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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 24, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the president doubles down on a falsehood. mr. trump says millions -- voted illegally but in 50 states they say it didn't happen. >> i would urge the president not to -- >> pelley: also tonight, mr. trump signs off on oil pipelines and presses auto executives for more jobs. a new hd satellite. >> a resolution with a higher speed will actually allow us to see events in real-time. >> pelley: and the oscar nominations are out. >> quite a few women -- >> pelley: and this year,
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hollywood looks a lot more like the rest of this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. well, this has never happened before. the results of an american presidential election are being disputed by the winner. today the white house said president trump now believes that as many as five million people voted illegally based on evidence he was given but is not sharing. to be clear, mr. trump believes that he did win the electoral vote and the presidency, but he questions how hillary clinton could have gotten a nearly three million vote lead in the popular vote count. margaret brennan is at the white house. >> the comment that he made was he said three to five million people could have voted illegally. based on the studies that he's seen. >> reporter: white house idokesman sean spicer said president trump told congressional leaders yesterday
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vat he lost the popular vote by nearly three million votes because of widespread fraud. he did win the electoral college. >> he's very comfortable with his win... i te's bringing it up. >> i think he's having a discussion with some folks and mentioned something in passing that is a long-standing belief. >> it's worth clarifying whether illegal ballots... >> i think studies, there is one that came out of few in 2008, that showed 14% of people that voted were non-citizens. there are other studies who have been presented to him. >> reporter: spicer appears to be citing a previous study of disputed election and did not present any evidence of fraud in the 2016 election. the association that represents state election officials told cbs news it is "not aware of any evidence that supports the voter e aud claims made by president trump." during the campaign mr. trump questioned the integrity of the vote. >> it's a rigged election. we're going to beat the rigged system. we're going to beat the rigged election.
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>> reporter: today republican house speaker paul ryan disagreed with the president. >> i've seen no evidence to that effect. i have made that very, very ouear. >> i would urge the president to knock this off. >> reporter: south carolina inpublican senator lindsey graham. >> you're the leader of the free world, and people are going to start doubting you as a person if you keep making accusations against our electoral system without justification. >> reporter: the white house has not ruled out an investigation. >> he believes what he believes based on the information he's been provided. >> pelley: margaret, the president signed a number of executive orders today. what were those? >> reporter: well, scott, the president cleared the way for two controversial oil projects, hee keystone and the dakota pipelines. the first would build a pipeline to carry canadian oil to the bys. st was halted by the obama administration due to pivironmental concerns. the other would build a pipeline under a reservoir in north dakota that also is used as a
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water source for one of the local native american tribes. today the president said he would consider building both of them to help the energy industry d d to create jobs, and he also asked for a plan that would require the pipes to be built using mainly american-made steel. >> pelley: and mr. trump met with the c.e.o.s of the big three auto makers today. >> reporter: he did. it's interesting, scott, because the president has even used twitter in the past to shame utto leaders for building plants outside the united states, but today he told those same auto executives that he's going the ease regulations and possibly lower their taxes significantly, he said, to encourage them to build more plants here and to hire more workers in the u.s. >> pelley: margaret brennan, thanks. cbs news political director john dickerson and anchor of "face the nation" is joining us now.
