake. the salvation army is going through a holiday crisis in the bay area. the group says it's in need of bell ringers, especially in san francisco and san mateo counties. cash collected in those familiar red kettles goes towards feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless. alum rock school district unveiled its first computer science immersion schools at two sites. today students at antonio elementary school andruch yeah worked on coding lessons. the program will prepare students for jobs in their own backyard. a high school student in reno is in critical condition after being shot by a campus police officer. allen martin has the cell phone video that shows the 14-year- old waving knives at other students before officer shot him. >> reporter: police are asking people not to rush to judgment after hearing that an officer
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shot a student. this cell phone video shows what happened after two students began to fight and then one pulled out a couple of knives. a word of caution, the video has been edited but some may still find it disturbing. the 14-year-old student who appeared to be armed with two knives seemed to lunge and swing them at others. >> back off, back off!! >> reporter: dozens were in and outdoor terrace area at the high school wednesday morning when the school district police officer shot the teenager. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: cell phone video shows the boy on the ground grabbing his upper body. >> shots fired of a stay tuned down at hug high school. >> there's one down. on the east side of the cafeteria outside in the courtyard. >> he just shot the kid! >> reporter: witnesses reported hearing one shot fired. jason soto is reno's police chief. >> the officer gave verbal commands for the student to drop the knife ultimately firing his service weapon stopping the threat. >> there were two juveniles fighting. one had a knife. he was the one that's down of.
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the other one that took off has no weapons. >> reporter: several hours after the incident, students were reunited with their families. >> my teacher told us all to go huddle in the corner furthest away from the windows and the door. >> reporter: students were back on campus today two hours late but only because of a snowstorm and counselors are available for them. the officer is on paid administrative leave cooperating with the investigation. allen martin, kpix 5. ♪[ music ]♪ scattered showers continue during the evening commute. i'm watching vallejo, interstate 80 right now, down to martinez getting some showers even a few heavy showers where 780 and 80 come together. we'll talk about how long the rain sticks around and when we'll see sunshine again coming up. >> coming up all new at 6:00 tonight a dramatic story of a whale in danger and how three bay area fishermen risked their own lives to rescue it. >> but first, the markets closed up again today! ,,,,,,,,,,
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paul deanno in right now to talk about weather. i notice not a lot of really heavy downpours where i was but just kind of soaking rain all day long light goofy stuff. >> if you have never been to seattle, this is what they get for half the year. it rarely pours, just spits at you all day long. we have a washout tomorrow, friday and some days next week. we have a wet pattern and it's sticking around. peek of the radar, yeah, as ken said there's no yellow or red on the radar. just light to moderate rainfall with us the entire day. pittsburg, antioch, bay point, martinez, vallejo, napa and still raining in walnut creek and lafayette, new showers moving in down toward pacifica and half moon bay but those showers are not making it to san jose because it's all low- level moisture. it hits the santa cruz
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mountains, does not make it over. you have been very dry. traffic has been very, very bad as a result of that rainfall. look at the bay bridge, a parking lot out there. livermore 60, milder, doesn't feel that nice outside though. it's a humid 60 in san jose. 52 santa rosa, oakland 57. fremont 52. napa 48. san francisco 54 degrees. the setup in the atmosphere is this. big ridge of high pressure to the south and west, big ridge of low pressure to the north and west. it's not just that we have these systems nearby it's where they are located and these two are in the perfect spot to have storm after storm race between the two of them. we call it the zonal flow due east and everything is aiming at northern california. a bit of a break over the weekend but there are more storms on the way. scattered showers continuing overnight tonight. futurecast confirms that.
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and the clouds they are going no where. tomorrow morning showers. tomorrow afternoon the scattered showers continue not an all-day washout but showers at times. friday night into saturday morning, there is some heavy rain rainfall similar to last night. the next round of steady rain the first half of saturday your weekend will start off on a very wet note. we are looking at more rain moving through saturday night. and we are looking at rain finally clearing out and sunshine returning by sunday. we'll be right back. ♪[ music ] ,,,,,,,,
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allen and veronica will see at six. there's it for kpix 5 news at 5:00. the "cbs evening news" is next. >> allen and veronica will see you at 6:00. and remember the latest news and weather, always on have a good night. ♪[ music ] captions by: caption colorado
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> godspeed, john glenn. em 5, 4, 3... >> pelley: tonight, we remember an american hero, space pioneer john glenn, the first american to orbit the earth. >> looks like a good flight. >> pelley: also tonight, wicked weather creates massive pileups, blizzard conditions, and arctic chill across much of the country. ous and... >> i thought they were just water vapor. >> pelley: the nation's top tictor sounds the alarm on e-cigarettes. is a new generation getting hooked on nicotine. >> the bottom line is there is no safe use of tobacco products for kids, and those include e-cigarette. this is the "cbs evening news" with stt


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