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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 17, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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abused by her husband. and that she's the victim. >> the person who did this crime needs to be prosecuted. but not innocent persons. she had no idea. >> she text him, he reonds. he says don't you see the news. she told him no. he says i love you babe. and hang up. that's all she knows. >> reporter: matene pledged his allegiance to the islamic state after the attack before police killed him in a shoot out. today authorities say she aided and abetted her husband. she could face life in prison if convicted. >> we have a justice system here. when they look at everything, they know she's going to be free. >> and her lawyers say she is innocent, they plan to see her
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tomorrow morning for her arrangement. the bay area is buckling down for another round of storms. two storms are lining up in the pacific that could mean more trouble for the already saturated ground. this is just some of the damage from last week. and this time around, we could see more trouble. kpixfive's kiet do with efforts to protect the area . the past week has given crews a time to clean up. but time is ticking. >> i know, i got you. >> reporter: the storms have left this 200-foot tall 200- year-old redwood leaning severely to win side. it's root ball is lifting up and destroys parts of vine little -- vine hill road.
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and it's leaning directly toward a property. crews say there was no saving it so for a tree that had been here since well before the civil war, it was time to go. >> reporter: do you feel safer now that the tree is gone. >> absolutely. there's nothing there that can hurt my home now. >> reporter: so it went all over the county. crews playing catch up to the pineapple express before the next round of storms. remember the huge slide that crushed the tv news van, it took days to clear up the rock and debris. to get ready for wednesday's storms, caltrans installed a temporary net to catch anything that might come down at the same location. that netting will stop boulders to the size of about a beach ball. anything bigger than that, good luck. >> if we have a major landslide like occurred last monday.
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there's very few systems that could be able to protect against that. >> reporter: caltrans says they are monitoring some flash floods up and down highway 17. there's been some preventive work. >> and from pacifica we're getting some idea of how long it will take to patch this sink hole. the 40-foot hole was carved after our recent storms. this is the second time the hole has opened up in a matter of months. public works estimates it will take six weeks to repair. take a look at our high def doppler. you can see the storm is centered around eureka at the moment. but there's showers as high as
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ukiah and they're on their way. let's fast forward until tomorrow morning for your commute. it is going to be cloudy and then some showers in the north bay. that will start to move in. increasing in intensity throughout the day. then by wednesday evening the commute in just about the entire bay area is going to be wet. and it is going to be windy. i can tell you, just how wet and windy it's going to be. and also, what else is behind the storm coming up just after this. all right emily thanks for that. new at 5:00, a controversial move by president obama in his final days in office. he has granted clemency to wikileaks founder. >> reporter: to be clear this is not a pardon. this is a communation it's just
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a shortened sentence. the president commuted her sentence because she accepted her responsibility, expressed remorse and that the prison temple -- prison sentence she was given was excessive. >> i feel disappointed. >> reporter: the white house says there's a difference between the two. >> snowden is at the arms of an an adversary. >> reporter: she tried twice to commit suicide. manning is now set to be released on may 17th. her 35 year sentence was the longest punishment ever imposed in the u.s. for a leak conviction. the president did fully pardon
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giants legend willie mccubby. he served two years in probation for that. the and these are just two of the 273 pardons and communations the president issued. he has until 11:00 a.m. on friday to issue more. so be on the look out for that. melissa caen, kpix. a new cnn orc poll shows just 40% of people approve of the president-elect's performance during the transition. leaving a 52% disapproval rating. meantime, new questions for a couple of president-elect trump cabinet picks. education secretary nominee bethy duvos is an advocate for school vouchers.
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some say that calls into question her commitment to public education. and tom price is facing ethics concerns. cbs news confirming he purchased shares from a medical device manufacturers just days before introducing legislation that would have been benefited the company. russian president putin is denying actions that russia gathered negative reports about trump. it is reported that the evidence is video of trump with prostitutes in russia. servos is filing a lawsuit
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for defamation against the president-elect. the lawsuit says trump denied those claims and called her a liar. >> since mr. trump has not issued a retraction as i requested, he's left me with no alternative other than to sue him in order to vindicate my reputation. >> reporter: zervos said she would withdraw her statement if trump made a statement. they made great progress on locking down a contract to replace the aging plane. in december, trump complained in a tweet that $4 billion for a brand new 747 was too much money. and boeing says it's committed to bringing down the cost. the inaugural lunch will
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have an all american menu. they will dine on maine lobster, it'll be served with four different california wines. one for each course. president obama is moving out and moving on. reporter kristin holmes on what's next for the 44th president. >> reporter: as the world is getting ready for donald trump to officially begin his presidency friday, president obama is wrapping up his tenure and preparing to move on. >> today making a surprise visit to the final white house daily briefing to thank his press secretary. >> of the folks that i've had the great joy and pleasure of working with over the last 10 years on this incredible journey, this guy ranks as high as just about anybody i've worked with. >> reporter: a moving truck spotted in front of the obama soon to be washington home.
