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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 13, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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signing until larkspur was notified. apparently phillips was there during a period of time he could have been infected. and all the clients now have been notified who were in and out every day. so far, no other cases have been reported. the health department says the chances are low that anyone there was infected. but chances of any kind aren't something the health department or soul cycle wants to take. >> between classes they clean all the equipment thoroughly with the cleaners and also provide hand wipes or those antibacterial wipes so everybody can wipe down their own bikes individually as well in addition to what they do in between classes and then they also did a very thorough cleaning after this incident. >> yeah. >> reporter: and i did get a full statement from soul cycle's national corporation. they say, quote, we are deeply saddened by the passing of one of our riders. while the rider did not contract the infection at our studio, we have nonetheless been in constant communication
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with the department of health which has emphasized that there is no evidence for a health risk to any of our riders. just so you understand, bacterial meningitis is spread through close or lengthy contact so that's why folks at this gym are concerned and if you have been to the gym or think you might potentially have it, the health department wants you to know that headache, fever and neck stiffness are some of the symptoms. and if you are experiencing those symptoms, they say do not hesitate, call your doctor. live in marin, emily turner, kpix 5. gunfire early today near the elementary school in east san jose. one man was killed. the shooting victim was found in the late model mercedes. it's ended up in a driveway and now investigators want to find neighbors who might have surveillance video. >> i know that a lot of homes do have video surveillance. again, i don't know if any of that is captured what went on early this morning. but again, hopefully, there's
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some information that witnesses can provide through our canvass. >> the shooting happened at around 6:30 a.m. near robert sanders elementary school on mount pleasant road. school district officials talked with police and decided that it was safe to open the school this morning. some new video just into our newsroom. an rv that caught fire this afternoon on 101 near sfo. this was going southbound at the time. as you can see, the fire caused major traffic tie-ups as crews put it out and then had to clean it up. this happened just before 3:00. chp warns that it could still be slow for the rest of the rush hour commute. well, the storm is over [chuckling] finally. the clean-up, though, is under way in full swing. in golden gate park, dozens of trees have been marked with red tape. kpix 5's jackie ward is live with the new warning for people to be cautious of their surroundings. jackie? >> reporter: yeah, ken. it's this red tape behind me that says danger on it that caught my eye when i was
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walking my dog this morning. the rec and parks department says it's the same thing as caution tape so they both mean the same thing, watch out. clean-up from the string of storms we had this week is around the clock effort because of high winds and heavy rain. the director of operations for the rec and parks department says we lost 76 trees over the course of a few days. that's not bad considering there are about 131,000 trees his department takes care of. >> we put caution tape out on trees that are down. we haven't cleaned up yet. and if there are trees that looks like they sustained enough damage that we should take them down, we cone and caution tape them off to keep the public out until our crews get there. >> reporter: trees like this next to a sidewalk and popular area where people let their dogs run around. >> look at these trees. they are old and they're not -- they just don't look safe. >> reporter: sean neil is out here with his dog rascal who
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has cabin fever after a stormy week. >> would you walk over there? >> no, i wouldn't. i would probably walk this way come this way because it's pretty clear. i would stay in the open even cut through the grass here. >> reporter: maintaining these trees is something the rec and parks department is doing every day and when a storm hits, crews are out here 24/7 cleaning up the destruction left behind. >> we'll send them out over the course of the year so that there's enough space, you know, in the branch scaffolding that the wind will pass through rather than hit a very dense tree and, you know, and push it over. >> reporter: parks crews are out here every day trying to clean up the mess as soon as they can and they are prioritizing them so of course the trees that fell on top of sidewalks are going to be the ones that are cleared first. and there's no deadline though as to when everything will be cleared up. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. "sky drone 5" in the north bay this afternoon showing king tides causing flooding in mill
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valley. look at that! these are shots you can't get any or way. take a look at the cars as they just drive through the water. here's another washed out area. a bike path nearly submerged. richardson bay overflowing on to it. and just south in sausalito, these houseboats floating above the tide. water all the way up to some pathways. "sky drone 5" also found some stranded bikers along the road near the manzanita "park & ride" as they try to figure out their next move as we fly right beside them and over more water on the trail. and it was a foggy start to the beautiful day. take a look at this. this time lapse video shows the fog moving like an ocean over the city of san francisco. in the sierra, slopes coated with fresh powder after those storms rolled through earlier this week. here's a firsthand view from the ski lift at sugar bowl ski resort. it reopened today just in time for the holiday weekend. ski resorts hope to bring in
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big crowds. if you are heading to the mountains, bring your chains. and a little earlier in the day this is kirkwood, wind really kicking up. our photographer joseph cousins, there he is, proper protective gear on, sent us this video from the top of the ski resort. the wind was howling. he was snowboarding up there today. if work isn't exciting enough for joseph these days, he has to go find it up in the mountains. he sent us video of him driving on highway 88. take your time. snow is on the roads still and here's a look at highway 50 in south lake tahoe from the caltrans cam. roads are clear, and the sun is finally shining again. if i told you it was going to snow a foot and a half every day for a week and a half, it still wouldn't equal the amount of snow mount rose got since the beginning of the year. 210 inches of snow at mount rose just in january!