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john, the white house seems to be having a problem getting the fresident's message out from behind all the boasting the president is doing. >> reporter: well, when it comes to the president's, the legitimacy of his election, this is something he brings up a lot, these three to five million voters. when it comes to his legitimacy, on the one hand, he did not believe anything the entelligence agencies put in front of him about russian efforts to meddle in the election to help him, but on the other hand he believes without any evidence that these illegal votes might have helped hillary clinton because of the idea that he lost the popular vote. and so this is something that he maintains even though a lot of evidence has been put forward in front of him that suggests it's not so. >> pelley: what are the possible pitfalls going forward for a white house administration? >> reporter: it was extraordinary to hear his press secretary simply say, "it's something he believes," as if a white house can allow a president to believe things and talk about them with congressional leaders, things that just aren't so. the reason it's important to have a president believe in
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things that are true is it creates a sense of belief in everything he says, but more important, the most important quality for a white house staff is the ability to tell a president something he doesn't want to hear and contradict him when you believe something that's not true, if they're not able to do it in this case, the question is whether they'll be able to do it on more serious matters. >> pelley: john dickerson, we'll be watching "face the nation" on sunday. thank you. here are other some notes from a busy day at the white house. to. trump is keeping james comey as director of the f.b.i. mi will announce his supreme court nominee next week. he's accepted speaker ryan's invitation to address a joint session of congress on february 28th, and tomorrow mr. trump is expected to sign orders restricting immigration, especially from countries that harbor a terrorist threat. the trump administration is also temporarily silencing the environmental protection agency to align the e.p.a.'s public
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statements with the president's. here's jim axelrod. >> reporter: at president trump's alma mater, the university of pennsylvania, environmental professors like bethany wiggin listened carefully to candidate trump talk about climate change. >> all of this with the global s rming and all that, a lot of it is a hoax. ll reporter: which is why she, her colleagues and her students are racing to back up other server's information available on government web sites. temporarily restrictions announced today that e.p.a. employees can no longer post or blog from government accounts stoked their fears the administration will limit access to data and to roll back environmental protections. >> i'm really worried the facts y ght become more difficult to access, so there is a kind of vulnerability of internet materials already. they become more vulnerable still when controlled by an administration who finds them inconvenient. >> pelley: just today the badlands national park tweeted
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about climate change in defiance of the white house and deleted them. and while the president's nominee to run the e.p.a., scott pruitt, disagreed with mr. trump in his hearings... >> do you agree that global warming is a hoax? >> i do not, senator. >> reporter: just last may pruitt wrote, "scientists continue to disagree about the degree and extent of global warming and its connection to the actions of mankind." uitt debate should be encouraged. >> we started the hearings with a dangerous new form of climate denial. rachel cleetus is with the union of concerned scientists. >> this is a sort of climate denial that says, yes, it's real, but we don't know what is causing it, and it's basically yet another way to kick the can down the road and not take any action. >> reporter: cleetus says with data showing 2016 as the hottest year on record and sea levels rising at alarming rates that mauld trigger massive flooding by the end of the century, limiting regulations on energy production could be catastrophic.
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>> this is false choice. we don't have to choose between fesafe climate and economic growth. we can have both. >> reporter: the centers for disease control has now canceled the conference that would have puplored the effects of climate change on public health. as for president trump, after ivat meeting with auto executives today, he also said, ro am to a large extent an environmentalist. i believe in it." >> pelley: jim axelrod for us tonight. jim, thank you. well, late today the senate voted overwhelmingly to confirm nikki haley as ambassador to the united nations. haley was in her second term as governor of south carolina and cys limited experience in foreign policy. her diplomatic skills may be hsted soon if the president follows through on his pledge to move the u.s. embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem. that would essentially be u.s. recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. solestinian leaders also claim
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the holy city, and they warn that the embassy switch would be an act of war. seth doane is there. >> it's very important, very important. us weporter: jerusalem's mayor nir barkat showed us what he would like the see. >> that could easily become the embassy. all you need to do is change the plaque. >> reporter: barkat knows it's not that easy but sees the move o cementing israel's long standing claim on jerusalem. but the palestinians also claim khe city as their capital and fear the move would spark violence. >> this is not just moving an embassy. >> reporter: senior palestinian adviser husam zomlot said moving the u.s. embassy would greatly reduce the chances for peace. >> moving the embassy to jerusalem is taking away a great deal of hope toward the future. moving the embassy, the u.s. embassy, dismantling the foundation of the peace process will definitely open the gates for those who want to see violence.
