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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  February 7, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning. it is tuesday, february 7. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. >> this is the beautiful bay bridge. it's wet and it's windy out there. >> and there's roberta's [ indiscernible ] >> my ship has come in. >> i just saw myself and when we returned from the commercial break i was like, blowing up the sleeves because it's that kind of a day. we are under storm watch. we'll have the heaviest rainfall for your morning commute through the mid-morning hours before gradually tapering off during the afternoon and in addition to that, the winds have been gusting up to 35 and 45 miles per hour. whenever you see that pocket of yellow and orange on your screen i'm actually watching it very carefully for the potential of an isolated thunderstorm, but right now it's just heavy rainfall and we have a lot of it beginning to ease up in the north bay where we are getting pounded in the overnight hours. highway 12 making your way to highway 116 heavy rainfall there just outside the napa
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area, making tracks 680 into the san ramon valley. you have the pretty moderate to heavy rainfall. a break near alviso. we have the rain showers in milpitas along 880 into the silicon valley. rain showers in santa clara. look in the santa cruz mountains. this is where we are anticipating up to 6 full inches of rain today alone. highway 82 or 280, give yourself some extra time. this is torrential downpours with the wind gusts up to 35 and 40 miles per hour. marina district you have some moderate rainfall right now. daly city, bayview, as well. this is why the national weather service has now issued a flash flood warning. when you see that red area, that is napa and sonoma. the yellow area is where we do have a watch which is just about the entire bay area. kind of hiding in the midst of things, the east bay urban and
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small stream flooding advisory in effect. there will be bonding on the roads until friday expecting five inches of rain up to around the peninsula. up to 6 and 7 across the santa cruz mountains. [ coughing ] >> pardon me. 4" east bay. three to 7" in the north bay. here's your timeline until 10 a.m. this morning, windy soaking rainfall. between 10 and 2:00, heavy rain in the santa cruz mountains. this afternoon the rain tapers to showers. look at the golden gate bridge. look carefully. you can see the sheets of rain across the bridge due to the driving wind, as well. 50s and 60s out the door. wind speeds up to 32, 15 pleasanton. this is why we do have that wind advisory extended until 1:00 this afternoon. strong gusts, downed trees and downed power lines.
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please be very mindful. today's high temperatures if it makes a difference into the 60s. we'll talk about the next storm coming up. there are already downed trees and downed power lines. we'll talk about the traffic alert here in montara. it's a downed tree here closing highway 1 north of devil's slide in both directions. if you take this in the morning, consider 92 to 280 as an alternate to get into san francisco. moving over now to another traffic alert, this one in the sonoma area highway 12 by 121 closed in both directions as the storm season progresses because this is -- it gets hit hard in this area. so give yourself 30 extra minutes as you head out the door to give yourself more time to get into work or wherever you're going. you see those sheets of rain coming down on the top of the bay bridge toll plaza. here's a live look at that
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traffic moving smoothly but again you will to take it slowly. keep both hands on the wheel because that wind is blowing hard. from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze along the eastshore freeway will take you about 20 minutes. and then expect no delays through the toll plaza just yet. those metering lights should turn on around 5:30. moving over now to the fremont area, this is fremont sunol for niles canyon eastbound side of niles canyon road known as highway 84 before palomares road there's a huge mudslide and rockslide blocking the eastbound lanes. now, chp is out there saying you might have to get the westbound lane blocked as well because we have boulders the size of cars. that's what they're saying out there right now and drivers are also calling in to report them so we'll keep an eye on this. try to wait it out a little bit. the altamont pass this is the slowest traffic of the morning at just about 20 miles per hour out the door to north flynn road. i can't breathe. roberta is coughing. okay. north tracy boulevard to the altamont pass will take you about 30 minutes and then it frees up through livermore.
