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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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masked rioters wreaked havo u-c berkeley.. stood back. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. mass rioters wreak havoc at uc berkeley while police mostly stood back. we ask why didn't they move in? good evening. i'm ken bast >> i'm elizabeth cook. kpix5's christin ayers live with why police tactics are still being used tonight. >> reporter: you can still see protest signs at the student union. the windows have not been patched up and more than a dozen businesses were vandalized off campus. boarded windows and burn marks after last night's protest against ultra conservative brietbart editor milo yiannopoulos spun out of control. >> burn it down! >> reporter: uc berkeley officials say at its peak there were 1,500 protesters here last night. a band of about 100 masked rioters who authorities say
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were not students caused most of the chaos breaching barricades, breaking windows and at one point burning a portable light in the middle of sproul plaza, altogether $100,000 worth of damage. police appeared to hold back throughout the protests even as the masked protesters hurled objects and lit firecrackers. >> in the con text of the fact we've had no reports of serious injuries, we are satisfied with the police department's performance. >> reporter: berkeley's mayor condemned the violence but also condemned yiannopoulos calling him a white nationalist, a label yiannopoulos resisted arguing later to tweet an apology but saying he regrets and apologizes for the white national label. on fox news this evening yiannopoulos credit sized the mayor and called out -- criticized the mayor and called out police for their handling of the protest.
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>> police weren't doing much besides hiding out in the building. >> reporter: he echoed a tweet from president trump suggesting uc berkeley's federal funding be pulled. >> it seems to me a lot of that federal money could be repurpled very effectively if berkeley refusals -- repurposed very effectively if berkeley refuses to honor its commitments. >> reporter: he said of the uc region i'm appalled of your willingness to deprive thousands of students because of the action of a fee and from barbara lee, president trump cannot bully our university into silence. simply put, president trump anticipates -- president trump's empty threat to pull funding from berkeley is an empty threat. christin ayers, kpix5 news. >> a trump supporter was attacked today in berkeley. the man in a suit was wearing a make america great again hat when that white suv pulled up,
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the driver and passenger got out, rimmed the guy's hat off and started attacking him. the driver and passeng . the victim is a cal student and member of the college republicans. he's okay. the driver and passenger were arrested. now let's look outside. here's a live picture, some scattered showers tonight, but just waited. the heaviest rain of this storm is headed to the bay area in a little while. kpix5's chief meteorologist paul deanno tracking the radar. just some light showers turning to heavy rainfall overnight, the rain offshore to the west will get us at 2 be on 3 or 4 a.m. right now -- at 2:00 or 3 or 4 a.m. right now a smattering of showers. rainfall the past 24 hours, more than an inch in the santa cruz mountain, also the north bay including santa rosa and san rafael, the rest of the bay area not nearly as much, a little oh .1 afternoon for
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pleasanton and -- a little over .1-inch for pleasanton. 3 to 4 a.m. will be very soggy and some showers and wet roads will be around for the friday drive to work or school, the morning commute slowed down by some rain. we'll talk about w of the weekend looks dry coming up -- talk about which part of the weekend looks dry coming up. after a crash the drivers took off with police in hot pursuit in the oakland hills. kpix5's joe vasquez was there. >> reporter: this mangled mess is all that's left of a stolen jeep following a carjacking. a man and woman robbed a man of his jeep on 51st street around 4:30 this afternoon. within 10 minute officers spotted the jeep and gave chase. just as the suspects got on the on ramp of highway 13, they hit another car and then came tumbling down the embankment. the suspects ran from the
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wreckage down broadway terrace into a backyard on pinewood. >> the officers alert. they were able to see the persons and called them out. we were able to get them to surrender themselves once we caught them. >> it's very disturbing. >> i really hope that the person who was in the car is okay. >> reporter: in fact, police say nobody was hurt. the suspects are now behind bars. in oakland joe vazquez, kpix5. the family of a peninsula woman wants some answers tonight after she was killed in a hit and run. 29-year-old carly flynn of san bruno was struck december 19th. tonight her parents and the police met to ask the community for help. her family says that she was in a crosswalk on san bruno avenue when she was hit by a white suv. >> it was her daily habit to walk from our house to the starbucks in bay hill shopping center. she'd get herself a latte and walk home. that's exactly what she was doing when she was hit by this car. >> she was the light of my
