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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 26, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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this event by a scotts valley officer. it's unknown at this time how many rounds were discharged. we have no reports of any injuries to the officer. the suspect is still at large. and it's unknown whether the suspect is in fact injured. >> it's really frustrating. i left 40 minutes early to get to work and i'll still not going to be able to -- i'm still not going to be able to get to work on time. >> all because of some bad guy running around here? >> that's true. >> are you worried or scared? >> no, i just would like to get on the freeway. >> reporter: so we are now in the heart of the evening commute. let the traffic nightmare begin. the roads through the mountains can only handle so much traffic volume so expect it to take hours to get over the hill. two weeks ago a mudslide shut down just one lane and it took drivers five hours to get through. this time both lanes in both directions are shut. if this continues, good luck getting home from the south bay to santa cruz tonight. so there was one school that
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was on lockdown. it is lifted. the sheriff's deputies are asking anybody who comes home tonight in the redwood estates area if you see anything that's weird or amiss, call 911 right away. back to you. >> these people as you said had to put up with so much over the last couple of weeks with weather. are they giving you any indication, chp, when they might think about re-opening? >> reporter: yes. so, um, throughout the day we had heard sometime in the 6:00 time frame they might open up the freeway. now they are saying they don't know when it's going to happen. and when they do they will only open up the southbound lanes and they are going to leave the northbound lanes closed while they search the car -- the getaway car for evidence and process that for the crime scene investigators. >> all right. kiet do reporting live from the santa cruz mountains and, of course, we'll keep you posted on when highway 17 reopens. our other big story this evening a diplomatic falling out between the united states and mexico. the president of mexico canceling his trip to the white house. >> now, president trump insists that it was a mutual decision.
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and it's all over plans to build the wall. >> cbs reporter weijia jang is live at the gop leaders retreat in philadelphia with the first diplomatic "incident" facing the president. weijia. >> reporter: ken and liz, this certainly is, we watched the drama unfold over social media. for the first time we're hearing at least one idea the president has for how to get mexico to pay for the wall. [ applause ] >> reporter: president donald trump laid out his priorities while addressing congressional republicans at their annual retreat in philadelphia. >> the world has taken advantage of us for many years. not going to happen anymore. >> mexico [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: tension is mounting between president trump and mexican president enrique pena nieto about financing a wall on the border. hours after mr. trump tweeted, if mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel
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the upcoming meeting. pena nieto did just that. the trump administration is providing more details about how mexico will pay for the wall. >> tax that 50%, $50 billion at 20% of imports which is by the way a practice that 160 other countries do right now. our country's policy is to tax exports and let imports come in free which is ridiculous. but by doing it that way, we can do $10 billion a year and easily pay for the wall just through that mechanism alone. >> reporter: thousands of anti- trump demonstrators filled the city treats to protest actions the president has already taken including an executive order that allows i.c.e. agents to target undocumented immigrants. >> i want us to be a nation that's inclusive, not turning our backs on our fellow human beings. >> reporter: president trump is expected to sign another controversial executive order today that temporarily stops the u.s. from accepting
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refugees until tougher screening is in place. that order has actually been delayed as far as president trump signing it. he is preparing to host his first world leader tomorrow even though the meeting with the president of mexico is canceled. he will host the prime minister of the uk theresa may who stopped by here to talk to those lawmakers first and she said our countries have a responsibility to offer leadership to the rest of the world. live in philadelphia, ken and liz, back to you. >> weijia jang, reporting live, thank you. some bay area groups are a little worried that president trump's next executive order will single out muslims. the muslim civil liberties group cair held press conferences in san francisco and sacramento and they are speaking out against any plans to ban immigrants from any country. >> these decisions and policies must be and will be resisted and they must be resisted by
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any means necessary. we ask anyone to join alongside us to do whatever it takes to make it impossible to enact. >> reporter: the executive order may put restrictions on visas from citizens of syria, iraq, iran, and a few other middle eastern countries. the president of mexico is now reaching out to mexican immigrants here in america. he ordered embassies and consulates to be ready to help. kpix 5's len ramirez with what this new assistance means. len. >> reporter: here in san jose, at the consulate, you know, the people who work here are diplomats. they try to find solutions and common ground to very complex big problems and while they may not specifically say it, you get the sense that they are feeling that the relations between our two countries are not as friendly as they used to be and, in fact, more adversarial. the mexican consulate in san jose is gearing up for what they expect will be a battle with the trump administration