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if you are taking the san mateo bridge high winds into the peninsula. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. right now, a major intersection in the north bay is closed. this is what it looks like at river road and sunset in forestville. crews are working to china a large slide that's full of mud, rocks and branches. authorities say it could be closed through noon today. and here's a look at the mudslide on highway 152 in the south bay where crews are working to clean it up. lanes are blocked at hecker pass near gilroy because of the storms rolling through. they could stay closed through friday. and this usually busy intersection in sonoma county looks like a lake. we'll get to that in a second. overnight highway 121 near 12 was flooded. it is shut down right now. the schellville fire department had to rescue six people from three cars that were stuck in the water around midnight. two of the cars are still
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stuck. this isth isn't the first time this type of flooding happened here. last month it happened also causing a major headache for locals. drivers around the bay area are being warned today that powerful winds could be dangerous during the commute. kpix 5's jackie ward is live at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning on why people should be especially careful behind the wheel today. jackie. >> reporter: kenny, it's pretty windy and wet. it's a nasty morning to be honest. i don't think anyone can help be go slowly especially over the bay bridge. when we were heading out here, we are at the bay bridge toll plaza, so we were heading eastbound, we are in a 10,000- pound news truck. it takes a lot to move that. [chuckling] as we were driving, it was rocking. it was kind of crazy! i can only imagine what it was like for smaller cars lower to the ground. this rain is coming pretty much at an angle. i don't know if you can tell here on my jacket but that's pretty slick. and then that -- i'm not going to say dry but drier because the wind is just kind of
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pushing the rain off of it. so let's take a look out on the roads now. you can see that the wind is just whipping this rain around making visibility not great for drivers this morning. so it's not just coming down at an angle but then it's whipping around in this cyclone-esque shape. it's not great out here. traffic not terrible right now. hopefully people are giving themselves -- [ beeping ] >> hopefully, people are taking it slow this morning and also giving themselves some extra time. they are just going to need it. [ signal breakup ] >> all right, lost it. the san francisco appeals court hears argument over president trump's immigration and travel ban. >> the same court refused to immediately reinstate the ban yesterday after the justice department filed paperwork in defense of the order. for more insight on what we can expect we turn to our washington insider marc
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sandalow. good morning, marc. so, tell us, what is at stake today? >> reporter: so the constitutional argument is donald trump is insisting that the constitution makes clear that the president has authority over immigration. so his refugees ban, his immigration delay, he says clearly those are constitutional. but there are statutes that say that in order to do this you cannot discriminate on the basis of religion and you have to have at least some evidence to back up why you're doing this. so lawyers and the judges so far have said we have to hold off on this until that can be established. what will be interesting today we have a three-judge panel at the u.s. court of -- at the san francisco federal courts. if these judges court of appeal do not side with trump today, it will still be litigated, maybe up to the supreme court but watch this today. if they do not side with trump, most presidents would say, constitutionally, they are wrong. i disagree with you, judges. it will be interesting to see
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what his twitter account has to say about the judges and about san francisco itself [chuckling]. >> that hearing takes place at 3 p.m. pacific time. what about the senate? the senate is expected to vote on betsy devos today. what's the word on the vote count? is it still split? >> reporter: it's even. so betsy devos has had two problems. first of all, she is someone who has never been an advocate for public education so on the substance, all 48 democrats are against her. she also showed a remarkable lack of knowledge of the public school system during her hearing. two republicans are now saying they are going to vote against her. that's a 50/50 split. if that happens for the first time in american history, the vice president michael pence will come over and cast as president of the senate a deciding vote in favor of a cabinet secretary. democrats are still scrambling to find one more republican vote. at this point it looks like she will be confirmed because of
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the vice president's tie breaking vote. >> finally the fact checkers have been looking at president trump's statements this week. how's he doing? >> reporter: you know, this is remarkable. there really is a new standard for, um, lack of honesty coming from this white house. this week, some of these are important some are not. he talked about donald trump, only 109 people were inconvenienced by his refugee ban. he is offer by maybe 10 tore 20,000 people. he said that the "new york times" after their poor reporting had apologized to its readers. no such apology ever happened. he said he got more black votes than republican nominees in years. that's simply not the case. and just last night he suggested that the media's under-reporting terrorist attacks and the white house released 78 attacks that have been underreported. you may have heard of some of these. there was a shooting in orlando. there was an attack in france. this was a paris attack which he says the media is ignoring. when the president says that we need a refugee ban, that is a