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not even halfway through the month. boreal 186 inches of snowfall and more than 15 feet at squaw alpine, alpine meadows reporting 181 inches of snow. the snowpack has literally doubled in the past two weeks. reservoirs are doubling, as well. the latest storm filled up our local reservoirs as well. the big ones around the state there, they are doing great. chopper 5 flowing over uvas reservoir in morgan hill. plenty of rushing water. lexington reservoir near los gatos a gusher in the spillways. it's more than full. they have to release more water than normal. we'll have the forecast coming up. and dozens of people in hollister are still getting handouts of bottled water. they are being told not to drink well water following a levee break and flood earlier this week. health officials in san benito county are concerned that floodwater may have gotten into wells for 100 homes bringing in toxic substances. >> the water that came out of
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the creek rushed across many, many agricultural fields and could have picked up nasty stuff, pesticides, fertilizer, sewage, and just other random hazardous materials like gas, because there's been cars that have been submerged. and the big concern is that this water has been wound up on top of the wells. >> county workers are going door to door and checking each well. so far no one has gotten sick. san jose has reached a contract deal with its police union aimed at ending years of attrition and labor strikes. under the tentative agreement, officers would get a raise of 20% over the next three years. that includes a 10% pay hike in the next fiscal year. officers would also get a one- time retention bonus of $5,000. and mandatory overtime would be phased out as the department hires new officers. chicago police department under fire now for using excessive force and racial bias. the justice department released
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a report today following a 13- month investigation. officers are accused of repeatedly using too much force and shooting people who did not pose any immediate threat. the mayor says all 12,000 chicago officers are now on notice. >> police misconduct will not be tolerated anywhere in the city of chicago. and those who break the rules will be held accountable. >> the report also found the police department's accountability system was broken and that officers targeted black and latino communities and were lacking proper training. president-elect donald trump is still firing off tweets following claims that russians have embarrassing information on him. reporter craig boswell has more from house members who were briefed on those reports. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump was up early friday morning tweeting about a dossier compiled by a former british intelligence agent that claims russia has potentially damaging information about were
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trump. he tweeted, totally made up facts by sleazebag political operatives both democrats and republicans. fake news, russia says nothing exists! >> thank you, mr. speaker. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence leaders briefed house members about the dossier friday morning and emphasized the allegations are not verified and are false. >> we need to find out if it's true. i think it would be negligence on the part of our intelligence officials not to pursue that. >> reporter: nancy pelosi called on the fbi to investigate claims trump administration officials have been communicating with the russians!! >> what is it that the russians know or have about that communication during the campaign that increases their leverage over this new administration? >> reporter: the trump team says general michael flynn, who will head up the national security agency under president trump has talked with russia's ambassador to the u.s. on several occasions but they dismissed concerns about those phone calls saying flynn was expressing condolences about
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the murder of a russian ambassador in turkey and trying to set up a phone call between presidents trump and putin for after the inauguration. craig boswell, cbs news, capitol hill. the white house was not notified of general flynn's contacts with the russian ambassador but adds, that doesn't mean the communication was inappropriate. one of the president- elect's key campaign promises is a step closer to being realized. house republicans today approved legislation to begin dismantling obamacare. it gives committees two weeks to draft a will to repeal the affordable care act. no democrat voted in favor. president obama has scheduled his final news conference. it will be next wednesday. this sunday he sits down for a final one-on-one interview with steve kroft of "60 minutes." >> would you have to admit that this is one of the strangest transitions in history. >> it's unusual. [ pause ]
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i'll agree with that. >> well -- >> and i -- and i -- and i suspect the president-elect would agree with that. he is an unconventional candidate. >> you can watch the entire interview right here on kpix 5 sunday night out 7 p.m. members of the music community are praying for two of their own tonight. >> this after they were hit by a train in the east bay. coming up, the work to figure out exactly how this accident happened. >> a sour note for a popular music streaming company. why the bay area's pandora says it's cutting jobs. >> plus, your addresses, the names of your family members, all exposed. the website that's putting it all out there for free. >> and the potential dangers. ,, ,, as ceo of exxonmobile...
