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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  February 3, 2017 3:12am-4:01am PST

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schwarzenegger to take my place. and we know how that turned out. >> reporter: he called on the al mighty to help his apprentice replacement. >> i just want to pray for arnold if we can for those ratings, okay. >> he was just fine as long as he stayed on script. >> the senator was there. >> when he went off on arnold schwarzenegger, i thought, god you may wants to intervene here. >> reporter: the white house said that mr. trump only joked about the apprentice because he was introduced at the ]. fast by the show's creator, mark burnett. in a video, scott, schwarzenegger responded that if the president knows so much about ratings, he is happy to switch jobs with him. >> well he was governor of california. nancy cordes, thank you. >> in delaware, a hostage
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standoff ended this morning with one prison guard dead and a prison counselor rescued in a raid. inmates used make shift weapons yesterday to take over. corrections officer steven floyd was found dead in a closet. two other guard were released. the inmates say they were protesting poor treatment. coming up, what happened when a samsung burn victim tried to sue. and later, using jazz to explain democracy. many people clean their dentures
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today, president trump sent an in vi tavitation to samsung of building a plant in the u.s. he tweeted, we would love to have you. an american teenager has little love for the south korean company. he says samsung burned him twice. here's jim axelrod. >> reporter: last september, 19-year-old michael taylor came home after a long day on his parents' farm in rockton, illinois, plugged in his phone and went to sleep. when you wake up what do you see? >> what i saw was a flame, 2, 3 feet long. shooting from the phone. his samsung galaxy note 7 exploded. these are the sheets. leaving him with severe burns. >> i have never had a pain. i literally have taken a
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pitchfork through my foot it doesn't compare to that. >> samsung apologized in the aftermath of stories like taylor's. recalling all note 7 phones, offering exchanges, and promising their consumers complete transparency. that is where the note 7 started on fire right here. when taylor decided to sue samsung for damages he confronted an obstacle. samsung had buried. >> inside the box, under the phone, inside another box on the last few pages of the warranty guide, is a clause requiring all disputes with samsung be resolved through final and binding arbitration and not by a court or jury. a consumer has 30 days to opt out, or else they cannot sue. >> i think the hope is that you are never going to find it. you are not aware of it. >> reporter: miriam gillis spent a decade studying arbitration. seem like a high bar to you? >> sure does.
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because the it is on page 16 of a fairly small booklet, most people never even open. they made it hard for you, because they don't want you to opt out. because they want to protect themselves against all liability. >> reporter: arbitration is a gamble. the ashtrrbitrator is chosen by samsung. there is no right to appeal. it's completely secret. and if he loses, michael taylor could be ordered to pay samsung's legal fees. >> he and his lawyer have to have a serious conversation about how likely they are to win. >> reporter: because they will hae to pay for samsung's fees. >> yeah, samsung has some of the best lawyers in the country. >> reporter: samsung sent one of them to federal court in december. to argue taylor's claim should be thrown out because he never opted out. >> i don't know how i was supposed to opt out of something that i didn't know existed. >> reporter: when you begin to become aware that you were up against this clause, what were your thoughts? >> i felt like i was robbed of a
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right that i have in my country. >> samsung declined an on-camera interview said in a statement scott, arbitration gives consumers a faster, easier, and more efficient way to resolve disputes. >> jim axelrod, thank you. coming up, a battleground in the fight over the trump immigration policy.
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in a tweet, president trump threat tuned cut off federal fund to the university of california-berkeley. it happened after a violent protest there last night. all of this started as a student rally against a speech by breitbart editor. then, about 100 protesters dressed in black showed up, smashing windows and starting fires. the speech was canceled. >> the dwgovernor of texas is joining the trump administration in threatening to punish communities which refuse to enforce federal immigration law. our david begnaud is in austin.
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>> reporter: demonstrators gathered at the texas cap tool to protest a new state proposal to further punish sanctuary cities. just happened in travis county where governor greg abbott will withhold $2 million in grant funding. travis county judge. >> i have never seen political retribution on this scale before. >> newly elected sheriff, campaigned to keep sanctuary status for travis county. >> they elected me to do the right thing for the right reason. i am doing that. the sheriff will hold immigrants here illegally if they have been charged with murder, aggravated sexual assault or human smuggling. cu there are 300 sanctuary cities nationwide which do not prosecute people in the country illegally for violating immigration law. three states, california, vermont and new mexico, are looking to provide sanctuary status statewide. >> so you think your officers acting on behalf of federal ice agents will strain community relations? >> absolutely.
