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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 16, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> reporter: jeffrey harp says the investigation into so will lomon's role likely included surveillance and wiretapping -- solomon's role. >> in the bigger picture they see there's more people involved. that she is a threat or that she has information that she's not shared and they fear she's a flight risk. >> reporter: solomon already told police that she was with her husband when he bought ammunition. the night of the shooting she and her husband texted. she asked, where are you. he replied do you see what's happening. no she wrote. he finally responded, i love you babe. matene pledged his allegiance to isis that night and was killed in a shoot out with police. solomon's attorney released a statement saying she had no connection with the attack. >> doctor have they said about the evidence they have against
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her. >> i spoke to the fbi and they said they're not releasing information on the investigation. they will hold a news conference tomorrow where we should learn more. a meningitis mystery. there's two deadly bay area cases including a woman who died in the back of a muni bus. now we're get ago key clue as to why she didn't show any symptoms. david fealy is live where he just -- devin fealy is live where he just spoke to the victim's family. >> reporter: the woman spent several days at the hotel behind me with her brother. now her family is scrambling to figure out where she may have contracted the deadly disease. >> she did not know at the time she had. i assume she thought it was the flu or a cold. she wasn't sleeping very well.
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>> reporter: flora robson's brother says she was sick in the days before she was found dead in the back of a muni bus. >> she had a severe headache, she did have a slight fever, said her feet were cold. she didn't complain about her neck hurting. but she was taking painkillers because she had surgery on her shoulder. >> reporter: laura underwent surgery on h her shoulder at san francisco general hospital two weeks ago. robson is the second person believed to have died from bacterial meningitis. a rare but fast moving and deadly infection. steven phillips died january 2nd in marin. laura was found dead two days ago. but her brother doesn't think the two crossed paths. >> i don't think she was in marin. at this moment i don't know how they're connected or if they're
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connected. >> reporter: a beloved center who's bright smile matched her big heart. >> very outgoing, sweet person. very giving. a lot of friends. >> reporter: that is the big mystery tonight. the victim's brother says he knows of no known connection between the two victims. he says he was as a precaution as was his young son treated with antibiotics just in case. devin fealy. a contra costa sheriff's deputy is in jail and out of a job while he was off duty. a mug shot shows 23-year-old kyle roland with an injured right eye. he's now being held on suspicion of attempted murder. he left a home then came back with two guns. a confrontation insued and he allegedly fired multiple shots.
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the contra costa fire department fired roland. he had been with the department for a few months. he's led him on two high speed chases across the bay area. including one on friday night. it ended in this crash near richmond. police say that eddy smashed into two cars before he escaped. last year he was arrested on more than 50 counts of auto burglary, conspiracy and gun enhancement. events remembering miles an -- remembering dr. martin luther king jr. held all over the country. today's holiday falling at the ends of his to havic black presidency. a point not lost on the people gathered at the event. >> king was a radical. he engaged in civil disobedience. he got arrested for the things he believed in and he
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encouraged. >> today was a day of service. hundreds of events to help people to get engaged in improving the place they live. >> religious leaders held an event and prayer service. after praying the group shared a meal. >> i know some of you are worried about donald trump. well we're going to make him worry about us in san francisco. >> reporter: in the south bay, the celebrations began with the traditional train ride up the peninsula. kpix5 sandra osbourne was
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there. >> reporter: despite cool temperatures, austin's family got in line early for the 54- mile trek a tribute to the march from selma to montgomery alabama led by king in the 1960s. >> it's up to me and it's up to you. >> reporter: the train ride previously called the freedom train was inspired nationwide by the widow of the late civil rights leader. >> originally it was operated by a south bay martin luther king association. who chartered the train for a number of years a few years ago they decided it was no longer feasible. >> reporter: now a partnership between the martin luther king foundation and caltrain keeps it going under its new name. passengers say the history is even more important to learn in a year with so many political changes. >> just praying and ask donald trump to put it in his heart to see america as one. >> it doesn't matter what you
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wear. >> reporter: organizers say over 1,000 passengers took advantage of this free train ride from san jose to san francisco which is hundreds more people than last year. in san jose sandra osbourne. president obama spending his last martin luther king jr. day in office with the first lady painting a mural at a family shelter in washington, d.c. it's part of their day of service. the painting includes a picture of martin luther king with butterflies. today trump commemorated dr. martin luther king day by meeting with dr. king's son. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump shook hands with
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martin luther king iii. >> we began at least a solution to begin to address a broken voting system. that was most of the dialogue we talked about constructively. >> mr. king also weighed in on the dispute between mr. trump and fellow civil rights legend john lewis who marched with dr. king. >> things get said on both sides in the heat of the motion. >> reporter: the feud began when lewis a georgia congressman questioned the president-elect's legitamacy because of russian hacking. >> i don't consider this president-elect a legitimate president. >> reporter: inauguration day gets closer. officials expect close to 1 million people in washington. and protest groups have applied for a record number of permits.