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rex tillerson put exxon's interests before america's i'm not here to represent the us government's interest.
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instead, tillerson sided with putin. with billions in russian oil deals... he opposed us sanctions on russia... ...for war crimes forced to pay hundreds of millions for toxic pollution... ...putting profits ahead of our kid's health. tell your senators to reject rex tillerson. and protect american interests not corporate interests. band "tower of power"...
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they're in stable condition - being hi a brush with death for two members of legendary bay area band "tower of power." they are in stable condition after being hit by a train last night in oakland. the two men were heading to their sold out show at yoshi's when the collision happened. kpix 5's da lin tells us what happened. >> reporter: trains are part of jack london square hard to miss or ignore. that's why investigators want to find out why two band members of "tower of power" walked in front of an amtrak train last night. >> the band is, you know, emotionally destroyed. so all of us, you know, we been working with them for years. >> reporter: the accident happened in front of yoshi's shortly before the band was set to perform the 8:00 show there. both their 8 and 10 p.m. shows were sold out. everyone was in shock. the shows were canceled. and fellow band members ran out of yoshi's to check on them.
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the band leader posted on their facebook page, drummer dave garibaldi's face was swollen and bruised. and bassist marc van wageningen who was filling in had surgery for internal bleeding. both are in stable condition at highland hospital. >> very sad and i was scared. yeah. scared for them. >> reporter: eric is a fellow musician and knows the two men very well. >> just hope there's no permanent damage and they can resume doing what they do which is playing music. >> reporter: the band posted on their facebook page, the information they heard was a freight train had just passed. marc and dave started crossing the street and did not see the passenger train coming from the other direction. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the band started in oakland back in the late '60s. last night was their 6th and final night at yoshi's. >> my first concert ever as a high school kid was at winterland, san francisco, to hear "tower of power." >> they got the spirit of oakland, the soul. >> reporter: in oakland, i'm da
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lin, kpix 5. >> meanwhile, in santa clara, investigators still trying to figure out what caused a deadly collision between an amtrak train and a car. this happened near the intersection of agnew road and lafayette street about 10 a.m. the driver of the car was killed. none of the 45 passengers on board the train was hurt. after that collision passengers were bussed to san jose as crews cleared the tracks. the trains are now running back on their normal schedule. it's unclear why again the car was on the tracks at the time of the collision. san francisco is showing off the first car in its new fleet of muni trains. they are set to go into service later on this year. the new cars have red stripes along the sides and they are supposed to be more reliable than the current fleet of italian-made cars. for example, the models being built by siemens has fewer moving parts in their doors and steps. >> and this is the first of 64 cars that are going to be added to our fleet of 150,
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significant expansion of light rail capacity and not the old tired cars but brand-new cars. >> muni says the cars will brake more efficiently and have front steps that go up and down easily to help the disabled. the plan is to have these cars start taking passengers this summer. oakland-based pandora radio has announced major layoffs. the company will cut 7% of its workforce to trim operating costs. pandora says it's competing with spotify and apple's music service. the news of the layoffs and strong 4th quarter revenues sent pandora's stock surging more than 6%. imagine your home address, family information and the names of all your known relatives available to anyone online. >> consumerwatch reporter julie watts is here with a website that is exposing your sensitive family information for free. >> reporter: that's right. you know, the site gained attention after there were rumors that it was actually created to target police
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officers. now, there's really no indication that that is true. but as we continue to follow this story, um, you know, we have been finding interesting things. in fact many of us in the newsroom actually ran our names through this website and found the accurate information. bottom line, this -- the information is there both police officers and your information. it's surprisingly accurate. and now it's available to anyone for free. the site family tree that you see here bills itself as a genealogy researching too and aggregated public information, type in a name and it narrows it down by age, lists possible relatives and addresses which is most concerning! in fact, the electronic frontier foundation points out it could be dangerous for anyone not just celebrities or high-profile figures. >> let's say you're on vacation with your family and you're posting photos on instagram that are like this is in hawaii. anybody who happens to see those photos will be able to quickly look up your home address and know hey, that family is not there.