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if they're a victim or a witness. and they're fearful they're going to be deported and separated from their family they're not going to talk to us. >> governor abbt threat tuned have the sheriff removed from her position. >> to protect texans from deadly danger, we must insist our laws be followed. >> the grant money withhold will affect several county programs, but none that deal with immigration. >> we have women who are frying to get themselves out of the commercial sex trade, families who are frying to sttrying to s foster system, and juveniles, suffering withdraw ma and drug and alcohol addiction. >> reporter: six days we had conversations with governor's office trying to arrange an interview. today we were told he will not be made available. the governor does not have the thrt to remove the travis county sheriff. so he is asking the legislature to give him that power. >> david begnaud, at the texas capital. thank you, david.
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up next, music with a message. ,,
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born in a little flophouse in new orleans. just because peoplewere crammed in there. spoke five languages. they couldn't talk to each other. the only way they could communicate is with jazz. >> ryan gosling in "lala land" teaching emma stone about jazz. tonight, this american art form is teaching kids how to put harmony back in democracy. ♪ ♪ this is no ordinary class. it's part jazz. part american history. the key lesson that jazz and democracy are based on the same principles. >> look at our band.
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>> reporter: barry stevenson. >> do we all look exactly the same? do you all think we think the same? >> no. >> reporter: sasha ethridge attends the community school in new orleans. >> the importance they all have their own specialty. which can form something, just, just brilliant and amazing. >> reporter: a third grader, alexander arnold is also in the class. do you prefer to hear one instrument or all together? >> all of them together definitely. because one instrument could be the beat. one instrument could effects. ♪ so it all comes together to make good music. legendary musician, winton marsellis its behind the program. jazz at lincoln center in new york. what do you want the children to take away from the program? >> three things we teach.
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through the blues, we teach you things happen in life. the second thing through swinging we teach you to work together with people. through improvization, we teach you you have a unique identity. >> reporter: he says you can't have music without integrity the same for politics. >> if you take integrity out of the form, you can't play jazz. because first i am a solo all night. you are not going to got a chance to play. >> see how it is not as loud. >> reporter: 60 inner city schools in the u.s. and abroad are benefiting from a $1 million rock fem rockefeller foundation grant. >> everyone is different. everyone has a talent. if we put all the talents together it can make something that no one has ever thought of before. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: faces of optimism just like jazz. jericka duncan, cbs news, new orleans. that's the "overnight news" for this friday. for some of you, the news
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continues. for others check back with us a little later for the morning news. and be sure not to miss cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm scott pelley. welcome to the "overnight news." president trump's budding friendship with russian president vladamir putin faces its first major test. separatist rebels backed by russia have opened an offensive in eastern ukraine. the city is without water or electricity, and the middle of winter. holly williams has that story. >> reporter: on ukraine's frozen battlefield, government forces and separatists are fighting once again. they have had no electricity and hardly any heating for days. soviet era rockets are killing
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civilians. with the u.s. backing ukraine's government and russia supporting the separatists, this war has claimed nearly 10,000 lives since it began in 2014. both sides blame each other for the latest upserurge in violenc. accusing the ukrainian government attempting to squeeze money out of the u.s. and europe. the latest violence could be russia testing the new administration in washington. and an american president who says he wants a better relationship with moscow. the conflict started when protesters ousted president victor yanakovic who had close ties with moscow. and russia sent in troops to seize the crimean peninsula. we watched as eastern ukraine lurched into chaos.