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political judgment. and you can agree or disagree, it's a matter of political opinion. when the president makes statements like that, it's a falsehood and if the news media doesn't continue to put that out there and point that out they're not doing their job. >> all right, marc sandalow always good insight thank you so much. marc, thank you. time now 5:11. if you have noticed a change to your electricity bill you're not alone. why you're paying more to keep the lights on. >> and the bay area police department is in need of a few good horses. we'll explain next. >> from the kpix weather center, hey, the weather is not good for man or beast this hour. the heaviest precipitation moving through right now. we'll tell you how much more to expect. >> all right. here's a live look at that heavy rain coming down across the span of the bay bridge. traffic smooth throughout the area. just heavy rain to worry about plenty of traffic alerts to tell you about as well when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is the food system. but what if it didn't have to be? at blue apron, we're building a better food system. where we value quality and flavor over quantity and shelf-life. where chefs and farmers work together
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to make farms healthier, grow higher quality ingredients, and deliver them in-season, ripe and ready to cook. because food is better when you start from scratch. blue apron. cold and wet weather. we talked to one customer-- who says her bill jumped now that pg&e bills are going up they say it's from usage from the cold and wet weather. we talked to one customer and he says her bill jumped from $20 to $90. they say it's usage. customers are also paying for pipeline improvements. state regulators approved the plan two years ago. >> the reason that people are
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noticing it now and didn't notice it last year is because last year we had a mild winter and the cost of the gas actually went down. >> the company says that anyone who thinks that their bills are too high should contact the utility and ask for a bill review. thousands of email accounts will soon be getting a security boost. this comes after the house approved legislation to update privacy protections for several service providers. the bill would affect google and yahoo. it will require the government to obtain a warrant before providers can disclose the content of the emails regardless of how long they have been in storage. a similar measure passed last year in the house but did not get senate approval. time now 5:15. a lot of situations out there on the roads this morning. let's check in with roqui for the latest. >> yes. roberta and i have our work cut out for us this morning so let's take a look at our traffic alert here in montara. we have an update for you. it's now canceled. it is no longer a traffic alert
5:16 am
on highway 1 north of devil's slide. it was closed in both directions. both lanes are open. crews removed the downed tree but we still have a traffic alert in the schellville-sonoma area highway 12 at highway 121. it is closed in both directions near polk street because of downed trees and power lines. so instead of this area go ahead and take highway 128 instead. on the wet bay bridge toll plaza you see the sheets of rain coming down on top of the bridge here. from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze that will take 20 minutes and expect no delay across the span. those metering lights should turn on soon around 5:30 or so. but i do suggest you take it easy and drive very slowly this morning. those roads are dangerous and the wind is very heavy across the bay bridge. i was in it this morning. moving to northbound 280 in daly city before highway 1, this is a new rollover crash to tell you about.
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this is also known as 19th avenue. it's a solo rollover crash blocking three lanes. causing minor slowdowns. it's blocking lanes. if you want to avoid the roads which would be a good idea, here's a look at mass transit throughout the bay. art, ace train, muni and caltrain are all on time. roberta? the national weather service at 5:05, the rain gauges in the laguna desanta rosa and petaluma areas are continuing to rise which means they are flooding imminently in the north bay. southeastern portions of sonoma through napa, the cell that is just now "pushhhhed" in a northeast direction. east bay some of the heaviest rain all morning and you have been getting poundedsince since 1 a.m. any way you're making it to the bay bridge out of the east bay,
5:18 am
you are getting inundated with moderate to heavy downpours. santa clara valley around the mountain view area sunnyvale this is a more light consistent gentle wind. but peninsula you're getting hammered as is the santa cruz mountains where we are expecting up to 7 inches of rain. san mateo bridge ugly morning commute, as well. the most and the best advice i can really give you if you have at least 30 minutes to wait before you head out this morning, i would do so. flash flood warning in effect for the red highlighted area which encompasses sonoma and napa. we have a flash flood watch in the area which is highlighted in yellow. some of our weather watcher reporting up to an inch of rain. look at the driving rain gusty winds over the golden gate bridge where so far it's picked up to over 30-mile-per-hour wind speeds. temperatures are in the 50s and 60s so it feels very muggy out the door this morning. it's very showery. right now the winds are out of the south at 33 at sfo, 31 san francisco. so now when you get on the bay bridge and you're heading due west for san francisco, it is a
5:19 am