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life. she was a great girl. i still can't believe it sometimes. i just think that she's either walking to starbucks or she's at her art class or the humane society. >> san brew notice police say the investigation is ongoing -- san bruno police say the investigation is ongoing. nearly $32,000 has been raced to help find the person that's responsible. the world is in trouble, but we're going to straighten it out, okay? that's what i do. i fix things. >> president trump laying out a hardline approach to world hotspots today. veronica de la cruz tells us that includes a stern warning for iran. >> yeah, liz. the president is ruling nothing out in dealing with i'm ran following its recent ballistic missile -- with iran following its recent ballistic missile test. >> reporter: is military action off the table in iran? >> nothing. nothing is off the table. >> sunday's launch didn't violate the iran nuclear deal but did defy a u.n. resolution. the trump administration expected to return fire with
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additional sanctions. the president's threat comes on the heels of this one from his national security advisor yesterday. >> we are officially putting iran on notice. >> tonight iran is firing back with its own tough defense vowing to continue its missile test for security purposes adding that president trump should not make a toy out of himself with his baseless ranting. >> thank you. the u.s. also has strong towards for russia. today united nations ambassador nicki nikki haley warned moscow the u.s. will not stop stangs unless it stops its immigrations -- sanctions unless it stops its aggressions towards crimea. >> reporter: a terror attack was cited in kentucky, problem is it never happened. here's her interview on msnbc.
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>> they were the master minds behind the bowling green massacre. >> conway may have been referring to these guys. the feds arrested them in 2011 in bowling green, kentucky. the fbi said they tried to provide material support to terrorists in iraq, but there was no attack or even a planned attack. travel ban.. is back with h tonight an iranian citizen barred from entering the u.s. following president trump's travel ban is back with his family in southern california. officials.. and sent back to iran.. attorneys for the a-u ali villegan first arrived in los angeles a week ago. he was detained by immigration officials and then september back to iran. aclu attorneys set a lawsuit on his behalf and a federal judge overturned a decision to ban him allowing him back into the country and into his family's embrace. >> i'm in shock and in awe and i'm so grateful. i can't believe the mayor of los angeles. >> today isn't just about laws.
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it's about love and today isn't just about politics. it's about families. >> l.a.'s mayor says ali is the first person to return to the u.s. as a result of court action and he won't be the last. ers. and andria bo mean while here in the bay area immigration laurels have been camped out at sfo 24/7 since saturday helping travelers. andria borba says they're not leaving any time soon. >> reporter: well, liz, those lawyers remain here tonight. they had more than 1,700 people volunteer to come here to sfo to help family members who may have loved ones trapped behind customs. >> let them out! >> reporter: saturday's protests over president trump's travel ban has given way to this. a rotating group of immigration and civil rights lawyers and interpreters continuing to deal with the fallout over the executive order. they have not left. >> there's still tail lot of chaos and confusion -- a lot of
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chaos and confusion and different airports have been interpreting the orders differently. >> reporter: there are signs in multiple languages offering legal service and even desks set up next to the starbucks on the arrival level of the international terminal. an attorney with the council on american islamic relations says people getting off international flights are still being detained for up to 30 hours at a time. >> it's very concerning because once someone is pulled into secondary screening, they have no contact with their families. >> reporter: the days of incoming flights have head into a workday rhythm for the attorneys about. >> who is a translator and does not have a clipboard? >> reporter: it's not just attorneys but interpreters and meal deliverers volunteering their time.
