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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 19, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: mr. trump comes to washington, ready to take the reigns of power, the next thmmander in chief salutes the nation's military heroes and the capital tunes up for the inauguration. also tonight, rick perry's change of heart about the agency that once slipped his mind. >> i regret recommending its elimination. >> pelley: an avalanche in italy and the frantic search for survivors. and women head to washington to celebrate-- >> yay, we did it! >> pelley: --and to protest. >> i have to, because if i'm not doing something, i'm going crazy.
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley, reporting tonight from washington. >> pelley: this is our western edition. this time tomorrow, donald trump will be president. tonight at the lincoln memorial, mr. trump promised to create jobs, expand the military, secure the border, and unite the nation. he flew here in new york city today, this time aboard a plane that bore not his name but the nation's. he is still working on the inaugural address he will deliver at noon tomorrow back there at the capitol. here's our chief white house correspondent, major garrett. >> reporter: first, by car, then on a military plane that soared over the new york city skyline, donald trump and his family made their way to washington. upon arrival, mr. trump saluted the troops he will soon command as the 45th president of the united states. vice president-elect mike pence: >> it is a momentous day before a historic day.
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( applause ) >> reporter: the president-elect's first stop in the nation's capital was a lunch at his own hotel. ( laughter ) ( "taps" ) >> reporter: later, the president-elect and vice president-elect paid solemn tribute at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery, a pre-inauguration tradition. mr. trump and incoming first lady, melania, then attended a concert at the lincoln memorial. >> and i promise you, that i will work so hard, we're going to get it turned around. we're going to bring our jobs back. we're not going to let other countries take our jobs any longer. >> reporter: earlier, the trump transition, in need of experienced personnel in key posts, announced that 50 senior-level obama administration aides have agreed to stay on board. they include adam szubin and
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adett mcgurk, obama advisers at the center of the strategy to defeat isis, the implementation of the iran nuclear deal, and sanctions against russia. incoming white house press secretary sean spicer: >> there are limitations to what some of these individuals can do in terms of enacting the agenda, but in terms of being ready to go and being able to respond to an incident, we're ready to go at 12:01 tomorrow. >> reporter: the president-elect announced one of his biggest donors and the owner of the new york jets, woody johnson, will be the next ambassador to great britain. and, scott, as is tradition, mr. trump and his family will spend tonight at blair house, across the street from the white house, before coming here to be sworn in on the west front of the capitol. >> pelley: major garrett, before the stage where donald trump will be sworn in. sejor, thank you. well, for their part, democrats in the senate are tapping the brakes on several cabinet nominations. today, they raised objections to the former governor of texas,
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who is to head the energy department and to a wall street financier, nominated to lead treasury. nancy cordes is at the capitol. >> and i've been trying to get my arms around the mnuchin web of bank accounts and shell companies. >> reporter: after 15 contentious confirmation hearings, tempers have begun to fray. >> senator wyden, i've got a valium pill here that you might want to take before the second round. >> we have many colleagues waiting-- >> fine, ron. i'm done. >> reporter: the source of the tension is this-- eight nominees who democrats say need to be vetted more thoroughly. how long do you think you can drag this process out? >> first, we're not trying to drag anything out. these cabinet nominees have huge, huge say over the lives of tens of millions of americans. >> reporter: republicans say democrats are trumping up ethics concerns for political effect. >> delay for delay's sake doesn't serve anybody's
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interest. >> reporter: today's target was treasury secretary nominee steven mnuchin. >> so you helped others avoid paying taxes. >> i-- i-- again, i'm not going to make a comment-- again, they didn't avoid. they followed the law. >> reporter: democrats slammed the billionaire banker for leaving a few key details off his financial disclosure forms. >> the cayman island fund, almost $100 million of real estate, six shell companies; and a hedge fund in anguilla. >> reporter: the former goldman sachs executive said it was an honest mistake. >> i think, as you all can appreciate, filling out these government forms is quite complicated. >> reporter: by contrast, the hearing for former texas governor rick perry-- >> may have i rephrase that, sir? >> please. >> reporter: --seemed downright cordial, even though he once proposed abolishing the agency he now wants to lead. >> in fact, after being briefed on so many of the vital functions of the department of energy, i regret recommending its elimination.