nasty morning commute with those gusty winds. 26 around the seashore. a little lighter due east 18 in novato so you're getting the gist of this because of the wind speeds the entire bay area with a wind advisory in place. it has been extended until 1:00 this afternoon. from now until 10 a.m., windy, soaking rainfall. 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. heavy rain shifting to the discuss mountains and this afternoon towards your evening commute, the rain turns into scattered showers. there you have the atmospheric river all this tapping into subtropical moisture all the way back to the tropics. so it's going to be showery and mild and blustery. futurecast illustrates lunchtime you'll need to eat indoors evening commute wet in the santa cruz mountains with flooding at that time. and here comes your wednesday. hit-and-miss showers before we queue up another low pressure
5:20 am
system area bringing more showers thursday. by the time we tally up by friday, it looks like for the most part we'll see over 3 inches of rain in many locations. thursday night 2.5 in pleasanton, nearly 3 san jose, nearly 4 in the ukiah area and again we're talking about 4 to 7 inches in the santa cruz mountains. avalanche warning in effect for the high sierra. additional four feet of wet "cement" expected there. our temperatures there into the 60s across the board. it is raining, it is very windy, we are on storm watch today. a bit of a break on wednesday. more heavy rainfall on thursday tapering off on friday. we'll remain on storm watch. all right, thank you. san francisco's police department is looking for a few new hires to join its ranks. but the candidates they have in mind won't be sending in resumes. they are on the hunt for horses. they recently posted this video
5:21 am
on twitter. officers want to add two or three more to the mounted unit team. the horses must be between eight to 12 years old and be dark or solid color. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, it's hard to believe that tom brady was a sixth round draft pick. but one man saw his hall of fame potential in high school. who was that man? a hall of famer himself and he is coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. after almost three weeks kyle shanahan no longer has to choose his words carefully when asked about becoming the 49ers' next head coach. >> everyone wants to ask me what's going on and it's, um, i don't know. >> definitely isn't official because it's not allowed to be. >> so it's official this morning. shanahan's season with the falcons done, the 49ers have finally announced shanahan is the team's next head coach. he will get a six-year contract as atlanta's offensive coordinator he helped lead the falcons to the super bowl where they lost to the patriots 34-28 in overtime after leading that game 28-3. when tom brady was under center at serra high in san mateo no one could imagine he would win five super bowls except maybe kpix 5. in 1994 then sports director and hall of fame director profiled brady at sierrara . the story was found by our producer who said
5:25 am
he could see great nsa in brady when the two met 22 years ago. >> dan stood up all 6'5" of him and he looked at him and looked at me and said this is the guy. this is the guy to watch. >> tell me about tom brady the quarterback. what are your strengths? >> my strengths. so a pretty strong-arm. i'm pretty accurate with it. and i think i need to work on my speed a little bit but hopefully that will come in time. >> that speed never came actually. by the way, tom brady had that jersey from the super bowl taken out of, um, his suitcase after the game and yesterday it was announced that the texas rangers not the baseball team but the rangers are now on the case looking for that jersey that was stolen out of the locker room after the super bowl. update on that tonight at 6:00. have a great day, everybody. ,, ,,,,
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a rough morning... with a new storm pounding the bay area. trees down and mudslides, especially causing problems. and the rain a rough morning with a new storm pounding the bay area trees down and mudslides causing problems. >> and the rain and wind aren't stopping anytime soon. our crews are all on storm watch this morning. we have team coverage next. >> good morning, it is tuesday, february 7. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's get right over to roberta who is on storm watch and it is wet and windy out there. it has been in the overnight hours and the winds have been gusting up to 45 miles per hour. good morning. if you have the luxury of staying home for 45 minutes throughout most of the bay area, it would be advisable. some of the heaviest rainfall is pushing through right now buying a little bit of a break in the north bay. but we still have flooding concerns around the southeastern portions of sonoma back through napa where you see
5:30 am
those pockets ... of yellow on your screen. that encompasses highway 12, 116 and 121 as well as 37, which has been flooding out overnight. look at that 580/680 corridor. that's dangerous at best even on a dry day. san ramon valley out of 680 slammed from walnut creek heading south towards the 580/680 corridor and when you want to jump on that to the sunol grade it's slippery when wet. san jose some light gentle rainfall but cupertino had a cell pass over as did saratoga and los gatos. santa cruz mountains will get up to 7 inches of rain. peninsula, 35, 101, san mateo bridge seeing a break but had
5:31 am
heavy rain 15 minutes ago in. anywhere on the peninsula into the city of san francisco, it is definitely very wet and windy with these wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. divisadero, california street, completely under water at this time with pretty moderate to heavy rainfall. chinatown your streets are wet as is the mission district. we do have a flood warning in effect for that huge red highlighted area that encompasses sonoma and also napa counties. the yellow area just about the entire bay area. that's where we have a watch. and you say what is that? basically you walk on out the door, you will have some ponding on the roads on the sidewalks. you will have some downed trees or limbs. now, this is how much rain we can expect from now through friday. this is a lot of rain in a short amount of time. we have already seen rock and mudslides and when you put 7 " of rain on top of that, there is a concern.