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over immigrant and human rights. mexican citizens are afraid and confused over the worsening relations between the two countries. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: this woman a housekeeper for 28 years says it's sad because trump is only out for himself and doesn't know what it's like to struggle. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: the consul- generalization 50 mexican consulates have established a hot alone for mexicans facing de-- hotline for mexicans facing deportation and hired staff to get people legal aid. >> we are going to be post with all the resources to defend our communities to defend our mexicans living here. >> reporter: this person said his country is standing firm on not paying for the wall. >> of course not. of course not because if -- if the government -- [ indiscernible ] there is no reason for that other government to be obliged to pay and that's unacceptable. >> reporter: as for trump's 20%
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tariff on mexican goods to pay for the wall? >> it wasn't thought through. >> reporter: this person for the center of global law and policy at santa clara university and a state department veteran under president reagan says half of all mexican goods have u.s. made components so it could backfire with price increases. >> i don't think mexico pays for the wall. i think u.s. manufacturers and consumers pay for it. >> reporter: and that could affect everything from automobiles and trucks that are made in mexico with u.s. components to television sets. the folks here at the embassy or the consulate in san jose say they will continue to work and hopefully find solutions to these problems. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. the search is on for a driver who hit a santa clara police officer with his car door as he drove away. it happened overnight in a gym parking lot on east ar kes avenue in neighboring sunnyvale. investigators say the officer spotted a suspicious car in the lot. when he asked the suspect to step out of the car, he
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refused. so the officer grabbed the man through the car door. >> when he was driving away, um, the car door hit the officer's arm and he could have been dragged or injured had he fallen. the officer had to get out of the way to avoid getting run over. >> the officer is expected to be okay. investigators say the suspect has two misdemeanor warrants out for his arrest. the woman behind the wheel during a major wrong-way crash on the bay bridge has been convicted. authorities say kerry morgan was high on methamphetamines at the time of the crash in november of 2014. they say she drove on to the eastbound deck against traffic causing several cars to crash. this is a view of the backup from chopper 5. today morgan was found guilty of driving under the influence and hit-and- run. the second time this week, a driver has swerved off niles canyon road and plunged into the alameda creek! deputies say the 27-year-old
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driver fell asleep at the wheel before his car veered into the creek this morning. chopper 5 locate the vehicle submerged in the rushing water. this time the driver escaped through the windshield hospitalized with minor injuries. this follows another crash last saturday in the same area. crews are still looking for the body of 18-year-old jayda jenkins. her car careened into the creek during a rainstorm. new at 5:00 a 4-year degree from uc campus will now cost you more than $50,000. the board of regents voted 16-4 today to raise tuition for the first time in seven years. in-state students will now pay $12,630 a year. about 2.5% hike. and out of state tuition will rise by 4% to just over $40,000. uc president janet napolitano says the hikes are necessary to offset a growing student
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population and state funding cuts. among the no votes, lieutenant governor gavin newsom. coming up, a dangerous bay area intersection. it's right by a park but it has no stop sign. the complaints that were ignored until the consumerwatch stepped in. >> plus highlighting their crime. the unusual punishment for pg&e and its employees in the wake of the deadly san bruno explosion. >> and the oakland a's taking advantage of the city's four- team exodus. how they are positioning themselves as oakland's hometown team. ,,
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mission bay is filling up quickly with families, businesses, and soon, the a concern tonight about safety in san francisco's newest neighborhood. mission bay is filling up quickly with families, businesses and soon the warriors brand-new arena. but residents say an intersection at bridge view way and mission bay south boulevard is dangerous. consumerwatch reporter julie watts with more on a problem in san francisco. >> reporter: you guys, this story comes in sort of an
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ironic time. just this week a new study came out that found that san francisco was the most dangerous city in the state for drivers and now at least one intersection, this intersection behind me, is about to get a little safer. >> as i was going that way another car came from this way. >> reporter: he said this intersection at mission bay is an accident waiting to happen. he knows. he almost had one. >> the car came flying through the intersection as i was about to go through. >> reporter: the father of two says cars traveling this way and this way are on a collision course with no clear right of way. >> neither one is required to stop. >> reporter: concerned because the area is getting more traffic, joshua called 311. then he called consumerwatch and our volunteers jumped in. a few days later we got this email from sf mta notifying us they had received the request and planned to install a new stop sign next week. >> initially there wasn't enough traffic volume to have a stop sign on every intersection there. >> reporter: but paul rose