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>> reporter: so far, democrats have agreed to at least two confirmation votes tomorrow, for the secretaries of defense and homeland security. but republicans warn that democrats will be playing games with national security if they allow other key positions, like c.i.a. director, to go unfilled starting at noon tomorrow. scott. >> pelley: nancy cordes on capitol hill. thank you, nancy. mr. trump said today that his nominees collectively have the highest i.q. ever assembled for a cabinet. we talked to his new press secretary, sean spicer. have you told him that it might be better for you if he didn't exaggerate so much? >> i think, look, he has been highly successful as a negotiator and a businessman. i don't tend to tell him what to do. he's done very well on his own. >> pelley: what should the american people think when they look at the 16-member cabinet sd see 13 white men? >> that it's not about the color of their skin.
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it's about the successes they've had. but they should also look at people like elaine chow, nikki haley, ben carson. there's a tremendous amount of diversity that's not just about the color of someone's skin, but it's gender diversity, it's ideological diversity, and that's where really the focus is. >> pelley: it's been recommended that president trump will make that president trump will make his first foray on saturday to the c.i.a. why is that? >> well, he understands the importance of our intelligence community and the work they do to keep our nation safe is of the utmost priority. >> pelley: is he fence mending? >> no, not at all. i think while we may have had some differences with the leadership of the various heads of the intelligence committee, his respect and understanding for the work that the people of the intelligence community do-- the men and women who toil, frankly, in the darkness so many times to make sure our country is protected-- has been unwavering. >> pelley: given the differences in the two administrations, we couldn't help but notice the last name of the white house press secretary is changing from earnest to spicer. this week, we've been talking to the voters who changed history. and jericka duncan has met women
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headed to the inauguration with very different agendas. >> i can't wait. >> reporter: theresa mungioli is chairman of the oakland county republican party other just outside of detroit. she and her friend pam williams-- >> you have your dress. >> i just stopped at macy's! >> reporter: --are preparing for their trip to the nation's capital to attend the 58tth presidential inauguration. what do we have here? >> so these are the official tickets. >> reporter: and that's not all. you have the parade. >> the parade. >> reporter: the concert. >> the concert. >> reporter: and the ball. >> and the ball. >> reporter: how thrilled are you that you have an opportunity to attend your first inauguration? >> it is an exceptional opportunity to go and be able to celebrate with all these people who have worked so hard to get donald trump where he is. and i'm truly looking forward to being able to say, "yay, we did it." >> reporter: we still have this heresiveness. we still have a congress where members are saying they're not going to recognize this ceremony. >> i'm hoping they give him a chance.
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he has promised to be a president for everyone, not just the people that voted for him. >> this is amazing! >> reporter: women who didn't vote for him, women who were shocked when trump turned a blue state red, assembled just 30 miles south in detroit. they're preparing to attend the women's march on washington this saturday. phoebe hopps is organizing michigan's delegation. why mobilize more than 5,000 women to go to washington, d.c. the day after the inauguration? >> we saw a huge need for our voices to be heard in d.c. >> reporter: pamela wall signed up. why are you going to washington? >> because i have to. because if i'm not doing something, i'm going crazy. >> reporter: they fear a rollback of progress on women's issues, but they hope the rally sparks an outpouring of activism. when it comes to donald trump specificly, for those who support him and say, "give him a dance," what do you say?
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>> we are watching. what we're doing is actually going to help him learn what are the types of things that he can do to help us. >> reporter: there are similar efforts happening in all 50 states, scott. rmganizers of the women's march say they have a permit for 200,000 people. >> pelley: jericka duncan, listening to the voters for us. jericka, thank you. cbs news coverage of the inauguration begins tomorrow on "cbs this morning," and continues all day long, including a special one-hour edition of the cbs evening news. we have breaking news tonight. the infamous drug lord known as "el chapo" is in the air, headed to the united states to face criminal charges. the cartel boss has twice escaped from mexican prisons. margaret brennan has the very latest on this breaking story. margaret. >> reporter: scott, well, he's one of the world's most notorious drug lords, and he's wanted on a variety of drug trafficking and organized crime charges across the united states.