5:32 am
from now to 10:00 this morning, it will be windy and we will have the soaking rainfall. from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. your midafternoon hours, heavy rain begins to slide into the santa cruz mountains. that's when we'll start to see the flooding issues there. and then this afternoon, for the evening commute the rain it tapers off to showers. very wet gold gate bridge. if you look care -- golden gate bridge very wet. temperatures now in the 50s and 60s. the other side of the story not just the rain but with this atmospheric river gusty winds 37 at sfo, 26 at the coast, 20 at the rim of the bay, 18 san ramon to the north. 23-mile-per-hour winds in vallejo, consistent in the napa area, as well. it will be windy throughout the day today and that's why the national weather service has extended the wind advisory until 1 p.m. these winds southeast 20 to 30. but stronger gusts. if temperatures make a difference, it feels balmy outside with the showers very tropical into the 60s. we are going to talk
5:33 am
again this storm, we'll pinpoint exactly how much you can expect in your enabled but also, when it's going to end. and i'm already watching that other storm heading this way. we'll time that you out together. it is 5:33. we still have traffic alerts in effect and a new one in sonoma schellville highway 12 at 121 closed in both directions due to flooding and we have seen flooding in the area since the storm season started so avoid the area. now to our new traffic alert in daly city northbound 280 before highway 1 this is also known as 19th avenue, this is a solo rollover crash blocking all lanes. not causing too many lanes because there aren't that many cars out just yet, it's still early. moving to a live look at the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city, it's wet. only going to take about 20 minutes but i would tack on a couple of extra minutes because
5:34 am
you should be driving extra slow this morning and also officially a high wind advisory across the span into the peninsula, as well. moving over now to highway 35 at elk tree road closed due to a downed tree and this is in portola valley also known as the san mateo county here so keep in mind that's out there. we have a lot of downed trees in the area and then in the south bay west of gilroy highway 152 closed between watsonville road and pole line road and this is due to flooding and downed trees, as well. i'll send it to you. >> all right, roqui. thank you. this usually busy intersection in sonoma county looks more like a lake. overnight, the heavy rain left this road on highway 121 near 12 completely flooded. it is shut down right now. the schellville fire department had to rescue six people from three cars that were stuck in the water around midnight. two of the cars remain stuck in the water and this is not the first time this type of
5:35 am
flooding happened here. just last month, it happened and caused major headaches for locals. right now a major intersection in the north bay is closed. this is what it looked like at river road and sunset in forestville. crews are working to clean up a large slide that's full of mod, rocks and branches. authorities say they could be closed through noon today. and here's a look at the mudslide on highway 152 in the south bay where crews are still working to clean it up. lanes are blocked at hecker pass near gilroy and because of the new storms rolling through officials say they could stay closed through friday. parts of the sierra are under an avalanche warning. this is what it looked like in tahoe city last night. some resorts are already seeing several inches of heavy wet snow and because of the conditions, parts of squaw valley closed yesterday and could remain closed today. later today, alameda county leaders are voting to create a legal defense fund for immigrants. if passed, the county would
5:36 am
match a $750,000 grant for immigrant rights. alameda would be joining four cities in the county who are trying to protect immigrants. the police chief in fremont, union city, newark and hayward all say they will not cooperate with federal immigration laws. >> those kinds of actions in our communities separate us, divide us and create fear and hostility towards police officers and they do not support that kind of action at all. >> the grant money for alameda county's legal defense fund comes from the san francisco foundation. in livermore, significant damage to clean-up after a fire spread through part of a religious center that started around 8:00 at the vineyard christian fellowship on north livermore avenue. four classrooms were burned. two employees got out safely one with minor burns. investigators are still determining the cause. berkeley police are looking for three men who robbed
5:37 am