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>> reporter: jerusalem touches a nerve, it's home to religious sites claimed by muslims, jews and christians. aren't you concerned this could hurt the peace process, could spark violence? >> we would not have a state if we were deterred and concerned about the threats we receive every once in a while. >> reporter: since president trump was sworn in, more than 3,000 new homes have been ovproved, illegal under international law. essam zomlot worries what president trump's vocal support for israel means for palestinians but hopes his reputation for pragmatism will prevail. >> he's a businessman. he knows that if you actually go and give the other side all they want, then they will have no interest for a deal. >> reporter: white house spokesman sean spicer said today that president trump would like to grow closer with israel, and, scott, that's a pledge israeli prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu would like to capitalize on. >> pelley: seth doane in jerusalem. seth, thank you. as margaret brennan mentioned, president trump leaned on auto executives today to build more cars in america. one killer of auto jobs has been automation, but mark strassmann botsfound one plant where robots are creating jobs. >> reporter: success rode into manning, south carolina, on a bicycle built by two. man and machine. every 13 seconds another one rolls off this assembly line. >> typically bicycle spokes are dropped in one at a time by hand. this machine does it automatically in only about 30 seconds. using the same amount of people, we can do about three times as many hubs in a day. epis is the main assembly line. >> reporter: arnold kamler is the c.e.o. of b.c.a., the bicycle corporation of america, his family's business since an05.
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the company has a factory in china, but kamler recently moved 10% of b.c.a.'s business back to the u.s. why? wages for chinese workers have soared out of sight. kamler bought this abandoned factory and created 140 jobs, a lifeline in this distressed industrial town. but the only way the make it work was investing in robotics. >> we're creating jobs with the automation and being able to be price competitive with china now, and it will get even better in the future. .> reporter: $6 million of automation does the work of more than 100 workers. i don't think a lot of people would look at that as a potential threat. that robot over there will be quip here one day. >> we're not replacing other jobs with these robots. we're adding equipment that makes us more efficient. >> reporter: production manager albertus jones sees these machines as coworkers. >> a lot of people have the misconception that automation
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decreases jobs, but it's a enfferent type of job, a more skilled job. >> reporter: without the automation, the business model doesn't work, so there aren't the jobs. >> that's right. >> reporter: a new model that could allow american manufacturing to ride high again. mark strassmann, cbs news, manning, south carolina. >> pelley: coming up next on the "cbs evening news," we're atering a new era of better forecasts thanks to a new satellite. and later, there's something different about the stars up for oscars this year. t teeth like an apple. they have to be great on the inside and outside. to strengthen both, she said to go pro. go pro with crest pro-health advanced. it strengthens... teeth inside, and is better at strengthening the outside... ...than colgate total. best check-up ever. [ park rides, music andoooh!d sounds ] when your pain reliever stops working,
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5:47 pm
it's about to get a lot easier to predict storms like this, and our jan crawford found out why. >> i think that's the tornado. >> reporter: this week saw deadly tornadoes, violent waves, and torrential rain, but meteorologists soon will have a new tool to better predict incoming storms, a weather satellite more than 22,000 miles above the earth called "go 16." the national oceanic and r,mospheric administration. calls it hi def from the heavens. stephen volz >> this is better, higher, new information we haven't had before. >> and liftoff. >> reporter: launched two months ago, it can identify images other than clouds, like ash and smoke. its first images, unveiled yesterday, showed fires burning in mexico, clouds over florida and the northeast. when fully operational in
5:48 pm
november, it will provide images at four times the resolution of current satellites and will be able to take pictures of an individual storm every 30 seconds. radar systems now can only scan a storm every five to six esoltes. o> greater resolution with a storer speed will allow us to see real-time storms and events as they're occurring. >> reporter: the satellite can measure storm intensity by tracking lightning strikes. experts like louis uccellini, director of the national weather service, say the satellite would have been a great help during a storm like this one. >> there's no doubt in my mind t at it would have made a difference in the way we were following the system. >> reporter: that means more accurate forecasts and earlier warnings, crucial information that can save lives. man crawford, cbs news, suitland, maryland. >> pelley: coming up next, this tuck driver never saw the freight train coming.