5:41 pm
guzman ran the sinaloa drug cartel, which was one of mexico's deadliest drug gangs. he was arrested a year ago and he has been fighting extradition for most of that time. he is best known for being a daring escape artist, having slipped out of mexico's highest security prisons twice, once captured here on video disappearing through a hole in his shower, and another time fleeing inside a laundry cart. scott, the extradition comes as the mexican foreign minister is p pected in washington next week for his first meeting with the trump administration. >> pelley: margaret brennan breaking the story for us tonight. margaret, thank you. the west is in for another round of rough weather-- snow in the mountains and heavy rain and strong wind along the coast. storms overnight uprooted trees, and triggered mudslides. four earthquakes set off a massive avalanche in italy.
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a hotel was destroyed, and dozens of people are missing tonight. allen pizzey is there. >> reporter: the avalanche slammed into the 43-room hotel shortly before 6:00 in the evening. it broke walls and actually shifted the building. a guest who had gone outside to get something from his car called emergency services, but they didn't believe him. by the time a rescue effort was mounted more than two hours later, specialist alpine troops had to ski and snowshoe more than five miles through a blizzard. they found rooms and corridors clogged with snow and debris, but no one called out for help. the only sound was rescue workers scrambling through the devastation. heavy snowfalls had cut off the only road to the hotel. the rescue effort turned into a seemingly endless snake of vehicles behind a struggling snowplow. the hotel is only 55 miles from the epicenter of a series of e rthquakes and aftershocks that have battered the region since august. thousands of people are cut off
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without electricity or phones and only sporadic cell phone service. an exchange of text messages with a hotel guest worried about the earthquake reads, "stay calm. tomorrow you will come down." a few hours later, it was too late to get out. the hotel was built to withstand earthquakes, and it had. but the avalanche they triggered was unstoppable, scott, and tonight there is little hope of anyone being dug out alive. >> pelley: allen pizzey in italy tonight. coming up next on the cbs tyening news, we'll give you an inside look at the intense security for the inauguration. and later, bob schieffer looks back at the meaning of the obama years.
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jeff pegues is looking at the security. >> reporter: the secret service has gamed out numerous scenarios for protecting the new president tomorrow, from an active shooter to an assassin using a weaponized drone. director joseph clancy. there is so much concern about a lone-wolf-type terrorist attack. are you concerned about that? >> we're concerned about every possibility that's out there. when i say "concerned," i mean we planned for every possible threat that's out there. >> reporter: the coast guard is patrolling the potomac river, while customs helicopters buzz the skyline. ma flew with pilots will suggs and wilberto sanchez. what is your primary responsibility going to be on inauguration day? >> we'll play the role of being the eyes in the sky. we have a camera mounted on the helicopter. >> do you solemnly swear... >> reporter: 31,000 federal and local law enforcement officers and 5,000 members of the national guard will blanket the city.
5:47 pm
>> think about it from mass panic potential. >> reporter: but secret service agent doug barnett is also on the lookout for cyber attacks. at this operations center, he uld other agents track malicious codes which could infect the computer networks of power grids, water companies, and evem the air conditioning systems of buildings. >> some concerns would be the introduction of some sort of biohazard or chemical substance. >> reporter: the lead agent, keo dolan, says after studying russian hacks against ukrainian power systems, her team made sure buildings and companies were taking basic precautions. >> become absolutely knowledgeable as much as you can, and then you get creative, and you think about, well how could somebody harm us? >> reporter: it's okay to be a little bit paranoid in your job? >> that's right, it keeps you focused. >> reporter: officials say that there is no specific or credible threat against the t auguration. but, scott, they are concerned about those recent attacks in france and germany involving big
5:48 pm
trucks, and that's why the security perimeter here has been reinforced with barricades. >> pelley: jeff pegues in alshington tonight. coming up, an update on the health of george and barbara bush, and a building collapses live on television. live on television. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop.