customers inside a cafe at the espresso rome mo on college avenue sunday night. they stole laptops. the customers fought back. that's when one of the suspects reportedly pulled out a gun. they stole one computer. last week president trump signed an action that would review and possibly roll back a rule affecting retirement investors. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger here to break it down. jill, let's start with the retirement account. what is it and why should we care? >> reporter: the department of labor was due to implement this new rule on april 10. and the rule would force advisers and their firms which oversee about $3 trillion in retirement savings to work in their clients' best interests. now, this is referred to as the fiduciary duty. currently, most development professionals had held to a lesser standard called suitability and so that means that whatever is sold to you or whether your adviser tells you to do something, that advice has to be appropriate but it
5:38 am
doesn't have to be in your best interests. now, financial firms fought back against the rule over the past year or so. they argued that the new rule would make it prohibitively expensive to service middle class americans who have smaller accounts. i think those are the messages that the trump administration is responding to. but on the other side the financial planning coalition has said the industry's argument is not credible. more than 80,000 financial professionals already adhere to the fiduciary standard many of them providing guidance to a wide range of clients. >> so what should retirement investors do? because being on the morning show it takes its toll so michelle and i are considering retirement soon. [ laughter ] >> reporter: look. whether or not the rule goes into effect, you're perfectly able to do this. just ask your adviser or your broker or insurance person to say, do you adhere to the fiduciary standard. if not, maybe you want to seek out someone who does. so who are those people?
5:39 am
they are people like certified financial planners, cpa personal financial specialists, members of the national association of personal financial advisers, or chartered financial analysts. maybe you might want to consider working with a robo adviser, those investment platforms, they are held to the fiduciary standard as well and maybe you don't care. maybe you're just fine. look, the guy is selling me something, i get it, no problem, doesn't have to be in my best interest then you stay put but at least ask the question. for mortgage on the ten questions to ask the financial pro, you can go to >> a lot of fiduciary things to think about this morning. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger from new york city, thank you very much. >> speak for yourself. i'm too young to retire. [ laughter ] 5:39. the oldest serving member of the u.s. supreme court makes a stop in the bay area. a closer look at ruth bader ginsberg's visit to stanford. that's next. >> and a live look at 880 in oakland this morning. definitely wet conditions out there. we'll have a full traffic report when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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senate democrats launched an all night marathon session.. in hopes of derailing good morning. it's fired up. it's ready to roll. it's hi-def doppler radar picking up the heaviest rainfall right now in the eastern portion of our bay area. time check is 5:42. as we take a look at our golden gate bridge commute, you could see the driving rain all being push around by winds at 35 miles per hour. the traffic and weather, the full forecast in less than four minutes. senate democrats launched a marathon as much as to try to derail president trump's pick for secretary of education. hena daniels has more on the vote the senate is expected to
5:43 am
make toda. >> i oppose the nomination. >> reporter: senate democrats began their 24-hour protest against president trump's education secretary pick betsy devos in a last-ditch effort to block her confirmation. >> and we are one vote away from changing where we are on this nomination sending this back to the president and asking him to please send us a secretary of education that can get the votes in the senate. >> reporter: is not patty murray a democrat -- senator mattie murray a democrat from washington charged with overseeing the confirmation started it on monday. every democratic senator and two republicans will vote no today which leaves devos with 50 republican "yes" votes. the goal is to persuade one more republican senator to vote against her forcing a tie breaker vote by a vice president mike pence. >> save our schools! >> reporter: protests against the 59-year-old billionaire has popped up across the country from teachers unions and other
5:44 am
liberals over her support of charter schools and school vouchers. many citing her lack of experience. some republicans argue devos will shake things up. >> one serious concern was the lack of experience that she has and i will tell you, mr. president, that she brings with her a fresh set of eyes. >> reporter: the senate vote is expected at noon today. hena daniels, cbs news. >> more than 1,000 students heard ruth bader ginsberg speak at stanford last night. she talked about the meaning of life, the 83-year-old saying it's all about doing something outside yourself helping your community and making life better for people less for the national. she also stressed the importance of respecting colleagues who don't always agree. >> i wish there were a way i could wave a magic wanted and put it back when people were respectful of each other and