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this woman keeps an eye out for faces in the security zone. >> is could to be here. >> reporter: the work -- >> i choose to be here. >> reporter: the work continues. the lawyer tells me there remains more questions than answers out here tonight and kneel remain out here at least -- they'll remain out here at least through the end of this week. if you want to let the president know what you think of the travel began or anything else for that matter. don't bother to call by the telephone. a public telephone comment line to the white house has been closed. today bay area congresswoman jackie speier introduced a bill to restore it. also tonight president trump is taking on the terminator. allen martin shows us when taunted about his tv ratings, former california governor arnold schwarzenegger fired back on mr. trump's home turf,
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twitter. >> at the national prayer breakfast in d.c. today president trump told people to pray for arnold. mr. trump took the stage and spoke about celebrity apprentice and landed the hosting gig over to arnold schwarzenegger during the presidential campaign. the president said the show has gone downhill ever since. >> and they hired a big, big movie star, arnold schwarzenegger, to take my place and we know how that turned out. the ratings went right down the tubes. it's been a total disaster and i want to just pray for arnold, if we can. >> today schwarzenegger fired back in a video on twitter. >> hey, donald, i have a great idea. why don't we switch jobs. you take over tv because you're such an expert in ratings and i take over your job and then people can finally speak comfortably again. >> the white house defended trump's remarks. >> he meant it as a light hearted moment and i think if you look at the totality of his
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remarks and they were absolutely beautiful. >> by the way, schwarzenegger cannot run for president since he is not a natural born u.s. citizen. allen martin, cbs5. tonight nordstrom is cutting ties with ivanka trump's fashion line. it will not carry her label for the new season. the move comes after a boycott of ivanka's clothes, shoes and handbags. uber's ceo is he is iting down from president trump's economic -- is stepping down from if the trump's advisory council saying his position on the council was never meant to be an endorsement of the if the president or his policies. he's been facing backlash from both uber customers and employees who said he's been
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supporting the administration. meanwhile elon musk tweeted he also objects to the immigration order. betty yu found out only on 5 autonomous technology is only part of what's driving some people. >> reporter: ford's 2017 super bowl commercial has nothing to do with a flashy new car or truck. it's about the automaker's vision for the future where people get around easier meaning ride sharing, electric cars, bike sharing and self- driving cars. the 90 second spot airs before kickoff and features a san francisco based chariot. >> ford is thinking about the bigger picture. >> reporter: co-founder and ceo of chariot, a ride sharing app and service that used crowd
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sourced routes. ford recently bought the 2-year- old startup. >> ford is an american icon, a global icon really and provide a tremendous amount of resources. >> reporter: what started as a 12 person team has grown to 40 in the office. by the end of the year chariot plans to expand to eight city and double its fleet to more than 250 chariots in san francisco alone. >> it enables us to differentiate our product in the marketplace. so we look at tech as a way to owner enhance -- to enhance the ownership experience or the pridership experience. >> reporter: this division has seen -- ridership experience. >> reporter: this division has seen so much growth in the business ford is expanding to two new buildings. general motors recently bought
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sf based kruse automation. in s -- cruise automation. in san francisco betty yu, kpix5. state regulators may be to blame for those skyrocketing pg&e bills. numerous pg&e customers are claiming that their bills have tripled, even quadrupled in the past month in some places. state senator jerry hill says he plans to investigate the public utilities commission. the puc is supposed to regulate rates and protect consumers from those sudden spikes. >> what we're going to do is talk with the puc, find out what some of the rational is, look at some of the excessive rates, see how it happened, what's the justification, was it legal before the puc allowed that increase to go forward
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during that month. >> hill said the investigation could take one to two weeks to complete. what a long strange trip it's been, psychodelic drugs have been illegal for decades. tonight these drugs are now poised to make a major medical break-through for use in therapy. cate cauguiran with the story you'll only see on kpix5. >> reporter: in the shadow of mount tam a writer's perched in berkeley. >> i was very pleasantly surprised when all i felt was good. >> reporter: even a hospital setting in l.a. >> this is like a miracle. >> reporter: scientists say psychedelics are showing great promise as a therapeutic tool studying patients with life threatening conditions such as cancer. >> patience particularly with advanced cancer have significant levels of anxiety,
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depression. >> reporter: patients like annie levy offerer is receipt owe who stopped -- levito who stopped enjoying life. before she died, she enrolled in a pilot study at harbor medical center and used psilocybin and after a single dose her anxiety and depression appeared. >> it was like someone lit up a light bubble in annie's head. they was -- light bulb in annie's head. she was a totally. it person. >> reporter: while sill see bin a warms off -- psilocybin wears off in a few hours, the benefits lasted up to six hours. a moderate dose was administered of mdna to a different dose of patients. the use of the drug was combined with psychotherapy sessions. all these patients agree they