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about five times the typical amount for inauguration. jamie yuccas. the president-elect also said he is almost ready to unveil his proposal to replace the affordable care act. he says the details will be revealed after the inauguration. we learned today marica crawley will not be joined the trump administration. crawley was supposed to join the trump administration but withdrew after accusations surfaced that she plagiarized passages on a book she wrote. the raiders still eyeing a move to las vegas. the filing will reportedly happen well before the february
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15 deadline. raiders owner mark davis needs approval from 24 of the league's 32 owners. he has lined up financing for a $1.9 billion stadium project in las vegas and he has said he's not interested in a competing plan in oakland. the new warriors arena breaks ground in san francisco tomorrow. the chase center and the mission bay neighborhood will have more than 18,000 seats. it's expected to be finished in late 2019. tomorrow's ceremony starts at noon at third and 16th street. top warriors brass will be there along with forward kevin durant and mayor ed lee. the warriors have four candidates on the ballots. durant, steph curry and draymond green. >> take one of those emogies down. more erosion shuts down an
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intersection. the 40-foot sink hole that crews are scrambling to fix. >> wringling brothers is closing for good. >> and one man is making dating great again. his new dating website which is geared toward donald trump supporters.
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up a busy pacifica intersection. the pavement collapsed on "e it comes a for a second time in a matter of months a busy intersection is swallowed up by a sink hole. the hole is 15 feet deep just off of fire station and a church. five months ago a similar scene but that's sink hole was about 1/3 of the one that opened up today. sink holes are becoming a
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common problem in pacifica. just a few months ago, an apartment were shut down because because they were teetering off the cliff. and lefty o' douls is moving to a new location near by. but the owner says not so fast. >> memorabilia is owned by the restaurant which is owned by the hanboy family. it will reopen in its current location with all of that wonderful memorabilia in honor of its past and legacy as a handily family run business.
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>> lefty's current manager insists he owns the trademark for lefty's everything. he says he has the 2009 paper work to prove it. after years of being iced out, skaters in the peninsula are one step closer to getting their own rink. in about an hour, the the burlinggame city council will talk about the new rink. officials are answering a question what now. the decision made after a rapid decline in ticket sales when elephants were phased out of the line up. but at least people without jobs as well as the animals that were stars of the show. >> our commitment to all of our animals is for their lifetime
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and we continue to provide the high level of care that we always have. our job now is to find suitable homes for all of our animals in the next few months. well we mentioned the jobs 400 people will be out of work after the final show in may. wringly brothers executives plan to work with them on job placement and finding homes. five people are dead. a dozen more injured after a gunman opened fire at a music festival in mexico. self-phone video captured the moments after the shooting. >> he's got a gun. gun. >> this video shows the chaotic scene outside the blue parrot club in playa del carmen. two security guards were among those killed. mexican authorities are still trying to determine who was behind the shooting. a surreal scene, chunks of
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jumbo jet littered across a small village. most of those killed though were on the ground. half the houses on the village were destroyed. early word it was crew error that caused the crash. a southern california man wants to make america date again. >> he's designed a dating website aimed at making romantic connections between supporters of president-elect donald trump. chris martinez shows us. >> reporter: that's why i quit my day job to do this. >> reporter: you might call david goss an accidental cupid. >> i heard some stories about dates going bad because politics were brought up. >> reporter: so the long time donald trump supporter took a cue from the president-elect's entrepreneurial spirit and created the website trump >> it's a place where people can come and meet each other and they don't have to worry about going on that date and politics coming up. talking about politics and all
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of a sudden that person gets upset and leaving. >> reporter: goss thought the dating site would appeal to some of his friends and a few others. but he says hundreds have signed up. >> it's kind of a safe space. the first one we went shooting at our local gun range. shot an ar15. i've never done that so it was fun. >> reporter: for goss it's been controversial just like trump's run itself. >> i've been told that i'm racist, a homophobic just for starting the site. if you want to live longer and spice it up you might want