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knows traffic in the area has now picked up and joshua's complaint brought the increasing safety concern to the agency's attention. >> two individuals in a car feel they have the right of way, they want to put more markers and signs to make it clear that one side has to stop. >> so i assume it's going to be, you know, right here. >> reporter: joshua says he can only hope traffic remains light in the meantime. rose say if you know of a hazard like a missing stop sign or other signage you can call 311. sfmta responds to a lot of 311 calls and those complaints go directly to the engineers. back to you guys. >> thank you. bart's customer satisfaction ratings have dropped to the lowest level in 20 years. a new survey found riders frustrated with long wait times and lack of seats. more than 5400 riders filled out the poll during the commute
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between september and october. overall, 59% of riders were satisfied. a drop of 5% from the last time the poll was taken in 2014. a federal judge has ordered pg&e to publicly shame itself as part of its punishment for the deadly san bruno pipeline blast. on top of a $3 million fine, the utility has 60 days to start running tv and print ads addressing the pipeline safety violations that led up to the 2010 explosion which killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes. the judge also ordered pg&e to use its employees to serve 10,000 hours of community service. at least 20% of that by high level officials. today san francisco mayor ed lee delivered his annual state of the city address. he started off by hitting back against president donald trump in his recent policy changes. >> people say that we live in our own world here in california and san francisco.
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this, i have to say, is just an alternative fact. in our america, people are equal no matter race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. in our america, we embrace our differences and understand that they make us stronger and more vibrant. >> mayor lee says san francisco will remain a sanctuary city now, tomorrow and forever. back to president trump's first 100 days and a make shake- up at the u.s. state department. the administration reportedly fired a number of senior career state department officials. those officials have some 150 years of combined service. it is customary for political appointees and long-time diplomats to remain in their current posts until replacements are confirmed. some of those leaving the state department will continue in the foreign service in other positions. the oakland a's are making a big push to win over the
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hearts of locals with their new tv commercials. we caught up with some of the players and camera crews over at the oakland zoo early today. you can see the mascot was there filming, as well. the team says this year you will notice a lot more local landmarks in the a's commercials and that's no accident as other professional sports teams are talking about leaving the city. they say they normally shoot the spots in arizona. but this year, they are trying to represent oakland to the fullest. >> in the past years we had done it in the spring training complex and it's nice to get out here in the local community and film and now to come to the zoo and do some more spots here. it's truly cool and i have enjoyed it this year so far much more. >> oakland a's commercials are quirky and the team says that this year they won't disappoint. you will start seeing the new spots when we get closer to spring training. new at 5:00 we have learned
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it could be months before the main tour bus routes to muir woods national monument is back open. kpix 5's emily turner shows us the recent storms have made the normally busy stretch of highway 1 impassable. >> reporter: muir woods is such a popular tourist attraction they have to have off site parking and bus folks in. they bring in school buses for field trips and also tourist buses themselves show up here but you won't see a single bus at muir woods today. or anytime soon. it's one of the bay area's most beautiful drives but right now no driver can see it. the portion of highway 1 connecting mill valley to muir beach is closed indefinitely. >> i was one of the last cars to get out before they closed the road. i was coming up and to -- it was quite a day and i saw three cracks and this road it was still there. but it was slumping down. >> reporter: now that portion of roadway litters the hillside below making it impassable for traffic and leaving two ways to
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the coast. and only one to popular muir woods. that last muir woods road route, though, won't allow buses making tourism a challenge. >> there is a 17-foot length restriction on vehicles using muir woods road which will impact our ability to bring in field trips and tour buses and the muir woods shuttle. >> reporter: the golden gate national recreation area already canceled several school trips and is frantically working to find a way to handle the extra congestion that will come with additional cars to the park. commuters are going to have to battle the crowds, as well. they are keeping their fingers crossed that the weather holds so the roads will, too. >> the concern here is this road is bad. muir woods road is bad. and so is the highway 1 out to stinson. so if they close -- if all three roads go like this, we're going to have to get a helicopter to take us out. >> reporter: there's no exact timetable on how long it will take to repair this portion of highway 1. caltrans says it's
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going to be just as complicated as having to build a new highway. it all depends whether they have to get an environmental impact report which will push that timeline out even further. in marin county, emily turner, kpix 5. ♪[ music ] the wettest january in nearly 20 years is ending on a dry note but coming up when the rain does come back and how much rain we can expect. that's next. >> coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, saying no to being a sanctuary city. some places in the bay area are stopping short of taking on the label. we'll look at their approach to immigration.