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the president says his family is welcoming their new life outside the white house. >> the girls are now of an age where the constraints of secret service and all that stuff has gotten pretty old. michelle never fully took to the scrutiny. she strived as a first lady but it's not her preference. >> reporter: following the inauguration, the now first family will escape the cold weather taking a trip to florida. he will deliver his last press conference friday. and kpix5 political reporter melissa cane is traveling to washington, d.c.
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for trump's inauguration. her live coverage starts thursday on air and online. former homeland secretary janet napolitano is hospitalized tonight. she is reportedly suffering from the side effects of cancer treatment. the former arizona governor was diagnosed in august but offered no further details. she is expected to be released in the next day or so. hundreds of people descended on to the steps of the state capital today for a rally held by planned parenthood. the event was called pink out day. and brought together celebrities such as actress dunnam as well as lawmakers and community leaders. the event is meant to protect health care access for nearly 1 million californians. one step closer to moving across the bay. >> coming up, how the golden state warriors say their new san francisco home will house so much more than basketball. >> plus, business booming in the friendly skies. where you can now fly from the
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bay area nonstop. >> and how technology is changing the way all of us will soon shop. even at the brick and mortar stores. ,, weather sponsored by mancini sleep world. coming up a last minute reprieve from the president for the soldier convicted for leaking documents. and shock, medical treatments, sky high bills that customers never saw coming. ,,,,,,
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the fastest waya to ruin pancakes.. that's why denny's uses fresh, never frozen blackberries that are fresh. and never frozen. did we mention they were fresh?
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a bay area house cleaner "sandra cuoto," arrested, for stealing from the families who trusted her in their homes. new at 5:00, dusted and busted. sandra cuoto arrested from stealing from the families who trusted her in their homes. she pocketed jewelry, cash and personal items. investigators say there could be more victims. if you áepl ployed cuoto and think -- if you employed cuoto and think she stole from you, call police. and allen martin has details of today's big ground breaking, allen. >> reporter: it was an extravagant 90 minute event with a who's who of sports stars even a few acrobats thrown into the mix.
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the warriors, the city and the money going into the chase center. the speaker's talked about the dream that began to take shape six years ago. coach kerr said he hopes she's still around for the next warriors championship. >> it's going to take three years to build. so the chances of me standing on the said lines are slim to hopeful. maybe as like the coach of another team or something. but, but so far so good. so hopefully i'll still be here. >> the event ended with acrobats. work on the arena is expected to be complete and ready for the 2019-2020 season. and the entire project is being paid for with private money. two boys say they were
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playing basketball outside irvington high school. that's when the suspect approached them and pulled out a weapon. he managed to steal their wallets before driving away. good news for your travel plans, domestic flight cancellations are now at an all time low. but a few airlines have a little work to do. virgin america has an on time arrival of 81%. jet blue has an all time arrival rate of 84%. here are the airlines getting you there on time and bragging rights go to hawaiian and delta airline. both have on time arrival dates of more than 91%. and alaska airlines next with 88%. more travelers taking off and landing in san jose. >> business is expected to grow
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even more. airplanes are coming and going like never before at maneta san jose international. >> the airlines are recognizing that travelers want to fly through san jose airport and now we're seeing the results. >> reporter: in a fast paced always moving airline industry san jose is experiencing one of its biggest growth spurts ever. 2016 saw a seven to 10% increase over the previous year. during the all important holiday season, trips were up to 18%. the growth is projected to continue. this spring, maneta san jose is adding four daily flights to long beach. three to burbank. three to chicago o'hare. another flight to vancouver, charlotte and atlanta. last year, san jose added london, frankford and shanghai. >> it's more airlines, more destinations, it means better
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shares because the airlines have been competing for business. >> reporter: the strong silican valley economy is one of the biggest drawless. -- draws. >> it's a long walk from the last gate to here. >> reporter: the walks are about to get everyone longer. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. seven months after the devie sieve brexit vote and we're finally learning more about the uks plans on how they will leave the european union. britain's prime minister rule out any idea of keeping a partial membership with the eu. she said the uk will be making a complete and clean break. negotiations on the final brexit deal expected to take at least two years. after that it will go to the country's parliament for the final vote. when it comes to shopping. people have to decide whether to go to the store or buy it online. >> but soon, you may be able to