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everyday people have lots of good reasons to want to keep their home address private. >> now of course there are many other data broker sites that aggregate and sell this kind of information. the difference is, they charge for it. so the cost and having to enter that credit card is often a deterrent. now, you can opt out of family tree now. simply click contact us at the bottom of the homepage. due to the high number of requests they have added an "opt out" link there. when prompted enter the name, city and birth year, find your records and click opt out at the top of the page. privacy advocates know on the bright side this site is bringing attention to what they call an industry out of control. profiting off of selling personal information. they hope it grabs the attention of lawmakers because while you can opt out of this site, you cannot opted out of dozens of others that are selling your information. today was the first dry day of the calendar year. we have more to come. but there's also more rain in the seven-day forecast. find out when we're going to
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get soggy once again as we head toward a holiday season coming up next. >> coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, recent bay area storms causing big changes at the beach. and surfers are taking advantage. what scientists discovered under the water. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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knocking on the door of the holiday season the wind has calmed down. temperatures near average. throughout the bay area san francisco 52. lots of fives in oakland and livermore. 55 and 56. san jose at 53. there is not one drop of rain not one flake of snow on the radar. the first time that has happened since last year literally. the last time we had a completely dry radar. in tahoe it will be very busy on a holiday weekend and the snow should be amazing! what about the weather when you're there? partly cloudy at lake level 34 degrees. could be a couple of flurries
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on snow showers on sunday. the warmest day will be monday in the low 40s so great skiing conditions and weather. we have a flood warning that was recently issued even though the rain has stopped. it's for the delta. we have water flowing in because of high astronomical tides. we have lots of water that wants to flow out, out of the sacramento and san joaquin river valleys where they meet out toward antioch and pittsburg around delta andsuisun bay, fremont tonight cold 37, san jose 36, santa rosa 31 degrees. lopez moving out still raining over southern california. not for us this ridge of high pressure keeps us dry for four additional days. good amount of sunshine if you are heading into the city on saturday. it will be seasonably chilly low to mid-50s throughout the day leading to a partly cloudy evening. futurecast from a different perspective shows a lack of cloud cover all throughout the morning tomorrow. tomorrow night some clouds moving in. you'll wake up on sunday cloudy again, no rain. there's a system passing by to our west which will give us
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cloud cover and no rainfall until next wednesday. high tomorrow comfortable saturday seasonably chilly again. concord 55. san rafael high 54. mountain view, fremont, san jose all right around 56 degrees. sunday the morning cloud cover, but equally as mild. monday martin luther king, jr. day will see some low 60s away from the water. then next week here we go again. flooding widespread. rain begins wednesday and likely also thursday and friday. but four more dry days to go. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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retailer says it will add 100- thousand workers over the next 18 well, a new job amazon is hiring and they are hiring a lot of people. the online retail says it will add 100,000 workers over the next 18 months. there you go! most of the jobs will be at fulfillment centers like the massive facility in tracy. amazon says the jobs will be full-time and they will come with benefits. there you go. >> good. strange things sometimes happen on friday the 13th. none quite as strange as a flight that went directly to hell earlier today. bear with me. a fin air flight with the number 666 headed to helsinki finland which uses the airport coat hel. the flight took off at 1300 hours and the plane was 13 years old. >> i'm out. >> everybody got 13 free drink coupons, too.
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[ laughter ] the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: comey, under fire. canll i can tell you is, the f.b.i. director has no credibility. >> pelley: democrats blast the f.b.i. director for not doing more to stop russian interference with the u.s. election. >> i don't see this president- elect as a legitimate president. >> pelley: also tonight, the justice department sounds an m.arm. ol the chicago police department engages in a pattern or practice of use of excessive force in violation of the fourth amendment to the constitution. >> pelley: american veterans poisoned by their own military base. and, steve hartman with a hockey lover achieving his lifelong goal. >> this is one of the coolest things i've ever seen.


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