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to eat more red chili peppers. researchers looked at the lifestyles of 16,000 americans who ate peppers regularly over a 23 year period. the study shows peppers are linked to a 13% reduction in total mortality. researchers credit the benefits of one of the components in peppers, capsasin which is known to reduce obesity and regulate blood flow. and we've had several days of clear, dry weather but that's all set to change and i'm going to tell you all about it just after the break. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight. a show of defiance for the president-elect. we talked to the growing number of bay area lawmakers about their reasons for skipping out on the inauguration of donald trump. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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freezing rain and snow left a sheet of ice... sometimes more than an inch thick... across much of the great plains and
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midwest. the nation's midsection trying to recover from icy weather that started friday. crushed trees, crushed power lines, disabled cars. listen to that. thousands of people without power. road crews are working overtime to try to clear that ice and snow. snowplowing through a home in kirkville. it happened last week below the red cliffs area. the avalanche tore through a window and spill into the kitchen. fortunately nobody was inside the home at the time. meanwhile yosemite is finally open to skiers. the resort opened to the public over the weekend. >> all those storms that we had. we had a grief respite.
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and a couple of days of just clear, sunny skies. cooler temperatures. but i'm sorry to says that all about to change. starting in the next couple of dayless. -- days. right now in san francisco, still nice and clear. 53degrees looking out at the bay live. chillier in livermore at the moment. we do have a few areas in the winter storm. don't light your fireplaces tonight even though it's going to be chilly. we're tracking the mid-30s or low 40s in most areas of the bay. it is going to be a cooler morning. here's our satellite and radar. this high pressure system here is what's allowed us to have those clear days. but this low pressure system here is is what's going to make it all change. see these storms that are lined up. that's going to hit us one after the other over the next
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several days. basically starting in the next couple of days. our wet evening commute even more wet by 7:00 on wednesday evening. the story is this. it'll be a chilly night. there'll be areas of fog overnight and into the morning. it'll be cooler on tuesday with some sun and some clouds. and then the rain is going to return on wednesday. our temperatures highs tomorrow are going to be below the low and mid-50s. fairfield at 51 degrees. our seven day outlook looks very wet. but i don't want you to get too concerned. it'll be dry tomorrow and then by wednesday the first round of wind and rain is going to start followed by showers on thursday. then, on friday we have our second round of showers. our second round of wind and rain. followed by showers on saturday then the third round of storms is going to move in on sunday followed by showers on monday. it'll certainly be wet but it will not be the wet weather
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a world series win was a long time coming. and no one knows that better than president oba a world series win was a long time coming. >> nobody knows that better than president obama. and today he welcomed his home team to the white house. they said this day would never come. >> yeah, you know what he's not
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really a cubs fan. he's a white sox fan. the president gave the fans f or -- president thanked the teams for giving the fans the treat of a lifetime. but then he joked that it took them long enough. >> i have to say, you took long enough. i mean, i only have four more days in the white house. >> and he gave himself the presidential pardon for being a white sox fan. and he got memorabilia. >> he could open up the next
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lefty o' douls. >> that's a great idea. remember the latest news, weather always on y cbs >> pelley: on martin luther king iy, king's son meets the president-elect. >> he said that he is going the represent americans. he said that over and over again. >> pelley: and his daughter vows... >> if god can do it during my dad's time, god can do it during this time. he can triumph over a trump. >> pelley: also tonight, a deadly ice storm knocks out power in the heartland. tr transformers are blowing. the trees are popping. >> they just sounded like explosions. >> hands up, hands up! >> pelley: an innocent black motorist sues for false arrest after a confrontation with police. >> okay. n y am i being put in handcuffs? >> pelley: and in the winter of 2017, the hottest ticket in town.


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