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5:52 pm
17-story building when it collapsed. it is not known how many people were inside, but at least 30 firefighters were killed. the news is better tonight about former president george h.w. bush and his wife, barbara, both being treated in a houston hospital, he for pneumonia, she for bronchitis. a spokesman said mr. bush had a good night's sleep. doctors hope he will be out of intensive care in a few days. mrs. bush said she is feeling, "1,000% better." we're 1,000% happy that bob schieffer is next with the meaning of the obama years. years. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation.
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>> pelley: bob schieffer has spent a lot of time covering spent a lot of time covering washington-- not the president, the city. but he has covered 10 presidents and he's going on 11. bob. >> reporter: thank you very much, scott. in the early days, most americans never saw their presidents, or even their likenesses. in the modern era, we can't avoid them. their images are everywhere. they are part of our lives. >> i, barack hussein obama... >> reporter: for me, the enduring images of barack obama came in those first minutes as president, when millions of people, probably the largest group ever to descend on washington, saw america's first black president sworn in to office. >> so help you god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: whether you were democrat or republican, whether you voted for him or not, when you saw the joy in those faces, it was hard not to feel the country had done a good thing. as modern presidents do, he went
5:57 pm
on to share our best of times, victories small and large. >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden. >> reporter: and he was there to share our worst days, pictures forever etched in our hearts and minds. >> every time i think about those kids. >> reporter: he had accomplishments to be proud of-- getting people back to work for one thing. but many times, few things went his way. >> there's some real collaboration. >> reporter: he showed so little zest for the give-and-take and deal making that legislating requires, i once asked him if he even liked his job. he was ready for the question. >> let me tell you, bob, i love this job. >> reporter: saddled with an uersized, unrealistic list of expectations and promises, he was assigned superhero status before even settling in. he won the nobel peace prize before actually doing anything .f note, maybe not surprising, since he was the one who said... >> yes, we can.
5:58 pm
i reporter: beyond what he did or didn't do, i keep thinking back to those first minutes of his presidency. maybe that's when we saw his real legacy. after that, african american grandmothers could finally say to their grandsons and granddaughters what my granny said to me, "see? one day, you can be president, too." until barack obama, there was no proof of that. >> pelley: bob schieffer. and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. br all-day inauguration coverage begins first thing tomorrow on "cbs this morning." with thanks to the jones day law firm for this window on washington and for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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on the eve of the inauguration of donald trump. the president elect, basking in his big moment.. after a busy day in the nation's capitol. and kpix 5 is the only bay area station to sit down with fornia's new senator kamala live coverage from washington on the eve of the inauguration of president-elect donald trump. kpix 5 is the only bay area station to sit down with california's new senator kamala harris. she tells our melissa caen why she is targeting one of president-elect donald trump's cabinet picks. good evening. less than 24 hours until the inauguration of donald trump. and what many feel will be a new reality for california. kpix 5 political reporter melissa caen is live in washington, dc where she just talked with california's junior senator, who says she is ready to take up the fight. >> reporter: californians kept coming and going throughout the time we were at harris' office. they wanted to come in and take pictures and talk to her a lot of them about the women's march. offices in the senate building
6:00 pm
are given out by seniors and simms kamala harris is a brand- new since kamala harris is a junior senator her office is in the basement. where will she be tomorrow? >> we have a proud history of peaceful transition of power. and i think that has to be respected. >> reporter: senator kamala harris is going to the inauguration to spectra digs. >> i respect the decision people have made not to go and is well within their right. >> reporter: on saturday she will be among women marching one of the few people selected to speak. over the past week we have seen her grill president-elect donald trump's cabinet picks and tomorrow the senate will vote on whether to confirm his pick to lead the department of homeland security. retired general john kelly. >> i have a great deal of support for the department of homeland security's mission and purpose to protect our homeland. there