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experienced a profound benefit and emerged better able to cope. >> gives you a view into yourself that i just never had before. arm as to how kick -- >> reporter: as to how psychedelics work, here's one brain on a sugar pill. here's the same brain on a common dose of lsd. scientists believe parts of the brain communicate with each other when they don't previously do so. >> there's a lot of unrepressed material and psychedelics bring that to the service. >> reporter: a nonprofit group based in santa cruz, doblin envisions a time where doctors will carry a legal toolbox with psychedelics. some individuals are experimenting by self-
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medicating. >> if anyone in this toward is going to have a bad trim, it will be me. -- trip, it will be me. >> reporter: she has a mood disorder and fell into terrible depression. her prescription medication stopped working. out of desperation for one month only she took tiny dose is of lsd. >> it's possible what i experienced was sort of the mother of all placebos. i had a really good month. >> reporter: now she wants scientists to start studying them for mood disorders. >> until we have research we won't totally understand this drug. >> reporter: 50 years ago timothy leery advocated the use of psychedelics. >> now some doctors suggest you may not be dropping out but getting better. >> this year the final studies
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on mdna and psilocybin or set to begin. if approved, these psychedelics may become available for inpatient therapy use as early as 2021. steady rainfall is now reported in clovedale, ukiah, a couple showers in the city of san jose as well. mild night tonight, 52 the low in san rafael, san jose 54, livermore 54, fremont and oakland 55 degrees. still have a big low pressure area to our west and another front moving through tonight. we had a front move through earlier this morning. this will be steadier to heavier rainfall tonight. by the time the morning commute gets going, it will taper off to showers as well. roads will certainly be wet. let's talk about the next few
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days. we'll get one wave moving through tonight at 3 or 4 a.m. it will be pouring. friday at lunchtime only a few scattered showers. the scattered showers do continue throughout the evening. if you have dinner reservations, plan accordingly. maybe an early soccer match for the kids, it's showery out there. 2 or 3 p.m., showers clearing out, but more showers returning sunday and monday. next week an atmospheric river may set up. this ridge of high pressure will likely keep the heaviest rain to the north, but the question i'll be trying to answer the next couple days is how far south will that rain get? will it make it into the rain area? steady rain overnight, on and off showers throughout the day tomorrow, dryest part of your weekend 2:00 saturday to 2:00 sunday, rain free. rain may be confined to the north bay next week, kind of wet tomorrow especially in the morning, oakland 60, san jose 61, santa rosa 67, showers very
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early saturday, then late on sunday. monday and tuesday still kind of showery and may even last till the middle of next week. scattered showers here and there. we'll make it through. keep the umbrella handy. we'll need it for about a week. this year marks 100 years of girl scout cookie sales. this year there's a new kind of cookie. >> me like cookies.
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drive. and that time of year. >> girl scout cookie season. >> like christmas. this is the 100th year of the cookie drive and this year there's a new flavor, oh, s'mores. can't wait! we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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the nissan sports report coming up next on cbs5. >> the shark tank doesn't have any retired numbers in the rafters, but there's a good chance patrick marleau will be the first drafted in 1997 by san jose and tonight in vancouver he scored his 500th career goal on a power play early in the 1st period. brett burns to joe pavelski to marleau. he's the 45th player to reach 500 goals and the 10th to do it with one team. sharks beat the canucks 4-1. to the warriors draymond green out against the clippers with a shoulder injury. blake griffin is finally
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healthy. griffin puts loony on a poster, warriors up 9 in the 2nd. steph curry only hit three from beyond the arc but did some damage around the rim. flips in that magic shot, two of his 29 points. maurice signed with the clippers in the offseason. he is rejected by the rim and sent to the floor. warriors win their ninth straight against l.a., 133-120 the final. there could be history in the bay area tomorrow night if the stanford women beat usc. tara vanderveer will get her 1,000th career win joining pat summitt in the 100 club. cal and utah tonight tied with five seconds to go. charlie moore hits bird. cal wins thanks to a career
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high 26 pints from bird. former nba -- point from bird. former nba star damon stoudamire now coaching in pacific. st. mary's squeaks by 74-70. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ow morning at 4-30 the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> tomorrow morning is friday morning! >> yeah. >> we'll have all the news you
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need to start your friday. >> you made it! >> almost. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs ( ringing ) >> come on, pick up. good day. look, mr. prime minister of australia, we're notoing to take your stupid refugees. i won huge. big league. my inauguration crowd was the biggest in the whole history of crowworld. i talked to all the best, most d.portant people, and you're by far the worst. >> look-- >> no, you look, your country is full of jumping rats and your toilets go the wrong way. vegemite is garbage. ac/dc is overrated. that's not a knife; this is a knife. >> i'm sorry. this is an outback steakhouse. >> oh, well then i'll take a usoomin' onion. >> announcer: it's "the late show" with stephen colbert. tonight stephen welcomes dr. phil;


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