5:45 am
the congress was working for the good of the country and not [ pause ] just along party lines. >> when a student asked what she would like to change about our society today, she said, quote, the electoral college. renovation work at a bay area museum is in jeopardy thanks to growing tension between two utility bodies. the randall museum located just above san francisco's castro district is counting on money from the state for the repairs but the san francisco public utilities commission says the electrical work isn't done and that pg&e is to blame for the holdup. now that the project is behind schedule, the museum is pushing for more time on its grant which was always time- sensitive. the sf puc claims it's part of a larger rift between it and pg&e. >> the city is in disagreement with pg&e about serving existing city buildings, they are requiring us to do costly upgrades for customers we have
5:46 am
been serving sometimes for decades close to 100 years. >> well, we asked pg&e for its perspective. we were told the sfpuc slowed down the promising by applying late. the chan-zuckerberg initiative are trying to alleviate house. they are trying to help people with housing cost problems. they are giving $3.1 million to the community legal services in east palo alto to help 2500 people with housing dilemmas and $500,000 to the turner center for housing innovation at uc-berkeley to help come up with long-range solutions to the housing crisis. a pittsburgh cancer survivor is getting internet moves following chemo. >> he just had to ring a bell
5:47 am
to celebrate. you can see the elementary schooler has smooth moves on a normal day so when he finished a year-long chemo treatment, his fourth round since he was just a few months old, the boy couldn't help but jump up and down and then ring the bell. look, he is so excited. >> awww. >> his math skills are impressive but his mom is convinced his joy makes him special. >> i like to do math. >> you like math? >> i'm a super genius in math. >> jamie is here for a purpose and his purpose is to spread hope and love and inspire people and that's all he does. >> and he is a super genius! his dad says ringing of the bell was the best kind of battle cry to conclude a year of treatment. he deserves that doesn't he? >> have to love his enthusiasm. we are rooting for him. >> i just want to hug him. >> i know. he is so cute. >> probably teach me some math. good news today on such a dreary rainy blustery day, right?
5:48 am
>> we are going to have to watch out on the roads, right? >> oh, my gosh, absolutely. let's take a look now at our first traffic alert of the morning here. schellville sonoma area we have been reporting this all morning highway 12 at 121 closed in both directions. so this is also due to flooding if i didn't mention that and if you are taking this way, we suggest you take napa road instead. moving over to a high wind advisory across the span of the bay bridge i was on that this morning, michelle, you were, too, you know how it was. it was dangerous. the maze to downtown 20 minutes. give yourself some extra time because of the dangerous conditions. moving to another traffic alert in daly city this is northbound 280 before highway 1. that's also known as 19th avenue. it's a solo rollover crash blocking all lanes. so this is going to be a rough commute for you if you are heading out this way. if you see the 43 miles per hour on the right side of the map here that's southbound -- that is southbound 101 before
5:49 am
south san francisco exit and there is a mudslide out there so keep that in mind. a lot of mudslides in the area. peninsula commute from hayward to foster city, across the span of the san mateo bridge, you have slow traffic and high winds and then if you are traveling in the portola valley area, highway 35 at elk tree road closed due to a downed tree. good morning, everybody. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. we have downed trees because winds have been gusting up to 45 miles per hour at sfo. as you look at our hi-def doppler radar, this is live data as we are receiving it. we have the heaviest precipitation that continues to blanket the eastern portion of our bay area. seeing a break in the north bay except here on the morning commute through marinwood into san rafael as you jog along 101 making tracks towards the golden gate bridge. mill valley, you know what i'm talking about, heavy raindrops on the rooftops at this early hour. here's the east bay and i got
5:50 am
to tell you this cell has just been laying across this particular area for the past 30 minutes. we are talking walnut creek, concord, clayton, back through brentwood into discovery bay including byron. and then we have a lot of this is now beginning to surge south encompassing the 580/680 corridor as you head out of the san ramon valley towards the sunol grade towards the santa clara valley, where we have a gentle rainfall right now around the sunnyvale area into mountain view. a little heavier moderate precipitation near alviso and into the alum rock area. santa cruz mountains, right now, moderate to heavy rain, boulder creek, but this afternoon it's all the activity sliding to the south, this is going to be the recipient of that "firehose" effect where we are going to have rain just funneling into the santa cruz mountains where we are anticipating flooding this afternoon. here you go with the peninsula commute around sfo, san mateo,