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do both. this printer is made by the japanese firm shima fite. in two hours a sweater can be designed and printed out. and a start up called ogden uses virtual reality to show you how a piece of furniture will look in your home. that's cool. the company hopes to start offering it soon in the u.s. right now people are shopping on e commerce on tradition websites. but you have an opportunity to really interact with products. >> reporter: retailers are catching on to the virtual reality trend and helping to boost sales by giving customers more options. i'm emily brenner. i hope you enjoyed this last day of wet weather. i'll tell -- i hope you enjoyed this last day of dry weather. i'll tell you when the wet
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weather is moving in. >> but first the marta closed down today. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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evan turner in for paul diano this evening. we have another one coming. >> not only do we have another one coming we have another three coming. they are all lined up one after the other. basically every other day of rain and showers. let's take a live look outside right now to the golden gate bridge where it's already pretty cloudy out there. our current temperatures right now san francisco 50 degrees. dropping into the high 40s in concord and santa rosa and livermore. it's going to continue to drop overnight. the overnight lows are mostly going to be in the low to mid- 40s depending on where you are. 44 in the north bay and santa rosa. our coolest temperature in fairfield 42. 43 in san jose and then 48 along the coast of pacifica a little warmer there. our satellite and radar, shows
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exactly what is headed our way. this low pressure system is bringing an entire line of storms that are making their way on to the coast and they're going to be hitting us over the next seven days. so number one hit tomorrow. so let's look at how much rain we can expect with storm number one. not anything like we've seen in the last couple of weeks. so no major flooding in the russian river or napa river. however we may see major flooding along streets and highways and potentially some mud slides in the hills because they're already so saturated. one other thing we need to worry about tomorrow is a high wind alert. in fact, we're going to see winds from the south 30 to 45 miles per hour. gusts up to 60--miles-an-hour. power lines, trees, those are the kind of thins we need to keep an eye on tomorrow. so tomorrow, a few sprinkles to the north bay. there'll be a few showers wednesday morning. then wind and rain that is
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going to pick up into wednesday afternoon. making for a wet commute. our high temperatures tomorrow mostly in the mid-50s. pretty much across the bay area 52 in santa rosa. 54 in redwood city. freemont a little warmer, 55 degrees and wet basically. so taking a look at our seven day forecast. tomorrow that first round of storms is going to move in. followed by a third day which is going to have some showers here and there. then round number two is going the hit us on friday. and then we'll have a brief break on saturday, it might dry out a little bit so if you have plans outside. saturday is the only day that you might be able to do it. then round number three is going to roll in on sunday with wind and rain again. and then monday, things will start to dry out. we'll have some lingering showers. but for the most part they're going to start to move out of the bay area and then tuesday, things are going the start to dry up. our temperatures will rebound. back up close to the 60s in some places, so it's certainly
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going to be warm and dry at the middle of next week. in the meantime, we have several rounds of showers we have to get through. but, the take away here is it's not the extreme wet weather we've seen over the last couple of weeks but it is however going to be wet. - [voiceover] you are san francisco. we've been with you from the beginning. we've seen each other through good times and bad. sickness and health. we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care.
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the fastest waya to ruin pancakes.. that's why denny's uses fresh, never frozen blackberries that are fresh. and never frozen. did we mention they were fresh? terrifying moments for some kids in the czech republic as the roof of their gym started to cave in on them! it happened in the middle of a game.... terrifying moments for some
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kids when the ceiling started caving in. only two minor injuries were reported. the building was newly built and the roof was reportedly covered in snow. dreaming of a new car. >> always. >> you may want to check out ford's newest version of the mustang. the 2018 model will have a more powerful engine, 10 speed automatic transmission, ford has not announced final pricing for this car yet but it is expected to go on sale sometime this year. and we wanted to wish a very happy birthday to america's favorite golden girl, betty white turns 95 years young today. the actress has worked in show business since the 1940s but is best known for her role on the golden girls. white says the best thing about
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turning 95 is she's still employed and getting job officers. >> scott pelley coming up next. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: chelsea manning's last-minute reprieve. the transgender soldier, sentenced for leaking classified documents, is commuted by the commander in chief. also tonight, as more democrats boycott the inauguration-- >> when he questioned john lewis, they crossed the rubicon. >> pelley: ...putin comes to the president-elect's defense. aftershocks from medical treatment. sky-high bills patients never saw coming. and... >> a texas band. >> pelley: ...vocal discord. >> no way that i won't be the announcer. >> pelley: way. the longtime voice of the inaugural parade is silenced. >> a pat on the back is what i was expecting, and what i got was a kick in the butt.


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