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>> are you ukrainian or are you russian? three years later, ukrainians are still dying. fighting over whether their future lies with russia or the west. senator john mccain urged president from temperature in a letter today to arm ukrainian government forces. saying, scott that russia is testing the president and is trying to destabilize and dismember ukraine. defense secretary james mattis continues his tour of asia today. he travels to tokyo after wrapping up a two-day visit to south korea. more than 80,000 u.s. troops are stationed in the two countries. and both have been shaken by president trump's campaign calls to bring our soldiers home. in south korea, mattis promised to push through a plan to deploy missile system. >> reporter: by choosing to come to south korea first, the
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secretary's message is clear. america first doesn't mean backing out of east asia. on top of the ajen days the rising threat from north korea. secretary mattis' first offering of assurance to south korean leaders was an extended hand. a stalwart ally, south korea is uncertain about its standing with america. >> we defend south korea. we defend saudi arabia. we defend countries. they do not pay us, what they should be paying us. >> reporter: president trump's campaign rhetoric sent jitters through the region. and at odds with statements from his new defense secretary. >> our new administration inherits a very strong, trusted relationship between our two countries. and it is our commitment to make it even stronger. >> reporter: clearing up that confusion is the primary goal of the trip. says professor john delauri. >> there is a palpable sense of uncertainty here. defense secretary mattis' job
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one is to let south koreans know who they're dealing with. mattis is expected to focus talks on containing and increasingly aggressive north korea. the country's capabilities keep growing. kim jung-un, warned they will be ready to test launch a long-range missile capable of hitting the u.s. nowhere are the high stakes clearer than here on the border between north and south core car where soldiers stand at the ready for confrontation. and recent provocations across the border in the north are straining this already tense situation. that tension is felt just 35 miles south in seoul. >> translator: north korea probably is watching trump and looking for opportunities to cause problems, this woman told us. professor delauri agrees. >> once they get a read especially on where the trump administration is going, then they're going to start acting on whatever their counterstrategy
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is. >> reporter: to defend against north korea, secretary mattis reiterated america's commitment to installing a controversial anti-missile system here. known as thad. friday he goes to japan to meet with the prime minister. the two are expected to discuss american troops based there as well as a rising china. there are more questions than answers this morning about the first commando mission of the trump administration. one u.s. navy seal was killed and a half dozen others wounded in a raid on an al qaeda target in yemen. president trump traveled to dover air force base where the body of chief petty officer william ryan owens was returned home. david martin has details from the pentagon. >> reporter: the charred wreckage of am an aircraft abandoned in yemen and bloody signs of civilian casualties are mute evidence of what happened
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in a weekend raid by seal team 6. the mission had first been approved at the tail end of the obama administration. but on one condition, according to white house spokesman, sean spicer. >> the conclusion to hold was to hold for a moonless night, which, by calendar, wouldn't occur until, then president elect trump was president trump. >> the new president approved the mission after meeting with secretary of defense, joint chiefs chairman, cia director, and national security adviser, among others. but when the seals reached the al qaeda compound, they ran into stiffer-than-expected resistance. pinned down and surrounded they called in an air strike on a building from which they were taking fire. military officials now say civilians including children inside that building, were likely killed. after a one-hour gun battle, 14 al qaeda fighters were also dead. navy seal, ryan owens lay dying and three others wounded. while members of the team went through the buildings collecting lap tops, hard drives and cell phones, a medevac came in to
3:37 am
pick up the wounded. it lost power and made a hard landing injuring three of the crew. a second medevac took all the wounded to a ship off the coast of yemen. after the last of the seals had left, an air strike destroyed the one medevac left behind. president trump said the mission was successful, but the real measure of success will be whether the intelligence captured on the raid enables the u.s. to break up terrorist plots against the west. >> the "overnight news" will be right back.
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the book of joy co-written by the dahli llama is on the best-seller list and seeks to provide a path to inner peace but the two authors don't take themselves seriously as seth doane found out. >> reporter: the world's most celebrated monk. and nobel peace prize winner and the spiritual leader of six million tibetan buddhists, a message of compassion and nonviolence so meaningful and cool featured in in an apple ad. though we arranged to meet him it seemed a bit other worldly to
3:41 am
see the dahli lama. the 81-year-old accepted a little support. we met in poland where his schedule would allow to discuss the book of joy. based on a series of conversations he had with an equally celebrated friend. >> i saw this picture it is great. you look like you are going to kiss him. >> i told you once, shh. behave like a holy man. >> reporter: his co-author is south africa's retired anything li gain archbishop, desmond tutu, a pillar of struggle against apartheid, the book explores a topic appropriate to the season how to live a more joyous life. one of 100 or so, yes, 100 books, the dahli lama authored or lent his name to.
3:42 am
why did you want to do a book about joy? >> the subject is very good. in some book, about anger, about war, i don't want. >> reporter: joy you know something about? >> joy, yes. happy. not only just for the physical level, but mentally. peace. compassion. that is the real joy. >> everyone have a right to achieve happy life. >> reporter: the dahli lama brings to the topic the perspective and purity well of a monk. you don't drink. you don't smoke. you have taken a vow of celibacy. is there a lesson for the rest of us in that? >> no, i don't think every human being cannot be monk. and if human being become celibate then, humanity will cease. so, better to have. >> you don't want everyone to be celibate.
3:43 am
his message is simple. most people look for joy in the wrong places. everybody seeks happiness, joyfulness, but from outside. from money. from power. from big car. from big house. ultimate source of happy life, even physical health, inside. not outside. >> reporter: it is an inner peace which he taught himself to find. >> anger, i think, almost gone. >> reporter: you don't get angry? >> no. >> reporter: really? >> something must annoy you? >> a little bit. very temporary shot, reaction. otherwi otherwise, no ill feeling. true training. 60 years. analytical meditation. >> you get up at 3:00 in the morning to meditate. and for four, five hours. >> that's right. >> reporter: in a temple, or hotel room, or in car. now today, i think one hour drive.