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i know it's thursday but i'm still looking forward to this week. it's going to be beautiful. >> not thursday. it's "friday eve." this weekend will be probably the nicest weekend to get outside since before thanksgiving. >> great. >> which we have absolutely earned after all the rain, all the clouds, all the lightning and thunder and -- put it all
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aside. you just get some sunshine and warmer weather toward the weekend. peek outdoors right now. sunset all the way pushed back to 5:27 official will in san francisco. we are gaining nearly two minutes of daylight per day and it's mild outside but i certainly wouldn't call it warm. san francisco only 54. santa rosa 54. concord 57. and livermore 52 degrees. scanning the radar that rain missed us to the north and west. we still have rough surf though until about 3:00 tomorrow morning. the high surf advisory continues into effect. but it's still going to be rough surf tomorrow even after the advisory expires. breakers are running today 20 feet or higher so if you are heading to the beach it's a beautiful place but don't turn your back to the water and watch out for the high risk of dangerous rip currents through the day tomorrow even after the advisory expires. tonight, cold inland. should be. late january. livermore 34. fremont 37. napa 34. san francisco only falling to 44 degrees overnight tonight. so it's not for a lack of storms. sometimes we get neat sense of thinking that oh, the storms have stopped because they
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stopped coming here. not the case. there is a significant storm out there. but there's also now a blocking ridge of high pressure taking all of that energy from the jet stream energy from the storm and sending it points elsewhere in this case north. so no storms for us. we'll fly over lake merritt and head into downtown oakland and tomorrow futurecast says a lot of blue sky beautiful day outside about two or three degrees warmer for oakland 56 degrees the high. when does the rain come back? next month which sounds a long way away but next month is next wednesday when the rain returns. area of low pressure will park itself over to our west. couple of things i want to point out here. one, we're not tapping into the tropics. so that tropical push is not going to be there. so yes, we'll get rainfall. but the rain will likely not be heavy and not induce another round of flooding in the bay area. but there is rain returning but not until next wednesday almost a week from now. mid-50s oakland, 56, fremont 56. your friday in santa rosa and san jose 58 degrees, san francisco 55. beautiful weekend. how about 60 near the bay with
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sunshine? low to mid-60s inland. upper 50s near the coast. rain next wednesday and thursday. that's your kpix 5 forecast. back to you. >> thank you. coming up tonight cbs news is airing a special hour long broadcast honoring the life of mary tyler moore called love is all around. and that will be airing tonight at 9 p.m. right here on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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his "gnarly" stunt is dropping jaws.. check it out.
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(show him going up the ramp.. flipping.. and then sc ') an x games athlete launched himself into the record books. his stunt is dropping jaws. check this out. become the first person in the world to land a double backflip a snowmobile. that's according to red bull.. which >> wow! david boudin of sweden is the first person the world to land a double backflip on a snowmobile. that's according to red bull which sponsors the competitions like this one. boudin says he has been trying to nail the trick for two years. by the way that snowmobile weighs more than 500 pounds. >> people have done it before but not on purpose. scott pelley standing by in new york has a preview of the "cbs evening news." >> hi, ken and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. the white house suggests taxing mexican imports to pay for the wall. tensions are rising with mexico as the mexican president canceled his summit meeting
5:30 pm
with mr. trump. a day after advocating torture, the president tells republicans his agenda is based on a moral foundation. we'll see you in just a few minutes. captioning s >> pelley: the battle over the wall. the white house seemed to call for a tax on mexican imports to pay for it, before walking it back today. and, the president of mexico canceled his summit meeting with president trump. >> unless mexico is going to treat the united states fairly, with respect, such a meeting would be fruitless. >> pelley: also tonight, the view from the border. >> can you imagine having a city with a huge wall there? it's not very inviting. >> i think it failed austin callaway in every possible way a police department can fail a citizen. >> pelley: an apology for an unspeakable crime, nearly eight decades later.


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