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>> pelley: first the first time >> pelley: for the first time in nearly three years, lead levels in flint's water system no longer exceed the federal limit. arsidents are still being told to use filtered or bottled water while thousands of older pipelines are being replaced. lead levels spiked when the city switched water sources under state management. minnesota governor mark dayton revealed he has cancer. he collapsed last night during his state of the state address. it's not clear if this was related to the cancer. dayton, who turned 70 on thursday, has had other health issues. he did say he plans to finish the final two years of his term. in utah, police released video today showing a horrifying feash. a fedex driver had no warning miat a passenger train was coming. the gates did not come down until after the crash.
5:53 pm
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or high blood pressure before taking it. symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (child giggles) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. get symbicort free for up to one year. visit today to learn more. >> pelley: finally tonight, the oscar nominations are out, and >> pelley: finally tonight, the oscar nominations are out, and "la la land" is up for a record- tying 14. and a year after actors of color got not a single nomination, seven are in contention, and that too ties a record. here's jericka duncan. r reporter: this year the academy selected seven actors and actresses of color out of the 20 acting nominations. ruth negga was until nominated for best actress for her role in "loving," a story about the
5:57 pm
couple who helped legalize atterracial marriage in america. >> we may lose the small battles but win the big war. >> i just want to be your man. >> reporter: denzel washington's performance in "fences," an adaptation of african american august wilson's play earned washington an oscar nomination for best actor. >> it's not easy for me to admit that i've been standing in the same place for 18 years. >> well, i've been standing with you. >> reporter: his co-star viola novis was nominated for best supporting actress. >> what about my life? what about me? >> reporter: "fences" along with "lion," "moonlight" and "hidden figures" -- >> i had no idea they hired. >> there are quite a few women working in the space program. >> reporter: are all up for best picture. it is a far cry from last year, when the hashtag #oscarssowhite contribute to boycotts and protests against the academy membership. then 92% white and 75% male.
5:58 pm
the academy later set the goal of doubling the number of women and diverse members by 2020. aisha harris is a culture writer for "slate." >> the academy when they do like to nominate stories about people of color and black people, they usually tend to be about slavery, the civil rights movement or something very oppression heavy, devastating like "precious," along those lines. >> reporter: but this time? >> this time we have a way bigger swath of different types of stories being nominated. >> reporter: still, some consider this year's nominations a win, even before the first envelope is opened. jericka duncan, cbs news, new york. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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presiden takes his first swing.. and california's kpix 5 news begins with the epic battle brewing over the environment. president trump takes his first swing and california's governor fires back saying facts are facts. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm allen martin. new at 6:00 president trump takes his first action on the environment bringing back two controversial oil pipelines of kpix 5's susie steimle on how california is gearing up to push back. susie. >> reporter: allen, it was not just activists who vowed to fight washington on the environmental policy today. just as you trump signed executive orders to resurrect the keystone acted dakota access pipelines, governor jerry brown declared california will be a leader for climate change on a national level. president trump reopened talks on two controversial construction projects recently put to rest by president obama. >> we'll see if we can get that
6:00 pm
pipeline built. >> reporter: on his third day in office, president trump signed two executive orders to revisit building both the dakota access pipeline and the keystone xl pipeline. protestors said the pipelines were an environmental disaster waiting to happen. president trump calls them moneymakers. >> a lot of jobs, 28,000 jobs. >> that's the big fallacy here this american jobs thing that we're hearing. in fact, jobs -- there will only be 35 permanent jobs from the keystone xl pipeline. >> reporter: she says her organization will look at every legal hook possible to prevent these pipelines from being built. and she is right about one thing according to the state department the keystone xl only creates 35 permanent jobs but it could create more than 42,000 temporary jobs. >> we can't fall back and give