3:44 am
so in car, occasionally, looking here, there. and big field, i saw some deer, very nice. >> reporter: the deer. what did you like about it? >> peaceful. vegetarian. peaceful. very nice. >> reporter: a man who seeks peace, but for most of his life has known conflict with adversary china. which bars him from returning to his native tibet. at just 2 years old he was identified as the reincarnation of the recently deceased dahli lama, the name for the highest religious figure in tibetan buddhism. age 4 brought to tibet's capital city, llasa. >> you are here to love all living things. just love them. >> reporter: a story ripe for hollywood. and it has been dram tipsed by no less than director martin scorsese. >> what can i do i am only a
3:45 am
boy? >> reporter: he was just 15 years old when he became tibet's sole political and spiritual leader. that was in 1950. the same year officially atheist communist china occupied tibet. the dahli lama tried in vein to negotiate self rule for his people. >> in 1959, the dahli lama fled to india. >> reporter: he formed a government in exile. >> we decided we are not seeking independence, we are not seeking separation, we are very much willing, to remain within the people's republic of china. >> reporter: to this day, china views the dahli lama as an enemy of the state and seeks to block him from traveling to certain countries or meeting heads of the state. the dahli lama told us it does not bother him. youta agitated? >> no.
3:46 am
my main purpose is promotion huf man value, of religious harmony. >> reporter: he finds harmony through humor. >> he is not listening. >> unless you use the stick, i will not listen. >> but i thought you were nonviolent? >> reporter: for the dahli lama and desmond tutu, joy and laugher go hand in hand. their playful teasing runs throughout the hours of conversations from their work on the book. how important is humor for you? >> oh, important. whether god creates or by nature we have the ability to smile. what i think genuine smile, really is bring closeness. >> reporter: a smile can bring people together? >> yes. >> reporter: as the the dahli lama sees it something as simple as a smile can change the world. and in a world marred by violence and rising nationalism, he says we must try to find
3:47 am
commonal commonalty. >> too much nationalism, me, me, me, me. and then the problem. including violence. war. >> reporter: you thin tubing solve the world's problems we need to think beyond that which divides us? beyond religion? beyond national boundary? >> yes, i feel. >> reporter: and that from a spiritual leader. after the interview, we asked for a picture with the crew. he asked us to join hands and said, finding solidarity, peace, and joy, starts with engaging those right beside us. ok, let's try this. ok, it says you apply the blue one to me. here? no. ah ok, here?
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maybe you should read the directions. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together. k-y yours and mine.
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fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. who's next? >> isis is thought to have several thousand fighters in mosul. now they're trying to pin them down. >> is it true there may be 20 people alive buried in the back? >> this is high tide. it is the flooding that is going to be the problem for the people here. ♪ the new england patriots and atlanta falcons will square off in super bowl 51 this sunday. two of the biggest mouths in the stadium will be the benne brothers. marcelis, first super bowl. with bill belichick looking over his shoulder he is likely on his best behavior. brother michael who won a ring with the seahawks will be in the
3:51 am
stands. he has no rooeason to watch his tongue. jeff glor spoke to them. >> reporter: spending time with the bennett brothers like entering another orbit. they're brothers, best friends, and soon might share another bond. on the field, they disrupt. >> michael bennett is there to make the sack. >> off it. >> prefer crispy american bacon. >> only place with true happiness is my wife. >> well they're pretty consistent. >> nobody really cares what you guys write. >> make your predictions your predictions are always wrong. >> we're the most awesome brothers, yeah, the bennett brothers. michael bennett once compared college athletes to slaves. and said roger goodell is like where is waldo. >> is he destroying the house? >> all the time. every time he comes home. >> reporter: the bennett and bennett two ring circus arrived
3:52 am
in houston the family's home town. it's where the brothers skills on the high school field led each of them to texas a & m. and then the nfl. michael, defensive lineman, won a super bowl with the seahawks in 2014. martelis, tight end, 16 months his junior will fry to get his as a patriot. as two of the most brutally honest men in sports try to complete the family quest. is it funny or frustrating for you to watch sometimes what the reactions are to these guys? >> when they were in college it really bothered me. i was like they never got in any trouble. within the law. they never hit women. they're just good guys who are having fun the i think people look at them some times and take everything the wrong way. used to bother me a lot more. >> it don't bother me at all. >> reporter: i'm sure it doesn't. every day i wake up. i look at the ocean. i am like, nothing bothers me these days. >> reporter: in part because michael signed a contract extension worth more than $30 million. >> if football had --