5:51 am
boy, it is definitely pouring at the peninsula, flood warnings and watches in effect. red is the warning, napa sonoma county. yellow just about the entire bay area where you will walk out the door and there's going a lot of ponding on the roads. an inch in novato since midnight. thank you, dana, and look at the sheets of rain over the golden gate bridge driven by those gusty winds temperatures right now 50s and 60s. that's the other side of the story. winds now 38 miles per hour sfo pretty much in the 20s around the the rim of the bay. 22 san rafael. 29 in napa. winds will continue to howell during the morning hours then dial back around 1:00 this afternoon. that's why the high wind advisory has been extended. storm line, i want you to work this out, between now and 10:00, windy soaking rainfall, between 10 and 2:00, the heavy rain shifted to the santa cruz mountains rain turns to showers for the evening commute. there you have it. that's the atmospheric river.
5:52 am
it is now funneling all the way back to the tropics. that's why we have showers and mild temperatures. today's forecast, we are in and out of the rain all the way through wednesday before a new storm comes in on thursday. we'll continue to monitor the situation right here on storm watch but for right now, this brief time-out. ♪[ music ] ,,,,,,,,
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♪ why do so many businesses rely on the u.s. postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. ♪ that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority : you
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manufacturers of internet- connected 'smar t t-vs.. and now the irvine-based company, 'vizio -- is accused of spying on its customer--- secretly collecting it's a popular tv brand and makes smart tvs. now the irvine company vizio is accused of spying on customers secretly collecting information while you watch and sell it -- and you're seeing it. the tv manufacturer agreed to pay $2.5 million to settle the allegations after the ftc and the state of new jersey have been investigating vizio. they say that the company collected user information from its smart tvs and sold it to marketing companies. vizio said they never paired the personal data with personally identifiable information such as names or contact information. airbnb is taking its super bowl ad calling for acceptance one step further. the san francisco-based company started a campaign to provide
5:56 am
short-term housing over the next five years for 100,000 people. it's geared toward refugees, does aster survivors and relief workers. the company will also donate $4 million to the international rescue committee. lady gaga is getting a boost in sales after her super bowl performance. nielsen music says her digital sales went up 1,000% on sunday and sold more songs and albums on game day than she did the entire week before the super bowl. and after the game, she also announced that she is going on a world tour that kicks off in august. time now 5:56. we are just about halfway through a 24-hour protest on the floor of the u.s. senate. what california's newest member of congress had to say. ,,,,,,,, (vo) maybe it was here,
5:57 am
when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day your baby came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what you're trusting us with.
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♪ the hydrogen fueled mirai. its only emission is water. toyota. let's go places. griego. and i'm kenny choi. the bay area is getting soaked -- with some spots seeing to out the morning. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, february 7. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. the bay area is getting soaked
6:00 am
right now with some spots seeing torrential downpours throughout the morning. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can see the drops on the camera and the road is definitely wet out there right now. right now, a major intersection in the north bay is closed. this is what it looked like at river road and sunset in forestville. crews are working to clean up a large slide there that's full of mud, rocks and branches. authorities say it could be closed through noon today. let's go to roberta, who has been tracking the storm all morning. >> as things brighten you will we'll see more and more cases of this. periods of heavy rain from the north bay to the santa cruz mountains. the other side of the story are the gusty winds up to 45 miles per hour. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. it's been spot on all morning long showing where the flooding rains are and when you see the pockets of yellow, that's a concentration of moderate to heavy downpours. north bay starting to see a little bit of a break now


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