3:53 am
>> reporter: monday's opening night we watched martelis, hold court on the floor though not given a prime podium spot. he said because he is nomadic. >> reporter: you are nomadic, is the family nomadic. >> yeah, we are a bit of globetrotters. >> reporter: all over the place? >> mentally. >> reporter: mental mistakes, though probably not what nay call them. >> often cost both big in fines. michael usually for suggestive sack dance. >> taken down by michael bennett, which he brought back at the pro bowl. >> you took the dance off the table for a while it was costing you too much money. >> about $7,000 every time. >> $70,000. $7,000 t still a lot. >> i got most of it back. i'm the only person that wins against the nfl. >> what does that mean? >> we have our hearings for like whether you did it, guilty, not guilty. i usually talk myself into being not guilty. >> do you tell him to get a
3:54 am
different dance? >> i told him to do, two pumps. >> reporter: because three is too many. >> three will get you fined. >> the shenanigans extend to dad, trying to temper family nerves this week with fun. >> i think he is ready for the moment. a little nervous in the first game. >> reporter: he was nervous. i dent think of him as nervous guy. >> little nervous. been watching them play football since they were 5 years old. i can tell when the ball is coming to him, i tell my wife, watching the game. a pass from martelis. >> both men are convince they'd can see the future the. >> the number one basketball player, number one football player in houston, plus texas. the top peck out uf pick out of. only makes sen s sense to bring championship back. >> reporter: you have been on the end of a win and lossen the games. you kidded the possibility? >> i don't consider possibility fee of his not winning. my mind set is he is going to be a champion. i already bought 100 bottles of
3:55 am
champagne. >> reporter: i asked michael bennett sr. what he is most bennett sr. what he is most proud of abo,,,,,,,,,,
3:56 am
3:57 am
steve hartman now with the story of a wrestler who found the perfect match on the road. >> reporter: in a classic battle of good versus evil, a professional wrestler, by the name of syther will take on the dreaded southern hangman. this is the minor leagues of the professional wrestling world. almost all of the guys have day jobs. and mostly manley man professions with the exception of the little green angry bird. when syther is not wrestling villains he is singing the days of the week. ♪ sunday and monday and tuesday ♪ >> reporter: yes, this is his kindergarten class in fort myers
3:58 am
and he has been doing both jobs for about two years now. crisscross. >> right in the middle, room. >> reporter: pound them into apple sauce. what a contradiction. [ laughter ] >> yeah, the lives don't mesh well. don't seem like they do. >> reporter: they do? >> similarities between the two i think. >> reporter: what are the similarities? >> you have to have a dynamic personality for both. come in the classroom for a performance. >> reporter: if you can feign injury, that helps too. steve got his degree in elementary education in 2011. he applied to a dozen schools, but no one wanted him. until he got a call from three oaks elementary. >> reporter: did you not put the wrestling on the resume? >> i put the wrestling on the resume. that's what got me the job. they said wow. >> reporter: no, all they need to hear he is a professional wrestler. >> put it over the top for them. >> reporter: we are going to find out.
3:59 am
jody moorehead, the school principal. >> i have been doing this a lot of yearsment i trust my instincts. i just staw something in steven that he would be great in our school. just had such enthusiasm. >> reporter: that's how the future of america became entrusted to the soon to be soprano. despite his writhing, steve says he likes both jobs. but if forced to choose, he says he would have to pick the profession with the fewest intimidating characters. in other words -- he'd pick wrestling. the southern hangman does not intimidate you? but little johnny smith does. >> yes, after the end of the match if anything goes wrong. i didn't have to talk to the southern hangman's parents afterwards. >> reporter: proof that teaching kindergarten definitely isn't fake. >> what a perfect line. >> reporter: steve hartman on the road in fort myers, florida. that's the "overnight news" for this friday. for some of you the news continues.
4:00 am
for others check back with us later for the morning news and of course, cbs this morning. of course, cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in it's friday, february 3rd, 2017. it's friday, february 3rd, 2017. we begin with breaking news. a soldier opened fire on a museum. the man was wounded. he allegedly pulled a knife on one of the soldiers and the area has been evacuated. jonathan vigliotti is tracking the story from london. jonathan, good morning. what can you tell us? >> anne-marie, good morning. paris police said the man shouted allahu akhbar and was armed with a knife, possibly a machete after he tried to enter


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